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[perl.git] annotated tag GitLive-blead, created. GitLive-blead

Yves Orton
December 19, 2008 04:05
[perl.git] annotated tag GitLive-blead, created. GitLive-blead
Message ID:
In perl.git, the annotated tag GitLive-blead has been created


        at  da71581858ddfe0f74d9e276c5bbe888c75b6d7f (tag)
   tagging  1e89acdfb3de39e92ce0b33062221d82e21cb1e2 (commit)
  replaces  perl-5.8.0
 tagged by  Yves Orton
        on  Fri Dec 19 13:00:07 2008 +0100

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
State of blead when we went live with Git as our repository

(Ilya Martynov) (1):
      [perl #17340] When used/requied Locale::*** modules unexpectedly modify $_

(Randal L. Schwartz) (1):
      fix for:

      hints/ to allow build on aix 4.2

Aaron Crane (1):
      Typo in pod/perlfunc.pod

Aaron J. Mackey (1):
      Remove all magic in untie()

Aaron Kaplan (1):
      [perl #37142] h2xs skips enums with negative values

Abe Timmerman (35):
      Re: Pod::Functions tpyo
      Re: Smoke 17849 MSWin32 (w2k/GCC)
      Re: Building bleadperl (minperl) fails completely under VC7
      #18005 was not enough
      Re: Smoke 18027 FAIL(F) MSWin32 5.0 Win2000Pro (MSWin32-x86)
      Re: [perl #18927] barewords with no errors
      Re: Smoke [5.8.0] 18389 FAIL(Fm) MSWin32 5.0 Service Pack 3 (x86/1 cpu)
      Re: [perl #20606] [PATCH} openbsd hints
      Get MSWin32 back compiling
      Re: [PATCH embed.fnc] Re: [PATCH] Get MSWin32 back compiling
      Re: Smoke [5.9.0] 19367 FAIL(F) MSWin32 5.0 Service Pack 3 (x86/1 cpu)
      silence compiler warnings
      Regenerate win32/Makefile and win32/ after
      Re: switch from byacc to bison
      Where to find nmake for windows
      add the 'test_harness' target to vms "makefile"
      Add the minitest target to vms buildsystem
      Re: New Configure functionality
      Make "prove" available on VMS
      Re: Building 25309 on VAX (OpenVMS 7.2) not ok
      add the new d_futimes as undef
      follow up on 25969 for VMS
      Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 27195 FAIL(m) irix 6.2 (IP22/1 cpu)
      include in Porting/
      Re: [PATCH] include in Porting/
      fix 27987 for MSVC (was Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 28020 FAIL(m) MSWin32 Win2000 SP4 (x86/1 cpu))
      redo part of change 27374
      [perl@30030] blead on OpenVMS doesn't build
      Re: Smoke [5.8.8] 30522 FAIL(XF) Solaris 2.10 (i386/1 cpu)
      netbsd's setlocale () doesn't support LC_COLLATE and LC_NUMERIC
      Re: Smoke [5.10.0] 31938 FAIL(F) netbsd 3.1 (i386/1 cpu)
      Re: Smoke [5.11.0] 32864 FAIL(F) MSWin32 Win2003 SP2 (x86/1 cpu)
      Minor rewording of the localtime() documentation,

Abhijit Menon-Sen (65):
      Effect a speedy recovery from POD affected by (ahem, Australian)
      Incorporate fix from JHI at:
      Fix #17375 (rcatline didn't work on a formerly-defined undef) by
      Typo fix.
      Remove package; (Heh heh.)
      Add silly bandaid to stop segfaults on subsequent accesses to
      Add a line about 2.05.
      Re: [perl #18114] [no subject] BUG: "-4\n".."0\n" is not DWIM
      1. Update pp_ucfirst to enter the UTF-8 branch only if the first
      Re: [perl #18107] lc(), uc() and ucfirst() broken inside utf8 regex
      Fix typo in version check ($[ to $]).
      Integrate MIME::Base64 2.16 from CPAN. (Do we really want the
      No, we don't really want the utility scripts.
      [#17040] Storable now handles self-tied scalars with NULL mg_obj.
      [#21962] Speculative fix: don't set GvNAMELEN to 1 if GvNAME is "".
      Update Changes.
      Update changelog for 2.07 release.
      Oops. More Storable 2.07 preparations.
      None of that "our" stuff here, please.
      hv_fetch_{ent,flags} failed to set HvHASKFLAGS on a hash where a
      1. Work around the bug fixed by #20587 (because it's in 5.8.0).
      Clean up pp_readdir() somewhat.
      Update Changes.
      Update perlfunc/require to describe NXDOMAIN caching... er, you
      Why should -3**$x be more precisely determined than 3**$x?
      Minor tweaks to pod/perlsyn.pod (as suggested by Yves Orton),
      "Are implicit undefs true?" asks Gisle.
      Make everyone stop posting to p5p about 0e0.
      Rewrite #21447.
      Fix off-by-one in $0 set magic. (From Autrijus.)
      Will the real off by one please stand up?
      Modernise INSTALL
      Orphaned submission from #21546.
      Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.07.
      Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.08.
      [patch] make Storable thread-safe
      Back out _01 version suffix.
      Update to 1.25 (from SBURKE).
      Remove stray '.
      Math::BigInt v1.73 final
      Add STORABLE_attach hook (Adam Kennedy).
      Don't pretend SIGZERO exists [#35291].
      Previously overlooked $SIG{DIE} patch from Slaven Rezic.
      Damnable applypatch nonsense.
      Make the __attribute__ stuff work with Symbian (Jarkko).
      Remove one const to ensure that the universe doesn't tip over.
      Assorted 2.15 fixes.
      -Wall is intolerably noisy with icc.
      Add new hints files.
      This was released as 2.16.
      Fix incorrect =head1 NAME.
      Change stripRegex prototype to $$;$ because only one caller uses
      MANIFEST.SKIP ought not to have been skipped after all.
      From #43633: Cwd::cwd() use in File::Spec::Unix use causes unnecessary fork()
      Make '-xx' and '-x x' work the same way (see #44387).
      Revert #31690, because it can make -x eat arguments. Even if the
      SWIG uses XS() like this (in the perlrun.swg template):
      Delete the files which #31710 should have removed.
      Bump version to 1.26_01 after #31707.
      For the 2.17 release.
      5.00404 compile fix from Slaven Rezic.
      2.18 release.
      Add const to a few prototypes. (Patch from Robin Barker.)
      Fix typo.

Abigail (39):
      Be less strict about what's POD.
      Make cmpthese work as documented.
      [perl #23672] Math::BigInit POD
      Remove the warning in perlfaq about using map in void context :
      ref can return false on references
      Re: [PATCH lib/warnings.t]  Adding TODO functionality to lib/warnings.
      Layout & POD nit.
      Test (5.9.x)
      Mention 5.8.3-RC1
      Documenting undefined behaviour of $i = $i ++.
      POD nit @ sysseek
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #34650] perldoc -f my should perhaps mention BEGIN and END
      Typo in comment.
      Getopt::Long::Configure 'no_getopt_compat'
      Change of email address.
      Unexpected output
      Typo in =item say
      Typo fix.
      Fix warning.
      /p vs (?p)
      Comment typo fix
      Re: Beyond 5.10
      (was Re: perldelta)
      More tests
      Userdefined properties
      Don't ask about a module when using -ok
      Regression tests for 'for reverse ..'
      Re: [perl #50496] Bug Report: 'keys %+' does not return the correct keys.
      sprintf "%+d"
      Use 3-arg open.
      File::Copy & permission bits.
      Add index() tests for embedded nulls
      [Patch t/op/re_tests] Re: [perl #56690] Some bugs in Perl regexp (core Perl issues)
      Change of email address.
      Improve and restructure t/op/pat.t and split out some unicode related tests into a new test file

Adam Spiers (1):
      [perl #19898] [PATCH] forking to Perl children with IPC::Open3

Adrian M. Enache (75):
      [perl #20408] SV's SvPVX get freed even when its SvLEN is zero
      Re: [perl #20408] SV's SvPVX get freed even when its SvLEN is zero
      patch to speed up Perl's slurp mode
      [FIX] Re: UTF-8 failures (surprise!)
      [FIX] Re: UTF-8 failures (surprise!)
      Re: [perl #20716] [FIX] scope error with brackets
      Re: [perl #20777] [PATCH] goto &subroutine leaks memory
      Re: trying to fix #20154, #20357
      Re: [perl #20912] UTF8 related glitch + fix
      Re: [perl #20798] foo(eval {}) crashes Perl 5.8
      Re: [perl #20716] scope error with brackets
      [perl #20684] [fix] s/// with (??{..}) inside returns wrong count
      [perl #20682] [fix] @- array not visible in s///
      Re: [perl #20683] [fix] Better Patch
      Re: [perl #21411] [fix] Postponed RE with split()
      Re: [perl #21395] rcatline doesn't grok utf8
      cleaning up tests of the 'eval { decl. } <=> runtime decl.' assumption
      Re: [perl #20682] [fix] @- array not visible in s///
      Re: [perl #20798] foo(eval {}) crashes Perl 5.8
      Re: [perl #21498] printf behaviour changes 5.6.1(and earlier) -> 5.8
      Re: [fix] [perl #21575] Bug with print( followed by a newline
      Re: Bytecode? Back into service.
      Re: [patch] [perl #21628] rcatline issue
      Re: Smoke [5.9.0] 19055 FAIL(m) linux 2.4.18-3 (i686/1 cpu)
      Re: [perl #21744] Deparse bug: "\::" deparsed as "::"
      LD_PRELOAD hack, still badly flawed / a solution
      Remove unportable ">|" shell syntax
      Re: Error: Unknown error
      Re: [perl #21950] 5.8.x -- :scalar and magic strings
      Re: any takers for this Storable bug?
      Fix bug #21347 (segfault in UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD with qr//)
      Re: [perl #22000] AutoReply: [PATCH] Naughty sv_gets/RsRECORD bug
      Remove, in the main Makefile, the $(LDLIBPTH) variable from
      Fix another segfault case (warn called from UNIVERSAL::DESTROY).
      Newer glibc's nice(2) return the new nice value, instead of 0 or -1.
      buglet: sub a(;&) { } doesn't work
      [patch] Re: [perl #21728] regexp SEGV
      A variant of
      Re: [perl #22372] [PATCH] sv_chop() broken
      Re: [perl #22372] [PATCH] sv_chop() broken
      Re: [perl #22727] split() with re_eval segfaults/panics
      Re: Is it a Bug? ($c .= "5") . "6"
      B:: fixes + 'When were CVOPs gone ?'
      format 'botched' in malloc.c
      Re: [PATCH] $^VARIABLES in 'perl -Dt' output
      Re: [perl #22984] perl-5.8.1-RC2: TEST -bytecompile won't work at all
      test for B::Bytecode/ByteLoader
      Small nit to pad.c
      Re: [perl #23207] persistant sideffect involving bitwise xor and substr
      Re: script wanted
      Re: [BUG] string loses its utf8 flag on die
      utf8 variable names scrambled in error messages
      Re: mysterious bytecode.t failure
      Re: bytecode.t & OS X "Invalid bytecode for this architecture"
      Re: [PATCH] valgrind and /#/x
      Re: ByteLoader and MSWin32
      Re: [PATCH] Re: ByteLoader and MSWin32
      Re: maint @ 21116
      nit to hints/
      Re: Empty subroutine as object method segfaults in 5.8.2 (sometimes)
      plumb a leak with pos().
      yet another 2 leaks. example for the second:
      yet another leak. bigger fish still swimming around.
      temporary fix to avoid t/op/tie.t failures on Win32
      fix bug #24605.
      #21866 was wrong. another try to plumb that damn leak.
      Re: Change 21862
      fix [perl #24660], [perl #24663].
      after back-references, restricted hashes.
      sanitize some macros - based on Chip Salzenberg suggestions and
      re-fix [perl #24508] without speed regression.
      still problems with backreferences + reverse cloning
      nit to Bytecode - the av_extend opcode wasn't saved when
      documentation nit

Adriano Ferreira (16):
      Re: Dual life for
      Re: [perl #40216] SelfLoader::croak doesn't protect $@ from being clobbered by require
      Dual life for Exporter
      Re: [PATCH] lib/File/Copy.t - test descriptions and minor fixes
      Doc patch by Thomas O Smailus :
      [perl #36689] &=, |= and ^= overloads are nbot documented
      Re: [perl #32135] File::Copy module
      [DOC PATCH] MANIFEST: t/op/exec.t tests exec, system AND qx
      [DOC PATCH] Pod nits in doc/perlpodspec.pod
      [perl #39420] [PATCH] Data::Dumper fails to escape bless class name
      lib/Pod/ - make -L more forgiving
      [DOC PATCH] Exporter
      [DOC PATCH] Exporter - link fix and mention Exporter::Easy
      update Pod-Perldoc to version 3.14_04
      update Pod-Perldoc to version 3.14_07
      update Exporter to version 5.63

Alain Barbet (5):
      Re: Smoke 18027 FAIL(F) MSWin32 5.0 Win2000Pro (MSWin32-x86)
      Re: [perl #23202] coredump on ext/POSIX/t/posix with NetBSD-1.6
      Re: [perl #23202] [RESOLVED] coredump on ext/POSIX/t/posix with NetBSD-1.6
      Can't build thread on openbsd sparc64 => B.c:5078: virtual memory exhausted
      Re: [perl #23463]: compiler version on sparc/netbsd

Alan Burlison (22):
      Re: Last Call For (Least) Favourite Issues For 5.8.1
      Re: Subject: Problems: 5.8.1, Solaris, Configure, sched_yield(), -lrt & -lposix4
      Patch to README.solaris
      Re: DBD::Sybase and Sybase::CTlib build problems w/ 5.8.1, Solaris, gcc
      clear of empty locked hash SEGVs
      promote hv_clear_placeholders to perl API
      Re: a2p.pod not being installed in 5.8.2?
      Modify the common guard for the signal.h header, because
      Remove incorrect guards around inclusion of <signal.h>
      Remove incorrect guards around inclusion of <signal.h>
      'perl -v' fails if local_patches contains code snippets
      TEST needs to ignore SCM files
      [Fwd: [PATCH] Pod::Find should ignore SCM files and dirs]
      Remove redundant %SIG assignments from FileCache
      Re: POSIX::sigprocmask implemented incorrectly
      Re: POSIX::sigprocmask implemented incorrectly
      Re: POSIX::sigprocmask implemented incorrectly
      environ fixup
      Document some bogus compiler warnings in README.solaris
      use clearenv if available
      Re: Sys::Syslog blows up rather spectacularly on Solaris
      perlio.c breaks on Solaris/gcc when > 256 FDs are available

Alan Ferrency (2):
      Re: [perl #18849] fork/system bug on FreeBSD
      Re: [perl #24338] Attribute::Handlers will trash UNIVERSAL

Alex Davies (2):
      Define PERL_NO_DEV_RANDOM on Windows
      fix for regression to File/

Alex Vandiver (2):
      Re: Bug stomping fun. [PATCH: bug #1016]
      In the debugger, flush stdout/stderr before the prompt is printed

Alex Waugh (1):
      Support compiling for RISC OS

Alexander Foken (1):
      [perl #36237] IO::File $fh->binmode($layer) is broken

Alexander Gough (6):
      Add a TODO test for perlbug #19049
      stab at UNITCHECK blocks
      B:: changes for UNITCHECK blocks
      [Patch] Configure doesn't pick up Hash/Util/FieldHash
      Time::Piece & matherr on qnx4
      make t/op/pack.t not explode when u64size='' (1):
      [perl #39639] perldoc -f waitpid has wrong code example

Alexandr Ciornii (4):
      [perl #39876] Time::gmtime 1.02 examples patch
      perlre.pod spellcheck
      Data::Dumper patch

Alexey Mahotkin (1):
      typo in pod/perlfunc.pod

Alexey Toptygin (1):
      Re: [perl #38904] Text::ParseWords doesn't always handle backslashes correctly

Alexey Tourbin (31):
      Macro reorganization in the Makefile, so that $(LDLIBPTH) always
      Debian patch that skips podless modules
      Re: assert.h breaks perl.h
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #29612] ndbm failure in make test
      Change 22872 breaks shared miniperl invocation
      Re: B::walkoptree segfaults
      Integrate a patch from Gentoo for uclibc support.
      Re: [perl #33173] and tainting
      perlrun typo (env PERLDB_OPTS)
      Re: bugzilla.redhat bug #101767 (threads, threads::shared)
      Re: [perl #34493] h2ph `extern inline' problems
      simple optimization for SelectSaver
      util.c: S_vdie_common() should be static
      make some more functions static
      perlipc.pod: mkfifo()
      Storable/Storable.xs: make plain C functions static
      XSLoader for Sys::Syslog
      conflicting types for 'Perl_my_popen' remove unneeded eval better fix for PATH entries small optimization for "Usage: ..." constant strings
      ExtUtils/typemap: better error messages + constant string optimization
      perlio.c (PerlIO_tmpfile): fix memory leak
      ExtUtils/ (fixin): do not clobber $/
      ExtUtils/Constant/ use constant folding to eliminated dead code (handler_traceback): do not clobber $_
      perl5db.t: skip test when /dev/tty is not available
      fixed Fcntl::S_IFMT() breakage introduced by change 30674 (blead 26701)

Allen Smith (4):
      Re: [PATCH: perl #17849] (corrected) Long double bugs - sprintf.t _and_ num.t
      Re: [PATCH: perl #17849] (corrected) Long double bugs - sprintf.t _and_ num.t
      [perl #17222] [PATCH] h2ph and Fortran, other wacky headers on IRIX
      Re: [perl #17075] sprintf: '%.[num](g|G)' documentation incorrect

Amick, Eric (2):
      [perl #16796] Configure script buglet
      [perl #22622] Bogus error codes from File::Copy::move

Anatoly Vorobey (1):
      [perl #40473] sprintf width+precision fails on wide chars

Anders Johnson (3):
      RE: [perl #20613] Perl_magic_setsig/clearsig problems (patch   included)
      [perl #21031] $File::Find::name ne $_ w/no_chdir
      RE: [perl #24610] Pod::Html infinite recursion

Andreas J. Koenig (7):
      ./miniperl ... Can't locate
      debugger history save and load
      29044 broke
      Re: Composing @INC from PERL5LIB 1.9205
      installperl patchlet
      Re: CPAN-1.9301 can't clean bootstrap .cpan

Andreas König (32):
      [DOCPATCH] Unicode porting advice
      Re: Hash::Util::lock_keys inhibits bless
      Re: Hash::Util::lock_keys inhibits bless
      Typo in perl58delta
      Historic version labels
      2 Pod errors in perlop.pod
      [patch] typo in perlop
      Re: [PATCH] Tiny nits in perlre.pod
      Make adding notes to patchlevel.h easier
      Re: [PATCH] Make adding notes to patchlevel.h easier
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.0 DOC] Fix missing functions when splitting perlfunc
      Weekend fun: MANIFEST sorting
      Upgrade to CPAN 1.70_54
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Oops - Can't calculate our powers
      TEST script (Was: Not ok 20712ff)
      Small test tweak for Memoize/t/error.t
      Test skeleton for debugger commands
      Re: [PATCH] Test skeleton for debugger commands
      [perl #19049] Incorrect $` after replacement
      Dumpvalue doc patch
      Re: [perl #37716] Re: File::Compare broken for filenames with whitespace
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.80.tar.gz
      Re: Pod::Simple integration
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.80_58.tar.gz
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.81.tar.gz
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.83_55.tar.gz
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.83_64.tar.gz
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.84.tar.gz
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.87_55.tar.gz
      [PAUSE] CPAN Upload: A/AN/ANDK/CPAN-1.88_51.tar.gz
      Patch by Yves Orton to fix the regression reported in :

Andrew (1):
      [perl #33906] Missing \\ in perlre

Andrew Pimlott (1):
      Re: debugger 'R'estart and open database connections

Andrew Savige (3):
      Re: [PATCH] Patch for win32.c to fix #38723 and #39531
      New test for close-on-exec ($^F): t/run/cloexec.t
      Re: the new t/run/cloexec.t failing in Solaris and Tru64

Andy Armstrong (7):
      Test::Harness 3.05, tests pass in core
      bring Test::Harness up to 3.06
      Fix remaining skips for Test::Harness
      Add dtrace support
      sh doesn't know about !
      Re: [PATCH] Stop DTrace config option looping in non-interactive mode
      Re: Patches / git

Andy Dougherty (63):
      Re: pp_sys.c compile failed..
      document how to set APPLLIB_EXP
      Re: [perl #15129] building a dynamically linked Perl 5.6.1 on HPUX 11.0
      Remove stale e-mail addresses
      Configure's extension sanity check is too strict
      Re: maintperl on OpenUNIX 8
      Re: a2p is linked against too many libraries
      Re: [MacOS X] consider useshrplib='false' by default
      Annoyingly unhelpful messages from lib/File/Temp/t/security.t
      Configure -Dnoextensions would not accept a list
      Re: [PATCH] Annoyingly unhelpful messages from lib/File/Temp/t/security.t
      Re: [perl #22941] Can't build perl with -Duseshrplib if /usr/bin/gcc is a perl script
      Re: [perl #23304] Installing perl breaks redhat-config scripts[was: New (well  known) printer won't install in RH-9]
      Re: [perl #23791] Many errors in build under NCR MP-RAS
      5.8.1 warnings when long double == double
      Re: [perl #24367] [PATCH] configure flag -Dextras="HTML::Parser" doesn't seem to do anything
      Be sure to use -fPIC not -fpic on Linux/SPARC
      Re: [perl #24439] 64 bit build failure on Solaris 9
      Re: [perl #25270] 5.8.3 - POSIX::ctermid() on Solaris
      Re: Perl and Parrot disagree about sched_yield on Solaris
      Configure shouldn't unconditionally add in -pipe
      Re: [perl #29765] PERL-5.8.4 INSTALL
      Correct detection of absent modules. Based on
      [perl #7558] [PATCH] README.solaris
      Re: AW: [perl #7558] [PATCH] README.solaris
      [perl #21553] Re: Solaris Perl (fwd)
      Re: Buidling stable.tar.gz on Unix as non-root [PATCH]
      Allow more tries for t/op/time.t test 2.
      Re: Can't locate auto/POSIX/autosplit.ix [perl #24445] [PATCH]
      Re: [perl #35938] [PATCH] SDBM_File fails to build on some platforms due to use of 'extern int errno' (was: Re: patches for lang/perl5.8 dfport override)
      Re: [perl #36235] perl + gcc-4.0.0 + solaris + gnu binutils
      Re: how to build with -DPERL_MEM_LOG ?
      Fix coverity warning in utf8.c
      Solaris hints: gcc flags confuse Configure
      HASATTRIBUTE_UNUSED works for gcc-3.3, but not for g++-3.3
      Re: [perl #39634] gcc 3.3 has problems with __attribute__((unused))
      Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 28683 FAIL(F) Solaris 2.11 (i386/1 cpu)
      signbit detection (was [perl #39875] -0.0 loses signedness upon numeric comparison)
      Configure: Erroneous C++ message
      Re: vsprintf
      Re: vsprintf
      Re: [perl #43216] Perl 5.8.8 does not compile on Solaris 8 with-Dusethreads
      perltodo.pod:  Add more detail about @INC order.
      FreeBSD atoll() warning (Was Re: Code freeze
      Re: [perl #46725] v5.10.0 util.c and pp_sys.c fail to compile under Mac OS X
      (Was Re: [PATCH] FreeBSD atoll() warning)
      RC1: Future-proof solaris 10 versioned solibs hint
      README ought to mention perldelta.
      pod/perl5100delta ought to emphasize dual-life modules.
      Re: Perl @ 32984 (also relevant to [perl #33849])
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Perl @ 32984 (also relevant to [perl #33849])
      Re: Solaris build warnings
      Compress/Raw/Zlib/Zlib.xs  // comment fix
      Re: Compiling perl (5.10.x) with gcc <= 3.2.3
      [perl #54120] [PATCH] [metaconfig] Need more -fstack-protector
      Re: [perl #50180] NDBM_File fails to build
      Re: Change 33843: [perl #54120] [PATCH] [metaconfig] Need more -fstack-protector
      Propagate new i_gdbm*ndbm variables
      Minor hints/ patch to allow setting -Doptimize
      [perl #59208][PATCH 5.8.x] ext/DynaLoader/t/XSLoader.t assumes dynamic loading
      Future-proof hints/ against Sun's cc -V output.
      Fix a missing single quote in hints/
      Re: [perl #56826] Perl-5.8.8 compilation on AIX 5.1

Andy Lester (199):
      perlopentut.pod, #3: The last of the content changes.
      [perl #21648] Doc typo in Net::servent
      PATCH: More edge tests on t/op/pow.t
      Doc patches for File::Find
      Finally, this "Negative repeat count" warning wasn't such a great
      Re: [perl #27906] stat documentation correction
      Patch for t/op/sleep.t
      Test for functions with operator names
      PATCH: Taintedness and ternary conditional
      Doc nit for B::Lint
      Re: [perl #34010] localtime docs
      dprofpp help
      Minor AUTHORS patch
      pad_push numero three-o
      Adding const qualifiers
      More const parms
      More consting goodness
      Third consting batch
      Consting part 4
      Consting five
      The core part of :
      Removing Y2K warnings
      Removing yydestruct from perly.c
      pad_compname_type(), takes care of a clunky macro
      Fix MGVTBL structures in perl.h
      extra code in pp_concat, Take 2
      pp_pack.c warning quieting
      Re: [PATCH] pp_pack.c redux, to work w/Jarkko's recent patches
      XS() __attribute__
      perlio-two.patch: More warnings squashed, more consts
      printf.patch: Adding printf checking for gcc
      GCC attributes!
      attributes-two.patch, the next batch
      Minor tweak to via
      consting-eleventy.patch: More consts, plus actual bug fix
      Attribute configuration
      Add a Makefile target for ctags
      ctags parms need to know .h is C
      universal.c warnings hushed
      embed.fnc cleanup + SvPVX_const usage
      Updated lint infrastructure
      Minor warning squashings
      More embed.fnc strictures, plus consting and localizing
      Teeny optimization in S_hv_magic_check
      ByteLoader.xs cleanup
      Speed up lib/unicore/mktables by 45%
      Quotes fixed, see also perl #36079
      use lengths in sv_setpv() calls
      Quotes in pod/*.pod
      Random consting
      Clean up UNI* macros in toke.c
      Consting IO and Devel::Peek
      Fix minor bummer in 24706
      Unvoid SvUPGRADE
      Random cleanups #47
      regexec.c utf8 loading
      pp_pack.c cleanup
      regcomp.c and more
      CopSTASH_eq again
      Removing /*SUPPRESS xxx*/
      Lint support
      More random cleanups
      The continuing adventures of Constman and Localize Boy
      Const Boy II: The Localizing
      Pre-YAPC consting fun
      Suppress warnings about a clash between redefined malloc and the
      We're going round in circles with pp_sys.c
      Post-YAPC consting, now with an attachment!
      Better string constant in hv.c
      Remove unnecessary null check
      Making my way thru embed.fnc
      More embed.fnc plowing
      more embed cleanup
      The continuing plod through embed.fnc
      Fix English error in
      More embed.fnc goodness
      Post-OSCON NN/NULLOK-ing
      The return of the consting
      embed.fnc now requires NN/NULLOK
      Re: [PATCH] Random constings and printf cleanup
      Stas' croak patch and then some
      More consting, and DRY leads to shrinking object code
      S_tokereport's unused parm
      Etta James presents: More consting
      perlio.c consting
      bad semicolon in pp_ftrowned
      Consting and localizing: Part LXVIII
      Cleaning up x2p directory
      Const & local: Special Victims Unit
      mathoms prototypes aren't prototypes
      Sort subs now in embed.fnc
      Pulling ancient RCS comments
      ff_chop.patch redux
      Signs, signs, everywhere a sign
      More consting, and putting stuff in embed.fnc
      All args in embed.fnc should be named
      Excluding pad funcs when not debugging
      Code tweaks in sv.c
      Ho! Ho! Ho!  Santa brings consting!
      Speedup (rn|n)?instr
      Speed up Perl_sv_derived_from
      pre-likely cleanup
      Fixing the SVREFCNT macro
      av.c cleanup, plus!
      Actual real consting of parms
      Making 0 pointers to NULLs
      Making 0 pointers to NULLs
      performance tweaking op.c
      hv_fetchs() support
      It's the Barbie bus patch
      Cleaning up shadowed variables
      Handle unused args
      Trying my "remove the pTHXes" patch again
      perldiag.pod patching re: integer overflow
      Sun Studio lint patches
      cleaning up perly.c
      unused context warnings
      Perl_save_aelem can't be const
      Speedups and shrinkages of SvREFCNT_inc
      fix up gv.c and gv.h
      Removed a redundant o->op_type
      Non-null optimizations
      mgvtbl initialization
      Support for __builtin_expect and __builtin_choose_expr
      Removed unused check and assignment in pp_hot.c
      Localizing some vars in S_checkcomma
      Sync up embed.fnc and doio.c
      Removed unnecessary NULL check in Digest::SHA
      looks_like_bool can be const
      Do nothing in a GCC-friendly way
      Cleanups in op.c
      Data::Dumper consting
      Change the semantics of S_isa_lookup
      Devel::DProf consting
      Clean up regexec.c, and remove two functions
      Random accumulated patches
      Removed unnecessary pointers checks
      Removed unused code in regexec.c
      SvREFCNT_inc tweaks
      Move conditional SOCKS5 code into #ifdefs
      Rename variables in some mg_* funcs
      True consting goodness in regexes
      Quiet a coverity problem
      Removed unused var in a macro
      clean up hv_assert()
      update to pp_complement() via Coverity
      dump.c patch redux
      op.c patch, 2nd version
      pp_ctl.c caching
      Localizing vars
      regexec consting & localizing
      op_type shrinking
      Inlining static funcs in perl.c
      Refactor S_glob_2inpuv
      doop.c consting, take 2
      use NOOP macro
      Removing unused context
      Removing another context parm
      More tweaking of SvREFCNT_inc calls
      quiet some perlio.c warnings
      Some more SvREFCNT_inc updates
      pp.c casting, take two
      clean up loops in doio.c and dump.c
      optimize S_find_array_subscript
      Remove an unnecessary goto
      more logic localizations
      Fixing embed.fnc
      Speed up utf8.c a bit
      Proper use of static funcs in toke.c and pp_sys.c
      upgrade bytes_to_uni
      S_reguni should return its length
      refactoring out S_regoptail
      Refactoring reghops
      pp_sys cleanup again
      clean some lint findings
      Make t/TEST more helpful
      Refactoring in av.c
      gv.c consting
      Accumulated toke.c cleanups
      more accumulated cleanups
      dump.c patches
      Proper use of enums
      Static cleanup in pp_sort.c
      Clean up mathoms.c
      mg.c cleanups
      DProf.xs patch
      Makefile splint support enhancements
      toke.c consting and localizing
      consting and localizing in universal.c
      Even Jarkko's patches should go in only once
      The revenge of the consts
      more consting
      Remove unused parms in S_isa_lookup
      Consting dump.c

Andy Wardley (1):
      [perl #39835] Patch for perlipc.pod to update TCP server example wrt safe signals and accept()

Animator (1):
      [perl #38906] Regex engine does not release MINMOD

Anno Siegel (14):
      Re: [perl #15395] lexical warnings and inheritance
      [perl #32327] Benchmark calls coderef with spurious arguments
      [perl #32400] Unnecessary warning from
      Testing hash key stringification
      Re: [PATCH] Hash::Util::FieldHash
      Re: [PATCH] Hash::Util::FieldHash
      Cleanup in Hash::Util::FieldHash
      more warning-silencing in FieldHash
      FieldHash coverity-compliant
      Re: [PATCH] FieldHash coverity-compliant
      Silence a compiler warning on Win32/VC++
      Bug in Hash::Util::FieldHash
      [patch] Hash::Util::FieldHash v1.01
      Re: [patch] Hash::Util::FieldHash v1.02

Anton Berezin (5):
      fix's import() to accept readonly parameters
      fix $^N-related coredump
      a buglet in fakesdio.h
      t/op/groups.t: prevent failure on modern FreeBSDs
      Default to ELF on FreeBSD when objformat is not there

Arjen Laarhoven (1):
      [DOC PATCH] perlipc.pod

Art Haas (1):
      Replacing '-rdynamic' in Configure script

Artur Bergman (42):
      Upgrade to Attribute::Handlers 0.78
      Upgrade to 2.09 after CPAN backport.
      More documentation of obscure flags is good, even if the
      Under darwin 6.0+ (MacOSX 10.2) we have threadsafe
      Change pp_lock to take a reference instead of a
      Fake what context we are running in for CLONE and DESTROY so
      Fixes bug #15273, the return of the object caused
      Fix long standing memory leak with pop and shift!
      Forgot to add problems.t with change #18419
      When we copy things out of a hash and increment the
      Don't free thread before using it, breaks platforms that
      Fix bug #15837, temporary from storable call hadn't gotten
      Move SvPVIV out of ->op_sv of METHOD_NAMED into the pad, fixes
      In any case, never copy this but use the same SV since
      Patch from Richard Soderberg, cleanup the code a bit and comment
      Compile under threads and MacOSX. For some reason newSVpvf
      Change regex to be a bit more friendly against various
      Fixes bug #15654 bizarre constant mangling in 5.8.0
      Add packname->stash cache before the check if a packname is a
      Fix some small nits, thanks to Rafael.
      Fix bug #15893 by creating shared scalars with a refcount of 1
      Fix bug #16253, use all the CPU that we can :-)
      Fixes to bugs introduced by PL_stashcache
      Ook, run tests on correct build-dir next time.
      Fix double join problem for those places where free
      Extreme Voodoo programming, by not pinching the SV if it is a
      Another needle in the voodoo doll.
      Don't use the stack to allocate a SV that we hand out to another
      Fixes bug #17043, resets PL_srand_called before the cloning.
      Croak on non ref to shared methods instead of segfault.
      Fix bug 17964 by properly refcounting the gv top.
      Fix bug #15161 by increasing the refcount on the RE and making
      Fix bug 2681, change the test not to use the shell and use 3+arg
      Work in non core env.
      Remove warnings from tests.
      Last patch broke this slightly because INC was wrong.
      Major (internal) change to make it much more easy to embed
      Support blessed shared references.
      Be polite and destroy the mutexes and conditions we use!
      In free we want to destroy, not init, thanks to Tim Bunce for
      Fix for the orange lion bug - aka empty sub bug
      simplify sv.h

Ash Berlin (2):
      perlop.pod doc patch: I/O operators
      Re: Patch for Deep recursion in B::Deparse

Audrey Tang (14): and
      perlmod.pod nit
      B/ make $0 to argv[0] again
      perluniintro nit
      unlink pre-PGP-signed CHECKSUM
      LotR quote for perlapi.c
      SIGN => 1 support for MakeMaker
      Implicit upgrading docs
      "piconv -C 512" badly broken allow upper-cased EUC
      Re: [perl #30783] Test::Builder does not handle overloaded "name" values POD cleanup
      Re: Bugs? In Unicode::EastAsianWidth. doc patch

Autrijus Tang (1):
      fix for C< use if qw/ 1 open :utf8 / > based on:

Axel Boldt (1):
      [perl #28456] Typo in perlipc man page, and suggestions for same

Axel Kollmorgen (1):
      [perl #45823] [PATCH] v5.8.8. pod2html: <a name="example"> anchor, but <a href="item_example"> link

Bas van Sisseren (2):
      A B::Deparse fix from :
      [perl #38475] attribute multiline fix (in tokenizer)

Beckett Richard-qswi266 (1):
      [perl #20616] code example in the FAQ that isn't strict-friendly.

Ben Carter (1):
      [perl #39365] Bug in toke.c (eval in subst)

Ben Morrow (4):
      ex-PVBM and mro interact badly
      Another ex-PVBM assert
      Re: Unwanted warnings from "PerlIO::scalar"
      Some more missing isGV_with_GP()s

Ben Tilly (2):
      Re: Documentation change for IPC::Open*.pm
      Re: Why aren't %Carp::Internal and %Carp::CarpInternal documented?

Benjamin Carter (1):
      regclass on EBCDIC platforms

Benjamin Holzman (1):
      RE: [perl #26136] localtime(3) calls tzset(3), but localtime_r(3) may not.

Benjamin J. Tilly (2):
      [perl #24120] Tie::Hash documentation has broken code
      [perl #27986] IPC::Open3 fails in mod_perl (tie bug)

Benjamin Smith (2):
      Applied after word-wrapping:
      Re: struct context now 12.5% smaller than 5.10

Benjamin Sugars (1):
      Re: C<undef %::> considered harmful

Blair Zajac (1):
      Re: When Storable and Devel::DProf mix, core dump [perl #19385]

Bo Lindbergh (8):
      Re: [PATCH] bugfix Mac OS X fix
      Re: [PATCH] perlio.c repair
      ext/PerlIO/via/via.xs freeing the wrong thing
      Re: Race condition in IPC::Open3 / Mac OS?
      Re: localising hash element by variable update for Mac OS X 10.5
      Small eval documentation tweak

Bob Wilkinson (1):
      [perl #17819] Typo in perltooc?

Boris Zentner (1):
      File::Basename docs

Boyd, Brooks D (1):
      [perl #23788] int of a fraction errors

Brad Baxter (1):
      [perl #43094] Doc patch to perlre: modifiers => quantifiers

Bram (24): Croaker function: bug (perl v5.8, v5.9)
      doc patch for perlfunc/split (was: RE: [perl #46073] split
      doc patch for perlrun -x
      extra tests for t/op/sprintf2.t (was Re: [perl #45383] RE:
      Re: [PATCH] testing $/ with in memory files
      extra tests for t/op/range.t (was Re: [perl #53554] Range
      Call SvMAGICAL_off in mg_free
      [perl #39187] [DOC-PATCH]: perldoc -f reverse: examples (was: RE: Perlfunc needs to be made more clear regarding reverse in scalar context.)
      [perl #38955] exists(): error message on wrong argument type is incorrect (5.8.7 cygwin)
      Re: [perl #41555] Bug in File::Find on Windows when target
      [perl #36875] [PATCH] scalar reverse undef does not warn (was: Certain string   handling functions don't warn on undef)
      Fwd: [PATCH-2] Re: testing $/ with in memory files
      Re: testing $/ with in memory files
      [perl #51370] length($@)>0 for empty $@ if utf8 is in use
      Tests for [perl #57564] and [perl #24524] Refcounting bug
      [perl #24198] Bad default-domainname extraction in Configure-Script may cause infinite loops in perl-tests
      Re: Change 34175: Avoid a potential testing race condition in's test.
      Avoid a potential testing race condition in lib/Dirhandle.ttest.
      [perl #52740] [PATCH-tests] crash when localizing a symtab entry
      RE: [perl #35877] Strange regex failure?
      Re: Change 34184: Convert all unimaginative (ie race condition) temporary file names to
      [perl #57646] Weird non-equivalence between $::{'a'} = sub {} and *::a = sub {}
      Unintented interpolation of $/ in regex (was: Re: [perl

Brandon Black (18):
      Re: new C3 MRO patch
      Re: [Andreas J. Koenig] C3 MRO breaks Params::Util and Graph
      Fix mro docs.
      mro status, etc
      Fix a bug in method caching. Better version (broader) of change #29336.
      Re: mro status, etc
      Re: mro status, etc
      Re: mro c3 infinite recursion problem. Attemp to free unreferenced scalar
      Re: HvMROMETA
      another mro patch
      yet another mro.c patch
      First patch from:
      Second patch from:
      Re: [perl #43357] *DESTROY = sub {} at runtime
      Re: valgrind findings
      Re: optimize push @ISA, (was Re: at
      Re: [perl #46217] (resent) Typeglobs vs. SUPER:: (Hook::LexWrap failure)
      Re: [perl #46217] (resent) Typeglobs vs. SUPER:: (Hook::LexWrap failure)

Brendan O'Dea (32):
      Term::Cap allow # comments in infcocmp output
      allow Sys::Syslog test to fail gracefully
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.0] add accessors for POSIX::SigAction
      perlembed.pod: make some examples work with multiplicity
      perldoc -f stat (perlfunc.pod) useful apropos description for splain
      perlrun.pod: fix -i examples
      5.8.0: typo in pod/perlcompile.pod
      pod/perlvar.pod: minor typo
      perlreftut: change distribution conditions
      Security: suidperl path disclosure revisited
      pod/perlrun.pod: no space after -i allowed
      Re: 5.8.1 and srand
      5.8.3 -- fix signal comments in L<perlfunc/system>
      Add some basic POD to lib/ExtUtils/instmodsh so that
      Missing semi-colon
      Fix typo in doc for Encode
      1. Creating backward compatibility for Configure after patches
      ext/IO/IO.xs: fix blocking on sparc linux
      perlipc typo
      Security fix from Debian in the debugger (in the setterm()
      ext/Errno/Errno_pm.PL: fix for GNU hurd
      misc a2p fixes incorrect instructions in termination message
      Fix quote typo.
      Fix precedence.
      Don't add -fPIC if already present.
      Was: Bug#369481: perl-base: 5.8.4-8sarge4 seemed to trigger "weak references not implemented" read full lines from remote socket
      optimisation for File::Spec::abs2rel where both args are relative
      Pod::Html: fix markup errors with (nested) definition lists

Brent Dax (2):
      Defined-or patch (cleaned up)
      Document wperl.exe

Brian Ingerson (1):
      PATCH: lib/ExtUtils/typemap

Campo Weijerman (1):
      Re: AIX 5.2 localtime bug attack

Casey West (19):
      Doc pointers in perlbot.
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #18055] Clarify for bug resolution.
      Some doc patches by Casey West :
      Re: [COMPLETE PATCH lib/] RE: [perl #22018] UNIVERSAL documentatio n contradicts itself
      utime() doc clarifications
      [patch #7514] Bug in perlop regex explination
      [perl #7592] Clarify what qw() does in scalar context
      [perl #18341] random nits in perlrequick.pod
      [perl #8063] perlfilter doesn't mention potential DATA clobber
      Re: [DOC PATCH] & More File::Path issues
      [perl #8703] unescaped @ is fine
      Re: [DOC PATCH] [perl #1165] crypt accepts any character as salt
      [perl #8702] Clean up perltrap mis-information
      Document that perl tries to load .pmc files before .pm files.
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #8636] [perl #8634] Both patches together for perlop
      [perl #8599] s/catenate/concatenate/
      Re: [perl #5025] #line directive explination wrong
      NEXT and Diamond Inheritance
      Cwd.xs: off-by-one buffer overflow in realpath()

Charles Bailey (1):
      Re: copyright notices for vms.c and vmsish.h

Chaskiel M Grundman (1):
      [perl #23134] Problems compiling 5.8.0 on alpha-dec_osf 3.2

Chia-liang Kao (2):
      Benchmark for child processes
      B::Deparse cleanups

Chip Salzenberg (18):
      Add CPAN ChangeLog to MANIFEST.
      Support one-parameter unpack(), which unpacks $_.
      Use PL_{argv,stdin,stdout}gv to avoid unnecessary gv_fetch calls.
      In Porting scripts, use standard perl path of "/usr/bin/perl".
      Include p4d2p in Porting again, because p4genpatch doesn't work
      Safe signals via POSIX::sigaction
      Restore SIGFPE on exec()
      Re: [perl #23083] [5.8.0-Bug?] backtick returns empty value when $SIG{CHLD} defined.
      Don't show code closing STD{IN,OUT} before reopening, because
      [PERLIO] In line-buffered mode, flush on the *last* newline,
      Re: [perl #60360] [PATCH] local $SIG{FOO} = sub {...}; sets signal
      Re: [perl #60360] [PATCH] UPDATED: local $SIG{FOO} = sub {...}; sets signal handler to SIG_DFL
      [perl #948] [PATCH] Allow tied $,
      Re: [perl #59998] [PATCH] crypt() returns tainted data even when input strings are detainted
      standardize save/restore of errno & vaxc$errno
      Re: [PATCH] standardize save/restore of errno & vaxc$errno
      [perl #60978] [PATCH] Tied filehandles can't distinguish eof forms
      Re: [perl #60904] Race condition with perl -i.bk

Chip Turner (3):
      perldoc: allow arguments for pager
      PATCH: perldoc in MAINT branch (probably unstable too)
      Re: Shared and build issues

Chris Ball (1):
      Typo in regcomp.c

Chris BinGOs Williams (1):
      Hints file for MirOS BSD

Chris Dolan (1):
      Re: [perl #38868] Changing $0 on darwin leads to excessive padding in 'ps'

Chris Heath (2):
      Re: [perl #31459] Bug in read()
      [perl #24254] Attempt to free unreferenced scalar

Chris Lightfoot (1):
      [perl #32486] error in documentation for POSIX::pipe

Chris Pepper (1):
      [perl #22011] [PATCH] pod/perlmod.pod (v5.8.0)

Christian Winter (2):
      Re: Closures with named subs
      perlfunc.pod: Lexical visibility hint in require docu

Christophe Grosjean (1):
      Minor patch for

Chuck Phillips (1):
      Updated email address for AUTHORS.txt

Chun Bing Ge (2):
      problems in ext/Storable/t/file_magic.t on EBCDIC platform
      patch for lib/ExtUtils/t/Constant.t which failed on EBCDIC platform

Claes Jacobsson (3):
      incorrect error message from Attribute::Handlers
      Re: [PATCH] Adding more information to "Unrecognized character" error in toke.c
      [DOC PATCH] av.c - clearify that av_shift returns &PL_sv_undef if array is empty

Clinton Gormley (1):
      [perl #45093] Can't find ODBM library while compiling 5.9.5

Colin Watson (1):

Craig A. Berry (330):
      XS build fix for VMS
      file spec tweaks for VMS -- don't exclude threads::shared
      VMS build update
      VMS test adjustments
      VMS perly build tweak
      const declaration fixup
      arcane tainting bug in vms.c
      mg.c needs Perl_csighandler prototype
      long %ENV values for VMS
      clear PL_exitlist in perl_destruct
      checking for magic in hv.c and ext/POSIX/POSIX.xs tweak for VMS sig_num, etc.
      poll() help for VMS
      VMS pod install tweaks
      readdir_r for VMS (was Re: [PATCH] sig_num, etc.)
      vms.c thread clean-up
      lib/vmsish.t GMT bug fix
      VMS %ENV fix (follow-up to 18852)
      vms/vms.c waitpid tweak
      readline.t tweak for VMS
      another spin on the enc_module.t merry-go-round
      VMS::Stdio test tweak
      Embed.t flushing problem
      Based on
      ext/Encode/t/perlio.t filename tweak
      pack.t tweak for non-IEEE VMS systems
      FileCache 1.03 broken on VMS -- possible patch -- fix xs installation
      Re: [PATCH] test clean-up for VMS
      fix for File::Find logical name collision on VMS
      #20177 broke skip logic in t/op/write.t
      another File::Find tweak for VMS (improve on #20221)
      argv case nit for VMS
      ioctl for VMS
      on VMS, set non-blocking with ioctl, not fcntl
      (was Re: DProf tests with -p broken on VMS)
      dprofpp.PL again -- #20488 thinko
      turn the alarm off in the tests (was Re: maint @ 20617 (on VMS))
      another VMS pod nit
      Pod::Html test clean-up (was Re: maint @ 20617 (on VMS))
      PerlIO_tmpfile clean-up for VMS
      Opcode.xs/RC2 compile nit on VMS
      another ext/SDBM_File/sdbm build fix
      casting bug in VMS part of Perl_start_glob
      setenv tweak for VMS
      environ array fix for VMS
      OpenVMS I64 support archname tweak
      future-proof signal check
      skip num.t #47 on VMS
      detect nanosleep on VMS
      rescue PerlIO_getname for VMS
      fix vmsish.t #25
      Enable v (verbose) switch on -Dp to display the top 8 elements
      test tweak for VMS
      line-end tweak for VMS
      bleadperl/MM/VMS (was Re: perl@22413)
      fix memory bug in vms.c:mp_do_tounixspec
      don't clean-up perly.* on VMS
      -Dusemallocwrap for VMS)
      archname salad on VMS
      fix utils install problems on VMS
      Re: perldelta584 and PERL_API_REVISION
      on VMS, always exit with failure in my_failure_exit
      Storable signedness nit
      _vms_abs_path on non-directories
      prime_env_iter and zero-length values on VMS
      signedness nit in #23190
      running mktables on VMS
      File::Spec::VMS update
      -Dunlink_all_versions for VMS
      make t/uni/class.t pass on VMS
      vms/t/filespec.t tweak
      Re: [NOT OK] 23353 OpenVMS 7.2 VAX
      test_harness tweak for VMS
      lib/Carp.t improvements
      Re: [PATCH]  Detecting strlcat() and strlcpy() in Configure
      warnings.t portability tweaks
      Re: getting on a diet
      add -I../lib to VMS build to find no more CONFIG=true
      t/op/taint.t follow-up to #23635
      bop.t follow-up to #23645
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 23675 FAIL(m) openvms E8.2 (Alpha/4 cpu)
      randbits and randfunc for VMS
      -Duselargefiles for VMS
      make lib/warnings.t use t/
      follow-up to #23748, -Duselargefiles on VMS
      t/op/split.t #11 nit on VMS
      follow-up to #23765
      Test::Harness::Straps::_default_inc shell problem
      assorted tempfile clean-up in the test suite
      signed/unsigned help for pp_pack.c
      const fix-up for vms/vms.c
      pp_pack.c warnings on VMS
      usesitecustomize for VMS
      t/uni/class.t -- update VMS test skippage
      lib/Time/Local.t: time_t is unsigned on VMS
      undo pod utilities regression in 24034
      VMS build update for blead
      compiler awareness week
      Add a Configure test to see if NV 0.0 is stored as all bits zero, and
      blead help for VMS
      Re: blead@25210 on OpenVMS (not good)
      assorted blead build help for VMS (mostly ithreads-related)
      fix bug introduced by #25507 that kept ccflags from
      We lied about strtoq way back in #8120
      Parse symbols for the linker when more than one declaration
      disarm unsetenv() on VMS for now (function is present
      Grab enough room from the outset in do_tovmsspec()
      VMS threaded build fixes for things broken in #25783
      In vms/vms.c, don't use the thread-specific Newx() during
      On VMS, do not use Perl's memory allocator for the home-grown pipe
      Don't include utime.h in vms.c -- it collides with
      Using the system's utime() requires a patch to vms/vmsish.h
      On VMS, put pods in [.lib.pods] rather than [.lib.pod]
      Two test workarounds for VMS
      fortify Pod::Simple::Search against non-case-preserving filesystems
      Make VMS manifest checker handle multi-dot filenames on ODS-5
      Make v?snprintf available on VMS v7.3-2 and later and clean up
      pod2usage2.t is not readily portable to VMS either
      VMS needs the meta-quoted version of $0
      Grr.  #26690 broke handling of old ODS-2 style names
      follow-up to 26740, shasum -->
      Make FAKE,READONLY optional on VMS in test 21
      Assorted VMS-only MakeMaker fixes for blead
      Eek.  #25783 broke all pre-v8.2 VMS builds.  Undo all the bits
      Friday the 13th, Part II.  Don't call SYS$GETJPI with fancy case
      Give up on through.t on VMS for now -- no can do with current
      more case tolerance for vms/ext/filespec.t
      Dots in directory names aren't nice on VMS.
      special VMS handling no longer needed since we now close the file
      find_perl() must be after environment initialization
      Make Manifest.t do what is says it's doing.
      null terminate command string -- broken in #27438
      improve thread linking options on VMS
      restore EU::MM test fixes from 26079, 26813, and 26919
      EU::MM::MM_VMS::one_liner must quote "--" argument
      fix typo in vms/ itanium detector
      sort out some utime() issues on VMS
      Don't die after SS$_NOPRIV in Perl_vmssetenv, courtesy
      Honor READALL privilege in cando_by_name (from Scott
      use the same arg names everyone else does and handle undef filename
      And some more DynaLoader things that should not be tested on
      Make VMS-specific device name encoding routine say no more politely.
      Teach incfilter.t some DCL.
      It's all relative -- better handling of tainted directories
      autosplit one level deeper so we don't miss anything
      signedness nit in Unicode::Normalize::decompose
      only use NAML$M_OPEN_SPECIAL where it exists
      Updated handling of signal names and signals for VMS
      s/have a more/have more/ typo fix in perlfaq4
      fix type mismatch warning caused by return statement lurking in DIE macro
      fix signed/unsigned nit in reentr.c
      Make sysconf tests handle unimplemented success indications
      overload.t has same locale problem with VMS that it has with dec_osf
      declaration after code nit in vms/vms.c (from Martin Vorlaender)
      Define d_cplusplus on VMS when appropriate
      More hacking in util.c's ifdef jungle following 28844 to avoid
      return value of -1 without errno set is ok in
      fix a doc typo and a warning typo in VMS::DCLsym
      Initialize d_ctermid and i_gdbm in
      Change the non-mkstemp, non-win32 code path of PerlIO_tmpfile
      When we open a file and pass it along to PerlIO, be sure to enter the
      In pipe_exit_routine in vms/vms.c, mark a subprocess we've deleted
      Update skip count for VMS.
      Tune checking to ignore trailing comments.
      Initialize targetarch in
      Even better handling for
      xterm debugger support for VMS from John Malmberg (with revisions)
      d_pseudofork for
      Avoid my_regdupe type mismatch warning after #29430
      Don't try to build Win32 on VMS
      In vms/vms.c, don't prototype decw$term_port until after
      For VMS, a belated entry into the $^O jungle that is File::Find::_find_dir.
      For FindBin to work as advertised on VMS, $FindBin::Bin
      Install parser.h on VMS, plus fix some case typos in descrip_mms.template.
      Install overload.h on VMS, plus more case fix-ups in descrip_mms.template.
      In vms/, consider EXTERN_C declarations as function
      Switch from Carp to plain old warn in vms/ext/
      In vms/vms.c's declaration of the LIB$INITIALIZE psect, try to get
      Check for the presence of signbit() on VMS. It currently only works
      In, further disambiguate -Duselongdouble and its
      In, put the "use" back in useieee (typo in #30325)
      Make's manifest checker more robust when handling files with
      Make vms/munchconfig.c able to take a list of substitutions from
      Fix VMS exit handling broken in Test::Harness 2.64. Also
      Update descriptions of long-running ops and non-deferrable
      Add a comment to mg.c to clarify that words like "raise" and
      Module::Pluggable::Object::search_paths portability update prompted by
      One more longdouble nit for, following 30217, 30325, and 30329.
      Assorted updates to vms/vms.c to fix compiler errors on VAX.
      In perlport, refine description of eight-level directory depth
      In, include the Win32 extensions in $Config{known_extensions},
      On VMS, use the normal executable file extension for the copy of
      Fix a few errors and ambiguities in caught by
      Clean up the right file in vms/ (following #30414).
      Use linker flags rather than compiler flags in ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid::_vms_ext
      In vms/, no more special handling of vars from
      Make vms/ better able to detect header transitions with
      MM->{ldflags} may not be defined and wouldn't help us locate
      In ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid::_vms_ext(), escape the dollar, not the
      Add directory depth check for older VMS systems to
      Upgrade inplace.t and iprefix.t to use, avoiding a lot
      ExtUtils::Manifest fix-ups for VMS:
      Make sure escaped dots in filenames are preserved when translating
      Make Perl_vms_start_glob return the input pattern when there are
      Fix URL rot in README.vms
      Mark new regex glob test as a TODO on VMS.
      Update name of Perl executable on VMS following #30414.
      Fully VMSify CPANPLUS util names following #30885
      Make t/harness find the t/mro tests
      Move Module::Pluggable tests up under main test directory.
      Shorten long symbols in mro.c to avoid name mangling on VMS.
      Reduce directory depth for IO::Compress modules.
      Work a little harder at building generate_uudmap on VMS.
      special Configure handling for IO/Compress modules no longer needed
      Don't try to build old Thread extension on VMS when -Duseithreads
      VMS-specific tweak to FindBin for when $0 returns a unix-style filespec.
      Some filename dot and extension help for Module::Build on VMS.
      Make allow a trailing dot in filenames for VMS.
      Archive::Extract test tries to do the logically impossible.
      Better suppression of Threads build (probably still needed on 5.8.x)
      When trimming long XS symbols on VMS, avoid warnings from operator
      Various mro updates from Brandon Black. References:
      Make VMS's home-grown glob() recognize a directory even without
      VMSify and run it during VMS build.
      In the homegrown readdir() for VMS, always treat unix-style paths
      In the stat() wrapper for VMS, always allow extended characters
      Maintain UAF context across calls to sys$check_access in cando_by_name.
      Assorted fixes for VMS version of cando_by_name:
      In File::Path::_rmtree, we want a list of files, not directories (some of them
      cando_by_name again: work harder to identify directories
      Make symbols short enough for VMS after #31341.
      Avoid multiply defined symbols in re extension following #31341.
      Make pipe shutdown on VMS care about whether PerlIO has already
      A couple of File::Path tests require unix syntax on VMS.
      Fix missing PerlIO_releaseFILE in VMS::Stdio::getname().
      Don't let the home-grown readdir() on VMS return results with
      Better handling of escapes in filenames when converting between VMS
      Make File::Spec::VMS->splitdir stop returning an empty first directory
      Skip a test that causes list assignment to %ENV errors on VMS.
      Remove vms/ and references to it; it was made obsolete way back
      Replace C<shrplib='define'> with C<useshrplib='true'> on VMS.
      VMS syntax nit in new MakeMaker test.
      New File::Path tests require unix syntax on VMS.
      Fix the case of $Config{perl_patchlevel} on VMS.
      Set $Config{PERL_PATCHLEVEL} as well as $Config{perl_patchlevel}, and
      VMS todo for threads exit test.
      Inching towards Module::Build-ability on VMS.
      Make TabsWrap tests work around broken VMS pipes.
      Update utility commands for VMS.
      Oops, 31665 was empty.
      Missing a couple of aTHX_'s in #31670.
      Skip a couple of case sensitive tests in Pod::Simple on VMS.
      thinko in 10_Archive-Extract.t portion of #31747
      Fix's d_fcntl_can_lock test to look for a file
      Avoid infinite recursion in File::Path::_rmtree on VMS when there
      Portability tweaks for Archive::Tar::_extract_file.
      Two Module::Build::Platform::VMS tweaks:
      Band-aid for Pod::Man::devise_title to keep it from looking
      VMS help for File::Path 2.00_11:  chdir() is finicky about directory
      Record IEEE usage in config.h on VMS.
      And some more VMS-specific additions to PL_bincompat_options.
      Allow IEEE math to be deselected on OpenVMS I64 (but it remains
      Make large file support the default on VMS systems that have it.  This in turn
      Try a bit harder to get *PL_sighandlerp to agree with its
      VMS override for Module::Build::Base::find_perl_interpreter,
      symlink() wrapper for VMS that prevents the creation of symlinks
      Add symlink support to Cwd::_vms_abs_path.
      Re: several compilation problems on VMS in perl@32039
      Normalize the case of some VMS syscalls so the prototypes are
      Make the File::Find tests stay under t/ where they
      File::Find::_find_dir nit for VMS, plus version bump.
      Copy Win32 system() behavior on VMS and make a first argument
      Platform-neutral quoting in optree_misc.t.
      In the revised Module::Build, don't create temp directories
      Typo in comment in 32201.
      Roll back #32214 as it causes more failures than it prevents.
      Following 32238, change "interpreter_size" to "interp_size" in the new
      Make File::Path::_rmtree behave when passed an individual file
      Correct and complete CBuilder's handling of external libraries when
      In Perl_vms_start_glob, when we don't have any matches and thus
      Silence ill-behaved or failing Module::Build tests on VMS.
      The new Archive::Tar tests are TODO on VMS for reasons unrelated
      Silence ill-behaved Test::Harness test on VMS.
      Let's install the *current* perldelta on VMS.
      Skip Module::Build ppm test -- not ready for prime time on VMS.
      Make VMS::Filespec::vms_realname return undef instead of garbage
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.9711
      Updates to VMS-specific pod.
      Typo in 32564.
      Fix missing sharpbang definition in
      POD improvements for VMS::Filespec.
      One more clean-up for new VMS::Filespec functions.
      Tolkien quote for vms/vms.c.
      Fix uninitialized pointer bug in VMS version of readdir() when
      Fix VMS::Stdio bug introduced in 32713.
      Needed one more cast after 32760.  The VMS compiler complained
      Don't quote a whitespace-containing ABSPERL when the whitespace
      Nit disabling dtrace on VMS (2 single quotes inside double quotes
      Make fs.t compare the permissions of a link with those
      Correct quad-related %Config variables on VMS.
      Following 33291, on VMS we need to use the same prototypes other platforms
      Determine nv_overflows_integers_at on VMS.
      *Really* add nv_overflows_integers_at to the VMS configuration
      On VMS, don't call flex_stat from my_flush as the latter may be
      Make uudmap.h dependencies more explicit in the VMS build
      Make the nv_preserves... checking on VMS more robust (and more like
      Test::More::is_deeply may do overloading (at least for TODOs), and
      Record-style reads in Perl_sv_gets have to be done with read(), not
      File::Copy does not copy source file permissions to the target file
      Must install mydtrace.h on VMS even it doesn't do much there.
      Make Perl_vms_start_glob() decline politely when passed an empty
      For dynamic loading on VMS, simplify and robustify things by using
      Fix off-by-one error in sanity check in my_fclose wrapper on VMS.
      Set d_timegm on VMS.
      VMS-specific follow-up to tempfile name changes in 34182, plus
      Make sure temp file has an extension on VMS to work with the new
      Make sure the watchdog requeues itself when sleep() wakes up early
      Handle a filename with a tilde in it.  Otherwise the build dies
      When testing the case sensitivity settings of the process
      Try to demangle the mess created by 34667 (the "resubmittal" was actually
      NDBM prototype config vars for following 34756.
      And (hopefully) the actual change for 34951.  Sigh.
      Revert 35009 so we can take another swing at ancestor detection.
      While we are off the reservation, revert a stupid, VMS-specific

DH (3):
      Re: a bugfix for Pod::Html (in diff -u format)
      new test for change #17773
      DynaLoader dl_unload_file for win32 ( dl_win32.xs )

Damian Conway (3):
      Doc patch for Class::Struct under 5.8.0
      Change to Attribute::Handlers suggested by Damian in
      Damian's last word and consistency adjustments about how Attribute::Handlers

Dan Brook (1): object methods broken

Dan Jacobson (1):
      [perl #27790] split docs: say the string is EXPR

Dan Kogai (19):
      Encode 1.76 Released
      [Encode] 1.77 Released
      [Encode] 1.80 released
      The Inaba patch for tr/// vs. use encoding
      Re: The Inaba patch for tr/// vs. use encoding
      [Encode] 1.83 + bleedperl patch released
      [Encode] 1.88 Released
      [Encode] UTF-7 Support
      [Encode] 1.95 released
      Re: [cpan #2629] Wrong assumption in numeric comparison
      Stateful PerlIO implemented [Was: [perl #22261] Was: Unrecognised BOM...]
      Re: Stateful PerlIO implemented [Was: [perl #22261] Was: Unrecognised BOM...]
      [Encode] Minor bug in piconv induced by Getopt::Long
      [MacOS X] consider useshrplib='false' by default
      Re: forwarded you a test result
      Start using Perl malloc in FreeBSD since the system malloc
      Encode] 1.96 Released
      [Encode] pre-1.97 patches
      Zaurus SL-[78]60 native compile patch

Daniel Frederick Crisman (4):
      Re: [PATCH DOC] Three minor fixes related to perlop
      perlsyn incomplete duplicate definition of truth
      Typo fix in change #33058
      Re: [perl #60022] Typo in perldata

Daniel M. Quinlan (1):
      [perl #50946] modified hints for Darwin x86  64bit

Daniel S. Lewart (1):

Danny Rathjens (1):
      Apply doc suggestion from:

Dave Bailey (1):
      [perl #40557] regexec.c saves context stack position improperly

