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[Perl/perl5] a98535: B: Remove duplicate check for split op inwalkoptr...

May 20, 2020 22:34
[Perl/perl5] a98535: B: Remove duplicate check for split op inwalkoptr...
Message ID:
  Branch: refs/heads/ilmari/fix-repeated-words


  Commit: a98535bbbbdb2d51edd83533f2f7f028a721a8f3

  Author: Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker <>

  Date:   2020-05-20 (Wed, 20 May 2020)

  Changed paths:

    M ext/B/t/walkoptree.t

  Log Message:


  B: Remove duplicate check for split op in walkoptree.t

Commit 5012eebe558 eliminated the pushre op and did a blanket

replacement of pushre with split, but missed that there was already a

check for split in the loop.  Eliminate the duplicate.

  Commit: c0e7da78558c2ff71b40313c886b2e816fc1ecf0

  Author: Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker <>

  Date:   2020-05-20 (Wed, 20 May 2020)

  Changed paths:


    M NetWare/Makefile

    M NetWare/nw5.c

    M Porting/Glossary

    M Porting/

    M Porting/

    M Porting/bump-perl-version

    M Porting/makerel

    M Porting/sync-with-cpan

    M README.macos

    M README.os2

    M README.win32

    M charclass_invlists.h

    M dist/Storable/ChangeLog

    M dist/Storable/

    M dist/Storable/Storable.xs

    M dist/Storable/stacksize

    M dist/Storable/t/attach_errors.t

    M dist/Thread-Queue/lib/Thread/

    M dist/Time-HiRes/Changes

    M dist/threads/lib/

    M dist/threads/threads.xs

    M doio.c

    M ext/Devel-Peek/t/Peek.t

    M ext/DynaLoader/t/DynaLoader.t

    M ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs

    M ext/POSIX/lib/

    M ext/XS-APItest/t/multicall.t

    M ext/XS-APItest/t/

    M ext/re/

    M handy.h

    M hints/

    M inline.h

    M lib/B/

    M lib/

    M lib/Tie/

    M lib/charnames.t

    M lib/overload.t

    M lib/

    M lib/unicore/mktables

    M lib/unicore/


    M mathoms.c

    M numeric.c

    M op.c

    M op.h

    M os2/Changes

    M os2/os2ish.h

    M perl.c

    M perl.h

    M perlvars.h

    M perly.act

    M perly.h


    M perly.y

    M plan9/plan9ish.h

    M pod/perldeprecation.pod

    M pod/perldiag.pod

    M pod/perlgit.pod

    M pod/perlguts.pod

    M pod/perlhack.pod

    M pod/perllocale.pod

    M pod/perlunicode.pod

    M pp.h

    M pp_ctl.c

    M pp_hot.c

    M pp_sys.c

    M regcharclass.h

    M regcomp.c

    M regen/op_private

    M regexec.c

    M regexp.h

    M sv.c

    M sv.h

    M t/TEST

    M t/io/openpid.t

    M t/

    M t/mro/next_edgecases.t

    M t/mro/next_edgecases_utf8.t

    M t/op/aassign.t

    M t/op/bop.t

    M t/op/

    M t/op/groups.t

    M t/op/lc.t

    M t/op/lfs.t

    M t/op/ref.t

    M t/op/split.t

    M t/op/sprintf.t

    M t/op/sub_lval.t

    M t/op/svleak.t

    M t/porting/bench.t

    M t/porting/diag.t

    M t/porting/podcheck.t

    M t/re/pat_re_eval.t

    M t/re/recompile.t

    M uni_keywords.h

    M utf8.c

    M utf8.h

    M util.c

    M vms/vms.c

    M win32/GNUmakefile

    M win32/Makefile

    M win32/bin/

    M win32/

    M win32/win32.c

  Log Message:


  Fix a bunch of repeated-word typos

Mostly in comments and docs, but some in diagnostic messages and one

case of 'or die die'.

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