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[perl.git] annotated tag v5.31.5 created. v5.31.5

Steve Hay via perl5-changes
October 20, 2019 14:41
[perl.git] annotated tag v5.31.5 created. v5.31.5
Message ID:
In perl.git, the annotated tag v5.31.5 has been created


        at  3000479088d4aac3b1695bdd741c501f79342e83 (tag)
   tagging  855bce9a38fe83707e88a27f961aa4a070555df7 (commit)
  replaces  v5.31.4
 tagged by  Steve Hay
        on  Sun Oct 20 12:46:27 2019 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Perl 5.31.5

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (3):
      Use balanced delimiters for multi-line s///gxe
      Remove stray "either" now that there's only one site to get EMX from
      Remove indentation of no-longer #ifdef-guarded #defines

David Mitchell (17):
      Un-revert "[MERGE] add+use si_cxsubix field"
      si_cxsubix not restored on goto &XS_sub
      [MERGE] fixup add+use si_cxsubix field
      signatures: add taint tests
      signatures: add tests for multiline sig
      OP_ARGCHECK: use custom aux struct
      Signatures: change param count from IV to UV
      rpeep(): skip duplicate nextstates even with gaps
      put signature ops in their own subtree.
      sub foo($_) {...}  - change error message
      [MERGE] assorted su signature tweaks
      XS-APItest/t/subsignature.t: remove debugging code
      Perl_Slab_Alloc(): tweak logging
      fix leak in APItest.xs
      [MERGE] little fixups to signature tweaks
      regen charclass_invlists.h
      fix some signed/unsigned warnings

H.Merijn Brand (3):
      Recent os390 experiences reflected in docs and hints
      Small typo in README.os390 from 2001-01-08 09:53
      Delta entries for Configure related changes

James E Keenan (7):
      Eliminate modifiable variables in constants
      Handle undefined values correctly
      Use warnings in; fix those found
      Dumpvalue:  handle one more potential warning
      Do not use 'exists' on arrays; use 'defined' instead
      perldelta for recent changes to dist/Dumpvalue
      Extend test coverage for