Dave Mitchell (538):
      add verbose stack display option, -Dvs
      Re: deb.c compile time error (patchlevel 17721)
      Re: 5.8.0 sprintf (?) problem with floats?
      #17842 was only half the story
      better handling of whitespace in autodoc declarations; fragment from:
      move all pad-related code to its own src file
      Re: closure failures
      PL_curpad == AvARRAY(PL_comppad) always
      Re: threads and Win2000 (Smoke 18064 FAIL(F) MSWin32 5.0 W2000Pro)
      optional code for debugging leaking scalars
      Re: [PATCH] optional code for debugging leaking scalars
      trivial typo
      allow evals to see the full lexical scope
      SvFAKE lexicals in scope for all of the sub
      Proper fix for CvOUTSIDE weak refcounting
      Re: [perl #19017] lexical "my" variables not visible in debugger "x" command
      Re: [ enums are not nums]
      remove flag SvPADBUSY
      new flag SvPADSTALE
      Re: [perl #19393] Bug in Time::localtime?
      silence warning
      Re: [perl #15439] unreferenced scalar due to double DESTROY
      Re: slight tweak to -DR flag - display whether on tmps stack
      Re: difference between my and our before introduction
      move pad.c warnings to different test file
      OPf_SPECIAL on OP_DBSTATE now indicates a breakpoint.
      Introduce the PUSHSUB_DB macro, equivalent to PUSHSUB, but
      Blocking option ignored
      [perl #9990] avoid goto &tmpsub coredump
      Re: [perl #21542] local $_ [0] = $_ [0] fails.
      (vaguely connected with) [perl #21875] Hash ref transformed as a list
      allow recursive FETCHes
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #21875] Hash ref transformed as a list
      goto &sub doesn't empty @_
      A new fatal error :
      Re: the revenge of the bride of the son of the night of the living pseudohashes
      [perl #3096] undefing hash with object values
      [perl #7391] Perl crashes with certain write() formats.
      New warning "Useless localization of %s", based on
      Re: [perl #22181] goto undefines my() variables
      Re: [perl #22299] goto doesn't find label
      $x = $empty_hash{$undef_val} doesn't give a warning
      jumbo closure fix
      jumbo closure patch broke formats
      Re: [perl #22719] ISA cache problem with blessed stash objects
      Two debugging patches.
      various Deparse fixes
      Re: ext/List/Util/t/weak.t panic
      fix for ext/threads/t/problems.t failures
      [ PATCH] Re: isa(UNIVERSAL)?
      Re: Fatal 5.8.1 error in our $FOO = x if $FOO
      Re: Reference to tied elements results in lvalue.
      Re: utf8+regex bug in 5.8.1-RC2
      Fwd: Re: [PATCH] flags set incorrectly on abandoned lexicals
      [ PATCH] Re: strange destruction problem on VMS
      add "$lexical not available" warning in C<for my $lex ()>
      Re: [perl #23265] Nested anonymous subs
      Re: untieing your victim during the act
      valgrind and /#/x
      improved 19064 (local $_[0] problems)
      Re: [perl #23656] Safe reval bleeds local variable values
      [DOC PATCH] Re: [perl #23779] $? and negative exit codes
      Re: [perl #23576] valgrind errors for /(?{})/ in t/op/pat.t
      Ensure PL_comppad/curpad point to PL_main_cv's padlist when
      Fix two threads::shared leaks
      Fix more shared threads leaks: add SAVETMPS to the second branch
      [perl #24368] seg faults when deleting keys of shared hash refs
      whoops, typo
      bugid #24407: numeric key for shared hash got stringified using
      Re: [perl #24774] eval + format - \n = pp_ctl.c assertion
      bug #24757 perlrun.pod's description of find -mtime was ambiguous
      Fix bug #24383, where hashes with the :unique attribute weren't
      Document the quirks of SUPER, especially the fact that it it
      addition to 22036 (document SUPER better): superclass may be plural
      [perl #24674]
      segv in pad.c with threads (was: DBD::Oracle and Perl 5.8.2 threads)
      temporarily backout test of thread returning a closure. It crashes
      buigid #24905 - the code planted to call glob() retained an
      [perl #8698] format bug with undefined _TOP
      [perl #24914] freeing a CV reference that was currently being
      back out change #22167 "freeing a CV reference that was currently
      change #22071 (taint bug in $^0) introduced a potential double
      second attempt to fix [perl #24914] freeing a CV reference that was
      Document CVf_UNIQUE flag better
      [perl #24940] "sub foo :unique" segfaults
      warn that C<$x : unique> operates on the typeglob, so affects @x
      Fix typo in patch #22188
      remove the platform dependencies of the write.t tests introduced
      [perl #25147] C<use strict; print if foo> didn't give the
      make some t/op/write.t failures more verbose
      Remove small memory leak in newATTRSUB that manifested as a
      add test for change 22209 (Remove small memory leak in newATTRSUB)
      update MANIFEST for 2 new Storable test files introduced by 22205
      Make Time/HiRes/t/HiRes.t die more gracefully if its watchdog
      add test for Change 22194:
      threads documentation: fork on UNIX might not copy all threads.
      update fix to in change #22254: make /dev/null portable
      The new -Dq option didn't actually work!
      Switch from byacc to bison and simplify the perly.* regeneration
      remove binary compatibility stuff from the yacc -> bison switch
      [perl #25824] Segmentation fault with
      Slight update to #22315 ($lval=*FOO); optimise the hot tests,
      22316 had stupid precedence thinkos
      remove C<my $x if foo> construct from core modules
      add deprecation warning for C<my $x if foo> and C<foo && (my $x)>
      Add tests for the C<my $x if foo> deprecation, and change the
      fix write test: -small_number may be displayed as 00.00 or -0.00
      -Dx could coredump on threaded builds because consts are now
      Document the SVf_PADSTALE flag
      optimise the sorting inplace of plain arrays: @a = sort @a
      add Deparse/Concise support for inplace sort (change 22349)
      remove a split test's dependence on -Dx output
      Extend OP_AELEMFAST optimisation to lexical arrays
      [perl #26959] fix memory leak in @_ = ...; goto &sub
      stop "const in void context" warning for a const in an
      remove my work address
      make the bison-based parser threadsafe and capable of deep
      Bump version numbers of moules affected by change #22258
      [perl #24521] make test breaks permissions on /dev/tty
      integrate Time::HiRes 1.56 from CPAN
      add tests for change 22414 (lvalue substr jollity)
      Remove machine-dependent rounding dependency from write overflow
      stop t/op/write.t failures under stdio by always closing files
      retract 22328 and 22332: deprecation warning for my $x if foo
      remove an 'if $a if 0' from AutoSplit.t
      add deprecation warning for my $x if 0
      Add perldiag entry for change #22435 (deprecate my $x if 0)
      [perl #27206] Memory leak in continue loop
      ensure utf8::encode() normalises its arg
      silence some compiler warnings
      fix coredump in /(?{sub{}})/
      make op/write.t work better under stdio by running the subtests
      Document the new behaviour of the substr lvalue :
      [perl #27628] strict 'subs' didn't warn on bareword array index
      [perl #27638] scope exit could expose freed local() value
      make ~$x give warning is $x isn't initialised.
      add code comment for change 22525
      [perl #27268] Blessed reference to anonymous glob
      fix some comments in perly.y
      [perl #27040] - hints hash was being double freed on scope exit
      [perl #26839] document the return value of an empty sub
      fix for change #22594; if using, must tell perl where to
      Clarify op.h comments for which ops the OPpDEREF* private flags
      [perl #24200] string corruption with lvalue sub
      fix typo in change 22597
      pv_display() had code to display \n etc as escapes but it didn't
      make gv_fullname() etc include a literal '^' for *^FOO style names
      update -Dx to cope with lexical version of OP_AELEMFAST
      backout change 22606 (make gv_fullname() include a literal '^')
      [perl #28032] delete $_[0] + (\$) prototype = bad free
      Fix change #22376. Only mark a const as short-circuited
      Make global cleanup fractionally faster by giving S_visit()
      Stop PL_comppad pointing to a freed pad during global destruction
      Include variable names in "Use of uninitialized value" warnings
      fix 64-bit casting error in change 22741 (uninit var warnings)
      fix a coredump caused by rv2gv not fully converting a PV to an RV
      disable problematical 'uninitialized value' warning tests
      ensure that utf8 Perl code magically called from a regex localizes $.
      remove spurious intentation in
      [perl #28938] split could leave an array without &PL_sv_undef
      [perl #29127] scalar delete of empty slice returned garbage
      [perl #28986] perl -e "open m" crashes Perl
      add test for change #22776 ("open m" crashes Perl)
      add test for change #22746 ([perl #29102] Crash on assign to lex fh)
      [perl #29340] Bizarre copy of ARRAY
      symbolic references like ${"foo$index"}*3 would incorrectly warn
      make Text::Balanced skip "case /..../" correctly for
      [perl #29637] Thread creation time is hypersensitive
      improve hashing algorithm for ptr tables in perl_clone:
      [perl #29790] Optimization busted: '@a = "b", sort @a' drops "b"
      [perl #29708] Problem with autouse (causing Perl to crash)
      [perl #30061] double DESTROY in for loop
      'make test' without preceeding 'make' fails.
      fix typo in gp_free
      make mktables always update modifed time to play better with make
      [perl #30509] use encoding and "eq" cause memory leak
      [perl #30258] utf8 POPSTACK crash on split execution
      remove the return stack PL_retstack, and store return ops in the CX
      remove binary compat from #23156 (remove PL_retstack)
      [perl #30733] memory leak in array delete
      make a note in perlrun that -i doesn't preserve UNIX hard links.
      document that -i messes soft as well hard hard links.
      make -Dl log runops loop entry and exit, and jump level popping
      Add comment to the top of most .c files explaining their purpose
      shut up a warning in mg.c
      Add comment to top of reentr.c and fix typos in other files
      more typo fixes for change 3176 (comments at top of .c files)
      remove leaks associated with version object change #23190
      Add tests for XS call_*() API
      fix minor nit in file description, to keep Jarkko happy
      made eq_array in t/ handle undef values better
      eval_sv() failing a taint test could corrupt the stack
      Fix a typo and remove some debugging crud from change #23209
      make pp_goto() cope potential stack reallocation in EXTEND
      a regex in STDOUT destructor coredumped because regex pad already
      [perl #31111] Random made scripts crashing perl
      delete spurious blank lines added by change 23251
      whoops, fix 'formline undef' test broken by change #23251
      [perl #31078] Fields package bug
      I somehow managed to omit the change from #23266
      only mortalize deleted array elements for AvREAL
      [perl #30066] Memory leak in nested shared data structures in 5.8.4
      improve lexer debugging output (-DT)
      the improved -DT output of #23325 could print an uninit stack value
      [perl #31767] open $1, "file" doesn't raise an exception
      Turn regcomp into a list op
      [perl #32039] Chained goto &sub drops data too early.
      include flags and refcount in the list of leaked scalars
      [perl #31851] Threading crash with closures
      [perl #32033] Using foreach on threads::shared array crashes perl
      document regcomp.c/regexec.c's dual life under ext/re/
      Add some descriptive text from Larry to op.c on how optrees are built
      [perl #33928] chomp() fails after alarm(), `sleep`
      minor corrections to comments in perly.y
      fix POSIX::strtod error handling documentation
      Fix leaks in List::Util::reduce,first
      ithreads: cond_signal() on a non-shared object coredumped
      [perl #33185] UTF-8 string substitution corrupts memory
      expand -DDEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS to instrument the creation of each SV
      Add CLONE_SKIP() class method to allow individual classes to skip
      DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS could use the value of a freed PL_op
      run regen_headers after addition of FOO_set() macros
      change misleading syslog() example
      In change 24266 I failed to actually change anything. Sigh.
      [perl #34976] substr uses utf8 length cache incorrectly
      [perl #34902] Text::Wrap::wrap() fails with non-space separator
      bump version number in Text::Wrap after change #24273
      Sigh - really bump Text::Wrap version number this time.
      move the SETJMP exception-handing definitions from scope.h to cop.h
      Revert change #15705 (Core dump in 'leavetry')
      Better fix for #8738  (Core dump in 'leavetry')
      document the internals of exception handling
      [perl #35214] SEGV when next is followed by a goto
      make goto.t use, strict and warnings
      add test for [perl #34682] leaving eval via last in inner runops
      strictify t/TEST
      make t/TEST detect various failure modes in testfile outputs
      strictifying t/TEST stopped it handling '1..n todo' correctly
      stop Math/BigInt/t/bare_mbf.t producing spurious test output
      avoid accessing a just-freed SV (keep ponie happy)
      add 1.875c to the list of supported bisons
      while (my $x ...) { ...; redo } shouldn't undef $x.
      t/TEST's new error messages now include the prefix 'FAILURE--'
      make join.t threadsafe!
      initialize the PL_xpvgv_[arena]root vars during clone
      Fix typo in DDEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS flags output
      avoid leaked scalar in BEGIN { threads->new(...) }
      make t/TEST print summary times consistently to two decimal places
      disallow eval { goto &foo }
      add access to Perl_croak() via 'mycroak' in XS::APItest
      stop goto &foo wasting stack space
      [perl #35878] goto &xsub that croaks corrupts memory
      add pointer to email explaining why eval {goto &foo} is banned
      Perl_magic_freearylen_p could coredump
      whoops, Perl_magic_freearylen_p returns int
      handle magic in local correctly
      remove taint hack now that local $tainted no longer copies taint magic
      don't repopulate PADTMP slots with null SVs when freeing ops
      change 24967 got the #endif in the wrong place
      Make even lighter (and Carp::Heavy even heavier)
      move Carp.pod back into
      [perl #36434] assigning shared consts (eg __PACKAGE__) to magic vars
      silence gcc 'comparison is always false' warning in MEM_WRAP_CHECK
      silence a warning in Perl_sv_compile_2op
      undo some excessive minimalisation
      the PAD_SET_CUR macro expanded too much for AIX compilers
      missed one PAD_SET_CUR
      replace ckWARN macros with functions
      change 24943 broke restoration of localized taint values
      a long /etc/groups entry could cause memory exhaustion.
      [perl #36470] 'undef $@; die' gives uninint value warning
      [perl #34171] bytes pragma error in substitution operator
      more taint fallout from change 24943
      [perl #36207] UTF8/Latin 1/i regexp "Malformed character" warning
      extend MEM_WRAP_CHECK supress warning hack to MEM_WRAP_CHECK_*
      silence some compiler warnings
      no code before declarations!
      get_?v have side effects, so their return values may be ignored
      S_pad_findlex has side effects, so its return value may be ignored
      make the expensive ckWARN() be called as late as possible
      change #25129 was overzealous in delaying the call to ckWARN
      $SIG{__WARN__} = sub { goto &foo } could recurse infinitely
      [perl #9720] document what can be assigned to a shared scalar
      delete a non-fucntioning chown in stat.t: it didn't have gid arg.
      perl -Dstv -e'... for min..max' displayed wrong stack elements
      the "local @foo with $#foo" tests are no longer TODO
      run after change #25274
      the return value of start_subparse() can legally be ignored
      PL_defoutgv could be used after being freed
      Improve -DT output and fix wild buffer pointer error
      free a thread's interpreter after $t->join() rather than after undef $t
      static functions should be prefixed S_
      an assert in av_undef was leaking memory
      DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS doesn't need shared memory to store filenames
      pp_print didn't extend the stack before pushing its return value
      [perl #37725] perl segfaults on reversed array reference
      include PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL in perl -V output
      sprintf %NNN$ check for large values wrapping to negative
      clarify description of vector (v) sprintf format modifier
      forgot to add new file to change #26350
      change #26373 broke threaded builds (aTHX_ now superfluous)
      [perl #8262] //g loops infinitely on tainted data
      add tests for MY_CXT API and improve its documentation
      re-implement MY_CXT API more efficiently, and add explicit
      change #26523 didn't make my_cxt_init public
      fix errors in new MY_CTX code
      tidy index arrangements in new MY_CXT code
      make threads use MY_CXT API rather than using PL_modglobal
      add svt_local slot to magic vtable, and fix local $shared
      stop DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS producing spurious memory pool errors
      ithreads: SVs that were only on the tmps stack leaked
      silence some compiler warnings
      make ithreads shared vars smaller/quicker by eliminating shared_sv
      fix coredump on 'local $shared[N]' introduced by change #24942
      [perl #37946] preserve the referent associated with a shared RV.
      document svt_copy, svt_dup and svt_local vtable slots
      reduce S_regrepeat_hard() callers from 3 to 1
      inline, then delete, S_regrepeat_hard()
      merge the TRIEF/TRIEFL and TRIE branches in regmatch(),
      remove idential code branch from regmatch()
      make S_regmatch() iterative rather than recursive.
      remove unused PL_regcc variable
      make configpm only update, if changed.
      use slabs to allocate save state space in regmatch()
      make parts of struct regmatch_state unions
      subsume CURCUR (current curly) struct within the main regmatch_state
      whoops, change 27691 blew away the regexec.c changes from 27688
      anonymous unions aren't legal ANSI c
      undo #27700 and add a missing Safefree()
      restructure the EVAL branch of regmatch() to minimise local var scope
      eliminate PL_regprecomp, PL_regprogram, PL_regnpar and PL_regdata
      (??{...}) didn't always restore PL_reg_re.
      fix potential null deref introduced by change #27716
      Remove the final recursion path from S_regmatch:  (??{...})
      eliminate PL_reg_re
      disable 'split /(?{ split "" })/' test until recursive split is fixed
      eliminate PL_regbol PL_regtill PL_regnarrate PL_reg_ganch PL_reg_sv
      stop PL_op and PL_curpad referring to different pads at start of doeval
      abstract regmatch slab access with SLAB_FIRST and SLAB_LAST macros
      generalize the 'continue on success' mechanism of deferred REs
      regmatch: fix a || vs | typo in CACHEsayYES and add a test from Hugo.
      regmatch(): make IFMATCH use PUSH_STACK rather than fake recursion
      regmatch: merge the greedy and non-greedy branches of CURLYM
      regmatch(): replace magic value -1000 with symbolic CHRTEST_VOID
      [perl #39012] another REIFY bug
      remove a compiler warning by making HOPBACKc only hop *back*
      allow exit during fold_constants
      disable WARN and DIE hooks during constant folding
      test some die codepaths in pp_enterwrite
      [perl #39141] lots of warnings with diagnostics and (warn or die)
      give a more useful example for $^V
      [perl #32041] SEGV with complicated regexp and long string
      [perl #32332] Perl segfaults; test case available
      eval { s/$foo/die/e } leaked a scalar
      don't try to dump GVish parts of an LV if it hasn't got GVish parts
      correct POPSTACK/POPMARK confusion in perlhack.pod
      stop eval "sub{" leaking
      stop OPs leaking in eval "syntax error"
      make -Dpv display OP names ons the parser stack
      fix eval qw(BEGIN{die}) style leaks.
      ensure failure to load Carp::Heavy gets reported
      make require report too many open files error
      IPC::Open3 handled exec failure badly
      start turning regmatch() main loop into a FSM
      dont warn at exit of detatched threads still running
      migrate TRIE branch in regmatch() to new FSM-esque paradigm
      quieten warning by avoiding a comment-within-a-comment
      migrate CURLY/PLUS/STAR branch in regmatch() to new FSM-esque paradigm
      remove some unnecessary uses of WITH_THR
      silence a compiler warning
      remove regex postive super-linear cache code
      run regen_headerds
      allow fields in re_tests to include \x{nnn} etc
      in S_regmatch(), convert state var st->cc into local var cur_curlyx
      fix regression introduced in #27778: must backtrack into inner regex
      eliminate PL_regindent and improve -Mre=Debug,STATE output
      rationalise sayYES and sayNO code in regmatch()
      add stress test for CURLYX/WHILEM regex ops
      assert that backing up outercc->cur in regmatch()/WHILEM is not needed
      remove backing up outercc->cur in regmatch()/WHILEM
      migrate CURLYX/WHILEM branch in regmatch() to new FSM-esque paradigm
      remove REGMATCH detritus and shrink the size of the backtrack structure
      Document the new regmatch() backtracking mechanism
      fix bad free in do_exec3()
      zero length $1 took too long to detect utf8-ness
      eval $undef should emit one warning, not three.
      add test that eval undef clears $@
      [perl #40718] perl parser bug leading to memory corruption
      debugger test could hang if run with umask 0002
      synchronise perly.c and madly.c
      merge perly.c and madly.c
      add support for bison 2.3
      another fix for bison 2.3
      merge perly.y and madlu.y
      fix some casting issues with perly.y / madly.y merger
      add missing OP_REFCNT_LOCK/UNLOCKs and document it
      parser: expand yy_is_opval[] to include all value types
      #28315 could crash when freeing ops with different pads
      fix eval qw(BEGIN{die}) style leaks (second attempt).
      remove extraneous debugging code introduced by #29504
      fixup some ival/opval type changes from perly.y/madly.y merger
      fix parser leaks caused by croaking while shifting or reducing
      fix double free introduced by #29543 (spotted by Nicholas)
      misc MAD coredump fixes and parser leak fixes
      make -Dpv display the parser stack before reduction
      fix a cast warning in perly.c
      don't include MAD code when its not needed
      remove extraneous declaration prom
      unify stacks arithmetic in parser
      delete dead code and macros from perly.c
      merge the four parser stacks into one
      move parser state into new parser object, PL_parser
      make -Dpv print 8 parser stack items, not 9
      further fix for #29543: fix parser leaks caused by croaking
      fix a test failing under -Dmad
      in lex_start(), ensure that all lexer state vars are saved
      split parser stack from parser object
      split parser initialisation from parser execution
      move easy lexer state variables into PL_parser
      remove conflict in pending_ident function and field name
      fix -Mad build breakage
      handle cloning of parsers on the save stack
      make parser_free actually free the parser!
      silence a warning in perly.c
      allocate op_pv strings from shared mem pool
      fix occasional op/time.t failure
      make tr/// threadsafe by moving swash into pad
      fix PL_parser_dup symbol
      fix typo in hv.c
      Rationalise refcounting of thread structures
      fix PL_parser_dup symbol (again)
      unfreed threads should trigger cleanup veto
      further refinement to #29796 (cleanup veto)
      make S_ithread_run() call S_ithread_free() in main context
      extend threads 'veto cleanup' to perl_free and system stuff
      when cloning  PL_regex_pad, copy SVf_BREAK flag too
      make Dump display the SVf_BREAK flag
      disable parser stack cleanup on reduce croak (too fragile)
      use a fresh stack when loading etc.
      move magic container/value test into separate function
      When restoring localised values, call set only on container magic.
      minor code simplification made possible by change #30627
      fix $^R scoping bug.
      free backtrack track when on unexpected exit, eg /(?{ die })/
      Eliminate the use of PL_bufend outside of toke.c:
      Eliminate the use of PL_curforce outside of toke.c
      Make parser_free() be called slightly later,
      Move PL_comppad nulling from do_clean_all to sv_clear
      with DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS, dump multiply-freed scalars
      follow PL_watchaddr when cloning a thread
      get rid of warning due to empty dangling else in malloc.c
      fix casting warning in pp_ord()
      make initialisation of PL_sv_no etc unconditional
      inline S_init_lexer() and regen
      eliminate some uses of PL_linestr in perl.c
      move PL_linestr from the interpreter struct to the parser struct
      eliminate "unused var" warning
      move PL_expect and PL_copline into the PL_parser structure
      eliminate PL_bufend from util.c (missed from #30820)
      toke.c changes missed from change #31134
      move some more variables into the PL_parser struct:
      migrate more variables to PL_parser struct:
      move PL_lex_state into the PL_parser struct
      move PL_rsfp into the PL_parser struct
      move PL_rsfp_filters into the parser struct
      save old PL_curcop value in parser struct
      eliminate a stray PL_lex_state
      move PL_in_my and PL_in_my_stash into the PL_parser struct
      fix some (mostly MAD) compiler warnings
      change 31200 broke src filters used within an eval
      delete thrdvar.h and move its contents to intrpvar.h
      delete unused vars PL_av_fetch_sv, PL_hv_fetch_sv
      move PL_tokenbuf into the PL_parser struct
      move PL_multi_end into the PL_parser struct
      move PL_error_count into the PL_parser struct
      fix coredump in S_varname (tickled by Devel::Profile)
      delete PL_hash_seed_set, PL_lineary; move PL_runops_std/dbg
      change #31134 broke DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS builds
      add test for, and update comments for, old defined($1) oddity.
      [perl #43159] 5.9.4 regexp capturing wrongly
      fix S_emulate_eaccess compiler warning
      safely handle cloning a stale lexical var
      remove the test added by change #31447
      make sure PL_Parser is NULL during early stage of thread clone
      avoid double-free of the thread function
      test that localised tieing of a hash or array remains local
      really fix S_emulate_eaccess compiler warning (#31418 didn't)
      clarify what text 'warn' appends to a newline-less string
      Fix assertion failure on failed magic eval - eg FETCH {eval'('}
      really really fix S_emulate_eaccess compiler warning (#31536 didn't)
      [perl #43425] local $[: fix scoping during parser error handling.
      change #31615 added the new field in the wrong place
      fourth attempt to silence S_emulate_eaccess compiler warning
      silence 'unused var' compiler warning
      fix up some nested #ifdef indentation
      state variables shouldn't be shared between anon subs
      ununit pos value warning identified the wrong variable name
      when anon subs are cloned, the 'assign once only' flag should be
      silence warning in new state.t test (spotted by Jerry Hedden)
      change #31246 unconditionally enabled utf8 cache debugging code
      [perl #45053] Memory corruption with heavy module loading in threads
      [perl #45337] utf8 + "[a]a{2}" + /$.../ = panic: sv_len_utf8 cache
      enable utf8 cache assertions on DEBUGGING builds
      fifth attempt to silence S_emulate_eaccess compiler warning
      silence a spurious compiler warning in regcomp.c
      sixth attempt to silence S_emulate_eaccess compiler warning
      make PERL_SYS_INIT/INIT3/TERM into functions
      extend PL_veto_cleanup to all platforms
      newCONTSUB() wasn't thread-safe ([perl #45053])
      [perl #47045] CLONE_SKIP doesn't result in undef copies
      make PERLSYS_TERM not require a context
      Disable debugging output in PerlIO_teardown;
      [perl #47233] Core dump caused by goto
      Must remember to proof-read my comments before committing...
      change #31447 was wrong. Really handle cloning a stale lexical var
      seen_eval regex field wasn't getting cloned
      [perl #49522] state variable not available
      fix misleading comment in op.h
      [perl #49472] Attributes + Unkown Error
      fix variable names in 'ununit var' warnings in evals
      fix misleading comment about Perl_re_dup_guts
      DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS wasn't reporting the correct line number
      make TODO output TAP-compliant in regexp.t
      [perl #54758] Perl 5.10 memory corruption
      [perl #53746] bug with index() matching beyond end of string
      Incorrect variable reported in uninitialized value warning.
      more incorrect variable reported in uninitialized value warnings
      qx($nosuchfile) isn't portable (Windows whines on STDERR)
      [perl #56908] DBI memory leak in 5.10.0 due to change 26530
      Assert that backreferences array is not freed rather than handling it
      better document how the weakref backrefs array is refcounted
      Don't add freed SVF_BREAK scalars to the freed list.
      add -t (tabular option) to Porting/
      remove syntax error from < 5.10 branch of Data::Dumper
      in Dump output, PV field of format may or not be displayed in 5.10.0
      whether DEPTH gets dumped in formats varies within 5.10.0
      bump Data::Dumper version number.

Dave Paris (1):
      [perl #19343] perlfunc.pod patch for stat() and lstat()

Dave Rolsky (7):
      Re: [PATCH] Bring Time::Local to 1.07
      perlhack.pod - working with the Perl source
      Bug with NEXT when called from an eval block
      Your bug reports for Time::Local
      PATCH: Sync Time::Local in blead to 1.13 on CPAN
      Time::Local patch take 2
      - Update Time::Local to latest version

David Cannings (1):
      Problem with h2xs

David Cantrell (2):
      docpatch for perltie.pod
      Adjust ODBM_File for Debian. See:

David Dick (2):
      [perl #53238] Patch to stop t/op/fork.t relying on rand
      [perl #53560] Patch for linux LDAP groups

David Dyck (5):
      Patch for: [perl #24650] File::CheckTree should list Larry Wall as author, not unknown
      Re: #28386: UNIVERSAL::VERSION segfaults if $VERSION not defined (w/ patch to fix universal.c)
      Fix documentation bug in using Socket's import tags :
      patch to [PATCH] Fix MGVTBL structures in perl.h (preprocessor
      #7217: config.h comments for HAS_POLL incorrect

David Favor (1):
      Message-ID: <>

David Feldman (1):
      Add to Attribute::Handlers the ability to report caller's file and line

David Landgren (29):
      Re: [perl #38965] File::Find documentation - is "Don't modify thesevariables" still valid?
      t/op/loopctl.t using
      t/op/sort.t using
      t/op/ using
      t/op/delete.t using
      t/op/ using
      Re: [PATCH] provide diag() and don't use ++ in
      t/op/hashwarn.t using
      Re: [PATCH] t/op/glob.t using
      t/op/list.t using
      t/op/context.t using
      t/op/grep.t using
      ext/IPC/SysV/t/ipcsysv.t using
      Re: [PATCH] ext/IPC/SysV/t/ipcsysv.t using
      perlref clarification (was: Re: Is this a bug or a feature?)
      Update File-Path to 2.00
      Re: [PATCH] Update File-Path to 2.00
      Re: [PATCH] Update File-Path to 2.00
      Re: [PATCH] Update File-Path to 2.00
      Re: [PATCH] Update File-Path to 2.00
      bring File-Path up to 2.01
      Re: [PATCH] File-Path fix wrong skip count
      sync blead with File-Path 2.00_11
      minor changes to File::Path (and more tests)
      bring File::Path up to 2.01 (was: Re: Freeze ?)
      POD cleanups
      documentation typo for Text::Wrap
      File::Path 2.02
      Re: [PATCH] File-Path-2.04 (this time with patch)

David Leadbeater (1):
      Documentation fixes for EGID/GID confusion

David Manura (1):
      Re: [perl #25157] [PATCH] Text-Balanced extract_quotelike fails on certain delims in HERE docs

David Mitchell (2):
      Re: [perl #39145] win32, @_ and fork crashing in dounwind
      Re: [perl #42869] Problem killing a pseudo-forked child on Win32

David Nicol (9):
      Re: [perl #34155] perldoc -f hex should say how to convert back
      Re: [perl #40262] kill( 0, ... ) does not return alive status of child process
      Re: [perl #40302] sigtrap(3pm) man page is vague
      [perl #40328] B::Deparse pod does not list failure to grok outer lexical scopes in BUGS section
      patch: shorten perl.h by six lines
      mention of g and c modifiers missing from perlre.pod
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #44387] The blank in option '-x directory' should be deleted from perlrun.pod
      Re: local $@ has an unwanted side effect
      New separations for the pattern match operator documentation,

Devin Heitmueller (4):
      [perl #41318] Patch: win32.c typo in #define MULTIPLICITY
      [perl #41560] [PATCH] crash in Perl_vmess when GvIOp is null
      [perl #42648] [PATCH] crash in win32/VMem.h when out of memory
      strxfrm() returns a size_t, not a ssize_t. See:

Dinger, Tom (1):
      [perl #22946] Bug in Unicode surrogate pair conversion in Perl_utf16_to_utf8

Dintelmann, Peter (1):
      AW: IO::Dir destructor

Dmitry Karasik (2):
      Re: [perl #45493] [patch] ext/Win32/Win32.xs compilation fails on msvc < 6
      Re: smart match: array ~~ hash

Dominic Dunlop (24):
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Proposal to remove support for MachTen
      Re: Hints for 64bitall (PPC!) Darwin perl
      Re: Smoke [5.9.3] 25237 FAIL(F) linux 2.6.12-4-686 [debian] (i686/1 cpu)
      Re: Smoke [5.9.3] 25248 FAIL(F) openbsd 3.7 (i386/1 cpu)
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #36819] perlbug AutoReply: Bleadperl: abs() busted outside integer range
      Re: [MAINT24637] fails "make test" on OSX 10.4 (lib/locale.t)
      Re: [perl #36061] Not OK: perl v5.8.7 on darwin-2level 8.1.0 (UNINSTALLED)
      Suppress leaked warnings in ExtUtils tests
      Correct typo in Time::HiRes tests introduced by patch 26383
      Re: [PATCH] Mac OS X 10.4.4 (Darwin 8.4.0) still does not fix locale issue
      Trouble with $ENV{CDPATH} after change #27236
      Make SDBM_File work with -Duse64bitall on Darwin (Mac OS X)
      Suppress System V IPC for 64-bit Darwin builds
      Re: [perl #38779] NAN's on Win32
      Re: recursion now removed from the regex engine
      Document that the regexp engine is not currently reentrant
      Re: Over-pious message from Configure?
      Re: [perl #39530] printf: bad formatting of hexadecimal conversion of binary string using vector flag
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #39530] printf: bad formatting of hexadecimal conversion of binary string using vector flag
      Skip tests of a POSIX constant on Mac OS X because saved IDs are borked
      Re: C++ status [Fwd: Smoke [5.9.4] 28776 FAIL(FM) OSF1 V5.1 (EV6/4 cpu)]
      Re: [PATCH] perlhack: some portability updates
      Re: Tests failed on PPC64
      Re: Smoke [5.11.0] 33456 PASS darwin 9.2.0 (macppcG5/1 cpu)

Dominique Quatravaux (1):
      Fix a side-effect of bug #24674 in the perl debugger.

Dorner Thomas (2):
      Perl 5.8.3 patches from the BS2000 port
      Perl 5.8.3 patches from the BS2000 port - part 2

Dr.Ruud (3):
      <toke.c> isALNUM(*s) && *s != '_'
      Re: [PATCH] perlhack.pod
      Re: [perl #58218] backwards logic in perluniintro (5.10.0)

Duncan Findlay (1):
      Re: [perl #35977] perlbug AutoReply: Devel::DProf "unstacked calls in outer"

Earl Hood (1):
      [perl #36526] Incorrect (X)HTML generated by Pod::Html

Ed Allen Smith (1):
      Temporary fix for usemallocwrap problems on IRIX (was Re: usemallocwrap problems on IRIX (was Re: Problem and question))

Ed Santiago (1):
      Fix based on:

Edgar Bering (1):
      Re: [PATCH] Final Draft - pod/perlcommunity.pod - (was [PATCH] Draft - pod/perlcommunity.pod - Patches welcome)

Edmund Bacon (1):
      [perl #21289] [Fwd: IPC::Msg bug report]

Edward Avis (2):
      Credits patch
      Please update my address

Edward Moy (2):
      Re: problem with rc1 and rc2 on Mac OS X
      patch created by Casey West from:

Edward S. Peschko (1):
      PATCH for perl-5.8.4

Elizabeth Mattijsen (16):
      [perl #17061] no strict 'garbage'
      [DOC PATCH]
      [DOC PATCH] perlfaq4.pod
      versions threads modules
      threads/ saves 4K per thread each thread 10K smaller
      configpm: about 1.5K less per thread
      threads::async + some cleanup
      configpm, our $summary : unique
      Re:ext/threads/t/problem.t (was: Problems with mod_perl 1.12 (?) and ActivePerl 5.8.1)
      Better docs for the special code blocks, based on :
      [DOCPATCH] perlfunc delete
      Example in perlthrtut.pod doesn't work

Enrico Sorcinelli (2):
      Pod::Perldoc patch (Fw: [ANNOUNCE] POD2::IT 0.10)
      Document new perldoc -L switch

Eric Amick (1):
      [perl #36328] Until Statement Undocumented

Eric Melville (1):
      [perl #17773] errors in c2ph(1) man page

Eric Promislow (1):
      Internal fixes to source-code coordinate

Father Chrysostomos (6):
      [perl #41775] Memoize bug (and patch): problem with LIST_CACHE => MERGE
      [perl #43010] [PATCH] Deparse, ''->(), ::(), sub :: {}, etc.
      Re: [perl #43082] "$_[0]->method" interpolation
      Re: perlfunc.pod/split; concerning trailing fields
      perlfunc/perldiag errors
      Re: [PATCH] perlfunc/perldiag errors

Fergal Daly (11):
      [perl #22753] overload::StrVal() fails for regexp refs
      4 bugs in Test::More
      [DOCPATCH] Re: [perl #23630] problem with "used only once" warning
      Re: maint @ 21116
      Re: The META.yml file in bleadperl
      Implement C<use Exporter 'import'> :
      [perl #24506] [PATCH] cannot weaken refs to read only values
      mention refaddr() in overload::StrVal docs
      extension to
      Re: [perl #39152] "-traceonly" vs "-trace"

Florian Ragwitz (8):
      B::Deparse fixes for implicit smartmatching in given/when
      Documentation typo fix for mro.
      Handle PL_minus_E before PL_minus_{n,p}.
      Documentation typo fix for Attribute::Handlers.
      Add TODO test for :lvalue under -d.
      Deparse inlined constants.
      Make B::walksymtable not recurse into packages that are actually main::, but have a different name.
      Fix up .gitignore files some more

Gabor Szabo (14):
      examples in the core documentation
      perlinro (use $fh filehandler + not to use built in function name in sub example)
      more strictness in perlintro
      File::Copy pod updated adding X<>
      add more X<> tags to perlfunc
      perlfunc.pod - unite gmtime and localtime
      adding X<> to perlvar
      File::Basename add X<> tags, replace regex delimiters
      pod/perlhack.pod where to go for information about smoke testing
      gethostbyname() example
      Improved error messages for new comers and non-English speakers
      docs: replace FH by my $fh in open
      docs: list of places where $_ is used
      Re: [PATCH] docs more open() and $_ related entries

Gary L. Armstrong (1):
      [perl #23778] hints/

Georg Schwarz (1):
      Re: Perl 5.8.1 on IRIX 5.3

Gerard Goossen (25):
      fix MAD compilation of C-style for loop
      Rename mad/nomad to mad/
      add p55.t MAD tests, and convert renamed mad/nomad into a module
      Re: [PATCH] MAD disable constant inlining
      Re: [PATCH] MAD prototype checking
      madprop about forced words
      MAD do not ignore errors from 'use'
      Re: [PATCH] madprop about forced words
      make mad/ use strict
      Add John Peacock as maintainer of
      Disable operator target setting for 'my' variables (OPpTARGET_MY)
      Disable !a&&b, !b||a optimalization when PL_madskills
      Disable slurping assigned of split when PL_madskills
      move the logic of combining '_' and '#' with the previous logic
      Give the 'local' declarator a new key, such that 'local our'
      p55: correctly translate things like s//$#foo/ge
      p55: add 'declarator' to listop. Fixes 'pipe my ($r, $w)'
      MAD: disable constant subs when PL_madskills
      dump.c: do not use sv_len_utf8 because it modified the scalar
      also report forced tokens when using -DT
      MAD update list of failures in mad/t/p55.t
      Re: [PATCH] MAD fix p55 $[
      MAD dump xml escape regex
      do not use SVTYPEMASK to prevent cleaning of PL_fdpid and PL_strtab
      is_gv_magical correctly check "ISA"

Gerrit P. Haase (9):
      Configure missing d_modflproto=''
      [DOC-PATCH] for README.cygwin, bleadperl version
      for cygwin/
      Two Cygwin patches from Gerrit.
      lib/ patch for Cygwin Bleadperl
      Re: perl with cygwin 1.5, need help
      maintperl & bleadperl for Cygwin: include libgdbm_compat & libcygipc in searchlist
      maint / blead tweaks in perlio.c for Cygwin
      A new try at

Gisle Aas (152):
      Update for ext/Digest/MD5/
      Update for ext/MIME/Base64/
      Sync up MIME-Base64 to latest on CPAN
      Re: [PATCH] Sync up MIME-Base64 to latest on CPAN
      Re: downrev modules in RC2
      PerlIO_{read,write} return value doc patch
      Re: Simple @INC hook core dump [PATCH]
      Re: Simple @INC hook core dump [PATCH]
      perl -h tweak [PATCH]
      utime documentation
      Document PERL_DL_NONLAZY
      Configure gets d_u32align wrong
      d_u32align for win32
      Make 'Configure -Dcf_by=...' work
      Perl core dumps when running out of memory [PATCH]
      Re: [perl #24926] chop/~ mangles UTF8 [PATCH]
      :encoding(utf8) broken in perl-5.8.6
      UTF8_ALLOW_ANYUV should not allow overlong sequences [PATCH]
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 23634 FAIL(F) openbsd 3.6 (i386/1 cpu) [PATCH]
      Two pod2html patches from Dave Sparks :
      Allow Configure's d_attribut to be set from the command line
      Avoid segfault when pthread_key_create fails
      libperl leaks a THREAD_KEY each time it is reloaded
      Re: Bug in Socket::IO::INET Version 1.27
      Re: [PATCH]
      perldbtty$$ location
      Well defined $? and introduction of ${^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE} [PATCH]
      Enable 64bitall builds for Solaris x86
      Re: [PATCH] Improved ICMP_UNREACHABLE handling in Net::Ping
      Typo in t/op/stat.t
      Re: fchmod, fchown, fchdir
      Time::HiRes::nanosleep support for Solaris [PATCH]
      Clone PL_statusvalue_posix [PATCH]
      Re: $^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE issues (with attachment)
      Win32::GetShortPathName() does not always return a short name [DOC PATCH]
      Re: Win32::GetShortPathName() does not always return a short name [DOC PATCH]
      Accidental interpolation of $@ in Pod::Html [PATCH]
      SvPVutf8_nolen crashes [PATCH]
      wrong maxlen in sselect [PATCH]
      allow "" as select bitmask [PATCH]
      Re: IO::File performace issue
      futimes [PATCH]
      Re: futimes [PATCH]
      Re: Configure -Dno_mathoms
      Missing static declarations
      Storable 0.1 compatibility
      Re: [PATCH] Enhanced Storable::read_magic()
      Missing ; in Storable.xs
      Remove redundant SvUTF8_on() calls
      Disable constant folding of sprintf
      Re: Perl PR: "Security holes in Sys::Syslog"
      Storable retrieve_lscalar fails for empty strings [PATCH]
      Sys::Syslog::syslog can accept a message without printf
      Document why syslog($priority, "%s", $message) is a good idea
      Fix typo spotted by Ronald J Kimball.
      Improve the setsockopt description.
      Fixup the setsockopt usage message; missing OPTVAL.
      Disallow sprintf's vector handling for non-integer formats.
      Drop "v" prefix from sprintf("%vd", $^V).
      Oops, change 26326 broke t/run/switches.t
      Use load_module() instead of perl_eval_sv("require $mod") to
      Add overflow check to EXPECT_NUMBER() used by sv_vcatpvfn().
      Remove tests that were not portable to 64bit ints.
      Silence test output to STDERR
      Make perlivp skip the *.ph tests by default, since these
      Remove unused variable 'stash' since change 26437.
      Fix 2 off-by-one errors in the call to ninstr().
      Remove test for NUL ending in r?instr().
      Leaner ninstr().
      Use memchr() instead of ninstr() to locate the end-of-line.
      assert(av);  Cleanup the way that the av_*() functions check
      Cleanup; replace a croak("panic: ...") with assert().
      Get rid of length argument for the FEATURE_IS_ENABLED() macro.
      Silence compiler warning; ref change 26598
      Introduce STR_WITH_LEN macro in the form suggested by Chip.
      Fix typo in comment.
      Removed unused part of string passed to sv_catpvn().
      Introduce the macros newSVpvs(str) and sv_catpvs(sv, str).
      Get rid of a few more hardcoded string lengths.
      Get rid of a few more hardcoded string lengths.
      Introduce newSVpvs_share() macro.
      Get rid of hardcoded string length.
      Add an extra NUL so that we can use sv_catpvs()
      Make the new STR_WITH_LEN() affected compile under -Dusethreads.
      Move all the xxxpvs() macros to handy.h.
      Improve description of the -s switch.
      Make '-s' on the shebang line able to parse -foo=bar switches again.
      Move "DEVEL####" marker to the 'perl -v' output.
      Remove code duplicated a few lines above by change 19695.
      Restore hardcoded PERL_PATCHNUM removed in change 26672.
      Avoid possible dereference of NULL in the initialization of PL_origalen.
      Remove stale date.
      Move initialization of old values prior to moreswitches()
      If getservbyname fails tell what service the lookup
      Make setting 'PL_origalen = 1' before perl_parse() disable
      Get rid of the following gcc format warnings by	simplifying the
      Make $( and $) list the groups in the order they
      A few more places that can use hv_fetchs().
      Fix [perl #38223]; _IOC_SIZE() not always safe.
      More readable MEM_WRAP_CHECK_1() macro.
      Suppress "statement not reached" warning from the Sun C compiler.
      Make sure the most common IPPROTO_* constants are always available.
      Use the IPPROTO_TCP constant instead of 6.
      Allow IPPROTO_ICMP and IPPROTO_UDP to be exported.
      Avoid most getprotobyname/number calls in IO::Socket::INET
      Avoid warning with MS Visual C compiler.
      Simplify &IO::Handle::say
      Safer implementation of RTRIM().
      Simplify nested '#ifdef' by replacing it with '#elif defined()'
      Re: Make Passive mode the default for Net::FTP
      perl-5.8.8 also contained change 27040.
      Allow bareword file handle as argument to chdir().
      Bareword file handles not supported for chown/chmod/utime.
      Document incompatible interpretation of chdir FOO.
      Get perl_fini() running on HP-UX again.
      require should ignore directories found when searching @INC not just
      Simplify; make perl.o included in $(obj)
      Fix up miniperl dependency.
      Remove unused code. No extension use Makefile.SH any more.
      Change 27520 was a bit too aggressive.  Let's keep the warning.
      Avoid hardcoded $(OBJ_EXT)
      Move DynaLoader.o into
      Also strip $ENV{PATH} dirs writable by world.
      Avoid "uninitialized value" warnings during 'make test'.
      Test croak(NULL)
      Upgrade to Digest-1.15
      Adjust docs to reflect that DynaLoader, as of change 27549,
      REXEC_ML is unused.
      Improved description of the tmon.out format.
      Introduce d_sitearch and d_inc_version_list variables.
      Populate pre-canned files with
      Change 27592 disabled the building of manpages for non core-extensions
      Make perl_fini() run when compiling perl with
      Pod::Html should not convert "foo" in `foo''
      Document mkpath() return value in scalar context.
      Improve documentation of av_len and av_fill.
      Re: $, and say
      Typo fixes by Hendrik Maryns.
      Re: AW: umask handling in File::Temp
      Avoid test failure with for a -Dusesitecustomize perl.
      Drop #ifdefs that became empty in change #32012.
      Inline the trivial S_raise_signal function in the perl signal handler.
      Time-Piece-1.13 test failures on HP-UX
      Implement IO::Handle::say the same way as the builtin say().
      Sync up with Digest-MD5-2.37 from CPAN
      POD markup fix
      sizeof(long double) is 8 bytes for all Microsoft compilers
      Skip #ifdefs and other preprocessor lines when parsing the
      Sync up with Digest-MD5-2.38 from CPAN
      Change LONG_DOUBLESIZE macros to match config (ref change 34823)
      Re: File::Path regression in 5.8.9

Glenn Linderman (1):
      Re: New version diagnostic breaks a bunch of modules.

Goro Fuji (4):
      [perl #54828] perlio.c has a problem (both 5.8 and 5.10)
      Re: [perl #57322] perlbug AutoReply: ungetc() to :scalar might cause problems
      [perl #54828] perlio.c has a problem (both 5.8 and 5.10)
      Re: [perl #56644] PerlIO resource leaks on open() and then :pop in :unix and :stdio

Graham Barr (21):
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils 1.08
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils 1.09
      Sync with 1.10
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils 1.11
      Sync with libnet-1.13
      Sync with libnet 1.14
      Sync with libnet 1.15
      Sync with libnet 1.16
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils 1.12
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils 1.13
      Sync with libnet 1.17
      Re: [perl #24346] pulling in stuff from outside the substr lvalue
      Sync with libnet 1.18
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils-1.14
      Sync to libnet-1.19
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils-1.15
      Update to Scalar-List-Utils-1.17
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #32383] DProf breaks List::Util::shuffle
      Update to IO-1.23
      Upgrade to Scalar-List-Utils-1.19
      Restore change 27486 accidently removed (also added to 1.19 before release)

Greg Matheson (6):
      Re: 5.8.1 and gcc-3.2.3 (& Win98)
      Portability nit for MinGW 3.
      Re: [PATCH] Add "Camel" logo icon to perl.exe on Windows
      Re: [PATCH] Add "Camel" logo icon to perl.exe on Windows touchup for distclean on Win98
      makefile.95 tweak

Gurusamy Sarathy (51):
      document setting the email address
      Re: Is this true that Perl 5.8 uses :crlf as default DISCIPLINE on so ckets?
      Re: [perl #18113] UNIVERSAL::AUTOLOAD doesn't work if the stash doesn't exist yet
      this has been incorrect for a while now, and has changed
      integrate change#18320 from maint-5.6 branch
      PerlSIO_stderr et al are not functions
      windows: avoid prompting under some shells during $(MAKE) distclean
      PerlIO_{stdoutf,vprintf} don't exist, should be PerlSIO_*
      Win32.pod update
      windows: support for large files
      fix for GPF in C<print Win32::GetFullPathName('\\\\host\share')>
      remove CRs from a couple of files (these show up as CRCRLF
      $Config{prefixexp} was set incorrectly on windows
      my_fflush_all() wasn't doing the right thing under useperlio
      these variables are not in use anywhere since 5.8.0
      fix signed/unsigned mismatch warning from change#18266
      silence another signed/unsigned mismatch warning
      save_re_context() was not saving many regexec.c state
      integrate change#18377 from maint-5.6 branch
      win32_msgwait() problem
      fix CJKT.t failures on windows due to incorrect binmode()
      another fix for failing test on windows ("use encoding" puts
      Config.t wasn't getting the sig_num and sig_size relationship
      fix for switchC.t test#6 failure on windows
      according to the new Porting/Glossary, sig_num doesn't have an
      there is no trailing NULL in sig_name or sig_num, so don't
      regenerate win32/config_H.*
      fix Embed.t failure on windows: PERL_SYS_TERM() is implemented
      add test for change#19475,19479 (bugs#21717,22140)
      fix for Tie::File test failures on windows: the problem was
      $Config{usethreads} wasn't being set on windows
      the \do {local *FH} trick in Tie::File was really only needed
      make it easier to reproduce the bug
      avoid select() on windows destroying errno (used to typically
      change#16723 broke the ioctl() return value on platforms
      improve the implementation of Net::Ping on windows by avoiding
      apply Net::Ping patch that makes the fork()-based approach
      missing init in change#19533
      change#19628 broke many win32/system.t tests, so back it out
      don't use File::Temp to implement PerlIO_tmpfile() on windows;
      resurrect change#19628 and make it work by generalizing
      fix for 09_gen_rs.t#59 failure on windows
      add basic test coverage for the sysio compatibility issues on dosish
      windows: fix memory leak in %ENV handling (shows up as a
      fix for perlio.t failures on windows (from Dan Kogai)
      one of the Net::Ping time-dependent tests fails sporadically
      mark 450_service.t#18 as a todo test on windows
      PerlIOBase_pushed seems to have gone missing in change#20018
      yet another symbol missing in change#20018
      glob() bug
      Re: [perl #34568] Perl crashes reading past the end of a heap block while parsing foreach statement

H.Merijn Brand (264):
      Re: [RE-PATCH] Not OK: perl v5.8.0 on PA-RISC2.0 11.00
      Re: README.aix
      New HP-UX itanium servers
      Re: Smoke 17703 /pro/3gl/CPAN/perl-current
      Server rename revisited
      Re: [perl #15326] Not OK: perl v5.8.0 on i686-linux-64int-ld 2.4.5
      Newdated info for HP-UX
      Re: p5p patches
      fix non-ANSI C++-style comment
      Re: Recent changes on the HP porting center
      formatting cleanup and:
      Re: [PATCH] A variety of README nitpicks.
      New low-price HP servers
      Callback behaviour in hints
      re-synced Configure to backported metaunits
      Re: [perl #17170] NetBSD and useshrplib config option needs d_modflproto
      Tabs erroneusly expanded to spaces, causing AIX to fail
      LEAKTEST is dead, RIP
      nanosleep probes as per Jarkko's request
      -Dgccansipedantic only for gcc 3+
      nanosleep on VMS not present
      MakeMaker's INSTALLSITEMANXDIR Configure's counterpart
      Non ANSI feature detection in enum
      Try #3 for Porting/pumpkin.pod APPLLIB_EXP quoting
      Correct mailing list archive URL
      Tru64 and gcc and threads
      minor tweaks in Porting/pumpkin.pod
      Happy chainsaw stories; The removal of the 5005 threads
      charnames pragma extended with :alias for customized
      The 5005thread todo list; 2 down 25 to go doc. ( reorganization for doc headers)
      Repair broken previous patch. I don't like it, but not repairing it
      Typo configpm
      Tru64, gcc -O3, datasize
      Charnames take 4
      repair 18139 (missing awk command)
      64bit Peek failure on HP-UX 11.00
      Re: ANSIColor 1.06 released
      Redone #18011 from metaunits
      Enough changes to Configure and metaunits warrant an update.
      AIX compiler version updates
      Use a more likely location for the perl binary
      perl version reporting
      More code cleanup.
      no more 'make install && make test' with shared on Linux
      Implemented AIX longdouble support in hints/, which now
      #19122 should have been tested on non-glibc system (like AIX)
      Even more promotion for -lc128 (long doubles on AIX)
      Perl *is* 100% 64bit compliant on HP-UX 11.00 and up (as long
      README.hpux now mentions the http mirror for prebuilt gcc binaries
      Changed conflicting diff options
      Enable hints to create call-back units that can act when
      Simplified the reading
      Describe how to limit the perl's default @INC during Configure
      Allow -Uinc_version_list to mean -Dinc_version_list=none
      [perl #25160] ':flock' not recognized unless it's first
      Document change 22192
      Drop optimization for -O3 *and higher*
      If someone chooses xlc as default C compiler, threaded builds
      AIX 3 hints split off from default hints in preparation
      AIX 3 support removed from default hints after its separation
      Added for specific AIX 4 support
      Removed pm_apiversion and xs_apiversion as requested by
      AIX hints stage 3: remove AIX 3 and AIX 4 after split off
      Skip the Net/Ping/450_service failures on HP-UX for the time being
      When threads are active we need -lpthread, but previous `fix' of
      Regenerated Configure after backported #22571
      AIX-4 with xlc does not like malloc wrap
      Test drives are fun. Implement ccversion for Itanium HP-UX 11.23
      Disable the edge case tests for timegm and timelocal on
      Integrated Time-Local-1.09 from Dave Rolsky
      #24121: Configure under turkish locale fails
      d_getservbyname_r undef up to at least OpenBSD 3.5
      usemallocwrap works on AIX, but not with vac-5
      add -pipe to gcc's default flags
      Several updates, major, and minor corrections, model updates,
      Backward compatibility issues for HP-UX 10.01 and older
      [perl #30450] perl 5.8.4: enhancement to hints/
      HP-UX 10.20 still *needs* -Ae for HP C-ANSI-C to be ANSI
      Trailing semi-colon are not allowed on #ifdef's in ANSI
      Be sure HP-UX' ANSI C compiler's PATH is found *before*
      First steps towards an explicit perl.exp-less AIX build
      gcc on AIX doesn't like -G on the commandline
      gcc on AIX 4 doesn't like -G on the commandline too
      Pumpkinship updates
      A new machine type, some reformatting, some reorganization
      Make AIX 5 + gcc work in 64bitall
      Added probes for strlcat () and strlcpy () to Configure
      Promote #23435 (strlcat ()/strlcpy ()) to non-standard OS's
      The next step in strlcat ()/ strcpy () detection and usage
      Since strlcat/strlcpy are not argument/return value compatible
      New Glossary and samples for blead
      Skip failing thread/wait tests on HP-UX 10.20
      New Itanium servers
      Just to re-sync with metaconfig output. No real changes.
      23669 was not such a good idea. More research needed.
      Rebuilt after backport start for 23674, 23675, and 23676
      Picky compilers (e.g. vac on AIX 5.2) do not accept statements
      IBM Released vac.C version 7, and changed the naming convention (again)
      Swap logic in BEGIN blocks to have Cwd's abs_path do the
      'what' cannot find ccversion if `which cc` is a symlink to ccache
      Fix for bug [ID 20020227.005] format bug with undefined _TOP
      Some updates to current status
      USE_STRLCAT and USE_STRLCPY now actually used
      Support for -Dusesitecustomize
      Simplify #24043 note now Configure can do -Dusesitecustomize
      Now that we have the full path, we can skip the which call,
      1. t/TEST now deals with SKIP as if it was TODO. This complies to TAP
      Drop d_sitecustomize again. (usesitecustomize is enough)
      now usesitecustomize is used more generic
      The last remains of d_sitecustomize
      Configure now probes for _LIB_VERSION support in math.h/libm
      Sorting still is a mess. This is better.
      Out of sync metaunit caused the erroneous return of the
      H.Merijn changed e-mail
      Mandrakesoft is now Mandriva
      for AIX problems? RE: [PATCH] Symbian port of Perl
      Put back INSTALL_PREFIX and INSTALL_PREFIX_EXP as they were
      Reordering config_h.SH after metaconfig now semi automated
      Added Porting/
      More possible re-order dependencies solved
      regen after #24627
      gcc hints were not yet applied to gcc-4.x
      HP-UX specific #pragma entered in #23890 is not supported
      New HW model; more on threads for 10.20
      Cygwin fails to open $^X on many occasion here
      Protect Perl_sv_2pvbyte () to NULL length pointers
      Redo generation of change #24898
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.50
      Take a larger margin to prevent 'X' failures in smokes
      Workaround localtime edge case where TZ makes time go beyond
      1. Typo detected by Schwern (#25151)
      tests are expected to fail if dirfd () does not exist
      I *DO* have AIX, and extending #25209 like this make it happy again
      use POSIX might not throw an error. Check for useful values also
      Use the correct gcc when more than one gcc is installed
      Some signals are more real than others
      sprintf now has all but two tests enabled.
      SIGRTMIN & SIGRTMAX on Cygwin both 32. sig_count = 33, but
      Typoes from 25261 also in expected for tests
      The typo changes from 25261 (of course) altered the MD5's
      ASCIZ is not a typo
      Added amd64 and x86_64 to recognized predefined cpp syms
      Reverted 25364 on authors request
      Detection of malloc_size and malloc_good_size
      Re: pod/pod2usage2.t
      Add -C to allowed $PERL5OPT options
      Compress::Zlib should not ask under Cygwin in CORE
      PL_use_safe_putenv needs to be in the export lists
      Add probe for clearenv (), like #25733 for unsetenv ()
      VMS does not have clearenv () according to John E. Malmberg
      Try to preserve the lost opcode alias info in comments
      revive probe for futimes ()
      Thread failures on AIX (and others) caused by interleaved output
      Itanium blade servers added to the model list
      Small update on using threads on HP-UX 10.20
      Test if the probed availability of v?snprintf () is
      1. Make HP C-ANSI-C work on Itanium2 (HP-UX 11.23)
      Add new mpeix file from #26807
      Added hints/ for #27189
      Workaround for initialization errors on HP's pre-compiler
      Taint handling for runperl:
      #27363 broke HP-UX (and others). if [[ ... ]] syntax not supported
      Backport #27407
      Glossary part for #27447 (madlyh, madlyobj, madlysrc)
      First stab at a more reliable Glossary. This now is (again)
      Regeneration after backports of #27447, #27484, #27485, #27488,
      Regeneration of Glossary and the underlying tools.
      config_H being the last part of my mkglossary work
      Support for -DDEBUGGING and its alias -DEBUGGING
      Remvove code that gets undone in the next line.
      Small typo correction
      Re-generation after backports of
      If I needed this now, I'll probably need it next time too :)
      Solaris' sh doesn't like empty if's
      Cygwin doesn't cope (yet) with gcc flags -std=c89
      Changed +DA2.0w to +DD64; Added notes about C ANSI C updates
      Regen for #28896
      doc typo change on jhi's request
      New shiny models
      <tr> isnb't the same as C<tr>, and <tr> looks so stupid in man
      Fix for RT#38169 & RT#38945
      $hex is already hex, so cannot be used in %X if starting with [A-F]
      Fix the failures in warnings tests when PERL_UNICODE is defined
      Change #29193 makes this addition unneeded
      The non-unix parts for localtime_r_needs_tzset
      1. Less Whoa there, based on a suggestion by Andy Dougherty
      Yet another step in generation a more reliable Glossary
      Extended based on Porting/ findings
      No more 5005thread messages from Configure for 5.9.x and up
      Silence some warnings during Configure
      Upgrade warning should only be issued if upgrade happens
      Revert #29454
      Introduction of d_pseudofork
      The overly-picky AIX xlc compiler doesn't like the style
      Open Configure to the world of 64bitonly environments
      gcc -dumpversion is at least supported back to 2.7.x and
      Superdome now also in Itanium series (sx1000 & sx2000),
      alloca () might end up unreferenced during linking.
      Documented the PA-RISC End-Of_Life plan; more servers; some IPF
      Typo in croak message
      1. Move #30327 to the generation location
      Major *try* cleanup: introduce $rm_try; Some whitespace cleanups;
      Missed quotes in protocheck for rm_try
      Leave try.c and include files where they are if we need them later
      More up-to-date info about the metaunits
      1. Add Unicode UCD version; 2. sort *unique*; 3. remove win32/ext
      Added all traceable Unicode versions
      Better help ; regen after backport #31114 ; RT#42886 ' in uname
      Typing is for secretaries
      PERL_PATCHNUM is dead. Long live SMOKEs!
      Expand tabs, add -A ccflags=-DMACRO to -h
      Extend the update info regarding Configure changes
      Doc re-ordering to have ALIASES and CUSTOM ALIASES together
      bye bye charsize
      Upstream netbsd patch. Also unified the whitespace. (thanks BinGOs)
      Part of the 5.10.0 bump
      The question auctioned at YAPC::Europe-2007 in Vienna
      Merged duplicate info about GDBM/threads on HP-UX 11
      Moved really outdated Y2K comment from INSTALL to README.hpux
      HP's ANSI-C optimizer breaks op.c (t/op/state.t failure); ccversion fixed
      Revert #31942, as it was inconsistent between threaded and
      Announce plans for -Duse32bit* options for Configure, and document
      Emergency fix for /tmp dir cleanup's for smokers.
      Sync after metaconfig backports. Some reorders were done
      Bring back the platforms that do not support -fstack-protector
      Missing test, adding $ to the other tests
      Intermediate re-gen for AndyA's dtrace work. More to come
      Intermediate update/regen in cleanup process, dtrace support
      Regen. Lots of under-the-hood changes accumulated.
      The return of USE_DTRACE
      Re-generated sample files
      New blade
      Update to Math::Complex 1.49
      Resync with metaconfig. Escape the last ~.
      Final move from meta-3.0 to meta-3.5
      HP 9000 End of Sale Announcements
      Revert part of #31039
      Embarrassing errors to find: missing quotes in sed commands
      #33988 for AIX 3 and AIX 4: missing quotes in sed commands
      Warnings-free for metalint-3.5-27. Woot!
      AIX might miss libm
      URL for End-Of-Life and OS/Arch documentation
      Part one of y2038 changes for Schwern
      Probe for timegm
      Be sure to use the correct type, so bits do not get wrapped
      Fine-grained sGMTIME_min/max detection
      Add probes for LOCALTIME_max and LOCALTIME_min (y2038 project)
      pv_uni_display () omitted backslash in output string
      New XS::APItest's for sv_peek based on my DDumper work
      Add new test file to MANIFEST. Fix tests for threaded builds.
      $! and $1 are PVMG(), but their content is undefined when peeking
      Storable and HP-UX Optimizer don't like eachother on 5.8.x
      Version up for adding hints/
      Allow s{GM,LOCAL)TIME_{min,max} to be set from CLI, and hints
      A builtin hard upper bound for sLOCALTIME_max to prevent AIX
      Add probes for *time64 () functions
      y2038 time checks have overflow checks. Added documentation and
      Two haiku files to add
      One more for Haiku
      Errors to STDERR please
      could we add usedevel to config.h?

Hans Dieter Pearcey (1):
      incorrectly failing test in lib/Pod/t/text.t

Henrik Tougaard (1):
      [perl #15398] Usage::pod2usage looks for perldoc in $Config{bin} and not in $Config{scriptdir}

Hernan Perez Masci (1):
      perlfunc.pod: incomplete select description

Hrunting Johnson (1):
      [perl #22965] Cannot set undef timeout in IO::Socket in perl 5.8.0

Hugo van der Sanden (143):
      Change version from 5.8.0 to 5.9.0.
      Fix email address for Kragen Sitaker <>.
      Main branch no longer needs op/taint.t version check.
      Re: [ID 20020704.001] my $foo = $1 won't taint $foo (with use re 'taint')
      [ID 20020704.001] again: #17678 caused test failures in pod2html,
      warn that keywords.h is generated
      Integrate from maint-5.6/macperl via macperl
      Integrate from perlio: change #17653 fixes bug RT15283
      Update Changes
      Re: [ID 20020713.001] chomp($data=<tied_fh>) strangeness.
      #17717 needed tests fixing up
      ext/B/defsubs.h also depends on the program that builds it
      pp.c warns that sv may be used uninitialised in pp_delete()
      missing chunk from #17725 causes lib/constant.t test failures
      perldelta for #17727
      fix test failure from #17747
      new files from #17754
      new file for #17756
      fixup threaded build for vstring changes
      #17747 caused bad free()s with PERL_DESTRUCT by calling newXS()
      upgrade bignum to v0.13: fix test failures and update docs
      fix bignum test failures
      #17775 changed reentr.c instead of, which generates it
      #17780 relies on unixy paths to locate own directory for bignum tests.
      Update Changes
      #17783 introduced an outdated test module, causing failure in
      Missing MANIFEST files for #17783.
      #17449 failed to apply the actual patch. This is it.
      update email address for Paul Marquess
      #17827 misses some win32 tweaks
      fix coredump after 64k-deep recursion
      printf argument mismatch in Perl_deb_stack_all() from change #17718
      #17836 (DB_File-1.805) misses a couple of dTHX declarations
      Avoid 'unportable' warnings for lib/Math/BigInt/t/constant.t
      AUTHORS: preferred address for Allen Smith
      #17859 misuses s/// return values
      setting PERL_CORE as in #17861 violates assumptions made by taint tests
      small fix to perl58delta for MIME::QuotedPrint, from Jarkko
      regularise whitespace and formatting in util.c
      temporarily skip failing Storable tests caused by #17869
      small grammar fix in Benchmark docs
      Update Changes
      #17931 checked for wrong constant
      missing '.' in test from #17932
      missing quote from #17957
      op/tr.t test is affected by #17962
      Remove use of caller() in, and tighten Safe compartment
      new files lib/ and lib/version.t for change #17990.
      Second attempt to fix Devel::Peek test of $ENV{PATH}, after #17956
      updated hints for Darwin from Wilfredo Sanchez <>
      Upgrade to v1.23
      Update to Time::HiRes v1.38
      Update to Net::Ping v2.23
      Re: [perl #18019] regex overoptimization
      Re: [perl #16184] Unexpected warning when using C<< open FH => >>
      improve 'atomicity' wording
      change #18030 needs the removal of ext/Thread/thr5005.t
      Reverse change #8066 and sense of test, to satisfy [perl #17763]
      2 lines of change #18039 had several problems
      change #18038 gives too many problems on t/450_service.t; disable
      avoid reliance on croak() prototype
      Re: [perl #17064] illegal legal unicode character
      integrate from perlio: changes #17709, #17795, #17796, #18032
      extend #13786 to cover the other four identical chunks of code
      Re: [perl #18107] lc(), uc() and ucfirst() broken inside utf8 regex
      Re: [perl #17605] strange behaviour (difference between perl 5.6 and perl 5.8.0) in the regexp
      Remove duplicate my() declaration giving warnings from change #18105.
      integrate #18144 updates to pod/perlport.pod
      integrate 5.8-maint: changes #18174 18187 18189-92 18202 18209 18214-5
      #18221 broke t/op/eval.t
      Integrate PodParser-1.20, with matching tweaks to lib/Pod/t/latex.t
      integrate util.c fragment from #18200 to undef SA_RESTART on MacOS
      missed the new file from #18224
      integrate Pod-Perldoc-3.07. This replaces the original inline perldoc
      fix #18266 sprintf format mismatch
      Integrate from maint-5.8 #18156, #18218.
      More email addresses for #18282
      One more email address for #18282
      regen-headers to get new API docs from #18306
      Integrate Net::Ping v2.26. (lib/Net/Ping/t/450_service.t should work now)
      Whoops, these are the changes supposed to be in #18318.
      Reverse #18285, for reasons given in:
      handy hint: getting a perforce change as a usable patch
      Integrate Time::HiRes v1.39 (for VMS build tweak)
      more on #18312: sv.c:ss_dup()
      more on #18344.
      integrate maint-5.8 #18301
      #18345 was still broken; should be fixed now.
      Remove duplicate entry
      Update Changes
      Re: [perl #18257] Attempt to free unreferenced scalar (in 5 lines)
      Integrate from maint-5.8 #18348:
      Integrate podlators-1.25
      integrate #18349 from maint-5.8:
      integrate (by hand) #18353 and #18359 from maint-5.8:
      integrate #18366-18370 from maint-5.8:
      Re: [perl #17757] s///g fails when using English & study in 5.8.0
      #18530 misses a couple of pTHX definitions
      Fix for [perl #20339]: "%lf" rejected as invalid by recent sprintf.
      fix comment in change #18689
      Re: [perl #20933] \substr reuses lvalues (sometimes)
      restrict PERL_PRESERVE_IVUV to things that should really give an
      outdent else-if chain in scope()
      fix typo in sv.c and regenerate perlapi.pod
      Suppress empty #ifdef blocks in
      Use the escape E<ntilde> in source files rather than the actual char.
      Shouldn't have added as t/run/switchA.t in #18739 - it'll cause
      Remove no-longer-true line from perlop
      More variables for change #18776.
      Add missing file from change #18774.
      Two typos found by Philip Newton <>
      regen headers
      Update all copyrights to 2003, from Jarkko
      Reverse copyright update (#18801) for files not changed in 2003.
      typo for utf8locale in #18907
      clarify behaviour of $a++
      add comment at undef postinc special case
      add tests for existing behaviour of undef postinc/dec
      Update Changes.
      Re: [perl #23171] Regex too selfish
      Re: [perl #23030] Error in negative lookahead with alternations
      Re: unicode regex problem
      build perlapi.pod in deterministic order even when functions differ
      Update changes
      minor cleanup for Changes
      Update Changes.
      regen pods and toc
      don't complain of podless .pm files that have a separate .pod file
      fixup separators
      Re: [perl #25269] panic: pp_match start/end pointers in m/^(?=.*(a)).*(bc)/
      Re: [perl #26073] sprintf miscounts padding when format is utf8
      Fix a bug in the cloning of regexps
      Fix bug [perl #27839] returning @+ out of scope loses its value :
      Re: [perl #28532] optional match of an anchor gets ignored
      Re: [perl #34195] Regex: Alternations within negative lookahead assertions
      Re: [perl #34195] Regex: Alternations within negative lookahead assertions
      pre{inc,dec} is faster, even with integers
      Re: [perl #37688] Unexpected regex failure.
      [perl #38710] localised stash slice
      child's processor time
      Re: localising hash element by variable
      "Perl_newSVpvf("%lld")" is broken

Iain Spoon Truskett (3):
      Re: perlvar phrasing clarification for $^S
      [perl #23080] [DOCPATCH] pod/perlfunc.pod missing C
      [perl #24189] Incorrect comment in perldoc strict

Iain Truskett (5):
      Minor perlrun.pod patch
      mini-[patch] perlrun "^$W" typo
      "without parens" vs "without parentheses"
      Re: [PATCH] perlreref.pod tweaks
      [docpatch] PerlIO layers in perlrun.pod and

Ilya Martynov (2):
      Re: [PATCH] Data::Dumper 2.121
      Remove dublicated entry in AUTHORS

Ilya Zakharevich (47):
      OS/2 REXX interface assuming Object REXX
      Morphing to PM on OS/2
      deprecated warnings
      Implement support for --help and --version in Getopt::Std
      5.8.0: two problems
      OS2 patches
      Re: your malloc patches
      malloc cleanup
      OS/2 build
      XSLoader revisted
      xsubpp: wrong code
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] maintperl - File::Spec cwd() stuff
      OS/2 API
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.1 @20218] OS/2 API
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.1 @19053] Getopt::Std
      OS/2 APIs again
      -M -A -C broken broken
      getsysinfo() broken on OS/2
      Two OS/2 portability patches from Ilya.
      OS/2 build
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.2 @21574] OS/2 build
      OS/2 docu
      sprintf() painfully slow
      make install: line noise
      make install not installing fully
      OS/2 update
      Re: [BUG 5.8.7] Another major bug in PerlIO layer
      perl5db on miniperl
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.8] Build on OS/2
      OS/2 compilation fixes by Ilya
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.8] Build on OS/2 - missing part
      Text mode wrongly set on pipe file descriptors
      OS/2: survive SIGCHLD
      Fixes for the test suite on OS/2
      OS/2-specific fixes, round II
      lib/ Remove code now moved to OS2::Process
      ExtUtils/ WriteEmptyMakefile() was ignoring FIRST_MAKEFILE
      SelfLoader after fork()

Inaba Hiroto (4):
      UTF8 regexp {n} bug
      [Patch] parsing under encoding (Re: [Encode] HEADS-UP; $Encode::VERSION++ to enhance filter option)([perl #16823])
      Re: [PATCH] Re: format, PerlIO and utf8
      Re: Parse::RecDescent triggers infinete loop in perl5.9.0 and 5.8.1  [perl #17757]

Information Service (1):
      [perl #17751] File::Spec::Win32::canonpath patch try#3

Ingo Weinhold (2):
      [perl #32717] BeOS specific Updates
      Haiku Port

Ivan Tubert-Brohman (1):
      POD index entries with X<>

James Bence (1):
      [perl #53000] Patch for featured TODO: make a reproducible perlmodlib.PL

James Jurach (1):
      line numbers are given % 64k

James Mastros (1):
      Add a small script to check whether a perl source tree

Jan Dubois (121):
      Use "cmd.exe /x/d/c" as the default PERL5SHELL on Windows NT/2K/XP
      Extend Win32::GetOSVersion() to return additional information
      Re: win32.c bug - handle leak
      kill 'INT' doesn't work on Windows
      Devel::PPPort is missing an aTHX when calling
      Internals::hash_seed() returns wrong value
      dup2() not going through PerlLIO abstraction layer
      Update Pod::Perldoc from 3.10 to 3.11
      change p4d2p to deal with new style diff2 output
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.1] make reentr.[ch] compatible with 5.8.0 again is not defining _srandom_struct
      setting $0 still broken
      Re: threads::shared::queue;
      win32_fstat has a potential buffer overrun problem
      re: [PATCH] for bug 28525: Buffer overflow issue in the Win32 distribution of 5.8.3
      Avoid USE_SITECUSTOMIZE redefined warnings
      Add Win32::GetFileVersion() function
      Run ICMP ping tests on Windows as long as we have admin privs
      Strip \\?\ prefix from Perl path in win32/win32.c:set_w32_module_name()
      Add Windows Vista support to Win32::GetOSName()
      mark cannot be const because MEXTEND() modifies it, and tkGlue.c uses MEXTEND()
      Keys of %INC always use forward slashes
      Remove unused USING_WIDE code from win32 and wince branches
      Reworked PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL patch
      RE: [perl #37708] [PATCH] wrong IP_ constants on Win32
      RE: PeekMessage() call in win32\win32.c win32_async_check
      Fix bug in change #26379
      wrong setting in canned win32/config.vc64 file
      op/pack.t failure on Win64
      stat() on Windows doesn't handle trailing slashes/backslashes correctly
      Implement ${^WIN32_SLOPPY_STAT}
      Reapply change 24432
      win32_async_check() can loop indefinitely; 5.8.8 regression
      win32_pclose() error exit doesn't unlock mutex
      threads.xs broken under PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS; 5.8.8 regression
      win32_async_check must *always* check for pending signals
      RE: [PATCH, no, really!] Re: [perl #38779] NAN's on Win32
      "smart match" description in is in the middle of "fallback" section should overload != operator
      Missing part of change 25676
      Missing part of change 25186
      Pod::Html::depod() doesn't work correctly for multi-line strings
      Change anchor generation in Pod::Html for "=item item 2"
      testcase for change #27832
      remove some cruft from
      win32/Makefile changes for Windows 64 bit
      RE: [PATCH] Implement ${^WIN32_SLOPPY_STAT}
      Clarify hard link support on Windows
      RE: [PATCH] Implement ${^WIN32_SLOPPY_STAT}
      Email address changes
      RE: perlhack.pod confused about POPSTACK
      RE: perlhack.pod confused about POPSTACK
      Add error checks after execing PL_cshname or PL_sh_path
      RE: Combining UTF-16 output with :crlf is awkward
      Makefile.PL changes to compiler Win32.xs using cygwin
      Move Win32 from win32/ext/Win32 to ext/Win32
      First patch from:
      Second patch from:
      re: [PATCH] Move Win32::* functions from win32/win32.c to ext/Win32/Win32.xs
      get ext/Win32/Win32.xs to compile on cygwin
      Don't destroy the Unicode system environment on Perl startup
      let readdir() return the alternate (short) filename if the long name is outside the current codepage
      Update cwd() to return the "short" pathname if the long one doesn't fit the codepage
      Implement killpg() for MSWin32
      allow to be used for testing Win32 module (again)
      Use short pathnames in $^X and @INC if the long form cannot be represented in the current codepage
      Update change 29607 to affect only Win32
      Add note to perltodo.pod about Unicode and file globbing
      Add error handling to win32_ansipath
      ANSIfy the PATH environment variable on Windows
      Re: [PATCH] ANSIfy the PATH environment variable on Windows
      Re: [PATCH] win32_async_check() can still loop indefinitely
      Improve documentation PERLIO default value in perlrun.pod
      fix a few references in perlfunc.html
      fix 2 environment handling bugs
      RE: $Win32::VERSION problem
      Restore Win64 compilation with the Windows Platform SDK
      Cast markstack values to I32
      RE: [PATCH] Restore Win64 compilation with the Windows Platform SDK
      Fix kill(0, $pid) on Windows
      Allow sending SIGINT to child processes on Windows *if* they are running Perl
      Cargo-cult fix for an AIX build problem
      Restore Windows NT support
      RE: [perl #42925] Win32::GetLastError fails when first called
      RE: [perl #42925] Win32::GetLastError fails when first called
      RE: Smoke summary results for maint and current on Win32
      RE: When is -DPERL_CORE required?
      RE: [PATCH] Skip ext/Win32/t/Unicode.t under Cygwin
      Fix DynaLoader::dl_findfile() to locate .so files again
      Porting/ -f option doesn't work
      Win32 is dual-lived on CPAN
      Remove dead code from win32/win32sck.c
      RE: Problem in Win32CORE when building PAR-Packer-0.975 with bleadperl on Win32
      RE: [PATCH] lib/Net/Ping/t/500_ping_icmp.t requires admin
      Fix commented out function names in proto.h
      RE: Sorry, no Win32CORE-update for you unless you use development version...
      document limitation of exec() inside pseudo-processes
      Erroneous binmode() call in
      RE: Change 32238: "Bake" the values of PERL_REVISION, PERL_VERSION and PERL_SUBVERSION
      RE: 5.10 code freeze and dual-life modules
      Rename "perl59" to "perl510"
      Correction to perl5100delta.pod
      Improve example code
      Document different kill(-9, ...) semantics on Windows
      Document improved support for Unicode filenames on Windows
      typo fix
      Document that $^V is no longer a v-string
      Remove Nullch etc. from x2p
      RE: [PATCH] s/perl510/perl511/g
      64-bit fix for Time::Local
      RE: How to load a "loadable object" that has a non-default file extension ?
      socketpair() *is* available on Win32
      Fix bit-fields for VC [was RE: [perl #50386] GIMME_V broken with 5.10.0/GCC and XS?]
      Silence compiler warnings on Win32/VC6
      PL_bincompat_opt should be exported on AIX and Windows
      Make PL_AMG_names and PL_AMG_namelens static
      Win32 process ids can have more than 16 bits
      Update Win32 canned configs
      Fix mismatched #if/#endif in Win64 configuration.
      RE: [perl #58858] Building Perl 5.10.0 in AIX 5.3 using "-Duseshrplib" option --> "ERROR: Undefined symbol: boot_DynaLoader"

Jari Aalto (8):
      [pathc] - Better error message
      [perl #41701] [PATCH] v5.8.8. pod2html -- F<filename> should add 'class="file"' in the HTML output
      [perl #41698] [PATCH] v5.8.8 pod2html -- Add <div>..</div> around the outputted INDEX section
      Re: [perl #41687] [PATCH] v5.8.8 pod2html -- Add --[no]fragmentuniq to support more readable <a name=..> refs
      Re: [perl #41691] [PATCH] v5.8.8 pod2html -- Convert RFC links to point ot IETF pages
      Re: [perl #41691] [PATCH] v5.8.8 pod2html -- Convert RFC links to point ot IETF pages
      Re: [perl #41683] [PATCH] v5.8.8 pod2html -- incorrect treatment of non-manual page refs like "this(c)"
      v5.8.8: (_gettemp): ignore dir -w test on Cygwin

