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[perl.git] annotated tag v5.29.9 created. v5.29.9

Zak B. Elep
March 22, 2019 00:16
[perl.git] annotated tag v5.29.9 created. v5.29.9
Message ID:
In perl.git, the annotated tag v5.29.9 has been created


        at  ce82d33a46920b2ae9618633f05a3480ac67d975 (tag)
   tagging  9a15f8566d548de2162909bc3ee39a6486eb616f (commit)
  replaces  v5.29.8
 tagged by  Zak B. Elep
        on  Thu Mar 21 04:21:12 2019 +0800

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tenth release of the v5.29 series

Chris 'BinGOs' Williams (1):
      they seek him here, they seek him there

Craig A. Berry (1):
      realclean unidatafiles on VMS the same way as elsewhere.

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (1):
      perlvar: improve POD markup for $-[n] example

Dan Kogai (1):
      Encode: synch with CPAN version 3.01

David Mitchell (16):
      Perl_op_sibling_splice(0 remove dead code
      upgrade cpan/JSON-PP from 4.00 to 4.02
      t/re/pat.t: avoid failing test under ASan
      add Perl_dup_warnings() and fix leak
      docs for op slab functions
      fix leak in /[(?{]/
      fix leak in regex re-entrant capture buffer
      add comments above Perl_newSTUB()
      Improve description of CVf_DYNFILE flag
      fix CvFILE() leak in Perl_newATTRSUB_x()
      fix leak when compiling typed hash deref
      Fix leak on syntax error in main prog
      fix blead on non-threaded builds
      fix paren buffer leak in (?|...)
      handle scope error in qr/\(?{/
      op_free() remove redundant !kid test