Karl Williamson (266):
      t/harness: Clarify error message wording
      util.c: Missing semicolon with rarely used compile ops
      t/lib/charnames/alias: Fix typo in comment
      handy.h Fix withinCOUNT() for > 32 bit operands
      handy.h: Rmv duplicated assert in inRANGE()
      handy.h: Avoid compiler warnings for withinCOUNT()
      perlrun: Note that -W can't be in PERL5OPT
      Add note to debugging output if regex already compiled
      Silence verbatim line pod warning in perldebguts
      regen/, regcomp.sym: Comments
      regen/ Rename variable
      regcomp.sym Update and improve descriptions of some nodes
      regcomp.c: Clarify some comments
      regcomp.h: Remove duplicate macro expansion
      regcomp.h: Parenthesize param in macro expansion
      HACKERS: Add info about Hints and Warnings
      HACKERS: Update
      Update HACKERS
      Makefile.PL: Fix so works on early perls
      Consolidate UTF-8 functions/macros into new file
      Backport isUTF8_CHAR
      Backport is_utf8_invariant_string, is_invariant_string
      Backport foldEQ_utf8 using ibcmp_utf8
      Backport PL_mess_sv
      HACKERS: Add info about Hints and Warnings
      parts/inc/utf8: blead still doesn't work
      parts/inc/utf8: Don't use postfix for in D:P tests
      Update to latest blead embed.fnc
      parts/apidoc.fnc: Update to latest blead
      devel/ Skip irrelevant embed.fnc lines
      devel/ White-space, comments only
      devel/ Sort the apidoc macros by name
      devel/ Slight clean up
      All entries in apidoc.fnc are documented
      devel/ Add strict, warnings
      apicheck_c.PL: Add detail to comment
      parts/ Don't omit any fcns/macros in parsing .fnc
      parts/ Yet another instance of an old flag
      parts/ Normalize prototypes
      parts/ Rename variables
      parts/ Add comments, white-space, m//x
      parts/ Misspelled intended lookbehind assertion
      parts/ ignore duplicate function
      parts/ Handle identifier containing 'const'
      parts/ Handle const parameters
      parts/ Fix up aTHX
      parts/ LC_NUMERIC manip requires a decl
      parts/ Sort some lists
      parts/ MULTICALL needs declarations to compile
      parts/ BOOTCHECK needs some declarations to compile
      parts/ Ignore some hard-to-handle functions
      parts/ Add a few comments; white-space
      parts/ Silence warnings on old perls
      parts/ Add white-space to m//x for readability
      parts/ Add special parameter name 'block'
      parts/ A couple better diagnosics
      parts/ Handle macros with trailing '_'
      parts/ Add declarations for MY_CXT testing
      parts/ Special case things like _aTHX
      Handle "literal string" args Re-prompt if user typed wrong Add ability to build in parallel Don't die if make install returns >0 Don't try to install man pages Add pod/usage info
      PPPort_pm.PL: Add/fix comments, pod
      PPPort_pm.PL: Move some includes to earlier
      PPPort_pm.PL: Note the functions that are special
      PPPort_pm.PL: Prototypes differing only in pTHX_
      Update minimum perl version to 5.003_07
      Extract duplicate common subs into common file
      Sort a bunch of outputs in dictionary order
      parts/inc/parse_version: Call fcn to not duplicate logic
      parts/inc/inctools: Rewrite parse_version
      parts/inc/inctools: Add fcn to return integer version
      parts/ Convert to use parse_version
      parts/inc/inctools: Add sort fcn of API lines
      devel/ Add some config symbols
      No longer need special handling of my_sprintf
      devel/mktodo: Fix location of old perls
      devel/mktodo: Notify user of blead compilation issues
      devel/mktodo: Add some comments
      devel/mktodo: Add ability for multiple source dirs
      devel/ Rename some variables
      devel/ Add comments, dump stderr if error
      devel/ Add ability to dump generated file
      devel/ Move invariant expression out of loop
      devel/ Reorder else clauses
      devel/ Add some comments
      devel/ Explicitly close file
      devel/ Put hash lookups in variables
      devel/ Stop using a known bad API element
      Move finding perl versions from mktodo to
      devel/scanprov: Comments, white-space
      devel/scanprov: Rename variable to be more mnemonic
      devel/scanprov: Use library fcn to find perl versions
      devel/ Standardize input version number
      devel/ Add an element to a hash
      devel/mktodo: Add option to speed up debugging
      devel/ Comments
      Add --debug option
      devel/ Add debugging info
      devel/ Print out perls in this run if debug
      devel/ 'use warnings'
      devel/regenerate: Fix progess message typo
      devel/regenerate: Add a few comments
      devel/regenerate: Remove exists from if tests
      Change --debug option to have levels of detail
      devel/ Use debug levels.
      parts/inc/inctools: Add function to format version
      devel/ White-space only
      Add an argument to
      PPPort_pm.PL: Don't hard-code min/max versions
      devel/ Don't discard earliest info
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Change option default
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Change variable name
      ppport.h: Print out more API info
      ppport.h: Don't print unsupported info for invalid entries
      ppport.h: Don't say unsupported if avail in earliest version
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Add clarifying text to output
      pppport: Print hints/warnings always.
      Rename some data files
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Fix accumulation of Hints/Warnings
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Add comments
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Change variable name
      PPPort_pm.PL: Comments, white space
      PPPort_pm.PL: Rename variable for clarity
      devel/scanprov: Handle blead properly
      devel/scanprov: Restrict symbols to identifier-like
      devel/scanprov: Ignore comments in scan
      devel/scanprov: Extract code into a fcn
      devel/scanprov: Add a code letter to generated lines
      XXX parts/inc/ppphtest: Update
      PPPort_pm.PL: Revise pod
      parts/ Extract list into lib fcn call
      devel/scanprov: Add in exceptions