Jarkko Hietaniemi (1456):
      Update Changes.
      It's all yours, Hugo.
      Integrate perlio (no changes, but that's fine).
      Update Changes; mainly to get the DEVELNNNNN stamp back in business.
      Copy perldelta as perl58delta, purge the perldelta.
      Commas, schcommas.
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.20.
      x2p/str.c signedness nits
      PPPort IVSIZE and SvPV_nolen
      AIX compiler setup sanity checking
      Tru64 vs Berkeley DB
      OS/400 PASE port
      use sysconf(_SC_CLK_TCK) for times()
      (mostly (Unicode)) pod nits
      OS/400 PASE symbol scan tweak
      allow using hires time() in Benchmark
      Configure locincpth vs Jaguar gcc 3
      more PASE wisdom
      Re: [perl #17174] perl 5.8.0 fails tests on NetBSD/Alpha
      AIX test shouldn't trip OS/400 PASE
      PASE saga continues
      AIX hints missinga  >&4
      enable -ansi -pedantic
      defuse installusrbinperl
      perl #17453
      no [] in tr///
      reentrant buffers
      No warn, just ERANGE (Was: Re: [PATCH] reentrant buffers)
      perl573delta delinting
      definition of MAXPATHLEN
      Re: [perl #17951] Strange UTF error
      t/op/pack.t: Tru64 5.1A gcc 3.2.1 no inf
      How pre-5.9.0 Perl can be fooled by a defined-or.
      s/Perlf/Perl/ (thanks rgs)
      Tru64 osvers
      Re: [PATCH] UTF-8 enabling via locale (was: Re: Redhat 8 issue?)
      hires sleeping wants libs
      Slight beauty tweak.
      $0 mofifying part I
      $0 modifying part II (HP-UX only)
      Fix up #18229.
      Until Arthur really adds the problems.t.
      Integrate from maintperl:
      One more (or, rather, less) //.
      The problems.t is back.
      Integrate perlio to mainline:
      Integrate perlio #18040 and #18043 (no real changes;
      Integrate from perlio:
      Integrate from perlio:
      Upgrade to Encode 1.84.
      Add a test for encoding 'utf8'.
      Encode 1.84 broke the subtest #7, further study required.
      Apparently some stdios have bugs (no! don't tell it is so!)
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.42.
      Make the locale-induced UTF-8-ification of STD fhs
      if (0) the PL_widesyscalls code for now: Sarathy
      Upgrade to 2.89.
      It seems the binmode() is needed with UTF-8 locales enabled.
      Fix 'use encoding' I/O for code points 0x80..0xFF;
      Integrate from maint-5.6:
      Integrate from perlio:
      Upgrade to Digest::MD5 2.22.
      Typo fixes from (from openbsd.bugs)
      Upgrade to Digest 1.01.
      EPOC perl address updates.
      Slight pod reformatting based on [perl #20284].
      Integrate from perlio:
      microperl update.
      Encode MANIFEST update.
      Retract #18154 (integrate of perlio #18507), not enough
      Upgrade to Digest 1.02.
      Integrate from perlio:
      Allow explicit -C enable/disable by -C:1/-C:0
      Try to make including patchlevel.h a bit more
      Update the MD5 checksums.
      Continuation of #18542.
      Integrate from maint-5.8:
      Integrate from perlio:
      Upgrade to Encode 1.86.
      Integrate from perlio:
      Plan 9 compiler can't return quads from the ?: (condop).
      Plan 9 doesn't really have the symlink API, from Russ Cox.
      Plan 9 doesn't do nm, from Russ Cox.
      Lest people get worried about not having PerlIO.
      Missing (STRLEN)casts.
      Update the pod list for Plan 9.
      Retract the %_/SVf change (part of #18456) for PROTOTYPE (CV)
      More of the #18600.
      Go even further (back) than change #18608 and revert
      Integrate from perlio:
      Fix and test for [perl #15549 Empty \Q\E not permitted]
      minitest wasn't working.  (The $^X /miniperl/ test in
      Plan 9: doesn't really do Configure (undo #18585/#18586)
      Plan 9: No Configure.
      Plan 9: Update the list of object files.
      Plan 9: Update config.plan9 based on Russ Cox' work.
      Plan 9: Supply also Russ Cox' original config.h for 5.8.0.
      [perl #15397] seems to have been fixed; add its test.
      The [perl #7471] seems to have been fixed; add its test.
      Also [perl #3547] has been fixed; add its test case.
      Plan 9: Add also sample for 5.8.0 from Russ Cox.
      Plan 9: Some time has passed.
      Duh, test -e ENOPORTABLE, I should've remembered that.
      Signedness issue.
      Comment tweak.
      Fix "[perl #20667] unicode regex vs non-unicode regex".
      Add the new test to MANIFEST.
      s/S_cache_re/cache_re/ for building with threads.
      [perl #19767] has become fixed too (by changes #18653
      Add the test of [perl #8760] (fixed by change #18656).
      Upgrade to Encode 1.87.
      Things forgotten from Encode 1.87.
      sv_cat_recode() proto was missing, noticed by Craig Berry.
      Upgrade to Net::Ping 2.28, from Rob Brown.
      Upgrade to CPAN 1.64, from Andreas Koenig.
      Signedness nits.
      Possible cruft removal.
      CPAN ChangeLog not needed, says Andreas.
      Dueling patches.
      gcc 3.2.1 does not have -Wall faith that tmp
      Make the patchlevel.h inclusion attempt pre-5.6.0-safe(r)
      Update the MD5 checksums.
      Update MD5 Changes; update checksums.
      Bring the CPAN Digest::MD5 (2.23) and the core Digest::MD5
      Also Storable really wants the PATCHLEVEL, not PERL_VERSION.
      The new(er) way of controlling Unicode I/O (and other) features;
      Forgotten from #18715.
      Clarify the -C syntax a bit.
      As suggested by Sarathy, add -DPERL_HIDE_SHORT_NAMES option
      According to Sarathy it's better have the Ministry
      NO_SHORT_NAMES is better than HIDE_SHORT_NAMES.
      Make also the -CAL conditional on locale.
      Doc tweaks (and one code tweak) based on Philip Newton's comments.
      Philip Newton has eagle eyes :-)
      Format nit.
      'A' is not 65 everywhere.
      Doc tweakage on -C.
      API doc tweaks.
      Chip noticed that the intended optionality of the 'IV' was
      Patching magic from Inaba-san's keyboard: fix for [perl #8769]:
      PERL_SIGNALS=unsafe enables the old unsafe/immediate signals.
      Retract change #18765: makes HiRes.t hang after subtest #11.
      A new try at #18765 (for [perl #20920]).
      Cleanup #18770 as suggested by Rafael.
      Add tests for the -C switch.  Depending on the
      An already fixed bug from perl-unicode.
      Integrate change #18788 from maint.
      Further Unicode formats patching from Inaba Hiroto.
      Forgotten from change #18795.
      Patch for [perl #9402], known also as "glibc _moddi3 bug
      Go with "right = -right" for greater portability, some platforms
      The -CI cannot be easily tested under UTF-8 locale with
      Narrow down the -C test skippage.
      Use a macro for abs() to avoid the possible truncation to an int;
      Upgrade to Encode 1.89.  The enc_module.t required
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 0.20.
      Further clarification on PERL_UNICODE's semantics.
      Can't test this without PerlIO.
      Try to give rcatline() a good jog on Unicode.
      Try to make 5.005-friendlier (see [perl #21339]).
      Couple more _r possibilities (found in a RH 8.0 box), and
      Add mani(fest) check(ing) utility.
      Handle also extra directories et alia.
      PERL_UNICODE explanation saga continues.
      Thinko fix.
      Good observation from Philip Newton.
      Define the Perl_pp_i_modulo_1() only iff we have glibc.
      Extra character noticed by Tels.
      Give pointers to runtime Unicode changes.
      regen_headers tiny tidying:
      Enache Adrian reads comments.
      From Inaba Hiroto: the UTF-8 length cache wasn't
      From Inaba Hiroto: re_intuit_start set a value to
      At Sarathy's request restore the bin5005compat Perl_foo_sv()
      Tru64: additional instructions for building a newer Berkeley DB.
      From Inaba Hiroto: DATA wasn't properly utf8ed
      Upgrade to Encode 1.90 (plus the one extra use lib in enc_module.t)
      Export the symbols from #18863; do not prototype (but export)
      Upgrade to Encode 1.91.
      I hate embed*.  Tell me what you know.
      Must not hide the protos, though.
      Remove the foo-old files.
      Comment fix.
      Integrate from maint:
      VMS has an extra \n at the end, and I assume Windows has \r\n.
      Patch from Craig Berry to resolve test failures in VMS.
      A rejected hunk of #18902 reapplied.
      Add reminders to intrpvar.h about perl_clone(), as suggested by Stas.
      Add missing intrpvar clonings to perl_clone.
      Missed some, cryptically.
      Upgrade to cperl-mode 5.0, from IlyaZ.
      Try to handle hitting the heap/data limit in small systems.
      Be more lax about the out of memory error message.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes 1.43.
      Get rid of one Cygwin warning by introducing a prototype
      Uid_t and Gid_t can easily be shorts and one cannot
      The 0, in the assert_not_ROK() makes IRIX cc to worry
      Solaris cc wants prototype for exit(), so <stdlib.h> needed.
      Better setmode() prototype for cygwin.
      """glob.*""" patch for VMS, from Peter Prymmer.
      Single vs doublequoted context is important...
      Missed one.
      WinCE tweaks from Vadim Konovalov.
      Tell how to possibly dodge 'Out of memory' errors.
      Ouch.  Missed one more, the void flags check (and exit() is void).
      Cygwin doesn't like initing the $0 mutex in perl_construct()
      Another finding by IRIX cc: non-void function
      File::Temp tests were failing in Cygwin if $ENV{TMPDIR}
      File::Spec: Do not fall back to '', use curdir instead.
      VOS nit from Paul Green.
      Some more stdlib.h inclusions and change the gccversion
      Hopefully this works also in Win32.
      Signal issues.
      Since Configure does the signal name/number probe with awk
      Make whichsig() to work also if some system defines
      Rework the @Config{/sig.*/} tests.
      whichsig() really does return -1 for unknown signals.
      Cleanup the File::Spec tmpdir() implementations:
      Better pass in the $self for a method.
      Needs PerlIO for :bytes.
      Make the :bytes conditional on PerlIO.
      Further potential pitfalls for the utf8 len/pos cache
      Pod fix from Philip Newton.
      Fix for [perl #21479] Term::ReadLine(::Stub) doesn't set UTF-8 flag.
      Signedness nits.
      Turn on UTF-8 flag only if the $str is valid utf8
      IRIX ls -l marks sockets with 'S'.
      This seems to fix (well, dodge) the problems in FreeBSD for
      Stay within known facts: what platforms the skippage helps,
      getservbyname_r() kaputt in OpenBSD (might get fixed
      The description of SIG_SIZE was off.
      Update the DB_File instructions in Tru64.
      Better wording as requested by Rafael, and
      Integrate from maint-5.8:
      Oops (change #19013 missed changing the Perl version number).
      WinCE update from Vadim Konovalov.
      For change #19051: a new .bat to CRLF.
      Upgrade to Term::ANSIColor 1.07.
      Missing final \n.
      Feeding illegal QP (like \x80) to this
      It seems that in Tru64 V5 gcc cannot be used to
      IRIX 5.3 can have PF_LINK defined to be AF_LINK but
      gethostbyname('localhost') is not that portable.
      In IRIX 5.3 being too POSIXly hides the struct timespec.
      In IRIX 5.3 the cc is awfully confused about the prototype
      In IRIX 5.3 turn off some of the warnings that cannot
      Another victim of IRIX 5.3's inability to resolve 'localhost'
      Ending strings is customary (typo from #19084).
      Not all compilers like #ifdefs within cpp macros
      IRIX 5.3 update.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.44.
      Some low-hanging fruit for EBCDIC portability
      Upgrade to Encode 1.92.
      Upgrade to podlators 1.26.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.27_02.
      Tabify; strictly speaking unnecessary but anyway...
      Document the _exit() issue with threads in Linux [perl #17057].
      MM_VMS tweak from Craig Berry:
      Cannot portably compare files if one of them is still open
      Spread IlyaZ's PERL_CORE detection trick.
      Make at least the thread count make sense.
      Make perldiag agree with #19138.
      Don't recurse from threads to threads/shared (since
      Heredocs and use encoding didn't work for SJIS;
      [perl #21839] perluniintro.pod: nice_string() doesn't escape
      Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.04.
      An unconditional carp is not nice.
      More WinCE tweaking for Vadim Konovalov.
      Future binary compat wishful thinking:
      Time::HiRes: Do not create files in blib directories under core
      The SvGROW() might move the PV.
      Few more words about safe/unsafe signals.
      Try to be more descriptive than just __ANONIO__ which is what
      open(my $fh, ">&", STDOUT) should not warn under strict.
      In case someone is using UTF-8 locales.
      Also locale names can contain illegal UTF-8.
      perlport information about portably embedding string data.
      I assume the idea was to use the *cwd variables for testing.
      With AFS the cwds have little chance of agreeing.
      Unless Inuits are involved...
      A temporary debugging aid for Tru64 threaded builds.
      The test doesn't work that well when -Uusedl.
      Add an option for the grok_xxx() to silently ignore bad digits.
      Noted by Nat: -0 didn't work that well with Unicode.
      Be more descriptive.
      Benchmark nit from Nicholas Clark (in OpenBSD the result could
      The debugging aid #19182 didn't.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.27_04.
      Upgrade to Net::Ping 2.29.
      Continue hunting for the cause of the Tru64 failed threaded smokes
      The lib/ipc_sysv.t test has a new name.
      Because we chdir to 'Big-Dummy' the lib/ may be at
      Introduce PerlIO::get_layers() to allow people to peek
      Bump up the version and admonish against aspiring (ab)use.
      Build get_layers() also under -Uuseperlio.
      Skip as early as possible if no perlio since the
      PERLIO=perlio requires extra steps.
      [perl #21845] "proto.h": 'id' is a reserved word in Objective-C.
      Add a test for [perl #17753].
      Don't skip the whole test for PERLIO=perlio.
      Big patch from Alan Burlison to make Solaris long doubles work.
      Backport of _most_ of the changes in #19218: not one big
      False alarm: no cyclic dependency.
      Handle PERLIO=stdio, PERLIO=perlio, PERLIO=mmap, and no PERLIO.
      The 'disable-longdouble-if-no-modfl-sqrtl' part didn't stick.
      Upgrade to Pod::LaTeX 0.55.
      Thinko in modfl detection.
      Patch from Merijn.
      Synchronize the specifications of the POSIX character
      Redundant test.
      Syntax terror.
      PerlIO::get_layers() usage tip.
      Use the right prototype and a glob is fine (from Rafael).
      Document the effect of thread creation context.
      What does an empty PERLIO= mean, anyway?
      A -C parsed from the #! line can still have line endings in it.
      Try to get the layers.t working also for dosish platforms.
      Handle PERLIO= and document a bit.
      Fix up Larry's copyright statements to my best knowledge.
      Detect the 'fast stdio' case.
      More maneuvering closer to proposed POSIX classes
      Document that the open pragma does not affect
      Small tidying up of the selectminbits code, but most
      Regen Glossary et alia.
      Introduce the new *l APIs, undefined, to non-Configure lands.
      Implement -Dnoextensions=... and -Donlyextensions=...
      Unused variables.
      UTF8 regexp patch from Inaba Hiroto.
      Bump the test count.
      Upgrade to Net::Ping 2.30.
      If long doubles fail, we really cannot sensibly
      Fail if the specified -Duse64xxx cannot be fulfilled.
      Restore the two variables retired by the change #19268
      Give more information of what to do when -Dusexxx fail.
      Upgrade to Test 1.24.
      Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.05.
      Introduce two new Configure symbols:
      Add OpenZaurus cross-compilation patches.
      Argh, cut-and-pasto.
      Re-merge Encode 1.92.
      Enache's turn.
      z/OS: changes for building threaded from "Brian De Pradine"
      Handle the combination of dosish and non-faststdio.
      Regen Configure, Glossary, et alia.
      Introduce 'fast stdio' symbols to non-Configure lands.
      VMS patch for faststdio from Craig Berry.
      Upgrade to Encode 1.93.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.28.
      Clarify(?) the perlio default layers table.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.46.
      Now the -Dnoextensions and -Dnoextensions have the
      Document that restricted hashes are not atomic
      Add Dave Mitchell's test case for fields.
      Add a test case for [perl #15288] (already solved).
      Document a faint compilation noise.
      Detecting errors of reentrant APIs: getgrgid_r and the like
      SysV msg queues can be something hanging (witnessed in IRIX),
      Feel-good cleanup.
      If it's S_, it should be STATIC.
      z/OS: More threaded build tweaks from Brian De Pradine--
      perlreftut updates from mjd.
      The solution in change #19363 was too unportable.
      miniperl cannot handle layers.t.
      OS X test tweak.
      OS X: could not -Doptimize=-g.
      great_circle_direction() was broken,
      The [perl #21890] (Devel::Coverage breakage) has been fixed
      Solaris: make -Duse64bitall'ed to have an archname of
      Forgot to check in the -d: file.
      Regen Configure (no changes but that's fine).
      Tru64: PerlIO_tell() was returning about one _megabyte_ for
      Upgrade to Unicode 4.0.0.  (Well, upgrade at least
      Salvage 'use filetest "access"' from compiletime to runtime.
      Extra tweakage from Rafael for #19392.
      Must skip more.
      Plagued by thinkos tonight.
      Doesn't make any difference for the test but is more logical.
      Add Artistic as perlartistic and GPL (the Copying) as perlgpl;
      Integrate from maint:
      This way reads a bit better with pod2man.
      Doc nit from mjd.
      pack/unpack fixes from Wolfgang Laun:
      perlartistic and perlgpl reformatting from Sean Burke.
      Switch the new perlio way of opening anonymous temporary files
      Reintroduce the mention of the fact that the Artistic/GPL
      Re: Minor change to Who? How?
      Snip away the perlunicode slowness demo since the new
      Document which interfaces are NOT Unicode-aware.
      Worth a try for [perl #17146]
      More long double logic from Alan Burlison.
      Allow platforms to manipulate their archname by creating
      One more possible extensions permutation.
      Spelling correction from Nicholas Clark.
      Upgrade to Tie::File 0.95.
      Tiny nit from mjd.
      Missing files.
      Better skip this test on OpenBSD and BSD/OS since it
      Result of change #19458.
      Add the PerlIOBase_noop_* to the public API as suggested by Stas.
      Try to comprehensively have a plan B if a PerlIO
      Have to think this test more when I'm awake.
      In eof() the errno can get stomped by the peek-ahead.
      UseNicerNames instead of SHOUTING_LIKE_THIS.
      Try to plug more potential PerlIO NULL method
      Doc bug noticed by (terry jones).
      Upgrade to Encode 1.94.
      Add Encode's META.yml.
      Another doc suggestion from (terry jones):
      Clarify the doc (and the code) for Unicode code points.
      Test _getcode().
      Integrate from perlio:
      Fixup the method behaviour table.
      Separate the creation of the command to run by
      Try to handle a $^X with spaces in it.
      Slight tweaks to the platform list.
      Move the thread *hook into interpreter.
      More moves to intrpvar.h.
      Panther preparation.
      Work also without perlio.
      Detypo Pantherisms.
      Better be explicit with dangling elses.
      Revert #19498 since it broke threaded builds.
      Reinstate the #19498 but now skip the crashing
      Use /usr/bin/perl (de facto in Porting/ scripts).
      Curliff and liff with ease.
      More Panther moves.
      Apply the supplied patch for [perl #22195]
      The suggested patch for [perl #22201] "patch: perl 5.8.0
      Old (4.2BSD, like Ultrix) Bourne shells do not understand
      The 'quotes' really are important (caught by Enache Adrian).
      UTF-7 tweak from Dan Kogai.
      Integrate from perlio:
      Make the test work without perlio, from Dan Kogai.
      Ultrix: the #19435 helped the IO extension, so this should
      Slightly wrong panic messages.
      Make Perl_ithread_self() a bit more helpful when
      Meaningless cosmetics.
      Nekkid numbers.
      Integrate perlio:
      More Ultrix double definition avoidance.
      Further -Uuseperlio tweaking.
      U/WIN test nit for John P. Linderman.
      VMS test tweak from Craig Berry.
      U/WIN test tweak from John P. Linderman.
      MAN3PODS => {} good.  (Was in 5.8.0, has been lost at some point.)
      More U/WIN tweaks from John P. Linderman.
      Workaround for buggy gcc 2.95.3 in openbsd/sparc64.
      U/WIN extension fix from John P. Linderman.
      Linewrapping MUAs, grumble.
      Hasty editing, grumble.
      Noticed by John P. Linderman.
      lib/ requires the obsoleted (and removed)
      Add a real scan for pthread_attr_setscope().
      Regen Glossary et al.
      Introduce (undefined) pthread_attr_setscope to non-Configure lands.
      Missing "to".
      Protect against race conditions: if the pid is not seen,
      Run external commands only with localized sanitized $ENV{PATH}.
      Regen modlib and toc.
      For now reword the sysread/syswrite description to
      OpenZaurus cross-compilation patches from Redvers Davies.
      Document that setvbuf() is not probably any more available.
      Comment tweakage.
      Add the test case for the already fixed
      Fix for "#22375 'split'/'index' problem for utf8".
      A bit of networking notworking negativity.
      Upgrade to Tie::File 0.96.
      Interesting patch(1) glitch.
      Better patch from Inaba Hiroto for
      A pointless test, noticed by Craig Berry.
      Since pulling in File::Temp for tempfiles would pull in
      Stick with the original (5.8.0) logic.
      I thought I tried building threaded.  Never think.  Try.
      Duplicate definition bad.
      U/WIN: final (for now) touches from John P. Linderman;
      Whitespace tweaks.
      Upgrade to the 2.93.
      Retract #19667, #19660, #19659, #19658, #19657, #19656,
      Salvage parts of #19418 (the ext/PerlIO/t/open.t
      Salvage parts of #19667.
      Extensive documentation patch redux
      Tiny pod and speling tweaks.
      Tiny tweaks from Joe McMahon.
      According to Arthur this should help
      Urk.  Joe's patches were for the maint branch,
      Align the 'graph' property definition with the proposed
      On closer reading the proposed UTS#18 update required
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.48.
      z/OS threads tweak from Brian De Pradine.
      Even more getspecific patches from Brian De Pradine;
      z/OS makedepend fix from Peter Prymmer;
      SKIP label was missing.
      More symbol scan logic from Alan Burlison.
      Regen Configure et al.
      Possible fix for the problems in EBCDIC from Sadahiro Tomoyuki.
      On a real multicpu box the child thread could still be running
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.25.
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 0.22.
      Doc nit.
      Slightly amended version of the proposed patch for
      Further perlio doc tweaks.
      More perlio ->Open paranoia.  Set errno to EINVAL if there's
      The changes #8803 and #8896 that fixed JPL for use with
      Even more tweakage on symbol scanning from Alan Burlison.
      Define a cpp symbol, BSDish, if that looks appropriate.
      Apparently the __APPLE__ cpp symbol is not Officially Sanctioned
      Somehow MPE/iX managed to get
      Redundancy removal from Brian De Pradine;
      Encode simply needs more work on EBCDIC.
      Illegal cpp.
      Slight reorg of the binmode() entry. and add a couple of tests.
      Slight tweaks on the length() and chr() entries,
      Having to pull in the whole Encode just to get SvUTF8()
      Exercise the utf8:: "internal" functions.
      Followup on #19779: make the helper function static,
      Mention the Unicode::Regex::Set module.
      The FileCache 1.03 tests from belg4mit.
      Most often unused variables.
      Unused variable.
      Reindent a section of the file.
      Instead of fancy condvar footwork do a simple join,
      Add O_NOATIME.
      Even more glibc O_ modes.
      And even more glibc fcntl constants, this time mostly F_XXX.
      UNICOS: try papering over the Configure symbol scan problems
      DOCPATCH Re: $1 remains uncleared for failed matches
      io_dir.t tweak from Craig Berry.
      If the first argument of sigaction() was a string, not a number
      Oops in change #19809.
      Upgrade to Tie::File 0.97.
      MPE/iX gets serious indigestion on w-packed infinities.
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.10_07 (from snapshot
      A tweak from Alan Burlison for MM 6.10_07 that makes Solaris
      This change chunk doesn't work well with blead.
      Bump Time::HiRes to 1.49.
      Apparently this is needed for VMS (Craig Berry).
      Retract #19785 and #19756: JPL nowadays works without this
      More Perl malloc debugging magic from Ilya.  Seems to work in
      Show the source code location of an "assertion botch".
      Don't do sprintf().
      Allow for things like -DFILL_CHECK_DEFAULT=0 (from Ilya).
      For characters beyond the BMP the $bits will be undef,
      Debian fix from Brendan O'Dea:
      Debian fix from Brendan O'Dea:
      Debian fix from Brendan O'Dea:
      Until the Perl malloc problems in Tru64 are fixed.
      Move the (pseudo)seed functio for (pseudo)random numbers to util.c.
      Test tweaks for VMS from Craig Berry.
      Bite the bullet and apply the hash randomisation patch.
      Hash/Util.t and Encode/t/Aliases.t seem to be having
      Make doing_taint() always available (though not
      Introduce (global) variable PL_earlytaint which
      Use the PL_earlytaint.  (PL_earlytaint is a global,
      atoi() doesn't cut the mustard if the PERL_HASH_SEED
      Some warnings about the (im)proper uses of the hash randomisation.
      The two-for-loops is no more a valid way to walk through
      Retract #19867; the bug was really much simpler:
      The #19842 is no more needed thanks to #19876,
      Move the PL_earlytaint initialization to the PERL_SYS_INIT()
      Another spot where a zero $test{$max} can make things go boom.
      argc, argv.
      More coffee...
      More on the macro debugging and expansion.
      The joy of $0.  Undoing the #16399 makes Andreas'
      Fix a faulty alias.
      $0 test tweaks from Andreas.
      $0 doc tweakage.
      The 'contiguous' test for argv[], envp[] was bogus
      int is not UV.
      Integrate #19892, #19895 from perlio to compile and avoid
      Rework Time::HiRes not to need HAS_NANOSLEEP from Configure.
      More nanosleep removal.
      Regen Configure.
      Regen Glossary et al.
      Switch on PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS, not on Win32.
      Do the "aligned contiguous" check only if the arguments
      Integrate from perlio:
      Tweak an existing IO test to test also the change #19910.
      One more test (does binmode()ing a socket succeed)
      Even more :utf8 socket testing, now in both directions.
      A naked values() caused shuffling of lib/,
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 0.23.
      Add a new utility, Porting/Modules.
      Move the libgcc.a hack into a section for pre-1.6 NetBSD releases.
      VMS: with this, 100% make test in Compaq C V6.5-001
      Fix from Enache Adrian for the magic.t failure in
      FreeBSD $0 dance.
      Getting the whitespace right.
      ...and getting the comma right, too.
      Darwin: -Dprefix=$HOME/Perl tried to install to /Library.
      Better links.
      Fix for [perl #22759 insufficient format string checking];
      It would seem that in Linux 2.2 there is no way
      Nicer options for Porting/Modules.
      Apply Schwern's suggested warning code from
      Underline the fact that XSLoader is not DynaLoader
      No fancy binmode() if no perlio.
      Mention Modules in AUTHORS.
      Tiny tweak to perlartistic from Robin Barker.
      Extra light testing for the UTF-8 cache
      Add at least meager beginnings of assertion checks for
      Revert #19957 as requested by Rafael.
      Add autarch and Time::Local to Modules.
      Ask Schwern.
      Bump Time::HiRes version to 1.50.
      $0 is pain.
      Remove PL_earlytaint since the hash seed code
      line_t is U32, not I32.
      AUTHORS updates.
      No energy now to figure out what is wrong with $0
      Upgrade to 2.97.
      Upgrade to CPAN 1.71.
      Upgrade to Digest::MD5 2.24, with few extra tweaks:
      Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.06.
      Upgrade to Net::Ping 2.31.
      Upgrade to Text::Balanced 1.94.
      Upgrade to PodParser 1.23; but do not update
      More $0 sad tales.
      According to Tels our M::BI is _better_ than the 1.64 in CPAN.
      Allow $ENV{PERL_HASH_SEED_DEBUG} to work even under taint;
      IIRC gcc would complain about if (s = ...).
      The logic for additional randomisation for 64-bit UV
      Be explicit about the $0 pain in Linux 2.2.
      OpenBSD sometimes gets -0, probably due to fp fuzziness..
      Add PerlIOBuf_close to as pointed out by
      Make a read from a write-only fh to set errno
      Upgrade to Digest::MD5 2.25.
      Reintroduce changes #19723 and #19723 that were not
      The change #20022 didn't work for Command.t.
      Make the 'slow ok' feature optional.
      FreeBSD: if someone *really* wants to use the system malloc.
      Forgotten from change #20031.
      Update the CPAN mirrors list.
      MPE/iX tweak from Mark Bixby.
      Use the existence, instead of the truth, to decide
      PerlIO_read() can return negative.
      Try making PerlIO errors more consistent.
      Be more explicit than just 'characters'.
      Update MD5 checksums.
      AUTHORS tweak.
      If perlio is completely out of the picture, we can
      Returning zero from PerlIO_read() is okay;
      Retract #20056, #20055, #20052, #20050, #20048: the changes
      Refashioned #20055: we cannot trust stdio to fail here.
      Good catch from Gisle.
      The nanosleep() probe was kaputt, fixed by Mark Bixby.
      Mark Bixby ++.
      Configure tweak from Johnny Lam so that the
      Retract #20065: I don't think this is the right way
      In 5.8.x, fast stdio places still do use stdio.
      Don't recommend to upgrade the in the core with
      Revert #20077.
      Enable avoiding /System/Library in Mac OS X by
      Darwin/Mac OS X: if -Dprefix=/foo, do nothing special
      Test the vX => ... fix.
      Document the vXX => change in perldata, too.
      Rework the perldata vXX => ... entry a bit.
      Upgrade to Encode 1.97.
      Play safe and use the system malloc in FreeBSD.
      More Darwin/MacOSX paths twiddling.
      Fix for the 'print v65' plus safety tweaks from Rafael.
      Fixes from Ron Kimball.
      perlfaq sync.
      Deprecate v-strings.
      Upgrade to podlators 1.27.
      Argh.  At least AIX builds choke because of this.
      Retract #20112.
      The *right* way to make the csighandler visible.
      malloc alignment patch from Spider, needed for Tru64 + longdouble.
      I can see the future.  It is cloudy.
      Time travel noticed by Enache.
      Be vague enough.
      &Time::HiRes::d_nanosleep was broken.
      Check PERL_HASH_SEED even when tainted.
      Chicken out: the hash randomisation is not on by default.
      Retract the statements.
      More retraction.
      New order of seed.
      I think the API for mod_perl v2 should be simply that
      utils.lst parsing tweak for bin/perldoc installation from Rafael.
      This should make Stas happy.
      POSIX-BC patch from Thomas Dorner.
      EBCDIC fix from Thomas Dorner.
      (accidentally empty checkin)
      Grabbed from
      Another missing hunk for MakeMaker from .org.
      Regenerated because of #20220.
      Regen byterun once more: the incav is not yet right, but at
      Upgrade to File::Spec 0.85.
      Skip the test until Enache fixes it.
      Upgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.28.
      Unicode::UCD doc nit from Andreas Koenig.
      A bug reported in perl-unicode by Terry Jones, fixed
      Upgrade to Pod::Perldoc 3.09.
      Reapply some perldoc changes not in 3.09.
      Further Byteloader tweaks from Enache.
      Add -l (one file per line) option to manicheck.
      Missing MakeMaker test.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.29.
      cleanup tiehandle.t to use, is(), like(), etc...
      fresh_perl_(is|like) were printing out the wrong file/line
      We now return to your normally scheduled hash randomisation.
      Upgrade to CPAN 1.72.
      Revert 20233 + s/GvAVn/GvAV/) + rerun 'perl'.
      Upgrade to CGI 2.97.
      Missing test file.  (Not very useful since Module::Signature
      Add $VERSION to B::Bytecode.
      Clarify the process a bit.
      More clarification about the hash randomisation defines.
      Prettyprint the constants list of defsubs_h.PL.
      Extra noise from File::Spec.
      (Retracted by #20267)
      Solaris cc didn't appreciate casting a long to a pointer
      Storable test nosewipe.
      Make Storable work with blead/maint by making PL_sv_placeholder
      Bump the $VERSION of core File::Spec as requested by Ken Williams.
      Retract #20260.
      Move the ext/IO tests to a more standard location so that
      No more ext/*/*.t, move them all to ext/*/t.
      These directories no more exist during cleanup.
      Slightly better failure output.
      No more wince/README.compile.
      More bytecode tweaks.
      PerlIO_popped doc addition from NI-S.
      The better prefixify() patch from Ed Moy.
      Reintroduce Porting/Modules.  No, it's not duplicating
      More perlio docs from Stas.
      Most importantly, don't try HvNAME(gp->gp_hv)
      Upgrade to 1.74.
      There is no skip() since we are not using Test*.
      DEC OSF/1 3.x did (does) not do sizer -v.
      Cleanup the sv_gets() logic for platforms with small stacks.
      Quieten MSVC6.
      Too many my $fh:s.
      The --destdir option to installman should be made
      Slight rewording on the destdir.
      Don't nag about Module::Signature if there is no
      Revert #20301, apparently the _SOCKADDR_LEN #define is
      MPE/iX fix from Mark Bixby: fcntl() on sockets on works. tweaks.
      Mac OS X: tweak once again the installation directories. add B::Deparse.
      Strip leading ./
      Rename Modules and as Maintainers and
      Use the CPAN id where available.
      Arthur maintains Safe.
      That's M. Schwern to you, earthling.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.12.
      Be paranoid about PL_origargv.
      Adjust the list of rmdired lib directories.
      rmdir t/lib/IO.
      Maintainers script tweaks.
      Match also on full name and email (though the email is
      Try again with the Mac OS X hints.  Now the three cases
      Mac OS X hints dance continues.  Now drop any special
      This is getting comical.  (Practical tip: never ask
      Silly gcc.
      Might as well.
      Upgrade to NEXT 0.52.
      Tests for change #20367 (and change use overload; to
      Final touches to "Apple-like" installation directories.
      Schwern says this is most probably an old VMS MakeMaker
      ext/SDBM_File/sdbm's auto directory ended up in ext/SDBM_File.
      Integrate from maint:
      We are change #20316 ahead of 1.75.
      Document the requirements for Module::Signature a bit.
      This test is pretty useless as it stands.
      The new PKI system is far too untested and rough yet
      One more tweak for Mac OS X hints.
      Upgrade to real 1.76.
      (retracted by #20390)
      Make consistent with installperl (and working in MPE/iX)
      Yet another bytecode tweak from Enache.
      Retract #20385.
      Enache again.
      Unportable subtest needs rethink.
      README.macosx from Sherm Pendley.
      Integrate README.macosx more.
      Regen perlapi.
      JAPH patch :-) from Abigail.
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.13.
      Regen Configure for the new *dir installation variables.
      More for the *dir changes.
      Regen Configure to use the *html*dir files.
      Argument sanity checking.
      Fix the options.
      Now the test should be really testing what it's supposed to.
      Regen Glossary et al.
      Update INSTALL on the *dir.
      Faulty check.
      pod likes whitespace.
      Regen perltoc.
      More runperl(switches => ...) finds (bleadperl only).
      Encode pre-1.98 update from Dan Kogai, sent from
      Missed this bit in the last update: couldn't answer ''
      Hugo's second thoughts: drop the relatively rare and
      Add a message about the LC_ALL=C workaround (for non-core builds);
      Only show the message if the locale settings look risky.
      C++ (or C99) sneak attack ("inline" function keyword).
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.26.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.15.
      Apparently the newly introduce -DDARWIN did conflict with
      Test count adjustment from Rafael.
      Rename DEBUG() and DEB() to PERL_DEBUG() and PERL_DEB().
      Upgrade to Digest::MD5 2.27.
      Bytecode patching from Enache.
      [perl #23216] ext/IPC/SysV/t/sem.t don't remove semaphore on NetBSD sparc
      Add META.yml and Stas' makemeta (plus extensive reworking
      Add some known cases to Maintainers.
      This is necessary to get things building for the VMS debugger.
      A suggested perlio doc addition from Stas.
      Reinstate #11125, hopefully making MakeMaker to pass
      Try to fix the INC in PASTHRU.
      Continue #20506.
      Cast away gcc 3.3 type conversion pickiness.
      More PASTHRU patching from Steve Hay.
      Various tweaks to help DJGPP builds.
      Make code agree with documentation (from Wolfgang Friebel)
      ESUCCESS = 0 is not true, but exists.
      NetBSD for Sparc (at least 1.5.3 and 1.6.1) seem to have
      If no alarm(), skip the subtests.
      Retract #20359: too wide a brush.
      Benchmark problem
      Integrate from maint:
      Allow hinting d_semctl_semun and d_semctl_semid_ds.
      Hint away the semid_ds test in NetBSD/sparc.
      Some AUTHORS updates.
      The #20546 was too ambitious, broke the test.
      Retract PASTHRU* changes as recommended by Schwern.
      Move the csighandler to be a data variable so that
      Two more tests for #20566/#20568.
      Retract #20524 since it was due to broken INT32_MIN in
      The libcygipc doesn't really work with the Perl SysV IPC tests
      Fix from Dave Mitchell to the recent from lib/Devel/SelfStubber.t:
      Some updates for the memory use debugging section:
      Reintroduce the U_32-ification to pad.c,
      Update Jon Orwant's email address as he wants it,
      One more PL_csighandlerp.
      Try simple workaround for the POSIX autosplit.ix warning.
      Retract #20597, too many resulting core dumps.
      Clarify the format checking instructions.
      gcc -ansi -pedantic cleanup; and a seemingly forgotten
      Explain the 'Wide character in print' a bit more.
      Typo fix from Boris Zentner.
      VC6 warning: result still unsigned.
      [@20616] perlreref.pod incorrectly describes \c
      head2-ify many of the head1s, will probably make this look
      Gotta Get'em Cases Right.
      Too enthusiastic head2-ing.
      =head2 ALL CAPS
      Fix for [perl #23287] segfault in untie.
      A new try from Dave Mitchell for [perl #23265].
      The Debian people have expressed a wish for the boilerplate
      No dor in maint.
      returning would be good, too.
      A generally useful hunk from Ilya's microperl patch.
      More microperlish faking in case no fcntl F_SETFD for pipes.
      Localize PARENT (based on Ilya's microperl patch).
      Apply much of Ilya's microperl patch, but instead of
      If we are void we cannot return a value.
      Microperl expects C89 (like the rest of Perl).
      Retract #20644 and #20643; on non-microperl non-fcntl
      Add perlcheat to the toc and perl.pod; regen toc.
      Multiline one-liners are a bit too much to ask.
      A better patch from Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes for [perl #23287].
      perlreref tweaks from SADAHIRO Tomoyuki and Ian Truskett.
      More missing pods for VMS.
      Do some updates also on pod.mak -- which seems to
      README.cygwin updates from Gerrit P. Haase.
      More don't:s for nyetworking.
      One tweak for microperl in OS/2.
      One tweak from Dave Mitchell.
      Make (hopefully) the Windows CR CR LF bug go away
      Make Johan's confusion go away, but there are no doubt more
      Add from Slaven for comparing two
      Alpha version numbers noticed by Schwern.
      A swath of VERSION patches from Nicholas Clark.
      The blead version has got the dor.
      Add a known exception.
      One more VERSION bump.
      Diffs-sans-version-diffs between blead and maint.
      Tweak from Slaven to catch also changed .xs files
      Make the blead versions of these be newer...
      All the authors of these modules have now been contacted;
      XS contents changes versus VERSION non-changes.
      One more XS change versus no VERSION change.
      Not so great a version bump, let Paul release 0.17.
      win32/fcrypt.c was forgotten.
      perlcheat is a reference, not tutorial.
      Upgrade to NEXT 0.60.
      Upgrade to PerlIO::via::Quoted 0.05.
      Add PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint to Maintainers.
      Damian replied that he'll make a CPAN Switch 2.10
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.30.
      Up the F::S subpackage versions; up the JPL version
      Integrate from maint:
      Integrate from maint:
      Clarify the E flag.
      Upgrade to File::Temp 0.13 from CPAN--
      README.macosx updates about known problems.
      More networking negativity.
      Add valgrind testing target.
      No ODBM for Mac OS X, even if we have Fink GDBM libraries.
      valgrind --help didn't return a happy exit status.
      Update to Filter::Util::Call 1.6 from CPAN, but keep our
      File::Temp 0.14 from Tim Jenness, now with OO interface.
      utf8::is_utf8() wasn't there in 5.8.0.
      I could have sworn the base class method was there.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.16.
      Warn about the slowness of memory debuggers.
      Use the base class cwd() method.
      Typo tweaks from Gerrit P. Haase.  Fcntl, fcntl, fcntl.
      Pod tweaks for NEXT from Alan Ferrency.
      Nicholas Clark's podulator.  The win32 makefile
      Try to unify the MANIFEST sorting.
      Still trying to unify MANIFEST sorting.
      Update the history records.
      These are kind of important.
      's buildtoc now.
      (From Enache) Keep bytecode files (.plc) around in case
      One less failure.
      Unnecessary whitespace diff.
      Nick's podulator was right, I just hadn't read the manual...
      Manifest.t.ation of Schwern.
      Patch from Enache for the crashing of bytecode.t in Tru64.
      Upgrade to Encode 1.98.
      Byteloader patching from Enache continues;
      MPE/iX does not have nanosleep() (the test makes
      Retract #19064, broke mod_perl flushing (localisation of $|).
      Rename the internal cwd() to _cwd() (it's not curdir).
      Underline the fact that abs2rel() makes no sense
      No more public cwd(), use private _cwd().
      Fix the syswrite downgrade bug of
      Must close so that unlink works portably.
      Mention the Unicode UTR #18 version referenced.
      Add File::Temp's OO test.
      No need to E<gt>.
      Do not edit perltoc since it is autogenerated.
      More bytecode patching from Enache.
      Advertise the encoding pragma at the utf8 pragma.
      Put the tests of the change #19064 back, but disable them.
      Try to make the use of utf8 as clear as possible.
      Lower Storable.xs optimization to -O2 on certain
      perlvms moving day, from Craig Berry.
      Test the correct longness; from Enache.
      The change #20809 opened up a code path that might leave s unset.
      Rafael spotted that vms/perlvms.pod was still referred to.
      Retract #20826 and #20831; things are done differently
      In the vms/descrip_mms.template	the perlvms.pod must
      Also MANIFEST the vms/perlvms restoration.
      Regen toc.
      Just #.
      Try to dodge getspnam() in AIX.
      Oops.  Why can't C comments nest?
      Doc tweaks on perlhack.
      Forgot to regen byterun.c.
      Move the note about known eval leaks earlier.
      More data points about the Storable optimization problem
      Add more comments so that one can see what is supposed to happen.
      Bad quote day, noticed by Philip Newton.
      gcc -O3 and Storable in Linux do not like each other.
      Update the CPAN mirrors list.
      s/rationale/rational/g on bigrats.
      An imperfect last resort in case there is no strtoul() but
      IRIX 5.3 is 99.90% okay.
      Various tweaks for getting Perl to compile on SunOS 4.x.
      MPE/iX doc tweak from Mark Bixby.
      Upgrade to 3.00.
      Keep the CGI::Util VERSION at 1.31 since there have been changes
      Change the VERSION since there are now changes since Perl 5.8.0.
      Document even more ways of affecting your "utf8ness".
      UVSIZE is not yet defined when it would be needed
      Regen perlmodlib, perltoc.
      SunOS 4.1.4 is working, too.
      pat.t -> charnames -> UCD -> Storable,
      The #20887 didn't go over that well;
      More SunOS 4.x info.
      The new tests of #20888 didn't really test what they claimed to.
      More ptags tweakage from Stas; now add 'fullpath'
      Even more SunOS 4 info.
      Tiny doc tweak.
      More memory lane.
      CGI::Carp from 3.00 was missing.
      PerlIO on EBCDIC on BS2000 advice from Thomas Dorner.
      No dynaloading at all in Ultrix.
      Take a cutdown version of the change #20903 also to perlebcdic.
      Maintainer catch from Rafael.
      Sanity check for BYTEORDER.
      Urk.  In Mac OS X byteorder is not one of the "known ones",
      Ultrix tweaks: <string.h> must not be included twice
      disturbing, disruptive typo in Tutorial.pod [PATCH]
      Add the script from Marcus Holland-Moritz.
      Configure is doing fine in Ultrix, operator error.
      MPE/iX gcc 3.3.1 changes from Mark Klein and Mark Bixby.
      Some Ultrix test dodgings.
      Better skip() explicit number of tests, test counts getting
      Comparing an int to a U32 makes VC6 nervous.
      Tiny doc tweak from Shannon -jj Behrens.
      Some perluniintro tweaks.
      Missed from #20942.
      Make XSLoader.t more robust (and sdbm.t more verbose)
      Tabify and re-sort MANIFEST.
      Setup @INC.
      Something went wrong in change #20929;
      This is probably a wrong fix for
      Fewer naked char constants.
      Upgrade to 2.0.
      Integrate from maint:
      Ouch.  Upgrading to base 2.0 made the threads tests very unhappy
      List the switches tested in switches.t.
      Add test for -v.
      Add tests for -h and (unknown) -z.
      Add test for -i.
      Ultrix VAX is like VMS VAX in floating point.
      Configure -r in AIX bad.
      From Craig Berry, following the example of the other podxxx.PL
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.27.
      An untie test from perlmonks-- worked in 5.6.1,
      VMS does not have quite UNIX glob semantics.
      Changing the test count is a good idea.
      Upgrade to base 2.01 from CPAN.
      use IO; is deprecated.
      Add, document, and test bytes::substr, index, rindex, chr,
      Bump up the VERSION.
      Avoid lvalue casts, from Enache.
      Also indicate the Unicode level here.
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt pre-rel 1.66 as of
      AUTHORS updates.
      A SuSE patchlet for perlcc -c to avoid
      Tiny perlcc tweaks.
      I think once is enough.
      Another seemingly fixed (un)tie bug,
      [perl #3763] code example error in "perlopentut"
      Acknowledge some known tie bugs.
      FreeBSD hints updates from Anton Berezin.
      More suidperl path disclosure plugging:
      One more known tie problem.
      Musty corners of
      Updated Sharp Zaurus cross-compilation from Redvers Davies.
      Vanity patch.
      Retract #21010.
      The in-memory files require PerlIO::scalar.
      Cleanup PerlIO::scalar documentation a bit.
      dumpvar.t: use Test::More;
      An empty test.
      More dumpvar testing.
      de0.t: use Test::More, add some tests.
      Let's require fork for this test.
      Move Config test.
      In Win32 the cmd.exe console output doesn't seem to
      In Win32 IPC::Open3 + IO::Select does not work that well
      The #21073 broke ext/B/t/o.t, retracting the #21073.
      XSRETURN_UV was missing.
      Add Hash::Util::hash_seed() which answers among
      5.8.1 was mistakenly redefining PL_sv_placeholder.
      Win32 is playing to hard to get but I do not have
      Slightly more intelligent paranoia.
      Mac OS X "last resort" recipe.
      Scott A. Crosby believes in not disclosing
      Try to make the de0.t test more robust.
      The IPC::Open3 is just too unreliable for this task.
      Bad export.
      Radu Greab is my hero (the recent cygwin getpw*->pw_comment
      Regen perlapi.
      Urk.  unique, not shared.
      Retract #21096, mostly: I had misexplained the situation
      strict stash seems to have gone, too.
      There's no particular reason to have the dumpvar.t
      Really do #21121.
      In trying to save space, the change (#21107)
      I claim that the debugger is untestable until proven otherwise.
      Cannot do perlio into scalars without perlio.
      Ooops, perlio into scalars was already history for this test...
      One more test count tweak.
      Warn more about disclosing the hash seed, from Scott A. Crosby.
      Retract #21132.
      Retract #20548 and #20465.
      AUTHORS update from Dave Mitchell.
      Adjust the test count.
      Document a PerlIO/Encode warning.
      A new UTF-8 API, Perl_is_utf8_string_loc(), a variant
      [perl #23770] Reading a latin1 file with open(... "<:utf8") will freeze
      No utf8 warnings without use warnings.
      If doing rcatline no point rescanning each time
      Detypo and explain better.
      Linenumbers for utf8 warnings were wrong, test also rcatline.
      [perl #23769] Unicode regex broken on simple example
      Unwanted "redefined" warnings in h2ph
      blead version of #21161.
      Regen perlapi.
      Retract #21168 based on advice from Anton Berezin (added).
      Retract #21149, sez Schwern.
      Enache still wants -pthread gone for FreeBSD 5.x
      Replace #21158 with a better patch from Hugo
      Upgrade to base 2.02.
      Upgrade to Pod::Perldoc 3.10.
      The change of not needing -pthread in FreeBSD 5.x
      More refactoring of the FreeBSD threads hints.
      More comments for the FreeBSD threads hints.
      Document the new strict strict in strict.
      Slightly more documentation for open ...&=.
      Some more tweaks on open ...&=.
      The buildtoc now has options.
      It's UTF-8, not UTF8.  (Note: not s/UTF-8/UTF8/,
      Make the new glob tests pass (well, skip) even with miniperl.
      Minuscule code cleanup.
      Apparently at some point doing 3-arg open with
      Layer names were recognized by their prefixes
      The "perlio: " prefix looks a little odd
      More PerlIO warnings changes.
      pod changes, so change $VERSION.
      parse_version doesn't always succeed.
      Use $Config{_exe}.
      More dup testing.
      More portable reading.
      Also IRIX wants setlogsock('stream').
      For-non-perlio places we need STDOUT back.
      Check the context of for/grep/map.
      Upgrade to base 2.03.
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.17.
      Upgrade to File::Spec 0.85_03.
      The test is not needed, says Schwern.
      Make the VERSION of File::Spec be 0.86, otherwise File::Temp's
      Give a concrete example of the still existing Unicode slowness.
      More suggested patches for NCR MP-RAS from Andy Dougherty.
      Fix Solaris ccversion not having the cc version.
      The AIX C product potentially consists of several packages,
      A potential fix for non-empty LD in Unix.
      Make it possible to override the mistrustnm hint in Solaris.
      Patch from Enache Adrian for the new tricks of gcc 3.4
      Missed OS/2 patch hunk.
      ld has many guises.
      Tests for change #21284.
      In FreeBSD allow one to try using Perl's malloc with threads.
      Retract #21273, #21264, and #21263 as requested by Schwern.
      More PerlIO documentation.
      One obvious place to look for PerlIO implementations.
      Tweak the section name to agree with the change #21295.
      Macrofy the compile/runtime test.
      Handle also the curliffy files when tocing.
      Regen toc. 1.76_01 from Andreas.
      Upgrade to Getopt::Long 2.33_03.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.51.
      Some more perlio doc tweaks based on NI-S.
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt 1.66.
      An error message need not be a novel.
      The RCs have been missing CRs from certain files because
      Stray CRs noticed by Jan Dubois.
      [perl #23979] GSM 03.38 mapping in Encoding::Byte is incorrect
      Bump the Encode version to 1.9801 since we are no more identical
      Let's call it 2.34, already (from Johan).
      perliol tweaks.
      Someone actually reads the Makefile.PL messages, it seems.
      A fix from Graham for
      Even though undefing SPACE and FORMAT should be safe,
      AUTHORS tweak.
      CPAN sites update.
      Missing +x bits.
      doc nits
      more uni doc tweakage
      Speed up the unicode case mappings (for /i, lc, uc, etc).
      malloc wrappage
      pumpkin fodder
      Re: "fuzzy" in mktables
      BOM-marked and (BOMless) UTF-16 scripts not working
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Lack of error for large string on Solaris
      Re: Segfault using HTML::Entities
      encoding and open pragmas
      Re-apply the part of:
      Makefile.SH: de-parallelise mktables
      Re: uc($long_utf8_string) exhausts memory
      Re: [PATCH] do not assume quads or long doubles
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 23792 FAIL(F) osf1 V5.1 (21264A)/4 cpu)
      Re: uc($long_utf8_string) exhausts memory
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 23792 FAIL(F) osf1 V5.1 (21264A)/4 cpu)
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 23863 FAIL(F) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP1 (x86/1 cpu)
      Unicode 4.1.0
      Symbian port of Perl
      (in blead) a missing const in a prototype
      one cannot "static" exported functions
      potential [PATCH] Tru64 crank up strictness
      perl 5.9.x (@ 24471): Symbian update
      more about __attribute__
      ExtUtils::CBuilder Tru64 support
      xsubpp, ParseXS: allow other suffix beyond .c
      MPE/iX has no lchown()
      Re: t/uni/class.t has a lot to warn about
      Re: updated tru64 cc [PATCH]es (Re: [PATCH]es: Tru64/blead)
      speed up is_utf8_char()
      further speeding up of is_utf8_string()
      Tru64: allow creating perl.pixie even with optimized Perl
      Re: [perl #36130] chr(-1) should probably return undef
      one more round of is_utf8_foo tuneup
      instead of unions use double cast for data pointer <-> function pointer
      some dusting off of the cross-compilation information
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Re: a blead warning from tru64
      yet another way of debugging memory allocations
      yet another way of debugging memory allocations
      Make PERL_MEM_LOG more portable.
      allow POSIX SIGRTMIN...SIGRTMAX signals (and plug a core dump)
      move NSIG logic
      support POSIX SA_SIGINFO
      Re: [PATCH] support POSIX SA_SIGINFO
      Re: [PATCH] Tru64: use -c99 for ccflags if available
      Re: [PATCH] undup
      5.9.x (and 5.8.x): Symbian update
      Math::Complex and Math::Trig updates (Re: [perl #37117] Math::Complex atan2 bug)
      5.9.x@25609 Symbian update
      Symbian bleadperl@25725 update
      Symbian blead fix
      Symbian blead update: Symbian port 0.2.0
      blead@25775 Symbian update
      another Symbian update: Alan's fault :-)
      even more Symbian
      Symbian: New vs New
      missed some SYMBIAN ifdefs
      blead 25801: Symbian batch of today
      Symbian/beginnings of Series 80 support
      Symbian/beginnings of Series 80 support
      Symbian/beginnings of Series 80 support
      Symbian: better Series 80 support
      Re: [PATCH] predecrement vs postdecrement
      Re: [PATCH] predecrement vs postdecrement
      Symbian port 0.3.0 as of blead@25911
      Symbian update blead@26025
      blead@26052 Symbian update
      Math::Trig: blead and maint (doc patch only): s/Bay/Gulf/ and do away with bad quotes
      Configure: stdio char (un)signedness
      sprinkle dVAR
      hints/ (Re: blead@26701 compilation warning from tru64 cc)
      blead: format warnings
      Tru64: -Uusedl: lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t
      maint and blead: hints
      5.8.8: Unicos test skip (and for the record: and harness results)
      Turn on match string copying when /e flag is set on a substitution.
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #38612] Data::Dumper core dump in 5.8.6, fixed by 5.8.7
      Re: [perl #38657] -d:Foo=bar broke in 5.8.8
      a bit 'use strict' cleanliness
      re-[PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Poison now in two different flavours!
      sv.c, rs.t, perlvar.pod (Coverity finding: did you know what happens with $/=\0?)
      perlio.c: Coverity finding: finding false (Coverity not able to follow vtable logic) but adding an assert
      Re: [PATCH] locale.c: Coverity finding
      Re: [PATCH] perlio.c: Coverity finding: finding false (Coverity notable to follow vtable logic) but adding an assert
      es: quiet some warnings (with a free AIX cpp insanity avoidance tip)
      pp_sys.c: some Coverity findings: NULL guards for io pointers
      pp_sys.c: some Coverity findings: NULL guards for format cv
      locale.c: more Safefree() (Coverity finding)
      perlio.c: false Coverity finding (it cannot see that two pointers are the same): but help Coverity by removing the temp ptr
      regcomp.c (try II): use &PL_sv_undef for listsv as suggested by Nick
      regexec.c: move NULL check earlier to make Coverity happier
      regexec.c: (Coverity) move NULL check even earlier
      regexec.c: (Coverity) add NULL check
      perlio.c: (Coverity) eliminate temp ptr that confuses Coverity into thinking there is a resource leak
      doop.c: (Coverity) found a bug but not quite what Coverity thought it did (try valgrind on the new bop.t without the doop.c patch)
      perlio.c: layer data might be allocated and unused (Coverity)
      The danger of piping an mbox to patch is that it contains more than
      dooop.c: the strong asserts in Sv* macros could cause memory leakage -- move the macro calls earlier (Coverity CID 84)
      (tentative) regcomp.c: try convincing Coverity that data ptr in study_chunk is non-NULL when needed
      Re: [PATCH] use snprintf/strlcpy/strlcat when useful
      two [PATCH]es: dVAR for malloc.c, and a signed/unsigned char*
      reduce gcc -ansi -pedantic noise plus a suggestion
      more -ansi -pedantic cleanliness
      signed vs unsigned char * nit
      toke.c: function pointer to data pointer
      microperl update
      hv.c: do zeroing via mem wrap check
      pp_sys.c: U8* cast
      PERL_MEM_LOG enhancements
      Re: [PATCH] my_snprintf
      sv.c: printf %d wants int not size_t
      Re: Change 28183 has broken 64-bit builds?
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Change 28183 has broken 64-bit builds?
      strlcat aaargh
      SysV IPC
      DynaLoader.t: less assumptions
      perlio.c: nobody was freeing PL_perlio_fd_refcnt, now PerlIO_cleanup() is
      skip t/op/incfilter.t for "make clean;make miniperl;make minitest"
      mg.c: using #ifdef inside a macro call ENONPORTABLE (causes e.g. AIX to barf)
      cflags.SH: rework the gcc warnings selection
      Re: blead trie problems in tru64 with -DDEBUGGING
      cflags.SH: scan the gcc warning flags only once, during .SH expansion
      POSIX test improvements on True64
      some coding guidelines/tips to perlhack (+ one perltodo)
      perlhack: more portability musings
      perlhack: argh...
      z/OS: hints/ and Makefile.SH
      sysconf.t: still failing in tru64, try harder to skip
      z/OS: t/ - mostly EBCDIC fixes
      Relink to use temp file forced on current dir in mpeix
      z/OS: non-CPAN ext and lib + main() without the third arg + Stephen McCamant's comment
      z/OS: CPAN-ized ext/ and lib/
      -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE tweaks (done_sanity_check global? yech!)
      Re: [PATCH] cflags.SH: add -std=c89
      cflags.SH: add missing C files
      various safety/portability tweaks
      Re: [PATCH] various safety/portability tweaks
      perlhack: advertise Configure -Dgccansipedantic
      MIME::Base64 quoted-print.t: z/OS (EBCDIC)
      make magic vtables const if PERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE
      z/OS: pp_sys.c, reg*.c, toke.c, utf8.c
      Tru64: if cc given both -O and -g, -g must be -g3
      z/OS: an easy test nit
      (back) towards g++ compilation (in Tru64, and elsewhere)
      solution(?) to the "warning: comparison is always false dueto limited range of data type" with New*()
      op/stat.t: SKIP count fix in case of no dirfd()
      ANSI-C headers in test snippets to please g++ (and the rest)
      g++ dNOOP (luckily one can mix code and decls in C++)
      g++ heavy shoveling
      g++ heavy shoveling
      more g++ in Tru64
      Tru64 oops
      g++ large patch
      g++ stage 1 reached
      doio.c: vararg NULLs must be cast right
      g++: gethostbyaddr, and more Tru64 defines
      perlhack.pod: more portability pitfalls
      Re: A large-ish C++ TODO (Re: [PATCH] g++ stage 1 reached)
      g++/Solaris: force d_dlopen=define
      bytecode.t failures in Tru64: svtype (enum) is int, not long
      g++/Tru64: got perl linking once got the linkage right
      g++/x2p (better version)
      perlhack.pod: small porta-tweaks (this time without pod2man :-)
      g++: fix Digest::MD5, Math::BigInt::FastCalc, ODBM_File, XS::APItest (and Time::HiRes 1.88 in CPAN)
      UCD 5.0.0
      C++: Solaris CC now compiles "perl"
      Accumulated fixes from earlier backports, amongst of which:
      (1) g++ 4.x (or Mac OS X) (2) Solaris g++ or CC
      C++ Encode
      util.c: restore Perl_my_setenv() to pre-28814
      C++: add -Wno-used-parameter, and drop ODBM_File
      deal with some gcc warnings
      Re: Change 28877: [PATCH] deal with some gcc warnings
      reentr reshuffle
      Re: reentr reshuffle
      PerlIO::scalar (aka open(my $fh, >\$foo)): zero-filling seekand don't talk to negative strangers
      perldiag.pod: followup on the PerlIO::scalar patch
      Re: [PATCH] cflags.SH: rethink of the gcc -std=c89 and -pedantic
      const sv_reftype
      cflags.SH: strip -std=c89 for g++
      Re: [PATCH] regexec.c: goto crossing initialization
      Digest::SHA 5.43_01 - ANSIfy src/hmac.c
      Encode.xs: add an explicit cast to make g++ happier
      Linux and Solaris hints: C++ vs dlerror
      enc2xs and C++: add extern "C" to  data
      C++: class is a keyword
      ext re: C++: EXTERN_C needed, and where did sub install() go?
      blead valgrind finding
      Re: Change 29050: Memory leak fix, by Jarkko
      regcomp.c: printf arg casts
      (2nd version) small tweaks based on smoke signs
      Makefile.SH: lib/ often messes restarted parallel makes
      perlhack: some portability updates
      smoke signs suppression
      No code specified for -.
      perltodo.pod: add perlio todos/thinkabouts
      Re: When should PERL_SYS_TERM() be called? [was: Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] abstract mempool header testing]
      Re: When should PERL_SYS_TERM() be called? [was: Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] abstract mempool header testing]
      mg.c: #ifdef only the different bits
      perl.c: leak avoidance
      C++: regcomp.c and ext/Time/Piece/Piece.xs
      Re: [PATCH] do not meddle in the affairs of PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL
      smoke signs suppression
      Symbian port: add Series 90 support
      really should test compile in AIX or something (fixup after the Series 90 patch)
      Re: g++ unhappy
      Re: [PATCH] Symbian port: add Series 90 support
      Symbian/S90 further fixes
      g++ fixes
      Re: [PATCH] symbian/ patching continues
      further Symbian/S90 fixes from alexander smishlajev
      still some Symbian/S90 tweaks
      g++ wants cast
      one more iteration on PerlIO_teardown prototype
      blead (honestly :-) g++ with -DPERL_GLOBAL_STRUCT_PRIVATE needs tweaking
      dump.c: format fixes
      regexec.c: S_ stands for static
      DB_File with g++ and db v1
      Re: [PATCH] lib/Pod/ plus a funky UT8-8 regex bug
      util.c [PATCH] perlhack.pod (Was: Re: threads crashes in Tru64)
      stop the cargo cult of (MEM_SIZE)~0
      cflags.SH: 30327 wasn't portable Bourne (avoid '!: not found')
      microperl plus missing config vars
      Symbian sync
      Re: [PATCH] microperl plus missing config vars
      g++ in Tru64: align sockaddr and sockaddr_in defs
      sv.c: %d ne size_t
      DBM_Filter test: use std test preamble
      Configure (and Makefile.SH): remove ODBM_File early if c++ (this time even with the Configure bits)
      todos for perl 5.12
      Unicode::UCD: add general category and bidi type interfaces
      pp_sys.c: gethostbyaddr
      perltodo tweak on virtualizing OS/FS access
      Configure: O_NONBLOCK test uses fork() and pipe()
      perltodo: more vtable musings
      misc blead stuff
      Re: [Fwd: Smoke [5.9.5] 31775 FAIL(m) OSF1 V5.1 (EV6/4 cpu)]
      Re: [PATCH] Cray XT4/Catamount build
      Re: [PATCH] Cray XT4/Catamount build
      Re: configure failed in tru64
      Re: building mod_perl-2.0.3 with Perl 5.10.0 (DEVEL32096)
      RC1: In Solaris 10 do not use versioned solibs
      Re: [PATCH] various RC1 nits
      Re: RC1 build failure
      pod/perlrebackslash.pod: small Unicode additions
      perl5100delta.pod: do not confess bondage :-) and mention compiler flag tightening
      perltodo.pod: error message todo
      perltodo.pod: add -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE and -fstack-protector
      tru64: poison stack, write protect string constants
      ext/IPC/SysV/SysV.xs [Re: [Fwd: Smoke [5.11.0] 33016 FAIL(XM)
      Tru64: align fp policies of gcc and cc

Jason Vas Dias (4):
      [perl #37535] [PATCH] ioctl IOCPARM_LEN(x) should be _IOC_SIZE(x) on Linux, not 256
      [perl #37582] [PATCH] h2ph inc_dirs() fails to prepend gcc include search path, resulting in missing C standard headers on Linux
      [perl #38385] / $Config{cppsymbols} omits gcc-3.4+ cpp "predefined macros"
      [perl #39130] h2ph generates incorrect code for '#if defined A || defined B'

Jay Hannah (2):
      RE: perldebug.pod suggestion
      [patch] Sys::Syslog POD - $Sys::Syslog::host

Jeff Pinyan (4):
      lib/ -- cascading classes and '&' support
      Re: [PATCH] lib/ -- cascading classes and '&' support
      candidate for TR18 compliance
      regcomp.c, t/op/regmesg.t -- False range with \p and \P

Jerrad Pierce (3):
      Re: overriding builtins quirk
      Re: FileCache
      Fatal v1.03

Jerry D. Hedden (227):
      [perl #37919] Blessed scalar refs with threads::shared
      (2nd revised) 1st patch to sync blead 'threads' with CPAN
      2nd patch to sync blead 'threads' with CPAN [REPOST]
      Fix implementation of threads->_handle on unixes.
      [REPOST] [PATCH] Remove superfluous counter in threads
      Rework threads destruct call
      Continuing threads sync
      threads - consolidate XS functions
      threads - miscellaneous
      threads - formatting [REVISED]
      threads - stack size support
      'threads' patch to fix threaded build on Win32
      Thread signalling [REVISED]
      Better unsafe signals info in
      threads 1.28
      threads core dump in BEGIN
      Explicit thread context
      threads 1.32
      random thread test failure
      threads 1.33
      RE: [PATCH] threads 1.33
      threads 1.34 - state methods
      threads 1.35 - Borland compiler fix
      threads 1.36 - Signalling terminated threads core dumps
      [Fwd: Smoke [5.9.4] 28575 FAIL(XF) OSF1 V5.1 (EV6/4 cpu)]
      threads 1.38
      Don't promulgate Perl attributes
      RE: [perl #40227] 'reserved' warning not working
      Correction to POD for FETCH_*_ATTRIBUTES
      Race condition fix in
      Statically allocate the main thread.
      Bump version and other misc. changes. 3rd patch from:
      threads 1.45
      threads-shared 1.05
      Fix typo in File::Find POD
      Make 'threads' conform to perlguts
      Change MY_CXT ref in perl.h
      threads 1.46
      threads 1.47
      threads 1.49
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #40668] Data::Dumper fails to dump all hash keys when itertaor is not at start
      threads 1.51
      Re: thread free problem
      threads 1.52
      [PATCH[ threads 1.53
      Perl_save_destructor is not a mathom
      threads 1.54 - Adds ->error() method
      threads 1.56
      Re: 'localtime' not thread-safe under HP-UX B.11.11/64
      threads::shared 1.06
      threads 1.57
      Fix to Dynaloader.t for missing modules
      Use newer 'threads' constructs
      Test with Errno in autouse.t
      Re: [PATCH] Test with Errno in autouse.t
      Skip tests if Encode not built
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Math::BigInt and Win32API::File whines a lot during make test...
      Fix ext/Win32API/File/t/file.t under test harness
      Re: Revisits in 'make install'
      Don't copy DynaLoader.o unnecessarily
      'Unknown PerlIO layer "encoding"...' message
      Re: ppport.h in core
      Remove unneeded pragma line from B/t/
      Compress::Raw::Zlib doesn't need ppport.h in core [REVISED]
      Data::Dumper doesn't need ppport.h in core
      Sys::Syslog doesn't need ppport.h in core
      Change 30661 could result in undefined variable
      threads 1.61
      Fix to threads::shared t/waithires.t
      Cwd doesn't need ppport.h in core
      Silence compiler warning in util.c
      Shorten 'skipping...' test message
      Don't install
      Allow testing of DBM_Filter with any *DBM_File
      Allow any *DBM_File to work for DynaLoader testing
      Correct POD regarding $Shell::capture_stderr
      Add $VERSION to Module::Build::Version
      Remove 5005threads from
      Re: Thread.t hangs, even under normal test...
      Re: [PATCH] Mention sorting MANIFEST in perlhack.pod
      Re: [perl #41574] cond_wait hang ups under MSWin32
      Un-mathom Perl_save_I16
      Move hash action constants to hv.h
      Thread.xs doesn't need magic sig anymore
      Safely store user locks in threads::shared
      Remove ext/Thread
      Fix bignum-0.21
      threads::shared 1.11
      Win32CORE.c needed windows.h
      Re: Thread fail/hang on HP-UX 10.20
      threads 1.62
      Skip win32core.t under Cygwin
      Skip ext/Win32/t/Unicode.t under Cygwin
      Forgotten Cygwin patch
      threads::shared 1.12
      Gooder English
      Remove threads/typemap from Porting/
      Silence compiler warnings
      Less sed'ing in Cygwin Makefile.SHs
      Warning bit fixes to t/op/caller.t
      I have a name again once more
      Show warning bits on failure in t/op/caller.t
      Remove Archive::Test POD check
      cloexec.t works under Cygwin
      Remove unused Module::Build tests
      Remove orphaned (and unused) Test::Simple test
      Accept file exists error in ext/Win32API/File/t/file.t
      Add TODO tests for refcount issues related to threads
      threads 1.63
      Re: [PATCH-revised] ext/Win32/t/Unicode.t failures on FAT32 under Cygwin
      Move tests under 'threads' module
      Fix up change 31494
      char is not a good type to use for array indexes;
      Fixes to threads tests
      Address 250_ping_hires.t failure
      'make veryclean' still dirty
      Re: [PATCH] 'make veryclean' still dirty
      Win32API::File cleanup
      Silence diag in ext/Data/Dumper/t/bless.t
      For files ignored by installperl:
      Make installperl skip lib/CPAN/SIGNATURE and PAUSE*.pub.
      installperl patch
      threads 1.64 (repost)
      Test '-x dir'
      Fix some typos in
      Get Cwd->cwd() to work under Cygwin
      Revert/fix 31731 - Empty PATH taint test on Cygwin
      [perl #44999] ExtUtils::Constant::ProxySubs not thread-safe
      Suppress Sys::Syslog diag msg (repost)
      threads 1.65
      threads::shared 1.13
      Fix ext/Win32/t/Unicode.t test bug
      Force uppercase drive letters
      Fix ext/Win32/t/Unicode.t test failure under Cygwin
      Fix t/op/magic.t failures under Cygwin
      Test fixes to go along with patch
      threads 1.66
      threads 1.67
      Re: Change 31935: Upgrade to Win32-0.32
      $^E is not Win32::GetLastError under Cygwin
      README.cygwin update
      No more ld2 and perlld under Cygwin
      Check rename() under Cygwin
      /cygdrive is configurable
      Move threads test added in change 32091
      Gentler theads test
      pp_int should treat refs as UVs (not IVs)
      Minor fix in File::Copy POD
      B::Lint is dual-lived (revised)
      Fix overloading for 64-bit ints (revised)
      Re: [PATCH] Fix overloading for 64-bit ints (revised)
      Bug fix for storing shared objects in shared structures
      Fix VERSION in lib/Module/Build/ (resubmitted)
      Escape $ENV in comments in config_h.SH
      Must have /bin under Cygwin
      threads::shared 1.15
      const'ing in cygwin.c
      Fix cygwin.c again
      '~~' is not a feature [repost]
      Cleanup File::Temp test file (revised)
      Cleanup lib/B
      Move re::regexp_pattern to universal.c
      Fix range operator
      Ignore build dir when installing perl
      Fix uc/lc warnings in
      threads::shared TODO test for outstanding bug
      Unused var in perlio.c (revised)
      Read-only variable tests
      Don't install threads files on non-threaded Perls
      Thread::Semaphore 2.04
      Thread::Queue 2.03
      Revert change 33326
      threads 1.69
      threads::shared 1.17
      Thread::Semaphore 2.07
      Thread::Queue 2.06
      threads::shared 1.18
      Re: Change 33556: [PATCH] borg
      Re: Change 33598: [PATCH] Re: Smoke [5.11.0] 33456 PASS darwin 9.2.0 (macppcG5/1 cpu)
      Clean up unused 'popt' variable in perl.c
      Re: Change 33794: [PATCH] File::Copy & permission bits.
      Thread::Queue 2.07
      threads::shared 1.19
      threads::shared 1.21
      Thread::Queue 2.08
      Fix typo in perlop.pod
      Thread::Semaphore 2.08
      Silence build warnings in universal.c
      Thread::Queue 2.09
      threads::shared 1.22
      threads 1.71
      Thread::Semaphore 2.09
      Thread::Queue 2.11
      Thread::Queue 2.11
      threads::shared 1.23
      Fix malloc.c warning
      common test code for timed bail
      threads::shared 1.24
      threads::shared 1.24 (phase 2) fix
      threads::shared 1.24 (phase 3)
      threads::shared 1.24 (more)
      threads::shared 1.24 (still more)
      Configure - d_sprintf_returns_strlen
      Fix to Change 34120
      watchdog() some IO tests
      threads::shared 1.26
      watchdog() for threads tests
      Fix skips in
      watchdog() fix for MSWin32
      Add watchdog() call to ext/IO/t/io_multihomed.t
      Version bump for Data::Dumper
      Add cygperl*.dll to packlist
      Architecture-Independent Non-XS extenstions
      Perl TODO related to threads::shared done
      Fix parallel testing temp filenames
      Watchdog re-queue
      Don't reuse temp files in tests
      Loading modules in
      threads::shared 1.27
      Eliminate setenv_getix()
      blead is canonical for threads
      Silence compiler warning in perlio.c

Jerry Hedden (4):
      threads-shared 1.03 - Changes, Makefile.PL
      threads 1.43 - stringify
      threads 1.44
      threads::shared 1.04

Jesse (1):
      [perl #55844] [PATCH] perlbug refactoring and prose cleanup

Jesse Vincent (3):
      Because I like pain. An update to README
      Perl 5.10/Encode 2.24: Tiny typo in Encode's Makefile.PL arg processing
      perlbug prose patch (and some evals, too)

Jim Cromie (76):
      A *much* cut-down version of the patches in the thread
      Re: maint @ 19923
      [perl #24821] enhancement patch for B::Concise
      Re: tests for change #22539
      Re: stdio still supported?
      Re: a little extra cmdline help. [PATCH]
      various -V: searches [PATCH]
      Re: more B::Concise stuff (PATCH - updated)
      Fix new B::Concise test output
      Re: "Too late for -T" could be more descriptive
      additional -V:foo tests
      2 patches: goto.t,
      Re: 2 patches: goto.t,
      [ PATCH ] 2 added private flags for B::Concise
      [perl #31697] [PATCH] B::Showlex::newlex enhancement and pod
      [patches] optree_* tests unexpectedly succeeding. + maint-only patch
      Re: optree tests and VMS progress (no really)
      Re: [PATCH] Remove Carp from
      Re: [patch] decrufting OptreeCheck stuff
      Re: [patch] teach B::Concise to see XS code
      Re: [patch] teach B::Concise to see XS code
      B::Concise torture
      Re: [perl #36048] Refactor S_more_*v into one function
      squeeze repetition out of Perl_sv_free_arenas
      Re: janitorial work ? [patch]
      [patch: sv.c] reuse new_body_inline in Perl_new_body
      [patch: handy.c]  update Newx API pod to mention PERL_MEM_LOG build opt
      update B::Concise pod to reflect previous changes
      sv-head refactor
      regression test for 25352
      Re: eliminate discreet arenaroots
      Re: [perl #37907] Perl_magic_get reqires ridiculous amounts of stackmemory
      chg 26486 removes last use of NGROUPS, so remove the macro-def
      [patch] comment grammar and indentation, spurious tab
      Re: [patch] optimized constant subs are cool, teach B::Concise about them
      Re: [patch] optimized constant subs are cool, teach B::Concise about them
      Re: [patch] optimized constant subs are cool, teach B::Concise about them
      [patch] more about embed.fnc in perlguts
      [patch] arena rework - unify arenaroots
      [patch] arena rework - arena sets
      [patch] rework arenas - repair arenasets
      [patch] several broken make *.valgrind targets
      The two whitespace changes from
      arena-rework : consolidated patch
      [doc-patch] clarify -Accflags in INSTALL
      Re: Making IO::Socket pass test on Win32
      [patch] convert spare debug flag to DEBUG_U, for Unofficial, User hacking.
      Re: SVpvs vs SVpvn
      [patch] make test.valgrind capable of running cachegrind
      [patch] simplify optree test support
      [patch] fix small errors in sv.c commentary
      mad-const patch
      [patch]  add verbose mode to -DU debugging option
      Re: RFC patch - display src-lines in B::Concise
      [patch] perlhack.pod
      Re: [patch] perlhack.pod
      Re: The path to the Release
      [patch] readabilty tweaks
      a spelling nit
      grammar nit
      [ patch ] add line-number to warnings
      [patch] qualify OP arenas item in perltodo
      [patch] improve B::Concise -src support
      Re: [patch] improve B::Concise -src support
      [patch] s/thinngy/thingy/
      Re: [patch] clean out remnants of DEBUGGING_OPS (was opcode op_type:9)
      rc1 patch - delta, comment nits
      pod-patch:  reword
      patch - chg 32721 missed a couple Nullstrs
      [patch] B portability macros
      [patch] optimize OP_IS_(FILETEST|SOCKET) macros
      [ patch ] silence 2 possibly uninitialized vars
      [patch] Porting/ gets 'indent'ing
      Re: [patch] optimize OP_IS_(FILETEST|SOCKET) macros
      Re: [patch] refine make regen to be more selective
      Re: TODOs (was Re: summer of code mentor applications starting (and ending) next week)

