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[perl.git] branch blead, updated. v5.13.7-173-gcbeaa18

Nicholas Clark
November 28, 2010 11:29
[perl.git] branch blead, updated. v5.13.7-173-gcbeaa18
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In perl.git, the branch blead has been updated


- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit cbeaa189514a121fd71c6b4fb40c0bee7598a3d3
Author: Nicholas Clark <>
Date:   Sun Nov 28 19:03:21 2010 +0000

    Remove makeaperl, never used, a wrapper for ExtUtils::MakeMaker::makeaperl
    makeaperl was added in perl5.000k, wrapped as makeaperl.SH in perl5.000l, but
    neither used in the core build nor installed. All it does is acts as a
    command-line wrapper to makeaperl() in ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

Summary of changes:
 Cross/Makefile-cross-SH |    2 +-
 MANIFEST                |    1 -
 Makefile.SH             |    6 +--
 Porting/exec-bit.txt    |    1 -
 makeaperl.SH            |  130 -----------------------------------------------
 5 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 137 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100755 makeaperl.SH

diff --git a/Cross/Makefile-cross-SH b/Cross/Makefile-cross-SH
index 9b45943..6e792e1 100644
--- a/Cross/Makefile-cross-SH
+++ b/Cross/Makefile-cross-SH
@@ -326,7 +326,7 @@ CONFIGPM = xlib/$(CROSS_NAME)/
 private = preplibrary $(CONFIGPM) $(CROSS_LIB)/Config.pod
-shextract = Makefile cflags config.h makeaperl makedepend \
+shextract = Makefile cflags config.h makedepend \
 	makedir myconfig writemain pod/Makefile
 addedbyconf = UU $(shextract) lib/ pstruct
diff --git a/MANIFEST b/MANIFEST
index daf2706..0ec0d03 100644
@@ -3905,7 +3905,6 @@ mad/			Used by nomad
 mad/			Used by nomad
 mad/			Used by nomad
 mad/t/p55.t			Test for the Perl 5 to Perl 5 translator
-makeaperl.SH			perl script that produces a new perl binary			Create symbol export lists for linking
 makedepend.SH			Precursor to makedepend			Used by Makefile to execute extension Makefiles
diff --git a/Makefile.SH b/Makefile.SH
index 5315793..86e6d46 100755
--- a/Makefile.SH
+++ b/Makefile.SH
@@ -434,11 +434,9 @@ private = preplibrary $(CONFIGPM) $(CONFIGPOD) lib/ExtUtils/ git_vers
 # Files to be built with variable substitution before miniperl
 # is available.
-sh = Makefile.SH cflags.SH config_h.SH makeaperl.SH makedepend.SH \
-	myconfig.SH pod/Makefile.SH
+sh = Makefile.SH cflags.SH config_h.SH makedepend.SH myconfig.SH pod/Makefile.SH
-shextract = Makefile cflags config.h makeaperl makedepend \
-	makedir myconfig pod/Makefile
+shextract = Makefile cflags config.h makedepend makedir myconfig pod/Makefile
 addedbyconf = UU $(shextract) pstruct
diff --git a/Porting/exec-bit.txt b/Porting/exec-bit.txt
index 5e0f1e0..7f42ea3 100644
--- a/Porting/exec-bit.txt
+++ b/Porting/exec-bit.txt
@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ cpan/Test-Harness/t/source_tests/
diff --git a/makeaperl.SH b/makeaperl.SH
deleted file mode 100755
index 80c0f21..0000000
--- a/makeaperl.SH
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,130 +0,0 @@
-case $PERL_CONFIG_SH in
-	if test -f; then TOP=.;
-	elif test -f ../; then TOP=..;
-	elif test -f ../../; then TOP=../..;
-	elif test -f ../../../; then TOP=../../..;
-	elif test -f ../../../../; then TOP=../../../..;
-	else
-		echo "Can't find"; exit 1
-	fi
-	. $TOP/
-	;;
-: This forces SH files to create target in same directory as SH file.
-: This is so that make depend always knows where to find SH derivatives.
-case "$0" in
-*/*) cd `expr X$0 : 'X\(.*\)/'` ;;
-echo "Extracting makeaperl (with variable substitutions)"
-rm -f makeaperl
-$spitshell >makeaperl <<!GROK!THIS!
-    eval 'exec $perlpath -S \$0 \${1+"\$@"}'
-	if \$running_under_some_shell;
-$spitshell >>makeaperl <<'!NO!SUBS!'
-=head1 NAME
-makeaperl - create a new perl binary from static extensions
-=head1 SYNOPSIS
-C<makeaperl -l library -m makefile -o target -t tempdir [object_files] [static_extensions] [search_directories]>
-This utility is designed to build new perl binaries from existing
-extensions on the fly. Called without any arguments it produces a new
-binary with the name C<perl> in the current directory. Intermediate
-files are produced in C</tmp>, if that is writeable, else in the
-current directory. The most important intermediate file is a Makefile,
-that is used internally to call C<make>. The new perl binary will consist
-The C<-l> switch lets you specify the name of a perl library to be
-linked into the new binary. If you do not specify a library, makeaperl
-writes targets for any C<libperl*.a> it finds in the search path. The
-topmost target will be the one related to C<libperl.a>.
-With the C<-m> switch you can provide a name for the Makefile that
-will be written (default C</tmp/Makefile.$$>). Likewise specifies the
-C<-o> switch a name for the perl binary (default C<perl>). The C<-t>
-switch lets you determine, in which directory the intermediate files
-should be stored.
-All object files and static extensions following on the command line
-will be linked into the target file. If there are any directories
-specified on the command line, these directories are searched for
-C<*.a> files, and all of the found ones will be linked in, too. If
-there is no directory named, then the contents of $INC[0] are
-If the command fails, there is currently no other mechanism to adjust
-the behaviour of the program than to alter the generated Makefile and
-run C<make> by hand.
-=head1 AUTHORS
-Tim Bunce <>, Andreas Koenig
-=head2 STATUS
-First version, written 5 Feb 1995, is considered alpha.
-use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
-use Getopt::Long;
-use strict qw(subs refs);
-$Version = 1.0;
-$Verbose = 0;
-sub usage{
-    warn <<END;
-$0 version $Version
-$0: [options] [object_files] [static_extensions ...] [directories to search through]
- -l perllibrary     perl library to link from (the first libperl.a found)
- -m makefilename    name of the makefile to be written (/tmp/Makefile.\$\$)
- -o name            name for perl executable (perl)
- -t directory       directory where intermediate files reside (/tmp)
-    exit 1;
-if (-w "/tmp") {
-    $opt_t = "/tmp";
-} else {
-    $opt_t = ".";
-$opt_l = '';
-$opt_m = "$opt_t/Makefile.$$";
-$opt_o = 'perl';
-GetOptions('t=s', 'l=s', 'm=s', 'o=s') || die &usage;
-@dirs = grep -d $_, @ARGV;
-@fils = grep -f $_, @ARGV;
-@dirs = $INC[0] unless @dirs;
-open MAKE, ">$opt_m";
-print MAKE MM->makeaperl('MAKE'    => $opt_m,
-			 'TARGET'  => $opt_o,
-			 'TMP'     => $opt_t,
-			 'LIBPERL' => $opt_l,
-			 'DIRS'    => [@dirs], 
-			 'STAT'    => [@fils], 
-			 'INCL'    => [@dirs]
-close MAKE;
-(system "make -f $opt_m") == 0 or die "$0 failed: Please check file $opt_m and run make -f $opt_m\n";
-chmod 755 makeaperl
-$eunicefix makeaperl

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