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[perl.git] branch blead updated. v5.29.7-36-g159eab64fc

James Keenan
February 4, 2019 14:11
[perl.git] branch blead updated. v5.29.7-36-g159eab64fc
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In perl.git, the branch blead has been updated


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 159eab64fc351538a7552181760aa94ffd72e5f6
Author: James E Keenan <>
Date:   Mon Feb 4 09:11:09 2019 -0500

    Grammatical correction only.
    Sentences ending with a parenthetical phrase that ends
    with an abbreviation such as 'etc.' still require a period
    outside of the parentheses.
    For: RT 133820.  Christopher Chavez is now a Perl author.


Summary of changes:
 AUTHORS                                            | 1 +
 Porting/todo.pod                                   | 2 +-
 dist/Locale-Maketext/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod | 2 +-
 pod/perlop.pod                                     | 2 +-
 4 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/AUTHORS b/AUTHORS
index a752a5e8cf..20ce586772 100644
@@ -246,6 +246,7 @@ Christian Millour		<>
 Christian Winter		<>
 Christoph Lamprecht		<>
 Christophe Grosjean		<>
+Christopher Chavez		<>
 Christopher Chan-Nui		<>
 Christopher Davis		<>
 Christopher J. Madsen		<>
diff --git a/Porting/todo.pod b/Porting/todo.pod
index 6493d48cc9..4905e238c3 100644
--- a/Porting/todo.pod
+++ b/Porting/todo.pod
@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ The old perltodo notes "Look at the "reification" code in C<av.c>".
 Implement a set of "vtables" that virtualizes operating system access
 (chdir(), chmod(), dbmopen(), getenv(), glob(), link(), mkdir(), open(),
 opendir(), readdir(), rename(), rmdir(), stat(), sysopen(), uname(),
-unlink(), etc.)  At the very least these interfaces should take SVs as
+unlink(), etc.).  At the very least these interfaces should take SVs as
 "name" arguments instead of bare char pointers; probably the most
 flexible and extensible way would be for the Perl-facing interfaces to
 accept HVs.  The system needs to be per-operating-system and
diff --git a/dist/Locale-Maketext/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod b/dist/Locale-Maketext/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod
index 8d3eae6606..7025b7f42c 100644
--- a/dist/Locale-Maketext/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod
+++ b/dist/Locale-Maketext/lib/Locale/Maketext/TPJ13.pod
@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ like "How do I get to the marketplace?" that don't have any blanks to
 fill in, and ones like "How much do these ___ cost?", where there's
 one or more blanks to fill in (and these are usually linked to a
 list of words that you can put in that blank: "fish", "potatoes",
-"tomatoes", etc.)  The ones with no blanks are no problem, but the
+"tomatoes", etc.).  The ones with no blanks are no problem, but the
 fill-in-the-blank ones may not be really straightforward. If it's a
 Swahili phrasebook, for example, the authors probably didn't bother to
 tell you the complicated ways that the verb "cost" changes its
diff --git a/pod/perlop.pod b/pod/perlop.pod
index d05155d88f..af695b678f 100644
--- a/pod/perlop.pod
+++ b/pod/perlop.pod
@@ -593,7 +593,7 @@ type information to select a suitable comparison mechanism.
 The C<~~> operator compares its operands "polymorphically", determining how
 to compare them according to their actual types (numeric, string, array,
-hash, etc.)  Like the equality operators with which it shares the same
+hash, etc.).  Like the equality operators with which it shares the same
 precedence, C<~~> returns 1 for true and C<""> for false.  It is often best
 read aloud as "in", "inside of", or "is contained in", because the left
 operand is often looked for I<inside> the right operand.  That makes the

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