Jim Schneider (1):
      Allow syslog() to use numeric constants in addition to strings for

Joe McMahon (2):
      {PATCH 5.8.1] Re: [perl #23651] Debugger dump failed for blessed REF object

Joe Schaefer (1):
      perlapi.pod tweaks, based on :

Johan Vromans (2):
      Small perlivp.PL updates
      Re: The Strict trap

John E. Malmberg (108):
      [patch] blead@25226 - t/op/pack.t undefined value fix
      blead@25226 - ext/Compress/Zlib on VMS.
      Re: blead@25210 on OpenVMS (not good)
      [patch] blead@25226 on OpenVMS/vms.c - fopen bug.
      [patch]vms.c - buffer highwater overrun in vmsify
      patch@25279 VMS error handling and const fixes
      [patch] blead@25282
      [patch] blead@25282 - VMS specific fixes. [2nd try]
      Re: [patch@25289] bninfnan.t setting include path to file.
      [patch@25289] Add sig_count to CONFIGURE.COM
      Re: [PATCH@25292] add nonxs_ext to
      [patch@25305] fixes to const fixes + Case Preserved start
      [patch@25305] lib/ExtUtils/t/Constant.t VMS fixes
      [patch@25305] t/op/arith.t fix for VMS with IEEE float
      [patch@25334] hv.c vms environment fix.
      [patch@25334] t/op/magic.t - Last 3 tests invalid on VMS
      [patch@25339] ext/Dev/Peek/t/peek.t fix for VMS
      [patch@cbuilder_0.13] VMS fixes for cbuilder
      [patch@25388] vms/vms.c Perl_cando fix.
      [patch@25452] VMS fix required by Change 25387
      [patch@25502] Add hard link and V8.2 crtl support to VMS.
      [patch@25744] t/op/local.t - change 25514 broke VMS
      patch for blead - Perlvms.pod update
      [patch@blead] perlport.pod
      [patch@25763] Fix VMS error/exit handling, update kill function
      [patch@25775] VMS prep for symbolic links and long filename
      [patch@25783] vmsish.h fix for lstat() definition
      [patch@25784] enable open(FOO, " foo|") on VMS
      [patch@25809]restore documented exit behavior
      [patch@25825] Fix st_ino compare to use real data.
      [patch@25837] Change 25831: sprintf returns the length of the buffer.
      VMS exit handling still broken, need some help.
      Back out change #25839, and apply :
      Re: [patch@25838]Hopefully the last VMS exit/error fixes needed.
      [patch@25854]vms.c rmsexpand and memmove fixes
      Re: [PATCH] add the new d_futimes as undef
      patch@26052 - compile rule for mathoms.c
      patch@26180 - t/op/array.t : Can't reset %ENV on VMS
      patch@26180 - t/op/pat.t : Can't reset %ENV on VMS
      patch@26253 Allow embedded new lines passed through to commands
      patch@26310 - Major step for > 256 char paths on VMS
      patch@26561 & earlier - buffer overrun in VMS.C
      [patch@26561] utf8.c const issue.
      patch@26996 - patch around stat("_NLA0:") bug
      Help to compile on VMS with UNLINK_ALL_VERSIONS
      patch@27082 Allow fatal exceptions to bring up VMS debugger
      patch@27162 long path name support in readdir / cando_by_name
      patch@27236 vms glob/readdir/chdir EFS/long filename support
      patch@27373 VMS build fix + more long pathname stuff
      Re: threads and VMS
      Re: threads and VMS
      patch@27385 - VMS thread fixes (was: threads and VMS)
      [patch@27538] Misc vms.c fixes for buffer sizes.
      [patch@27538] utime patch for VMS
      [patch@27529] thread.h - VMS needs more stack
      [patch@27609] vms pool corruption fix for _NLA0:
      [patch@27613] VMS long file path support active.
      [patch@27638] Enable standard stat for VMS >=8.2
      [patch@27694] VMS RMSEXPAND/PERL_CANDO fixes
      [patch@28349] vmsify - full EFS charset support
      [patch@28427] vms.c - null termination of string missing.
      [patch@29297] d_printf_format_null needed in
      [patch@29297] detecting forked debugger on VMS.
      [patch@31649] vms.c realpath prototype mismatch
      [patch@31658] Dynamically load dbg xterm on VMS
      [patch@31553] t/op/stat.t Test $nlink if $Config{d_link}
      [patch@31688] VMS symbolic links - part 1 of ? 2nd try.
      [patch@31670] vms.c - Missing null terminator
      [patch@31670]File/ Find.t - VMS Symbolic Links Part 2 of ?
      [patch@31701] /lib/File/Find/t/taint.t - VMS Symlinks Part 3 of ?
      [patch@31706]01_module_load_conditional.t fix for VMS
      [patch@31735] Module-load/require fixes for VMS
      [patch@31735]Archive Extract fix on VMS.
      [patch@31739] regop.t fix for VMS
      [patch@31739] ASTFLT in HiRes.t on VMS
      [patch@31750] Unit variable in /lib/File/
      [patch@31750] CPANPLUS fixes for VMS.
      [patch@31750] rename directories on VMS like on UNIX
      [patch@31780] fixes for cpanplus on VMS
      [patch@31846] vms stat and chmod fixes.
      [patch@31788] Term::ReadLine::Stub missing get_line
      [patch@31988] Revised Module::Build fixes for VMS.
      Re: [patch@31988] Revised Module::Build fixes for VMS.
      [patch@31998] Fix M:B: tilde.t tests on VMS
      patch@32028 POD updates for VMS
      patch@32181 patches for VMS
      patch@32181 IPC::Cmd fix for VMS.
      VMS.C misc fixes,  including vms_realpath fixes
      patch@32274 t/op/taint.t not cleaning up properly on VMS.
      patch@32274 file/find/t/ find.t and taint.t fixes for VMS.
      Re: CPANPLUS fixes for VMS
      Upgrade File::Fetch to 0.13_04  - fixed for VMS.
      Re: [PATCH@32279] Upgrade File::Fetch to 0.13_04 - fixed for VMS.
      Re: CPANPLUS working again on VMS Re: [PATCH@32279] Upgrade File::Fetch to 0.13_04 - fixed for VMS.
      [patch@32376] VMS symbolic links part 4 of 4 - Final part
      VMS POD updates: perlport.pod, vmsperl.pod
      Re: [patch@32376] VMS symbolic links part 4 of 4 - Final part and vms.c fixes.
      [patch] - What I needed to get the forked debugger to work
      [patch], perl5db.t - LINUX/UNIX/CYGWIN/VMS
      [patch@34016] VMS passes these t/io/open.t tests now.
      [patch@34044] Enable getgrgid on VMS
      [patch@34600] vms.c setup_cmddsc
      Re: patch@34561 VMS exec handling / cwd realpath fixes
      [patch@34779] Get posix exit mode working/tested on VMS
      [patch@34896] vms readdir() fixes for UNIX/EFS mode
      [patch@34950] fix usedevel
      [patch@34995] vms.c - Memory freed from wrong pool

John L. Allen (1):
      revisited: pow.t test failures on AIX 5.1 perl588 with -Duselongdouble

John P. Linderman (9):
      Re: mention of "use sort" botched in perlfunc? + PATCH
      Re: missing lower range in {} regex
      typo in perfunc.pod
      Re: Possible bug in IPC/ [PATCH]
      Re: Sort sub and NaNs
      Re: killing for vital signs [PATCH]
      : perlguts.pod
      changes to perlsec.pod and call for removal of quicksort
      [perl #47746] Not OK: perl 5.10.0 +RC1 on ia64-linux 2.4.21-sgi302r24

John Peacock (31):
      [REVISED PATCH] Magic v-strings
      Version object patch #1
      Re: [PATCH] Version object patch #1
      Tweaks to Bleadperl Version Object Support
      Re: [PATCH] Correct/completes Overloading in XS mods
      Re: [REVISED PATCH] Magic v-strings
      Version object combined patch
      Re: [PATCH] Version object combined patch
      Re: versions too accurate
      version objects final(?) patch up to date with CPAN
      Re: [REPATCH] was Re: [perl #16010] v-strings left of a => don't get quoted.
      was Re: [Fwd: CPAN Upload: J/JP/JPEACOCK/version-0.36.tar.gz]
      Bleadperl to version 0.37
      's to bring bleadperl up to version-0.39
      was Re: UNIVERSAL::VERSION causing "Use of uninitialized value..." warning
      Final version object core patch?
      The XSUB.h patch from:
      Bring bleadperl up to
      was Re: perldoc segfaulting in XS_UNIVERSAL_VERSION
      [Fwd: CPAN Upload: J/JP/JPEACOCK/version-0.47.tar.gz]
      Re: stringification of v-string references
      Re: [perl #37897] sprintf of version objects
      Re: [PATCH - DUH] Synchronize bleadperl with version-0.60
      [patch] Fwd: CPAN Upload: J/JP/JPEACOCK/version-0.64.tar.gz
      Re: [perl #37714] XSUB.h version check may fail due to locale
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: J/JP/JPEACOCK/version-0.68.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: J/JP/JPEACOCK/version-0.70.tar.gz
      version-0.73 (was Re: Change 31920: Don't use ~0 as a version
      was Re: Freeze ?
      Bring core into compliance with CPAN release

John W. Krahn (1):
      [perl #36658] Typo in perlfunc.pod

Jonathan Steinert (1):
      [perl #42839] Swatch hash cache has key mismatch

Jonathan Stowe (5):
      Sync Term::Cap with CPAN version
      Re: [cpan #17773] Bug in Term::ReadKey being trigger by a bug in Term::ReadLine
      libdb may require pthread
      Re: 5.10 code freeze and dual-life modules
      Bring Term::Cap to date

Joost van Baal (1):
      PATCH (was: Re: [perl #18180] problem with sys:syslog on solaris 8 with perl 5.8.0)

Jos Boumans (4):
      Add Log::Message and Log::Message::Simple to the core
      Add Term::UI to the core
      Add Object::Accessor to the core
      Add Module::Pluggable to the core

Jos I. Boumans (55):
      let perlfaq1.pod mention 5.8 as the current stable release
      fix typo in Tie::Array
      Re: [perl #19977] unlocalized $_ in File::Find clobbers upstream $_
      Re: [PATCH] let perlmodstyle mention Module::Build and Test::More
      [DOC PATCH] missing ')' in File::Path docs
      Add diagnostics section to
      Mention common dynaloader errors in perldiag.pod
      Document Carp's global variables + provide tests
      fix IO::File to support binmode
      Re: [perl #32949] FileCache only works in "main" package
      Make Data::Dumper work when dynamic extensions are not available
      perlapi.pod has pod errors
      Add Module::CoreList to bleadperl.
      Add IPC::Run 0.80.
      Add Module::Load to 5.9.x
      Add Package::Constants to the core
      Add Module::Loaded to the core
      Re: [PATCH] Add Locale::Maketext::Simple to the core
      Add Params::Check to the core
      Add Module::Load::Conditional to the core
      Add File::Fetch to the core
      Making adding binary files possible
      Small bugfixes to
      Add Archive::Extract 0.16 to the core
      Update CPANPLUS to 0.79_01
      A patch from ExtUtils::CBuilder::Base from :
      Add CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to the core
      Update CPANPLUS to 0.79_02
      update CPANPLUS::Dist::Build to 0.06_01
      Bump version number
      Update CPANPLUS to 0.79_03
      Add /nologo to nmake in CPANPLUS::Dist::Build too
      Re: [PATCH] Update CPANPLUS to 0.79_03
      CPANPLUS 0.80
      Add to the core (was Re: Why no (XML|DBI|WWW|Template) modules in the core?)
      Update CPANPLUS to 0.81_01
      Update Module::Load to 0.12 (Was Re: Module::Load 0.12 wanna be
      Module::Load::Conditional 0.18 (was Re: Module::Load::Conditional 0.18 wannabe)
      Archive::Extract 0.24 (was Re: Archive::Extract test failures on Solaris)
      Update IPC::Cmd to 0.38
      Update File::Fetch to 0.12
      Update IPC::Cmd to 0.40
      Update Log::Messge::Simple to 0.04 (was: Re: Code freeze)
      Re: 5.10.0 test hangs on non internet access
      CPANPLUS 0.083_09
      CPANPLUS::Dist::Build 0.06_02
      Version bumps
      Update File::Fetch to 0.16
      Update Archive::Tar to 1.40
      Update Archive::Tar to 1.42
      'make manisort'
      Update Archive::Extract to 0.28
      Update IPC::Cmd to 0.42
      Re: [PATCH] Update IPC::Cmd to 0.42

Jose Auguste-Etienne (2):
      Upper<->Lower case mistake in perlunicode.pod ?
      [5.8.1] maint @ 20845 OK on aix 4.2

Joshua Juran (1):
      Re: [PATCH] Update File-Path to 2.00

Joshua Rodd (1):
      Update to AUTHORS file

Joshua ben Jore (11):
      Re: Pluggable lint patch
      Re: Patches: B, CGI, ExtUtils::MM_Unix
      Patches: B, CGI, ExtUtils::MM_Unix
      Re: Patch lint for grep { /.../ } and grep /.../,
      Re: expr foreach (...) isn't a B::Lint warning anymore
      Re: B::Lint changes
      Re: [PATCH] Make B::Lint use Module::Pluggable
      User pragmas now accessible from B
      less useful
      Re: [perl #41283] B::walkoptree_slow fails for 'our @foo = split( m/ /, "hello" )'
      inform about UNITCHECK

José Pedro Oliveira (2):
      Improve FindBin discovery of current directory, based on :
      Re: incomplete getcwd/cwd patch and SELinux (Strict policy)

Juerd (3):
      [patch] AUTHORS

Juerd Waalboer (2):
      Re: [PATCH] (Re: [PATCH] unicode/utf8 pod)
      [patch] :utf8 updates

KAWAI Takanori (1):
      Japanese translation of Storable

Kay Roepke (1):
      FreeBSD 5.0 gethostbyaddr_r hints update

Kay Röpke (1):
      Still no working Berkeley DB in OS X 10.2

Kay_Röpke (1):
      [perl #10021] Fixing bareword usage under

Ken Hirsch (2):
      Re: Today's compiling adventure
      Re: Today's compiling adventure

Ken Neighbors (1):
      [perl #17445] Class::Struct patch: version number, examples

Ken Williams (8):
      typo in VMS::Filespec
      maintperl - File::Spec cwd() stuff
      Re: pod cleanup
      minor File::Spec testing cleanup
      Patch for VMS::Filespec
      Re: [PATCH Cwd 2.15] test tweak for VMS
      Re: a warning for a ExtUtils::ParseXS test
      Modulo operator and floating point numbers

Kevin Chase (2):
      win32_chsize buglet
      [patch] Windows/Win32 thread handle leak with threads join

Kevin Ryde (2):
      [perl #53908] perlpodspec typo "Encoding::Supported"
      [perl #60300] doc Carp $Carp::Internal{__PACKAGE__} example

Kirrily Robert (1):
      Updates to modules-related pod

Kurt Starsinic (1):
      [perl #20755] [PATCH] 5.8.0 h2ph barfs on checksum.h on RH6.2/7.2

LAUN Wolfgang (8):
      pack changes and related fixes
      Re: [doc-PATCH] for unpack_str() and question
      Re: [perl #24774] eval + format - \n = pp_ctl.c assertion
      format/write (version 2)
      Re: [perl #29581] glob() misses a lot of matches pod rewrite and new mini-feature $Shell::raw
      Re: [perl #30568] splice generates undef? [PATCH]
      Re: [perl #31586] utime does not reach expectations [PATCH]

Larry Shatzer Jr. (1):

Len Weisberg (1):
      [perl #39026] Tie::Memoize::EXISTS not caching the value

Leon Brocard (1):
      Re: [PATCH] perlhack.pod update walkthrough

Linda Walsh (1):
      [perl #38892] PATCH: remove spurious warning from

Lucas Holt (1):
      [perl #40239] New hints file for MidnightBSD

Lukas Mai (2):
      [perl #23273] warnings in Unicode::UCD
      Patch based on:

Luke Closs (1):
      [perl #36448] configuring ranlib for perl on osx with xcode 2.1

Luke Ross (1):
      Re: [perl #59280] perlbug AutoReply: PUSH on tied array gives incorrect context to method and can result in needless calls to FETCHSIZE

Mandalemula, Rajesh (1):
      Respecting inc_version_list while processing PERL_VENDORLIB_STEM

Manuel Valente (1):
      Patch for

Marc Lehmann (2):
      [perl #22141] patch for Time::HiRes to get rid of -lrt on linux
      Re: Compress::Zlib, pack "C" and utf-8 [PATCH]

Marcel Grünauer (2):
      Proposed patch + test case.
      Re: [PATCH] bug within overloaded stringification

Marcus Holland-Moritz (253):
      Re: [PATCH: perlio.h] maint snap @ 19613
      Re: [PATCH: maint @ 19733] CL compiler warnings on MSWin32
      Integrate from maint:
      strchr() running amok in sv_vcatpvfn()
      Re: [PATCH: sv.c] strchr() running amok in sv_vcatpvfn()
      Revert change #19126, a poor attempt at fixing bug #21742.
      warnings, line numbers & windows
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Storing &PL_sv_undef as a hash key with perl-5.8.x
      [DOC PATCH] pod/perlguts.pod
      Re: [perl #23185] perl crash with File::Glob
      Storable and uninitalized array values
      typos in
      Re: maint @ 20803
      Re: valgrind as a leak hound?
      valgrind update
      more valgrinding: select problem?
      Perl_newCONSTSUB() related memory leaks
      Re: [PATCH] add "$lexical not available" warning in C<for my $lex ()>
      more options for
      Re: maint@20974 or before broke mp2 ithreads test
      Re: maint@20974 or before broke mp2 ithreads test
      fix: output from different pids
      Re: "vendor" patch pickup
      RC5 and Intel's ICC
      RC5 and Intel's ICC
      Re: [PATCH] RC5 and Intel's ICC
      Changes #20819 and #20996 break compatibility with perl 5.6.0
      add some missing defines to Devel::PPPort
      Devel::PPPort and scan_bin
      update description
      arguments for perl_clone()
      Re: GCC bug breaking Perl_sv_catpvfn()?
      Turn Quad_t to Uquad_t in unsigned branch
      Remove Win32 compiler warnings
      Windows hasn't getuid/setuid and friends.
      Use the optimization level -O2 by default on Linux/gcc.
      Fix for Win32 build failure caused by the byacc to bison switch.
      1. Add section to perlxs.pod describing that the refcount of AVs/HVs
      Fix segfaults when running under -Dx.
      Make panics a bit more verbose to ease debugging.
      Re: Strange segfault
      undef and the range operator
      Re: undef and the range operator
      Revert change #22472, but keep the new tests.
      range operator warnings / 64-bit fix
      Fix and tests for [perl #28123] Perl optimizes // away incorrectly
      C<undef> doesn't look like a number. See also:
      Make the ! suffix handle n/N/v/V as signed integers
      Remove two unused variables that gcc used to warn about.
      Borland C doesn't like PERL_MALLOC_WRAP.
      byte-order modifiers for (un)pack templates
      Cleanup variables in S_(un)pack_rec().
      When configuring for 64-bit support, check that the
      The openbsd 64-bit test should use $uquadtype rather
      CXUX_BROKEN_CONSTANT_CONVERT isn't used anymore.
      More unpack cleanups.
      Fix mX?PUSH[inup] macros. (Follow-up to #22756 and #22757)
      Add byte-order group modifiers to (un)pack templates.
      [perl #29346] Double warning for int(undef) and abs(undef)
      Document that select() on Windows doesn't work on non-socket filehandles.
      [perl #29395] Scalar::Util::refaddr falsely returns false
      Windows issues with select() are already documented in perlport.
      'v' unpacks unsigned shorts.
      Add the byte-order modifiers '<' and '>' to the pack tutorial.
      Document embed.fnc 'U' and 's' flags.
      Fix apidoc entries for PUSHMARK and newXSproto.
      Make change #22889 work for threaded builds.
      Make change #22889 work for threaded builds, Part 2.
      Re: newSVpvn(NULL, 0); doesn't work as advertised
      s/64bit/64-bit/g for consistency in the READMEs.
      t/comp/utf.t failed when configuring with -Dnoextensions=Encode
      Fix for: [perl #2738] perl segfautls on input
      Fix for: [perl #30442] Text::ParseWords does not handle backslashed newline inside quoted text
      Cleanup the main regex in Text::ParseWords and make the
      Check for definedness of sv before calling sv_derived_from()
      The microperl config didn't know about usemallocwrap yet.
      More microperl tweaks.
      Failing matches don't reset numbered variables.
      The byte-order modifiers won't go into 5.8.
      Fix and update Perl_grok_* docs.
      Fix copy & paste bugs in mX?PUSH macro tests.
      Remove redundant SvOOK_off (called implicitly by SvOK_off)
      Skip test when building without Encode.
      Document sv_catpvn_nomg, sv_setsv_nomg and sv_catsv_nomg.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00_01.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00_02.
      Delete superfluous "with".
      Tweak 'h2xs -h' output.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.00_03.
      Fix Storable's MANIFEST.
      Fix some backwards-compatibility problems with Storable.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.01.
      Fix nasty line break in Storable test file.
      Skip ext/B/t/assembler.t when configured without B.
      Fix typo in B::Assembler.
      Skip a Data::Dumper test if configured without B module.
      Fix skipping of a Dumpvalue test when configured without Devel::Peek.
      Skip Time::HiRes tests if configured without that module.
      SvO?OK_off()'s return value
      Add MY_CXT_CLONE to the core. (Taken from Time::HiRes.) See also:
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.02.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.03.
      Fix a typo.
      Upgrade to Encode 2.04.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.04
      Mention ppport.h and its --api-info switch in perlguts.
      Add simple exception handling macros for XS writers.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.05.
      Regenerate perlapi.pod.
      Make Perl_keyword() another 30% faster.
      Attempt to fix problems with new exception handling macros.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.06.
      Remove 2 unused variables from APItest.xs. runs fine with bison 2.0.
      [perl #34101] not() || 1 produces segmentation fault
      Require version 0.05 of Devel::Tokenizer::C.
      Regenerate Perl_keyword() to remove superfluous goto statements.
      Mention (un)?pack byte-order modifiers in perldelta
      Fix wrong version for byteorder modifiers feature.
      Turn NN to NULLOK for functions that have code to handle
      Fix mismatched braces in S_fd_on_nosuid_fs().
      NULL is a legal value for newXS()'s name parameter.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.07
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08
      Remove wrong cast to (void *), which fixes a gcc warning, and use
      PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL cripples environment after exit()
      Don't free thread memory if PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL is set to a non-zero
      Fix a memory leak in ck_grep(), spotted by coverity:
      Ensure GvNAME doesn't return NULL
      A couple of casts to PADOFFSET.
      Cleanup some gcc warnings
      Re: [PATCH] cleanup 212 warnings emitted by gcc-4.2
      Change type of temporary padoff_du used in dUNDERBAR
      There is no STASH type.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08_01
      Document PoisonFree() instead of documenting Poison() twice.
      Remove duplicate documentation for SvREFCNT_inc().
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08_02
      literal string macros
      The 'f' flag was missing for my_snprintf().
      The SvREFCNT_*void* macros return void, not SV*.
      The sv_catpvs() and sv_setpvs() macros also return void.
      Run 'make regen' for changes 28299, 28300, 28301.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08_03
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08_04
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08_05
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08_06
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.08_07
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.09
      Integrate mkppport. All ppport.h files in the core will now
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.09_01
      Very recent development versions of gcc (4.2.0 20060715) seem
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.09_02
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.10
      Only copy ppport.h to destination if it is different.
      Change #24364 broke Data::Dumper::Seen()
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.10_01
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.10_02
      Re: [perl #41065] Out of memory!, while extending scalar
      Configure test code fails to compile if SIGFPE is undefined
      The first three patches from:
      4th patch from:
      Default "$undef" for NV_PRESERVES_UV_BITS causes compilation
      Fix a typo in Dynaloader_pm.PL.
      perl rebuilds because of gcc's -g flag
      Add missing SVfARG()s in require_tie_mod().
      Re: run/cloexec.t is failing
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.11
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.11_01
      Re: The performance problem of 30678
      The lib/Pod/ portion of...
      Various Gentoo Patches
      Use sysconf/getpagesize/page.h to determine page size on Linux,
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.11_02
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.11_03
      TRIE must use 'yes' state transitions when more than one match possible to ensure proper scope cleanup.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.11_05
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.11_06
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.12
      One const too much. (Unfortunately, the Copy macro casts
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.13
      Fix fallback definitions of S_IRWX[UGO] (didn't include
      Increment IPC::SysV version number.
      Fix a typo (pport -> ppport).
      Upgrade to IPC::SysV 1.99_07
      Upgrade to IPC::SysV 2.00
      Include SVf_UTF8 in the bitmask when checking the SvFLAGS in
      factor out duplicate code in struct xpv*
      Add script to check source code for ANSI-C violations.
      Add editor blocks to some header files.
      Fix memory leaks in XS_PerlIO_get_layers() by mortalizing
      Forgot to remove dTARGET with change #32816.
      Add macros mPUSHs() and mXPUSHs() for pushing SVs on the stack
      There's no need to handle 'set' magic in the mX?PUSH macros.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.13_01
      Follow up on change #32680. This fixes compilation
      Build const-(c|xs).inc in IPC::SysV on the fly.
      Remove IPC::SysV constant files from the MANIFEST.
      Fix compilation issues and warnings with exotic configuration.
      refactor PL_opargs generation in and fix helem
      Re: [PATCH] Exclude .svn and _darcs from IPC::SysV's Makefile.PL libscan
      Make sure we only find the macro we were looking for,
      Enable caching of strxfrm() results also for readonly SVs as
      Add two missing dVAR's.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.13_02
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.13_03
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.14
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.14_01
      Fix for #56874: maybe small error in perlxs.pod example
      Welcome to refcount hell. Fix the leaks reported by #57024
      Add d_timegm to to fix the generated uconfig.h.
      Make sure also works for macros in headers
      Make accept macro expressions, i.e. macros with
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.14_02
      Fix memory leak in qr// operator. This was most probably
      Fix memory leak in // caused by single-char character class
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.14_03
      Refactor Perl_mem_log_ functions
      Add SV allocation tracing to -Dm and PERL_MEM_LOG
      Run 'make regen' for #34567 and #34568.
      Add PERL_ARGS_ASSERT_MEM_LOG_COMMON to S_mem_log_common().
      Make C++ compilers happy #1: "typename" is a C++ keyword.
      Make C++ compilers happy #2: const POD without initializer
      Make C++ compilers happy #3: make implicit cast
      Make C++ compilers happy #4: move cast so Newc() and
      Make C++ compilers happy #5: jump to 'do_write' crossed
      Make sure Perl_mem_log_(?:alloc|realloc|free) have C linkage,
      No, it's not a const SV* if we subsequently call
      Fix prototype detection for C++
      Fix x2p, which was broken by #34598 with -DPERL_MEM_LOG.
      Remove redundant API definitions from '=for apidoc' sections.
      Remove redundant (and wrong) prototype for pv_display()
      Use pvs macros instead of pvn where possible.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.14_04
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.14_05
      Fix DBM module handling broken by #34653.
      The breakage caused by #34653 (sh|c)ould have been detected
      Add prototype detection for NDBM header files
      NDBM just isn't meant to be used with C++. So this
      Revert SvPVX() to allow lvalue usage, but also add a
      Assigning to DEFSV leaks if PL_defgv's gp_sv isn't set.
      Re: [PATCH: Configure/NDBM_File] Add prototype detection for NDBM header files
      Make sure PerlIO::via doesn't leave its old GV's hanging
      Update format warning tests to expect "%lld" instead of "%d"
      Fix warning code in Perl_sv_vcatpvfn() to make the TODO
      Allow lvalue usage of SvRV() and add MUTABLE_SV() check.
      Upgrade to IPC::SysV 2.00_01
      Upgrade to IPC::SysV 2.00_02
      Re: File::Path regression in 5.8.9

Marek Rouchal (2):
      RE: [PATCH] Pod::InputObjects performance de-pessimization
      [perl #30914] ExtUtils::Embed should use libperl name from Config

Mark Fowler (1):
      Improved perlapi documentation for croak

Mark Kvale (1):
      Bugfix for perlrequick and perlretut

Mark Leighton Fisher (1):
      Perl 5.9.0 AUTHORS

Mark Mielke (1):
      PATCH: sv_rvweaken() deficiency (against 5.8.0)

Mark Overmeer (1):
      Documentation patch on filetests, the filetest pragma, and the

Mark Pease (1):
      [perl #18154] Problem found in calculating offsets in regex

Mark Pizzolato (1):
      Re: argproc.c license Re: [perl #43037] Bad license in perl distribution

Mark Stosberg (1):
      PATCH: clarify docs for

Mark-Jason Dominus (14):
      Negative subscripts optionally passed to tied array methods
      Re: [perl #16198] pod tpyo in
      Patch perlvar.pod
      Re: [perl #16677] B::SV::FLAGS dumps core
      Patch: Put local($^I, @ARGV) = ... trick back into perlfaq5
      [perl #18165] "0" fails as right-hand argument to ..
      typo in Time::HiRes docs
      Grammar, punctuation, formatting edits
      Minor edits
      BETTER update Friedl book listing for 2nd edition
      PATCH RC4 IO::Dir
      Explain \Q better
      Re: Doc patches for File::Find
      document return value of Getopt::Std::getopts()

Marko Asplund (1):
      [perl #37607] CGI file upload file name parsing errors

Martien Verbruggen (2):
      Re: [perl #19236] perlsyn: implicit localisation in while()
      perlsub.pod and perlsyn.pod: better organise scoping info for modifiers

Martin Becker (1):
      [perl #43242] "use base" breaks code containing peculiarly named constant

Martin Hasch (2):
      [perl #38709] Opening '|-' triggers unjustified taint check
      [perl #50364] [PATCH] perlop.pod - misnomer in % operator documentation

Martin Pool (1):
      patch for IRIX/gcc link issues

Martti Rahkila (1):
      Term::Complete problem + fix (Was: Re: muttprofile + perl 5.8)

Marty Pauley (4):
      Re: [perl #17439] broken Locale::Language in a UTF environment
      bug in utf8.c(?)
      Re: Class::Struct, simple patch, tests
      new test based on:

Marvin Humphrey (3):
      Re: Memory...growing, and growing
      Re: perlreguts: Copy-editing and wishlist
      Update references to Win32's Platform SDK installation location.

Mashrab Kuvatov (1):
      Boolean priority bug, found by Mashrab Kuvatov:

Mathieu Arnold (1):
      Re: [perl #30197] perlbug AutoReply: Data::Dumper does not indent the deparsed code properly

Matt Kraai (10):
      Fix build failure on QNX
      Re: fpathconf test failures on QNX
      Skip failing getppid tests on QNX 6
      [perl #24079] Missing crypt() function on QNX 6.2.1
      Change /etc/passed to /etc/passwd in
      Re: Remove extra space from perltodo.pod
      [perl #52866] [PATCH] Missing period in perlintro
      [perl #52860] [PATCH] Incorrect variable name in perlintro
      Make perlfunc link to the correct section of perlop for q//, qq//, qx//, and qw//
      Add missing "a" to binmode documentation in perlfunc.pod

Matt Sergeant (1):
      Missing tie() call in NDBM_File SYNOPSIS

Matt Taggart (1):
      Spelling nits from Debian bug list...

Matthijs van Duin (1):
      symbol-exports needed for Data::Alias

Mattia Barbon (3):
      Win32: fix WM_TIMER handling
      maint, Win32, GCC 3.2
      Avoid redefinition warning for MinGW

Max Maischein (5):
      Updates to README.win32 (aka perlwin32), with some changes.
      [patch] File::CheckTree - a side effect of making the build whitespace safe(r)
      Re: [patch] First batch of whitespace patches (Test::Harness)
      [patch] [Win32] Makefile and rely on shell association
      [patch] [Win32] Make Perl build on Win32 when the path contains whitespace

Merijn Broeren (2):
      Patch for perl.c fixing an obscure environment bug
      Problem compiling swigged c++ code with 5.8.8

Michael Cartmell (1):
      [perl #56526] m/a{1,0}/ compiles but doesn't match a literal string

Michael Cummings (2):
      Re: [PATCH] Detecting bad /dev/null's in Configure
      Re: [PATCH] Detecting bad /dev/null's in Configure

Michael G Schwern (15):
      [perl #22236] File::Basename behavior is misleading
      [perl #36502] File::Copy::mv fails to replicate behavior of Unix mv
      [perl #17487] ncftp only handles http
      [perl #24119] error in Win32: uses rename() not File::Copy::move
      [perl #6749] Perl debugger outputs ctrl-\ wrongly
      [perl #24275] CPAN shell - online help not clear
      [perl #28385] minor bug in cpan -- the i command does not find author
      [perl #5634] v1.59 chdirs before looking for perl
      [perl #24691] leading spaces on cpan configuration causes failure
      [perl #36538] perlfunc/our contradicts itself
      [perl #7840] Hash Behaviour differs v5.6.0 to v5.6.1
      [perl #36514] Add curl support to
      [perl #36612] [PATCH] Misleading shift docs about @ARGV
      Supress df warning in stat.t on OS X
      [perl #47533] [PATCH perlvar.pod] Missing English variables

Michael G. Schwern (99):
      Re: mention of "use sort" botched in perlfunc?
      Remove pseudo-hashes (complete)
      [ANNOUNCE] Test::Simple 0.47
      Fixes to threads::shared when disabled
      File::Spec->catfile not canonicalizing consistently
      test grandfathered Config variables
      File::Basename doesn't lazy load Carp right.
      op/getpid.t failure
      Re: [PATCH t/] Let is/isnt() handle undef without warnings
      Set env PERL_CORE
      Re: [PATCH] spurious t/auto directory appears
      Document and test Config::config_re().
      Holding filehandle open
      Re: -Os for Darwin why?
      Re: -Os for Darwin why?
      Adding the latest version of Perl
      stray n_a
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.03 -> 6.06_05ish
      MM hackery and whitespace changes
      Re: [PATCH] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_02
      MakeMaker 6.10_02 -> 6.10_03
      Deceptive POSIX exporting docs
      Simpler $Revision$ based $VERSION. Plus, repentance!
      Re: [PATCH pod/perlsyn.pod pod/perltrap.pod] Unseding perlsyn
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_03 -> 6.10_04
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_04 -> 6.10_05
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_06 (plus FAQ update)
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_07
      Re: maint @ 19975 [PATCH lib/Test/]
      New introduction
      Re: POSIX::div
      ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.10_08
      [ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.11
      CPAN/t/signature.t noisy
      t/op/write.t cleanup after itself.
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #23206] Benchmark::cmpthese usage message wrong
      Re: [PATCH] perlfaq8.pod and MakeMaker's PREFIX=
      Installation on Win32
      Removing tested modules
      produce Foo-Bar/lib/Foo/
      GNU Public General Public General GNU Public License License
      Taint problems in Cwd::abs_path
      Taint safe Cwd::_qnx_abs_path()
      Re: [PATCH] Pod::Html test clean-up (was Re: maint @ 20617 (on VMS))
      Pod::Html  unifying global variable declaration and initialization
      Uppercase globals in Pod::Html
      Re: [PATCH] maintperl - File::Spec cwd() stuff
      Replace #20763 with
      Re: Another oddity in lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker/Tutorial.pod
      XSLoader nits and tests
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.1 @20218] OS/2 API
      Fixing's bit of unpleasantness
      Re: [PATCH] perlop.pod Revamp - revision 4
      Rewrite to correctly use
      Re: [perl #24384] 21418 ( patch) breaks
      Re: [ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.19
      Re: 'make minitest' fails for op/cproto and op/pat
      Last stab at sdbm/Makefile.PL
      Re: [perl #32486] error in documentation for POSIX::pipe
      cleanup t/op/taint.t
      Test 5900
      FileCache without import
      Re: [ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.27
      Hints changes for OS X 10.4
      Eliminate radically out of date CHANGES from perlport
      Re: [PATCH 5.8.7 RC1] lib/Carp.t todo for VMS
      Re: [perl #35420] localtime corruption
      Do not install change logs, READMEs, etc...
      Re: [PATCH] Do not install change logs, READMEs, etc...
      Re: [PATCH] Convert File::Basename tests to Test::More
      Make Exporter.t warnings clean
      File::Basename doc overhaul
      Further lies in the File::Basename docs
      Mention File::Spec in File::Basename
      Re: [perl #36477] File::Basename basename() bug
      basename() and suffixes
      Understand "ok" with no number
      Re: [perl #36502] File::Copy::mv fails to replicate behavior of Unix mv
      Cleanup File::Copy tests
      Re: Documentation error in IO::Socket
      Re: [perl #36507] File::Copy::copy($foo, $foo) dies
      Re: [PATCH] was Re: perldoc segfaulting in XS_UNIVERSAL_VERSION
      Re: Why does our() cross packages? (PATCH)
      crypt() digests, not encrypts
      Being more careful about newlines
      Re: [perl #36622] y/// at end of file
      Re: [perl #36616] bug or feature? foreach (sort @array) {y/a-z/A-Z/;} # @array modified!
      Make curl follow redirects
      Warnings in tests @25605 due to cmp_ok behavior change.
      Move Tie::StdHandle into its own file.
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Unintentional behavior change
      t/TEST doesn't check exit (was Re: Test::More bug?)
      Attribute::Handlers till ears are bleeding
      shield t/ functions from global print modifiers
      Re: [perl #49264] say behaves as just print on tied filehandle
      Re: grep and smart match should warn in void context update for me
      Re: [perl #24174] perl-5.8.0-55 exit bug
      diagnostic leakage in ext/PerlIO/scalar/t/scalar_ungetc.t

Michael Schroeder (2):
      DESTDIR in perl-5.8.1 package?
      SuSE's perl safe_putenf diff

Michael Stevens (1):
      my email address changed

Mike Giroux (1):
      Minor AUTHORS patch

Mike Guy (5):
      add precedence warning for bitwise docs
      [perl #24651] Taint bug with multiple backticks in ref consturctors
      Re: [perl #2562] wantarray fails in END, INIT, and CHECK blocks
      Re: [perl #38034] A combination eval, DESTROY method and $@ - dangerous - bug
      Re: [ID 20000816.012] *foo = *_ is broken

Mike Pomraning (4):
      2-arg cond_wait, cond_timedwait, tests
      Re: Smoke [5.8.2] 21930 FAIL(t) MSWin32 5.1 Service Pack 1 (x86/1 cpu)
      Re: 5.8.3-RC1, ext/threads/shared/t/wait still hanging
      Re: 5.8.3-RC1, ext/threads/shared/t/wait still hanging

Mike Schilli (1):
      Patch for bug in

Milosz Tanski (1):
      Safer environ iteration

Moritz Lenz (7):
      Fix regexec.c so $^N and $+ are correctly updated so that they work properly inside of (?{...}) blocks as reported by Moritz Lenz in
      \X is equivalent to an atomic group
      [DOC PATCH] refers to old title of "Higher Order Perl"
      clear docs on exists wrt autovivification
      Re: [perl #59134] Typo in File::stat man pag
      Re: [perl #59128] Typo in perldsc(1)
      Re: [PATCH] [doc] be more explicit about magic argv

Mr. Nobody (2):
      Re: [PATCH] fix typos in perlpacktut

Nathan Torkington (1):
      Document and test autovivified dirhandles.

