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[perl.git] annotated tag v5.27.9 created. v5.27.9

Sawyer X
March 2, 2018 18:15
[perl.git] annotated tag v5.27.9 created. v5.27.9
Message ID:
In perl.git, the annotated tag v5.27.9 has been created


        at  698ea056906af7b60f00b30a44b3591dcbf07a05 (tag)
   tagging  8f6628e3029399ac1e48dfcb59c3cd30e5127c3e (commit)
  replaces  v5.27.8
 tagged by  Sawyer X
        on  Fri Mar 2 20:14:54 2018 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Aaron Crane (2):
      perlpolicy: update policy in accordance with recent moderator discussions
      Storable: throw exception on huge values

Abigail (5):
      Epigraph for 5.27.8
      Tick release schedule
      New perldelta for 5.27.9
      Bump the perl version in various places for 5.27.9
      Update Module::CoreList for 5.27.9

Chris 'BinGOs' Williams (5):
      Reset Module-CoreList versioning back to 5.20180220
      Remove Module::CoreList::TieHashDelta
      Update IPC-Cmd to CPAN version 1.00
      Update ExtUtils-MakeMaker to CPAN version 7.32

Craig A. Berry (6):
      Make VMS CRTL features work for embedders.
      Fix reversed logic from 1d60dc3fde1056479b.
      Don't export PL_underlying_numeric_obj if it doesn't exist.
      VMS does have wchar.h.
      Construct dependency with File::Spec.
      No list open on VMS as yet.

Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (2):
      Improve handling of broken versions in Module::CoreList::is_core
      Remove obsolete reference to Module::CoreList::TieHashDelta

David Mitchell (12):
      pp_warn: use MEXTEND rather than EXTEND
      fix tr/// Deparse tests under EBCDIC
      move body of pp_concat() to S_do_concat()
      redo magic/overload handing in pp_multiconcat
      pp_multiconcat: eliminate/rename dsv/dsv_pv vars
      pp_multiconcat: correctly honour stringify
      S_maybe_multiconcat(): fix some code comments
      multiconcat: /$a(?{  $b . "c" })/ could crash
      [MERGE] fixups for OP_MULTICONCAT
      Storable: recurse.t: use note() rather than diag()
      fix nit in perl5278delta.pod
      S_do_trans_complex(): outdent a block of code

Father Chrysostomos (11):
      Follow-up to fd77b29b3be4
      Disable CV-in-stash optimization
      [perl #132799] Fix goto within block within expr
      Test for _at_level functions with fh
      ‘Nonelems’ for pushing sparse array on the stack
      svleak.t: Test for leak fixed by prev. commit
      Test #132729 with array flattening
      Fix two bugs when calling &xsub when @_ has holes
      Fix ary shifting when sparse ary is passed to sub
      perldelta for non-elems
      [Merge] ‘Nonelem’ scalars

George Hartzell (1):
      Typo: 'at alia' should be 'et alia'

H.Merijn Brand (1):
      Move note about defective locale on HP-UX to README.hpux

Hugo van der Sanden (2):
      [perl #115814] skip layer test under miniperl
      Skip t/op/state.t tests that need attributes under miniperl

James E Keenan (8):
      'if' module: clarify documentation and test more thoroughly.
      Update link in documentation.
      Correct typo: agreement in tense.
      Provide .gitignore for PathTools distribution.
      Ensure that all tests in t/cwd.t have descriptions.
      Add ABSTRACT, LICENSE, AUTHOR, etc. elements.
      Update dist/if/Changes to current version in blead.
      Add word apparently dropped in documentation.

