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[perl.git] annotated tag v5.31.4 created. v5.31.4

Max Maischein
September 20, 2019 21:41
[perl.git] annotated tag v5.31.4 created. v5.31.4
Message ID:
In perl.git, the annotated tag v5.31.4 has been created


        at  86d6a942536a13ee2b6d000be3301699e3c57674 (tag)
   tagging  20ef288c535a81f9e6186650f180b3c1dccba151 (commit)
  replaces  v5.31.3
 tagged by  Max Maischein
        on  Fri Sep 20 23:04:29 2019 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
5.31.4 today

Chad Granum (1):
      Update Test-Simple to CPAN version 1.302168

Chris 'BinGOs' Williams (3):
      Elvis has left the building
      Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.38
      Update Module-Metadata to CPAN version 1.000037

Craig A. Berry (5):
      Prepare VMS linker GSMATCH for 5.32.
      Make find.t work on VMS by trimming trailing dots.
      Fix parent directory in pod2usage auxiliary script.
      -DDEBUGGING does not go in ccflags on VMS. export symbols flagged as C

Dan Book (2):
      Rewrite paragraph on using strict and warnings
      Avoid 2 arg open and bareword handles

David Mitchell (8):
      Avoid panic when last s///g is tainted and utf8
      set VOID on OP_ENTER
      add dopopto_cursub() macro to pp_ctl.c
      add PL_curstackinfo->si_cxsubix field
      add Perl_gimme_V() static inline fn for GIMME_V
      Perl_gimme_V(): assume caller always provides cxt
      perldelta for PL_curstackinfo->si_cxsubix
      [MERGE] add+use PL_curstackinfo->si_cxsubix field

Florian Weimer (1):
      Configure: Include <stdlib.h> in futimes check

H.Merijn Brand (1):
      Add check for malloc_usable_size (Richard Leach)

Hauke D (1):
      Change "--sysroot X" to "--sysroot=X" in Configure

James E Keenan (4):
      Reset xxx_convert to empty string if none of 3 utilities is found
      Supply missing right brace in regex example
      perldelta for 00ea29f1a18d6cb17456df2e33f105a90ddc8c3a
      perldelta for 1e1b6d926a0c8361bc2ebd2b6630ac97988335e3

Kang-min Liu (6):
      prefer https URLs.
      Remove a dead link and its label.
      Prefer https for a few important urls.
      Revise the URLs un and
      Revise URLs in README.ko
      Replace a few http urls with https