Neil Watkiss (1):
      dl_unload_file for HP-UX

Newton, Philip (2):
      Small typo correction
      PATCH x2p/find2perl.PL

Nicholas Clark (2898):
      Re: no warnings 'io';
      gv_fullname3 as call to gv_fullname4
      better modfl detection
      Copy On Write
      Clean up copy-on-write macros and debug facilities (new flag 'C').
      avoid use of %caller::EXPORT
      remove 2 unit warnings from lib/Net/t/hostname.t
      ExtUtils::Constant 0.13
      ExtUtils::Constant 0.14
      copy on write: fixes and debugging
      Re: [PATCH] Attempt at speeding up  Didn't work.
      tiddly tidy up for util.c
      COW for ithreads (was Re: what copies scalars in ithreads?)
      cleanup temp files (was Re: Smoke 17805 irix 6.5 6.5.16m IP32 r5000 /usr/share/src/cpan-current-benedick)
      File/Find/t/find.t tests 1 and 2 (was Re: [perl #17061] no strict 'garbage') pod at __END__
      Re: [PATCH] Attempt at speeding up  Didn't work.
      ANSI-clean? (was Re: [PATCH] COW for ithreads)
      Make Exporter cope with changing EXPORT_OK (was Re: Recent changes to Exporter::Heavy break Math::Pari)
      Storable 2.06 (was Re: Bug in ext/Storable/t/integer.t)
      Re: [perl #17772] pack "w" /* this cannot happen ;-) */ is fallacious
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #17772] pack "w" /* this cannot happen ;-) */ is fallacious
      Re: Not OK: perl v5.9.0 +DEVEL17881 on i386-freebsd 4.6-release (UNINSTALLED)
      Changed the warning detection pattern because of:
      regen_headers outside Makefile (was Re: [PATCH] doc)
      Re: [perl #18651] Hash::Util's lock_key() breaks hash
      [perl #18256] xsubpp can make nested comments in C code
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #19022] POSIX failures in bleadperl
      2% speedup (pp_entersub needs to go on a diet)
      operation on `PL_na' may be undefined
      docpatch for cv.h
      [DOCPATCH] File::Copy's synopsis
      integrate more with report_evil_fh
      %_ (was Re: [PATCH] operation on `PL_na' may be undefined)
      [DOCPATCH] hv_store and hv_store_ent
      label code in pp_ctl.c
      assert PV isn't RV
      Re: [perl #9394] Re: [ID 20020525.002] coredump/ bad free warning   in blead with SIGWARN
      make Copy On Write work once again
      inline SvREFCNT_dec:
      COW regexps:
      Re: [PATCH] Copy on write for $& and $1...
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Copy on write for $& and $1...
      Re: [perl #21505] 5.8.0 lib/Config test failure due to compiler flag
      Re: [perl #21614] 5.8.0 Unbalanced string table refcount
      Better version of change #19069
      [DOCPATCH] Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #21614] 5.8.0 Unbalanced string table refcount
      [unPATCH] Re: Smoke [5.8.1] 19076 FAIL(F) openbsd 3.2 (i386/1 cpu)
      COW formats (was Re: Smoke [5.9.0] 19044 FAIL(F) linux 2.4.18-3 (i686/1 cpu))
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Storing &PL_sv_undef as a hash key with perl-5.8.x
      Re: script wanted
      Re: [perl #23463] compiler version on sparc/netbsd
      valgrind memcpy warnings (Re: [PATCH] Re: valgrind as a leak hound?)
      Re: all 9007199254740992s are equal, but some are more equal than others
      silence 1 compiler warning
      Put all pre-processor #s on the first column (some compilers are picky)
      Duplicate 19423 (pathological hashes too easy) into hv_store_ent
      Duplicate 19423 (pathological hashes too easy) into share_hek_flags
      Plan C for foiling the algorithmic complexity attack
      Plan C rough edge smoothing - forgot to turn on the "has key flags"
      When it says "add", then, like, you have to p4 add it. D'oh!
      Plan C rough edge smoothing. Criteria for a hash split is now
      Back out 21533 because it broke Encode's build in really weird ways
      Return 21533 (with modifications) having found the problem
      show the rehash flags in dumps
      Sync with Pod::Perldoc 3.12
      Sync with Unicode::Collate 0.30
      Sync with Unicode::Normalize 0.25
      Record the escape^Wrelease of 5.9.0
      14 is the chain length for attack. From
      Comment that this "optimisation" is actually a necessary fixup.
      Add Internals::HvREHASH to expose the rehashing flag
      mod_perl2 will require access to the Plan C hashing function.
      D'oh! t/op/hash.t wasn't in the MANIFEST. Rafael spotted this
      Stas spotted a missed s//new_/ for the hash seed renaming games
      Provide Internals::new_hash_seed to return PL_new_hash_seed, and
      s/new_hash/rehash/g (Stas suggested a better name)
      Stas would prefer not to have MOD_PERL defines in perl.
      Re: Storable Error
      Accessing unicode keys in tie hashes via hv_exists was broken.
      utf8 keys now work for tied hashes via hv_fetch, hv_store, hv_delete
      Ooops. left an XXX comment in, and worse still it's a // comment
      Whoops. We weren't actually testing hv_store_ent
      Run (for hv_assert)
      merge hv_exists and hv_exists_ent into S_hv_exists_common
      integrate hv_delete and hv_delete_ent into hv_delete_common
      merge hv_fetch and hv_fetch_ent into hv_fetch_common
      Merge sv_store_flags and sv_store_ent into sv_store_common
      Shift negative klen/flags games from hv_fetch_common out to hv_fetch
      Tweaks to S_hv_delete_common:
      Move the negative key -> utf8 flag conversion out to hv_delete
      Check that the key is present before a delete, and absent afterwards
      Shift negative klen/flags games from hv_exists_common out to hv_exists
      Shift negative klen/flags games from hv_store_common out to hv_store
      Farewell hv_exists_common - exists is now a call to fetch
      "Space Is a Province of Brazil"
      Reorder functions in hv.c so that callers of hv_fetch_common are all
      Don't COW if the destination has magic.
      restore_magic needs to undo COW
      D'oh. Mistake in the DYNAMIC_ENV_FETCH conditional code
      Tweak the order of initialisation of oentry in hv_fetch_common -
      Should fix the infinite loop on a dynamic %ENV fetch
      Add Torsten Foertsch to AUTHORS (patches plus tests are what we like)
      Arguments to skip were the wrong way round, hence why all the *BSDs
      Gconvert actually takes type NV, while nv may be either double
      Silence gcc 2.95 warning
      When Gconvert is a macro around sprintf with a .* format we need
      Update Digest to 1.03
      Update to Digest::MD5 2.31
      D'oh! Forgot to lib/Digest/
      Update Unicode::Collate to 0.31 (Only the .pm version for now)
      D'oh! This has been moved to lib/Digest/t/digest.t but not deleted.
      Update Unicode::Normalize to 0.28
      Remove whitespace from ends of lines (simply because it irritates me)
      Integrate 0.0401
      Back out the Makefile.PL part of 21808 as requested by Gisle Aas
      Make sv_force_normal_flags cope with shared hash key scalars
      foreach qw() { # not valid syntax for 5.005. So fix it.
      The binary compatibility notes say that new global functions should
      Add Perl_ceil
      Clean up a bug I introduced into caseless ENV hv_delete
      Some fool missed a letter n.
      S_save_hek_flags should honour the "free" flag.
      Forgot to remove a comment
      "Richard" - who he? (Add "Richard Clamp" to the list of pumpkings)
      Solaris gconvert() doesn't like ndigits == 0. Currently we have no
      remove duplicate PERL_HASH (as spotted by Enache Adrian in
      Change minimum perl version where the test is run from 5.9.0 to 5.8.3
      Allow overriding of the p4 settings via environment variables
      Assimilate Cwd 2.12 from CPAN. Cwd wasn't in Maintainers, so change
      Assimilate Digest 1.05
      Assimilate File::Spec 0.87
      Assimilate PodParser-1.26
      Assimilate Unicode::Collate 0.33
      Straggler from Unicode::Collate.
      Straggler from Cwd
      Add Mike Pomraning
      Bump VERSION numbers
      Tweak 00compile.t to avoid splatting a DIAG over core perl's
      Update debugger version number and Changes file
      Bump $threads::VERSION as the documentation has changed. Tweak the
      Fix minor problems with the CPAN release
      No matter how hard you proof read it, something always slips through.
      Fix bug with MANIFEST generation when we also regenerate perltoc.pod
      Change the flag logic in buildtoc
      Jarkko didn't move the cd ..\pod correctly. Given that it's been
      Seems that sv_setsv_cow needs to be visible to core extensions,
      Bah. Makefile.PL still tests the sub-MANIFEST
      use sv_setpvn rather than sv_setpv and save a strlen()
      Add VMS to the list of "don't fork" OSes
      Assimilate CGI 3.03
      Bump version number as file has changed since 5.8.2
      Update pod.lst with perl583delta,pod, and rerun pod/buildtoc
      Make chomp heed the utf8 flags on the target string and $/
      Integrate final perl583delta
      Convert the older parts of op/bop.t over to
      Test return values of all chomps
      Check the return values of chomp
      Document chomp's travels in the wonderful world of use encoding;
      test that use encoding; doesn't cause references to be stringified
      Need to skip Storable's threads test on 5.8.2 with ithreads and
      Merge dynamic perldelta from maint (22081)
      Storable's hints file shouldn't blanket set optimize to -O2 on Linux
      hv_clear_placeholders now manipulates the linked lists directly, rather
      All whitespace is equal, but some whitespace is more equal than others
      Now hv_delete is able to ingore placeholders.
      deleting keys in restricted hashes was leaking the entry. Yow!
      Comment to record why we can't clear placeholders in hsplit
      Add Mark Fowler
      Moving all the e-mail addresses over by 1 column makes them start on
      My re-implementation of hv_clear_placeholders was buggy - not sure why
      In hsplit, if a normal hash has placeholders then clear them before
      Correct thinko in comment.
      Create a new local $_ without triggering tie by using local *_ = \my $a
      Assimilate Cwd 2.15 from CPAN
      Use File::Temp for tempfiles if it is available.
      Bump Socket's version to a real floating point value
      Work on eliminating systematic failures on make minitest:
      Change the skip logic on the unicode tests so that they don't rely on
      Make threads tests pass make minitest (by skipping)
      Add a readonly check to Perl_sv_utf8_upgrade_flags, a regresion test
      Fix Dave's original shared hash key corruption bug
      Make a temporary copy of the input buffer in pp_send, so that send
      croaking for readonly SVs in Perl_sv_utf8_upgrade_flags was a mistake
      Four Storable patches towards Storable 2.11 :
      Move the PERLVAR(Ireentrant_buffer, REENTR*) outside the ITHREADS
      Add regression tests for the auto-require of STORABLE_thaw
      Add auto-require of modules to restore overloading (and tests)
      Corrections and explanations in comments
      Move Beau Cox's ppport.h fixes into
      Change Storable.xs to conditionally include ppport.h for pre 5.8.0
      Move from libwin32 module to core Perl
      Don't assume that the chmod will always work.
      Unify 5.008 and 5.009's B::Concise 0.56
      Unify 5.008 and 5.009's B::Concise 0.58
      hv_delete_common was freeing the key, then passing the freed pointer
      Make usemallocwrap a Configure-time question. Default is yes for
      Tidy up function prototypes in the light of suidpatch
      Export PL_memory_wrap based on PERL_MALLOC_WRAP rather than
      Unlike perl, 0 in void context isn't special cased in C :-)
      mintest will pass if I skip the correct number of tests. D'oh!
      Remaining smoked platforms where malloc wrap is known to work.
      Unknowingly for years we've had a test that has assumed the order
      Upgrade to Unicode 4.0.1
      debug the instructions on upgrading Unicode
      Bump version numbers for modules that have changed since 5.8.3
      Hand merge patch from maint back to blead.
      More AUTHORS who deserve credit for patches
      Make gmtime and localtime cross reference each other.
      We should be telling people about ..exp, else they use the unexpanded
      INSTALL didn't mention the 5.8.2 hash changes. Fixed
      This should be L<>
      Punt the "reporting bugs" section to the top.
      Ooops. Forgot to update pod.lst, and all that ensues with that
      mktables requires post 5.005
      Remove the no-longer autogenerated Unicode files
      Avoid mktables generating and in the same directory
      Some fool removed lib/unicore/ArabicShaping.txt	in change 22760
      And that same fool forgot to add the not-really-needed "fuzzy" versions
      Save some repeated strlen()s in Perl_swash_init
      Make t/uni/class.t pass on case insensitive file systems
      Ensure that perforce understands that the debuggers are now as one.
      It seems daft to me that we have a synopis example that will fail if
      Skip in minitest
      Upgrade to Encode 2.01.
      First step to generating Unicode files for the regexp engine at build
      Convert to using File::Spec, so that we can build Unicode files
      Run mktables as part of the build process.
      Don't need to require at top of file
      replace the run time code in lib/ with data generated
      Patch 22835 Failed to upgrade all the new files in Encode 2.01
      Assert that SV type has magic member when reading/writing.
      Assert SvTYPE is at least PGMV whenever accessing SvSTASH
      It seems that our assert() macro wasn't good enough.
      Improve the substitution to cc_r for threading so that compilers
      Storable should cope if the string to thaw happens to be utf8 encoded
      Change 22516 forgot to add to generate test data
      As 2/3rds (or 3/4s) of the SV head structure is rewritten, it doesn't
      Need to skip test 7 if perl built without the PerlIO::scalar extension
      Can't test the B modules if we didn't build 'em
      Unicode::UCD uses Storable, so we can't test if Storable isn't built.
      D'oh. Don't turn on warnings on the #! line without actually testing
      If we don't build B, we should skip all its tests.
      Skip re tests if re not built.
      Skip test if Devel::PPPort not built
      Skip test if perl configured without threads::shared
      Not ideal, but skip all of IO's tests if Socket is not built.
      Skip tests when PerlIO::scalar and PerlIO::via aren't built
      Also needs skipping if PerlIO::via not built
      This needs POSIX, so skip if no POSIX
      Case insensitive file systems are bad, m'kay
      When expecting an error, it's best to check the text you got, rather
      Skip test if Devel::PPPort is not built.
      Skip test if Data::Dumper not built
      Skip tests if List::Util not built
      Abolish the "Tied variable freed while still in use" error - I have
      Test that [] // 0 is []
      Stop 80_all_env.t failing when LC_ALL is set
      Assimilate Locale-Codes-2.07
      Note that sv_2mortal isn't just "increase reference count by 1, and
      Assert that we aren't leaking memory.
      Bump version numbers
      /usr/bin/locale steadfastly delivers 8 bit output independent of
      t/op/tie.t test 23 is failing when run with utf8 everywhere.
      Bump $B::Deparse::VERSION
      There was no need to bump $Text::ParseWords::VERSION to 3.24
      Add some missing authors and remove 1 duplicate
      A tool to check the AUTHORS file
      Stop ENV_IS_CASELESS hv.c picking up the wrong hash value from a
      hv_store was not passing hash onwards (spotted by Dave)
      First stab at explaining that CLONE may get more parameters in future.
      Randal notes:
      dor and // fulfil a TODO
      A more honest TODO
      Perl_mode_from_discipline must update len. (else SEGV)
      Resurrect the TODO items about Unicode filenames and Unicode %ENV
      Dual lifing and dists is a TODO
      Store weak references.
      Finding a way to put "I'm MAINT" in perl -v is a TODO
      A decent benchmark would be useful. But it is vague.
      Bodge to make Tk work - like the UTF8 flag, the READONLY flag has too
      no_plan support in
      Check each line of config_re output.
      The current optimisation for sort {$b cmp $a} is bogus now that we
      Generalised "how many in list context" would be useful
      A proper, working, stable optimisation for sort {$b cmp $a}
      Also test reverse sort in scalar context
      Test reverse sort as the return from a function in list and scalar
      Check that non-optimimisable sort comparisons work when reversed
      check that reverse (sort (@a), @b) etc work.
      Work around evil compiler bug on OS X. (Sucks all memory)
      Optimise list context reverse sort to reverse as part of the sort op
      s/sort/split/; - my mistake spotted by Dave.
      Some thoughts on foreach reverse
      Lots of tests for for reverse ...
      Numeric comparison operators mustn't compare addresses of references
      Optimise foreach my $i (reverse ...)
      "That's the way to do it"
      This seems to be needed to get COW working on Win32
      The optrees for C<for $_ (...)> and C<for (...)> differ, so even more
      Now optimising for $a (reverse ...)
      Optimise for (reverse ...)
      for (reverse @foo) now iterates in reverse in place.
      Abigail notes that a re-entrant regexp engine is a todo
      Assimilate Cwd 2.19
      threads.xs doesn't check the return value of the thread creation
      Some calls to PerlMemShared_alloc() aren't checking the return value.
      oslevel can fail on AIX, but the output generated would confuse
      Rebuild perlapi.pod
      Encourage compilers to tail call optimise in sv_savepv, sv_savepvn
      glob('*.c') to find documentation is dangerous when run in unclean
      Typo fix from Julian Gilbey, forwarded upstream from Debian by
      Clarify that it's only Mac OS *Classic* that uses 1904 - OS X uses
      Turn 2 strcpy()s into memcpy() because we know the length.
      Config::config_re and config_sh would report the byteorder as 'ffff'
      Grab perl585delta.pod from maint and
      Build the perldelta copying command for the main Unix makefile with
      backport B to work on 5.8.x, so that a single version of the source
      A single version of B that supports 5.8 and 5.10
      Spelling correction spotted by Greg McCarroll
      Perl_sv_recode_to_utf8 shouldn't be returning SvPVX(sv) without
      Restore runtime loading of Encode and Encode-related modules, so that
      Hack to make -Dusethreads -Uuseithreads -Uuse5005threads pass all tests
      Include opmini.c in the dependency generation.
      Implement sv_svset _nosteal variants by passing a flag into
      The second half of Perl_vwarner is actually a straight cut&paste job
      Merge the common code from Perl_vdie and Perl_vwarner into a
      Merge code from vdie and vcroak into S_vdie_croak_common
      Need to skip optree walking tests if perlio not built
      Skip tests that require Data::Dumper if it is not built
      Assimilate I18N::LangTags 0.35
      Correct change 23437 - as Config isn't imported, need to use a fully
      Oops. Forgot to add the new test in I18N::LangTags 0.35
      Assimilate PathTools 3.01 (File::Spec and Cwd)
      Skip tests if Devel::Peek not built
      Set the IV values for PL_sv_yes and PL_sv_no at initialisation time.
      Make TEST and harness skip tests for extensions that were not
      No more late changes, dammit
      Bump version number
      genuine possible buffer problems spotted by flawfinder
      Assimilate Test-Simple 0.50
      Wrap some long lines
      Test the currently working virtual %Config entries
      Make $Config{libs_nolargefiles} and
      The first entry in the virtual is special cased. So
      Add an exists test for the things we loop over
      Cheat. (Add a leading newline, and so remove all the special
      Generate the virtual entries at build time, as they
      Make configpm and the generated strict and warnings
      The change to the internal representation introduced a bug whereby
      Document the interaction of PERL_USE_SAVE_PUTENV and
      Clarify the return values of pos, particularly 0 and undef, as
      Put on a diet. 3K rather than 32K
      Hateful cAsE iNsEnSiTiVe file systems
      Generate the precached %Config entries based on some empirical
      Need to stub the public functions to keep some existing code
      The byteorder code doesn't need to be in if byteorder
      Given that there is a pre-built cache, no need for @v_fast
      Skip generating all the code to deal with "" strings in
      Integrate perlhist entries for 5.8.6 and its perldelta to blead
      Add perl586delta.pod to all the necessary makefiles and tables of
      Let pod/buildtoc resort the MANIFEST the way it wants it
      Add placeholders for the new strlcat and strlcpy entries in
      Tidy up the reference name stringification to save getting the
      &test in constant.t is vestigial, so amputate it.
      2 new BeOS files were missing
      Pull out the duplicateded push @INC, $_ if -e $_ code from
      Fix a typo in an assert(). It helps to compile with -DDEBUGGING
      There are clearer ways of saying m/^[ab]$/ than strchr("ab", c)
      Small code tidy up in gv_fullname4
      use (c == '$' || c == '@' || c == '%') instead of strchr("$@%", c)
      Remove double checking of acceptable switches on tr/// ops.
      gv_fullname4() can get rid of the main:: for us.
      Check that @INC entries and %Config path entries are consistent.
      Turn gv_fullname3 and gv_efullname3 into macros that call
      Tests for much better now - toDONE
      Remove spurious semicolons
      sanity check the arguments to runperl(), to try to avoid it
      Break out setting $^X into its own static function S_set_caret_X
      Revert part of the change to gv_fullname4(), as the change seems to
      Avoid getting the stash name twice (at least visually, if not also
      Evade using @ in the 1 liner with some perl 1 syntax.
      Note that the shell's test uses eq etc for numbers, = etc for
      $#a>>=1 relies on malloc wrap to avoid the segfault, so need to
      Move the setting of $^X ahead of the initialisation of @INC
      Fix typo
      Relocatable @INC entries for Unix.
      Oops. You can't add new entries to config_h.SH without making some
      Bother. It helps if you also propagate the new entry to
      Don't do the ... expansion on archlib, sitelib etc, given that
      Add investigating self tie segfaults to the TODO
      Make Config.t warnings and strictures clean
      Convert op/read.t to use and make it stricture compliant.
      Add a lot of tests for combinations of values, offsets and lengths
      read (and presuambly sysread) would expose the UTF8 internals when
      Oops. Forgot to uncomment the last set of Unicode values for
      Ooops. Fix unitialised variable
      Skip tests that binmode :utf8 if there is no perlio
      Experimental module intended to simplify core regression tests
      Thinko in the description of Config::Extensions
      Bug in t/io/layers.t spotted by Ignasi Roca Carrió
      Refactor gv_fetchpv so that the overwhelmingly common case
      Tidy up comments in change 23716
      Generate smaller object code by using a single switch statement
      Because name is always NUL terminated we can incorporate length
      Improve documentation for is_gv_magical, and split the switch
      Doing the strnEQ char by char for 2 and 3 character strings
      Skip the switch statement entirely if the pointer is null, rather
      Change 23714 accidentally broke t/io/layers.t when testing with
      Not all the world's a VAX, er ASCII, so don't make assumptions.
      strEQ/strNE of 1 character strings seems better hand inlined,
      Probably should be using *pvn rather than *pv forms for speed in
      Use Rafael's sick trick of ASCII NUL as a q'' delimiter to save a
      Concatenate some string constants
      Splitting the -n/-p code and concatenating strings generates
      Change 23727 broke code that relied on \ being escaped.
      Remove compiler warnings.
      D'oh! Spurious aTHX_. Here was I thinking that my test build was
      Change dXSTARGET to dXSTARG as recommended by Spider Boardman.
      Return an immortal from attributes::_warn_reserved (a private
      Add ${^UTF8LOCALE} to give perl space access to PL_utf8locale
      Use the new ${^UTF8LOCALE} to make the test reliable.
      Check all attributes in modify_SV_attributes are recognised.
      Make the switch statement discriminate similar names more
      Update copyright years.
      Rafael spotted that my changes caused warnings. So clean up.
      Shave off the explict 1; from the end of lib/
      Turn INIT_TLS_AND_INTERP into a static function
      Error-free constant folding is a TODO
      Foolishly I committed change 23753 before remembering to test without
      Correct a Greengrocer's apostrophe.
      Start converting t/op/ref.t to use
      All tests now use
      Turn barewords into strings to run under strict subs.
      Add TODO tests for UTF8 encoded soft references
      Stage 1 of utf8 support for soft references.
      Pull the am-I-utf8-or-not logic into one place (S_newSV_maybe_utf8)
      Can pass in a length here without introducing a bug. Might save
      savepv(SvPV(sv,n_a)) is common, and creates an unnecessary call to
      If we know the length of the string constant, save a strlen()
      Shorter source code in pp_gelem. (But it compiles to the same size)
      Fix bug 32294 - index()/rindex() ignore UTF8 flag
      Refactor all the unpack checksum-or-not logic to avoid massive needs to require Carp before croak()ing
      Update copyright years. Add an editor block while passing by.
      Not a good idea to use unpack "H*" to peek at a scalar's internal
      The leaktesting of NEWSV() is long dead, so create and initialise
      Avoid dogfood problems when an empty string accidentally ends up
      Source code tidy up - avoid assigning to sv.
      Turn the unreachable code into assertions. (So prove me wrong...)
      replace NEWSV(), SvSetSV() with newSVsv()
      sv_2mortal(NEWSV(0,0)) better written as sv_newmortal()
      Use the new SV_NOSTEAL flag to avoid the SvTEMP dance in newSVsv
      sv_catpvf holds no advantage over sv_catpv when the "pattern" isn't.
      SvUTF8_off() in do_join can be unconditional.
      Improve documentation for sv_catpvf, to note that pattern's UTF-8ness
      A terser way to write the \-ing code in pv_uni_display
      Refactor S_regclass to generate slightly smaller object code
      Correct the editor block to match the perl 5 policy on tabs
      Better test diagnostics for the numbers tests.
      Make "assertion" attribute code and test conditional
      A little more determinacy in our sorting
      Run and pod/buildtoc --build-all
      Name another pack test
      Make the length overrun checking and stack extension table driven.
      Shrink a switch() statment by driving the size calculations from the
      Remove now-unnecessary check. (It's done earlier)
      Update copyright years and add editor blocks
      Slightly terser code in S_regpposixcc (names inside [:*here*:])
      Assimilate ExtUtils::Constant 0.16
      Tidy up 2 comments
      Replace Perl_keyword() with a version that's 20% faster on typical
      Add weights to ExtUtils::Constant to allow sorting by expected
      A script to regenerate Perl_keyword()
      Ooops. It was 190M when I was using 4 bytes per entry for lengths in
      Correct and update comments (before anyone writes in)
      &_q needs to *globally* escape ' and \ in its substitution.
      Make the tests for the endianness modifiers < and >, and the
      Check that the warning behaviour on the modifiers !, < and > is as we
      Oops. Was forgetting to test n! N! v! V! in pack
      Make the byte order modifers < and > and the sign modifier ! (for
      Retrieve the flag bit that only 'p' uses, so that it is spare for
      Calculate the number of tests in one place, so that the skip()s will
      More consistent names for all the parameter name/declaration methods
      Add all the missing gnuk{free,net}bsd hints files to MANIFEST
      "All" "all?" Who said all? There were 2 more missing gnuk{free,net}bsd
      Let's (un)do the timewarp, again.
      With mallocwrap New() evaluates its arguments more than once, so they
      Stop lib/h2xs.t failing needlessly if it failed to clear up behind
      IPC::Run test failures with utf8
      SvUTF8 can be present on scalars other than PVs
      Casts needed to make VMS happy. (It gets very upset at assignments
      FreeBSD NDBM appears to generate files ending .db, so be prepared to
      Need to return something when the compiler doesn't know that a
      Oops. Forgot to add this.
      Fix "[perl #34643] not in archlib"
      Silence compiler warnings about possibly uninitialised variables.
      Make -DFORMAT_CHECK compile with threads.
      Down with K&R function arguments
      Down with unneeded duplicate prototypes
      Down with more K&R prototypes
      Down with potentially incorrect duplicate prototypes
      Down with C++ reserved names
      Using savesvpv() here is terser and produces smaller object code.
      Tests need to skip if there is no Encode configured.
      Add casting to allow g++ (3.3.5) to compile the core code.
      D'oh! We were never correctly spotting a modfl prototype
      If we're going to prototype modfl(), it needs extern "C" linkage.
      Casting to/from (void *) sufficient to make a C++ compiler happy.
      cast to/from (void *) in the re-entrant code. Now watch the smoke rise.
      Tabs not spaces in MANIFEST
      MM_AIX needs neatvalue
      Add a macro PERL_DEBUG_COW, for aggressive compile time tests of
      Add SvIVX() to PERL_DEBUG_COW, and change pad.c to SvIVset()
      Mangle the expected output correctly for both 5.9 and 5.8
      Avoid taking a reference to SvIVX and putting that address on the
      Don't PERL_HASH(SvUVX(...)...) as it's actually a set.
      Two more uses of lvalue SvIVX()
      Refactor the odd-one-out code before a Renew(SvPVX(...)...)
      A more efficient way of expressing the MALLOC_WRAP conditional compile.
      Replace Renew(SvPVX(...)...) with SvPV_renew, which avoids an LVALUE
      SvPV_renew also calls SvLEN_set
      PERL_DEBUG_COW for SvUVX and SvPVX
      Avoid generating thousands of UTF-8 warnings when testing under a
      Force RVALUE macros when in PERL_DEBUG_COW
      Restore SvEND_set
      Don't set things to zero twice. Once is enough. (see also change 15255)
      Merge common code. Reduces object size by 1K on x86, 6K on PPC
      For now, TODO the 2 tests that fail on 5.8.x
      Convert to
      Save state when auto-generating #ifdef PERL_CORE and PERL_CORE/PERL_EXT
      Variable declarations can't come after statements in C89.
      The if() clause is the wrong way round, so OOK can never be true in
      Calling sv_backoff() on something that's about to be free()d will
      Add a new macro SvPV_free() which undoes OOK and free()s the PVX(),
      Refactor Perl_sv_utf8_upgrade_flags to use SvPV_free
      Explode if anyone attempts to sv_upgrade PL_mess_sv.
      Change inheritance hierarchy of B subclassses :
      A slightly better layout for the diagram.
      PL_mess_sv is always >= SVt_PVMG, so no need for an if() test
      ok($a == $b) better written as cmp_ok($a, '==', $b)
      Bump B version numbers
      Bump version numbers
      Bump versions of non dual-life modules
      Allocate pointer table entries (for ithread cloning) from an arena
      Make the arena size changeable at compile time, and up the default by
      Change types of PL_he_arenaroot and PL_pte_arenaroot to avoid casting.
      Ooops. Wise man tests with ithreads before commiting. D'oh!
      Get the correct refcount on the temporary assignment to PL_sigwarn so
      The ptr_table arena variables and code is only needed for ithreads.
      The idea is that when you find something, you stop looking.
      There's no need to set a reference count for the new SV heads, as it's
      Perl_croak uses perl's printf, so can pass in SVs direct - no need for
      Simplify S_hv_notallowed slightly by passing a prebuilt message
      Change 24420 should have hand updated globvar.sym to reflect the
      Change 24413 should have updated with the knowledge that 2
      Hoist the static "AUTOLOAD" into a static const variable. Makes the
      Update the comment describing arenas.
      Change 24165 missed one s/class/classname/ in the debugging code.
      Simplify the debug and assert logic.
      Experiment with using the ptr_table code to hold the seen hash
      As we have the length of the string easily to hand, no reason not to
      Allocate GV bodies from arenas
      Reorder the *more* arena allocation functions into a block
      Upgrade to 3.10
      Assuming that everything with 0x40000000 is SVpad_TYPED is bogus.
      Bump the version number on Win32::Win32
      Upgrade to Encode 2.10
      One last 1008 to replace with PERL_ARENA_SIZE
      Default to allocating the correct size for the array in the HV.
      tabs, not spaces. Bad editor. No cookie.
      Fix a typo
      Goodbye AvFLAGS
      Need to make PERL_UNUSED_DECL conditional as xlc on AIX doesn't like
      Updaate ppport.h to get a conditional PERL_UNUSED_DECL
      Update XS code to declare PERL_UNUSED_DECL conditionally
      Remove PMROOT and replace it with a small shell script. Er, magic.
      Move placeholders into a new rhash magic type.
      Move hv_name, hv_eiter and hv_riter into a new aux structure.
      Fool. That should be I32 everywhere.
      Move the xpv_pv/xrv_rv member into the SV head, in a union with
      Add a union in place of xnv_nv, which allows AVs and HVs to re-use
      Re-order IVX slot in SV bodies
      create an "allocated" structure for PVs, PVAVs and PVHVs
      Bytecode mustn't save the NVX for hashes now that the NVX is a union
      We don't need IV and RV arena variables anymore. We don't need to set
      Oops. What is looking at an array's SvIVX()?
      PL_regex_padav elements hold either more AVs, or IVs that point to
      Don't allocate an IV slot where the type doesn't use the IV slot.
      Correct the description of pte_arenaroot
      Leaking is bad, m'kay.
      Reorder the union to cause Win32 compilers to use void * alignment for
      Initialising the hash seed needs to be early in case anything
      I think for now these have to be disabled by default.
      Replace all uses of HvNAME with the appropriate HvNAME_get or
      Track the mapping between source shared hash keys and target shared
      Export Perl_hek_dup, which duplicates shared hash keys.
      It helps to set the total keys correctly when duplicating a hash.
      We know how big the global string table will be, so use that
      Store the package name as a shared HEK.
      Rename the members of the SV head union to avoid pre-processor
      Get the HEK once only in the hot code (class method calls)
      is() is better than ok()
      In assert(), we mustn't stringify the message as part of the first
      Restort into bulidtoc's preferred order
      Teach buildtoc about README.openbsd, and regenerate various makefiles.
      Change the IV to a union.
      Goodbye xav_arylen. You won't be missed that much.
      Need a cast to avoid a compiler warning.
      Various HvPLACEHOLDERS() that should be HvPLACEHOLDERS_get()
      Change the logic to avoid needing to set a variable during the loop
      Avoid updating a variable in the loop
      Avoid updating a variable in a loop.
      Attempt 2 at a diet memory layout can go live.
      Following the head refactoring, the Newz doesn't clear the SvPVX
      If we're building somewhere else, then we need to
      Store the xhv_aux structure after the main array.
      As PERL_HV_ARRAY_ALLOC_BYTES is bytes, not items, the type should be
      Zero-ing the new HV array is pointless, as we write to every element.
      We don't have XRVs any more, so remove the typedef
      I think SvCUR() was intended rather than SvLEN()
      Round up all string length requests to malloc()/realloc() to the next
      Avoid duplicate calls to PAD_COMPNAME_OURSTASH, which is an expensive
      Oops. My maths was too generous (by 1).
      Changes 24660 and 24665 both introduced errors into the USEMYMALLOC
      24672 is innocent. valgrind + perl's malloc considered harmful.
      Dave can see a better way of doing the rounding.
      Integrate perl587delta.pod, the changes in perlhist.pod, and update
      Create newSVpv_hek to reduce code duplication where HEKs need to be
      s/newSVpv_hek/newSVhek/g; # Lousy choice of name
      Use newSVhek where we're generating SVs from package names
      Use newSVhek in the cloning code.
      Shared hash key scalars can be safely copied as shared hash key scalars
      SvIsCOW_shared_hash is declared all the time, so use it.
      Abstract all access to the shared hash value through SvSHARED_HASH()
      Need const versions of SvPV(), so that its callers can indicate
      Make a start at consting calls to SvPV. SV conversion and upgrade
      POPpx needs a const equivalent.
      XS_VERSION_BOOTCHECK is read only.
      The FBM compile code is mutable, because it's permissible to FBM
      Lots of consting
      make pp_split const
      Ensure string table counts are balanced. (Was not true in op/pack.t)
      Simplify the implementation of SvPV*nolen functions
      Change 24733 allows several pointers to be NULL. Therefore this
      Add MgPV_const
      Add SvPV_nolen_const and SvPV_nomg_const
      More SvPV consting.
      More consting of SvPV
      More SvPV consting
      More SvPV consting
      More SvPV consting
      Add SvPVx_nolen and SvPVbytex_nolen
      Convert POPpx POPpconstx and POPpbytex to use nolen macros.
      Better sv_2pv_flags implementation (avoid writing to n_a)
      Remove two more unused C<n_a>s
      Don't test the core XS code yet with PERL_DEBUG_COW > 1
      One more SvPV_const
      A mising cast (given that rx->subbeg is only char *)
      Eliminate more C<n_a>s
      n_a no more
      Allow a null length pointer to sv_pvn_force_flags.
      Nuke some more n_a, and convert S_gv_ename from char * to const char *
      Add and use MgPV_nolen_const
      Remove the n_a
      Remove repeated C<n_a>s
      const-ize pp_formline
      sv_setsv is allowed to swipe buffers from read only scalars
      Add SvPV_mutable for use by the old COW code.
      The old COW code needs to use SvPVX_mutable when doing copy-on-write.
      More SvPV consting
      Make minitest pass (must skip if no dynaloading) should be using and unlinking files before it
      Change perforce filetype from text to text+w (so is happy)
      Update API docs.
      Don't ignore errors from an eval.
      More SvPV consting
      Convert op/array.t to
      Fixes the case of $a = \$#{[]}; and then accessing $$a
      $r = do {my @a; \$#a}; $$r = 503 # is also naughty and now warns
      Change 24531 broke DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS.
      Work around bug 36211, plus a lot of TODO regression tests for local/
      Don't pass constants to select
      Passing read only values (such as string constants) to select should
      Add SvGROW_mutable
      Allison says that "Media" isn't really needed in the name.
      Move SvPV consting, remove an n_a, and correct one error in Move()
      More SvPV consting, including some code cleanup and living dangerously
      More SvPV consting. And other related drive-by refactoring.
      Propagate const/mutable/not into the SvPV call for retrieving an
      Shrink shared hash scalars from PVIV to PV
      hash key code cleanup
      This isn't an LVALUE, so make the compiler enforce that.
      In the shared string table, store the HE and HEK next to each other
      Shortcut chasing round strtab when we're not the last reference.
      Compare HE *s in S_unshare_hek_or_pvn's tight hek loop, rather than
      Provide share_hek_hek, and use it for fast copying of shared string
      hek_dup can now store the HEK rather than the HE, as there is now a
      duping shared hask key scalars can use hek_dup
      Clone all shared string PVs as shared string PVs (now that we can do
      We no longer need PL_shared_hek_table
      S_share_hek_flags can revert to returning a HEK
      Change 24816 forgot to update
      With shared hash key scalars now accessing the hash via the PVX, you
      More SvPV consting
      Croak if an attempt is made to modify PL_strtab
      Pay attention to the comments that Dave writes.
      Test was coredumping with a shared perl library.
      Change 24838 breaks deparse.t, which checks that embedded NULs work.
      assert that you aren't assigning to the NVX of an AV or HV
      We were failing to pring "not ok" if the text exited uncleanly
      Don't write bytecode to load the NVX of AVs and HVs
      I'm not convinced that manually creating HVs via sv_upgrade is a great
      Replace all the S_more_* functions with a single function.
      Making more_* return a pointer, and swapping to a ternary ?: in
      Replace all the new/del static functions with calls to a single pair
      Storing the ixv for magic arrays seems to cause double free errors on
      new_pte/del_pte can use new_body/del_body too
      The only way is up!
      Move freeing the old body after the creating of the new body.
      Collect a little more information about the body we're getting rid of
      Change 24886 was buggy - should be taking (and passing in) the
      Fix compiling with -DPURIFY
      sv_upgrade by memcpy
      update AVs and HVs using the old_body, and remove all of the local
      Squeeze a little more savings by moving pte and he arenas into the
      Refactor sv_dup to memcpy from source to destination, and only
      Move the offset calculations outside of new_body/del_body.
      If NV_ZERO_IS_ALLBITS_ZERO there's no need to explicitly set the NVX
      S_del_body is sufficiently small that inlining it is a space win.
      Silence warning in debug printf
      Replace the non-const initialiser block + loop with a series of calls
      As there will be no old body to dispose of, we can return immediately.
      No need to set flags twice.
      weak references aren't UVs, do don't show this in the dump flags.
      Avoid having NULL entries in the weakref backreference array, and
      Drag t/op/gv.t kicking and screaming into the century of the fruitbat
      Now that the global string table is using a single hunk of memory
      Add facility to fork() early in perl_destruct and use the child to
      Re-initialise PL_curcop to &PL_compiling before destroying the optree.
      Indent some of the #ifdef/#define/#endif to make the nesting clearer.
      Add a define PERL_POISON which tries to trip up anything accessing
      The current implementation of :unique is fundamentally flawed,
      Remove the reference loop between symbol tables and typeglobs.
      Need to do some sort of die/warn to get the "global destruction"
      Extend DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS_FORK_DUMP so it can also dump scalars
      If forking during global destruction, the child needs to close all
      Need to skip exporting PL_dumper_fd unless it is used.
      On OS X to use perl's malloc need to USE_PERL_SBRK and emulate sbrk()
      Add a sanity check to Config::AUTOLOAD to prevent infinte loops if
      Need to pass a my_perl to S_my_localtime to make threaded builds build.
      When using DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS_FORK_DUMP it's possible to cause
      Tweak the child dump socket protocol to return error messages to the
      Fix sv_dec of undefined PVs to (a) not downgrade to NV
      Convert strcpy to memcpy where we already know the length.
      First stab at not automatically creating an unused SV for GvSV
      Fixes to -DPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV to make more tests pass
      Make warnings.t pass with -DPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV
      All tests pass (for me) with -DPERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV
      Expand on parts of perltodo
      Nothing is actually relying on GvUNIQUE holding state.
      If gp_flags is unused, why are we even allocating it?
      Why use Perl_form and newSVpv when newSVpvf will do it in one?
      Replace newSVpv(...,0) with newSVpvn where we know the length.
      -V:... would get upset (syntax error) if ... contained unbalanced ().
      The core shouldn't be using PL_na
      Use Perl_sv_catpvf to shorten the code (source and object) needed for
      Avoid using PL_Sv in the -V argument processing.
      We know the length, so use sv_setpvn rather than sv_setpv.
      A terser way of implementing require_pv.
      Use sv_setpvn where we know the length.
      By grabbing the length, we can use sv_setpvn here.
      Don't check the pointer is non-NULL before calling Safefree() in
      Don't inline offer_nice_chunk, as it's rarely called.
      Passing gvtype as char rather than char * to S_varname generates
      Given that the GV no longer owns a reference on the symbol table, we
      Unwrap the del_Xfoo() macros by explicitly noting the arena to free
      Copying the first parameter in the macro del_body seems to reduce
      Convert bless.t to
      Andy suggests this tweak to Dave's fix for MEM_WRAP_CHECK to shut up
      sv_setuv_mg is so rarely called that the IV optimisation test is not
      Inlining del_HE is actually a space optimisation.
      Provide a macro version of S_new_body to inline it within the hot code.
      Tests for hv_delayfree_ent and hv_free_ent
      Implement hv_delayfree_ent in terms of hv_free_ent
      Make the tests for hv_free_ent and hv_delayfree_ent pass under
      DEFSV causes GvSVn() to be used in lvalue context.
      We no longer default to creating a new SV for GvSV.
      sv_dec is supposed to go *down*, m'kay.
      XS constants fail when their value is called for, not at import.
      C<use Foo;> inside considered a "bad thing"
      C<use Foo;> inside considered a "bad thing"
      Given that we now have a union, there's no need for all the HvARRAY()
      No need to manually set the reference count of a new IO to 1.
      Promote the warning about reference miscount in sv_replace to a panic.
      To make the current implementation of sv_replace sane, we should
      Revert 25331 (except for the typo fix).
      Add a TODO test for bug #37038 - assigning to the match variable
      Experiment with putting the F<.patch>level into patchlevel.h
      Add Luke Closs to AUTHORS
      Re-order the TODO tasks based on the skills they need, putting the
      Add "automating coverage tests" as a TODO
      Making make -j... work is a TODO
      add merge Perl_sv_2[inpu]v to TODO
      Add suggestion to profile to find a better set of hot ops for pp_hot.
      Add emulate the per-thread memory pool on Unix to the TODO
      Holding a mutex then croak()ing strikes me as deadlock.
      Add ordering of "global" variables to TODO
      vv5.9.3 is clearly a bug.
      Missing DO_BO_PACK_PC and DO_BO_UNPACK_PC for the 5.8.x case
      Add reduce duplication in sv_setsv_flags to TODO
      Add shrinking GVs and CVs to the TODO
      Add "refactor xsubpp to be a thin wrapper around ExtUtils::ParseXS"
      refactoring xsubpp should have been in the "just perl" section.
      Detail the minimal rewards programme we have on offer.
      Controlling what the GNU linker exports from a shared library would
      Tidying up the unused or unneeded global variables would be good.
      It looks like the only way to reliably make Perl_hv_name_set a pure
      Should have been embed.h, not proto.h, in 25475
      Improve failure case diagnostics from comp/package.t
      All Perl_hv_name_set()s need to be plain hv_name_set if they are to
      First argument to he_dup is actually a const HE *
      Add parallel testing to TODO
      The second argument to Move() is the destination, so cannot possibly
      Remove the last STRLEN n_a;s that my compiler can reach.
      The New*() compatibility macros aren't needed inside the perl core.
      As SvPVX_mutable and SvPVX_const are new, they don't need to be LVALUEs
      const sausage const const bacon const tomato and const
      We can use the C pre-processor to build a single, longer string
      Forgot to run after change 25637
      savepv and savepvn are actually NULLOK
      Attempting to do too many things simultaneously with the C pre-
      Cope with completely empty lines within the Changes file.
      Teach the alias mapping about new committers.
      Correct/tweak Changes so that parses it. wasn't aware of one of Merijn's e-mail addresses
      2 more e-mail addresses that map to rgs
      Fix Compress::Zlib test boilerplate
      Avoid a cast
      Correct precedence from and to && in an expression with assignment.
      Add Rafael's 5.10 roadmap to perltodo.
      Mark more static Encode data structures as const.
      use more 'const' in the Encode data structures.
      Add a probe for whether sprintf returns the length of the buffer.
      Add my_sprintf, which is usually just a macro for sprintf, for those
      Whoops. The Windows build is going to need to know that this symbol is
      Replace all the strlen()s related to PL_pidstatus with the return
      Oops. the trick is to edit Makefile.SH
      Code in wait4pid was calling hv_delete with the hash iterator
      Most platforms don't actually need PL_pidstatus, or the associated
      Store the raw bytes of the pid in PL_pidstatus, rather than the
      Change 25850 failed to include all changed headers
      Use the return value from sprintf and avoid a call to strlen
      gv_fullname and gv_efullname are definately mathoms.
      gv_fullname3 and gv_efullname3 are definately mathoms. They even say so.
      A terser implementation of S_varname, by using and post-processing
      sv_taint() can easily be replaced by a macro.
      Replace sv_unref with a macro that calls sv_unref_flags
      Replace sv_force_normal with a macro that calls sv_force_normal_flags.
      sv_utf8_upgrade declares itself to be a mathom, so off it goes.
      All the private implementations of @foo for compilers that can't do
      sv_2pv_nolen, sv_2pvbyte_nolen and sv_2pvutf8_nolen can all be replaced
      Add a new SMAGIC flag, to signal a call to SvSETMAGIC. Add it to
      Replace sv_catsv_mg and sv_catpvn_mg, and move the obsolete bodies to
      Replace the body of the rarely used sv_setpviv_mg with a call to
      Replace do_open() with a macro to call do_openn() with the extra two
      Replace do_exec() with a macro to call do_exec3() with the extra two
      Replace do_aexec() with a macro to call do_aexec5() with the two extra
      I think we have a winner. do_pipe hasn't been called since 4.036.
      Replace gv_fetchmethod() with a macro to call gv_fetchmethod_autoload()
      Fix typo in comment.
      Replace hv_iternext() with a macro that calls hv_iternext_flags with
      Fix win32 breakage inadvertently introduced by 25889
      Replace hv_magic() with a macro to call sv_magic() directly. Move the
      init_i18nl14n is a mathom.
      I infer that change 25891 as-is would break OS2. This should fix it.
      save_hints is a mathom.
      Functions that die aren't exactly well used code.
      Fix typos in comments.
      Replace is_utf8_string_loc() with a macro that passes the extra 0
      global.sym appears to have become out of date. Oops.
      Replace uvuni_to_utf8() with a macro that passes the extra 0 argument
      Given that sv_nosharing performs the same function as sv_nolocking
      Perl_is_utf8_* share a lot of common code. Pull that out into a new
      Jarkko and I think that Perl_is_utf8_alnumc should be initialising
      is_utf8_alnum() and is_utf8_alnumc() can use is_utf8_common() too.
      const const bad bad.
      POD nit spotted by Jarkko
      uvchr_to_utf8() and utf8n_to_uvchr() are mathoms on ASCII based
      Arrange to only output each symbol once into global.sym
      Perl_csighandler was in global.sym twice.
      A more elegant way to deal with utf8n_to_uvchr() and utf8n_to_uvuni().
      Add maddingue to AUTHORS
      It appears that it's trivially easy to alias opcode functions in
      maddingue prefers this e-mail address.
      Add "moving common filetest code to a static function" to the todo.
      Replace the 3 currently "unreachable" ops with a single op body
      Further pod nit spotted by Jarkko
      Simplify the implementation of the "unimplemented" message in the
      All the ops that are simply C<return some_other_op();> can be bypassed
      This should clear up 'Perl_do_exec' undefined; warnings on win32
      Merge ftsize ftmtime ftatime ftctime into Perl_pp_ftis
      Correct error in 25958 for threaded builds.
      Avoid a pad panic by attempting to use dTARGET; in an op that didn't
      Merge ftzero ftsock ftchr ftblk ftfile ftdir ftpipe into
      Move ftsuid ftsgid ftsvtx into Perl_pp_ftrowned.
      Move the conditonal compiles that report absence of kill and chown
      unlink chmod utime kill can be merged into Perl_pp_chown().
      Avoiding source code duplication for the lstat() on filehandle %s
      Patch 3945 was a bit overkeen - the effective parameter to cando() and
      Perl_pp_symlink and Perl_pp_link can be merged. The diff looks evil,
      The PERL_EFF_ACCESS_[RWX]_OK macros are all defined as triples, so
      PERL_EFF_ACCESS_[RWX]_OK can go.
      ftrwrite, ftrexec, fteread, ftewrite and fteexec can all be merged
      Oops. This new panic was meant to be added to the documented
      Meta-oops. Change 25987 was not the change you were looking for.
      Once more, with feeling.
      Merge msgsnd, msgrcv with Perl_pp_shmwrite().
      The remaining special logic in pp_syswrite can be moved into pp_send,
      pp_semop can fit within Perl_pp_shmwrite().
      Use the return value from sprintf().
      You can't there from here. (Dead code in sv_2pv_flags)
      Use the return value of sprintf in sv_2pv_flags. Remove dead code.
      s/printf/my_printf/ because we're using the return value.
      dorassign doesn't need --SP;
      Allow passing of the full enum name into the tryAMAGICbin family of
      '[at]' should be '@'
      Make the 5.9 changes to B conditional on perl version.
      Add lib/CPAN/ from CPAN to make version.t pass.
      Fix bug #37628 (both lcfirst and ucfirst)
      The rarely used lcfirst and ucfirst share almost all their code.
      For each test function, test it as is, and with extra data appended
      s/Nick Clark/Nicholas Clark/
      Merge pp_slt, pp_sgt and pp_sge into pp_sle. (The most commonly used
      Probaby a good idea to include DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS in -V output, as
      3 calls to strlen() we can avoid.
      Eliminate duplicate strlen()s by explicitly calling it.
      Eliminate some unnecessary strlen()s
      Moving the 4 writes of PL_no_mem followed by exit(1) to a static
      It helps to actually *remove* the now-superfluous strlen().
      Remove superfluous strlen() from pp_require().
      Add a comment about possible future refactoring of the pad code.
      Simplify Perl_allocmy slightly, and cope better with the name is ""
      Make the Bytecode changes conditional on perl version.
      Better diagnostics from io/utf8.t
      As using -C to turn on utf8 IO is equivalent to the open pragma,
      I/O is UTF-8, not "UNICODE"
      As using -C to turn on utf8 IO is equivalent to the open pragma,
      Correct the version-dependant expression for the number of tests, as it
      26085 was wrong. Undo it.
      Make the removal of references to AvFLAGS in the B modules conditional
      Change 26063 got one conditional the wrong way round.
      Make B's tests skip correctly when PerlIO is not configured.
      Fix breakages that prevended -DPERL_POISON from compiling.
      Provide a crude way for specifying the command line for
      Mark all places where perl needs to look at a possibly-freed scalar
      More PERL_POISON - poison SvANY() and SvREFCNT() in freed SV heads.
      Remove the two register keywords from auto variables that PERL_POSION
      PL_pte_root and PL_pte_arenaroot can be exterminated. Which reveals
      Oi gcc, No! sizeof(void) is an error. *Not* 1.
      s/SvTYPE(sv)/old_type/ in sv_upgrade because we already have that value
      Move the location of the definition of the arena slot used for pte
      Merge sizeof_body_by_svtype and offset_by_svtype into a single array
      Add the size of the structure to copy as a field in the per type
      "Can you see what it is yet?"
      All that can be in the first switch statement of sv_upgrade is now
      Rename sv_upgrade's parameter mt to new_type.
      const and static for the const static private table.
      Simplify the expression for the upgrade logic for SVt_IV.
      Add a flag to the body details of which types come from arenas.
      new_body_inline doesn't need to be passed the root, as it's already
      Eliminate new_body_offset from sv_upgrade
      Eliminate new_body_length from sv_upgrade
      Merge the last remaining case duplication in sv_upgrade
      Eliminate new_body_offset from sv_dup()
      Eliminate new_body_length from sv_dup. Replace SvTYPE(sstr) with
      Merge the arms of the switch. The decision about what comes from an
      We only need to zero new bodies for upgrades. sv_dup doesn't need to
      sv_clear can manipulate the arena array directly too.
      Remove all the now unused new_XFOO()/del_XFOO() macros
      Map the HE arena onto SV type 0 (SVt_NULL).
      With -DPURFIY we change the flags so that everything is allocated
      Norman observed that a couple of macros could make the body defintion
      Eliminate two more strlen()s, by using the return value of sprintf().
      Flip the sign of the value in body details offset, and change its type
      Note the URL describing the vast riches awaiting us.
      Move report_uninit() and its static supporting functions to the end of
      The regexp engine should check SV flags rather than SV type for
      Address Hugo's comment on Dave's change (26240)
      Add ext/MIME/Base64/README to MANIFEST
      Fix typo in description.
      The extra return is actually a duplicated code path, and can go.
      References to version objects should stringify as VSTRING. This makes
      Untease the regexp stringification from the reference naming in
      As they are now the same, can fold the entire switch statement for
      Clone the brief return logic and thereby remove a goto.
      Move the scope of origsv inwards, and rename variables to avoid the
      Make all the return statements closer to the final calcuation of the
      sv_2pv_flags shouldn't return a constant string "NULLREF" - it was the
      Eliminate all the gotos in sv_2pv_flags, by moving the tokensave*
      Eliminate an unneeded local variable.
      Don't use Copy for 1 and 2 character string constants.
      The early return for SvIOKp(sv) in sv_2[iu]v_flags is actually code
      Move vast swathes of common code from sv_2iv_flags and sv_2uv_flags
      Add a ; that 26281 was lacking.
      3 instances of SvIsUV_on(sv); can be replaced with one.
      Pull the regexp stringification code out into S_stringify_regexp, to
      Merge common code from ptr_table_fetch and ptr_table_store into
      A more efficient way to loop in ptr_table_clear
      An alternative way of structuring ptr_table_clear so that the variables
      A better hash for PTR_TABLE_HASH (?)
      Re-instate the old perl getcwd as _perl_getcwd, and use it if loading
      Quench the other 2 ways obscure ways of abusing positional parameters
      Move the $data and $result munging into the test preparation loop.
      Move the rest of the data munging into the test preparation loop.
      Fix *printf %*vd with mixed Latin 1/UTF-8. (Fixes bug 37889)
      Check that %v$foo does not crash.
      Inline asIV and asUV, as each is only used once, and it distracts from
      Update embed.fnc and headers after change 26345 (spotted by Rafael)
      Convert range.t to
      The logic to use SVt_NV or SVt_PVNV is in sv_upgrade, so no need to
      Simplify the SvGMAGIC code in sv_2nv, removing duplicated checks to
      Simplify the SvGMAGIC code in sv_[ipu]v_flags.
      Duplicate the AMAGIC temporary variable consting from sv_2iv_flags into
      lib/Pod/t/man.t should use TODO with not ok to express its intentions
      In Perl_apply, the name of the op can be found from PL_op_name, instead
      Expand the comment describing the intent of change 26370, and how it
      Use PL_op_desc rather than literal strings in pp_ioctl
      comp/require.t exits early for the case of UTF-8 or EBCDIC, so need to
      Perl_sv_dup should be allocating bodies based on *size*, not the
      Typo fixes from Robin Houston in
      The THINKFIRST check after the GMAGICAL check in sv_2iv_flags and
      The IV/UV choice can be made inside uiv_2buf rather than sv_2pv_flags.
      Pull the definition of olderrno in sv_2pv_flags into the block where
      Add t/op/negate.t to MANIFEST.
      Move and const some definitions of variables used to save errno.
      Two it's => its grammar fixes.
      Add some paranoia to check that GP accesses aren't being done on the
      Make sv_dump (and therefore Devel::Peek) report the value of the
      Make gv_init recognise a reference-to-something in a symbol table as
      Assert that orig_keyword, gv and gvp aren't used before the main
      In Perl_yylex, make tmp a temporary variable local to the blocks in
      In Perl_yylex, move the declaration of orig_keyword, gv and gvp down to
      gv_fetchpv, gv_fetchpvn and gv_fetchsv take a bitmask of flags, rather
      Verify that the code for initialising typeglobs from other types works.
      Croak if gv_init doesn't know how to create a typeglob from that type
      Get the "cv" from the "gv" once, and be more careful so that we can
      Add a GV_NOADD_NOINIT flag to gv_fetch{pv,pvn,sv} that disables
      Take care in toke.c not to convert constant subroutine reference
      rv_2av, rv_2cv and rv_2hv also make use of OPf_SPECIAL, so update the
      The lref argument of sv_2cv is actually passed onwards to gv_fetchsv,
      Undo my goto spaghetti from change 18340 - what we really need are
      Localise the stash variable in pp_entersub().
      For consistency sv_2cv should not leave the stash pointer uninitialised
      Avoid negating an unsigned value. (The offset in the SV body table)
      Add an optimisation to allow proxy constant subroutines to be copied
      Regression tests for proxy subroutine glob assignment.
      Break out the item normalisation code into a method normalise_items.
      Break out the code to generate #ifdef/#endif into new methods
      Make ExtUtils::Constant generate the inlineable proxy constant subs.
      Missing ; in Tie::File
      Use inlineable proxy constant subs for POSIX.
      De-duplicate the items in @EXPORT. (@EXPORT is built from all the tags,
      Create a sub LC_ALL with the correct prototype.
      Use inlineable proxy constant subs for Socket
      Need to be more careful with the symbol table manipulation - if there
      like and unlike weren't reporting failure where correctly in
      Now that proxy subroutines can be unproxied in 2 places without
      inlining autoloaded constants is TODOne.
      Add support for PV to ExtUtils::Constant::ProxySubs, and enable its
      ExtUtils::ParseXS needs to stack $filepathname to make #line directives
      Create a struct to use as the header with PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL, so that
      Provide support for types PVN and UNDEF in
      If PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL and PERL_POISON are in use, then scribble all
      For the rare case of EMFILE during require, save object code space
      For PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL with PERL_POISON, Poison the end of any block
      Looks like the macro CLK_TCK is not actually a constant on Solaris.
      Given that IO::Socket is documented as exporting all of Socket's
      Unless the peephole optimiser already knows that we're in void context,
      Using a hash reference rather than a hash can save a hash copy.
      Tests for creating constants where prototypes or other symbols of the
      The value from caller doesn't change, so my $pkg = caller;
      Rework to take advantage of the space savings of proxy
      The values for proxy constant subroutines need to be read only.
      Add C_FH and XS_FH arguments to ExtUtils::Constant::WriteConstants,
      Add a couple of newlines for tidier regen output, consistent with the
      Don't try to store PL_sv_undef in pads. (For now)
      Add method macro_from_item to encapsulate the entire logic for getting
      Support type UNDEF, and correct a bug in the macro generation by using
      Remove the hard wired test numbers in the generated test script for
      tabs, not spaces, in MANIFEST. No, I can't remember why this is.
      Removing MAKE_JOBS_FIFO from %ENV causes FreeBSD make to forget about
      Refactor the require failure message generation to use 1 less temporary
      As what we're doing is generating subroutines, which are methods, we
      gv_fetch_flags in newATTRSUB can actually be const.
      Pass in the full arguments to ExtUtils::Constant::ProxySubs
      s/%/%%/ in the package name so that it can be used safely in the
      PL_amagic_generation is always non-zero, so remove the test for this.
      As the backreferences AV doesn't hold references on its contents,
      A GVs stash can be NULL, so don't call macros that assume otherwise
      RMAGIC on symbol tables is bad, m'kay.
      In the shared string table, if we add new entries to the head of the
      POSIX now declares missing constants as sub ... ();, so Net::Ping
      Now that the backreference array has no NULL entries, and is correctly
      Document why it's a bad plan to move the backreferences array from
      Tweak S_init_main_stash so as allocate PL_curstname as a shared string
      Marcus Holland-Moritz suggested that assert should
      Stop 'sub a { // }; %::=()' panicing because the backreference array
      Re-attempt to clear the hash in S_hfreeentries if anything adds to it.
      Add a test for change 26547. (We no longer expect to see errors about
      Remove unneeded test in Perl_hv_clear_placeholders.
      Calling Perl_hv_clear_placeholders while the hash iterator was active
      Turn a for loop that's almost a while into an honest-to-goodness while.
      Add 2006 to the copyright years in the header generated by
      Typo fix in the description of change 26370.
      Happy New Year. (It's not just
      Fix up missing and duplicate AUTHORS
      More missing AUTHORS
      Erk! craigb's changes come out of p4 with ^Ms as line endings.
      More missing AUTHORS
      The two never used NOTYET switch ops can go.
      If NV_ZERO_IS_ALLBITS_ZERO is not true, then it's important to inialise
      Negating an unsigned value generates warnings for some compilers, so
      Correct the typo in the description of change 24253
      Don't code the absolute number of tests for the UTF8/EBCDIC case; much
      Reorder Fcntl's bootstrapping so that the constants actually get
      Remove the greedy quantifier from inside the grouping (?:) so that it
      Add missing files in ext/Digest/SHA/src that somehow escaped the net.
      Add utils/shasum.PL to MANIFEST
      Tweak the code that generates unique entries in @POSIX::EXPORT so that
      Add an option 'opened' which reports on the maintainers of all files
      With VMS moving from [lib.pod] to [lib.pods] then pod/buildtoc needs
      run pod/buildtoc --build-all
      Update copyright years (including some years where we made changes but
      Update the copyright years in the generated files, and nostdio.h
      Update copyright with the 2 years where changes were made.
      Cope with change entries that are \r terminated
      POSIX and Fcntl both export the same constants derived from the same
      Missing an initialisation, as spotted by Merijn's HP compiler.
      Why should Syslog jump through hoops to look up the hostname so it can
      Gisle is correct - $host needs to stay in case the user sets it
      Gisle notes that SvRTRIM should also write a new '\0' at the end.
      Refactor S_vdie_common so that Perl_vwarn can use it too.
      Bump $VERSION in many modules that have changed.
      $Socket::VERSION++; # You always miss one.
      Upgrade to Devel::PPPort 3.06_01
      More $VERSION bumps.
      $utf8::VERSION++ # Documentation. --rank would loop infinitely on an empty results array.
      e-mail update from Phil Lobbes
      Add Ken Hirsch to AUTHORS.
      Teach about everyone in Changes5.8.[2-8], adding to
      Some reordering and one new address for Stéphane Payrard
      Oops. When the e-mail address came first, or there was no name with it,
      Can now count the patches committed with --thanks-applied.
      Teach checkAUTHORS about all the authors in 5.8.2-5.8.8, and any others
      New t/comp/require.t tests should go before the conditional exit.
      Change 26410 caused a regression, with the RVALUE return value of
      Integrate 26847 from maint.
      Note 5.8.8-RC1
      Change the regression test added by 26410 to use; this makes
      Revert change 26410, marking the test that was added there as TODO.
      constant_add_symbol needs to be static, else static builds can fail at
      SvREADONLY_off inside the magic routines is also dangerous on shared
      2 spelling corrections, and rephrase the entry on perlivp (better
      A description of the new constants.
      Pull glob_assign out from sv_setsv_flags into a static function.
      Remove goto glob_assign;
      Pull the other large chunk of PVGV assignment code into S_pvgv_assign.
      By changing SvVOK() from returning 0/1 to 0/pointer-to-magic we can
      PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV wasn't as effective as it should have been.
      The flags manipulation in sv_setsv_flags can be more efficient.
      Merge the IOK and NOK clauses together in sv_setsv_flags.
      Add gv_fetchpvs, which uses STR_WITH_LEN to call gv_fetchpvn_flags.
      Squeeze more flag manipulations together in sv_setsv_flags.
      Call gv_fetchpvn_flags where we already know the length.
      Avoid using space to create 2 functions just to force mathoms to be
      C compilers don't let you return void. Pay attention gcc, and
      Solaris seems not to enjoy initialising constants from SIG_??? on 64
      Assert that IVs and NVs can never be tainted.
      Use a union for storing the shared hash key reference count, rather
      Code assumes that *FOO{SCALAR} will always return a scalar reference,
      Avoid a warning from the Irix C compiler.
      Silence another Irix compiler warning.
      Change the author aliasing to reflect updates to AUTHORS.
      Silence a warning from the MS compiler about signed/unsigned mismatch.
      Eliminate save_threadsv, as it is never linked to, and all it does
      Make Perl_gv_fetchpvn_flags actually heed the passed in length.
      Integrate perl588delta.pod from maint, and re-run pod/buildtoc.
      Mmm, it looks like it's a bad plan to rebuild the TOC from a tree that
      Correct my comment, so that it's actually useful. :-)
      Oops. 1 NUL termination assumption remains in Perl_gv_fetchpvn_flags
      References can't have SVp_IOK or SVp_NOK set, so no need for all the
      doubleplusoops. Apart from the documented NUL termination assumption.
      Since PERL_COPY_ON_WRITE became PERL_OLD_COPY_ON_WRITE it seems that
      And another assumption.
      Yet more instances of gv_fetchpv... that should be GV_ADD rather than
      gv_fetchpvn_flags ranks highly in the profile, and the ::/' scanning
      Change PL_perlio_fd_refcnt from a fixed size static array to a pointer
      It's actually easier to get rid of PL_fdscript than we thought.
      Oops. When changing one should re-run it. Well spotted
      Oops. I *thought* that I had checked that all changed files were open.
      Passing the flag to S_forbit_setid as a single char rather than a
      Eliminating PL_suidscript is more tricky, and requires changing the
      Silence a warning about "statement not reached" from the Sun C compiler.
      Change 27070 failed to initialise a variable. (But despite that still
      Pull the variables fdscript and suidscript into a much smaller scope.
      The MSDOS-only call to moreswitches will never reach forbid_setid, so
      And as we've now got to the point where all calls to Perl_moreswitches
      S_find_beginning is only called from one place, so by hoisting the
      Remove obsolete comment.
      warnings.h does some evil(*) pointer arithmetic on (SV *)0, so a
      Tweak arena sets to avoid assignment between different pointers.
      Rejig the definition of ARENAS_PER_SET to maximise the size of the
      I believe that mathoms have been completely TODOne.
      The TODO 'Tidy up global variables' can go, replaced with a second
      Enhance PERL_TRACK_MEMPOOL so that it also emulates the PerlHost
      Add regression tests to lib/charnames.t to ensure that unicore/
      bcc was issuing a warning about this line in Perl_sv_2cv, so tweak it
      Without this Windows and Netware compilers should be complaining
      Eliminate a croak we can't get to.
      Merge and refactor the PVAV and PVHV code in Perl_sv_upgrade, which
      Remove "Can't upgrade to undef" from perldiag, as the corresponding
      Yes, I broke Win32 with change 27089 by having a { in the wrong place.
      new_body_type doesn't need to subtract the offset, that's what
      The message "Can't upgrade that kind of scalar" can be far more
      Start to merge the 6 arms of S_pvgv_assign into one.
      Merge the default case (GvSV) with the common code in S_pvgv_assign.
      Merge the PVAV and PVHV clauses into the common code of S_pvgv_assign.
      Merge the PVCV case into the common code in S_pvgv_assign.
      Fix bug #38439 - reference to typeglob assignment needs to be based
      Expunge USE_5005THREADS from perl.c
      Move Perl_save_long, Perl_save_I16, Perl_save_I8, Perl_save_iv,
      Remove a duplicate flag copy line from Perl_sv_setsv_flags.
      In Perl_sv_upgrade, the assignment to new_type_details only needs to
      I think that "merge Perl_sv_2[inpu]v" and "reduce duplication in
      Rename S_glob_assign to S_glob_assign_glob
      Given that the memory allocated in Perl_bytes_from_utf8 and
      Optimise index so that if the big string is ISO-8859-1 but the little
      Fix bug 38454 (rindex corrects for $[ on bytes rather than UTF-8)
      Some refactoring to converge pp_index and pp_rindex
      Merge pp_index and pp_rindex - we have another mathom.
      pp_hex can be implemented trivially by pp_oct, making pp_hex a mathom.
      pp_pop can be implemented by pp_shift.
      Create new macros AMG_CALLun_var, AMG_CALLun_var and tryAMAGICun_var
      Avoid gcc warning about possibly uninitialised variables.
      All the trancendental unary operators can be merged into PP_sin
      Merging pp_bit_or and pp_bit_xor shrinks the object code by about .7K.
      Borland's C compiler warns that the & is unnecessary.
      lastparen in the regexp structure is never initialised, and so will
      Avoid calling all the scanning code in gv_fetchpvn_flags when saving
      Change 27136 seems to have inadvertently upset some compilers,
      With PERL_POISON defined, ensure freshly malloc()ed memory isn't zeros,
      The return value from S_hv_auxinit can be ignored, as it's also stored
      assert() that we can't reach two unreachable code paths
      Coalesce 2 if blocks with duplicated conditions in Perl_sv_dup.
      Remove SOFT_CAST() as it no longer does anything useful.
      In perldiag.pod add an entry for the error message that change 27155
      Fix change 27059 so that it actually works with >16 file descriptors.
      All the bits of clone_params.flags need to be initialised, not just
      Ensure that public I, N and P flags are off when SvTAINT is called on
      Back out change change 10214 (drop SVp_IOK from >> PRIVSHIFT) as it
      Convert utftaint.t to (from and provide it with
      Assume that if runperl is called under tainting, that the caller really
      Turn of tainting locally inside swash_init(), as the internal
      save_re_context() and even errsv_save = newSVsv(ERRSV); can turn
      SvROK(sv) will never be true when SvIOKp() or SvNOKp() is true, so the
      To make arithmetic on tainted dualvars work properly requires that
      Under -DDEBUGGING, assert that SvIVX, SvUVX and SvNVX aren't being
      AVs and HVs don't have IVXs or NVXs, so assert this too.
      Shave sizeof(NV) bytes from formats, by using the same offset
      Ministry of Truth removes typo in description of Change 26166.
      Re-order CV flags to bring the 4 CVf_BUILTIN_ATTRS into adjacent bits,
      Remove the last (U16) cast for CV depths, missed by change 17835.
      utftaint.t won't be able to run tests with -T if you have
      Abolish BROKEN_UNION_INIT in B::C, as it works around problems in
      Add a new CvISXSUB() macro, for abstracting the test as to whether a
      Need to clear CvXSUBANY() too to turn a constant sub into a prototype.
      xcv_start and xcv_xsubany can be merged into a union, as they are never
      xcv_root and xcv_xsub can also be merged into a union, providing a new
      Fix sv_dump to dump formats without the (non-existent) NVX.
      PVFMs don't need CvDEPTH, and PVCVs don't use SvIVX, so moving
      PVCVs don't need XNVs either.
      Steal code from maint, and use PERL_ARENA_ROOTS_SIZE to size the arena
      Document the many uses of SVf_FAKE.
      Re-order the definitions of the private bits in SvFLAGS by value, so
      Teach B about CVf_ISXSUB
      PL_body_arenas should be set to NULL when the interpreter is cleared.
      Reorder the SV flags so that SVp_?OK and SVf_?OK occupy 8 contiguous
      Can merge the two arms of Perl_magic_getglob to save space.
      Change 24643 made the mistake of assuming that CvCONST can only be true
      Test warnings for converting globs to other forms.
      sv_dump should report the PV for PVGVs, as it can get set.
      Avoid C<study>ing any strings that might change underneath us, such
      Fix typos and a missing bracket.
      Fix the copy sizes for PVFM and PVCV back to sanity.
      Remove get magic from typeglobs. This means that PVGVs holding
      Remove un-needed case in Perl_sv_setsv_flags (sv_upgrade will cover
      Recalculate dstr in Perl_sv_setsv_flags, as dstr may have been upgraded.
      In XS_attributes__guess_stash, attempting to call Gv* on a PVMG is
      Remove set magic from typeglobs. Remove typeglob magic entirely.
      Using U8 rather than size type shrinks the body_details table.
      Shrink struct body_details and hence sv.o slightly further by using
      We have sufficient spare bits to store the SV type in body_details,
      Document a sixth use for SVf_FAKE
      Replace direct flags tests & manipulations for SVpad_TYPED and
      As SVs can't both be in a pad, and the name of a variable in the pad,
      Redo previous sv.h change.
      assert that SvMAGIC is never non-NULL for any PVMG used as a pad name.
      Replace usage of GvSTASH for storing the stash of C<our> with
      Assert that GvSTASH is only called on PVGVs and PVLVs.
      Store the stash for our in the magic slot. This will allow us to use
      Use PVMGs rather than PVGVs to store the names of our variables in the
      Avoid special case SvMAGIC macros just to cope with Perl_sv_unmagic.
      Given that Perl_gp_free() is refcount-dec-and-maybe-free for the glob
      Given that SvPV on a typeglob is now irrelevant, really we only need
      With PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV, don't need to create a new GvSV in
      Store GvGP in the SV head union. For all the common lookups [eg GvCV()]
      Amazingly, it seems that none of the other GV specific macros are
      Curiously none of the macros SvIVX, SvUVX or SvNVX are used on
      xgv_stash can be stored as a union with the NV, reducing the size of
      Abstract the specific use of SvCUR in GVs for detecting variables on
      Use xpv_len rather than xpv_cur in GVs to store GvASSIGN_GENERATION.
      GvFLAGS can be overlaid with SvCUR.
      Change 27330 failed to decontaminate SvCUR/GvFLAGS when upgrading an
      There is now the potential for an upgrade from something without an
      Move all the de-tainting logic for runperl into
      In Perl_sv_setsv_flags, swap the default in the type based switch to
      Provide Perl_gv_name_set to replace LVALUE use of GvNAME and GvNAMESET.
      Only #define PERL_DONT_CREATE_GVSV if it wasn't already defined.
      Use a HEK to store the GV's name, rather than a malloc()ed string.
      Move the GvNAME HEK into the IV union - every GV is now 1 pointer
      Change hv_name_set to take U32 length and flags parameters.
      Perl_gv_name_set should not leak the old HEK. Allow the flag GV_ADD
      Change 27380 (HEK into the IV union failed to convert the code in the
      Update David Dyck's e-mail address.
      TPF++ #
      Remove the #define - ARENASETS are always on now.
      Two more TODOs for those with C knowledge.
      Add a Configure question for mad (Misc Attribute Decoration - Larry's
      Some of the MAD structures in headers, plus PL_madskills and PL_xmlfp,
      Add MAD changes to pad code (new function Perl_pad_peg)
      MAD changes to dump.c
      Change from Larry in the MAD code which seems to be unrelated to MAD.
      Almost all the MAD changes for op.c
      The last MAD change to op.c changes the pad offsets of the test that
      Oops. Didn't mean to commit 27426 to maint first. Integrate it:
      Further MAD changes.
      Make MAD at least compile and link once more. Although it's now failing
      Bodge MAD code to get pack.t and ext/Encode/t/Encode.t passing.
      Note the cause of another MAD test failure - an explicit abort trap
      Note the weakref.t failure that commenting out this code caused.
      Unroll 27425 - keeping Larry's order in op.c means that exactly the
      Fix C99ism in dump.c
      Tweaking the order of op creation/op free in Perl_ck_require to Larry's
      Add the MAD change to perly.y, which brings a new PEG token.
      MAD changes for bare skipspace()
      Replace PL_nextval[PL_nexttoke].opval with the macro NEXTVAL_NEXTTOKE
      Refactoring from Larry implicit in the MAD patch.
      Another refactoring from Larry implicit in the MAD patch.
      The remainder of the toke.c MAD changes. Now to investigate why MAD
      It helps to run in the correct directory. (not the symlink
      Add the madly parser. I believe that this is all the C code. Now to
      Oops. Failed to add madly.c
      -Dmad works, albeit with some test failures:
      Avoid scribbling on the passed in command line string for -i in
      Superior *printf-fu lets us avoid modifying source code.
      Add the Perl 5 to Perl 5 convertor scripts.
      Remove two NEWSV()s in the non-ithread dump code that got missed.
      Correct another gv_fetchpv() - it takes a bitmask of flags, not simply
      Tease apart the keyword/subroutine test in S_checkcomma.
      Summon constman! S_checkcomma now has all 3 arguments const char.
      Tweak change 27457 - make PL_lasttoke MAD only, but teach
      Teaching about conditional symbols is a TODO.
      Merge perly.y changes from 5.9.2 to now into madly.y.
      All the autogenerated files from change 27462.
      gozer took over from gsar (some time ago).
      Rename the 12 static variables in toke.c to PL_*
      Move the 12 static MAD variables from toke.c into the interpeter
      Remove the obsolete mad/
      Missed the hunk that adds to the regen_perl target.
      NNs and NULLOKs for MAD's new functions.
      Fix the last 2 perly.y specific parts of, and make
      isSPACE('\0') is false, so can simplify the condition in the for
      The "Change installation prefix, if necessary." code needs to use
      The existing order of the checks for whether man1dir and man3dir were
      Refactor most of the cut & paste for setting prefix/prefixexp variables
      Split break out the installprefix code from setprefixvar, which allows
      First stab at rather shaky Configure support for relocatable @INC.
      Somewhat less shaky relocatable @INC support. You can install things
      SVphv_REHASH can use the same flag bit as SVf_FAKE. This allows
      Partially convert overload.t to Test::More
      Further conversion of overload.t
      Further conversion of overload.t
      Finish converting overload.t to Test::More
      Moving the overloading flag from the reference to the referant allows
      Expunge references to HV_AMAGIC, HV_AMAGICbad and HV_AMAGICmb which
      Test for reblessing objects with weak references.
      D'oh! 27508 wasn't quite testing what I wanted it to test. This does.
      Correct the non gcc-brace-group definition of SvAMAGIC_off
      Make the original versions of relocated paths available from
      Correct the macros in the comments in hv.c. Given the improvements in
      Note that it's worth looking to downsize variables in the interpreter
      Add a new per-interpeter variable PL_utf8cache, which will be used to
      sv_find() returning false, followed by sv_magic() to add the magic,
      Restore a bit of change 27533 that change 27534 inadvertently unwound.
      Properly set/reset the UTF-8 length cache in regcomp.c.
      Remove a duplicated conditional test by putting everything for the
      Make Perl_sv_len_utf8 honour the new ${^UTF8CACHE}.
      Remove a redundant test on mg->mg_ptr. (It had to be non-NULL to get
      If the scalar has just been upgraded to SVt_RV, there's no way SvPVX
      The two loops in Perl_utf8_distance can be merged.
      Perl_utf8_distance can be implemented as a call to Perl_utf8_length.
      Abstract the string walking functionality from Perl_sv_pos_b2u into
      In Perl_sv_pos_b2u, if we know the character offset of the end, we
      Extend change 27558 - if we know the character offset of the end, but
      (Hopefully) make VMS happy.
      The simplest way to start on Perl_sv_pos_u2b seems to be to take out
      Create S_sv_pos_u2b_cached, which abstracts away utf-8 to byte
      Add S_sv_pos_u2b_midway for when we know the utf-8/bytes offsets on
      Take advantage of uoffset >= uoffset0, to simplify some logic.
      Call S_utf8_mg_pos_cache_update() from S_sv_pos_u2b_cached().
      Use the cache in S_sv_pos_u2b_cached when the sought offset is after
      Use the cache in S_sv_pos_u2b_cached() when the desired offset is
      Add all new static functions to embed.fnc
      Pass the (byte) length of the entire string into
      Complete the other 2 arms of the cache update code.
      Use both cache entries for Perl_sv_pos_b2u().
      Make S_sv_pos_u2b_cached use both cache pairs.
      Move orphaned documentation back to its functions
      Rejig the location of the cache assertion code in Perl_sv_pos_b2u().
      Document the values for ${^UTF8CACHE}
      Free the regexp state when exiting "recursion".
      PL_multiline isn't referenced, and can be removed.
      Silence 3 (spurious) gcc warnings about "maybe used uninitialized".
      Add S_space_join_names_mortal() which joins a char** array with " "s,
      Replace all sv_mortalcopy(&PL_sv_no); sv_set*(...) with
      If constant folding fails, don't fold constants, rather than reporting
      It helps to actually add the files you add to MANIFEST. (Thanks Dave
      Merge the cut & paste code from Perl_call_sv/Perl_fold_constants with
      Having tested IPv6 support in all builtins for TCP and UDP, it all
      Only compile Perl_hv_assert with DEBUGGING.
      Fix bug 36267 - assigning to a tied hash shouldn't change the
      Fix bug #38815 (localising keys which are UTF-8 encoded didn't delete
      Localising hash slices with UTF-8 encoded keys was also buggy.
      Serialise changes to %^H onto the current COP. Return the compile time
      I can't spell.
      Test that entries in %^H are actually independant.
      Note future possible flexibility for Perl_magic_sethint().
      Need to dup any hints HV stored on the save stack.
      Inconsistencies in paramter const-ness noticed by SADAHIRO Tomoyuki.
      Propagate cop_hints inside string evals. For the unthreaded case this
      Rewrite t/op/getppid.t to remove the assumption that init has PID of 1.
      If the comment says "(and not ours)" then it should be tested.
      Add Rafael's example user pragma, and convert his demo to a test.
      Test that user pragmas work inside string eval.
      The call to Perl_hv_assert(aTHX_ hv) should be wrapped in a DEBUG_A().
      Automatically set HINT_LOCALIZE_HH whenever %^H is modified.
      Test no mypragma;
      If the passed in target rv for Perl_newSVrv() was already a reference
      Abstract all the accesses to cop_arybase (apart from ByteLoader)
      Convert ByteLoader to use CopARYBASE_set().
      'SvIOK(sv) ? SvIVX(sv) : sv_2iv(sv)' is 'SvIV(sv)' so write it as such.
      Abstract all reads/writes of the hints in COPs with 2 new macros,
      Better failure diagnostics from switch.t.
      Change 27677 missed two direct accesses to op_private in COPs.
      The make_ext script should pass MAKE=$MAKE to submakes it invokes for
      Two modules in ext/ have dependencies that are post-miniperl.
      Perl_save_alloc can use the new(er) SSGROW rather than looping.
      Save the regexp engine state as 1 block on the save stack.
      Move all the regexp state variables into a single structure.
      Oops. Being too terse for my own good - it's not a great idea to chain
      Give more information in the panic in ss_dup. (Although I'm not sure
      ss_dup of SAVEt_COP_ARYBASE can use the same code as SAVEt_I8.
      Teach ss_dup about SAVEt_RE_STATE. (As correctly as it ever was before)
      By swapping the order of pushes onto the save stack for
      As av_dup, gv_dup and hv_dup are the same as sv_dup, code in various
      Fix pointer error in change 27741, spotted by John E. Malmberg.
      Perl_unsharepvn() was no longer being used in core, and changes to
      All S_dumpuntil()'s regnode pointer arguments can be const.
      Need to migrate the refcounted_he structure to be properly shared.
      Stop Perl_newSVpvn_share() potentially leaking the return result from
      Within Perl_newSVhek, inline most of newSVpvn_share(), because
      First stab at using the pad to store the serialised hints data.
      As OPs are shared between threads, they should be using
      Newxz() can use calloc() rather than malloc(), as the implementation
      Remove Perl_refcounted_he_copy and Perl_refcounted_he_dup.
      Store cop_hints as a shared structure without using any SVs (on
      Test that we can do embedded 0 bytes in hints.
      Change cop_warnings from an SV holding the warnings bitmask to a
      Add tests for all the other types that %^H serialisation is supposed
      D'oh! Don't try to do #ifdefs inside "functions" that are actually
      Add SAVEt_COP_WARNINGS to ss_dup.
      Fix B and ByteLoader to cope with cop_warnings no longer being an SV.
      Add a break; to the end of the SAVEt_COP_WARNINGS case, and don't try
      For duping SAVEHINTS it rather helps if you pay attention to what is
      Remove SAVEt_FREESHAREDPV, as nothing is using it, and it isn't catered
      (Hopefully) fix coredumps in ByteLoader, which were a side effect of
      Mark new_warnings_bitfield as XE, and add it to __DATA__ in
      Replace explict "/dev/null" with BIT_BUCKET, which varies by platform.
      S_glob_2inpuv() did not check if lenp was NULL. Oops.
      In the description of require, clarify the file handle return and why
      Change SAVECOPWARNINGS(c) to SAVECOMPILEWARNINGS() - it's only used to
      Bump the expect file count in readdir.t. We keep writing more tests.
      Add a test for source filters returned from code references in @INC.
      Add more tests for the builtin source filter implementation, and fix
      Tests for having multiple pipes open simultaneously.
      If you return void from a filter subroutine, the caller's status is
      Eliminate the filter_child_proc hack from pp_require.
      If the downstream caller wants block mode, and we're in line mode,
      $foo .= $bar doesn't warn if $foo is undefined, so simplify code.
      Deep in the bowels of creating new and exciting bugs, I managed to
      Augment the user filter caching code so that if the user filter returns
      Fix a bug - the introduction of the caching code means that we should
      I believe that it makes little sense for the simple user filters
      Update the assertion to a croak "Out of range special SV number"
      Coverity correctly reports that gv might (just) be NULL. So don't
      Coverity notes that resource are leaked in the unfinished and never
      Coverity reports that Storable can potentially cause a NULL pointer
      Coverity was getting upset about an assignment from a function
      Teach Perl_do_sv_dump how to cope with IOs that have bogus things in
      Coverity notes that we might be dereferencing fgv before a check that
      Fix htmllink.t to cater for the case where perladmin isn't an empty
      In Perl_sv_usepvn(), force a move under DEBUGGING to shake out caller
      Merge sv_usepvn and sv_usepvn_mg into sv_usepvn_flags. "Promote" the
      Provide a new flag for sv_usepvn_flags, SV_HAS_TRAILING_NUL, which
      In Perl_sv_usepvn_flags, assert() that the caller has RTFM.
      Perl_do_vop can profitably use Perl_sv_usepvn_flags, as it has
      A scalar reference returned from a coderef in @INC is treated as the
      Coverity is flagging a potential problem because it sees a check for
      Fix bug introduced with change 27841. (len + 1, not just len).
      Revert 27856.
      Revert change 27818, as change 27853 fixes the real bug.
      Add Dave's explainations of why certain pointers are always non-NULL,
      Add assertions to cover cases where the Coverity scanner thinks we
      Note in av_store() that S_regclass relies on being able to pass NULL.
      In Change 27764 I forgot to at PL_hints_mutex to the list of symbols to
      Note that PVIOs probably aren't worth shrinking. Note 3 possible
      Oops. Change 27826 had an error in the definition of BGET_PADOFFSET().
      Turn on UTF8 cache assertions with -Ca
      Coverity is a persistent beast. Hot on the tails of fixing one leak,
      Coverity is upset about a signed int in ext/Filter/Util/Call/Call.xs,
      Document all the return values that code references in @INC can return.
      Coderefs in @INC are done and documented.
      Fix an error, spotted by Tim Bunce.
      Coverity insists that if we deference a pointer without checking, and
      Coverity still thinks that there is a route through do_vop that can
      Relocatable @INC and parallel builds pretty much work now.
      Note that Rafael has done the first cut of state variables.
      Expand "am I hot or not" into a more general "Profile Perl" section.
      Revert 27869 at Jarkko's request.
      Fix compilation of microperl, which doesn't have INT_MAX.
      Calling cv_undef() on the CV created by newCONSTSUB() would leak like
      Avoid temporarily writing over the prototype when reporting an error.
      Oops. Need a macro to convert cv_ckproto() to cv_ckproto_len().
      newCONSTSUB needs to be robust in case CopFILE is NULL.
      Fix typo in the description of change 21323.
      Convert two ok()s to better constructions.
      Tweak change 23256 to continue passing on 5.8.x
      Remove the last traces of explicitly setting HINT_LOCALIZE_HH from
      Given that use re 'debug' can turn on DEBUGGING even on a non-DEBUGGING
      Why hide functions (and duplicate them) when you can just avoid
      Refactor slightly. This has no change to documented behaviour,
      Merge the install and uninstall routines.
      Use a struct to hold the regexp engine state information, to make
      Remove the enable_debugging member from the structure, and instead
      "Don't Repeat Yourself" on the "We *really* need to overwrite these
      Assimilate Test::Harness 2.57_06
      Following change 27942 it's clear that the return type of
      Change 27947 forgot to remove one now-unneeded cast.
      Perl_unpack_str() is a mathom!
      Coverity has started to notice another inconsistency in our NULL
      Anton Berezin says that on FreeBSD we're wrong to be using -lc_r, and
      Fix bug 34297 (length of overloaded UTF-8 strings)
      lc plus an 8 bit locale could mangle UTF-8 values returned by
      uc plus an 8 bit locale could get confused by UTF-8 values returned by
      lcfirst/ucfist plus an 8 bit locale could mangle UTF-8 values
      There were more ways to break uc/lc/ucfirst/lcfirst even without
      Add a cross reference to bytes_from_utf8() in the documentation for
      print couldn't correctly handle surprises from UTF-8 overloading.
      It should never be possible for SvGMAGICAL() to be true on SVt_IV.
      More tests for syswrite with UTF-8 data.
      syswrite couldn't correctly handle surprises from UTF-8 overloading.
      Coverity disliked us passing a negative length to vsnprintf().
      Document SvGAMAGIC(), and its significance w.r.t. the side effects of
      index and rindex couldn't correctly handle surprises from UTF-8
      Dave noticed that change 28022 was wrong - should read is_index
      We had no tests that covered the grow paths in pp_uc and pp_lc.
      do_vop() couldn't correctly handle surprises from UTF-8 overloading.
      One part of pp_pack couldn't correctly handle surprises from UTF-8
      Perl_pack_cat() is a mathom too!
      Replace a STRLEN no_len; with a _nolen macro call.
      Add a --percentage option to to show rankings as
      Fix two errors found by Coverity.
      Re-order one DO_UTF8 to be after the SvPV.
      Allow a macro of "0" to mean "#if 0" for convenient elimination of
      Disable SIGRTMAX and SIGRTMIN in POSIX if Configure's probes found that
      De-duplicate the code that creates new GPs into Perl_newGP().
      Change 28037 broke t/op/each.t when running with TEST.
      GvFILE() cannot be a pointer to the memory owned by the COP, because
      Fix bug in DynaLoader, which has been passing a filename in dynamic
      Change 28063 forgot 1 key line - acutally use the correct filename
      Assert that SvMAGIC() isn't being called on PVMGs which are using the
      *static* pointers to newXSUB(), dammit!
      cumulative totals and list reverse for
      Add a new hash key flag HVhek_UNSHARED, to mark all unshared hash keys.
      Remove a variable left unused since change 28065.
      Tie::RefHash is now dual life, maintained by Yuval Kogman.
      Ressurect change 27824, which plugs a resource leak in uncalled code.
      Two signed array indicies that Coverity spots should be unsigned.
      Gv_AMupdate() always creates magic, so mg can never be NULL.
      In Perl_Gv_AMupdate(), there's no need to call sv_unmagic() if we know
      Simplify the non-printable name error reporting code in Perl_allocmy().
      Change 28145 means that Perl_allocmy() can take a const char *name.
      Convert use.t to an inlined is/isnt/like implementation, to give better
      no 5.9.4; should fail in version 5.9.4.
      Tk spots that S_glob_2pv might be called from *_nolen, so we need to
      Fix concise-xs.t following the changes to B::Deparse.
      Threads and signals. Delicious. Tweak change 28168 to add a local
      The upgrade/croak order in Perl_sv_utf8_encode() seemed utterly
      Can't do require Foo if $tainted; because taint tunnels.
      Only ask about MAD for 5.9.0 and greater. Otherwise silently select
      A Configure probe for C99 variadic macros, based on code from Jarkko.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.58.
      TEST needs to binmode the file handle that is reading the TAP, else it
      Simplify the implementation in ExtUtils::Packlist::read.
      Encode run-time relocation of file names in packlist with a relocate_as
      Take advantage of the bug that binexp ignores the Configure
      Revert change 27513
      Another SvVOK(). I believe that this is the last.
      strlen(foo) rather than strchr(foo, 0) makes simpler code, and is
      pod/buildtoc has fussy ideas about the order of MANIFEST
      Add README.riscos to pod.lst
      Add perlpragma.pod, which describes how to implement user pragmata.
      Rebuild perltoc.pod.
      Correct Perl_refcounted_he_chain_2hv() and its caller - it doesn't
      Perl_croak() needs an aTHX_ in PerlIO_vsprintf().
      Solaris was happy, but change 28247 removed the wrong dTHX as far as
      Abolish cop_arybase. Signal a non zero $[ with a hint flag, and store
      Rename cop_hints to cop_hints_hash
      Move the hints from op_private into cop_hints. This allows all 32 bits
      Abolish cop_io (the simple way) by storing the value in cop_hints_hash.
      Fix bug in change 28258. So how come I thought I'd passed all tests?
      Oops. Fix bad #! lines when not using userelocatableinc
      Perl_refcounted_he_chain_2hv()'s code to skip duplicate keys was far
      Comprehensive regression tests for Perl_refcounted_he_fetch().
      Fix bugs in the bytecode system caused by the abolition of cop_io.
      Add the missing ${^OPEN} hints flag to B::Concise
      Eliminate most of the UTF-8 black smoke by skipping optree tests when
      The binmode in t/iop/utf8.t doesn't need to be conditional on ${^OPEN}
      A little more work needed to get ext/re/t/re.t test 14 (no segv) passing
      Tweak for Jarkko's addition to perlhack, suggested by Yves.
      Regularise the indents of Changes to placate Porting/
      Save 4 bytes from struct context (on ILP32) by moving cx_type into
      Change the generation of {} and [] from 3 ops to 1, and avoid 1 mortal
      Access cx->blk_sub.hasargs via a pair of macros (as it's about to
      Access to cx->blk_sub.lval via macros (as it's about to move).
      Merge lval and hasargs into one U8 in struct block_sub
      Avoid warnings when $Config{d_cplusplus} is undefined.
      Revert changes 28772, 28773, 28774 as they won't gain us anything - I
      Shrink the interpreter structure by 4 bytes (usually) by making
      Store a pointer to the op in struct block_loop, rather than the
      Some notes about struct block_loop
      Avoid compiler warning about a variable that isn't used when
      Fix one genuine unitialised code path spotted by gcc, and a signed/
      Make Perl_regdupe only exist for threaded perls.
      Silence two warnings from gcc when being -pedantic
      In pp_binmode, call mode_from_discipline() once and remember the result.
      In PerlIO_debug(), if tainting or set*id, set PL_perlio_debug_fd to -1
      Don't bother generating the "Operation \"%s\": no method found..."
      Reoder struct am_table and am_table_short to save 8 bytes on LP64
      Generate the overload enum and names array programatically, which
      Fix typo spotted by Rafael. Close the file handle explicity and check
      Make the executable slightly smaller by using PL_hexdigit in
      Change sprintf() to my_sprintf(), and use the returned length from
      Eliminate two more unneeded strlen()s from Dumper.xs
      Use packed addresses for the seen tracking hash, rather than
      Make reference stringification (blessed and unblessed) about as fast as
      No need to create a new magic vtable if it's all 0 pointers.
      Yves said that the XS version of Data::Dumper was inefficient because
      Document the growth policy, and Yves suggested a better arbitary
      Correct one "parenthesis" to "parentheses".
      Fix typo.
      Use Perl_croak_nocontext() rather than Perl_croak() for the snprintf()
      Avoid undefined behaviour for -DPERL_MEM_LOG by not using a direct
      Avoid undefined behaviour for -DPERL_MEM_LOG by not using a
      Fix change 28770 to cope with the strange 32 bit bool type on VMS.
      panic if we attempt to sv_setsv to or from an already freed SV.
      Using explicit printf-like APIs with a format of "%s" isn't the world's
      Always defining PERLIO_TERM, even if it's empty, makes for a simpler
      Semicolon consistency between PERL_FPU_INIT and the other INITs.
      const the variable used for the save stack type in Perl_ss_dup().
      Merge cases in Perl_ss_dup().
      Fix a bug introduced by change 29079
      Fix bug in change 27321 - Perl_ss_dup should also have been updated.
      Fix the other bug introduced by change 29079
      Add a %B sprintf format
      Change 27779 failed to free() memory in two places in Perl_magic_set(),
      I shrunk struct context, so remove it from perltodo.
      Add the note from change 25773 about auditing for destruction ordering.
      Modify to add read-only editor boilerplate for perlapi.pod
      Fix a typo in my description for change 26427.
      Avoid Devel::DProf failing an assertion during global destruction.
      Missed a ) in a comment.
      Change 27506 wasn't quite correct - the copy of the AMAGIC flag should
      PVCVs no longer allocate memory for the SvNVX slot, so assert that
      assert() that scalars are of the correct type in *set macros.
      assert() that SvPV_set() isn't used on hashes.
      assert() that SvPV_set() isn't used on arrays.
      Looks like I didn't actually test the COW conditional code in
      Change 24714 was arguably over-ambitious, in that non-core modules
      Forgot to add the new files for 29248.
      Avoid ext/Safe/t/safeops.t needing to keep its tests in lockstep with
      Re-order ops to the implementation order in pp_sys.c - this makes a
      Change 29297 omitted a semicolon.
      Convert lib/Text/ParseWords.t to Test::More
      Correct typo in test description.
      Remove superfluous SvROK()
      Assigning to a PVCV effectively just sets the prototype, so make this
      Change 29364 forgot to turn the POK flag on.
      Stop mod_perl looping forever in &Carp::shortmess_jmp as it somehow
      Remove unused lexical present since change 13426.
      Make the cache in Carp::trusts actually persist across calls :-)
      Change (well, correct) S_add_data to take and return a U32.
      Simplify S_add_data(), given that realloc will NULL acts as malloc().
      Stage 1 of threadsafe-ing the trie strucutres - use shared malloc.
      Eliminated unitialised clone_params value bug accidentally added with
      A little reodering of the switch statement in Perl_regdupe makes a
      Moving the reference count to the front of both _reg_trie_data and
      Swap _reg_ac_data.trie to U32 offset into the regdata array, as
      Move widecharmap out of the shared structure _reg_trie_data into the
      Move words and revcharmap out of struct _rev_trie_data and duplicate
      Bring the joy of strict to Attribute::Handlers.
      Fix Attribute::Handlers to cope with proxy constant subroutines.
      Remove the pp_entersub specific logic from S_get_db_sub.
      Make get_db_sub non-static, and call it from pp_goto, which allows the
      Move Perl_get_db_sub() from pp_hot.c to util.c
      No need to upgrade if all we're going to do is return.
      Assert that BmRARE, BmUSEFUL and BmPREVIOUS are only called on SVtPVBM
      Perl_screaminstr() must be called with littlestr as a PVBM.
      Wrap some macro arguments in () to avoid precedence problems.
      assert that SvTAIL() isn't being called on PVAVs or PVHVs
      In Perl_fbm_instr(), no need to calculate the address of the table if
      Exterminate! 2 pieces of superfluous code related to UV setting.
      PVBMs mustn't enter anything that turns SVIVisUV_on().
      Swap SVpbm_TAIL and SVpbm_VALID.
      Downgrading a fixed or floating substring of a pattern whilst matching
      Remove code duplication in S_to_utf8_substr() and S_to_byte_substr()
      Change SvTAIL() to check that both SVpbm_TAIL|SVpbm_VALID are true.
      Rename FBM_TABLE_OFFSET to PERL_FBM_TABLE_OFFSET prior to moving it
      Assert that BmRARE() BmPREVIOUS() and BmUSEFUL() are only called on
      Convert the -1 to a more explicit PERL_FBM_FLAGS_OFFSET_FROM_TABLE.
      Fix typo in change 29518 which broke non-debugging builds.
      Add BmPREVIOUS_set(), and use it in the one place that BmPREVIOUS is
      Fix allocation bug in change 29524.
      By moving xbm_previous into the SvPVX, we save a U16 from struct xpvbm,
      Shrink Perl_sv_peek() and Perl_do_sv_dump() by using type to name
      pads haven't actually contained any PVGVs since change 27313.
      Assert that PVGVs are never SvVALID() in the PVBM sense.
      Assert that SvPAD_TYPED_on(), SvPAD_OUR_on() and SvPAD_STATE_on()
      Correct some assumptions about PVBM table offset in B.xs
      Oops. As of some point one stopped being able to assign integers and
      Correct the dumping logic for the various bits of flag bending
      In theory Perl_magic_setbm() should clear SvTAIL() too. In practice,
      Eliminate PVBM. Store fast Boyer-Moore tables in PVGV.
      Restore the two comments describing BmRARE and BmPREVIOUS that I'd
      Swap the order of PERL_FBM_PREVIOUS_{L,H}_OFFSET_FROM_TABLE on little
      Turn a tab into 2 spaces to make more room for comments about SV flags.
      Better documentation for SVf_UTF8. Including SvPV() 1st, SvUTF() 2nd.
      Split out the use of SVp_SCREAM for GVs with GPs into a new symbolic
      Add a new flag SVprv_PCS_IMPORTED (which is a pseudonym for SVf_SCREAM)
      POSIX::SigAction::new can be moved into the AUTOLOAD section.
      Given that POSIX already has AutoLoader loaded, move as much as
      Ensure that is strict and warnings compliant throughout if
      Making strict et al propagate into autoloaded subroutines seems a
      Change PAD_MAX to something a bit less FORTRAN-ish than 999999999.
      Abstract the pad code's overloaded use of SvNVX and SvIVX into
      Move the low/high cop sequences from NVX/IVX to a two U32 structure
      Move PAD_FAKELEX_ANON and PAD_FAKELEX_MULTI to pad.h, export them via
      Move PAD_COMPNAME_GEN from SvCUR to SvUVX.
      With PAD_COMPNAME_GEN in SvUVX, SvCUR is trustworthy once more.
      Move all the FBM data fields from the table into a struct xbm_s which
      Eliminate BmPREVIOUS_set - with the complexity gone from how the datum
      In Perl_fbm_compile, really rarest should be U32 not I32, as it is
      I failed to run to propagate my pad.c changes to perlintern.pod
      With xlow and xhigh as U32, PAD_MAX shouldn't be IV_MAX, as on a 64 bit
      Move SVt_BIND to be the lowest type after SVt_NULL. This will force all
      PL_linestr needs to survive until the end of scope, not just the next
      As freeing up PL_linestr is now done via the scope stack, there's no
      Rationalise the logic in lex_start for creating a new temporary if the
      Note that the examples for the structure copying bug example are no
      Probably better to make PAD_FAKELEX_ANON and PAD_FAKELEX_MULTI special
      Remove the vestigal "#if 0"s from header files that defined same-sized
      It's good to be able to dump FORMATs too :-)
      Copying to FORMATs should work (and not fail assertions if the value
      PVMG can be isUV too.
      Assignment to a tainted variable was causing confusion if the source
      Update copyright years to include 2007. (Plus a couple of 2006s and
      Make the ptr_table functions available in an unthreaded perl, as other
      Teach dump about OURSTASH and COP ranges stored in the NV union.
      Rename OURSTASH to SvOURSTASH and OURSTASH_set to SvOURSTASH_set.
      Mention -C on #! line in perltodo. Remove some trailing whitespace that
      do $file; won't propagate errors from die, as do is an implicit eval.
      do or die; for all the List::Util pure perl tests.
      Eliminate pp_threadsv, as it was only ever used by 5005 threads.
      socketpair.t was written in 2001. At that time, Test::More got confused
      Re: Change 29723 breaks t/op/inccode-tie.t on Win32
      Make strict and warnings clean.
      Make strict clean.
      Make strict and warnings clean.
      Make warnings and strict clean.
      Make warnings and strict clean.
      An implementation of change 29735 for blead (PL_curcop could be NULL)
      In toke.c, merge S_update_debugger_info_pv() and
      do_gv_dump, do_gvgv_dump and do_hv_dump call all actually take a NULL
      Change 29753 messed up do_hv_dump() [my fault]
      In S_hfreeentries, orig_array can be const.
      Test that names with embedded NULs work for symbolic array, hash and
      Add get_cvn_flags(), which is like get_cv() but takes a length. This
      Make changes analagous to pp_rv2hv's 21394 and 24489 in pp_rv2av.
      pp_rv2av and pp_rv2hv have a lot of common code, so it's certainly a
      If we use SvUPGRADE() rather than sv_upgrade() then it can make the
      Make PERL_OLD_COPY_ON_WRITE build again. Inline Perl_sv_release_IVX().
      Replace SvRELEASE_IVX(dstr) with SvOOK_off(dstr) in sv_setsv_flags(),
      As PVLVs can hold globs in some cases, I think that we should be
      Given that we now do the tests in S_visit() to avoid calling the
      Move the flag checking for isGV_with_GP() into the call to visit()
      Add in missing dVAR that prevents compilation with
      Move C<static bool done_sanity_check;> inside the only function that
      As Perl_get_arena() is dealing with sizes, use size_t rather than int,
      I think that it's clearer if aroot is only struct arena_set *
      Add a parameter to Perl_get_arena() to pass in the SV type, and record
      Fix breakage for -DDEBUGGING accidentally introduced with change 29882.
      Marcus Holland-Moritz notes that the first argument to
      Yves spotted that I'd not regenerated perlapi.pod when I added
      defined @$foo and defined %$bar should be subject to strict 'refs';
      Refactor the common soft-reference code from pp_rv2sv and pp_rv2av
      Remove register keyword from dSP; (at least for now)
      Restore the const to vtbl in Perl_mg_localize() removed in change
      Assignments to function pointers can't be NULL, as that's a pointer to
      Fix my typo, as spotted by Steve Peters
      Remove duplicate assignment to PL_eval_root in Perl_create_eval_scope
      Fix a typo and some doubled spaces in comments.
      Change 29936 missed a ;
      Add lib to @INC so that ./perl t/op/local.t works.
      Wrap the macro arguments for ck_proto in ().
      Fix typo in the description of change 27911
      Display the process id as part of the trace output if running with -Dv
      Change 28058 hadn't been tested with -DPERL_CREATE_GVSV
      The last parameter to gv_stashpv/gv_stashpvn/gv_stashsv is a bitmask
      Neither gv_fetchpvn_flags() nor hv_fetch() need a NUL terminated
      Convert the last remaining 256 byte "small"bufs to 128 bytes.
      As we're not passing over (or copying in) a NUL, don't need that extra
      Stop S_incline needing to temporarily write a '\0' into its passed-in
      A test to exercise the smallbuf overflow code in S_incline, and a
      Using gv_stashsv() and sv_setsv() in Perl_package reduces source and
      One last gv_fetchpv() that should be GV_ADD rather than TRUE.
      newPADOP is only used under ithreads, so don't waste space by compiling
      newPADOP()'s sv parameter is never NULL, so mark it as so.
      Change 30034 wasn't enough to silence the warnings - also need to
      As we're not using UVf in the core, don't even define in when PERL_CORE
      Convert ext/B/t/debug.t to Test::More. (Diagnostics are good, m'kay)
      Add av_create_and_push() and av_create_and_unshift_one() to refactor
      BEGIN blocks in XS should work. (Given that CHECK, INIT and END all do)
      UNITCHECK for XS code. Turned out to be harder that expected.
      Also check BEGIN/UNITCHECK/CHECK/INIT/END for require.
      Refactor the code used to check/execute BEGIN/UNITCHECK/CHECK/INIT/END
      You can't have special blocks if the subroutine has an "anonymous"
      Make t/op/regexp.t run under use strict; including removing the
      Make t/op/regexp.t warnings clean.
      Allow regexp.t to take a command line argument for the filename of
      Better dump reporting of "PVBM"s.
      Change 29502 wasn't perfect - you need to remove any extra trailing
      Testing every pattern by also upgrading to UTF-8 would have caught the
      A few more places where we know the length for sv_setpv() or sv_catpv()
      Purge all references to 5005 threads variables in the code.
      Currently Changes is in ISO-8859-1, not UTF-8, so correct change 28226
      Change 23753 wasn't quite a perfect refactoring, as it omitted calling
      Enhance t/lib/ to provide conditional TODOs using eval'd code.
      Use the new conditional TODOs to mark as TODO the warning tests
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.18
      t/lib/ can be warnings clean.
      Make a dummy OPpPAD_STATE and a dummy PL_unitcheck_save available to
      TODO tests for eval of tainted scalars. (change 29193's regression)
      opening $0 doesn't work if you change directory. So use
      Update the lists of files that makerel needs to process. Remove the
      Unknown formatting code U<> spotted by Jesse - presumably it should be
      Fix Pod errors.
      These casts to GV are no longer needed.
      Note why storing a reference as an integer in %^H is not threadsafe.
      Change 26487 left some debugging code in, and through the wonders of
      Invoke minitrue to ensure that my spelling had always been correct.
      Change 30276 wasn't meant do mess with t/lib/ Oops.
      There's no need to special case SVt_NULL in the print code, as it's
      Move all the cut&paste open TODO logic into, where it
      Split the storage of the layers specificied by into one hint
      Missed an aTHX_ in B's call to Perl_emulate_cop_io. should locally increase $Level, rather than setting it to a
      newHV doesn't need to turn off POK or NOK, as they will default to not
      Properly handle the differences in hints in the optree with/without
      Add a new API function newSV_type, to replace the idiom:
      More efficient to call newSV_type() then SvGROW() instead of newSV()
      Avoid *some* g++ errors. (But not all yet)
      Convert t/op/sub_lval.t to
      Fix bug #41550 -  AUTOLOAD :lvalue not working the same in blead as in
      Update the FSF's address. Plus some other whitespace and NON-WHITESPACE
      Don't SEGV when dumping an undefined typeglob. The HEK used to store
      The bug fixed by change 29610 would have been avoided with this
      Don't crash if the symbol table entry for ISA isn't a typeglob.
      More assertion failures, found by auditing the code.
      Avoid an assertion failure when overloading readpipe.
      Define and initialise reg_name only once.
      As the test is about the parser, not actually running the code, better
      Must only use dynamic extensions in the Dynaloader test. If the
      Rename exception() to apitest_exception() in XS/APItest, so that it
      It seems that change 30451 should also have arranged to export
      Change 30461 was wrong. As ext/re (re)builds the regexp engine with
      As SvUPGRADE() is a macro wrapping a call to sv_upgrade() inside
      Make Exporter::Heavy correctly not warn when exporting a symbol only
      Don't swallow up other warnings in Exporter's test. Remove a needless
      Refactor the "has fchdir" and "has dirfd" logic to one place.
      A test case for change 30527 (chdir bareword ambiguity with dirhandles
      Bump Exporter's $VERSION.
      Test that format references can't be wrongly dereferenced.
      Bitten again by the snakes in the MANIFEST spec - tabs, not spaces.
      With the demise of ByteLoader in blead, unshare_hek can return to the
      Fix the partially passing TODO test in optree_constants.t by
      Get B compiling and passing all tests on both 5.9.x and 5.8.x
      5.8's B.xs exports AVf_REAL, so need to jiggle the test count by 1.
      Bump versions of modules that are currently on "dev" releases in maint.
      Check that stat and -X on barewords favour the file handle over the
      Check that stat and -X favours the file handle over the directory
      The dMY_CXT added in change 27938 isn't needed when in the PERL_CORE.
      Changes needed to get Storable to compile on 5.005_03.
      Tweak to Storable to make dclone.t pass on 5.005_03.
      Seems that 5.6.x needs the same fix as 5.005_xx for dclone.t
      Remove the abort() trap, which Larry said was actually only ever
      Under -Dmad, free the ops representing the dead code when a branch
      The code in newCONDOP can be made visibly simpler by using intermediate
      Remove the other 4 bits of MAD code designed to abort on local $^L.
      Test case from Karl Chen in RT #41831
      PerlIO_importFILE() should increase the reference count on the fd
      The test case applied in change 29502 really should have gone at the
      PerlIO_exportFILE() and PerlIO_releaseFILE() should manage the fd
      In safecalloc, use the system calloc() for the non-DEBUGGING case, as
      AVs and HVs never had the NV slot. (Not that this error mattered, as
      Don't try to set the NV on a typeglob-in-action. Should cure bug
      Remove the (sometimes) unused variable from change 30652.
      Add some PERL_MEM* defines to the -V output that were missing.
      Only use proxy constant subroutines for 5.9.x.
      Adjust test count for 5.8.x
      Re-order the flags values for struct refcounted_he to allow the
      Can use memEQ instead of strnEQ in CHECK_WORD()
      Change 30080 was wrong to swap the BEGIN test to memEQ
      Move CHECK_WORD in regcomp.c to a more generic memEQs() in handy.h
      It's possible to write the dup of struct reg_substr_datum with a
      startp and endp can allocate their array of I32s from the same block of
      A more efficient copy in  Perl_reg_temp_copy()
      Looks like re_dup has been leaking references on 2 SVs for most regexps
      Change 30753 forgot to remove 2 now unused variables.
      Simplify the logic in Perl_re_dup() - copy the structure as 1 block,
      Move the declaration of two variables into the only block that uses
      In struct regexp replace the two arrays of I32s accessed via startp
      Remove the restriction that op_custom has to be the last op.
      Oops. Failed to remove the now obsolete comment about custom ops.
      A logical rearrangement of ops, to get the post 5.005 ops to their
      Remove the never-used numeric and character switch ops.
      Bump File::Glob's VERSION to go with change 30103.
      precomp in struct regexp can be const char *.
      Reorder the members of various regexp structs to reduce their size on
      Rearrange members of structures to reduce memory size on some
      Add a new compile option PERL_DEBUG_READONLY_OPS which marks the optree
      The op slab allocator can call calloc() instead of malloc(), and save
      For Perl_Slab_Alloc(), eliminate the unused parameter 'm'.
      Cleanups for PERL_DEBUG_READONLY_OPS debugging code - remove a now-
      We may not even have a list of slabs when Perl_Slab_Free is called.
      Get further through the build with read-only optrees. Free()ing cops
      A test for reset.
      Add TODO tests for the (sometimes) crashing threads/op deletion/reset
      S_op_destroy() was not static. Also tidy all other STATIC/static
      Remove op_pmnext from PMOPs, and instead store the list for reset as
      Ooops. Forgot to update proto.h in change 30853.
      Give accurate failure diagnostics when unlike() fails.
      Avoid accessing free()d memory when calling reset in one thread, after
      Only append ?? match ops to the list used by reset. This saves memory
      Add editor block.
      assert() that OP_QR and OP_MATCH never set op_pmreplstart, which
      Merge op_pmreplstart and op_pmstash/op_pmstashpv into a union in
      Re-ordering OP_STUB in the switch statement in Perl_peep saves a goto.
      Rejig Perl_peep() to assume that ops are optimised by default. The
      Remove a now un-needed goto from Perl_peep().
      Turn op_pmreplroot in struct pmop into a real union.
      Upgrade to Encode 2.19
      Under PERL_DEBUG_READONLY_OPS don't panic if you can't find the slab
      Ensure PL_last_in_gv doesn't end up pointing to garbage by NULLing it
      Upgrade to Module-Pluggable 3.6
      If PL_curpm is pointing to an op that is getting freed, reset it to
      S_forget_pmop() only needs a flags argument for the ithreads case,
      Undo the non-maint part of change 30816. Silly Nicholas.
      Make the don't-use-nm symbol table probes work under C++.
      Cast needed to get POSIX compiling with g++ on FreeBSD.
      Silence the g++ warnings "right-hand operand of comma has no effect"
      Work round what appears to be a bug in Sun C++ 5.8 2005/10/13
      If the test programs for strtoul(), strtoull() or strtouq() fail, don't
      Update MANIFEST to include 3 files added in change 30893.
      perl5.9.5delta is about 5, not 4.
      Run pod/buildtoc --build-all
      Be a bit more specific in what our second typeglob isn't. It is actually
      For symbolic references test the defined path through the pp functions.
      When removing the test program source, also remove the compiled
      Change 18797 (Patch for [perl #9402], known also as "glibc _moddi3 bug
      Fix two errors in the OP debugging code. Now all test errors relate
      PL_madskills is a bool, so save it as one (else Solaris rightly
      Bump the VERSION of ExtUtils::Constant::Base.
      Remove wince/ from, now that it is gone in 5.8.x too.
      Remove the "performance hack" that suppressed used only once warnings
      Make struct mro_meta 4(ish) bytes smaller.
      Terser source code in Perl_mro_meta_dup()
      In Perl_mro_get_linear_isa_dfs(), by treating the local variable sv as
      Storing PL_sv_yes over itself is as cheap as calling hv_exists(), so
      Where possible, use SvIV instead of SvIVX, SvNV instead of SvNVX,
      Eliminate Internals::inc_sub_generation, which nothing now calls.
      Remove widesyscalls and numeric_compat1, two unused per-interpreter
      By re-ordering declarations in interpvar.h and thrdvar.h, reduce the
      Several members of struct yy_parser can go on a diet. Some I32s were
      Fix bug in change 31015 - saving the wrong size of variable.
      Various variables in intrpvar.h and thrdvar.h are considerably larger
      Fix problems caused by downsizing in change 31017. (Which don't show
      More variable reordering saves another 40 bytes from the interpreter
      Remove the unnecessary allocation of and assignment to hunk[3], as the
      Make PL_uudmap a constant global. Remove the run time initialisation
      Ooops. It helps to p4 add the new file.
      Remove vestigical include of <ctype.h>, which came from a previous
      Avoid the need for 2 casts added in 31055 by using a better type for
      Avoid a SIGBUS caused by passing a U32 pointer to utf8_to_uvchr(),
      Get PERL_OLD_COPY_ON_WRITE passing all tests, apart from
      Initialise PL_delayedisa on thread clone.
      Move PL_delayedisa into a better spot in the interpreter structure.
      Shuffling PL_gensym saves 8 bytes on LP64 systems.
      Tweak change 30841 so that B works on maint too.
      Given that @optype and @specialsv_name are hard coded tables, it seems        Exterminate!
      Work around to get Unicode tests passing.
      PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT is usually defined for threads, so assume that
      BASEOP isn't an exact multiple of 8 bytes, so reordering pmop and cop
      Avoid calling SvEND() when SvPOKp() is not true.
      DBL_EPSILON DBL_MIN FLT_EPSILON FLT_MIN are not C constant expressions
      blead segfaults on local *@; eval {1} because ERRSV assumes that
      Work on getting B compiling outside of the perl source tree.
      Also get copy on write working with ithreads. It hadn't been working
      s/\bunicode\b/Unicode/; # For everything not dual life
      Add some information to the comments describing SV flag bits.
      Avoid copying the AV in Perl_mro_get_linear_isa_dfs()
      Restore a comment from 30501 unintentionally deleted with change 31513.
      Re-order struct yy_parser to save space on most systems.
      Need to run the plan() at BEGIN time, else the use_ok() will fail.
      Fix typos in comments.
      Correct parentheses. Calling Win32::GetOSVersion() on non-win32 would
      Test that all the unknown command line flags are unknown.
      Erm. -u may have been superseded by the bytecode generator, but
      Make state $zok = slosh(); behave as the Perl 6 design with an implicit
      Change 31798 forgot to add the op 'once' to still assumed that SVt_PVBM exists. Correct this.
      Update perldiag.pod to mention "state" in all places where state
      Make 'state $$' etc report 'Can't use global $$ in "state"' (not "my")
      For now, forbid all list assignment initialisation of state variables,
      The best way not to have the missing subroutines hash trample all over
      mro_get_linear_isa_dfs and mro_get_linear_isa_c3 can have static
      Don't call frexp() on +Inf or -Inf either. (It's not just NaN it might
      Add the missing assignment to op_last that change 31798 missed out.
      Carp's argument backtrace code would show undef as "undef" - a string.
      Note that list initialisation of state variables is TODO. While in the
      Save some C<","> in the embedded program used to generate -V output.
      Note the gotcha about newlines in the elements of PL_preambleav.
      Rejig the word wrapping code for the "Compile-time options:" of perl -V
      Move all the compile time options that affect binary compatibility into
      Upgrade to Archive::Tar 1.36
      Change 31873 was not robust against the possibility that the
      Some more state variable deparse tests.
      Remove dead code surrounded by #if 0 from mathoms.c
      Remove dead functions:
      Fix spelling errors in comments.
      For an LVALUE fetch, "hv_fetch()" will recurse into "hv_store()" for a
      Correct test descriptions. bless didn't trigger. ever. Change 31898
      More tests for when fieldhash magic (doesn't) trigger.
      Call the key transformation function for hv_delete().
      Mark utils/Makefile as read/write in perforce.
      Call the key transformation function for hv_exists()/hv_fetch()/
      ext/XS/APItest/t/hash.t was failing because the fieldhash code didn't
      Parameterise the code that tests the rot13 hash, and add a second
      Lots more tests with many permuations of 7, 8 and $lots bit data.
      Send all delete()/delete_ent() calls via S_hv_fetch_common().
      Inline and abolish S_hv_magic_uvar_xkey().
      Change 31849 forgot to regenerate the documentation - removing a
      Make hv_fetch_common() non-static, and change its name to hv_common(),
      SVs know their length, so avoid 2 calls to strlen().
      assert that what is passed into the hash functions is really an HV.
      Use Perl_hv_common() to test disabling the key conversion in hash
      Convert hv_delete_ent(), hv_exists_ent(), hv_fetch_ent() and
      Change 31919 forgot to add Perl_hv_common to global.sym
      Switch Perl_hv_common() to returning void * rather than HE *.
      Move the SV dereference of Perl_hv_fetch()/Perl_hv_store()/
      Add a new function Perl_hv_common_key_len(), which contains the
      Remove now-unnecessary =cuts where POD is now adjacent to POD.
      Get mad compiling as C++. (At least for me)
      hv_stores() on a literal string is now fractionally more efficient than
      Fix bug 45607 - for the corner case *{"BONK"} = \&{"BONK"} the order
      Under -DDEBUGGING (on gcc), assert that SvRV(sv) is being called on
      Add USE_IEEE to PL_bincompat_options, as use_ieee in the configuration
      Change the way of determining the MRO algorithm used from an enum
      Change 31977 introduced a bug (failing to set the return value of
      Move the bool v_string_ok into the U16-sized gap in the interpreter
      Change 31987 forgot to re-run
      Hopefully really fix test failures with -C
      Make all of B work on 5.8.x
      Nothing is using IoSUBPROCESS() so eliminate xio_subprocess.
      Audrey spotted a spurious "Unicode".
      Test for a subtle pre-5.10 bug. Before 5.10 the overloading flag was
      I can't spell (well know fact) and while I'm there correct other
      S_dopoptosub() is just a wrapper for S_dopoptosub_at(), so make it a
      As PL_hinthv is actually tied, need to call SvSETMAGIC() after the
      With the demise of PERL_FLEXIBLE_EXCEPTIONS, S_docatch_body() can be
      Eliminate most *printf-like calls that use a simple "%c" format,
      PL_cshname is actually a constant value known at compile time.
      Eliminate the Perl_sv_catpvf() in TRIE_STORE_REVCHAR
      Change a sv_catpv() to sv_catpvs().
      In the MAD code, eliminate one Perl_sv_catpvf() and convert one
      Revert one hunk of change 32034 that had the possibility of being buggy
      Optimise the logic in isPRINT(), possible following Jarkko's bugfix
      Directly create the SV with Perl_newSVpvf() rather than using
      Avoid using *pvf functions when the format string is a fixed string.
      Use vnewSVpvf() rather than sv_vcatpvf() onto a newly created empty
      newSV(size) and SvPOK_on() will be more efficient than newSVpvs("")
      Fix typo in change 32043 - s/sv_catpvf/sv_catpvs/
      Add a new flag PERL_PV_PRETTY_NOCLEAR (actually just
      Use the PERL_PV_PRETTY_NOCLEAR flag to simplify the code in
      Fix precedence bug in the logic for PERL_PV_ESCAPE_NOCLEAR in
      Nothing* outside the core uses the old misspelling
      The scratch scalar used in -d processing for : and = options would leak
      Remove remaining C<Nullch>s and C<Nullsv>s
      Propagate the perlapi.pod part of change 32026 back to the source POD.
      "A" should no longer be in the list of options acceptable to PERL5OPT,
      Finally! Worked out how to const Perl_moreswitches().
      Shrink 4 bytes (ILP32) from the interpreter structure.
      Move (most of) the conditionally compiled members of the interpreter
      Don't deparse $^H{v_string}, which is automatically set by the
      Tests for the .pmc functionality.
      Remove a call to *printf from the require code.
      Remove the strlen in doopen_pm() by passing in the length. (As we know
      Replace Perl_sv_setpvf(aTHX_ namesv, "%s/%s", dir, name); in require's
      If PERL_DISABLE_PMC is defined, doopen_pm() is just a direct call to
      As we know the length, replace strEQ with memEQs in S_doopen_pm().
      Remove some strlen()s and replace one strlcpy() with memcpy() because
      Add dVAR;s to the functions created in change 31970.
      Perl_ck_smartmatch needs a dVAR too.
      Pass in explicit lengths for the key and type arguments to
      Moving a strlen() in Perl_moreswitches() saves a strlen() in sv_catpv()
      Given that the buffer for mode in Perl_do_openn() has been initialised
      Given that S_feature_is_enabled() is a static function, we can know all
      Replace my_strlcpy() with a pair of byte writes.
      PL_AMG_names is only used by gv.c (as far as Google code search can
      Storing the length of all the overloading names saves a strlen() in a
      In Perl_my_clearenv(), under -DPERL_USE_SAFE_PUTENV, don't use
      In Perl_moreswitches(), avoid the strlen() inside sv_catpv() by moving
      Where possible, change gv_fetchfile() to gv_fetchfile_flags(),
      Don't call strlen() on CopFILE() for the unthreaded case, because the
      No need to call strlen() on the result of CopSTASHPV() when unthreaded,
      In Perl_amagic_call(), construct the SV with newSVpvn(), as we now know
      By using the HEK that holds the stash name in S_mro_get_linear_isa_c3()
      use newSVpvs() on the constant string "isa", rather than newSVpv().
      Change newSVpv() to newSVpvn() where we know the length is non-zero, as
      Eliminate some uses of sv_setpv() where we already know the length.
      Simplify the logic for retrieving PL_inplace into $^I, as sv_setpv()
      Inline and eliminate S_incl_perldb(), as it's only called on one place.
      Change 32136 introduced an error - passing a const char * to
      It seems crazy for Perl_yylex() to individually shift each element off
      In Perl_do_openn() we know the length of oname, so use it when creating
      B::Concise was failing an assertion on index "foo", "foo";
      S_mro_get_linear_isa_c3() doesn't need to call hv_fetch() then
      In Perl_mro_isa_changed_in(), no need to call an RVALUE hv_fetch() then
      hv_iterkeysv() actually creates a mortal SV for every call.
      Note Jarkko's URL about MSVC and __FUNCTION__-a-like.
      SQL::Translator triggered a subtle piece of wrongness, whereby it
      Silly Nick. If you see a nextstate op, then it may have open hints,
      Now that ExtUtils::ParseXS requires 5.006, we can replace the foreach
      Allow (pedantically correct) C pre-processor comments in the code
      As reported in bug #46207, change 30633 to PerlIO_exportFILE() and
      Adjust the skip count for t/io/dup.t for the -Uuseperlio case, in a way
      Add a TODO test for bug #47195
      Note that there is common code in installperl and installman, and that
      Fix up copyright years for files modified in 2007.
      One definite grammar fix, and one sort-of-grammar fix. (It felt better)
      Add UNITCHECK to the list of keywords in pl2pm
      Remove CLONE_SKIP (5.8.7). Remove -dt (5.8.6, and Brainbench know that.
      Note that investigating PADTMP hash pessimisation is to be done.
      Following change 31410, also re-align the column title.
      Propagating const outwards from Perl_moreswitches() is to be done.
      Regenerate perltoc.pod
      Arrange for buildtoc to remove the svn Revision keyword from the
      Porting/ uses a _ prototype, which is a 5.10 feature, so
      Bump the VERSION on ExtUtils::Embed.
      UNITCHECK is only a keyword post 5.009, so to allow safe upgrades of
      Fix a typo in the description of change 31295.
      Decode the subject header encoding of Ævar's name.
      Placate the black box index parser on
      0777 is 512, not 522. (A typo.)
      Re-indent erroneous changelogs. [Software that pastes carriage returns
      Note that traces of PL_na cling on in dark corners of the source code.
      Update the files that need to be read/write in makerel, removing one
      Run unexpand -a on all the Changes files, which were a jumbled mix of
      Make genlog 'unexpand -a' all the spaces into tabs, which results in
      Fix my typo in change 32137.
      Remove (probably) the last vestige of the assertions implementation -
      Eliminating the duplicate logic in S_method_common() and
      Create a branch for code changes to XS code that 5.8.x needs, which
      Nick's a muppet (*and* perforce branching is hard, or at least hateful,
      Fix bless/readonly failure spotted by Jerry Hedden.
      Change uconfig.h to read/write inside the perforce repository.
      mod_perl is special, and assigns meaning to a perl_destruct_level of
      Refactor test code to remove duplication is a TODO.
      Note that Larry has clarified the reasons for the Perl 6 design on
      Record all the changes up to 5.10.0, and ready a new changes file for
      Update Changes and reinstante the DEVEL tag. needs to cope with the version not being 5.10.0
      Bump the version number to 5.11.0
      Add perl5110delta, and change 5100delta so that it is no longer "the"
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 3.05
      Missing files from Test::Harness 3.05
      Extraneous test files that change 32659 failed to delete. Oops.
      Correct the test count in lib/File/Temp/t/lock.t
      Merge the duplicated code for the tests for -fno-strict-aliasing and
      A new try at getting -fstack-protector working, by adding it to the
      Oops. Change 32669 didn't mean to add ssp to the libswanted list.
      char can be unsigned, so i8 needs to be signed char.
      Perl_magic_setglob() is a mathom.
      The test needs to be on defined $ENV{PERL_UNICODE} because during
      Perl_newAV() can become a mathom by making newAV() a wrapper around
      Similiarly Perl_newHV() can become a mathom by making newHV() a
      Change 32676 missed embed.h. Oops. Avert any more black smoke.
      With change 32676 moving the HvSHAREKEYS_on() into Perl_sv_upgrade()
      Correct the embed.fnc descriptions of newAV() and newHV() - they do not
      Implement each @array.
      For 5.12 we can simply exterminate! the private function
      Deparse each @array and friends.
      Update the hash documentation to reflect the changes between 5.8.1 and
      Document each/keys/values @array
      Correct the minor mistake of changes 32675 and 32676 - the check should
      By moving the "can't upgrade downwards" croak() in Perl_sv_upgrade()
      Exterminate PL_na! Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!
      Add a Configure probe for <assert.h>
      Hateful software that sends my cursor keys as packets that can get
      Remove the definitions of Null(), Nullch, Nullfp, Nullsv and PL_na
      Replace our assert-which-can-be-caught-by-eval with the real deal from
      Remove warning about casting integer to different sized pointer.
      Add an assert() to verify my assumption that no-one upgrades a scalar
      { my $a; } not warning about being used only once is a something
      In SvPV_free(), assert() that no-one is trying to free up a reference.
      Fix my typo in a comment.
      Correct the correction. This one is both a correcly spelled word, and
      A test for upgrading scalars. Curiously, before this, lib/Math/Trig.t
      Swap SVt_RV and SVt_NV in the SV ordering.
      Use print rather than diag(), as these routine messages shouldn't be
      Better diagnostics by removing an && from an ok() and converting it to
      Eliminate SVt_RV, and use SVt_IV to store plain references.
      Remove two warnings (sub diag() was redefined, and implict split is
      Take code that occurs in three places to take a scalar and ready it to
      Tweak Perl_sv_upgrade() so that references can upgrade to SVt_PV
      Remove the last Null(...) from x2p/*
      Regexps are now orange.
      You don't need $(DYNALOADER) to make $(nonxs_ext)
      assert() that the sv_unmagic() in S_regmatch() is unneeded.
      You can't coerce a typeglob to a string. (Restore the error message -
      "Automate" change 32648 (ensure that -E always loads the latest
      Test that we can clone regexps into new threads, and fix the bug in
      Localize $\ before changing it, so as not to affect print statements in
      Proper $TODO support in &ok() and &iseq() in pat.t
      scalars used in postponed subexpressions aren't first class regexps,
      Better diagnostics for the tests for #20683.
      First class regexps.
      Dump the REGEXP member of SVt_REGEXP.
      Wrap all accesses to the members precomp and prelen of struct regexp in
      Silly Nick. There was a bug in change 30757 whereby the precomp of a
      Eliminate precomp from struct regexp. Store the offset of precomp from
      Replace 3 uses of RX_PRELEN(r) with plen, which has the same value.
      Eliminate prelen from struct regexp. Possibly we are hardcoding a bit
      Wrap wrapped and wraplen from struct regexp in macros RW_WRAPPED() and
      Note to future self about moving the regexp flag bits around.
      Change Perl_av_iter_p() to return IV* rather than I32* (which means
      die if multiple macros in regexp.h attempt to use the same flag bit.
      Perl_sv_chop() can return early if it's being asked to do nothing.
      The position of the modifier flag bits is actually encoded by a right
      Reorder the external regexp flags to get RXf_PMf_STD_PMMOD into the
      Change 32760 needed to add a cast to avoid a warning.
      Move all code that relies on reading the to-be-thrown-away buffer ahead
      In sv_chop(), write sentinals over the part of the buffer that is
      Change 32783 was generating warnings from gcc about an extra semicolon
      assert() that we're not trying to free scalars a second time.
      Perl_magic_setbm() and Perl_magic_setfm() are mathoms that can be
      As Perl_magic_setbm() and Perl_magic_setfm() aren't in the public API,
      Wrap all deferences of struct regexp* in macros RX_*() [and for
      Convert some "regexp" and "struct regexp" to REGEXP where they are
      Make struct regexp the body of SVt_REGEXP SVs, REGEXPs become SVs,
      Silly Nick - change 32804 missed updating the list of global functions.
      Add a new function newSVpvn_flags(), which takes a third parameter of
      Fixes to get MAD working after change 32804, and some newSVpvn_utf8()s
      Typo spotted by Jarkko.
      Add HeUTF8() to complement HePV() and then immediately suggest that
      Possible future bugs found by the creation of newSVpvn_flags().
      We can now sv_upgrade(sv, SVt_PVHV), so do so, to simplify the code.
      Extend newSVpvn_flags() to also call sv_2mortal() if SVs_TEMP is set in
      Add newSVpvs_flags() as a wrapper to newSVpvn_flags(), and rework
      Missed three sv_2mortal(newSVpvn(...))s in the headers.
      Add a small program that gets the C pre-processor to expand the macro
      Re-implement mPUSHp() and mXPUSHp() using Perl_newSVpvn_flags(), which
      Oops. Forgot to propagate the rename of Perl_re_dup to Perl_re_dup_guts
      Re-implement the SvOOK() hack to store the offset as a BER encoded
      Fix the compile for -DPERL_OLD_COPY_ON_WRITE (apart from the tenacious
      BER is all very well, but it turns out that it's better to store the
      Protect me (and my fellow muppets) from screens of "syntax errors" if
      Add RX_UTF8(), which is effectively SvUTF8() but for regexps.
      Abolish wrapped in struct regexp - store the wrapped pattern pointer
      Make ext/re/t/re_funcs.t warnings clean.
      Abolish RXp_PRELEN(rx) and RXp_WRAPLEN()
      Remove a comment that is no longer necessary since Perl Object bit
      Abolish wraplen from struct regexp. We're already storing it in SvCUR.
      Replace all reads of RXf_UTF8 with RX_UTF8().
      Make Perl_pregcomp() use SvUTF8() of the pattern, rather than the flag
      Abolish RXf_UTF8. Store the UTF-8-ness of the pattern with SvUTF8().
      Convert all accesses of the member paren_names of struct regexp to
      In struct regexp move the member paren_names to the IV union.
      Don't allocate the NV slot for SVt_REGEXP.
      Make REGEXP a type distinct from SV. (Much like AV, CV, GV, HV).
      Fix a compilation warning created when RX_PRELEN() was changed to
      Allow sv_setsv_flags() to copy SVt_REGEXP much like it copies
      Fix a bug in mad - regexps can be 8 bit, not just ASCII or UTF-8.
      Clarify the intent of the code in Perl_op_clear. Under ithreads, avoid
      Enforce some type safety in PM_SETRE by adding PM_SETRE_OFFSET.
      ReREFCNT_inc() should return a pointer to REGEXP.
      Save an upgrade each by first setting the NV on PL_sv_yes and PL_sv_no
      Don't set the public IV or NV flags if the string converted from has
      Clarify the use of SVf_BREAK on PL_reg_curpm.
      Post change 32880, restore the dummy sub Regexp::DESTROY {}
      Correct a long-standing ithreads reference counting anonamly - the
      In PL_regexp_padav, store regexps via real references, rather than
      PL_regex_padav can simply be dup()ed. This is surprisingly satisfying.
      With regexps stored as real RVs, we can eliminate SvREPADTMP().
      newSV() + sv_upgrade() => newSV_type()
      Change 32899 missed the other double-reference count.
      1e4 isn't large enough with 16 byte long doubles (at least on x86_64).
      Add DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS_ABORT, to call abort() if any scalars leak,
      grep the MANIFEST to avoid having hard coded numbers in readdir.t
      Variants of several regression tests that run the actul tests inside
      Fix the bug introduced by the bug fix of change 30755.
      Fix bug picked up by printf format warnings - a cast is needed where
      Ensure DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS_ABORT can't be circumvented by fatal
      The correct solution is to reference count the regexp in PL_reg_curpm,
      It seems that you don't need to reference count PL_reg_curpm without
      Un-TODO (and un-SKIP) tests in t/op/pat_thr.t that now pass.
      Reverse the TODOs on t/op/regexp_qr_embed_thr.t - they all pass now.
      Change 32899 missed undoing the reference count increase when the SV
      Real regexps are stored via RVs, IVs can only mean spare slots. Hence
      Better descriptions for PL_regex_pad and PL_regex_padav.
      REGEXPs are now stored directly in PL_regex_padav, rather than
      Remove code that protected pp_qr against REGEXPs going away during
      Remove PM_GETRE_SAFE and PM_SETRE_SAFE as nothing uses them.
      Note the U8 sized space created by removing -P, and check that it is
      Remove C variables (and a parameter!) now unused since -P bit the dust.
      Pack the recycled pad offsets into an SV at PL_regex_pad[0]. This will
      __DATE__ and __TIME__ are both string literals, so we can concatentate
      assert that these are the regexps you were looking for.
      Well, I know *something* passed make test from a clean build before
      Fix bug whereby length on a tied scalar that returned a UTF-8 value
      For 5.12: saner behaviour for `length`
      Re-order so that the !SvOK() case is last (which should be rare)
      Add a diagram for the 5.11 SV class structure, including B::REGEXP.
      Generate the warnings masks programatically.
      warn if ++ or -- are unable to change the value because it's beyond
      Add Weed out needless PERL_UNUSED_ARG to perltodo. It's a good
      Remove commented out code from S_validate_suid()
      Remove commented out declaration from S_validate_suid()
      Collect all the S_validate_suid() unused argument logic in one place.
      Change 32997 missed one conditionally unused argument.
      A target for sperl.i
      Eliminate all PERL_UNUSED_ARG()s in S_validate_suid() by changing its
      The suidscript argument to S_forbid_setid(), S_open_script() and
      Don't create local variables validarg and fdscript if they aren't going
      Nick's a muppet - "all" needs to remain the first real target in the
      Avoid an unused argument in S_sv_2iuv_non_preserve() by using
      In struct block_loop access element label via the macro CxLABEL()
      Fix (probable) bug-by-inspection -  CxREALEVAL(), CxTRYBLOCK(),
      Extend PUSHFORMAT() to take a second parameter to set retop, to save
      In Perl_cx_dup(), block copy the entire context stack, then walk it
      Split struct block_sub into struct block_sub and struct block_format.
      Eliminate label from struct block_loop, as it can be accessed via
      Move retop first in structs block_sub, block_format and block_eval.
      In struct block_sub and block_format, access the members hasargs and
      Eliminate hasargs from structs block_sub and block_format by storing
      Change the hasargs return value from caller from IV to bool, as it's
      Encode the G_* to OPf_WANT_* transform, the reverse of OP_GIMME(), in
      Add a flag G_WANT, as a mask for the bits G_SCALAR, G_ARRAY and G_VOID.
      Change the wantarray result from caller from IV to bool for the SCALAR/
      Remove hardcoded cop.h constants from :-(
      More places that could be using G_WANT, not picked up by change 33021.
      Give G_VOID, G_SCALAR and G_ARRAY the same numeric values as
      Squeeze the context type down to 4 bits, and move the private flags to
      In struct block change blku_type from U8 to U16, and the "spare" U8 to
      In struct block_eval, access the members old_in_eval and old_op_type
      In struct block_eval, eliminate old_in_eval and old_op_type by storing
      Tidy up context type flags.
      In pp_subst, rxtainted is not a boolean, as it stores 2 bits of values.
      In struct block_subst, access the member once via a macro CxONCE()
      Eliminate the U8 sbu_once from struct subst, and shrink sbu_rflags from
      Remove code obsoleted by change 18. should also check Porting/ "just in case".
      Teach that : is also a comment character in shell scripts
      Fix the misplaced warnings and failing tests caused by the precision
      Comment change from 33009 that was actually in POD, so needs to be
      Deprecate (and remove core use of ) Nullav, Nullcv, Nullgv, Nullhe,
      Purge all use of Nullch in non-dual life modules.
      Change 33052 missed one Nullch. Oops.
      Oops, change 33049 really did need to update all the Win?? headers
      Split CXt_LOOP into CXt_LOOP_PLAIN and CXt_LOOP_FOR, eliminating the
      Split out foreach iterations of temporary lists on the stack to
      Avoid using cx->blk_loop.itermax when reverse iterating an array.
      Change the context type of for ($a .. $b) to CXt_LOOP_LAZYIV, and
      Merge CXt_LOOP_STACK's use of itermax for the reverse minimum with
      In struct block_loop, merge itermax and iterlval into a union
      Don't warn about imprecision when decrementing IV_MIN.
      Silence "possible data loss" warning.
      Using PL_sv_no in place of any !SvOK() maximum removes a little bit of
      PVIOs don't need space for SvNVX allocated.
      Change 33069 missed updating dump.c to dump PVIOs correctly.
      Eliminate the OP_SETSTATE, which had been disabled by change 4309.
      Some code can be removed following change 33070.
      In POPLOOP, if CxITERVAR(cx) is non-NULL, then so is itersave, and
      Restore the else block accidently eaten by change 33074.
      As itersave points to the initial CxITERVAR(), and the state of
      Standardise the conditional compilation protection of ({}) from
      POPLOOP is actually doing all the work of Perl_save_padsv() already!
      Change 33072 missed embed.h. I wasn't aware that it was affected by
      Investigation reveals that the work of restoring the iterator to the
      The layout for struct block_loop under ithreads can be simplified.
      The third argument of PUSHEVAL was never used by anything. Ever.
      Document why ok() is being used instead of like(), to stop someone
      Need to substitute out the placeholder '$RV' for earlier perls too.
      The penultimate deparse test needs a name, else things can warn.
      Break apart the list of functions defined in universal.c by perl
      In pp_split(), eliminate most (all?) of the conditional calls to
      In XS_re_regexp_pattern(), use newSVpvn_flags() to avoid calls to
      In XS_PerlIO_get_layers() take advantage of the implementation of
      Remove the _ prototype, as Maintainers is used by makemeta, and in turn
      Change 27244 wasn't quite correct. XSUB is dumped as 0x0, not 0.
      5.8.x and earler have a SUBPROCESS line in the dump of a PVIO.
      Upgrade to Math::Complex 1.48 and Math::Trig 1.13
      Produce a more generic expectation management system, and use it to
      Recode all the old variable-like substitutions with the generic line
      Micro-optimise the order of the context types. [Because I can :-)]
      in unpack, () groups in scalar context were still returning a list,
      Cope with differing prototypes for ECONNREFUSED etc on Win32 between
      exp(999) isn't "infinity". Even exp(9999) can still be represented on
      Eliminate use of Nullop in the core code. Dual life uses remain.
      Two parameter names missing in embed.fnc
      Correct some names of parameters in embed.fnc.
      vcroak()'s pattern is actually NULLOK.
      The sv argument to gv_stashsv() is not NULL.
      The "pointer" argument to S_restore_magic() is not not NULL, because
      In Perl_ck_lengthconst, "XXX length optimization goes here" is TODO.
      In Perl_regfree_internal(), rx is actually not NULL.
      In Perl_sv_catpv(), Perl_sv_catpv_mg() the ptr can be not NULL.
      Perl_ck_retarget() doesn't even exist, so little point in mentioning
      Perl_sv_2iv_flags(), Perl_sv_2uv_flags, Perl_sv_2nv and
      Teach Math::Complex the maximum NV for a 16 byte float. (At least, a
      In Perl_load_module_nocontext(), ver can actually be NULL.
      Correct (some) variable names in embed.fnc where they differ from the
      Correct the paramter to Perl_op_xmldump(). The one that got away from
      assert() that every NN argument is not NULL. Otherwise we have the
      Shell patterns are subject to tilde expansion. So the case statement
      Setting the f flag on length causes the op to be constant folded.
      Eliminate ck_lengthconst.
      Missed a file from
      Take advantage of the fact that we can use indent as a stdin/stdout
      Update to embed.h somehow missed from change 33343.
      As best as I (and my minion, gcc -Os) can tell, PL_curcop and
      Two break; statements that aren't (yet) needed, but may trip someone up
      Ensure that constant folding runs with IN_PERL_RUNTIME true, by copying
      Also install perlbug as perlthanks, to make it easy for people to send
      If we have malloced_size() available, then avoid rounding up the string
      In Perl_sv_usepvn_flags(), with MYMALLOC, use the actual malloc()ed
      If the C library provides malloc_size(), we can use that in the same
      Comment on why I don't think changing Perl_safesysmalloc_size() in av.c
      Do the memory debug header fixup earlier to avoid valgrind screaming
      Add Perl_malloc_good_size to malloc.c. (A routine that rounds up the
      Use malloc_good_size() to round up the size of requested arenas to the
      Make ext/POSIX/t/sysconf.t use File::Spec->tmpdir() for pathconf/
      use strict; and use Test::More; to give decent failure diagnostics.
      Three variables in S_scan_trans only hold flags for op_private, so can
      Better line diagnostics - runlint's caller rather than runlint itself.
      Bring the joy of strict to ext/B/t/lint.t.
      Refactoring the /Can't return (?:array|hash) to scalar context/ croak
      Assert that the av argument to all the av_*() functions is an array.
      Add investigating arenas for GP and MAGIC to perltodo.
      Add characters that VOS forbids in filenames, mentioned by Paul Green
      Correct logic error in PerlIOStdio_close() - 0 is an acceptable value
      We need mutex protection in PerlIOStdio_close() for the duration of
      Change 33492 did not spread the protection wide enough. There were
      Move Module::Pluggable into ext/ as the next version has actions in its
      Oops. Change 33499 forgot to add the new Makefile.PL to the MANIFEST.
      Correct two spelling mistakes, and reformat some comments.
      Upgrade to Module::Pluggable 3.7
      Change 33507 had a const too far (Perl_mg_dup()'s mg is assigned to).
      Fix a couple of minor differences between the Encode 2.14 CPAN tarball
      Update the use of single quotes to be consistent with the advice in
      Rename safer_rename() to rename_if_different(), to accurately describe
      Drag and into the age of safer_open().
      Re: Smoke [5.11.0] 33500 FAIL(F) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP2 (x86/2 cpu)
      Give the test file for __builtin_expect() the correct name (try.c, not
      Repeat change 33508 - change 33561 re-instated the mistake in change
      Patches for VMS by Craig Berry from
      Actually use the computed @path so as to write the awkwardly named test
      Fix whitespace difference between blead and upstream in
      With change 33252, isn't quite in sync with upstream any
      Re-run Porting/makemeta
      Update makemeta to add the 3 official "resources" - homepage, license
      Don't call S_utf8_mg_pos_cache_update(), and hence don't even create
      The offset for pos is stored as bytes, and converted to (Unicode)
      Fix compiler warning about comparison of pointer types.
      Add i_syspoll to all the pre-canned configs.
      GDBM_File isn't dual life, so no need for a dev module version number.
      detecting Configure test goofs (Was Re: branch prediction hints)
      Give DynaLoader a non-dev version number.
      $VERSION++ for all the non-dual life modules in ext/ that
      Fix bug in the code for --opened - it was not working on blead.
      $VERSION++ for all the non-dual life modules outside ext/ that
      Add the correct argument assertion macro to sv_insert_flags().
      Define sv_insert() as a wrapper to sv_insert_flags(), and move
      Fix bug in change 33379 - if we're using malloc_size() as well as being
      In Perl_sv_grow(), no need to do PERL_STRLEN_ROUNDUP() if we have
      Clean up some compiler warnings spotted by smokers.
      Pack lib/CGI/t/upload_post_text.txt with (It contains a
      UCD 5.1.0
      Missed updated a test description, as spotted by vincent.
      Add attempting Exterminate! cop_label to perltodo.
      Replace all remaining accesses to COP's cop_label with CopLABEL().
      A macro used only once isn't a typing saving, and 3 macro definitions
      Change 33653 (inevitably) missed one cop_label, because I mistook it
      Eliminate cop_label from struct cop by storing a label as the first
      Split out S_refcounted_he_new_common() from
      Tidy up compiler warning spotted by Jerry Hedden.
      So why didn't the build break for me? Fix problems spotted by Jerry
      Move all the logic to print the "Changed" message into,
      Perl_store_cop_label() isn't meant to be part of the public API.
      Very little const-propagation remains related to Perl_moreswitches().
      No need to copy the part of PERL5OPT that we've already scanned past.
      De-encode missed RFC 2047 encoded headers.
      Using memEQ() rather than strnEQ() when the length is known feels
      Add the verbatim perl code mentioned in the comments of
      Use like() rather than is() to get better failure diagnostics.
      Avoid forwards and then backwards on the :: splitting logic in
      /* This code tries to figure out just what went wrong with
      Test dbmopen more thoroughly, including closing the coverage hole for
      Perl_gv_fetchmethod{,_autoload,_flags} are actually never* called with
      Remove a dead case from the error reporting in
      Expand "repack the optree" and add "store the current PAD", which was
      Add "eliminate incorrect line numbers in warnings" to perltodo, and
      Note that Rafael did the key elsif() line number TODO, and we're not
      Add "safely supporting POSIX SA_SIGINFO" to perltodo, as described in
      On Darwin, -Uuse64bitall shouldn't mean -Duse64bitall  :-/
      Looks like we can do System V IPC 64 bit on Leopard. Lets see whether
      Stop File::Copy truncating destination files if passed 3 named
      Warnings within the condition of while are not reported with the
      Use File::Find rather than shell globbing to get the list of *.pm files
      Warnings within the conditional of until() and for() are not reported
      Cast the result of fpsetmask(0) to (void), as some implementations
      Upgrade to Encode 2.25
      Run Porting/ and fix what it picks up. (Which,
      It transpires that POSIX.xs also duplicated several constants defined
      Remove POSIX's internal implementation of S_ISBLK, S_ISCHR, S_ISDIR,
      Fix my typo.
      Add investigating eliminating POSIX::int_macro_int() to perltodo.
      $nonono  => $opts{notify}
      Converge some changes from installperl into installman. I have a
      Change 33859 missed $destdir => $opts{destdir}
      Merge common code from installperl and installman into
      A couple more installman tidy ups.
      Add -w, tweak some comments.
      Add "profile installman" to the TODO.
      The TODO tests of change 33876 were actually fixed by change 33874.
      metabatman fails the "this patch is self-documenting" test. Restore
      Eliminate POSIX::int_macro_int, and all the complex AUTOLOAD fandango
      Add Perl_croak_xs_usage(), which reduces a lot of explicit calls of
      Make the worst case error message for Perl_croak_xs_usage() consistent
      Following a conversation on IRC, Artur thinks it best if we consider
      Rafael will take over Attribute::Handlers
      Bump AutoSplit to a dev version number to reflect the small change in
      Bump the version number following change 33905 (and for any other
      My recent changes to POSIX.xs forgot that WEXITSTATUS etc may not even
      Add conditional code to initialise RETVAL, to avoid compiler warnings.
      $Carp::VERSION++ following change 33992.
      $attributes::VERSION++ following change 33985.
      Strength reduction optimisation seems to spot that a = a + 1; is just
      Patch from MHX to change the WriteConstant()'s documentation to note
      Make lib/open.t under -Duseperlio
      Avoid using -> function call notation within, which is supposed
      Start converting t/op/write.t to
      Reduce the -| skip back to just the tests that use it, and re-align the
      Complete the conversion of t/op/write.t to, and remove my
      Bring the joy of strict to the rest of write.t
      Simplify code in pp_formline, removing a goto and localising and
      Also dump the SvPVX of PVFMs.
      In Perl_sv_utf8_upgrade_flags(), don't assume that the SV is well
      Regression tests for, and fix quite a lot of bugs in, cases FF_LINESNGL
      Test that formats can be dumped.
      PVFMs don't need to access the IVX any more. (as of change 32836, which
      Abolish xfm_lines from struct xpvfm. structs xpvfm and xpvcv are now
      Format tests for @* too.
      assert() that the pointer passed to Perl_sv_chop() lies within the
      The assert()ions in sv_chop() that the passed in pointer is within the
      For cases FF_LINESNGL and FF_LINEGLOB in pp_formline, take great care
      Make format items @* and ^* work with references (safely). Note no-one
      Fix use of a variable before it is initialised, introduced by change
      Convert wantarray.t to use strict and
      Convert yadayada.t to and strict, and fix two diagnostic errors
      Convert undef.t to use and strict.
      Note the possibility of sharing arenas between types.
      You can't (and shouldn't) use CvDEPTH on a PVFM.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 3.13
      Bring the joy of strict to t/harness.
      Better temporary file name generation. (Avoid using ++, avoid file
      If TEST_JOBS is set to something non-zero, use TAP::Harness to run the
      Avoid a potential testing race condition in's test.
      Run t/uni/*.t t/mro/*.t t/lib/*.t fully in parallel.
      As rules can be glob patterns, leave them as glob patterns, and instead
      A proper tempfile function that can be used multiple times.
      Fix bug in counting in tempfile().
      Use's tempfile().
      Let rip with t/op/*.t in parallel too.
      Convert all unimaginative (ie race condition) temporary file names to
      Use, not, in t/run/*.t
      Convert all unimaginative (ie race condition) temporary file names to
      Everything in t/ can now run in parallel.
      Note that I TODID most of parallel testing in the core.
      Don't bother hashing the key, or performing any other preparatory work,
      Don't need to do the globbing before building the rules, as it makes
      Use App::Prove::State to store the timings for the tests, and if
      Purge C<n_a> thoughtcrime from the pods.
      Skip the Perl debugger test if the harness itself is already running
      Move the modules, tests, prove and Changes file from lib/ to
      Change 34206 forgot to update to reflect the
      If I want to build Devel::NYTProf under the core tree, then the
      Change 33807 to fix bug #52740 wasn't quite right, as it ended up with
      In S_mro_get_linear_isa_dfs(), hv_exists_ent() followed by an optional
      In S_mro_get_linear_isa_dfs(), save copying by making a shared hash
      Note that we have no test coverage for this particular warning.
      No, I didn't mean to commit the version *with* the abort(). It was
      Move t/lib/{data,sample-tests,source_tests,subclass_tests} into
      Move all of Test::Harness's test modules into ext/Test/Harness/t/lib
      And then add the Dev::Null from Test-Simple-0.80
      Khaaaaan! Change 34230 wasn't right. The tests all passed because I
      And then change 34231 removed the other t/lib/Dev/ from the
      No, third time not lucky. Remove the extraneous leading - sign.
      Fix #30660: Repeated spaces on shebang line stops option parsing
      Silence warnings when -destdir isn't set.
      Note the task TODO of splitting the linker from the compiler.
      The tasks needed to get smart match fixing underway for 5.10.1
      Tweaks and reflowing for the cc/linker split.
      Add the URL for annotated svn of S03.
      Reflect local modifications to dual life modules in changes 34219 and
      Upgrade to 3.41
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.24
      Two missed s/Autrijus/Audrey/g
      Fix an inconsistency spotted by David Landgren. (Although this is not
      Split all the tests for ops that can return undef for defined args
      Update gellyfish's e-mail.
      Re-instate all the warnings checks that don't work on Win32, but with
      Upgrade to 3.42
      Cross-propagate changes between make_ext and make_ext_cross.
      Suck in r1147 from TH3's svn:
      Update Changes.
      Correct Audrey's name in traditional and simplified Chinese (with a lot
      S_isa_lookup() no longer recurses (as of Brandon's MRO changes), so we
      Use 1 line of code in place of 6 in Perl_sv_derived_from().
      The stash argument to S_isa_lookup() actually never is NULL.
      As stash can't be NULL, no need to check name_stash is not NULL before
      Abolish the warning "Can't locate package %"SVf" for the parents of %s"
      Create a direct lookup hash for ->isa() lookup, by retaining the
      Need to free the isa lookup hash before rebuilding it.
      Build the isa cache from any linear ISA, rather than forcing the use
      In S_mro_get_linear_isa_dfs(), add void casts to silence two warnings
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 3.14
      The program spawned from process.t needs to set up @INC correctly, as
      Upgrade to podlators 2.1.3
      Bump $O::VERSION, to reflect change 32626, a doc change that is the only
      Bump $ExtUtils::Constant::Utils::VERSION.
      SEGV in readline with $/ set to a reference, discovered by theorbtwo.
      "Upgrade" AutoSplit to 1.06.
      Kevin J. Woolley has taken over from Gozer.
      Two missing 'static's, spotted by Merijn's smoker.
      Another missing 'static' picked up by one of Merijn's smokers.
      Change 30638 to 5.8.x inadvertently introduced (at lest) two
      Fix tests for the case of -Du_usedl
      The tests for the -ostash option to B::Concise will have been failing
      defined %{$package.'::'} isn't good enough to tell whether a module is
      Upgrade to XSLoader 0.10.
      $? is PVLV on VMS (and actually, anywhere else where COMPLEX_STATUS is
      error reporting of [$a ; $b] can be a TODO.
      It's RISC OS, dammit. Hard space, upper case. Always.
      All the volunteers who contributed to Paul Fenwick's project to help
      Most of the AUTHORS file already has hard tabs, so convert the
      Correct address.
      Update copyright year to 2008.
      Avoid allocating 1 extra regnode when duplicating a regexp.
      Update Eddy Tan's address.
      Yet another [ACGHS]V pointer in the interpreter structure that needs to
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.47_01
      Clarify which save types are in mathoms, which aren't used, and which
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.47_02
      Damian has transferred Filter::Simple to p5p. Bump its version to 0.83
      MANIFEST update relating to change 34504.
      Re-run Porting/makemeta
      Update Porting/makemeta to generate a META.yml compliant with the 1.4
      Suggestion from Slaven - reverse the part of 23348 that removed the
      Upgrade PathTools to 3.28_01
      Change the plan - 2.14 gets the copy permission behaviour change,
      As well as @INC, also convert $^X to an absolute path in MBTest.
      Change "use $foo; 1" in evals to "require $foo; 1" to avoid breaking
      Bump IPC::Open2's $VERSION. (The docs changed.)
      Bump the $VERSION of File::stat (documentation changed).
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.48
      Cwd.xs won't load in development releases, unless we munge the
      Update Changes, README and TODO from the Test-Simple 0.84 tarball.
      Test::Simple 0.81_02 has:
      Future-proof the FreeBSD hints - assume that FreeBSD 8, 9 etc behave
      Disentangle the ownership of tests in lib/ExtUtils/
      Add BinGOs to AUTHORS, and a second e-mail address for Shlomi
      Jerry spotted that as a result of change 34483 which upgrades blead to
      Add PL_sv_serial to, so that it is skipped approriately
      Upgrade to SelfLoader 1.17.
      Upgrade to 0.61.
      Update copyright years.
      Update copyright year in, and everything that it builds.
      Update copyright year in to reflect change 33364.
      lib/ExtUtils/t/eu_command.t belongs to ExtUtils-Command, and so does
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::Command 1.15
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::Manifest 1.55.
      USE_FAST_STDIO can affect behaviour, so list it in -V
      Cope with brain damage in PerlIO::via, which will let you fclose() the
      Bugs revealed by replacing (SV *) casts with something that doesn't
      Add a macro MUTABLE_PTR(p), which on (non-pedantic) gcc will not cast
      Upgrade Cwd.xs to the Cwd.xs in PathTools 3.26_01:
      Grab the second half of r10084 for cwd.t, which wasn't in change 33042.
      Add MUTABLE_AV(), and remove (AV *) casts from headers.
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.28_03.
      Convert all (CV *) casts to (const CV *). Convert (XPVCV*) casts to add
      After the upgrade to 3.28_03 we need to revert change 34543.
      MHX notes that I have a superfluous void cast.
      Correct SvVALID() and SvTAIL() - they are actually const.
      Upgrade to File::Path 2.06_06. (a diff from David via http)
      Perl_hv_placeholders_get() actually takes a const HV *hv.
      Add MUTABLE_HV(), and remove (HV *) casts from headers.
      A couple of (COP*)s that can actually be (const COP *)s.
      Two casts that are MUTABLE_?V.
      A gaggle of casts in Perl_sv_magicext() that are (const ?V *).
      Eliminate (HV *) casts in u*.c.
      Some consting in Perl_ss_dup(), and a few (HV*) casts that can be
      Consting in S_find_uninit_var() and the routines that it calls.
      ss_dup wrapper const casting analagous to change 34626.
      Every remaining (HV *) cast in *.c
      Upgrade to File::Path 2.06_07. (an e-mail from David)
      Avoid leaving a VAR.txt after testing terminates on any platform where
      make distclean patch from Andy Armstrong.
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.29.
      Perl_cv_const_sv() takes a const CV *const cv argument.
      As Perl_cv_const_sv() now takes a const CV *, use that as the cast for
      Add MUTABLE_CV(), and eliminate (CV *) casts in *.c.
      Eliminate (AV *) casts in *.c.
      Add MUTABLE_IO(), and eliminate (IO *) casts in *.c.
      Eliminate (SV *) casts from sv.c and [tu]*.c, except for the cast in
      SvPV() does not take a const SV*, which means that the pattern argument
      Change 34627 didn't realise that if S_find_uninit_var() takes a
      Eliminate (SV *) casts from the rest of *.c, picking up one (further)
      sizeof(const SV *) is the same as sizeof(SV *), except that it doesn't
      Change 34672 should have removed a const from re.xs. I thought I'd
      Add MUTABLE_GV(), and eliminate (V *) casts in *.c.
      Upgrade to Text::ParseWords 3.27
      Add a flag PERLDBf_SAVESRC, which enables the saved lines part of
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.1901.
      ${^CHILD_ERROR_NATIVE} isn't mentioned in perlrun.pod, but is in
      Upgrade to File::Path 2.06_08.
      Upgrade to File::Path 2.07
      Backslashes inside '' inside Makefiles seem to be non-portable in their
      Add Tom Wyant to AUTHORS.
      Add a $VERSION, strict and some documentation to Tie::StdHandle.
      Fix the bug introduced with MRO, whereby the internals were not saving
      No need to str*cpy() a string of known fixed length ("_<(eval )") when
      S_save_lines() was using strchr() when it should have been using
      Rafael noticed a bug in 34873 - I was comparing against the wrong
      Remove the trailing NUL byte, and (hopefully) convert perforce to
      Rename PL_breakable_sub_generation to PL_breakable_sub_gen, to please
      Note where there is a U8 of space.
      Change 34831 missed running
      Promote Perl_setdefout() to the public API.
      Tweak the constants used in testing to constants that Win32 also has.
      Add Rainer Tammer and Torsten Schönfeld to AUTHORS.
      A correction to change 34909 - we want *different* constants.
      Replace Perl_my() with a small shell script. er. macro.
      "If it's not private, it's public somehow." states Rafael. The most
      Following on from change 34918, scalarkids() and scalarseq() can also
      listkids() can be static in op.c
      Perl_cv_ckproto() is not part of the public API, and not used anywhere
      vdie() isn't used anywhere aside from util.c, so it can be static.
      force_list(), fold_constants() and gen_constant_list() can be static.
      ingroup() is only used in doio.c.
      is_gv_magical() is only called from within gv.c.
      Exactly 1 function, in perl.c, calls Perl_magicname(), so inline it.
      pad_reset() is only used in pad.c, so can be static.
      The vestigial PL_pad_reset_pending can actually be bool, rather than
      Merge S_is_gv_magical() into Perl_is_gv_magical_sv().
      pidgone() is only used in util.c, so it can be static.
      pmtrans() and refkids() can be static in op.c.
      Just s/Perl_/S_/ isn't good enough - you also need to add the C<static>
      rxres_free() and rxres_restore() are only used in pp_ctl.c, so can be
      Perl_oopsCV() is not part of the public API, not used anywhere, so can
      sv_add_arena() is now only called from sv.c, so it can be static.
      Change 34931 missed a second update to perlintern.pod
      setenv_getix() is not used anywhere other than util.c (and the "special
      ywarn() is actually only used inside toke.c, so it can be static.
      Note where (nearly) all the other private non-static functions are used.
      av_fake() isn't in the public API, and isn't used anywhere, so it can
      Note (hopefully) all the use cases of all the rest of the non-public but
      av_fake is undead. :-(
      S_mro_get_linear_isa_*() should have an *un*signed level.
      Proposed fix for -T -d:NYTProf regression. Probably this is a "missing"
      This feels like a more robust location than that of change 34954.
      Convert all the scope save functions of the form
      Refactor all of the code of the form
      Re-implement the macros SAVECOMPPAD(), SAVECOMPILEWARNINGS(),
      Refactor all of the code of the form
      Expose save_pushptrptr() and implement SAVESWITCHSTACK() with it.
      Expose save_pushi32ptr() and implement SAVECOPARYBASE() with it.
      For SAVEHINTS(), re-order the savestack to be (?:PTR, )? INT, PTR.
      Move the implmentation of SAVEHINTS() into a new Perl_save_hints() in
      Add S_save_pushptri32ptr() and use it to re-implement Perl_save_hints()
      Re-order Perl_save_delete() to PTR, INT, PTR.
      Implement Perl_save_delete() using save_pushptri32ptr().
      In Perl_ss_dup(), case SAVEt_FREEPV can be rolled into case
      Change 34966 should also have removed the SSCHECK(4); from
      Convention seems to be that static definitions are also made visible by
      The temporary SV created in Perl_save_helem_flags() to store the key
      Avoid warnings from exacting C compilers when -DNO_MATHOMS is in force.
      Remove last reference to PERLDB_ASSERTION
      Followup to change 34979. Tests are good, m'kay. Particularly when they
      Codify the current behaviour of evals which define subroutines before
      Implement PERLDBf_SAVESRC_INVALID, which saves source lines for string
      Change PL_debug behaviour so that string eval lines are saved whenever
      Fix for tainting regression in a test of Text::Template spotted by
      For now, remove the 'cannot remove [dir] when cwd is [dir]' message,
      Note in INSTALL. Must remember to
      Bump the debugger's version. Fail to update the changes.
      Fix #61222 (debugger doesn't understand proxy constant subroutines, or
      Document the changes between VERSIONS 1.30 and 1.31 of the debugger.
      Fix change 35082 by manually expanding do_open() to Perl_do_openn().
      Thank you for a thank you, not thank you for a bug report.