Karl Williamson (189):
      PATCH: [perl #132750] Silence uninit warning
      Allow space for NUL is UTF-8 array decls
      embed.fnc: Formal param shouldn't be const
      regcomp.c: Fix typo in comment
      regcomp.c: Use existing function to do task
      regcomp.c: Clarify comment
      regexec.c: Use meaningful variable name; comment
      Fix bug in t/re/regex_sets_compat.t
      regexec.c: Collapse some macros
      regexec.c: Extract some macro code into a sub-macro
      regexec.c: Use different method for finding adjacent chars
      regexec.c: Extract some macro code into a submacro
      Fix bug in new [[:ascii:]] nodes
      Don't use C99 ULL constant suffix
      inline.h: Clarify comment
      Don't use variant_byte_number on MSVC6
      Add utf8n_to_uvchr_msgs()
      APItest/t/ Improve diagnostics
      APItest/t/ White-space only
      APItest/APItest.xs: Simplify mappings
      Use different scheme to handle MSVC6
      Compile variant_byte_number() for EBCDIC
      regexec.c: Replace loop by memchr()
      regexec.c: Use word-at-a-time to repeat a single byte pattern
      regexec.c: Use word-at-a-time to repeat /i single byte pattern
      regcomp.c: Allow a fcn param to be NULL
      regcomp.c: White-space only
      recomp.sym: Add ANYOFM regnode
      Add ANYOFM regnode
      regcomp.c: Silence compiler maybe uninit warnings
      Use dfa to speed up translating UTF-8 into code point
      perlembed: Fix typos
      hints/ HP-UX mbrlen() and mbrtowc() don't work
      my_atof(): Lock dot radix
      locale.c: Make sure variable is always defined
      Fix bug in script runs that start with Common
      regexec.c: Fix typo in comment
      regen/ Allow multiple files to access
      regen/ Allow override of where enums get defined
      charclasslists.h: script enums visible to CORE,EXT
      Give isSCRIPT_RUN() an extra parameter
      isSCRIPT_RUN: Can short cut if not in UTF-8
      Fix bug in isSCRIPT_RUN with digit following unassigned
      regexec.c: Add comment
      isSCRIPT_RUN: A sequence of entirely Inherited chars is Inherited
      An empty string is a script_run, but marked INVALID
      isSCRIPT_RUN: Document in perlintern
      perl.c: Move initialization of inversion lists
      Remove uncompilable code
      Add check that "$!" is correctly interpreted as UTF-8
      APItest/t/locale.t: Add some tests
      Perl_langinfo: Teach about YESSTR and NOSTR
      perl.h: Add comment, rephrase another
      locale.c: Improve, add comments
      locale.c: Add const to several variables
      locale.c: Use fcns instead of macros
      locale.c: Avoid rescanning a string
      locale.c: Refactor Ultrix code
      locale.c: White-space only
      locale.c: Add compile check for unimplemented behavior
      perl.h: White-space only
      Teach perl about more locale categories
      Avoid some unnecessary changing of locales
      locale.c: Avoid some more locale changes
      locale.c: Create a block around some code; indent
      locale.c: Use non-control for a format dummy
      locale.c: Avoid some work
      locale.c: Avoid duplicate work
      Cache locale UTF8-ness lookups
      locale.c: Simplify expression
      locale.c: Windows will never be EBCDIC
      perl.h: Remove unused locale core macro
      toke.c: Remove unnecessary macro calls
      Simplify some LC_NUMERIC macros
      vutil.c: White_space only
      perl.h: Remove some obsolete macros
      sv_vcatpvfn_flags() Balance LC_NUMERIC changes/restores
      grok_numeric_radix(): Avoid recalculating
      POSIX::strftime: Add better fallback about UTF-8
      POSIX.xs: Keep locale change to minimum span
      locale.c: Do common task in one place
      locale.c: Use macro instead of its expansion
      locale.c: White-space only
      locale.c: Move some mutex ops
      POSIX.xs: White space only
      POSIX::localeconv() Use new fcn; avoid recalcs
      locale.c: Replace by function that does the same thing
      Keep PL_numeric_radix_sv always set
      locale.c: White-space only
      numeric.c: Remove duplicate PERL_ARGS_ASSERT
      Perl_sv_2pv_flags: Potentially avoid work
      Avoid changing locale when finding radix char
      Forbid 'pig' locale
