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[Perl/perl5] 8fd86b: Remove NetWare support

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October 8, 2021 16:53
[Perl/perl5] 8fd86b: Remove NetWare support
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  Branch: refs/heads/smoke-me/ilmari/remove-netware


  Commit: 8fd86b27789c74012860af3a5c179a225c3e564b

  Author: Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker <>

  Date:   2021-10-08 (Fri, 08 Oct 2021)

  Changed paths:


    R NetWare/CLIBsdio.h

    R NetWare/CLIBstr.h

    R NetWare/CLIBstuf.c

    R NetWare/CLIBstuf.h

    R NetWare/MP.imp

    R NetWare/Main.c

    R NetWare/Makefile

    R NetWare/NWTInfo.c

    R NetWare/NWUtil.c

    R NetWare/Nwmain.c

    R NetWare/Nwpipe.c

    R NetWare/bat/Buildtype.bat

    R NetWare/bat/SetCodeWar.bat

    R NetWare/bat/SetNWBld.bat

    R NetWare/bat/Setnlmsdk.bat

    R NetWare/bat/ToggleD2.bat

    R NetWare/config.wc

    R NetWare/config_H.wc

    R NetWare/config_h.PL

    R NetWare/config_sh.PL

    R NetWare/deb.h

    R NetWare/dl_netware.xs

    R NetWare/intdef.h

    R NetWare/interface.c

    R NetWare/interface.cpp

    R NetWare/interface.h

    R NetWare/iperlhost.h

    R NetWare/netware.h

    R NetWare/nw5.c

    R NetWare/nw5iop.h

    R NetWare/nw5sck.c

    R NetWare/nw5sck.h

    R NetWare/nw5thread.c

    R NetWare/nw5thread.h

    R NetWare/nwhashcls.cpp

    R NetWare/nwhashcls.h

    R NetWare/nwperlhost.h

    R NetWare/nwperlsys.c

    R NetWare/nwperlsys.h

    R NetWare/nwpipe.h

    R NetWare/nwplglob.c

    R NetWare/nwplglob.h

    R NetWare/nwstdio.h

    R NetWare/nwtinfo.h

    R NetWare/nwutil.h

    R NetWare/nwvmem.h

    R NetWare/perllib.cpp

    R NetWare/

    R NetWare/sv_nw.c

    R NetWare/t/

    R NetWare/t/

    R NetWare/t/Readme.txt

    R NetWare/testnlm/echo/echo.c

    R NetWare/testnlm/type/type.c

    R NetWare/win32ish.h

    M Porting/

    M Porting/

    M Porting/

    M Porting/

    M Porting/

    M Porting/makerel

    M Porting/

    M README.cygwin

    R README.netware

    M XSUB.h

    M caretx.c

    M cop.h

    M dosish.h

    M ext/DynaLoader/DynaLoader_pm.PL

    M ext/DynaLoader/Makefile.PL

    M ext/Errno/Errno_pm.PL

    M ext/Fcntl/t/syslfs.t

    M ext/File-Glob/bsd_glob.c

    M ext/File-Glob/t/basic.t

    M ext/File-Glob/t/case.t

    M ext/IPC-Open3/t/IPC-Open2.t

    M ext/IPC-Open3/t/IPC-Open3.t

    M ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs

    M ext/POSIX/lib/

    M ext/POSIX/t/sigaction.t

    M ext/POSIX/t/sigset.t


    M installperl

    M iperlsys.h

    M lib/AnyDBM_File.t

    M lib/File/

    M lib/FileHandle.t

    M lib/Net/hostent.t

    M lib/Pod/t/Usage.t

    M lib/


    M op.c

    M perl.c

    M perl.h

    M perl_inc_macro.h

    M perlio.c

    M plan9/mkfile

    M pod/perl.pod

    M pod/perldelta.pod

    M pod/perlport.pod

    M pp_sys.c

    M scope.c

    M t/comp/multiline.t

    M t/io/dup.t

    M t/io/fs.t

    M t/io/layers.t

    M t/io/tell.t

    M t/japh/abigail.t

    M t/lib/

    M t/lib/warnings/mg

    M t/

    M t/op/blocks.t

    M t/op/closure.t

    M t/op/die_exit.t

    M t/op/fork.t

    M t/op/groups.t

    M t/op/lfs.t

    M t/op/magic.t

    M t/op/stat.t

    M t/op/sysio.t

    M t/op/taint.t

    M t/porting/diag.t

    M t/porting/podcheck.t

    M t/

    M thread.h

    M toke.c

    M util.c

    M util.h

    M win32/GNUmakefile

    M win32/Makefile

  Log Message:


  Remove NetWare support

The build has been broken since 2009. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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