Nicholas Oxhøj (1):
      [perl #20724] Patch for dprofpp

Nick Ing-Simmons (98):
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline@17638, apply couple
      Integrate mainline to just past perl5.8.0
      Fix #15283 - binmode() was not passing mode
      Integrate mainline.
      Fix for [perl #15986] tell/seek misbehave for :crlf
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Twiddle with my mail -> Change script
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Encode::utf8 encode/decode methods as XS that obeys
      Handle case where octets are UTF-8 encoded
      Test UTF-8 encoded input to Encode::XS::decode and fix it.
      Integrate mainline
      More mainline integrate (so I can diff)
      Integrate mainline
      Avoid eqtime() wiping the file (as suggested by
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate Mainline
      Fix #16306 and #16880
      Fix #18711 and add test for it (and indeed tell on write
      Remove workaround for :stdio layer bug now fixed
      Correct typo (actually copy/paste of wrong thing).
      Thread-protection for dup/fclose/dup2 scheme of stdio leak
      Re: 18457 on cygwin/20030113
      Integrate #18405 from maint-5.8 which fixes whitespac
      Integrate mainline
      Move #define printf out of perl.h into appropriate
      Try the invalidate_fileno() idea for non-leaky stdio sockets.
      stdio does NOT set errno==EBADF on invalidated fileno
      Integrate mainline
      Tweak APItest for new semantics of printf.
      Add defined(__osf__) case to invalidate_fileno (for Tru64).
      Report layer name (without arg) on fail, and attempt to
      #if defined(__irix__) (for stdio invalidate) from Jarkko.
      Fixes for which attempts to load layers:
      Integrate mainline
      Fix Solaris 32-bit invalidate case.
      PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS does NOT vector PerlIO_xxx but PerlSIO_xxx, so
      Integrate mainline
      Michael Schroeder's fix for re-try if stdio ops after
      PerlIO friendly version of speed up of $/ = undef case.
      fflush() before invalidating stdio's fileno.
      Re: bleadperl: PerlIOStdio_invalidate_fileno breaks fclose semantics
      Integrate mainline
      Re: typo in checkin 18616
      Integrate mainline (storable is dead)
      Integrate mainline (Works again)
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline.
      Integrate mainline (run/switchd.t fails).
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Tweaks to Jarkko's NULL deref checks in perlio.c
      Fix for bugs 21717 and 22140.
      Better but still unproven fix for lseek() on pipes.
      Unused variable
      Tests to prove Ticket 9468 is fixed.
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Fix ticket #22219
      Spotted a bare close() where PerlLIO_close() seems correct.
      Enache Adrian <> test for Win32 sysread/O_TEXT issue.
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate UTF7 (now initial create has been submitted)
      Fix ticket 18265
      EINTR retry should exit on count >= 0 not !=0
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline.
      Work-in-progress - do not integrate yet
      Integrate mainline (but don't integrate back yet).
      re-instate warning with syslayer abstraction.
      Tweak Base_read - which needed indentation change
      More work-in-progress on sysread() abstraction.
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      Integrate mainline
      "Missing" dTHX for Win32's re-direction of getuid etc.
      Integrate mainline
      Win32 hack for doing_taint()
      UNICODE regexp bug
      Re: UNICODE regexp bug
      Allow via layer to affect the PERLIO_F_UTF8 flag.
      Perl_is_utf8_string(pTHX_ U8 *s, STRLEN len)
      NI-S: IMHO utf8_upgrade is just changing representation not the value
      Enhance the caveat in the description of tell()
      Comment describing purpose.