      Change some "shouldn't happen" failures into panics
      locale.c: Revamp finding if locale is UTF-8
      locale.c: White-space only
      locale.c: Prefer mbrtowc(), as its reentrant
      locale.c: Extract duplicated code into subroutines
      locale.c: Remove branch to label
      locale.c: White-space only
      locale.c: Avoid localeconv()
      POSIX.xs: Prefer mbrlen() over mblen()
      POSIX.xs: Prefer mbrtowc() over mbtowc()
      locale.c: Use %z for displaying Size_t operands
      POSIX.xs: Add mutex around localeconv()
      POSIX::localconv(): Prefer localeconv_l()
      locale.c: Do savepv() ASAP
      regexec.c: Don't retest the same byte immediately
      Speed up finding non-UTF8 EXACTFish initial matches
      Mark new function utf8n_to_uvchr_msgs() as experimental
      regcomp.c: Pack EXACTish nodes more fully
      regcomp.c: Clarify comment
      regcomp.c: Simplify handling of varying loop increments
      regcomp.c: Comment, white-space only
      APItest:t/ Display printables as themselves
      APItest: Add tests for utf8_to_bytes()
      locale.c: Use same form of macro name
      utf8.c: Extract code into separate function
      APItest:t/; Fix 'ok' tests
      APItest:t/ Move a variable outside sub()
      APItest:t/ Clarify some comments
      Add uvchr_to_utf8_flags_msgs()
      regcomp.c: Fix comment
      perlapi: Rmv nonapplicable text
      util.c: Fix typo in comment
      APItest: Correct parameter sign
      APItest: Fix C++ compiles
      podcheck.t: Skip core files
      podcheck.t: Skip core files in all directories
      podcheck.t: Recognize more forms of core files
      regcomp.c: Under/i segregate folding vs non-folding characters
      utf8.c: Silence compiler warnings
      APItest: Add U8* typemap, and use it
      Change name of regnode for clarity
      regcomp.c: Add cast to avoid compiler warning
      POSIX.xs: Fix localeconv_l()
      Revise when POSIX 2008 ops on FreeBSD
      perl.h Move some #defines
      Use proper #define to see if need PLnumeric underlying_obj Use all #ifdefs to decide
      ExtUtils::ParseXS/lib/perlxs.pod: Nits
      perl.h: Add dTHX_DEBUGGING
      locale.c: Rmv unnecessary locale toggle
      locale.c: Check for anomalies in UTF-8 locales
      locale.c: White-space only
      locale.c: Add comments, clarify others
      Add information to warning msgs
      Add ${^SAFE_LOCALES}
      locale.c: Add debugging info
      perlapi: Add a caution about Perl_langinfo()
      locale.c: Suppress some compiler warnings
      locale.c: Change some DEBUG_L to DEBUG_Lv
      locale.c: Generalize errno handling
      locale.c: Add critical section
      perldelta for dTHX_DEBUGGING
      Add Perl_setlocale()
      vutil.c: Revise locale version handling
      Make new_numeric() static
      Latch LC_NUMERIC during critical sections
      perl.h: Add debugging statements for mutex ops
      Add thread-safe locale handling
      lib/locale_threads.t: Add safe thread test
      perl.h: Add, revise some locale debugging info
      Revise sync_locale() for safe multi-threaded operation
      Add switch_to_globale_locale()
      Fixes for Perl_langinfo()
      perldelta changes for this branch
      Merge branch 'add thread-safe locales' into blead
      Sort an entry in perldiag
      Add 'alpha_assertions' warnings category
      Change syntax of script runs
      Add alphabetic synonyms for regex assertions
      hints/ Note locale univ.utf8 may be defective
      regcomp.c: White space only
      regcomp.c: Make sure no future ambiguity on new alpha assertions
      regcomp.c: Silence uninit compiler warning
      t/re/script_run.t: Tests for 'sr' form of (*script_run:...)
      t/re/script_run.t: White space only
      Fix skipping char in (*sr:...) defn
      Add atomic script runs
      perlre: Add note that nested (?>...) are not no-ops
      locale.c: Add STATIC_ASSERT
      utf8.h: Add in #define for backcompat
      perldelta for performance enhancements
      regcomp.c: Re-order branches
      regcomp.c: Simplify expression
      regcomp.c: White space only
      regcomp.c: Refactor some if-elses
      Merge branch '\N{} handler refactoring ' into blead