      parts/ Don't skip some cases
      ppport.h: Turn off some likely warnings
      devel/ Get working on threaded perls.
      devel/scanprov: Extract code into a function
      devel/scanprov: Scan for functions we didn't test
      PPPort_pm.PL: Make use of scanprov's new flags
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Do calc once, and store in variable
      ppport.h: Suppress useless warning
      ppport.h: --api-info Reorder output of hints/depends info
      ppport.h: Reword --api-info entries
      ppport.h: Make use of scanprov's new returns
      parts/inc/SvPV: Add Replace: comments
      parts/inc/uv: Add Replace: pragma
      PPPort_pm.PL: Handle blead specially
      Add script to regenerate ppport.fnc
      parts/inc/ppphbin: Use dependency info for min support
      parts/ Don't test macros with weird params
      parts/ Make sure mathoms fcns are deprecated
      PPPort_pm.PL: Add an item for unknown min supported version
      PPPort_pm.PL: Add __UNDEF_NOT_PROVIDED__
      Pass values from to
      Create regeneration files in final directory
      parts/ make macro public in X+M flagged functions
      Update parts/ppport.fnc
      devel/regenerate: Add some error checking
      RealPPPort_xs.PL: Fix spelling in comment
      devel/regenerate: get a list of all NEED_foo macros
      parts/ Use the passed NEED_foo macros
      devel/scanprov: Store information about all fcns
      devel/regenerate: make sure the .fnc files don't overlap
      PPPort_pm.PL: Silence warnings on early perls
      parts/inc/ppphdoc: Add caution to pod
      devel/ Rewrite entirely in perl
      ppphtest: Update based on previous commits
      parts/inc/format: Fix to work on early perls
      parts/inc/call: Adjust prototype to match blead
      parts/inc/call: Fix to run on old perls
      parts/inc/cop: Adjust prototype to match blead
      parts/inc/mess: \N{} broken in more versions
      parts/inc/mess: Some things don't work before 5.4.0
      parts/inc/mess: Some things are broken in the 5.7 series
      parts/inc/mess: Don't use 'for' modifier
      parts/inc/mess: Use numeric comparisons for $]
      parts/inc/misc: Change Hints into comments
      parts/inc/misc: Can't use GCC brace groups before 5.4
      parts/inc/misc: Shorten sub names
      parts/inc/misc: Remove extraneous ord() calls
      parts/inc/shared_pv: Adjust prototype to match blead
      parts/inc/sprintf: Add Warning, Replace: pragma
      parts/inc/Sv_set: Fix to work with early perls
      parts/inc/sv_xpvf: Adjust prototype to match blead
      parts/inc/utf8: Wrap qr in string eval
      parts/inc/utf8: make sure var is def'd before using
      parts/inc/utf8: Fix utf8_to_uvchr_buf for 5.7.0
      parts/inc/utf8: Fix for loops to work on early perls
      parts/inc/utf8: Use numeric comparisons with $]
      parts/inc/utf8: Fix hints for is_ascii_string
      parts/inc/utf8: Fix typo in comment
      parts/inc/utf8: Add hint for utf8_to_uvchr()
      parts/inc/utf8: Symbols are not really for external use
      parts/inc/uv: Use > to compare $]
      parts/inc/uv: Adjust prototype to match blead
      parts/inc/variables: Grammar in comment
      parts/inc/magic: Adjust prototype to match blead
      parts/inc/magic: Fix to run on early perls
      parts/inc/mess: Adjust prototype to match blead
      parts/inc/mess: Don't 'provide' a porting test macro
      parts/inc/threads: Add hints
      Make sure newCONSTSUB gets included on early perls
      Backport NATIVE_TO_LATIN1, and vice-versa
      Backport isFOO_L1 macros
      parts/inc/misc: Comment, white-space only
      parts/inc/misc: Use parameters in #defines
      Backport UVCHR_SKIP
      Backport rsync_locale, switch_to_global_locale
      Backport start_subparse
      We don't provide GCC_BRACE_GROUPS_FORBIDDEND
      Update parts/base,todo files
      regcomp: Use new set macro to store a value
      regcomp.c: White-space only, comments
      regcomp.c: Rename three variables
      regcomp.h: Remove obsolete macro
      regcomp.h: Add comments
      regcomp.c: Change handling of filled EXACT nodes
      Add regnode LEXACT, for long strings
      regex: Create and handle LEXACT nodes
      regex: Add LEXACT_ONLY8 node type
      perl.h: Silence warning when compiled with C++
      APItest: Remove use of macros about to be removed
      Remove deprecated character classification/case changing macros
      regcomp.c: Fix MSWin32 compilation error
      mathoms: Restore fcns accidentally deleted
      mktables: Fix Named Sequences for EBCDIC
      lib/charnames.t: Fix Named Sequence test for EBCDIC
      t/TEST: Test most of CPAN on EBCDIC
      utf8.h: Make sure macros not called with a ptr
      utf8.h: Remove redundant cast
      utf8.h: Add comment
      Make defn of UTF_IS_CONTINUATION_MASK common
      Make defn of UTF_CONTINUATION_MARK common
      Make defn of UTF8_IS_CONTINUATION common
      Make defn of UTF8_IS_START common
      Make defn of UTF_IS_ABOVE_LATIN1 common
      Make defn of UTF8_IS_DOWNGRADEABLE_START common
      Make defn of OFFUNI_IS_INVARIANT common
      Make defn of UVCHR_IS_INVARIANT common
      Make defn of UTF_IS_CONTINUED common
      Merge branch 'Remove EBCDCIC special handling' into blead
      Fix pod entry for toLOWER_utf8
      Document UTF8_SKIP()
      Add UTF8_CHK_SKIP() macro
      utfebcdic.h: Move some #defines
      l1_char_class_tab.h: Remove some special EBCDIC cases
      t/re/re_tests: Skip ASCII-centric test for EBCDIC
      t/re/pat.t: Add ability to skip on memory constrained
      t/re/bigfuzzy_not_utf8.t: Add ability to skip on memory constrained
      t/op/threads-dirh.t: Add ability to skip on memory constrained
      t/op/qr.t: Don't use fancy apostrophe
      dist/Storable/t/regexp.t: Mark some tests as ASCII-only
      lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t: Skip on EBCDIC
      dist/Data-Dumper/t/dumper.t: Skip ASCII-centric tests on EBCDIC
      t/op/tr_latin1.t: Skip ASCII-centric tests on EBCDIC
      Don't test for 16-bit inputs in inRANGE()
      utf8_to_uvchr_buf: Fix error checking on early EBCDICs
      parts/inc/misc: Fix EBCDIC build problem
      Fix UTF8_CHK_SKIP()
      Document UTF8_MAXBYTES_CASE