Nigel Sandever (1):
      5.8.1 / bcc55 / win32 / Enable PerlIO and/ or USE_LARGE_FILES

Niklas Edmundsson (1):
      [perl #43291] perl-5.8.8 - AIX 5.3 64bit build issues

Niko Tyni (4):
      IO::Socket::INET unnecessarily resolves "udp"
      fix typo in a Tie::Hash documentation link
      h2ph: allow the quote mark delimiter when chasing #include directives with "-a"
      Re: eval "require Foo" with binary-incompatible XS modules

Nikola Milutinovic (1):
      [perl #31295] PATCH: Test comp/use.t fails on Tru64

Nikolai Eipel (1):
      Patch for Perlbug #4253

Noah (1):
      Re: [perl #32498] h2xs generates incorrect code for Makefile.PL for enums

Norton T. Allen (2):
      for QNX 6.2

OKAIE Yutaka (1):
      [perl #19153] Term::Complete (the argument of stty)

Offer Kaye (4):
      Make the spelling of whitespace (vs white-space and white space)
      perlvar.pod verbatim paragraph first line does not start with a space
      perlrun.pod -w description typo
      Re: [perl #36047] perlmod.pod/CLONESKIP error

Olivier Thauvin (1):
      h2hp: 2 fix

Olli Savia (3):
      [perl #24032] Perl 5.8.1-RC5 build problems on LynxOS
      [perl #29527] Perl 5.8.4 build problems on LynxOS
      [perl #36037] Perl 5.8.7-RC1 build problems on LynxOS

Orton, Yves (1):
      RE: MM in maint@21251 breaks mp2

Ovid (2):
      ref ($proto) || $proto patch

Patrick Dugnolle (1):
      [perl #42614] NAN_COMPARE_BROKEN.DIV_BY_NAN_BUG (with patch)

Paul Fenwick (8):
      Re: [PATCH] UPDATE - Grammatical fixes and explanations in perlfunc.pod (sysopen)
      Correct misleading example in perlsyn.pod (given/when/default)
      perlfunc.pod: atan2(0,0) returns 0, not undef
      Re: [PATCH][NUDGE] Documentation fix for perlfunc/shutdown should not warn about loading .par files
      Documentation on taint/environment interactions for perlrun.pod
      Re: [perl #56348] [PATCH] glob() with spaces - documentation unclear
      Re: [PATCH] Revised: Improved documentation for flock() in perlfunc.pod

Paul Green (10):
      Remove old VOS build methods
      [patch] for Stratus VOS
      [patch] fix HiRes.t failures on Stratus VOS
      Fix perl 5.8 and 5.9 to build on latest VOS
      Refactor VOS patches for bleadperl and perl-5.8.x
      RE: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] support POSIX SA_SIGINFO
      [patch] t/lib/warnings/pp_sys
      RE: [PATCH] cflags.SH: rework the gcc warnings selection
      Update Stratus VOS files.
      RE: Perl @ 33218 (Stratus VOS patches)

Paul Johnson (16):
      Quieten warnings in
      Re: [PATCH] Quieten warnings in
      Re: [PATCH] cv.h: Comment update
      Fix a very small memory leak in op_free, by reserving the
      Quieten more warnings in
      $^P, eval and caller
      Re: op_seq (was: Freeing code)
      Re: [PATCH] Removed a redundant o->op_type
      Document order of evaluation for the comma operator
      minor nit in binmode docs
      Re: [PATCH - provisional] H. Merijn Brands idea of buffer numbering.
      remove op_static
      [DOC PATCH] was Re: things deprecated for removal in 5.12
      Re: wrong line numbers in elsif()
      Re: Change 34166: Small typo fix

Paul Marquess (57):
      Fix DBM filters
      DB_File 1.805
      DB_File 1.806
      RE: [PATCH] Warning on pararameterless 'use IO' and doc update
      DB_File 1.807
      PATCH:  *DB*_File
      Enhanced DBM Filters
      DB_File 1.809  was RE: [perl #30237] DB_File methods and substr don't mix
      DB_File 1.810
      RE: 05gzsetp.t and initial 'ver' in test output
      Compress::Zlib 1.35
      Compress::Zlib 1.37
      RE: [PATCH] DB_File 1.1812
      Making t/14gzopen.t a bit more robust.
      RE: [PATCH] Compress::Zlib
      RE: [PATCH] Compress::Zlib
      Compress::Zlib - fix for win32
      RE: [perl #37571] -z FH broken with Borland  build
      DB_File 1.814
      RE: Failing tests on VMS blead@26652
      Compress::Zlib  becomes zlib agnostic
      Compress::Raw::Zlib, Compress::Zlib, IO::Compress::Zlib 2.000_10
      IO::Compress* 2.000_12
      IO::Compress::* 2.000_13
      Update for IO::Uncompress::Base
      Give zlib the ASNI C treatmant
      another g++ patch (Util.xs)
      IO::Compress modules
      [PATHCH]  Scalar::Util::readonly &  compression (was RE: Change 29117: [PATCH] IO::Compress modules)
      Remove beta status from compression modules
      A new regression test from:
      Update Compress Modules to version 2.002
      IO::Compress::* 2.003
      EBCDIC fixes for gzip
      compression modules update to version 2.005
      Archive::Extract - small pod update
      Update Filter::Call::Util version
      Compress* 2.006
      Compression Modules Update for EBCDIC
      DB_File 1.817
      Update Compression modules to version 2.009
      IO::Compress::* 2.010
      IO::Compress::* 2.011
      Update Compression modules to version 2.012

Paul Szabo (1):
      5.9.1 suidperl

Paul de Weerd (1):
      [perl #48238] some typo's in comments

Peter BARABAS (1):
      [perl #16737] [PATCH] Perl5.8.0 two simple typos in perlxstut

Peter Dintelmann (11):
      AW: [perl #31864] IO::Poll - undef fd not checked in mask()
      AW: [perl #36291] incorrect $! from open ">&nr" with too many open files
      proposal [perl #34301]:  IO::Socket calls getpeername far too often
      [perl #37648] segfault with PERLIO_DEBUG
      [perl #37657] segfault with binmode ":pop"
      [perl #37694] segfault with PerlIO::get_layers()
      [perl #38464] chdir() on closed handles
      AW: question on "len item/string item" with unpack()
      POSIX::remove() and directories
      warning from ext/Hash/Util/FieldHash/t/02_function.t

Peter O'Gorman (1):

Peter Prymmer (25):
      fix for PerlIO/Via compilation on VMS
      path tweak fix up for t/pod/find.t on VMS
      add probe for yet another dangerous logical name: COMP
      add some IV stuff to ext/Devel/Peek/Peek.t test 21
      fix ups for perlivp on VMS plus more symbols for utils
      fix vmsish.t #25 by letting $0 find itself in the face of chdir() calls
      switch over to using local symbols instead of global
      Encode test fixes for VMS (was Re: possible fix to File::Find problems)
      Fw: [PATCH: perl@20512] DBG build tweaks for VMS.
      add handling for new perlreref.pod file to VMS build.
      fixes for installperl and the vmsdebug build on VMS
      clean up quotation issue for use with MMS on VMS
      VMS specific fix for lib/ExtUtils/t/Manifest.t
      Replace #20772 with
      Re: [PATCH: perl@20760] clean up quotation issue for use with MMS on VMS
      fix File::Spec->abs2rel() to return absolute $path more often for VMS
      have installperl install and dbga2p.exe for VMS
      Re: Decreasing VMS tests in File::Spec::VMS?
      Re: perl@21233 looks ok on VMS 7.3-1
      Re: [ your CPAN page on EBCDIC]
      document patch for VMS port on new file systems
      Re: issue, more quoting needed.
      PATCH: 2 vms specific build files in perl @ 27383
      perl@27437 fix File::Path::mkpath so that perl installs on VMS
      perl @ 27483 fix lib/Pod/Simple/t/corpustest.t to work on VMS ODS-2

Peter Scott (5):
      AutoLoader gives wrong message
      Re: [PATCH] AutoLoader gives wrong message
      Re: [perl #19017] lexical "my" variables not visible in debugger "x" command
      Text::Abbrev warnings safe
      PATCH: perlfunc.pod / warn (1):
      [perl #32962] h2ph - use of local() in generated code

Philip M. Gollucci (2):
      bleed -  silence warning in sv.c
      Perl_die() / Perl_croak()

Philip Newton (5):
      Re: [PATCH] perl573delta delinting
      Minor updates of Wolfgang's pack patch
      Re: P and V
      Re: maint @ 20537
      Re: maint @ 20537

Philippe M. Chiasson (3):
      [patch] Re: Perl PR: "Security holes in Sys::Syslog"
      Change 26781/26830 (SvRTRIM should also write a new '\0' at the end) can cause segfaults
      Re: [patch] s/ar ts/ar s/g

Piotr Fusik (7):
      Re: [PATCH] Faster **
      perlfunc.pod: s/definetely/definitely/
      [perl #36672] Swapped warnings for -o and -O file tests
      POD typos
      Typos in *.p[lm]
      Typos in *.p[lm]

Pradeep Hodigere (1):
      [patch] IO::File->open() with encoding

Radu Greab (3):
      DProf fixes
      Re: [PATCH @19834] DProf fixes
      embedding perl

Rafael Garcia-Suarez (2266):
      More regression tests for $^H and %^H.
      PerlIO::scalar wasn't able to read from non-string
      Doc fix : the symbol for COPs wasn't documented.
      Re: [perl #15479] perl 5.8.0 segfault
      Re: [perl #15898] coredump with variable our
      Fix bug #16080 : an attribute list should end at '}'
      More tests for the attribute syntax, from the
      a2p wasn't installed with -Dversiononly
      Fix parsing problems with the // operator.
      posixify getppid on linux-multithread
      B::check_av() ; B::Deparse for CHECK blocks
      Advertise Linux::Pid.
      Some simple tests for the POSIX::isXXX() functions.
      Fix bug #16828.
      Subject: [perl #16971] [PATCH] Fix a couple of URLs that changed recently.
      Fix bug #17006 : remove spurious do{} in the deparsing
      Fix a syntax incompatibility introduced by the // operator.
      Fix pod/perlmodlib.PL (it wasn't generating a complete list
      Pod formatting nit, found by Merijn and Jos Boumans.
      Patch #17914 was empty ; this should have been applied instead.
      Re: Advice on coredump
      Email address change for Stéphane Payrard
      Re: [perl #17587] Attribute::Handlers and Config in 5.9.0
      Re: perlio bug?
      Re: [PATCH] Re: builtin die parsed differently to CORE::GLOBAL::die
      Add a new warning, "Possible precedence problem on bitwise
      Change the warning message "%s trapped by operation mask"
      Fix a precedence problem.
      Fix bug #17744, suggested by Andreas Jurenda,
      Complement to change #17976 :
      Fix bug #17823 : non-modifying tr/// stringifies references
      croak() is better written Perl_croak() in C code.
      Fix bug #17776 : memory corruption in qr/##/x
      Fix bug #17771 : segfault with the 'for' statement modifier
      The -0 command-line switch wasn't setting $/ at compile-time.
      prototype() didn't warn when used in void context.
      perlmodlib.pod nit suggested by David Dyck (bug #18055)
      Further tweaks to perluniintro.pod
      Further tweaks to perlmodlib.pod.
      Partial fix of bug [perl #17589] : prevent the parser to
      Adjust the number of tests in t/op/range.t
      make regen_headers.
      The new test introduced in #18114 failed with threads
      "make distclean" should remove the generated file lib/Config.pod.
      New B::Lint option, bare-subs, that checks for implicitely
      New B::Lint option, bare-subs, that checks for implicitely
      Correction to change #18152, by Dave Mitchell.
      t/io/crlf.t failed with miniperl.
      Fix perl bug #17920 : a case of parser coredump.
      Add a test for bug #17920, and a new test file for it.
      Move some tests from t/run/fresh_perl.t
      A new test for $^S, based on a patch by Iain 'Spoon' Truskett.
      PerlFAQ sync.
      DESTROY called in scalar context ?
      Document the hint constants and where they're used.
      Skip test #17 of lib/open.t when useperlio is not defined.
      Fix bug #18573 : in a double-quoted string, a \c not followed
      Suppress a compilation warning reported by Jarkko
      Fix bug #18874, essentially by reverting change #11890.
      Fix two cases of buffer overflow in the lexer.
      Change the set of characters that are considered to be
      Integrate from the maint-5.8/ branch :
      Whitespace and indentation fix in the output of B::Debug.
      Integrate from maint-5.8 : changes 18290-1, 18293-5, 18297
      Re: [perl #19330] Uneffective increment of $\
      [perl #15184] ExtUtils/t/Embed.t fails with -Duseshrplib -Dlibperl=...
      Integrate change #18420 from maint-5.8:
      Change the value of ${^TAINT} : 0 without taint checks,
      PerlFAQ sync.
      Integrate change #18361 from maint-5.8:
      Integrate change #18362 from maint-5.8:
      Integrate change #18391 from maint-5.8:
      Fix the doc for splitpath() in the File::Spec modules :
      Document that ${^TAINT} is read-only.
      Integrate change #18365 from maint-5.8 :
      isa() and can() didn't work on magic variables
      Add a test case for bug [perl #19545]
      Integrate changes #18422 and #18423 from maint-5.8.
      Integrate #18447 from maint-5.8 :
      Fix [perl #19860] by adding a POSIX::fsync() stub.
      Integrate change 18448 from maint-5.8 :
      Integrate from maint-5.8:
      FAQ sync.
      [perl #18232] [PATCH] store PL_reg_match_utf8 in reganch
      Fix bug #8760 : cop_line isn't properly restored
      Document the environment variable PERL_UTF8_LOCALE in perlrun.
      Force the C locale in makedepend, to prevent gcc from
      Better version of change #18648, by Enache Adrian
      Document clearly that "_" is always in package "main".
      Re: [perl #21321] local ${"FOO"} does not work
      Doc typos.
      Patch by Salvador Fandiño to read the warning mask
      Change #18829 makes this test workaround obsolete.
      Make the -A switch work without an assertion name.
      Add a B::COP::io() method, to return the cop_io field of COPs.
      Adjust test count.
      ... and add a test case for bug #20798
      A new test, to check that signal numbers are actually positive,
      Integrate (by hand) change #18386 from maint-5.8
      Questionable construct.
      Trims slashes from the argument to rmdir(), likewise
      Skip the last test of Config.t on HP-UX.
      Time::HiRes is a core module
      Typo, spotted by Doru Petrescu
      Change 19056 wasn't good enough.
      Add a file utils/cpan.PL to generate the "cpan" utility,
      VMS counterpart of change #19065
      Win32 counterpart of change #19065
      Minor rephrasing in perlopentut,
      Re: 5.8.1@19053 bug: make minitest fails with threads
      Fix bug #21742. require should be always invoked in
      Adjust test for the recent change (#19136) to Pod::Html
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 0.21 and Unicode::Collate 0.24,
      The manpages don't have to be built by MakeMaker for the
      Typos fixes by Stas Bekman.
      Document that perl recognizes 2>&1 on the command-line on VMS.
      Fix bug #21914, 3-arg open + local $fh + strict coredump.
      PerlFAQ sync.
      Peter Scott suggests that the docs for should
      Darwin/Rhapsody hints files updates by Wilfredo Sánchez
      More docs about running tests and the test suite.
      Mention that "make test_harness" lets messages sent through
      $[ clarifications.
      OpenUNIX 8 support
      Fix : the svr5 hints file doesn't propagate libswanted with
      Fix doc bug #22067, noticed by Mark Knutsen
      Remove duplicate entries from perldiag
      Suppress a few compilation warnings in pp_hot.c.
      Fix for doc bug #8602 : clarify eof() example comments
      Remove the error messages "Final @ should be \@ or @name"
      A regression test for the remaining "Final $ should be..." error.
      perlport.pod nit for doc bug #8253.
      Open UNIX is not really "formerly Unixware", since the most
      Use a more sophisticated heuristics to produce the warning
      Small nit in perlsyn about the new // operator
      Fix bug #22216 : B::Deparse can't handle "use Module Version"
      Clarify the explanation of the warning "Possible precedence problem
      Upgrade to Getopt::Long 2.32_05
      Upgrade to Getopt::Long 2.33
      Enhance the failure reporting for the pod2html tests
      Introduce a new preprocessor symbol, PERL_DISABLE_PMC, to
      Regenerate internals pods.
      Don't install files.
      Fix a case of segfault in gv_check(), by making
      A little bit more of weird-code-proofing in B::Deparse.
      Prevent a potential null pointer dereference.
      Clarify that => doesn't quote compound identifiers.
      Minor grammatical nit.
      Complement to change #19698 :
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.06, by Dave Rolsky
      Remove the deprecated $* variable.
      Rename the warning about $* being removed,
      Rename again the warning about $* being no longer supported
      Some docs for the assertions.
      A bunch of minor changes to perlguts.pod.
      Fix [perl #21742] :
      Enhance some macro robustness.
      perlhack update, by Steve Grazzini
      Fix test count, by Abe Timmerman.
      Some clarification about the current semantics of CHECK and
      Using $1 without testing success of the regexp, bad.
      Perl_doing_taint must be public, for programs that embed perl
      Misc Pod Nits.
      Skip a socketpair test on SCO OSR
      Minor test adjustments :
      Re: randomly untainting?
      Re: randomly untainting?
      Fix non-numeric $VERSION.
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt v1.65, Math::BigRat v0.10,
      Add a new test target in the makefile, test_harness_notty.
      Author list update (to be continued...)
      Comment out some debugging output in Math::BigInt, that
      Regexp bug in the docs, spotted by Enache's eagle eyes.
      The CHECKOP macro was not invoked on some newly created ops
      regen for the bleadperl branch as well.
      Minor updates of the charnames documentation.
      Minor nits in perlsyn.pod
      [perl #22944] PERL5LIB is not colon-separated everywhere
      Rename get_seed() to get_hash_seed(), as suggested by
      The warning "Possible precedence problem on bitwise operator"
      Minor doc nits concerning the dosish ALTERNATE_SHEBANG
      Re: Perl formats do not work with tied values
      As the perldoc.pod is now in a separate file under pod/,
      [perl #22969] fix $hash{utf8bareword}
      FAQ sync.
      Silence spurious noise from MakeMaker :
      Document in INSTALL that -Uinstallusrbinperl is now the default.
      Re: Can't usemymalloc on OS X
      Revert change #19282 : it caused problems for some -Duseshrplib
      Fix bug #23141 : localization of readonly magic scalars
      Nit in INSTALL about the svr?.sh hint files.
      Change #20578 to SelfLoader is probably also useful to AutoSplit.
      Regenerate perlapi.pod.
      Remove ByteLoader from the list of modules whose compilability should
      Add the perlreref manpage, by Iain Truskett
      Further tweaks on perlreref.pod (by Iain Truskett)
      [perl #23274] B::Deparse wasn't handling correctly builtins that
      Add a new regression test for Safe : tests that all ops
      perlipc thinko by John P. Linderman.
      Remove a useless vstring reference in perlnumber.pod.
      Avoid a "Subroutine Cwd::fastcwd redefined" warning when
      t/TEST fails to fail when it can't find tests.
      The magic variables that alter STDOUT have a tendancy to segfault
      [perl #23577] fix syscall() prototype description in
      Change the internal prototype of the pop() and shift() builtins
      Integrate two DJGPP portability patches from the 5.6.2 branch :
      Add caveats and tests for Symbol::delete_package().
      Don't cast PL_multiline to bool : you may loose important bits.
      Add a new test, to ensure that we don't unexpectedly change
      Tweak XSLoader.t.
      Email nits in [perl #23724].
      Minor doc style nits in XSLoader.
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.28
      Re: one nit to fix [PATCH]
      A version of change #21073 that works.
      Loading now loads that loads
      One more chance... Elizabeth's change #21107 plus
      Stringify the $VERSION of DynaLoader so it's never dependent
      Integrate a change from the perlfaq CVS.
      Perlfaq nits from Iain Truskett.
      FAQ sync.
      Missing perlfaq chunk.
      When localising a magic value, propagate the readonly flag
      Minor nit in a debug message of the tokenizer.
      The FAQ answer about POD comments was incorrect. [perl #23893]
      Update perlhist.pod
      Add the perl581delta manpage.
      Update the perldelta for 5.9.0.
      Nit to the maintainers list by SADAHIRO Tomoyuki
      Add a TODO test for bug #23790, by Abigail
      Useless "local $_" in a perlfaq3 example
      Revamp the section on local() in perlsub.
      Re: [perl #24076] "<> err EXPR" and warnings.
      Add a new option --check to Porting/Maintainers,
      Typos in perldiag.
      Fix broken link in perltodo.pod.
      Fixes in the modules maintainers list.
      Fix bug #24108: Goto +foo broken
      Document the behaviour of filetest operators regarding parentheses.
      Suppress the test file t/op/nothr5005.t and integrate its tests into
      Minor nit in perlrun, spotted by Art Haas.
      Add support for Linux abstract unix domain sockets to
      Update MIME::Base64 and Digest::MD5 from the CPAN version.
      Fix bug [perl #24212] : improper error recovery in the
      PerlFAQ sync. (only actual changes)
      Perlfaq1 : take notice that 5.8.1 is now released.
      Further tweak on change #21464.
      The compilation of PerlIO::via may hang on AIX when
      Skip the chflags tests in filetest.t on Darwin.
      Fix doc bug #23890, as suggested by Himanshu Garg :
      Add a test.taintwarn makefile target,
      Small email update in AUTHORS.
      Fix backward-compatibility issues in
      When %ENV has been turned into a non-magical hash after a
      Add a new taint error, "%ENV is aliased to %s".
      TODO tests for bug #24313.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.52.
      Test nit ; goes with change 21591
      Prevent the installation of makefiles that can be found
      Quoted-printable is evil.
      Mention perl 5.8.2-RC1 in perlhist, as spotted by Abigail.
      Fix for [perl #24347] segfault with Safe
      Document the fact that keys() and values() are optimized
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.19
      Temporary kludge to allow SDBM_File being built
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.20.
      Update the list of pumpkings in perlhist.pod.
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.21.
      Fix bug [perl #24380] : assigning to a hash in list
      Include "SCCS" in the list of directory names that should
      Add more complete tests for the "variable masks earlier
      Update perlhist with 5.6.2.
      Install instmodsh and xsubpp in bin/ along the other utilities.
      Complement of change #21740 for Windows.
      Restore errno after having read $^E (like for $!)
      Update the runops stuff in perlguts
      Fix bug [perl #24508] Wrong assignment in nested assignment
      Regenerate perlapi and perltoc.
      Marcus Holland-Moritz is now the maintainer of Devel::PPPort.
      Fix a regression introduced by change #21694 on sprintf()
      POSIX::isXXX(undef) segfaulted. (bug #24554.)
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.38.
      Keep installing xsubpp in lib/ExtUtils,
      Fix the test boilerplate in lib/if.t, so it can be run
      FAQ sync.
      The prove utility should also be installed on VMS and on Windows.
      Clarify the description of SCALAR in perltie
      Remove the "Can't provide tied hash usage" error from perldiag.
      Math::BigInt::Scalar is only for tests.
      Forgot to update the MANIFEST.
      Missing thingies.
      Integrate change #21862 from maint-5.8 :
      Upgrade to Digest-MD5 2.33.
      Suppress a C< $DB::single = 1 > from, as noticed
      Add a mention of the error "DESTROY created new reference
      Fix some of the pods to produce more standard manpages,
      More POD fixes ; regenerate perltoc and perlmodlib.
      Make the XSRETURN macro evaluate its argument only once.
      alarm() is now implemented on Win32.
      Reformat a long line in perlembed.pod (bug #24623).
      Add the macros dAX and dITEMS to PPPort.
      Sync with the latest MakeMaker snapshot.
      Perl 1.0.16 has been released.
      Upgrade to 3.01
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.07_94
      Fix bug [perl #24641] : when POSIX::set[ug]id() are called,
      Restore ext/SDBM_File/sdbm/Makefile to its pre-21655 state.
      Refactor the code that checks whether a range is numeric
      Fix bug [perl #24735] : make sure that the range (..) operator
      Fix bug [perl #24762] : C<*foo{CODE} ? 1 : 0> was a syntax error
      Regenerate the perly.c patch for byacc output painless fixing
      Fix a little syntax error, reported by Marcus Holland-Moritz
      Upgrade to Encode 1.99.
      Upgrade to Switch 2.10, by integrating some changes by Damian
      Update the README and Changes files for Switch 2.10
      Bump up UNIVERSAL's version to 1.02
      Updates the notes about byacc in pumpkin.pod.
      Add a regression test for bug #24762
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt 1.68.
      A patch for Test::Harness on VMS by Craig Berry
      C++ comments, bad.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.40.
      Upgrade to Getopt::Long 2.34_01
      Document that detached threads aren't supported on Windows yet.
      Document that /[\W]/ doesn't work, unicode-wise (see bug #18281)
      Tidy up change #18751, so that the second parameter to unpack()
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.54
      Upgrade to PerlIO::via::QuotedPrint 0.06
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.13
      Some mandatory syntax warnings emitted by the lexer weren't
      Some of the bitwise manipulation PP functions weren't checking
      This TODO test seems to pass now.
      The TODO tag should be included also when a TODO test succeeds,
      Fix bug #24813 : the -0 wasn't recognized on the #! line
      Hardcoded numerical flag masks. Bad.
      perl582delta.pod was not in the MANIFEST.
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.14.
      Upgrade to MIME::Base64 2.23.
      Document usage of $_ and pos() inside /(?{...})/.
      MANIFEST adjustment.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.55
      Fix precedence errors and add some cleanup in the new
      Remove the caveat about detached threads crashing on Windows
      More punctuation, good.
      Regenerate Changes.
      Update perl591delta.pod with what we've done so far.
      I'm the new maintainer of Switch.
      Regenerate perlapi.pod.
      Another undocumented use of $_ : with reverse().
      Regenerate perlapi.pod.
      Implement "my $_".
      More docs and tests for "my $_".
      The "my $_" wasn't nice with foreach loops.
      Fix a non-standard NAME pod section
      map and grep weren't working correctly with lexical $_ in
      Add the new private flag OPpGREP_LEX in B::Concise.
      Implement stacked filetest operators (-f -w -x $file).
      Add a note in Unicode::UCD about the _getcode() function
      Add 5.005_04-RC1 and Leon in perlhist.
      Fix an fcntl example in perlopentut, spotted by MJD.
      Revert change 22308 (the patch was against maint, not blead)
      Bump up perl's version number to 5.9.1.
      Regenerate table of contents and other related files.
      Bump $B::VERSION (because of change #22315).
      Dave Mitchell suggested this perldelta entry for the SVp_* reordering.
      Be more clear. Use simple words.
      Upgrade to MIME::Base64 3.00.
      One of the new tests of MIME::Base64 relies on a non-core module.
      It's better to localize *_ than $_, to avoid magic leakage
      Encode has local changes. Up-version it.
      Add and to the maintainer list.
      Document the removal of PERL_XS_APIVERSION and PERL_PM_APIVERSION.
      Add a tool to report dual-lived core modules that don't
      Upgrade to prereleases of Math::BigInt 1.70 and
      Upgrade to Term::ANSIColor 1.08.
      Delete lib/IPC/SysV.t (duplicate of ext/IPC/SysV/t/ipcsysv.t)
      When you write C<my $_ ; for (...) {...}>, the lexical $_
      Increment the version number of B, due to the incompatible
      Document change #22353 in perldelta.
      We're not binary compatible with 5.8.
      Fix bug #26910: hints were not propagated into (?{...})
      Update perl591delta.
      Instead of localising *_, use a dummy foreach loop to get
      Update Changes and AUTHORS.
      Fix a segfault during optree construction. (bug #27024)
      Enhance test cleanliness by a very small factor.
      A couple of notes in perl591delta
      Clarify the difference between utf8::downgrade/upgrade
      Fix [perl #27357] Scalar Win32::GetOSVersion() broken in 5.8.3 update by MJD.
      Change 22436 broke the Windows build.
      A small perluniintro clarification by Jarkko.
      Another makefile portability fix for Win32 by Steve Hay.
      perl591delta.pod update.
      Upgrade to 3.04.
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.16
      Improve the "Prototype mismatch" error message when
      A patch by Richard Foley to reduce the amount of
      Change 22476 left out a similar fix for ExtUtils::MM_Win32
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.17.
      Update perl591delta. Include a small to-do list in it.
      perl591delta nits. Regenerate the tables of contents.
      Revert change #22489, that seems to cause build failures on Windows.
      More small perldelta updates.
      Fix the order of arguments in the usage message of
      Since the signature.t test of CPAN relies on a non-core module,
      More perldelta updates.
      We'll ship 5.9.1 today.
      This is 5.9.1.
      Update Changes.
      Regenerate META.yml
      Update copyright notices
      Update Changes. (again)
      Restore the "DEVEL" locally-applied-patches version tag in blead.
      Add a lchown() call to the POSIX module. [perl #27547]
      Optimize away the assignment in the constructs C<my $s = undef>,
      Bump bleadperl's version number to 5.9.2.
      Try to fix the AIX and Windows builds regarding the
      Add a perl592delta.pod man page.
      Nit in perluniintro about the U0 and C0 templates,
      \x80\xFF is not valid UTF-8.
      Add a new warning "Negative repeat count"
      Silence a gcc warning.
      I must be tired today.
      Update the -v copyright notice.
      Good catch from Dave Mitchell; plus a null pointer protection.
      Fix bug #27940 : \cX escapes weren't working correctly in regular
      [perl #28171] wantarray docs should mention effect of eval { wantarray }
      The optree builder was looping when constructing the ops
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.57.
      Upgrade to Digest 1.06.
      Upgrade to Digest 1.06.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.59.
      find2perl should not default to -print when -eval is specified.
      On Linux-PPC, using gcc, downgrade to the -O1 optimisation
      New file left out of the last commit.
      Upgrade to FileCache 1.04.
      Fix for [perl #28919] : sometimes the function ck_ftst was trying
      Missing copyright in the README.
      Fix for [perl #28963]: find2perl was sometimes generating
      Follow-up to previous patch: the mX?PUSH[inup] macros
      More pod names in the debugger for the runman command
      Make XSLoader update @DynaLoader::dl_shared_objects.
      Add new dUNDERBAR and UNDERBAR macros, to help XS writers to
      David Manura is the new maintainer of Text::Balanced.
      Remove a TODO test that is no longer to do.
      Error message too wide.
      perlrun.pod minor fixes :
      Upgrade to Encode 2.00.
      Tests for change #22842, by SADAHIRO Tomoyuki
      Make the dUNDERBAR/UNDERBAR macros work as advertised.
      Carp was mostly unusable with Safe because it may require
      perlpodspec uses 'nonbreaking' and 'non-breaking'.
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.42
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.10.
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.40
      Remove a spurious \n in a perltie example,
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 0.30.
      Upgrade to Pod::LaTeX 0.57
      Upgrade to 3.05
      Upgrade to Digest 1.08.
      Upgrade to Pod::Perldoc 3.13
      Upgrade to Pod::Parser 1.28
      Remove the "malloc wrappage" tests, due to their unportability
      Make h2ph able to understand a limited set of inline functions.
      Remove a warning against unsafe signals in perlipc.pod,
      More h2ph tweaking for gcc __inline functions
      More h2ph tweaks: recognition of C types
      Reapply change #20983, rolled back by change #22920,
      More h2ph voodoo.
      More forgiving version comparison in perlivp.
      Upgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.30.
      Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.09
      Upgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.31.
      Upgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.32
      Add a regression test for bug #23765 (by Jarkko)
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.17_03
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.18
      Fix the Cwd tests for the core.
      More @INC test fixes
      More caveats in B::Deparse's documentation
      Upgrade to I18N::LangTags 0.33
      Bump version number of Safe for CPAN release
      Maintainer change for Safe
      Update tests and $VERSION for change 23046
      Make Perl_sv_utf8_upgrade_flags tolerate PL_sv_undef
      Tweak to change #23089, as suggested by Tim Bunce
      Grammar fix by Paul Johnson.
      Email change for Steffen Mueller.
      Sort perldiag.
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.20
      Upgrade to File::Spec 0.88.
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt v1.71.
      Remove empty rpath from .so files
      Remove the "Newline in left-justified string" warning.
      Remove compilation warnings about uninitialized variables.
      Add a note in perltodo about a potential extension of readpipe()
      Mark a test that relies on tainting behavior as TODO on Windows.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.61
      Grammatical nit by Hugo.
      Upgrade to MIME::Base64 3.02.
      Upgrade to MIME::Base64 3.03
      Update to File::Spec 0.90
      Upgrade to Cwd 2.21.
      Upgrade to version 0.42.
      Upgrade to Encode 2.02
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.63.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.65.
      Upgrade to MIME::Base64 3.05.
      Document that $ENV{PATH} may not contain relative directories under -T
      Remove a couple of C<> to avoid confusing double quotes in text
      Typo fix.
      Perl -DT segfaults when parsing a 'use' statement
      A fix for [perl #31692] : as PerlIO::scalar accesses directly the
      More caveats on the non-portability of stat(), suggested by
      Increment $overload::VERSION after change #23347
      Make the perl interpreter more tolerant of UTF-16-encoded script
      Briefly document the test.utf16 make target.
      Minor tweaks for the test.utf16 target, by Jarkko
      A few fixes in the list of -D debugging flags
      Fix [perl #31971] local $^D gives noise
      Doc nit to Data::Dumper, suggested by Peter Kay.
      Implement a new -dt command-line flag, to enable threads under the
      Add a missing warning categorisation in perldiag.
      More Data::Dumper docs nits, fix the previous one,
      Upgrade to Encode 2.05
      Ensure that returns a true value.
      Remove opmini.c when cleaning up.
      Upgrade to Encode 2.07
      Upgrade to Encode 2.08.
      Small updates to the web addresses for Perl, noticed by Robert Spier
      Fix [perl #32130] must not pass references to "prototype"
      Reformulate an error
      FAQ sync
      Mostly revert change #23347 (keep the test suite, fixed),
      Adjust test count for non-windows machines
      Fix a couple of typos.
      PerlFAQ sync.
      Fix deparsing of reversed sort and descending sorts,
      Fix deparsing of reversed foreach loops,
      Remaining nit in the deparsing of reversed foreach loops
      Make "err" a weak keyword;
      Fix for bug: [perl #32562] __PACKAGE__ symbol has wrong value
      Freak out if h2ph has to translate a macro that	contains assembly code.
      Upgrade to Test::Simple 0.53
      Remove trailing whitespace that found their way in the docs
      Protection against trailing spaces in embed.fnc
      MANIFEST.SKIP is missing from the list of files that come
      $foo::_ was wrongly forced as $main::_.
      Small addition to perlsec by Stas Bekman.
      Upgrade to Term::ANSIColor 1.09
      Upgrade to Encode 2.09
      Fix test to cope with the previous h2ph change.
      Upgrade to perldoc 3.14
      Pod nit ([perl #32800])
      Test patch for already-solved bug #33003,
      Fix test added in change 23645 with an eval()
      Allow escaping %m as %%m in Sys::Syslog format strings
      Make Sys::Syslog stricture-compliant
      Fix for [perl #32491] h2xs incorrectly parses enums with implicit values
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.25
      Upgrade to Test::Simple 0.54
      A couple of SCO compilation patches
      Pod::Html is not part of the podlators distribution
      Move the definition of the S_procself_val() function before
      The "Setuid script not plain file" error wasn't documented.
      Happy new year
      Silence a compilation warning
      Fix dependencies in ext/B/Makefile.PL
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.46
      Fix spurious warnings emitted by XSLoader via Data::Dumper
      Revert change 23843.
      Integrate change #23880 in original comment
      Add a reference to
      Don't write to $PERLIO_DEBUG when setuid ([perl #33990])
      Avoid a buffer overflow with threads and PERLIO_DEBUG
      Really fix the bug [perl #33990].
      Document the changes to PERLIO_DEBUG.
      Upgrade to Digest 1.10
      Avoid evaluating a strlen twice due the new implementation
      A small precision in the docs for overloaded regexp escapes
      Fix typo in corelist
      Add Module::CoreList in the maintainers list
      Remove mention of sub-packages in the Symbol manpage.
      Patch for CAN-2004-0452 by Jeroen van Wolffelaar.
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.11
      README.cygwin additions by Reini Urban
      Mac OS Classic vs Mac OS X clarications
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.66
      Upgrade to Pod::LaTeX 0.58
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.04
      Missing dependencies in x2p makefile, by Slaven Rezic.
      Integrate encoding::warnings from Autrijus Tang.
      Add corelist to the win32 makefiles
      Install and build corelist on VMS, too
      Porting/manicheck is not happy when I use spaces instead of tabs.
      do "filename" is not really used with perl subroutine librairies
      Add a regression test for bug #32193, and make the
      Update -v copyright notice
      Fix memory corruption when growing pack utf8 buffer
      Further pack optimisations by Ton Hospel
      Upgrade to 3.06
      Patch for Debian bug #258618, compilation under Debian/Hurd
      Add support for Debian GNU/k*BSD
      Doc patch for Devel::DProf (from Debian)
      Remove a spurious undefined warning when using with -w.
      Fix a2p manpage (from Debian)
      8 is not an octal digit. (from Debian)
      Make the return value of close() depend not only on the success of the
      FAQ sync
      Update Changes
      Upgrade to Class::ISA 0.33
      Add standard core test headers to the Class::ISA new tests
      Upgrade to DB_File 1.811, by Paul Marquess
      Change my email, put real name of Pixel
      Indentation patch by Ton Hospel for pp_pack
      gcc warning patch by Andy Lester
      Doc patches to clarify the stringification rules of {} and =>
      Upgrade to Pod::Parser 1.30
      Document pack changes in perldelta
      Upgrade to CGI 3.07.
      Don't use vars in DynaLoader
      Remove trie optimisation from the todo list
      Remove an useless line, spotted by Andy Lester
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt 1.75, by Tels
      perldelta suggestions on (un)?pack by Ton Hospel
      Resubmit change #24053.
      Add in perldelta changes about unpack A and trailing whitespace, trie
      minitest fix
      Rename ${^RE_TRIE_MAXBUFF} to ${^RE_TRIE_MAXBUF},
      Fix unresolved POD link
      Revert change #24055, which was producing a segfault in installman
      Upgrade to File::Temp 0.16
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.05
      Forbid the -C option on the command-line
      Remove IPC::Run for 5.9.2
      Some updates in the new perldelta.
      Remove the const qualifier from argv and env variables
      Remove an XXX note from the public doc.
      Raw work on perl592delta.
      Don't #ifdef out a return statement
      Fix Peek.t to work with and without DEBUG_LEAKING_SCALARS
      Downconst external APIs
      Minor POD nits.
      Update copyrights.
      AUTHORS update
      More work on perldelta
      Add a tool to generate data for Module::CoreList
      OS typo.
      Known problems, reported by Merijn
      More known problems.
      Upgrade to Module::CoreList 1.99
      Update copyrights.
      This is 5.9.2. Mostly.
      Update Changes
      Mention the current MinGW compilation problems
      Add a note about installhtml
      FAQ sync.
      POD fixes.
      Regenerate perltoc and perlmodlib
      Update Changes
      Add encoding::warnings to and rebuild META.yml for release
      Bump version to 5.9.3
      That's C, not perl.
      Adaptations to the Makefile.PL of Math::BigInt/FastCalc, for core-ification
      Add Math::BigInt::FastCalc in maintainer list
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 0.32
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.27,
      Mention that select() returns -1 on error,
      Add perl593delta.pod
      Fix [perl #34892] Segfault on &DB::sub declared but not defined
      Module::CoreList: Data from Sebastien Aperghis-Tramoni for perl
      POD typo.
      Make Win32 build (and clean) I18::Langinfo and Math::BigInt::FastCalc
      Make the four-argument form of select() return undef
      Upgrade to Encode 2.0902
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.28
      Update the outdated info in "Minimizing the Perl installation"
      Simplify PERL_DEBUG_PAD_ZERO so it continues to expand to
      -A wasn't listed in the --help output
      There's no point listing '-f' in --help output
      Patch by Yves Orton to accept several options on the corelist(1)
      Add %patchlevel hash to Module::CoreList
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.48
      Add files missing in 24314
      Fix typo, noticed by Randal Schwartz
      Upgrade to 3.08
      A couple of warning fixes by Gisle
      Remove confusing punctuation
      Fix [perl #35162] $SIG{__DIE__} = 'IGNORE' is is illegal
      Re: [perl #31793] Data::Dumper: Useqq interacts badly with overloading
      For perls where pids and ppids are cached, when the ppid of
      Clarify the definition of the 'w' pack format, as suggested by
      Convert to
      Fix for [perl #34252] Access rights in FindBin::Bin
      Convert to
      mkdir without arguments now defaults to $_
      Error in the latest FindBin patch, noticed by Nicholas
      Fix getting prototype of builtins mkdir and setpgrp.
      Sync synopses
      Fix test numerotation
      Document the unportability of atan2() edge cases
      Upgrade to Test::Simple 0.60
      Missing files in Test::Simple
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.07
      Tweak the insertion of __attribute__((nonnull())) declarations
      Revert to Andy's first solution for nonnull attributes;
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.50
      Fix typo (bug #35368)
      Add editor boilerplates to all C files
      Regenerate reentr.[ch]
      "make regen" should run
      Include vim/emacs modelines in generated files to open them
      Rework documentation of split(//,...)
      SvUPGRADE doesn't return false.
      Silence DEBUGGING compilation warnings
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.68
      $! might contain "unknown" if strerror(3) says so
      This seems to be the right thing to do to iterate over layers
      Clarify definition of octal literals
      Adjust VMS test count
      Fix the new exit() tests, by Gisle Aas :
      Gisle noted an unused variable
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.29
      Update MANIFEST
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt 1.77
      Update to MakeMaker 6.30
      Compilation fix
      Really fix change 24527
      Fix [perl #35929] : PerlIO::scalar didn't understand $/ = ""
      Declaration nit spotted by Jarkko
      Attribute compilation fix for Windows by Andy Lester
      Make distclean should remove the leftover test files of ExtUtils::ParseXS
      The tokenizer should expect an operator after qw().
      ext/B/t/deparse.t was failing with t/TEST but not with t/harness
      Documentation nit on @-, found by Guillaume Rousse
      Remove Perl_ck_* functions from public API
      Minor grammar fix by Uri Guttman
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.08
      Upgrade to Module::CoreList 2.02
      Remove duplicated line
      Don't touch lib/ExtUtils/ when rebuild identically
      Revert change #24656
      Fix changed diagnostic
      CPP typo fix (by Dominic Dunlop)
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.12 and ExtUtils::ParseXS 2.10
      FAQ sync
      Indent fix
      POD fixes
      Bump version number
      Simplify the getppid code, by Alexey Tourbin
      Silence a const warning
      New test for getppid(), by Alexey Tourbin
      Fix apidoc for newSVhek
      Remove unneeded #ifdef VMS since VMS is not defined here anyway
      Remove unused variable (thanks to Andy's lint)
      The definition of SvPVx_nolen_const is missing for non GNU-C compilers
      Mark a static function as static
      Revert part of previous patch
      Drom Compress::Zlib 1.34 in ext/
      SvUPGRADE returns void in blead
      Makefile.PL adjustments for the core
      Bump version number
      Update maintainers list
      Update Windows makefiles
      Pre-run and disarm the code automodification run by
      Help "make distclean"
      Make SvUPGRADE always have the value '1'
      Remove MANIFEST for Compress::Zlib
      Make some variables global, to avoid some "will not stay
      Comment nit to help Devel::Cover, spotted by Steve Peters
      Since the version module is use'd afterwards, use_ok needs to be
      Add IO::Zlib 1.04 to bleadperl
      Add IO::Zlib in maintainers list
      Document ${^UTF8LOCALE}
      Add core test preamble
      Fix warning nits, by Jarkko
      Better phrasing
      Introduce PERL_RUNPERL_DEBUG to alter the behavior of runperl(),
      Revert part of change #24854
      Add -f in perl synopsys, sync perl.pod and perlrun.pod synopses
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.09
      Missing aTHX_ (noticed by Jim Cromie)
      Add new internal error message to perldiag
      Missed a chunk in previous commit
      Hugo suggests this.
      Remove the deprecated $# variable
      Remove signature test, which is always skipped
      perl -v was outputting a double v (spotted by Jarkko)
      Same fix, for the test, now.
      Fix [perl #36102] Data::Dumper Doesn't Stringify Numeric Labels
      Add Archive::Tar 1.24, except ptar for now
      Cleanup after this test
      Add the ptar(1) utility from Archive::Tar
      POD nits
      Add pod, so ptar has a manpage
      Trim trailing spaces
      Add Archive::Tar to the maintainers list
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.49_02
      Define d_nv_zero_is_allbits_zero for symbian
      Add handling of NV_ZERO_IS_ALLBITS_ZERO for Netware and epoc
      Remove binary files, add a pseudo-test in Archive::Tar to generate them
      Remove test that relies on Test::POD
      Add a pseudo-test to clean up data files for Archive::Tar tests
      This dummy test didn't pass
      Fix Archive::Tar test when perl is built with -Dmksymlinks
      Warning suppression.
      Remove cargo-culted binmode.
      Upgrade to Unicode::Collate 0.51
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.69
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.70
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.52
      Upgrade to Filter::Simple 0.82
      Fix tests of Filter::Simple 0.82 in the core
      Oops (fix previous fix).
      Fix installation of ptar(1) manpage.
      Don't install demo files with perl
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.71
      B::Deparse was chocking on variable names with colons (like foo::::bar)
      Remove old variable needed for binary compatibility
      Add TODO tests for bug #36434
      Install perlglossary on VMS and Windows
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.72
      Re: [PATCH] RE: blead: no longer supports %vd format
      Overhaul the semantics of the warning
      Silence new (expected) warnings
      Fix strict test to go with the precedent warning change
      Extend the the "our variable redeclared" warning to the case:
      Remove :unique attribute from,
      croak() accepts Nullch as a parameter.
      Remove obsolete error messages
      Remove :base_io from the set of default "safe" opcodes.
      Increment the version number of
      Sync change 25229 to .h source files
      Clarification to the syntax of loop modifiers
      Update Changes
      Remove the documentation for $#, which has been removed
      Another typo fix
      Various patches by John E. Malmberg to fix data
      Various patches by John E. Malmberg to fix data
      More typo fixes (damn generated pod files)
      Document where to find maintainers of dual live modules
      VMS debugging help, by John E. Malmberg
      "thread failed to start" is a severe warning, not a fatal error
      Upgrade to Encode 2.11, plus a patch to PerlIO::encoding
      Clarify docs
      Add files missed in change 25271
      Fix for [perl #36853] -Dx can crash bleadperl
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.73
      FAQ sync
      Upgrade to Archive::Tar 1.26
      Fix typo in file name
      Don't install ptar in module tree
      Argh. I've overwritten local changes to ptar with change 25312
      Upgrade to Term::ANSIColor 1.10
      My system produces core.$$ files
      Unmatched parentheses (thanks to Steve Peters)
      Fix miniperl build with threaded perl
      Don't mention redundant usethreads in -V output
      Fix failure in Archive::Tar tests when perl is built
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.10
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.11
      Clarify the cases where system() returns 1,
      Fix for [perl #37036] perl segfault at 'compile'-time
      Document that Sys::Syslog::openlog might die.
      Remove no 6 from the todo list
      Add the "no 6" / "no v6" syntax.
      Don't list test modules when listing cpan versions
      Oops, fix threaded build
      Regression test for the fix in change #25308,
      Once again, fix Archive::Tar setup test with -Dmksymlinks
      Really fix the Archive::Tar setup test.
      Upgrade to IO 1.22 from gbarr
      Revert Makefile.PL change from #25355
      Upgrade to Compress::Zlib 1.38
      The formatting function of Carp::Heavy has problem with utf8 strings.
      Minor comment fix
      The debugger wasn't tracing correctly execution in eval("")'ed
      Change 25409 wasn't necessary for threaded perls
      Upgrade to 0.48
      Fix obsolete identifiers in comment
      Revert change #24223 : select() will continue
      Upgrade to Compress::Zlib 1.39
      Yitzchak says that Tim says that we can distribute
      Integrate changes from Text::Tabs and Text::Wrap on CPAN
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.74
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::ParseXS 2.12
      PodParser is now Pod-Parser on CPAN
      Upgrade to Pod::Parser 1.33
      A few POD fixes
      Add an option --ignore to installhtml
      SAPER is the new maintainer of XSLoader
      Add Porting/ by Jarkko
      Upgrade to Compress::Zlib 1.40
      CORE::require was always parsed as require().
      Document the new meaning of OPf_SPECIAL on OP_REQUIRE
      Make B::Deparse handle correctly CORE::require
      Fix change 25597 for non-Windows platforms
      Upgrade to Test::Simple 0.61
      Test for OPpCONST_NOVER only on OP_CONST ops.
      Addition to change 25612
      Micro-optimisation: use PL_globalstash instead of looking up
      Fix the overriding of CORE::do, just like change 25599
      OPpRUNTIME can be set on OP_QR too
      Fix by Rick Delaney for [perl #3269] no warnings "bareword" turns off
      Clarify what -MFoo=number does on the command-line
      POD nit by Yitzchak
      Comment nit by Vadim Konovalov
      Upgrade to XSLoader 0.05, plus a few doc nits,
      Spaces to tabs
      Yitzchak points out that this function argument is NULLOK
      Upgrade to Compress::Zlib 2.000_05
      Add test preambles to Compress::Zlib.
      Compress::Zlib's Makefile.PL shouldn't create .bak files when building the core
      Remove the getprotobynumber test, for portability concerns
      Don't install pods via MakeMaker for C::Zlib,
      Move under t/
      Update with new files from C::Zlib
      Be nice with subversion hidden directories
      Don't use a regexp in DB::sub().
      Upgrade to DB_File 1.1812, by Paul Marquess
      Comment fix
      Update to the config boilerplates, by Jarkko
      Document that -F doesn't accept whitespace in patterns.
      The new REQUIRE token introduced by change 25599 must be
      Better cleanup of directories created by C::Zlib
      If /dev/null is not readable, perl -e fails with
      Doc/style fixes pointed out by Gisle
      Fix tokenizer debugging trace for file tests
      Force _ to be always a bareword after filetest operators
      Add notes about -f _ and defined %foo:: in perldelta
      Forgotten chunk by jhi
      Fix doc typo, by Gisle Aas
      Remove last remaining reference to vax11c
      Rewording of doc change #25812
      Fix path in code example
      remove mv-if-diff
      Remove remaining references to mv-if-diff
      Rediff the Makefile.SH patch for cross-compilation.
      t/TEST should require Time::HiRes only when it uses it.
      FAQ sync.
      Robin Houston remarks that mention of a context is missing from the
      Regenerate perlapi.pod
      is_utf8_string_loc() is now a macro, don't use its Perl_-prefixed form
      Tests for index/rindex with empty search string,
      Fix [perl #37533] open pragma ignored for all 3-arg opens
      Avoid corruption when calling mg_get to retrieve the value
      Regen headers
      Add missing file from change 25953
      Adjust test count
      Remove last sort test, that was failing with and without threads.
      Fix test failures introduced by the change of flags on op_sort
      Revert patch #25993.
      Remove the obsolete KNOWN PROBLEMS sections from perlcall.pod
      Remove's META.yml.
      Upgrade to CPAN 1.76_65
      Don't declare a function inside another function
      Add tests for two untested syntax error messages about \N
      Really apply change #26071.
      Define PERL_DEFAULT_DO_EXEC3_IMPLEMENTATION earlier in perl.h
      Patch by Ilya Zakharevich to give more meaningful error
      Suppress gcc warnings when ignoring the return value of io_close(),
      Fix indentation of apidoc for sv_2pvutf8
      Don't warn about lack of docs for functions that appear twice in embed.fnc.
      A better fix for [perl #35847] File::Find not performing as documented,
      The warning "Field too wide in 'u' format in pack" was emitted even
      It's clearer to use "morphing" than "polymorphing" when
      Tabs are still required in the MANIFEST
      Declarations must come first, or some compilers aren't happy.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.83
      Revert change #26185, which could have some unwanted side-effects.
      Use the system's free to dealloc a PV allocated by the system
      Notes in perlstyle about POD formatting, by Sébastien
      Delete a README made redundant by change 26200.
      Upgrade to Getopt::Long 2.34_04
      Don't let MakeMaker install doc for MIME::Base64
      FAQ sync.
      Typo fix, by Olivier Blin
      Revert change #22520 (optimise away my $foo = undef and similar
      Fix B::Concise tests after change #26226
      Jan Dubois notices that is to be found in sitelib,
      Revert change #26110 (already reverted in maintperl by change 26182)
      Missing #ifdef, noticed by Jan Dubois
      Always define PL_memory_wrap, and use it for the new sprintf checks
      Replace ^M by a space in test for bug #37716, to make
      Missing chunk in change #26247.
      "Malformed UTF-8 character" was a severe warning, and can now be
      Remove space
      Check in those files as text, not binary
      Don't build manpages for Encode and Unicode::Normalize
      Robin Houston points out a better way to replace
      Fix realclean target for Sys::Syslog
      Some cleanups by Jarkko (and one by myself) to
      More general fix for bug [perl #37915]
      Don't autovivify stashes as soon as the lexer sees them.
      Fix for [perl #37886] strict 'refs' doesn't apply inside defined
      Missing file from last change deserves a new version number
      Attempt at making IO::Handle backwards compatible again
      A note on say() and ORS grabbed from Damian's Perl6::Say.
      Fix typo.
      Fix internal broken link ; reindent code examples
      Use PTR2IV instead of casting directly
      POD nits on B::Lint
      Fix typos in regular expressions
      Remove some hardcoded references to ./perl in tests
      Fix for [perl #37999] lc() + Latin-1 chars is failing erratically
      Remove switch from perltodo
      Regenerate perlapi.pod.
      Regenerate Changes
      Compilation help for EBCDIC platforms, from Jarkko,
      Clarify example of .. in perlop
      Fix build of Compress::Zlib on MVS (by Paul Marquess)
      Fix test for perl version number in Makefile.PL
      Skip my_cxt_init if PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT isn't defined
      Update perltodo. First shot at perl593delta.
      Update copyrights for files modified in 2006
      Since we no longer autovivify stashes (change #26370), we need
      Sync perlfaq.
      Update perldelta, up to change 25344 more or less.
      Fix some compilation warnings
      More copyright updates
      Remove old Pod::Man parser creation.
      Install less README files
      Update Changes
      Let table of contents know about perllinux man page
      Really commit change 26662 (duh)
      Regenerate PODs
      Upgrade to 1.83
      Add shasum (from Digest::SHA) to utils.lst
      Install shasum on Windows and VMS too
      Revert change 26749
      Upgrade to Sys::Syslog 0.12
      Add Digest::SHA to the Win32 makefiles
      Remove Syslog tests that use external modules
      Make description of new warning introduced in change 26780 more precise
      Typo fix.
      Test comment fix by Dominic Dunlop
      FAQ sync.
      Don't warn when localizing $[
      Make h2ph recognize (and skip) const and __const__ in C function
      Add a link to the Opcode doc in Safe.
      Better wording for change 26796. Plus, make podchecker happy.
      Fix internal links in POD.
      More perldelta work
      Adapt test.valgrind make target to recent valgrinds (3.x)
      Perldelta nits by Jim Cromie
      Add new directories from C::Zlib to make clean
      Upgrade to Encode 2.14
      defined %foo::bar:: wasn't working like it used to do in evals
      Make the description of $^M in perlvar a bit more clear
      The current OP that is tested in doeval() can be a require(), an
      Regression test for change #26881
      Gisle points out that it's ok to ignore the return value of newSVrv.
      Explain better how that test count works.
      Un-const magic virtual tables; this consting breaks the nasty
      Missing chunk in change #26926
      Now that change #26410 is reverted, mark as TODO the tests added
      More work on perldelta
      Fix a regression on suidperl : the error message "No #! line" was is dual-lived
      More work on perldelta
      miniperl isn't enough anymore to run pod2man.
      Revert change 24461, now that change 26757 allows TEST
      Some spelling fixes by David Landgren.
      Regenerate PODs
      Install nit : README.e2x should be installed, the other READMEs shouldn't
      Install the ptardiff utility that comes with Archive::Tar
      Don't install ptardiff in the module tree
      Mention ptardiff in perldelta.
      Remove patch number
      Regenerate Changes; remove ^M chars in Changes
      Regenerate META.yml
      Oops. Forgot to add this file.
      Add perl 5.9.3 in release list
      Update Changes
      Email change for Steven Schubiger
      Bump version number to 5.9.4
      Add perl594delta
      Update to Module::CoreList 2.03 (includes 5.8.8 and 5.9.3)
      More history
      Fix corelist data for 5.8.8
      Avoid "Prototype mismatch" warnings with autouse.
      autouse actually requires perl 5.6 at least.
      Doc nit by Andy Dougherty
      Improve a bit the documentation for kill() with SIGNAL==0
      Update to Module::CoreList 3.04.
      Fix file where internal XS functions are defined
      Wave hands about encoding::warnings
      Skip new chdir warning test if fchdir is not available
      Really regenerate headers
      Remove a my_perl that slipped in
      Fix to run this test in the core
      Pod::Plainer is tested, actually (spotted by chromatic)
      CPAN::FirstTime can go as well from the untested module list
      Remove lib/Hash directory when doing make distclean
      In TODO: make lexical ?
      As Anno Siegel points out, mtime/ctime test should be skipped
      Yitzchak points out that the perldiag entry for "Integer overflow in
      More NullXXX macro removal from Andy Lester
      Add a test for study() on tied scalars, by Andy Lester after
      Mark some new study tests as TODO
      Skip unportable test on VMS
      Fix argument grouping for some macros
      ptr_table_find() is only defined with ithreads
      Upgrade to CPAN 1.87
      Don't put strings with embedded NULs in the environment.
      Add and remove files forgotten in change #27384
      Upgrade to Archive::Tar 1.29
      Add all new utilities in the perlutil man page.
      FAQ sync. (FAQ now moved to svn)
      Make report on bad filenames easier to read
      $[ = 2 should not warn.
      This looks like a memory leak.
      "make distclean" adjustments for the new Compress modules
      "make distclean" fix noticed by Steve Hay
      Load .pmc always, even if they are older than a matching .pm file.
      Forgot the ending \. Why did it still compile ?
      threads and threads::shared are now dual-lived modules
      Make usage of :unique emit a deprecation warning.
      Deprecate :unique even with threads
      Make the threads tests silent with regard to the new :unique deprecation warning
      Add a couple of regression tests for the untested
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.17
      Revert part of change 27546 related to a /dev/null bug
      Further adjustement to change #27576 by Jan Dubois
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.12
      Get version numbers in line with what's in the CPAN
      Merge changes from CPAN's EU:MM 6.30_01.
      No reason to ship MakeMaker's META.yml
      When MAN3PODS is forced to {} in a Makefile.PL, manpages should not be
      Bump version number of ExtUtils::MM_Win32
      Test for fileno definedness instead of truth
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.12_01
      Document new magic types in perlguts. Fix a comment about sort hints.
      Updated version of the grumpy comment deleted by change #27649,
      Take splint into account for PERL_UNUSED_ARG (patch by Jarkko)
      Fix syntax error in io_pipe test
      FEATURE_IS_ENABLED takes only one parameter now, so reflect that in
      There should be only one META.yml file
      Assigning undef to an entry in %ENV shouldn't produce warnings, even
      Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 27728 FAIL(F) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP2 (x86/2 cpu)
      Addition to README.riscos suggested by Nicholas
      When checking whether perl is built with -g in optimisation
      Replace some Copy() by Move() calls, because valgrind reports
      There's a macro to get ${^RE_DEBUG_FLAGS} when debugging,
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.57_05
      New test for the "Assignment to both a list and a scalar" error,
      Add new tests for bug #32840 provided by David Landgren,
      Add test boilerplate and use instead of Test::More
      Add regression test for bug #38475
      Fix typo in function call
      Typo fix in perlretut by Simon Taylor
      Add a BUGS section to, see bug #38790
      Introduce a new keyword, state, for state variables.
      Add "state" feature
      New test case for state variables with ties, suggested by Nicholas
      Ensure that C<(state $x) = $y> is not a state assignment
      Another test for state variables and closures,
      Resubmit change #28095
      Upgrade to Encode 2.16
      Implement state array and state hashes. Initialisation assignment
      Fix a logic error in conditional found by Coverity
      Fix another Coverity problem by adding an assert that says that
      POD fixes
      Deparse state variables.
      Upgrade to Tie::RefHash 1.34, by Yuval Kogman
      Parenthesize uses of macro arguments
      Add a new macro SvVSTRING_mg that returns vstring magic, if any.
      Oops, missed a SvVOK.
      Adjust calling of Perl_va_copy(), noticed by Jarkko
      Nits in the DynaLoader test: make it warning-clean,
      We can now remove DynaLoader from 1_compile.t
      Adjust test following change #28225
      Fix two nits in perlpragma.pod
      More nits in perlpragma, and remove the warning about %^H being
      Upgrade to 0.60
      Amend so it correctly loads the XS version of qv()
      Fix a syntax error in test
      Typo fix
      Fix segfault in SDBM_File when the destructor is called multiple times
      Regen headers following change 28325. Also, make it compile
      Silence a warning
      Revert change 28322, which makes ithreads panic
      Add missing file to MANIFEST
      Remove duplicate file in manifest
      Add a few more built-in types in perlfunc/ref()
      Add the perlunitut manpage, by Juerd Waalboer
      The smart match table was duplicated in source code and in perlsyn,
      Use POSIX::_exit instead of exit in IPC::Open when exiting after an
      Upgrade to Encode 2.18
      Upgrade to Module::CoreList 2.05
      Make "use feature 'dor'" an alias for "use feature 'err'"
      Add a regression test to ensure that charnames pragma
      Add the perlreguts manpage, by Yves Orton
      Mark the 1st argument to S_exec_failed as non null
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.62
      Adapt the new Test::Harness test to the core
      I thought I had fixed the spelling of DOES() in universal.t, but
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 1.01
      Change 28404 broke the construct s/foo/<<BAR/e. So, try to be more
      Upgrade to Sys::Syslog 0.16
      perltodo additions by Vadim Konovalov
      Nits to perlreguts.pod by Dominic Dunlop
      Compilation fixes for VMS by John E. Malmberg
      Nits about lock() in perlthrtut by Daniel Frederick Crisman,
      More perlreguts nits by Dominic Dunlop,
      Remove notes about removed 5005-threads from perlguts.
      Adjust test preambles for Hash::Util::FieldHash tests to change
      Adjust test preamble for Hash::Util tests too.
      Nits in the perlpragma manpage
      Some CPP macro sanitization by Sadahiro Tomoyuki
      Typo fix.
      Another typo fix.
      Small adjustment to the Plan
      Fix a couple of compilation warnings
      PERL_UNUSED_CONTEXT is not enough to silence warnings when pTHXx
      Fix casting warnings related to snprintf/vsnprintf
      Must not forget that.
      Make the distclean target remove lib/Hash correctly
      Don't add extra warning flags for gcc versions < 3.
      Add a TODO test for list assignment to a list of state variables.
      Adjust test count after introducing new constants in POSIX
      Fix a bug on setting OPpASSIGN_COMMON on a AASSIGN op when the left
      Implement handling of state variables in list assignment
      Mention state variables in perldiag. Add switch-related keywords
      Document state() variables in perlsub
      Add a new warning, "State variable %s will be reinitialized"
      Error in the formulation of the new warning, spotted by Dominic Dunlop
      The state() implementation is not yet perfect. Check in a new todo test
      Fix the implementation of list assignment to state().
      Pod cleanup in
      Fix a signed/unsigned warning
      More perlhack portability additions by Jarkko
      Typo found by Craig Berry
      POD fixes in perlhack
      Update Changes
      Adjust test count in threads test
      Revert bogus fix for bug #27940, which wasn't really a bug,
      A few rough notes for the next perldelta
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.19
      Additions and removals in perltodo
      Integration of strlcat is to-done (noticed by Yves)
      I prefer array indexes that start from 0 in beginner docs
      Cleanup and conversion to t/
      Nits to the perlintro safety net (by Gabor Szabo and Merijn)
      Additions to perlhack based on a patch by Gabor Szabo
      Not everybody has env
      Check for taintedness of PERL5SHELL on Windows
      Remove the C89 checking with gcc
      Band-aid for segfault in ext/threads/t/blocks.t on SMP machines
      Upgrade to threads 1.37, by Jerry D. Hedden
      In pp_entersub, accept to handle a CV with a NULL padlist.
      More tweaks to threads 1.37, by Jerry D. Hedden
      Add another volatile modifier to protect against longjmp clobbering
      Revert part of last change, that was causing utf8 test failures
      Revert change 28603: this was a wrong fix, that didn't prevent
      Add a few links to standard modules in perlfunc, by Gabor Szabo.
      Some notes in perl594delta.
      Patch by Marius Feraru <> to handle dotted perl versions
      Bump version of Module::CoreList
      Cross-compilation makefile fails to copy
      Regenerate files after previous change
      Restore modification in warnings.h from change 28662 by backporting it
      Try to reinstate the fix of change #28638 by patching and
      We shouldn't try to decrement the refcount of PL_warnhook
      Simplification in Perl_magic_clearsig, plus a fix similar and
      Several fixes in Porting/
      Really submit previous change
      More fixes in the Module::Corelist data generation process
      Fix data for 5.9.2, 5.9.3, 5.8.7 and 5.8.8
      Add OS-specific modules in Module::Corelist generation script
      Add OS-specific core modules in Module::CoreList for 5.8.[78] and 5.9.[23]
      Upgrade to 0.67
      lstat on *GLOB{IO} with warnings on would segfault
      Some updates to the cross-compilation config script
      Update Changes
      More perldelta notes. Also, I did forget things
      Fix a couple URLs in perlhack
      More perldelta entries
      Fix URL of perlbug database
      Make the NAME section of Package::Constants more conformant to
      More perldelta nits.
      Typo fix in perldiag
      More perldelta entries; plus, credits.
      New authors
      Regenerate metafile
      perldelta entry describing regexp work, by Yves Orton
      Typo fix in the documentation of source filters in @INC
      More perldelta entries and fixes
      Spelling fixes, thanks to Nicholas and to Ronald Kimball
      More perldelta nits found by my reviewers
      Revert change 28319, which may cause segfaults with threaded perls
      Remove some of the known problems documented in perldelta, which were
      POD formatting nit
      Regenerate perlmodlib and perltoc
      Actually, Richard Clamp doesn't maintain Module::CoreList anymore.
      5.9.4 is today.
      Update Module::CoreList data with 5.9.4
      Update Changes
      A type change that apparently works around a compiler bug
      Phrasing nit in perlxstut (by Ville Koskinen)
      perlthrtut update, by Jerry D. Hedden.
      Amendment to change #28739
      Following Jarkko's advice, it seems that ODBM_File cannot be
      Put a plan in the last added test
      Regression test for attributes 'reserved' warning,
      More conditional defines of EXTERN_C, by Jarkko
      Revert bogus change 28763.
      Remove dead code from
      Documentation nit, found by Dr Ruud.
      Upgrade to Sys::Syslog 0.18
      Fix a few warnings
      Remove JPL
      Remove perlcc and the byteloader
      Revert accidental file deletion
      Add Exporter in the dual-lived module list
      Invalidate ISA and method caches when calling a safe compartment
      Fix for [perl #40267] PerlIO::scalar doesn't respect readonly-ness
      Bump version of PerlIO::scalar
      Typo fix in #ifdef
      Remove empty typemap file
      Use %^H instead of $^H for the assertions pragma
      Fix some compilation warnings
      Fix definition of macro HOP3 (spotted by a gcc warning)
      Fix a few more printf format warnings
      FAQ sync
      POD fixes in perlce manpage
      Another warning-silencing cast
      More warnings silencing, including suggestions by Dominic Dunlop
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.30_04
      Upgrade to CPAN 1.87_63
      MakeMaker is being split in new sub-distributions on CPAN
      Fix for bug #37714: XSUB.h version check may fail due to locale
      No declarations after statements ! (noticed by Sadahiro Tomoyuki)
      A better version of change #28847
      Upgrade to podlators 2.0.5
      prototype() wasn't working to get the prototype of optional core
      Deliver SIGILL, SIGBUS and SIGSEGV always in an "unsafe" manner.
      Document the values that mad_key can hold
      Typo fix in overload docs
      Remove three X<...> that cannot be handled by pod2text currently
      Saddest patch I ever had to apply.
      Regenerate proto.h
      Un-TODO some B tests
      Text::Soundex is now dual-lived.
      Change md5sum of MD5.xs after change 28936 (on UNIX, might
      Upgrade to Module::CoreList 2.09:
      Fix a couple of casting warnings
      Nit in regcomp, discovered by a gcc warning, fixed by Yves
      Clarifications on the usage of setlocale() and LC_NUMERIC to
      Revert change 28962 (at least until a better solution is found)
      Bump version to 5.9.5
      Add perl595delta
      Update perldelta for recent regexp changes, based on a text by Yves Orton.
      Address update for Jerry D. Hedden
      Adjust test count for ExtUtils::Command
      Missing % in format string
      Update comment (by Yves Orton), plus POD fixes
      Fix aliasing to an non-existent element of %+
      Fix nit in possessive quantifier descriptions.
      Don't bother checking for bad characters in prototypes if we're not
      The "Unrecognized escape" warning can now be emitted in category
      Less brace nesting.
      First attempt at implementing the _ prototype
      FAQ sync
      Improvements and fixes to the _ prototype
      The _ character is only allowed to be at the end of prototypes
      Fix prototype to mimic built-in in perlsub examples
      Document _ prototype in perlsub
      Test for the interaction between ; and _ in prototypes
      Functions with a (_) prototype should behave as unary operators
      Add a regression test for change #29041
      Make prototype("CORE::foo") return prototypes with _ when it should
      Remove free() part of change #29045, which causes
      Make all JAPH tests pass
      Allow the _ prototype character to be followed by optional arguments
      Adjust documentation for previous change
      Memory leak fix, by Jarkko
      Make prototype("CORE::mkdir") work. That's a special case,
      Trim perltodo.
      Silence some warnings
      More leak fixes, by Jarkko
      Let's undocument -Dusesfio in INSTALL.
      regen headers
      Enable perlio mutexes under threads (by Jarkko)
      Adjustment to symbol lists after latest changes (by Jarkko)
      Make the overrides of built-ins in the bytes pragma use the new prototype _.
      Protection against overwriting defsubs.h via a symlink
      Some notes about the recent changes in perldelta
      Update Changes
      Document that the %#X printf format prefixes the output with 0X, not 0x.
      No warning was produced if perl failed to load PerlIO::scalar
      Silence an expected warning (when playing with utf8ness and string overloading)
      Document that doesn't load Carp anymore
      Fix nit in previous patch, spotted by Gisle
      I'll finally get it right. (thanks to Sadahiro Tomoyuki)
      Plug a memory leak in newCONSTSUB
      Fix small leak with -F at interpreter destruction
      Add Term::UI and Object::Accessor to the list of dual-life modules
      Document the new (?FAIL) assertion (Yves Orton)
      Document the limitation of Attribute::Handlers w.r.t. UNITCHECK blocks.
      In vim, modelines are not taken into account if they begin on the
      Delete Encode's MANIFEST (or else the make process complains
      Silence a g++ warning reported by Jarkko.
      Update perldelta with changes up to 28867
      Mention that field hashes are for inside-out objects
      Remove duplicated entries
      Make readpipe() overridable (and also `` and qx//)
      Make S_readpipe_override() compile with threads; regenerate perlapi.pod
      Silence a warning and call readpipe_override() correctly.
      threads::shared doesn't use ppport.h in the core
      Doc clarification for PerlIO::encoding
      Fix a case of segfault in ithread destruction
      Some diagnostic output was giving warnings in op/pack.t
      Don't run ext/Sys/Syslog/t/constants.t with taint mode, so it's
      Regression test by Yves Orton for : [perl #36046] Special var @-
      More heuristics to make warnings.t pass under different
      More regression tests for the _ prototype
      Silence a gcc warning
      This volatile modifier is not on the referent, but on the pointer
      say() has the same syntax than print(), so forbid to override it
      Fix case in external pod link
      When code is loaded through an @INC-hook, and when this hook
      The assignment to $VERSION must be on its own line, for
      Silence a cast warning
      Change to generate reentr.h accordingly to change 29209
      Upgrade to Test::Simple 0.64_03
      Sync Pod::Usage with the CPAN version
      Forbid using tainted formats in printf and sprintf
      More notes in perldelta
      Use $HOME/localperl as default prefix for installing perl
      Regenerate Changes; update perldelta
      Type change to avoid signed/unsigned compiler warnings
      Change the documentation of the return values of @INC-hooks to match
      Silence warnings in Pod::Man
      Reinstate warning 'Useless use of "re" pragma'
      POD fixes and nits in
      Casting nit
      Parsing fix: it wasn't possible to call a function with a (_) prototype
      The latest regression test to Scalar::Util doesn't pass with threaded perls
      Fix a bug in the debugger tracing variables when one was eval'ing
      Todo (nice to have): an improvement to ~~
      Assert that we don't access strings saved for $1 etc. out of bounds
      Fix bug #39037: rcatline doesn't stringify references
      A first regression test for the debugger, by Shlomi Fish
      Move the test files for the debugger in a t/ subdirectory, so they
      Tweaks to the debugger test by Richard Foley,
      Fix a signedness cast warning
      FAQ sync
      Clarifications to close() docs, pointed out by Peter Dintelmann
      Remove duplicate declaration
      Doc nits to
      Update Text::Tabs and Text::Wrap to version 2006.1117
      Un-TODO tests for bug #32840, plus some new tests,
      Extend the test-reonly make target on windows (Yves Orton)
      Fix precedence problem
      Make undef $SIG{FOO} ignore the signal FOO
      Actually, undef $SIG{FOO} should restore the default signal
      Unify the two warnings "Can't declare %s in %s", in line with what's
      Remove the test counter checker at the end of t/op/pat.t : it
      Remove description of WHOA THERE messages for recommended hint values,
      Remove warnings against WHOA THERE warnings from the hints files.
      Invalidate the method lookup cache when assigning to a glob
      Regenerate Changes, add nits in perldelta
      Remove review from perltodo
      Sync Text::Balanced with the CPAN version (1.99.1)
      - Restore two Text::Balanced tests, more comprehensive in bleadperl than
      Remove tests for POD or POD coverage -- they're always skipped.
      Fix a number of documentation issues in (code examples
      More doc nits on Switch, and bump version to 2.11 for upcoming CPAN release.
      Don't AUTOLOAD DESTROY from Attribute::Handlers.
      More safety in free()s
      Fix for bug #38631: tied variables don't work with .= <>
      Un-TODO one test in pat.t ($1 kept safe after a /g match)
      Revert change #29098 (that introduced a new warning,
      Add missing file to MANIFEST
      Typo fix (by Dominic Dunlop)
      Add IPC::Cmd to the core
      Add Module::Pluggable
      Remove DOS line endings
      Patch by Derek Price to Time::Piece for CPAN bug #21255:
      Fix Time-HiRes linker error on Win32 introduced by upgrades
      Verify that the debugger has an array where to store lines before
      Remove unused variable
      Re: install misses Compress/IO/{Base,Zlib}
      Split Perl_pregcomp in two functions. Patch by Audrey Tang,
      Actually submit previous change.
      The new regexp compilation function must be added to the engine structure.
      Better version of last patch, by Yves Orton.
      save_I8 is not a mathom.
      perlhack.pod nit by Jarkko
      Move files from ext/Compress/IO to ext/IO/Compress
      Configure needs to know about the extensions IO/Compress/Base
      As pointed out by Valentin Guignon, there is most
      Changes and README are not needed for
      Don't load the Win32 module on non-win32 platforms
      Skip IO::Compress::Zlib in perlivp, since that's a distribution name,
      TODO addition by Jerry D. Hedden.
      ExtUtils::Command is now maintained separately from MakeMaker
      Bump version number of ExtUtils::MM_Unix after last change
      Disable strictures in POSIX AUTOLOAD
      Add a regression test to verify that POSIX::AUTOLOAD works,
      Fix paths of in patching.pod
      Proper cleanup for
      Don't free the original label string when assigning it to cop_label,
      Fix leaks in label strings allocation in COPs
      Upgrade to Text::Balanced 2.0.0
      Unshare the shared string gp_file_hek only if it exists in a GP.
      The Perl 6 specification is still evolving, so don't refer to it.
      syswrite() wasn't reporting a warning when writing to a filehandle
      Upgrade to Module::Build 0.2806
      Fix RT #6006: Regexp replaces using large replacement variables fail
      A better fix for RT #6006: revert change 29616, which was bogus,
      Remove -T from op/subst.t, and add a new test file, substT.t,
      Fix #6006 for taint mode too.
      The PERLIO environment variable, when unset, doesn't default to :stdio.
      Fix a couple of warnings
      Silence a 'null argument' warning
      Remove no longer used magic vtable
      Upgrade Module::Load::Conditional to 0.14
      Update copyright for perlio.c
      Update copyright years in .h files. Also, in .pl
      Update copyright years in .c files
      Fix distclean now that we have re::Tie::Hash::NamedCapture
      Fix the interaction of -w and -t when provided on the command-line
      Normalize copyright of perlio.c for years >= 2006
      Bump version of PerlIO::via after last change
      Silence a gcc warning, spotted by Tels
      Add 2007 copyrights in a few more .pl files that
      In the new test for, call use_ok at compile-time
      Silence casting warnings
      Turn taint warnings (-t) into severe warnings, so they're
      Change the API doc for some of the SvXXX testing macros.
      Revert change #29708 (useless)
      Regenerate all files
      Fix bug #40407: after a seek on a PerlIO::scalar filehandle,
      Silence an "unused parameter" warning in Perl_reg_numbered_buff_get().
      Fix bug [perl #41234] : the tokenizer understands "=cute"
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::Manifest 1.51 should be able to load "strict"
      TODO: yada yada yada
      Revert perl.h part of change 29811, which breaks compilation with gcc
      Factorise croak() calls and error messages in
      Add a reference to the docs for state() variables in
      Remove obsolete notes and TODOs from
      Move the documentation of the lexical effect of to its own
      Document "no feature" (Michael G Schwern)
      Remove the "dor" feature alias.
      Fix link to perlsyn (thanks to Michael G Schwern)
      Introduce the :5.10.0 feature bundle, and make :5.10 an
      Various cleanup and factorization by Schwern
      Simplify the ok/not ok logic
      Use the $Is_MacOS variable
      Proper symbian fix (replacing change #29813) by Jarkko
      Enable the ~~ operator by default.
      Typo fix, by Robin Barker
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.16
      Upgrade to threads 1.58:
      Upgrade to Module::Load::Conditional 0.16, by Jos Boumans
      Some variables are used only with DEBUGGING
      Upgrade to Time::Local 1.17
      Mention //w in perltodo.
      Let File::Path report the extended system error message
      Upgrade to File::Fetch 0.10, by Jos Boumans
      If we have specified -Dgccansipedantic on the Configure command-line,
      Silence a few pedantic warnings
      cflags.SH was broken: it was compiling a C file for testing available
      Change Tels' contact address
      Upgrade to Getopt::Long 2.36
      Quote fix by Jarkko
      Upgrade to DB_File 1.815
      Avoid obscure failures when a regexp hasn't matched
      Upgrade to threads::shared 1.07 (doc tweaks)
      Upgrade to 1.59 (doc tweaks)
      Wrap the SvTYPE macro definition in parens.
      Remove dead code that was emitting warnings.
      Typo fix, by John P. Linderman
      Convert new test to using t/
      Explicitly load PerlIO::encoding when testing it.
      Another tiny typo in File::Copy (found by Ruud.)
      FAQ sync
      Document that m//k works, by Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
      Un-TODO tests avec change #30228
      Skip this test if "use open" fails due to an unknown encoding
      A few more details in perldelta
      Allow to override MAX_RECURSE_EVAL_NOCHANGE_DEPTH,
      Hakim Cassimally is the new maintainer of the Perldoc modules
      Avoid to run config_h.SH twice during configuration.
      Update Changes
      Add a cast for C++ compilation
      Revert change #30081 at dmq's request, and mark its tests
      Actually, only changes to regexec.c from #30081 needed to be reverted.
      Revert change #28980 per Jarkko's suggestion
      A few nits to perlfunc/map.
      Skip test when Encode isn't built
      Some INSTALL nits by Andy Dougherty
      Reinstate tests removed by change #30381, but don't
      At least, fix the MakeMaker build_man tests.
      Indexing and POD fixes
      C<keys %+> should not warn. Don't make scan_ident test for
      Add a new test for undef and delete on stash entries that
      Don't clobber $_ by using "my $_". Potential bug found by Alexey Tourbin.
      Factorize three regexps into one, using new regexp features
      - Use the same regexp as in change #30395 to parse subroutine
      Add a version number to Module::Pluggable::Object and
      Module::Pluggable wasn't in the maintainers list
      Rework and fix docs for %+, %- and re::Tie::Hash::NamedCapture.
      Update Changes
      dmq points out that %+ and %- are not arrays. Fix the doc.
      Disable the strict pragma before eval'ing selfloaded code.
      Fix a couple of typos in internal docs
      perltodo nit for SelfLoader
      Add new tests for keys in %+ and %-
      (?p{}) has been deprecated for a long time.
      Remove obsolete test for the deprecation warning I just removed.
      Update my email address
      Missing dual-lived modules in maintainers list
      Teach Module::Build about DragonflyBSD
      A couple of casting nits by Jarkko
      A new test by Abigail: Check that certain modules don't
      Upgrade to Params::Check 0.26
      Mention the syntax C<use feature ':5.10'> in's synopsis
      More work on perldelta
      Make use VERSION also load
      Compilation warnings fixes by Jerry D. Hedden
      Add a volatile modifier to avoid possible cloberring by longjmp,
      Don't let interfere with the tests for use VERSION.
      Add missing file from change #30454 must load re::Tie::Hash::NamedCapture if it wants
      Fix a small leak on loading *+ and *- globs
      Fix error messages returned by S_require_tie_mod. Fix small leaks
      Avoid to load the *+ and *- globs too early.
      Better localisation of $_ in diagnostics.
      Localize $! in splainthis() too. (see bug #41717)
      Use another method to avoid the "possible interpolation" warning
      Syntax nit in ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid, noticed by Yves Orton
      Add the new man page, perlunifaq, in relevant places
      Regenerates internal and external API docs
      Need to extend the stack when using warn() without
      Better docs for C<no VERSION>
      Warning fix. Since HePV's second argument is supposed
      The HePV macro was borked.
      Mention Perl::Unsafe::Signals in the core docs en passant.
      Like fake scalars, state variables shouldn't get new pad entries
      warn() without args doesn't take a default message in $_, but in $@
      Remove notes about experimental functions in the utf8 module.
      Better wording for (?|...) in perlre, from a suggestion by Ruud.
      Fix a couple of minor typos in comments
      Need a SPAGAIN here because the stack pointer might have
      Patch by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni to avoid encoding
      De-hardcode a path in a Test::Simple test, so it works
      Make the isdst argument to asctime and mktime default to -1
      Upgrade to threads::shared 1.08 :
      Don't mention DynaLoader.a in INSTALL,
      Patch by Gerard Goossen to have nomad print also
      Patch by Gerard Goossen to add madprops to "require" opcode
      Patch by Abigail to avoid using $& in
      Upgrade to 0.71, by John Peacock
      Adjust timing tolerance in threads tests, by Jerry D. Hedden
      Let %^H be modifiable in eval-strings (bug #41531),
      More adjustments to the PERL5LIB docs by Rick
      Better wording for the return value of select()
      More nits in the PERL5LIB docs, suggested by Andreas.
      Don't install XS::APItest and XS::Typemap
      Fix error message for re::regnames_iterinit()
      regexp refcount is an integer, not a pointer
      Fix internal POD link
      Remove references to perlcc from the core docs.
      Fix a broken link and a meaningless phrase in perldebguts
      Misc. L<> fixes in core docs : don't link to man pages;
      Re: [perl #32687] Encode::is_utf8 on tainted UTF8 string
      Fix path of a test file for running in the core
      Missing file in MANIFEST
      Convert file to proper line-endings
      PerlFAQ sync.
      Don't use PL_na.
      Make readpipe default to $_
      Make sure readpipe without argument can be followed by //
      Now that readpipe defaults to $_, I should update the prototype table
      Make readline() default to *ARGV.
      On Linux, don't compile with -DTHREADS_HAVE_PIDS if the
      Remove the object_compatibility placeholder in the interpreter struct
      say() should parse exactly like print()
      Make the warning "interpreted as function" a bit less annoying,
      Nit to change 30762 by Gisle.
      Fix return value of state assignment ($x=state $y=$z).
      Compress::Zlib isn't a good example of extra modules,
      Back out changes 30762 and 30763
      Add two deprecation warnings:
      When dup'ing a filehandle, retain the :utf8 layer
      Don't use in the test (avoiding embedding utf8 in the test
      Fix the error message "Can't call method "DOES" on unblessed
      Fix bug #42224, perl -MO=Deparse -e 'print readpipe $x, $y' broken
      C++ compilation patch by Jarkko
      Symbol export nit, found by Yves
      C++ compilation fix by Steve Peters
      Fix new tests
      Add CPANPLUS 0.78
      Sync MANIFEST. Files have disappeared ?
      Add the new CPANPLUS utilities to the VMS build process.
      Upgrade to threads::shared 1.09 :
      Could someone explain why this file was added twice.
      Upgrade to Shell 0.72 (noticed by Jerry D. Hedden)
      Add to the list of dual-life modules
      Add the perlreapi man page, by Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
      Upgrade to Archive::Extract 0.18
      Run buildtoc --build-all
      Change prototype of async() to be compatible with the one
      Add the Default Unicode Collation Element Table for UCD 5.0.0
      Sys::Syslog was missing from
      Change an "Internal error" message to the more common "panic"
      Put the "Can't locate package..." warnings in the "syntax"
      Adjust the warning category in the test, too
      Fix compilation error with threads
      A Tolkien quote for mro.c, found by Audrey Tang.
      Use Newxc instead of casting by hand
      Simpler version, and that zeroes the allocated memory
      Clean the MRO documentation up
      Don't use Test::More in core tests (at least, where
      A little bit more safe version of HvMROMETA
      Additions to perldiag for MRO, by Brandon Black.
      Nit to S_isa_lookup by Brandon Black
      Silence some diagnostic messages when running within the core tests.
      Shorten some file names
      Code comments, by Brandon Black
      Small optimisations, by Brandon Black
      Completely remove Test::More from the MRO tests, by Brandon Black
      Upgrade to version-0.7203.
      Typo fix by Abigail
      Add missing file to MANIFEST
      Reflect change of path for Module::Pluggable's tests in
      An optimisation to the MRO code, by Brandon Black,
      Patch to config to avoid failures in the perl core due
      Remove generated test files from CPANPLUS
      Add Yves Orton's script to regenerate regcharclass.h
      Change boilerplate of regcharclass.h
      A safer version of CopFILE, by Jarkko
      Upgrade to Term::ANSIColor 1.12.
      Switch to hex format for integer constants in regcharclass.h
      Remove the code that handles assignment to state variables
      Fix a bug in dor assignment (@x //= 1 was triggering an
      Remove unnecessarily paranoid protection in pp_defined
      Fix potential precedence problem
      Adjust test count.
      perlguts nit, found by Jerry D. Hedden
      Move the require at the top of the file.
      Remove a now redundant require
      overload must not load XS modules at compile time, or perl
      Do the same thing as change #31082, but for
      Forgot to submit regcomp.c in change #31081
      Remove the Thread typemap
      Doc nit, by Peter Scott
      Fix a signed/unsigned comparison warning
      Reindent bash functions properly
      Signedness nit, found by Jarkko
      Two new manpages, by Abigail
      Upgrade to XSLoader 0.08
      Add CPANPLUS to
      Add a few manpages to
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt 1.86
      Fix [perl #42163] "use base" masks $SIG{__DIE__}
      Reapply patch 31028, that wasn't integrated in CPANPLUS
      Add examples for h2xs -X, by Andy Armstrong
      Bump the version of Module::CoreList and add docs
      Regarding precedence, filetest operators are the same than
      first_release() now returns the first release in the order of
      New data for Unicode on older versions, thanks to Nicholas
      Replace a call to utf8::encode by a pack/unpack combination,
      Update the *::Compress::* modules maintainers information
      Update Archive::Tar to 1.31
      Update Changes
      Update perldelta
      Add MidnightBSD to the list of Unix-like OSes
      Perldelta nit by Brandon Black
      perldelta additions suggested by Steve Hay
      Doc nits by Steven Schubiger
      It suddendly annoyed me that corelist returned sometimes two
      Adjustment to the test for importing feature bundles,
      Document cpanp and cpan2dist
      Document that ptardiff needs Text::Diff
      Upgrade to Archive::Tar 1.32.
      Document new escapes in perldelta
      \R can't be used in a char class
      Bad orientation in doc, noticed by Jan Dubois.
      Update to Archive::Extract 0.20, and re-apply patch #31158
      Update outdated example
      Update Changes
      Mention new lexical pragmas big* in perldelta
      Several POD fixes by Jonathan Stowe
      Mention that last bugfix in perldelta
      Revert change #30530, following Jan's advice
      Upgrade to Encode 2.22
      Plug a memory leak in Encode
      Upgrade to Encode 2.23
      Actually, Log::Message::Simple comes from Jos, not Tels.
      Dave remarks that I have been too terse here.
      Remove support for assertions and -A
      There is no more a ~~ feature, noticed by Moritz Lenz
      Upgrade to Unicode::Normalize 1.02
      A test file was removed from the latest Unicode::Normalize
      Upgrade to encoding::warnings 0.11
      Adjust test count (it shouldn't have changed with last patch)
      Plug a memory leak (noticed by Yves) doesn't give any details about ${^ENCODING},
      Doc adjustments for the number localization and setlocale().
      Fix [perl #43207] lc() or uc() inside sort affect the return value.
      assertions has been removed
      Sync Archive::Extract with CPAN
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.19
      Upgrade to PathTools 3.25
      Update Changes.
      Forgot to regen warnings
      More portability nits by Jarkko
      Patches to compile perl on Cray XT4 Catamount/Qk, by Jarkko
      POD fixes in Hash::Util and Hash::Util::FieldHash
      Remove PERL_MAGIC_mutex
      Regen pods
      Regenerate META.yml.
      R stands for Report, not Reporting.
      Update list of files that need crlf line endings
      Fix docs for \u ; plus a POD formatting nit
      A first stab at making perlreref.pod up to date
      Change #31426 should also be applied to the windows CE version
      Tels' patch to defer overloading of hex and oct,
      PerlFAQ sync.
      Remove now-irrelevant comment
      That test too should be skipped in the core on EBCDIC platforms
      Upgrade to libnet 1.21
      Rename README and Changes for more readability
      Add an empty prototype to functions PI and e
      Revert change #31480. The PI and e functions can accept an argument.
      New valgrind suppressions.
      Fix tests so they actually test $@. like() demands a qr//.
      Small pod fix
      Being tired of adjusting the test count of concise-xs.t
      Revert change #31489.
      Update Changes
      Removes the code that is supposed to restore magic on leaving the
      Forbid \g0. (tests coming later)
      More tests for \g errors in regular expressions
      regexp flags =~ s/k/p/
      Don't require to have at least DB_File or *DBM_File
      Adapt perlivp to the ext/ reorganisation for Compress modules
      Upgrade to base and fields 2.12, mostly by Michael G Schwern
      Make this new test be skipped with 5.8.x
      Add test preambles is belong to me
      Remove 5.10.0 section from perltodo
      Make Perl_find_runcv a member of the public API
      Add a note in perldelta about undefining *ISA
      Update Changes
      Mention that pseudo-hashes are no longer supported
      Desactive the "DEVEL" local patch tag for release.
      FAQ sync
      Regenerate table of contents
      Update Module::CoreList, regenerate META.yml,
      Fix after the reorganisation of the
      Regenerate Changes.
      Reinstate "DEVEL" in patchlevel
      Add CPANPLUS::Dist to
      More missing dual-life modules
      Mention the two ways of overriding built-ins.
      Modernize opendir() syntax
      Upgrade to Digest::SHA 5.45.
      Fix Digest::SHA test boilerplate.
      Remove wrong equivalent to pop() (bug #43705)
      Less indirect object notation
      Turn the "$# / $* is no longer supported" warnings into
      Better wording, suggested by Eric Cholet.
      More terminology updates for warnings
      A couple of additions in perltodo for the future
      Link TODO test to appropriate RT ticket
      Revert part of #31591
      Silence mandatory warning by using @# instead of $#.
      Shorten description.
      * make splitpod actually work if perl isn't installed
      Avoid POD in test files
      Put a proper title like in every man page
      That's NAME, not TITLE.
      Spelling and formatting nits
      Specify prototyping behaviour for Math::BigInt::FastCalc
      Use new style L<> links in POD
      Fix typos, readability nits
      More typo fixes in the regexp docs
      Comment out links to docs that don't exist yet.
      Fix references to perldelta.pod (this file doesn't exist in the
      Miscellaneous modernisations and trimmings.
      Clarifications on the hash seed
      Suggestion and fixes to the hash seed docs by Paul Johnson
      Add a TODO note about lc() etc. and the UTF-8 flag
      Don't use C++ comments.
      Documentation updates for new regexp features
      The documentation for prototype() sounds a bit better like that.
      Fix a bunch of typos
      Add an idea by Hugo
      Win32CORE can be upgraded separately (see change #31663)
      Fix compilation with threads
      Typo fix
      Need to bump MakeMaker's $VERSION too.
      Patch by Gerard Goosen to avoid building man pages for extensions
      Bump $VERSION due to #31686
      Following Jan's advice, remove Cygwin::is_textmount(),
      Re: INC handlers and shutdown-time warnings
      Regenerate Changes
      Deprecate the -P switch.
      Bump version number to 5.10.0.
      Fix CPANPLUS test to work with 5.10.0
      If perl's minimal required version number is >= 5.6.0,
      state $foo if 0 shouldn't warn. Spotted by Abigail.
      feature bundle :5.10 should be equivalent to latest :5.10.X
      Remove the 'err' keyword
      Bump version of Module::Build after change #31619
      Spelling nit by Jim Cromie
      err should be removed from, too
      Move the "reporting problems" section further in the INSTALL file,
      Not many people reuse an old nowadays, I suppose.
      More INSTALL nits. Move Tru64 specific info in the related
      Remove the "performance considerations" paragraph.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::Install 1.44
      Move version to 1.07, although some tests are different (due to
      Upgrade to libnet 1.22 (with some help by Jerry Hedden)
      Upgrade to Net::Ping 2.33, with help from Jerry Hedden
      Some escapes were mentioned twice, although they're not qr//-specific
      Make @INC available in's error message when
      Amend change 31854 for when NAN_COMPARE_BROKEN
      URL correction by Robert Spier
      Make Deparse handle "say"
      Better diagnostics and test naming
      Make B::Deparse able to handle pragmas from %^H.
      More work and modernization of INSTALL
      Prevent the pragmas from ${^OPEN} propagated to %^H from deparsing.
      Fix file name in MANIFEST
      Fix failing Test::Simple test
      Don't use ~0 as a version number -- it could overflow.
      Silence a load of "value computed is not used" warnings
      Upgrade to threads::shared 1.14
      Upgrade to Compress::Zlib 2.007
      Make more forgiving about parent pad indexes
      Upgrade to Test::Simple 0.72
      DragonflyBSD is a BSD too
      Hey, but "or" is low-prec. So this statement never worked.
      Update to README.cygwin by Jerry D. Hedden
      Assume NetBSD has touch
      On VAX, feeding a bare "NaN" to nawk causes nawk to core dump since
      Option spelling nit for AIX
      Maybe the default order of directories in @INC should be modified.
      API spelling patch, by Jerry D. Hedden
      Hopefully fix test failures with -C
      I forgot to patch for the threaded case
      Remove unneeded cast
      Document hint symbols in B::Concise
      Patch by jlv <> to stop NEXT::AUTOLOAD
      Need to quote the version number of perl in perlivp, now
      Adapt definition of Sighandler_t to go with change #32012
      Reverse change #31978
      Fix warnings about Sighandler_t type on Win32.
      Update Term::UI to 0.16
      Update Module::Load::Conditional to 0.20
      Documentation change to go with change #32056.
      Build with -Dusemymalloc was broken
      Suggestion by Rick Delaney to make this test pass with -Duse64bitall
      New opcode category :load, for require, dofile and caller.
      Free temporary scalars later, because they might be still needed
      Add a rough, incomplete version of perl5100delta
      perlmodlib.pod has changed, too
      Fix description of "." in unpack() in perl5100delta
      Files names for pragmas strict and warnings can end in .pmc
      If we use @{[]} (a.k.a. baby-cart) interpolation, we got warnings
      Update CPANPLUS to 0.83_02
      Delete files removed by latest CPANPLUS update
      Remove an obsolete test for h2ph, that was always skipped.
      Share the internal XS functions defined in universal.c
      Funny symbol table names can be shared, too
      New test for Safe
      POD nit found by Slaven Rezic.
      More tests for Safe
      Update Module::Load::Conditional to 0.22
      Silence a casting warning
      Upgrade to Term::Cap 1.10
      POD nits
      Document that isn't thread-safe, by Jerry D. Hedden
      More perldelta work (info from perl59[01]delta)
      Revert code change from #32148
      Skip test on Basque locales on Mac OS X 10.5
      Changes from perl 5.9.2
      More perldelta entries from 5.9.3
      More perldelta entries from perl 5.9.4, plus some reordering and
      More delta info from Perl 5.9.5
      Regenerate Changes
      Add -Duse32bit* in perltodo
      Newest things to put in perldelta
      Mention B::COP::hints_hash method
      There's no point in empty TODO sections
      Mention perlcommunity.pod, plus some typo fixes
      A couple of updates to perl5100delta
      Typos and other doc nits. Plus, de-alpha the version number
      Fix an off by one error, found by valgrind
      Bump version of IPC::Cmd
      Upgrade to Module::Build 0.2808_01
      Band-aid to get xs.t working. Need to check that make distclean still
      Leopard has more standard /etc/passwd files than previous
      Mention and new v-string portability warning in
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.21
      Fix (or hide?) a case of memory corruption with \K in substitutions
      Revert #32197, should not be needed anymore since the upgrade
      Upgrade to cperl-mode 5.23
      Make installman work with -Duserelocatableinc and DESTDIR
      Based on a patch by John E. Malberg: make
      Upgrade to File::Fetch 0.13_02
      Upgrade CPANPLUS to 0.83_08
      Update Term::UI to 0.18
      Found by Juerd, don't document that \w, \s and \d don't include
      INSTALL updates: note that usemymalloc isn't always the default;
      Increment some numbers.
      Remove old directions for reusing across perl versions.
      A couple of bite-sized TODO for the pod/* tools
      Update to 1.9204
      Upgrade File::Fetch to 0.13_03
      Fix listing of MIME::QuotedPrint in perlmodlib
      TODO: cleanup perlmodlib.PL
      The JAPHs that use $* won't work anymore.
      Re-apply change #30562 (thanks to Abe Timmerman)
      Update the Storable changelog. Note that, while Storable's code is
      Update Time::HiRes' Changes file
      -e is better than -f (in case of symbolic links)
      Update File::Fetch to 0.13_04
      Update CPANPLUS to 0.83_10
      Upgrade to Archive::Tar 1.37_01 (security fix)
      Prepare patchlevel for RC1
      Underscore the non-official version number
      5.10.0-RC1 is today, after lunch
      Mention perlreapi in perldelta.
      Regenerate Changes
      Typo (found by Jarkko)
      Upgrade to Locale::Maketext 1.12
      Regenerate META.yml
      Remove rules to regenerate regnodes.h
      Update copyright in the README is actually not under ext/Safe
      Test::More and Test::Builder are actually part of the Test::Simple distribution
      Rename yylval to pl_yylval, to avoid confusing bogus C preprocessors
      Add the Changes file for
      Upgrade to Win32 0.34
      Regenerate META.yml (missing dual-life modules)
      Bump $open::VERSION
      FAQ sync
      Mention kill improvements on Windows
      Document bug #47762, and mention %-
      Bump patchlevel to RC2
      Regen table of contents
      Bump version to 0.79
      The version appears in the docs too. And update release date.
      Regenerate Changes
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.37_02
      uconfig.h must be writable for microperl
      Disallow attributes that are not valid perl
      Adjust for the RAWDATA case
      Doc updates on running tests
      More tests are sensitive to load: document them
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.37_03
      Fix prototype variables default values on NetBSD, by Craig A. Berry
      Ignore .git directories
      Typo, found by Scott Lanning
      Document failures due to building on NFS
      Doc nits -- avoid bare "5.10" version numbers without a
      Typos, found by Abigail and myself
      Warning shutdowns, by Robin Barker
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.38
      Silence unused argument warnings when HAS_MSG isn't defined
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.9709
      Upgrade to podlators 2.0.6
      Duh -- I forgot to put RC2 in perlhist
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.9710
      Revert changes 32496 and 32497 (keep them for a next version
      Match destruct_level type from intrpvar.h, and refer to the docs there
      Don't list README.win32 as private in the META.yml
      The win32 files are not the Win32 (dual-lived) distribution.
      Document some environment variables that might affect tests,
      Add t/mro to the test list in perlhack
      More precise description of the removal of "#!perl -C" support
      This file is utf8 (I blame Ævar)
      Update Changes and README for A::H
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.40.
      Document recent changes of A::H in perldelta
      Revert change 32171 per Jarkko's request
      Two more notes
      Fix a typo found by Matt Kraai, and a reference to Herakles.
      Fix some typos, some found by Matt Kraai
      Change maintainer address for Safe.
      Typo fix, by Matt Kraai
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::MakeMaker 6.42
      Bump $VERSION of all PathTools modules to 3.2501
      Some things a pumpking should not forget when releasing a new perl
      Document the strerror_r / g++ / threads bug
      FAQ sync
      Remove "=for" marker for a section I finally reviewed
      Add mro tests to minitest
      Shuffle sections (no text changes)
      Mention NO_MATHOMS in INSTALL
      Add a return value to less, noticed by Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni
      ...and remove the "1;" that is after the __END__
      PerlFAQ sync
      Mention that ::ISA::CACHE:: no longer exists
      Update AUTHORS
      Add standard test preamble
      Comment out a now unused variable
      Make the hint file work as well on 64-bit linuxes,
      Regen TOC
      Regen META file
      Notes on 5.12 Unicode revamping planned.
      That's no longer RC time
      5.10.0 is planned for today.
      Regen Changes
      Two more people in AUTHORS
      Add 5.10.0 data to Module::CoreList
      Regen Changes once more
      Make -E require 5.11 features
      Add new Sys::Syslog file to MANIFEST
      Fix embarrassing typo
      The APC doesn't like empty files
      OP_THREADSV was removed by #29727
      Move the SelfLoader test files in their own subdirectory
      Upgrade to SelfLoader 1.13_03
      SelfLoader is dual-lived
      Add a small note about numbered feature bundles
      AutoSplit is dual-lived, and is part of the AutoLoader distribution
      Typo fix
      Fix bug #49298: B::Deparse fails to deparse a reference to an anonymous hash
      Document that in run from a BEGIN block
      Fix "grep in void context" warning
      Fix "grep in void context" warnings
      Don't use grep in scalar context
      Let's remove the grep in void context warning.
      Remove the warning "v-string in require/use non portable"
      Fix leak introduced by change #32873, thanks to Nicholas
      Add a few =cuts (so configpm is displayed mostly correctly
      Revert change #32920, since it was solved another way by #32890.
      Introduce macro PERL_MAX_SUB_DEPTH
      Remove the -P switch
      Rename PERL_MAX_SUB_DEPTH to PERL_SUB_DEPTH_WARN, per Tim Bunce's
      When parsing LC_ALL or LANG to get the locale's encoding, ignore
      A couple of POD fixes by Steven Schubiger
      New tests for new ops. Most of them are TODO
      When changing the op_ppaddr of an op, one must keep its op_type
      Test that lc, uc, etc on undef return ""
      Make lc/uc/lcfirst/ucfirst warn when passed undef.
      TAP::* modules are part of the Test::Harness distribution
      Upgrade to Test::Harnes 3.07
      Warning cleanup, and avoid a double call to uc
      In Safe, load Carp::Heavy only if it exists (to remain
      Bump the version of Safe
      Make this test pass with the Test::More that comes with perl 5.6.2
      More wording nits about perl's time() versus the libc's time()
      Bump Safe's version
      Fix op/reg_email_thr.t when PERLIO=stdio
      Fix CPAN bug #32896: make loadable in a Safe compartment
      Add a new test for Safe
      Adapt Safe innards to older (XS) versions of
      corelist changes:
      Remove redundant check
      Upgrade to MakeMaker 6.43_01
      Add new module in MakeMaker 6.43_01
      Re-apply patches 32879, 32905, and 32964 to MakeMaker
      IO::Handle->say should ignore $\ (bug #49266)
      Fix test to pass en 5.6.2 (unpack is needed by there)
      Jerry D. Hedden now maintains Thread::Semaphore on CPAN
      Revert change #33302. This change was wrong, since it was
      Fix leak when issuing new warning implemented by #33305
      Make the new warning report undef constants as undef
      Add missing file to MANIFEST, to go with change #33311
      Avoid utf8 warnings when printing diagnostics
      Typo catch, by Abigail
      Correctly reference count the hints hash
      Fix macro name in comment
      Regenerate embed.h
      Document perlthanks
      Tidy up error messages
      Typo found by Roland Giersig
      Chainsaw DEBUG_S out, as suggested by Vincent Pit.
      Fix preprocessor syntax
      Context fix to make the test pass
      Typo in doc, found by Kornel Umann.
      Bump VERSION after change #33416
      Upgrade to Time::Piece 1.13
      Re-apply part of #33370 to Time::Piece
      An unfortunate side-effect of Encode and Encode::Alias use'ing each
      Regexp::DESTROY was only added in 5.8.1
      Use sv_setpvs() like a few lines before since change #33557 needs to be listed in Module::CoreList, too
      Module::CoreList wasn't listing everywhere.
      Remove old option leftover in docs
      Fix C portability nit found by Jerry D. Hedden.
      Upgrade to Time::HiRes 1.9715
      Make atan2(0,0) return undef
      Revert change #33676, likely to break atan(-0,0) on some platforms
      Fix for [perl #52074] Segfault on ISA push after symbol table delete
      Revert change #26334, which was introducing too many bugs
      Add a regression test for bug #52658 (fixed by change #33685)
      Sync with CPAN's version of the More.t test in Test::Simple
      Adapt properly More.t to run in the core
      Upgrade to Test::Simple 0.80, but keep locally modified More.t
      Add from the base CPAN distribution,
      Move the NoExporter test module under Test::Simple
      Call cop_free on nullified cops too
      Upgrade to Math::Complex 1.54
      Upgrade to Digest::SHA 5.46
      Fix warning with int size in printf format
      %.*s mandates an "int", says the C standard
      Fix the line-number-in-elsif longstanding bug.
      Upgrade to Math::BigInt v1.89
      Note about moving modules to ext/
      Revert change #33751, at least for now: this breaks perl5db.t
      clarification about @ISA declaration in perlboot.pod
      Change of maintainer.
      A skip() function is missing, to get this test pass with miniperl
      Avoid garbage in test output when running make minitest.
      Add a test for "lc(LATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S)"
      Fix makefile for core building
      Bump version and document last change.
      The last change to File::Copy broke the perl build.
      Fix [perl #52740] crash when localizing a symtab entry
      Remove C++ comments
      Prevent the tokenizer from segfaulting in debug mode when a FUNC token is forced
      Fix for [perl #51848] Deparse interpolation in regex literal
      Re: [PATCH: TODO Tests] Re: [perl #53806] No complain about bareword
      Re: [PATCH: TODO Tests] Re: [perl #53806] No complain about bareword
      Re: [perl #54566] assertion failure fiddling with @ISA
      Bump version of IO::Dir after last patch
      Update to NEXT by Damian.
      Small typo fix in
      Bump NEXT version to 0.61 for CPAN release
      Revert #34019.
      Document new warning added by #34021
      Tweak the "Illegal character in prototype" warning so it's more
      Fix for bug [perl #54934] Attempt to free unreferenced scalar fiddling with the symbol table
      Small typo fix.
      Rename the new macro clear_errsv() from last patch to CLEAR_ERRSV()
      Fix release date for 5.002
      Make the version string more consistent between Windows and other platforms.
      Skip one test that was failing with DEBUGGING and threads,
      Upgrade to threads::shared 1.25 by Jerry D. Hedden
      Upgrade to version 0.76 by John Peacock
      Update to B::Debug 1.11, by Reini Urban
      Really apply change #34143
      Small typo fix
      Patch by Tod Hagan to document the 2nd argument of reval() in
      Avoid uninitialized warnings from XSLoader
      The file test operators -s, -A, -C and -M can return false values
      Add a test for bug #60214
      Explicitly specify some printf formats for constant strings.
      Silence one more format warning
      Regenerate API docs
      Some deprecated warnings were also in the syntax category
      Fix error message label
      Add a dump to help tracing taint bugs, by Chip Salzenberg
      Upgrade to Attribute::Handlers 0.81
      Skip two tests under ithreads, where the constant lives in the pad.
      Use only unsigned ints for comparisons to PL_breakable_sub_generation
      Configure detection of __attribute__((deprecated))
      The gcc attribute "deprecated" seems to have been available since gcc 3.1