Karen Etheridge (1):
      Merge branch 'pull/22' into blead (from

Karl Williamson (138):
      I18N::Langinfo: Add doc heading
      inline.h: Return proper value on EBCDIC
      uni_keywords.h: Fix to work on EBCDIC
      regcomp.c: Fix wrong limit test
      PATCH: [perl #134133] read beyond end of buffer
      regcomp.c: Some code paths didn't terminate an inversion list iteration
      regcomp.c: Use macro to remove some #ifdef EBCDIC lines
      regen/ inversion map requires a final entry
      regen/ Never remap 0
      regen/ Fix /i rules for non-ASCII machines
      util.c: Correct spelling in rarely compiled code
      regcomp.c: Move code within #ifdef
      regcomp.c: Change message into a panic
      regcomp.c: Emit more info if we have it in a panic msg
      regcomp.c: Add FAIL3 macro
      embed.fnc: Add caution about R flag
      ext/re/ White-space only, bump version
      ext/re/ Clarify pod slightly
      Add ability to dump pre-optimized compiled pattern
      perldelta: Fix typo
      PATCH: [perl #134325] Heap buffer overflow
      PATCH: [perl #134329] Use after free in regcomp.c
      t/re/pat.t: Use ASCII ' in comment, not Unicode char
      perlapi: Fix pod for perl_clone()
      perlapi: Clarify pod for cop_store_label
      regen/ Sort accepted flags list; N n s are legal
      regen/ Improve error msg
      perlapi: Generalize SEE ALSO lists
      perlapi: Document NATIVE_to_foo, converse functions
      perlapi: Document UNICODE_REPLACEMENT
      perlapi: Document SvUVXx()
      perlapi: Document LIKELY, UNLIKELY
      perlapi: Document IN_LOCALE, and related
      perlapi: Document my_strotod, Strtod
      perlapi: Document GROK_NUMERIC_RADIX, PERL_ABS
      perlapi: Document XST_mUV
      perlapi: Document cBOOL
      perlapi: Document __ASSERT_
      perlapi: Document C_ARRAY_LENGTH, END
      perlapi: Document memEQs memNEs Add h flag for hidden documentation
      perlapi: Formally give prototypes for isFOO variants
      embed.fnc: There is no macro for sv_nolocking()
      embed.fnc: Use M flag generally with b, not m.
      embed.fnc: pack_cat, pad_compname_type have macro
      regen/ Enforce mutual exclusivity of 'b', 'm'
      embed.fnc: Functions in mathoms are deprecated
      regen/ Enforce 'b' without 'M' requires 'D'
      warnings.h: Add pod about finding the XS warning category
      Note that the warnings categories are documented
      Note that the PerlIO functions and macros are documented
      Document instr()
      Document my_setenv()
      Document rsignal()
      Document UTF8_MAXBYTES
      Config: mention it is generated by configpm
      dump.c: Note that constants to pass are documented
      gv.c: Note that some GV_foo constants are documented
      Document WIDEST_UTYPE
      Document HvFILL
      Note that [cm]alloc, realloc are documented
      numeric.c: Note that flag bit names are documented
      Document my_exit()
      Document PERL_INT_MAX, and similar
      Note that PERL_MAGIC_foo are documented
      Note that G_METHOD[_NAMED] are documented
      Note that PL_errgv is documented
      Note that filter_add, filter_read are documented
      Note that mro[gs]et_private_data are documented
      Note that PERL_VERSION and kin are documented
      Note that AvFILLp is not for public use
      Note that various XS macros are documented
      Remove redundant documentation for PL_parser
      sv.c: Note that some SV flags are documented
      perlguts: Document save_item
      Note that various items in perlguts are documented
      Document CopLABEL[_len[_flags]]
      Refer to CopLABEL_len[_flags] in pod for cop_fetch_label
      embed.fnc: Add 'u' flag for unorthodox parameter macros
      embed.fnc: Clarify comments, and note 'u' flag exceptions
      Change pod for macros that require "literal strings"
      Note that STR_WITH_LEN() is unorthodox
      Mark BHK macros as unorthodox
      Document STMT_START .. STMT_END
      Fix documentation of WITH_LC_NUMERIC_foo
      Note that config.h contains usable API macros
      embed.fnc: Restrict the 'ref' function's accessibility
      embed.fnc: Remove experimental status from some internal fcns
      Remove M flag from several functions
      embed.fnc: Trivial comment only
      embed.fnc: Correct grammar in comment
      embed.fnc: Fix typo in comment
      embed.fnc: Clarify and fix 'b' flag description
      Merge branch 'ppport fixes' into blead
      Remove deprecated flag from sv_nosharing.
      Improve grammar in pod Fix pod errors
      PATCH: [perl #134405] Compiler warnings in blead
      perl.h: Fix typo in comment
      Add withinCOUNT() macro and change inRANGE to use it
      Generalize inRANGE()
      regcomp.c: Collapse some code
      regcomp.c: Fix -Dr bug
      t/re/anyof.t: Fix test names
      mathoms.c: Add comment
      embed.fnc: Clarify comments, and note 'u' flag exceptions
      Add 'C' flag to embed.fnc, for "core-only" fcns
      embed.fnc: Change some 'x' marked fcns to 'C'
      sv.h: SVt_INVLIST is core-only
      embed.fnc: Mark atof2, atof3 for internal use only
      regen/ Wrap #if..#endif differently
      regen/ Generally generate an ARGS_ASSERT
      inline.h: Change fcn name prefix from S_ to Perl_
      Strip leading underscore from is_utf8_char_helper()
      Change name of _utf8_to_uvchr_buf()
      Strip leading underscore _variant_byte_number()
      Some SvREFCNT_foo are no longer macros
      Make PadnameIN_SCOPE() name begin with S_
      inline.h: Move some fcn '{' to column 1
      Fix up get_regex_charset_name()
      Add embed.fnc entries for Cv inline fcns
      Add Perl_ to SvAMAGIC _off,_on names
      Add embed.fnc entries for TOPMARK, POPMARK
      Add embed.fnc entry for ReANY
      embed.fnc: Add p flag for is_utf8_non_invariant_string()
      perlapi: Improve description of is_safe_syscall()
      Document IS_SAFE_SYSCALL
      embed.fnc: E, X flags don't make sense with m
      embed.fnc: Add some comment about name space pollution Special case macros whose name begins with Perl_
      perlapi: Properly document Perl_custom_op_xop()
      embed.fnc: 'm' and 'p' flags don't make sense together
      embed.fnc: M and o flags don't make sense together
      regen/ Update a branch test
      regen/ Enforce some flag restrictions
      Merge branch 'embed.fnc' into blead
      regcomp.sym: Fix comment
      perldelta: Add note that documentation has been added to perlapi,perlintern

Max Maischein (6):
      Update Scalar-List-Utils from 1.50 to 1.52
      Update Module::CoreList for 5.31.4
      Update INSTALL file
      Update perldelta for 5.31.4
      add new release to perlhist
      Revert "[MERGE] add+use PL_curstackinfo->si_cxsubix field"

Pali (4):
      Implement sv_utf8_downgrade_nomg
      Fix do_vecget and do_vecset to process GET magic only once
      Implement SvPVutf8_nomg and SvPVbyte_nomg
      Implement SvPV*_or_null*

Tom Hukins (3):
      Tick off 5.31.3
      New perldelta for 5.31.4
      Bump version to 5.31.4 and update Module::Corelist

Tomasz Konojacki (2):
      compile perl with -O2 on DragonFly BSD
      Time::HiRes: implement clock_gettime() and clock_getres() for win32

Tony Cook (16):
      (perl #134230) don't interpret 0x, 0b when numifying strings
      perldelta for 14d26b44a1d7
      (perl #134365) IFF -> iff and talk about strict a bit
      test for desired magic fetches/stores for vec()
      bump $XS::APItest::VERSION
      More SvPV* macros
      (perl #134390) don't leak the SV we just created on an early return
      perldelta for 05a03c0da6f3
      (perl #133981) fix for Win32 setlocale() abort
      perldelta for 6c3320363f6cd
      (perl #133981) fix my stupid mistake
      bump $Time::HiRes::VERSION
      Florian Weimer is now a perl author
      (perl #125557) correctly handle overload for bin/oct floats
      perldelta for 2cb5a7e8af11
      VanL is now a perl author

VanL (1):
      update perl5-porters list information

sisyphus (1):
      NVMANTBITS is 64 on mingw-w64 'long double' builds


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