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[perl.git] annotated tag v5.29.7 created. v5.29.7

January 20, 2019 02:41
[perl.git] annotated tag v5.29.7 created. v5.29.7
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In perl.git, the annotated tag v5.29.7 has been created


        at  644ba624062a57ef092cc011e2f5a4a1d57cf39d (tag)
   tagging  e0cf033f421e677e25c7c28ce932de16832f814b (commit)
  replaces  v5.29.6
 tagged by  Abigail
        on  Sun Jan 20 02:11:34 2019 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Eigth release of the 5.29 series

Abigail (14):
      Epigraph for 5.29.6
      New perldelta for 5.29.7
      Bump the perl version in various places for 5.29.7
      Update Module::CoreList for 5.29.7
      Tick release schedule
      Release managers guide: perlivp isn't in utils after install.
      Perldelta: Document changes leading up to 5.29.7.
      Perldelta: spell out '2nd'.
      Perldelta: Link to each ticket.
      Update Module::CoreList for 5.29.7
      Perldelta acknowledgements for 5.29.7.
      New/Update Modules section for perldelta
      Bump copyright to 2019 in perl.c and README.
      And 5.29.7 release to pod/perlhist

Chris 'BinGOs' Williams (12):
      It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
      Update CPAN to CPAN version 2.22
      Update DB_File to CPAN version 1.843
      Unicode-Normalize on CPAN is 1.26
      Update Compress-Raw-Zlib to CPAN version 2.084
      Update Compress-Raw-Bzip2 to CPAN version 2.084
      Update IO-Compress to CPAN version 2.084
      Update File-Temp to CPAN version 0.2309
      Update Unicode-Collate to CPAN version 1.27
      Update Math-BigInt to CPAN version 1.999816
      Update Math-BigInt-FastCalc to CPAN version 0.5008
      Update Test-Simple to CPAN version 1.302160

Eugen Konkov (1):
      Hint about $dir/$version is checked by and deleted from @INC

Hauke D (1):
      First "eof" should return true

James E Keenan (7):
      More specific documentation of paragraph mode.
      Thoroughly test paragraph mode
      Correct spelling error.
      Use same mixture of hard-tabs and spaces for indent
      Remove one superfluous word in sysseek documentation.
      Conduct tests of IO::Dir in temporary directory
      Shorten test descriptions

Karl Williamson (67):
      regexec.c: White space only, comment only
      regexec.c: Make sure variable is initialized
      t/re/anyof.t: Add 'strict', 'warnings' pragmas
      t/re/anyof.t: Add capability to utf8::upgrade()
      re/anyof.t: Extract code into a function
      regcomp.c: Fix comment
      regcomp.c: Add #ifdef
      regcomp.c: qr/[\xFF]/di doesn't have runtime dependencies
      Change name of PL_utf8_foldable variable
      regcomp.c: Avoid a NULL dereference
      regen/ Fix bug when 2 ident tables
      Move 2 property defns to mktables
      Change name of PL_NonL1NonFinalFold
      regcomp.c: Shorten variable name
      regcomp.c, regexec.c: Rename some related variables
      utf8.c: White-space only
      Fix bug in foldEQ_utf8_flags()
      Generalize foldEQ_utf8_flags()
      regexec.c: Swap parameters to some EQ functions
      t/re/anyof.t: Sort tests; remove dups
      regcomp.c: Rationalize use of two variables
      regcomp.c: Avoid duplicate work
      regcomp.c: Generate EXACTFU_SS only for non-UTF8
      regcomp.c: Fold characters in non-UTF-8 EXACTFish nodes
      regexec.c: Add function to compare /i Latin1, pre-folded
      regexec.c: Most /iaa nodes are now pre-folded
      Add regnode EXACTFUP, for problematic
      Collapse regnode EXACTFU_SS into EXACTFUP
      regexec.c: Avoid unnecessary folding
      regcomp.c: Simplify handling of EXACTFish nodes with 's' at edge
      regcomp.c: Refactor some /[foo]/ code
      regcomp.c: Prefer ANYOF/NANYOFM regnodes
      Remove ASCII/NASCII regnodes
      regcomp.c: Don't zap larger scope variables
      regcomp.c: Simplify ANYOFM node generation
      regcomp.c: Consolidate common code
      regcomp.c: Remove remaining use of static function
      regcomp.c: Remove no longer used static function
      regcomp.c: Rename a variable
      regcomp.c: Refactor looking for POSIX optimizations
      regcomp.c: White space only
      regcomp.c: Refactor 3 variables into flags of 1
      regcomp.c: White-space, comments only
      regcomp.c: Rename a variable
      Revamp qr/[...]/ optimizations
      Add new regnode: ANYOFH, without a bitmap
      regcomp.c: White-space only
      Change length-1 ASCII fold pairs to ANYOFM regnodes
      regen/ Remove unused variable
      regen/ Rmv outdated code
      regcomp.c: Avoid reading out-of-bounds memory
      regcomp.c: White-space only
      regcomp.c: Refactor \b{} parsing code
      perlre: Note that lookbehind is up to 255 chars
      regcomp.sym: Note specialized use of 'flags' in 2 OPs
      perlre: Note /i multi-char fold lookbehind assertions don't work
      perlvars.h: A variable was being initialized unnecessarily
      perl.h: Fix typo in comment
      Revert "regen/ Fix bug when 2 ident tables"
      regcomp.c: Rmv null function calls
      regen/ Rmv extraneous tab in output
      perlapi: Fix improper formal param name
      regen/ Fix undefined C behavior
      Delay fatalization of deprecation of unsafe UTF-8 macros from XS
      regcomp.c: Fix wrong comment
      PATCH: [perl #133756] Failure to match properly
      my_atof3() Fix uncommon bug where it wrongly fails

Tomasz Konojacki (1):
      File::Find: set $Is_Win32 and $Is_VMS variables

Tony Cook (13):
      bump $File::Find::VERSION
      [perl #133524] report line number for Prototype not terminated
      perldelta for 7122d783e33c
      [perl #133721] TODO test for eof with no ${^LAST_FH}
      perldelta for b4e880f3b5c8, eb699a9c8fb7
      bump $lib::VERSION
      (perl #132158) abort compilation if we see an error compiling a form
      simplify the error reporting from the #125351 fix
      perldelta for 817480137a8b
      (perl #133575) prevent set/longjmp clobbering locals in S_fold_constants
      (perl #123724) don't translate ... to ..\.. on Win32
      bump version numbers for PathTools
      (perl #133755) link back to readpipe from the qx// docs


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