Karen Etheridge (1):
      upgrade ExtUtils::Manifest from version 1.71 to 1.72

Karl Williamson (107):
      Add missing ARGS_ASSERT
      Fix dup_warnings()
      regen/ Move code to function
      ebcdic_tables.h: Remove alien '#'
      perlop: Improve documentation for (mostly) tr///
      lib/locale.t: Improve wording of test name
      locale.c: Fix grammar in comment
      regcomp.c: Silence compiler warning msg.
      perl.h: Improve a comment's wording
      Add wctype.h to Configure-ish files
      Add towupper() and towlower() to Configure-ish files
      Improve setlocale() detection in Configure-ish files
      locale.c: Tighten turkish locale tests on C99 platforms
      t/ Only try C.UTF-8 if Configure says avail
      Properly handle systems with crippled locales
      Merge branch 'crippled_locales' into blead
      perldelta for Unicode 12.0
      Use POSIX locale functions if setlocale not available
      docs (incl. perldelta) for aa8a2baafac
      Check for \n in EBCDIC code pages
      Add hook for Unicode private use override
      PATCH: [perl #133899] panic in s///
      regexec.c: Improve comments for a function
      regexec.c: Rule out match sooner
      t/re/subst.t: Fix typo in comment
      PATCH: [perl #133882] Assertion failure
      PATCH: [perl #133876] Write out of bounds
      PATCH: [perl #131642] pack returning malformed UTF-8
      perldelta for fd879d933c2a2ee22ac6e2462acc016aa033854d
      Don't use unless needed
      t/re/reg_mesg.t: Add test
      charclass_invlists.h: Add comment
      regen/, lib/ Rename variable
      regen/ Comment/white-space only
      regen/ Remove stray debugging stmts
      perlapi: Clarify entry for hv_store()
      perlunicode: Update, clarify
      is_invlist(): Allow NULL input
      Add warnings category experimental::uniprop_wildcards
      regen/ Add tables for Unicode wildcards
      Add Unicode property wildcards
      Add tests for wildcards in Unicode property values
      t/re/pat_advanced.t: Add some comments
      toke.c: Clarify comment
      t/re/pat_advanced.t: Change some ok's to like's
      perldiag: A deprecation is now fatal
      Add UTF8_SAFE_SKIP API macro
      dquote.c: Use UTF8_SAFE_SKIP
      perlre: Italicize a bunch of stuff
      perlre: Minor wording improvements
      perlrecharclass: Minor wording improvements
      perlvar: Fix broken link
      regcomp.c: Rmv unnecessary branch
      regcomp.c: Add assertion
      regexec.c: Add assertion
      regexec.c: We know the end ptr; don't need to recalc
      regcomp.h: Rmv obsolete references to 'swash'
      toke.c: Change API of static function
      toke.c: Add wrapper function
      toke.c: Allow \N{} handling fcn to be used elsewhere in core
      regcomp.c: White-space, comments only
      Allow qr'\N{...}'
      t/re/pat.t: Outdent 2 lines
      regcomp.c: Rmv unused variable
      regcomp.c: Create macro, add comments
      PATCH: [perl #133871] heap-buffer-overflow in S_reginsert
      t/re/pat.t: Rmv stray semi-colon
      PATCH: [perl #133921] Segfaults in regcomp.c
      Any Common digit set can match in any script
      regnodes.h, perldebguts: Shorten some descriptions
      Add more checking for regnode offset overflowing
      regcomp.c: Add assertions
      t/re/pat.t: Add test for [perl #133933]
      toke.c: lex_stuff_pvn() Use faster UTF-8 variant count
      S_multiconcat() Use faster variant counting
      utf8_length() Add two UNLIKELY()s
      inline.h: Improve comment
      perlre: Consistent casing and spelling of VERB args
      regcomp.c: Use mnemonic for flag parameter
      PATCH: [perl #131551] Too deep regex compilation recursion
      perlre: Link technique for variable length lookbehind
      regexec.c: Move macro defns, comments adjacent to fcn
      regexec.c: Comment fixes, additions
      regexec.c: Delete unused macro
      regexec.c: Rmv unnecessary assigns
      Add warning category for variable length lookbehind
      regexec.c: Add parameter to static fcn
      regexec.c: restrict match to substring in regmatch()
      regexec.c: regmatch(): Add pushing eol
      Implement variable length lookbehind in regex patterns
      regexec.c: White-space only
      Merge branch 'vlb' into blead
      pp.c, pp_sys.c: Use DO_UTF8 instead of its expansion
      regexec.c: Add comments
      pp.c: Use safer utf8_hop
      pp_pack.c: Use safe UTF8SKIP
      pp_ctl.c: Use safe UTF8SKIP
      regcomp.c: Use safe UTF8SKIP
      regcomp.c: Use safer utf8_hop
      regexec.c: Use safer utf8_hop
      regexec.c: Use safe UTF8SKIP
      Merge branch 'safer' into blead
      Change error wording for \o{}
      Change error wording for empty \x{}
      dquote.c: Prevent possible out-of-bounds read
      PATCH: [perl #133937] Assertion failure
      Add common UTF-8 first byte to ANYOFH regnodes

Nicolas R (8):
      Extra advice to release_managers_guide.pod
      Tick! 5.29.8
      New perldelta for 5.29.9
      Bump the perl version in various places for 5.29.9
      Update Module::CoreList for 5.29.9
      fix for Module/ 5.029009
      Epigraph for 5.29.8
      Bump Devel::PPPort to keep in sync with CPAN

Pali (2):
      Add newSVsv_nomg() macro which is like newSVsv() but does not process get magic
      PerlIO::encoding: Use Encode::ONLY_PRAGMA_WARNINGS in fallback by default

Tony Cook (12):
      (perl #133778) adjust MARK if we extend the stack in pp_repeat
      perldelta for 238f2c136aa0
      (perl #131683) enable warnings for the block that tests for warnings
      bump $PerlIO::encoding::VERSION
      perldelta for 7d0a46b7159e
      add extra lock tracing to threads::shared
      (perl #124203) avoid a deadlock in DB::sub
      bump $threads::shared::VERSION to 1.60
      bump $DB::VERSION for to 1.55
      (perl #124203) fix a similar problem with DB::lsub
      perldelta for d22170b0f355 through bf3e41ff5d42
      there is no sv_catpvfn()

Unicode Consortium (1):
      Use Unicode 12.0

Zak B. Elep (7):
      Porting/ vutil.c is CUSTOMIZED once more
      Fix $JSON::PP::Boolean::VERSION
      Update Module::CoreList for 5.29.9
      Update perldelta for 5.29.9 release
      Add 5.29.9 release to pod/perlhist
      Add myself to AUTHORS
      Ensure autogenerated files for Devel::PPPort are up to date


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