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[perl.git] branch maint-votes updated.f6086c7d41bd902f8df3dba55ea60d0dfb3c5b38

Steve Hay via perl5-changes
March 8, 2018 18:08
[perl.git] branch maint-votes updated.f6086c7d41bd902f8df3dba55ea60d0dfb3c5b38
Message ID:
In perl.git, the branch maint-votes has been updated


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit f6086c7d41bd902f8df3dba55ea60d0dfb3c5b38
Author: Steve Hay <>
Date:   Thu Mar 8 18:04:51 2018 +0000

    Add a couple more candidates, and a note (of caution) about another


Summary of changes:
 votes-5.26.xml | 9 +++++++++
 1 file changed, 9 insertions(+)

diff --git a/votes-5.26.xml b/votes-5.26.xml
index d6d9307d21..36968c43c7 100644
--- a/votes-5.26.xml
+++ b/votes-5.26.xml
@@ -34,14 +34,21 @@ These two together:
 <commit votes="steveh" id="7b3443d31f11c15859593e5b710c301795a6de01" ticket="131221" desc="[perl #131221] sv_dup/sv_dup_inc are only available under threads"/>
 <commit votes="steveh" id="3cb4cde3dd4d2af2f5065053905708bffa5168f9" ticket="124368" desc="(perl #124368) make /foo/o; /$null/ act consistently"/>
+These two together:
 <commit votes="steveh" id="36000cd1c47863d8412b285701db7232dd450239" ticket="131793" desc="(perl #131793) sanely handle PL_linestart > PL_bufptr"/>
+<commit votes="steveh" id="faa9b9ce7303b784a3dbd278ddaa49f8789c1672" ticket="131793" desc="Fix t/comp/parser_run.t for EBCDIC"/>
 <commit votes="steveh" id="3b8804a4c2320ae4e7e713c5836d340eb210b6cd" ticket="131836" desc="(perl #131836) avoid a use-after-free after parsing a &quot;sub&quot; keyword"/>
 Move to public list?:
 <commit votes="steveh" id="1141a2c757171575dd43caa4b731ca4f491c2bcf" ticket="131949" desc="(perl #131949) adjust s in case peekspace() moves the line string"/>
 <commit votes="steveh" id="745e740c825d415f535852b90516127e64c24905" ticket="128263" desc="(perl #128263) handle PL_last_in_gv being &amp;PL_sv_undef"/>
+These two together:
 <commit votes="steveh" id="f14cf3632059d421de83cf901c7e849adc1fcd03" ticket="131746" desc="(perl #131746) avoid undefined behaviour in Copy() etc"/>
+<commit votes="steveh" id="45908e4d120d33a558a8b052036c56cd0c90b898" ticket="131746" desc="avoid  'the address of ... will always evaluate as ...' warns in mem macros"/>
 Move to public list?:
 <commit votes="steveh" id="4dc12118f61b997fbd030230665b46e7c40f32d6" ticket="132017" desc="fix #132017 - OPFAIL insert needs to set flags to 0"/>
@@ -49,6 +56,8 @@ Move to public list?:
 <commit votes="steveh" id="6c4f4eb174d1e2e9f874786123a699d11ae741f9" ticket="131893" desc="prevent integer overflow when compiling a regexp"/>
 <commit votes="steveh" id="16ada235c332e017667585e1a5a00ce43a31c529" ticket="92264" desc="fix GvSV refcounting in sort"/>
 <commit votes="steveh" id="bb4e4c3869d9fb6ee5bddd820c2a373601ecc310" ticket="125351" desc="(perl #125351) abort parsing if parse errors happen in a sub lex"/>
+This ought to have 02c84d7f0f97e083f5d8ea9856488f3ede09364f as well, though that makes this sound slightly controversial (so maybe it should be rejected for maint?):
 <commit votes="steveh" id="4764858cb80e76fdba33cc1b3be8fcdef26df754" ticket="52610" desc="Fix RT #52610: Carp: Do not crash when reading @DB::args"/>

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