Matt Turner (2):
      Digest-MD5: Consolidate byte-swapping paths
      Clean up U8TO*_LE macro implementations

Max Maischein (30):
      Tick the entry for the 5.31.4 release
      Add the 5.31.4 epigraph
      new perldelta for 5.31.4
      Bump Version from 5.31.4 to 5.31.5 in various places
      Add 5.31.5 to Module::CoreList data
      Move Perl community web links to https:// where applicable
      Move more URLs from http:// to https://
      Fix maximum line length is https, except for
      Fix broken ExtUtils::Embed URL
      Fix link to
      Fix link to OS/2 EMX site
      Fix Address-Sanitizer wiki link
      Fix link to Apple 64-bit Transition Guide
      Update the installation URL for Cygwin
      Change Microsoft URLs to their current location
      Retrieve AnnoCPAN links from / Wayback machine
      Update URLs in META.* to https://
      Perl5 git is on https
      Mailling list archaeology, restoring old content
      Mailling list archaeology, restoring old content
      Mailling list archaeology, restoring old content
      Mention 7-zip as alternative to WinZip
      Move http:// URLs to https:// URLs in source code
      Move URLs to https:// in source code
      More documentation links http -> https
      Change bug URL from to
      Perldelta entry for the updated links
      Switch from as entry URL to
      Update p5p list archive links

Nicolas R (13):
      Fix several other implemented todo
      Devel::PPPort - Reconciliate changes with GitHub 26a6a909
      Turn the clock backward for Devel::PPPort 3.54
      Devel::PPPort - fix podcheck issues
      Devel::PPPort Adjust manifest for next release
      Changelog for for 3.53
      Update Changes for 3.54 release
      Adjust Makefile.PL for devel versions
      Update bugtracker and repository URLs
      Add a comment to point to the value used for __MAX_PERL__
      Fix p5-Text-Xslate on Perl 5.8.5
      Fix libperl.t 'no symbols' warning on darwin
      Add GitHub issue templates

Pali (13):
      Document D_PPP_ prefix for macros
      Enable warnings in Makefile.PL
      Fix inclusion of META_MERGE in Makefile.PL
      Use correct method for checking module version in Makefile.PL
      Add required dependency for $(VERSION_FROM) target in Makefile.PL
      Enable Perl compile-time warnings at all places
      Add tests for IVdf, UVuf, IV_MAX and UV_MAX
      Implement newSVsv_flags()
      Implement sv_mortalcopy_flags()
      Fix eval_pv for Perl versions prior to 5.31.2
      Implement SvIV_nomg(), SvUV_nomg(), SvNV_nomg() and SvTRUE_nomg()
      Implement sv_len_utf8_nomg() and sv_len_utf8()
      Devel::PPPort: Fix commit d6d4687 vmess is already implemented

Paul "LeoNerd" Evans (1):
      Document the various stacks in perlguts.pod

Peter Eisentraut (1):
      Avoid gratuitous warning from -Wundef

Steve Hay (18):
      Add missing epigraph for 5.31.3
      Upgrade Math::BigInt from version 1.999816 to 1.999817
      Upgrade Math::BigInt::FastCalc from version 0.5008 to 0.5009
      We are (almost) in sync with Devel::PPPort version 3.54
      Update lists of CUSTOMIZED files
      The VC6 Chainsaw Massacre
      perldelta for 7adf247031
      Add RM for 5.31.5
      Fix a failing test in Math::BigInt with VC14 or higher
      Finish prepping Module::CoreList for 5.31.5
      perldelta - Modules and Pragmata
      perldelta - Documentation and Diagnostics
      perldelta - Document changes not mentioned yet
      perldelta - Remove boilerplate stuff
      perldelta tidy-ups
      Update Module::CoreList for 5.31.5
      Finalize perldelta
      5.31.5 today

Tomasz Konojacki (1):
      Time::HiRes: fix compilation with Visual C++ 2013 and older

Tony Cook (8):
      bump $Time::HiRes::VERSION
      perldelta for 30fc7a2809e5
      (perl #133495) remove probing for d_u32align
      Matt Turner is now a perl author
      Digest::MD5 is customized
      Disable use of U32_ALIGNMENT_REQUIRED
      perldelta for merge commit b8c77730539d8
      regexec.c: Fix Win32 compilation

pmqs (1):
      Change to primary email address for Paul Marquess


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