Matthew Horsfall (1):
      Use the correct path for valgrind logs in make test.valgrind

Pali (7):
      Devel::PPPort: Skip ASCII tests on non-ASCII platforms
      Devel::PPPort: Do not mask Perl_warn_nocontext and Perl_croak_nocontext
      Devel::PPPort: Do not define PERL_MAGIC_qr more times
      Devel::PPPort: Do not run tests which use \N{U+XX} on Perl 5.12.0
      Devel::PPPort: Declare dTHX in croak_xs_usage()
      Devel::PPPort: Use croak_nocontext() intead of croak() when dTHX is not declared
      ExtUtils::ParseXS::Eval: Fix variable name ALIAS in documentation

Reini Urban (42):
      Storable: bump to 2.53_02
      Storable: document, reformat and fix for DEBUGGING
      Storable 3.00: u64 strings, arrays and hashes >2G
      parser: expand tokenbuf from 256 to 1024
      Storable: fix win32, missing INT32_MAX
      Release cperl-5.22.2
      Storable: throw exception on huge values
      Storable: comments
      Storable: silence cast warnings
      Storable 3.01 security: detect CVE-2015-1592
      Storable: fix -Wchar-subscripts
      Storable:  Update to 3.02c
      Storable 3.04c: fix printf types
      Storable: protect against classname len overflow
      Storable: fixup huge
      Storable: skip LOBJECT on 32bit
      Storable: re-indent from 8 hard tabs to soft 4
      Storable: Upgrade to 3.05 from CPAN
      Storable: Update to 3.05_02
      Storable: Update to 3.05_03
      Fix rurban email address
      Storable: add testcase for #257
      Storable: improve recursion depth check
      Storable 3.05_07: update documentation from CPAN
      Storable 3.05_08: adjust MAX_DEPTH
      Storable 3.05_09: compute stacksize
      Storable: core Makefile.SH support
      Storable: various core fixups: $PERL,libpth,getcwd
      Storable: Bump to 3.05_10
      Storable: protect store_other error buf
      Storable: protect from empty retrieve_vstring
      Storable: simplify last_op_in_netorder
      Storable 3.05_11: croak on sizes read > I32_MAX
      Storable: memory leak
      Storable: fix wrong fake_tag check
      Storable: fix stacksize with shared libcperl
      Storable: Update to 3.05_12
      Storable: fix cygwin stack probing
      Storable: Need more stack reserve on cygwin also
      Storable: cygwin64 MAX_DEPTH /2
      Storable: Analyze #304
      Storable 3.05_13: safe defaults

Sawyer X (5):
      Reflect what I think are the correct changesets for PathTools:
      Add MANIFEST to PathTools
      Correct PathTools dist files and bump to 3.74:
      Fix manifest
      Update META files and MANIFEST for

Slaven Rezić (1):
      warnings: Omit handle when $. is 0

Steve Hay (6):
      Define I_STDINT for gcc, and for VC++ 2010 onwards
      Upgrade bignum from version 0.47 to 0.49
      Upgrade Test-Simple from version 1.302120 to 1.302122
      Upgrade Time::HiRes from version 1.9752 to 1.9753
      Upgrade Encode from version 2.94 to 2.96
      Fix gcc/dmake build on Windows

Todd Rinaldo (1):
      cPanel Storable 2.53_03: don't bless [security]

Tom Wyant (1):
      Fix typos in script_run documentation

Tomasz Konojacki (1): untaint _source_location's return value and fix a warning

Tony Cook (38):
      bump $Errno::VERSION
      George Hartzell is now a perl author
      (perl #132761) croak_xs_usage() shouldn't accept a THX arguement
      bump $Devel::PPPort::VERSION to 3,39
      (perl #132761) Devel::PPPort updates for older perls
      (perl #125351) abort parsing if parse errors happen in a sub lex
      perldelta for bb4e4c3869d9
      (perl #127743) correct some types for Win32
      (perl #127743) fix two problems with large object ids
      (perl #127743) update PERL_TEST_MEMORY requirements for the older tests
      (perl #127743) fix large object ids in hook sequences
      (perl #127743) limit the number of extra refs returned by STORABLE_freeze
      (perl #127743) fix some -DDEBUGGING build issues
      (perl #127743) fixes for READ_U64()
      (perl #127743) fix network order read/write of large values
      (perl #127743) we should only handle SX_LOBJECT ops on 64-bit platforms
      (perl #127743) read the hash's flags for large SX_FLAG_HASH ops
      fix various 32-bit issues:
      we only need 64-bit object support with 64-bit pointer builds
      (perl #131990) treat the length for LSCALAR, LUTF8STR as unsigned
      (perl #131999) treat a 32-bit hook data size as unsigned
      (perl #127743) support for >= 4GB data from hooks
      (perl #127743) ensure gzip/gzip are available before we use them
      (perl #118551) an empty string from _freeze() now supplies the same to _thaw()/_attach()
      (perl #131136) clear padding before writing long doubles
      (perl #127743) improve performance in -DDEBUGGING builds
      (perl #25933) always rethrow exceptions thrown through or by the XS implementation
      (perl #127743) fix dependencies for
      (perl #50608) add experimental regular expression support
      (perl #127743) re-work recursion limit handling
      (perl #127743) update Changes
      bump $Storable::VERSION to 3.06
      (perl #127743) merge Storable work to date
      bump $warnings::VERSION
      (perl #132849) try to disable core files when deliberatly segfaulting
      (perl #127743) remove the no longer needed stacksize_in.h
      [perl #121028] avoid creating a shell process
      perldelta for b6811f8d3a5c

Yves Orton (2):
      fix perl #132630, dont try to fbm match past end of string
      regcomp.c: Use macro to avoid code duplication

Zefram (3):
      avoid vivifying UNIVERSAL::isa:: in Carp
      don't clobber file bytes in :encoding layer
      define NEED_croak_xs_usage in PathTools

jdhedden (2):
      Upgrade to threads 2.21
      Upgrade to threads::shared 1.58

reneeb (4):
      update Module::CoreList for v5.27.9
      finalize perldelta for 5.27.9
      add new release to perlhist
      update checkAUTHORS


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