Rainer Tammer (9):
      Re: 5.8.9 RC1 report
      Re: 5.8.9 RC1 report
      Re: 5.8.9 RC1 patches for AIX
      Re: 5.8.9 RC1 / 5.10.x / bleed patches for README.aix
      Unwind change 31976 then apply
      AIX patches for Perl 5.8.9 RC2 and gcc on AIX + suidperl on AIX README.aix
      AIX patches for Perl 5.8.9 RC2 and gcc on AIX + suidperl on AIX README.aix
      Re: AIX patches for Perl 5.8.9 RC2 - README.aix
      Re: 5.8.9 RC2 (was Re: 5.8.9 RC1)

Randal L. Schwartz (1):
      for pod/perlfaq2.pod against latest snapshot for Alpaca

Randy W. Sims (5):
      [perl #16281] patch to enable perldoc -n for MSWin32 (perl-5.8.0)
      Uninitialized value in Archive::Tar
      Re: New Module::Build released
      Re: [ANNOUNCE] Module::Build 0.28 -> CPAN
      Fix Borland problem with quoted pre-processor macros in response files

Redvers Davies (1):
      Cross compilation patches for arm.

Reini Urban (38):
      [PATH] AUTHORS rurban
      [perl #43273] Enable lib/User/*.t on cygwin
      [perl #40103] File::Spec->case_tolerant() should return true on Cygwin
      File::Spec::Cygwin more tests and silence warning
      [perl #43285] Win32API::File tests language specific
      [perl #3589] [BUG#3589 bleadperl]
      cygwin path conversions, take 4
      regcomp.c fix 64int warning
      Strip whitespace from the beginning of static_ext:
      Cygwin::mount_table, Cygwin::mount_flags
      get rid of cygwin perlld and ld2
      Re: [PATCH] get rid of cygwin perlld and ld2 - installperl also
      Re: Test failure @recent bleadperls (31712,31711)
      Harness prove-switches.t for fixed bug 30952
      Change 31710 causes t/op/taint.t to fail
      fix B::Debug pmnext
      cygwin hints
      B::Debug enhancements
      Re: Perl @
      Re: Perl @
      Re: Perl @
      cygwin hints back to old
      invalid cop_free of nullified cop. How to fix?
      -Uusedl on cygwin
      Re: [perl #55160] perlbug AutoReply: Fix cygwin mount test
      [perl #55302] cc_runtime syntax error
      readable assertion names
      Re: [PATCH] readable assertion names, now the rest
      Re: [PATCH] readable assertion names, now sv.h
      Re: [PATCH] More COW lvalues
      B::Debug dual-life 1.06
      TODO B-Deparse cpan-bug 33708
      fix debop with pad const
      Re: split smoke for threaded -DDEBUGGING builds
      Cygwin build harmonization, remove cygwin/Makefile.SHs
      Cygwin build harmonization, remove cygwin/Makefile.SHs
      Re: Fix 34200 on Cygwin

Renee Baecker (8):
      Re: [Diff] perlxstut.pod
      Add a new warning, "Prototype after '%s'"
      [perl #34339][PATCH] "perldoc lib" doesn't describe actual behavior
      Re: Re: [perl #30524] [PATCH] has poor list of temp directories on Windows
      [perl #59652][DOC PATCH] "Too late for "-CS" option"
      [perl #18306] This problem seems to be fixed and a small patch for B::Xref
      [perl #57926][PATCH] File::Find Bug
      [perl #58428][PATCH] Unicode::UCD::charinfo() does not work on 21 Han codepoints

Ricardo SIGNES (7):
      minor assertions improvements
      [patch] me, in AUTHORS
      hostname.t busted
      perlsub's docs on state assignment are busted
      New tests (and TODO tests) for ~~ and overloading,
      perlunitut link
      correct errors / omissions in documenting DOES

Richard Clamp (3):
      Re: PerlIO::via silent failure
      Integrate changes to Attribute::Handlers from maint-5.8
      Re: [perl #948] $, untieable?

Richard Foley (12):
      for against missing args destroying pre-post command setups
      to explain new [<>{] behaviour - attached
      overdue perlhack.pod corrections for RT
      debugger (5.8.x and 5.9.x)
      unfork the debugger (patch for 5.9.x)
      debugger (step backwards)
      perlfaq2.pod (add a book)
      MacOSX debugger fork support
      add calling hints to perldebug.pod
      2 year old email tweak
      Couple of mail address fixes

Richard Hitt (2):
      [perl #17805] BUG: Grammar bug during Configure
      [Fwd: Patch for perl utf8-related bug]

Richard Kandarian (1):
      [perl #18544] Patch included to fix problem.

Richard Soderberg (5):
      AUTHORS correction
      Re: [perl #18872] File::Basename example misleading
      Re: [perl #20551] Documentation error for IO::Select
      email address correction
      [perl #32419] Spelling fixes for perl@23492

Rick Delaney (46):
      Re: [PATCH] Re: taint news
      Re: [PATCH] Re: taint news
      Re: [perl #19582] [PATCH bleedperl] bad overload copy constructor segfaults
      (was Re: require() does not behave aas documented)
      Re: require patch breaks locale
      Re: [PATCH bleadperl] (was Re: Is this brokenness in $< $( $> & $) ?)
      Re: [perl #24248] taint propagation regression,
      Re: [perl #30688] Empty slice arg with ($;$) prototype lost compile-time benefit
      Re: [perl #31793] Data::Dumper: Useqq interacts badly with overloading
      Re: [PATCH perl-current] Re: [perl #31793] Data::Dumper: Useqq interacts badly with overloading
      [perl #3038] Re: $qr = qr/^a$/m; $x =~ $qr; fails
      Re: [perl #31924] %INC caching failure-case problem
      Re: [PATCH replacement] Re: [perl #36313] perl -e "1for$[=0" crash
      Re: [perl #27028] /$/ not honouring /m in some cases
      Re: [perl #36959] List Constructor Operator - Undefined Values
      Use SvGETMAGIC more often
      Make t/op/local.t use
      Re: [perl #36733] %SIG not properly local-ized
      Re: [perl #38710] localised stash slice
      Re: New perltrap?
      Re: [perl #39733] $AUTOLOAD is never tainted
      Re: [perl #40055] B::Deparse double do
      Re: [perl #39882] inconsistent list slice behaviour
      Re: [perl #41071] require stringifies code references in tied @INC
      Re: Change 29193 is a regression
      Re: PL_copline inconsistency
      Re: [perl #41546] perl 5.8.x bug: overloaded 'eq' does not work with 'nomethod'
      Re: What is this MAD stuff all about?
      Re: [perl #43545] 'no warnings' effects $@.
      Test update to demonstrate @ISA assignment bug:
      Re: t/op/taint.t failed on EBCDIC platform
      Re: [perl #44969] Restricted hashes do not handle private fields properly
      Re: [perl #44623] Optimized magic_setisa has bug
      Re: mro "PERFORMANCE CONSIDERATIONS" still true?
      Re: [PATCH 5.10] Improve diagnostic for reloads of bad modules
      Re: [perl #46011] overload "0+" doesn't handle integer results
      Re: [perl #46011] [RESOLVED] overload "0+" doesn't handle integer results
      Re: overload64.t failures
      Re: [perl #47195] $1 suddenly tainted after regexp on utf-8 string
      Big slowdown in 5.10 @_ parameter passing
      Re: [perl #49564] Re: MRO and av_clear
      [perl #47047] Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method is deprecated
      Show constant in "Useless use of a constant in void context"
      Re: [perl #50706] %^H affecting outside file scopes
      [perl #55786] [PATCH blead] Re: Overload Segfaulting

Risto Kankkunen (1):
      [perl #46309] Buffer overflow in win32_select() (PATCH included)

Robert May (5):
      XSUB.h - silence MSVC6 compiler warning
      Remove duplication from POD
      win32_async_check() doesn't loop enough.
      Give Win32 message windows proper window procedures
      [perl #51674] op/alarm.t hangs on 5.11.0 (Windows Vista only)

Robert Millan (1):
      [perl #33998] [PATCH] Support for GNU/kFreeBSD

Robert Sebastian Gerus (1):
      Patch for perl to compile/work on DragonFlyBSD

Robert Spier (2):
      [DOC PATCH] README.solaris and -Dcc=gcc
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #24113] mistake in perlretut

Robin Barker (82):
      (was RE: [PATCH] %_ (was Re: [PATCH] operation on `PL_na' may be undefined))
      [perl #20654] %*v02x considered invalid in printf
      to silence compiler warning
      was RE: How cross-platform is `foo 2>&1`  these days?
      RE: perl@19333
      RE: maint snapshot @ 19525
      RE: maint snapshot @ 19525
      RE: [PATCH] RE: maint snapshot @ 19525
      for Configure -Dnoextensions=Encode
      RE: state of deparse?
      RE: maint @ 19683
      Add a new warning, "Newline in left-justified string for printf/sprintf"
      long C<=item>s in pod/perlunicode.pod
      dump.c -Wformat; Re: maint @ 19975, maint @ 19997
      AUTHORS +
      maint @ 20512
      RE: script wanted
      RE: MIME-Base64-2.22 [PATCH]
      format/casting/warning RE: perl 5.9.1
      Re: [perl #24081] invalid regexp in perl -V
      RE: [PATCH perl.h toke.c utf8.c] minor format clean up
      RE: [perl #32660] INT2PTR not mentioned in perlxs(1)
      gcc and ld in Configure
      unnecessary rmdir in Makefile
      to improve -DCHECK_FORMAT
      follow-up to 23767
      Further follow-up to 23767
      eliminate always running mktables
      Error in earlier patch in sv.c
      RE: blead: no longer supports %vd format
      RE: rebuilding lib/Config*
      silence compiler warning in mg.c POSIX.xs
      tidy up DieNull and DIE_NULL
      perl.h, use STRINGIFY in 25171
      RE: [ANNOUNCE] Archive::Tar 1.25
      PATCH t/op/tie.t
      change 28744 broke ODBM_File
      ; was RE: [PATCH perlio.c pp.c regcomp.c] silence format and comparison warnings
      RE: g++ compile and make test 100%
      RE: g++ compile and make test 100%
      fix format errors; was RE: g++ compile and make test 100%
      compiler warning noreturn
      fails under minitest
      ***speculative***  was RE: [PATCH] regexec.c - silence compiler warning
      was RE: Perl_die() / Perl_croak()
      installman3dir is null
      From: "Robin Barker" <>
      document [PATCH] lib/
      RE: [PATCH] use 5.010 is ugly; use 5.10.0 warns
      New [PATCH] use 5.006; use 5.10.0
      Porting/ --check added functionality
      RE: [PATCH] RE: PERL_CORE UVf logic
      VDf no longer in PERL_CORE
      PATCH lib/Net/Ping/t/190_alarm.t
      make miniperl -Wwrite-strings clean
      C<make translators> -Wwrite-strings clean
      ext/ consting
      The ext/Cwd/Cwd.xs part of...
      PATCH re 32711
      change/correction to 32246
      consting Compress::Raw::Zlib and Filter::Util::Call
      RE: compile warnings w/ PM_SETRE and ReREFCNT_inc
      From: "Robin Barker" <>
      From: "Robin Barker" <>
      consting IO.xs
      RE: [PATCH ext/Devel/DProf/Makefile.PL] unnecessary define
      ... and the rest; was RE: unnecessary define
      FW: [PATCH] RE: [PATCH] volatile, avoid clobbered
      don't forbid brace groups with g++ 4.2.2
      use svtype
      consting for .c files in tests
      was RE: [PATCH] re patch 33127: formatting for C<<{ bydepth => 1 }>>
      for -M:Foo, extended and revised
      add -v to and friends
      another go; was RE: [perl #49302] [[:print:]] v \p{Print}
      explicit empty while loops

Robin Houston (21):
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #37350] $#{@$aref} in debugger gives: Bizarre copy of ARRAY in leave
      Re: do { EXPR for EXPR }
      sort/multicall patch
      Re: [PATCH] sort/multicall patch
      Re: [perl #32383] DProf breaks List::Util::shuffle
      concat interacts badly with magic
      Re: [PATCH] concat interacts badly with magic
      [DOC PATCH] Sort subs *can* now be recursive
      latest switch/say/~~
      Re: [PATCH] Make the 'sort' pragma lexically scoped
      [TEST PATCH] %^H can now propagate into eval
      Feature bundle is now :5.10, and add -E switch
      switch / ~~ doccos
      eliminate HINT_HH_FOR_EVAL
      Test that constant overloading is propagated into eval
      Differences from Perl 6
      Re: Perl_sighandler voodoo (was Re: Smoke [5.8.7] 26127 FAIL(XF) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP2 (x86/2 cpu))
      Automatically SPAGAIN in the poor-man's-multicall API
      Prevent "use sort 'stable'" from reversing the order
      Re: Segmentation fault at undeclared for loop variable
      Re: Are we missing some tests?

Ronald J. Kimball (7):
      alphabetize perldiag.pod
      More perldiag.pod sorting
      Re: [perl #22231] <$foo> is parsed as glob(' ' . $foo) if is used
      Re: maint @ 19923
      Re: pod cleanup
      Re: Perl PR: "Security holes in Sys::Syslog"
      Re: [PATCH pod/perlfunc.pd] Re: truncate needs seek on filehandle

Russ Allbery (1):
      podlators 1.24 released

SADAHIRO Tomoyuki (69):
      [Announce] Unicode::Collate 0.20 -> UCA version 9
      Unicode::Collate 0.23 Released
      minor typos in perlhist.pod and perlunicode.pod
      [perlport.pod] code point of \cU
      [perluniintro vs Encode::Alias] Is KOI8R is an alise for koi8-r?
      [Patch 5.8.1] v-strings deprecated
      Re: [perl #24554] Segfault in POSIX module
      Re: [perl #24846] [PATCH] Apparent utf8 bug in join() in 5.8.[012]
      Re: open/or inconsistency
      Re: [perl #24888] chomp ignores utf8
      chomp() cares about Unicode
      Re: [perl #26905] "use bytes" doesn't apply byte semantics to concatenation
      Re: [perl #27803] perl crashes when utf8::upgrade($offsetOK_scalar)
      Nobody has used SvPVbyte_force?
      sv_pvutf8n_force and sv_pvbyten_force
      Fix 29149 - another UTF8 cache bug hit by substr.
      Re: utf-8 and taint don't work together
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #29841] utf8::decode doesn't work under -T doesn't check undefined subroutine calling
      Re: [perl #36569] chop fails on decoded string with trailing nul
      perlop: why \c\ cannot be placed just before the terminating delimiter
      Re: Transliteration operator(tr//)on EBCDIC platform
      undef IS_UTF8_CHAR() on EBCDIC
      Re: A surprising segfault
      Re: A surprising segfault
      Re: [perl #37616] Bug in &= (string) and/or m//
      XS-assisted SWASHGET (esp. for t/uni/class.t speedup)
      Re: XS-assisted SWASHGET (esp. for t/uni/class.t speedup)
      Re: XS-assisted SWASHGET (esp. for t/uni/class.t speedup)
      Clarification and cleanup of the XS SWASHGET code
      Rework the error messages from the swashget code.
      Better variable names make code clearer
      Re: [perl #37836] Simple Regex causes SEGV when run on specific data
      Re: [perl #38181] Default IO Layer is ignored in 3-argument open call
      L<PerlIO> and Pod::Html
      Re: [perl #38619] Bug in lc and uc (interaction between UTF-8, substr, and lc/uc)
      Re: recent changes have some unmatching of parameters and types
      Re: [perl #38293] chr(65535) should be allowed in regexes
      Fix test portability on non-ASCII platforms
      Re: [PATCH] update to pp_complement() via Coverity
      Re: [PATCH] fix 27987 for MSVC (was Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 28020 FAIL(m) MSWin32 Win2000 SP4 (x86/1 cpu))
      Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 28069 FAIL(M) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP2 (x86/2 cpu)
      strange encodings upsets pp_chr
      Re: [PATCH]  upgrade bytes_to_uni
      Re: [perl #39126] possible memory related bug when using sprintf with an utf-8 encoded format-string and iso-8859-1 encoded string variables.
      [DOCPATCH perlunicode.pod] paragraphing nit
      Revert change #20462 (except the regression test),
      Add a macro to remove duplicated code
      Re: Misunderstanding escapes in heredocs?
      comment update for scan_const
      perlop: parsing quoted constructs
      interpolation of @- (and @+) in patterns ([perl #27940] comes back)
      Re: \N{...} in regular expression [PATCH]
      Re: sprintf 64 test
      remove leaveit from toke.c:scan_const
      Re: [PATCH] remove leaveit from toke.c:scan_const
      New UTF-8 warning : Variable length character upgraded in print.
      Re: [perl #40583] sprintf "%#04X" also uppercases the 0x-prefix
      replace S_sv_pos_b2u_forwards with utf8_length (was: sv_pos_b2u dislikes the extended UTF-8)
      Re: [perl #40641] crash with unicode characters in regex comment
      Re: [perl #26136] localtime(3) calls tzset(3), but localtime_r(3) may not.
      Re: [perl #40917] Benchmark fails under -Mbignum
      Re: Named-capture regex syntax
      Re: What if NV_PRESERVES_UV_BITS is undef? (was: Re: [PATCH] Configure test code fails to compile if SIGFPE is undefined)
      Re: [perl #41215] % on scalars sometimes throws away fractions
      Re: [PATCH] fix unicode split /\s+/
      split by " \0" (const string staring with a SPACE followed by NULL)
      current status on Unicode Regular Expressions

Salvador FandiXXo (1):
      [perl #36297] builtin attrs on subrutine declarations

Salvador Fandiño (14):
      t/run/runenv.t bug
      add support for assertions. Updated form of:
      Re: Did the assertion patch/feature submission get overlooked?
      more complex assertions activation:
      PATCH for [perl #36043] '@foo = sort { $a <=> $b } @bar' uses too much memory
      better assertion support
      sort optimization
      Subs with builtin attributes shouldn't be made constant
      ternary operator cond ? foo : bar being parsed as ?...?
      Re: [perl #36350] unstable sorting for use integer; sort { $b <=> $a } @foo
      PATCH for #37138: using XSUB as DB::DB causes perl to crash
      [patch] dumping tied globs without FILENO method on the debugger fails

Sam Tregar (1):
      Data::Dumper Freezer fixes

Sam Vilain (3):
      Notice of git tag retraction; also, [PATCH] correct Module::CoreList
      [admin] set up .gitignore files
      Porting: add a little script to find a perforce change

Sascha Blank (1):
      [perl #48355] Handling of RAWDATA broken badly in Attribute::Handlers in perl 5.10.0 RC2

Sean Davis (1):
      Correction for AUTHORS.html

Sean M. Burke (2):
      CPAN Upload: S/SB/SBURKE/Test-1.21.tar.gz
      =encoding in perlpod/perlpodspec

Sebastian Steinlechner (1):
      Fix declaration-after-statement problem

Sergey Skvortsov (1):
      [perl #33809] optimize macro dXSARGS

Shawn (1):
      use base problem

Shawn Boyette (1):
      Fix PerlIO::scalar fileno() documentation as suggested in:

Sherm Pendley (1):
      Re: [PATCH] Updated README.macosx

Shinya Hayakawa (1):
      Re: my $x->{foo} doesn't work

Shlomi Fish (5):
      perldata.pod revamp rev. 3
      Re: [PATCH] perlsyn.pod Revision - Resend
      perlop.pod: add an example to the .. and ... operators
      [perl #44647] [PATCH] Add a test for overload::constant 'integer' across use's.
      Re: [PATCH] Add open "|-" and open "-|" to perlopentut

Simon Cozens (1):
      For screaming hell's sake

Sisyphus (1):
      MinGW and lib/CORE/Win32.h

Slaven Rezic (68):
      Re: [perl #15523] Memory Leak in split with trailing empty elements documentation
      Re: [PATCH] Storable and CODE references
      todo test for linux $0 modification
      typos in Hash::Util documentation
      Re: [perl #17141] Text::Wrap "this should not happen" message
      Storable and code serialization: documentation
      Re: Not OK 17969
      for -Dm
      minor tweaks in Porting/pumpkin.pod
      Re: [perl #17061] no strict 'garbage'
      Re: [perl #17892] Perl's mkdir() doesn't remove trailing slashes
      Re: [perl #18066] Bug in -I when path has double colons?
      Put back the DO NOT EDIT headers in proto.h and global.sym
      Re: [perl #18048] read \*FH, ... returns undef but doesn' t set $! if \*FH not open
      File::Temp documentation fix
      perlopentut and PerlIO documentation
      warning fix in SYNOPSIS example of Term::ReadLine pod
      Re: [perl #18479] Error when no strict refs in effect
      add support for STASH and MAGIC information for REFs to sv_dump().
      Re: Storable bug #1698
      Re: [perl #18626] bug in perlipc man page
      Re: [perl #18203] Recursive call in PerlIO_find_layer
      Document that $ENV{TERM} may produce taint failures.
      getservbyport() should accept an empty string as its
      Re: [perl #18888] $Exporter::Verbose=1 does not work for testing, $Heavy::Verbose is not setting the value to $Exporter::Verbose
      Re: [perl #18165] "0" fails as right-hand argument to ..
      Re: [perl #18238] timezone and gmt offset as output by POSIX::strftime()  are sometimes wrong
      Re: Bug in Filter::Simple
      read permissions for h2ph-generated files
      Re: truncate using a globref
      Re: [perl #20274] perlbug requires dynamic loading
      perlbug (was: Re: [perl #20606] [no subject])
      Re: [perl #20920] Segmentation fault ("Safe Signal" queue problem?)
      Re: Does filetest work at all?
      Re: Bug in Storable???
      ExtUtils::Install and the don't-really-do-it switch
      t/op/magic.t on FreeBSD
      installperl -n
      configure.gnu --prefix
      [PATCH} db-recno.t on Mac OS X
      configure.gnu --prefix
      for File::Temp::tempdir(CLEANUP => 1)
      Re: 5.8.1 and srand
      Re: [perl #24122] setreuid and friends borked on darwin/osx
      Tie::Hash documentation
      Tie::Hash documentation
      -u is deprecated.
      Re: [perl #24225] [5.8.1] segfault in binmode STDOUT, ':stdio'; print 1
      Off-by-one error in regcomp.c
      Re: Smoke [5.9.0] 21474 FAIL(F) darwin 6.8 (darwin/1 cpu)
      Re: [perl #24493] install.html not working
      Re: [perl #24245] File::Copy::copy damages hard linked files
      Re: [perl #24574] find2perl provides different results to find
      perl 5.8.0, FindBin::again
      File::Copy Pod
      find2perl, new options
      PATCH: Add =encoding directive to non-latin READMEs
      Re: [perl #41421] glob() produces spurious results with brackets in braces
      Re: [perl #41442] segfault (dead loop) with Encoding, use open :locale, print STDERR
      stop lib/perl5db.t failure if Term::ReadLine::Perl is installed
      Re: [perl #45513] Test failures on amd64-freebsd 6.2
      [perl #45513] Test failures on amd64-freebsd 6.2
      More diagnostics for
      Re: [perl #46381] "Out of memory ... sbrk()" on FreeBSD-6.x for v.5.8.x but not v.5.6.x

Slaven_Rezic (1):
      [ #28537] PATCH for croak.t test failure

Solar Designer (1):
      Re: [perl #15063] /tmp issues

Spiros Denaxas (2):
      Re: Small addition to perlcheat.pod
      [Patch] perlboot.pod / added semicolons

Sreeji K Das (1):
      Re: maint @ 20617 [PATCH]

Srezic@Iconmobile.Com (1):
      [perl #30563] [PATCH] Storable::dclone fails for tied elements

Starsinic, Kurt (1):
      perldata.pod typo

Stas Bekman (39):
      Re: utime undef, undef, "/tmp/test" and warnings
      [doc patch] ext/threads/shared/
      [patch config_h.SH] redefining __attribute__
      Bunch of doc patches from Stas; plus regen.
      [patch] PL_taint_warn falls between chairs in perl_clone()
      [patch ext/B/typemap] STRLEN T_UV
      [patch] utils/h2xs.PL (get rid of \t and '')
      [patch] L<perlguts/"API LISTING"> is now L<perlapi>
      [comment patch]
      Re: [typo] sv.c pod/perlapi.pod
      [patch lib/] doc tweaks
      [perluniintro.pod] pod markup fix
      [patch emacs/ptags] allow xemacs to be used
      [patch sv.h api doc] SvTAINTED_on does its craft only under -T
      Retract #20930 because of
      [patch] more fullpath TAGS patches (emacs/cperl-mode.el + emacs/ptags)
      Unknown discipline ':utf8' w/ maint perl w/o perlio
      [patch sv.c] improve " unref scalar" warning
      [patch pod/perliol.pod]
      [5.8.x segfault + patch] chicken&egg segfault in -Dm -Mthreads
      [patch pod/perlfunc.pod] separate two unrelated notes in require
      Re: [perl #24398] cmpthese segfault
      [patch t/op/hash.t] extending the hash attack test
      [patch pod/perlsec.pod] (was Re: why PERL5LIB is ignored when -T is in effect)
      Re: XS modules having problems with CLONE and ithreads unless PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT is defined
      [patch Porting/pumpkin.pod] trying to ensure that PPPort is up-to-date on each new release
      [patch t/] comment fix
      Add a new test file for situations where threads may interfere.
      [comment patch] (ed: mg.c:mg_set() => mg.c:Perl_magic_set())
      [patch perlguts.pod] save_item doesn't handle magic
      [patch] log the interpreter id in warnings
      Re: undef loses it magicness when assigned to a variable?
      api doc fix for SvSetMagicSV_nosteal
      [patch pod/perlipc] use POSIX; w/o () is a bad idea
      RC1 pod fix #anchor
      Re: [patch perlapi doc] sv_magic
      [patch sv.c] comment fix
      Re: killing USE_5005THREADS in blead?
      [patch] cleanup perlsfio.h

Steffen Mueller (9):
      Re: [perl #50322] CGITempFile causes "Insecure dependency in sprintf" in perl 5.10.0
      Re: helping 5.8.9
      Re: recent '' change => dual-life
      Fix for Config detection
      Tiny SelfLoader patch for better warnings
      bugfix, AutoLoader 0.67
      Re: [Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SM/SMUELLER/Attribute-Handlers-0.80.tar.gz]
      Re: add UPSTREAM flag to

Steffen Müller (11):
      Re: bug.
      add test related to change #17799:
      Documentation patch for overload
      Re: [PATCH] Documentation patch for overload
      Bug in causing endless loop
      AutoLoader fix, part 2
      Re: Dual-lived AutoLoader
      Re: [perl #48769] [PATCH] 1.0904 - Whitespace in subroutine
      AutoLoader: Remove AutoLoader::can
      feature bundles are the same across all subversions

Steffen Ullrich (2):
      [Patch] [perl #32446]  close leaves fd open
      Re: interrupting system() with signal depends on signal handler

Stephen Clouse (1):
      Missing semicolon in PERL_FPU_INIT macro

Stephen McCamant (28):
      Re: [PATCH@8545] [ID 20000808.005] OP_REFGEN as an lvalue
      Re: speed of my
      Re: [PATCH] [perl #18175] B::Concise,-exec doesn't handle // operator well
      Re: Precedence of ? :
      Re: [perl #19061] 'goto' confuses 'redo'
      Re: [perl #19566] Perl 5.8.0 segfault
      B::Concise updates (incl. avoiding use of op_seq)
      More B::Concise fixes
      Re: [perl #21261] B::Terse not outputting correct constants or variable names
      B::Deparse: sv_no != 0
      CvFILE for constant subs
      Increment cop_seqmax in utilize()
      Re: Oops - Can't calculate our powers
      Re: Bug in B::Deparse/Concise with ithreads
      Fix saving 'V' magic in scan_vstring()
      B enhancements
      B::Deparse 0.64
      Re: B::Deparse fails in pure_string()
      Re: [perl #30504] B::Deparse scoping problem with for loop
      Cleanup ext/B tests for -w and to run separately
      [perl #32967] [PATCH] Re: More B bugs: svref_2object
      [perl #32968] [PATCH] Re: B::walkoptree segfaults
      Re: [patch] teach B::Concise to see XS code
      Re: [perl #36837] B::Deparse fails when it comes to ByteLoader programs
      aelemfast optimization opclass problem (c.f. [perl #38279])
      [perl #38346] [PATCH] Re: B::Deparse's bug?
      Re: [perl #38684] O::Deparse not working as expected
      Re: Deparse bug?

Steve Grazzini (9):
      Re: [perl #17830] open FH, "<&", $fd
      Re: nitpick with \(0..2)
      Patch for a warning emitted twice, from :
      unnecessary stringification in eval/die
      Re: [perl #17934] tied STDERR and internal warnings
      [DOCPATCH] perlfunc/read
      Re: [perl #23210] parser error with 'print $HANDLE func(@args)'
      pp_sys.c: pp_waitpid and EINTR

Steve Hay (506):
      Fix installhtml for splitting and PM/POD conflicts
      Fixes for "installhtml --splithead", based on :
      Fix missing functions when splitting perlfunc
      Document PERL_DEBUGGING_MSTATS in INSTALL and in the Win32 Makefile.
      h2xs generates false comments about ABSTRACT
      [possible PATCH?] Re: Where is PerlIO_isutf8()?
      Re: MakeMaker doesn't pasthru DEFINE command-line args to subdirs on Win32
      Re: [PATCH] Re: MakeMaker doesn't pasthru DEFINE command-line args to subdirs on Win32
      Re: main@20537: WinXP build failed op/time.t test 2
      Include fcrypt.c for crypt() on Windows
      Remove redundant targets from Win32 Makefile
      Re: maint @ 21116
      Fix broken splitpod program
      Fix File::Copy with hard links on Windows.
      Nicer formatting for function arguments in Carp messages
      Re: [PATCH] Add "Camel" logo icon to perl.exe on Windows
      Fix absolute path handling in installhtml
      Correct some prototypes in perlapi.pod
      nmake distclean cleans too much from lib/Digest on Win32
      Fix PERLEXE_ICO/PERLEXE_RES targets in on Win32
      More "distclean" tidy ups on Win32
      Re: [PATCH] More "distclean" tidy ups on Win32
      Fix minitest target in Win32 makefiles
      Re: [PATCH] Stop splitpod truncating sprintf manpage
      Re: Smoke [5.9.1] 22491 FAIL(M) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP1 (x86/1 cpu)
      Re: ../lib/ExtUtils/t/Embed.t failure on Win32/GCC
      Re: [PATCH] Fix PERL_MALLOC_WRAP change for Win32
      various win32 build fixes
      Fix command-line quoting under Windows for the new optree tests
      Document limitations in PUSHi et al macros and add new mPUSHi et al macros
      Add tests for mX?PUSH[inup] macros.
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 22818 FAIL(F) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP1 (x86/1 cpu)
      Test portability nit.
      win32_chsize is not exported on Win32
      Fix generation of perlapi.pod
      Fix anomalies in Carp functions
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 22881 FAIL(M) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP1 (x86/1 cpu)
      Workaround a dmake oddity.
      Have win32/ default to gcc, and update docs
      Use VirtualAlloc() more flexibly when using it to mimic UNIX's sbrk().
      Windows-related updates to Porting/repository.pod
      Bug report #30132 was resolved before it was finished!
      A few minor updates to README.win32 (aka perlwin32)
      Fix breakage caused by Change 23179
      Another small clean-up following changes #23190 and #23198
      Fix [perl #24269] socket() call uses non-IFS providers
      Add notes for building with MS VC++ Toolkit 2003
      Implement new environment variable to allow the use of non-IFS
      Document sv_vcatpvf, sv_vsetpvf, sv_vcatpvf_mg and sv_vsetpvf_mg.
      Make write its output with UNIX style EOL's.
      Document sv_magic() changes brought about by sv_magicext()
      Fix Win32 breakage caused by changes to op.c in change 23433.
      Make all scripts run by write output with UNIX style EOL's.
      Fix Win32 breakage caused by changes 23535/23542.
      Fix typo from change 23554 which screwed up Windows smokes
      Fix another Win32 breakage caused by change 23554
      Update AUTHORS (for changes #23200 and #23621)
      Fix Win32 breakage caused by change 23610
      Document gv_stashpvn
      Bring win32/config.* into line with win32/config_H.*
      Disable PERL_MALLOC and DEBUG_MSTATS in win32/ by default
      Get $Config{osvers} filled in on Win32
      Make Win32's distclean target clean up properly
      Need to close files before unlinking them on Win32
      Fix Win32 build problem caused by change 23757
      Get $Config{ccversion} or $Config{gccversion} filled in on Win32
      Exclude "Thread" from $Config{dynamic_ext}
      Exclude "Thread" from $Config{extensions}
      Fix test suite hang on Win32 caused by change #23898
      Fix definition of DEBUG_MSTATS for Win32 dmake builds
      Fix PERL_MALLOC/DEBUG_MSTATS options in Win32 makefiles
      Jan Dubois has taken over maintenance of Win32 stuff from Sarathy
      Fix Win32's dmake for new dmakes built with Visual C++
      Stop mktables from needlessly re-running when using dmake on Win32
      Suppress "ECHO is on." messages when using dmake on Win32
      A better fix than change 24005 was ;)
      More Win32 dmake fixes
      Oops - forgot to update MANIFEST for change 24056.
      Fix PerlLIO_chsize() for platforms that don't have chsize()
      Fix Win32 compilation nit following change #24074
      Clean-up some warnings when compiling on Win32 with VC++
      A couple more Win32 compilation clean-ups
      Another Win32 compilation clean-up (for when using Perl's malloc)
      One more Win32 compilation clean-up (for when using -DDEBUGGING)
      A few Win32 makefile tidy-ups (No real changes)
      Add support for PERL_HASH_SEED_EXPLICIT and NO_HASH_SEED in the
      Add support for USE_SITECUSTOMIZE in the Win32 makefiles
      Fix USE_SITECUSTOMIZE on Win32
      Remove dependency on tr(1) for MinGW builds on Win32
      Don't try to export symbols that don't exist
      Disable I18N::Langinfo for Win32 since nl_langinfo() isn't available
      Support d_libm_lib_version for Win32 (see change 24217)
      Fix bug #33664: allow for transport providers with protocol == 0
      Fix my_chsize() for systems having chsize(), broken by change #24271
      Fix Win32 linker errors following change 24271
      Fix more Win32 linker errors following change 24271
      Fix last remaining Win32 linker error following change 24271
      Provide $Config{libswanted_uselargefiles} on Win32
      Update location to fetch dmake from in README.win32
      Win32 MM test fix
      Fix perlsio_binmode() export breakage caused by change #24338
      Remove temporary clean-up from Win32 makefiles
      Silence a compilation warning on Win32
      Skip PL_sig_sv when PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT is defined
      Fix croak() and confess() so that they don't clobber $!
      Remove a couple of unreferenced local variables
      Fill in HASATTRIBUTE stuff in win32/config_H.* (see change #24508)
      Fix some Win32 link errors
      Fix more Win32 linker errors caused by change 24561
      Skip signals and core dump tests on Win32
      Fix failing Cwd tests on Win32
      We still need an "i" in the PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS case
      NORETURN_FUNCTION_END is not a complete statement
      Add BUILDOPTEXTRA to Win32 makefiles
      Don't delete IO/Zlib during distclean on Win32
      Actually skip tests when they're supposed to be skipped!
      Stop "test" filename clashing with "TEST" on Win32
      Fix win32/ for building with bcc32 5.5.1 and dmake 4.4
      Fix $Config{ccversion} for Borland C++ 5.5.1
      Don't export Perl_stashpv_hvname_match when !USE_ITHREADS
      Enable static extensions with Borland compiler on Win32
      Simplify win32/ for static extensions with GCC
      Fix changes 24862 and 24863 for Sarathy's old dmake
      Give op/taint.t a helping hand for Borland compiler on Win32
      Update README.win32
      Teach lib/warnings.t about Borland CRT error messages
      Silence STDERR grumblings from Borland's math library.
      Support NV_ZERO_IS_ALLBITS_ZERO on Win32 (re: change 24898)
      Trim trailing whitespace from $! and $^E
      Fix Archive-Tar tests on Win32
      Silence some bcc32 compiler warnings
      Silence some more bcc32 compiler warnings
      Silence yet more bcc32 compiler warnings
      Silence another bcc32 compiler warning
      More bcc32 compiler warnings to silence
      Silence bcc32 compiler warnings from win32/fcrypt.c (almost)
      Oops! Change 24946 wasn't quite right
      Silence bcc32 compiler warnings following change 24945
      Fix Archive-Tar tests on Win32 following change 24954
      Fix t\op\gv.t on Win32
      Make opendir() filename const in Win32-land & friends
      Stop '"__attribute__format__" redefined' warnings from gcc on Win32
      Fix typo in win32.c
      Silence compiler warning in SDBM_File
      Stop "suspicious pointer conversion" warning following change 24997
      Stop "Possible use before definition" warning following change 24997
      Silence MinGW warnings about system headers when building Errno
      Silence some cast warnings from bcc32 on Win32
      Remove unreferenced local variable (and the warning about it)
      Silence MinGW warning about "'noreturn' function does return"
      Make Archive::Tar clean up its test files on Win32
      Perl_ckwarn (added by change 25050) needs exporting on Win32
      Stop changing EOL on the files it writes on Win32
      Here's the rest of change 25058 ;-)
      Fix change 25045
      Borland's .pdb files are called .tds
      Regen after change 25067
      Perl_share_hek needs exporting for change 25070 on Win32
      Use void, not void *, to suppress RETVAL (and compiler warning)
      Add regression test for change 25062
      Remove an unreferenced local variable in Digest-MD5
      Oops! Change 25080 should have updated checksums too.
      [patch hv.h doc] HvNAME
      Change New*() to Newx*() in various comments and documentation
      Fix worrying typo in handy.h :-s
      Hack out -DL documentation from perldebuguts.pod
      Missed a New() -> Newx().
      Re: Scalar leaked in 'local $0' under ithreads + taint mode
      Make -V "Compile-time options" list everything used in
      Fix static extensions when building with nmake on Win32
      Re: [PATCH blead] Re: [perl #3269] no warnings "foo" without "use warnings" turns off all warnings.
      Silence compiler warning following change 25157
      Fix test following change #25181
      Exit test script (if we're going to) *before* declaring a plan
      Fix Newz() backwards-compatibility macro
      Silence warnings about NSIG redefinition on Win32
      Silence Win32 compiler warning (signed/unsigned mismatch)
      Fix definition of Perl_sighandler following change 25200
      Rearrange win32/config_H.* to match config_h.SH
      Make the canned config.h files used on Win32 more minimal
      Make read "miniperl -V" on Win32
      Silence Win32 warnings when not using USE_LARGE_FILES
      Tidy up options / defines output from
      Add missing entries to win32/config.*
      Tweak the canned win32/config.* files
      Fix USE_LARGE_FILES with bcc32 on Win32?
      Make CBuilder and ParseXS clean up their temp test files
      Silence uninitialized value warnings in Net::Cmd
      Ken pointed out that CBuilder's cleanup is too agrressive
      Reinstate PERL_MALLOC_WRAP for bcc32 on Win32
      Skip op/sprintf.t test 147 on MSWin32
      Update Porting/repository.pod to recommend Cygwin's ssh on Win32
      Silence Win32 compiler warnings following change 25280
      Fix lib/Time/Local.t for bcc32 in non GMT time zones
      Make change 25286 better
      Supply same libs for bcc32 builds as cl and gcc builds have
      Update win32 config files w.r.t. change #25387
      Resolve [perl #37110]: Update README.win32
      Localize $@ in Locale::Maketext::maketext()
      Forgot to update MANIFEST in change 25547
      Change 25226 should have done this too
      Extend 25579 to cover vc64 too
      Improve File::Spec::Win32->path() and fix MM_Win32.t
      Clean up CBuilder and ParseXS test files
      Make building perl on Win32 with the free VC++ toolkit easier
      Fix $Config{ccflags} for Win32 perls built with dmake
      Update win32 config files w.r.t. change #25733
      Make some casts explicit to keep VC++ 7 happy
      Silence gcc complaints about comments in config.h
      Update win32 config files w.r.t. change #25793
      Fixed threaded builds following change 25916
      Change some spaces to tabs for easier diffing against config_h.SH
      Update win32 config files w.r.t. change #25935
      Fix nit in pod nit fix
      Make PerlLIOUtime()'s filename const
      This *really* should clear up Win32's Perl_do_exec undefined warnings
      Fix a Win32 linker error following change #25972
      Remove an unused variable left over from change #26041
      Make Perl_seed public
      Fix code-before-declaration in boot_Storable added by 26107
      Fix ext/POSIX/t/time.t on Win32
      Don't try to export Perl_pad_sv when it isn't defined
      Fix lib/File/Compare.t test failures on Win32
      Fix compilation error when building with -DPERL_MEM_LOG_STDERR
      Fix release mode builds following change 26598
      Workaround Win32 compiler bugs following change 26395
      Make Borland and MinGW happy with change 26379
      Don't try to export PL_my_ctx_mutex and PL_my_cxt_* when
      Run (Just updating copyright years)
      Reorder changes made in change 26630
      Workaround another problem following change 26395
      DBL_MAX and FLT_MAX are not constants in Borland C++
      Bleadperl's Win32::Win32 is more recent than the current CPAN release
      Clean up libdirs left behind by new Compress-Zlib
      Clean up temp files/dirs left by Archive-Tar tests
      Change all NEWSV() to newSV() in the core and non-dual-lived modules.
      SPRINTF_RETURNS_STRLEN isn't really a compile-time option
      Remove d_nanosleep from win32 configs
      Remove note about #elif, see :
      Fix the effects of 27136 on Win32 with DEBUGGING and PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS
      A better fix than 27148
      Revert an assert() fix in the light of change #27152
      Teach about Changelogs with leading tabs
      Fix code-before-declaration error (under VC++) from change #27334
      Fix op/utftaint.t on Win32 following change #27248
      Silence a VC++ warning
      Silence a GCC warning
      Silence a VC++ warning with DEBUGGING builds
      Silence another VC++ warning
      Fix lib/Module/Build/t/compat.t
      Complete change #27407/27410 on Win32 and tidy up change #27372
      Don't try to export PL_madskills/PL_xmlfp when they're not defined
      Cleanup Archive-Tar temporary test files
      Adjust Win32 distclean as per changes #27411 and #27417
      Sort the ext/ and lib/ tests when running under t/harness
      Get rid of unnecessary "rmdir /s" calls in Win32 makefiles
      Install POD files into "lib\pods" rather than "lib\pod" on Win32
      Make "distclean" target on Win32 clean up temporary HTML directory
      Merge some changes from ActivePerl
      Merge some more changes from ActivePerl
      Fix broken MM_Win32.t tests following 27590
      Simplify tests for fork() capabilities
      Fix skip count in ext\B\t\lint.t
      Patch from Jarkko to fix breakage caused by change #27649
      Re: [PATCH] add pTHX_ parameter to new_warnings_bitfield()
      Make Module-Build aware of new Test-Harness output
      RE: [PATCH] fix 27987 for MSVC (was Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 28020 FAIL(m) MSWin32 Win2000 SP4 (x86/1 cpu))
      Ahem. And here's the rest of #28051...
      Sigh. Third time lucky.
      Make Perl_unshare_hek visible to core extensions without being public
      Fix Win32 linker error
      Fix code before declaration error introduced by #28405
      Add Win32API::File to the core
      Fix change #28533: my_strlcpy does not return the dest str!
      Fix change #28552: VC++ doesn't like code before declarations
      Avoid an error that VC++'s resource compiler seems to have
      Clear up most of the VC6 compiler warnings in the following smoke:
      Remove a (UINT) cast to silence a VC6 compiler warning
      Silence the VC7 compiler warning in the following smoke:
      Silence a couple of Borland compiler warnings
      Provide a BGET_svtype, required by #28667
      Fixups for test failures caused by #28667 and #28668
      Close file before unlinking (on Win32 at least!)
      Resync win32/config_H.* and win32/config.* with config_h.SH
      Update Porting/ w.r.t. #28695, #28703 and #28706.
      Update pod/perl594delta.pod w.r.t. #28706, and arrange list of modules
      Silence a bunch of Borland compiler warnings in SDBM_File
      Silence Borland compiler warnings in XS::APItest and Win32
      Silence some more Borland compiler warnings
      cxtype is a U16, not a U32 (Stops VC++ complaining)
      Update Porting/ w.r.t. #28809
      Update Porting/ w.r.t. #28811
      I think we need to skip PL_regdupe as well as Perl_regdupe
      Updates for building on Win32 with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
      Close temporary test file before unlinking (for the sake of Win32)
      Add some missing targets to win32/
      Bump $VERSION in Term::UI following change #29120
      Silence VC++ compiler warnings
      Forgot to bump Time-HiRes $VERSION in change #29180
      Get Visual C++ 2005 (aka Visual C++ 8.x) support off the ground
      Don't use the PERL_MSVCRT_READFIX when using VC++ 7.x onwards.
      Embed manifest files in EXEs and DLLs when building with VC++ 8.x
      Fix tests added by #29248 and #29249
      Update config.ce is in win32/ in 5.9.x
      Add missing d_ctermid/HAS_CTERMID to Win32 canned configs
      Add perl-static.exe support to win32/
      Install perl-static.exe if it was built
      Tidy up Makefile part of #29260 and apply to too
      Fix the XXX in #29303
      Revert #29307. It doesn't fix the XXX after all. Using "$(shell @type )"
      Fix infinite loop in Perl_my_strftime() for failing strftime()
      VC8 regards 60 seconds as an invalid parameter for strftime()
      Update as per Makefile w.r.t. #29308 and #29323
      Silence VC8's warnings about "unsafe" CRT functions and POSIX CRT
      Embed manifest files in DLLs built with Module-Build when using VC8
      Cleanup manifest file left by test script when using VC8
      Remove redundant macros from win32 makefiles
      Make the win32/ a little safer
      Add missing d_printf_format_null/PRINTF_FORMAT_NULL_OK to Win32 canned
      Give perl.exe an icon when built with MinGW and Borland
      Silence 4 "unreferenced local variable" warnings from VC++
      Silence VC++ 8 warnings about "possible loss of data"
      Building with Visual C++ 2005 now works except for one test failure
      Fix IPC-Cmd test failure on Win32: check current directory as well
      I think #29060 / #29073 missed this
      Don't try to export fd_refcnt symbols when building without USE_PERLIO
      Change #29424 may well be correct in itself, but currently doesn't
      Skip Perl_regdupe_internal rather than Perl_regdupe
      Extend d_pseudofork to Win32-land and set it when appropriate
      Make the check for PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS better
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes 1.9702
      Better fix than #29479 for exporting refcounted_he_chain_2hv
      Make use of $Config{d_pseudofork} in a couple of core tests
      Silence VC warnings about possible operator precedence problems
      Restore (differently) the setting of $Config{osvers} on Win32
      Do the same as #29514 for Win32
      Silence a VC compiler warning
      Silence a warning from (MinGW's) gcc
      Check miniperl exists before using it to run
      Fix a couple of linker errors on Win32
      Silence various VC6 warnings
      Do the same as #29697 for Win32
      Update copyright year in "perl -v" output
      Apply #30197 to win32/ too
      Vadim did the static build change
      Fix Win32 build after unusual breakage caused by #30327
      Fix Win32 compilation error following #30372
      Remove unreferenced local variable
      Bump $Win32API::File::VERSION for change #30409
      Reinstate part of #28744 that was accidentally reverted in #30454
      Make sure gets cleaned up
      These test scripts probably wanted BEGIN blocks,
      Add a test for the bug fixed by #30970
      Fix non-threaded build on Win32 following #30980
      Silence 5 "possible loss of data" warnings from VC6
      Fix a function signature missed by #31027 to silence a VC6 warning
      Silence VC6 warning about not all control paths returning a value
      Re: VMS and Win32 Makefiles in change 31059
      Do the same as #31095 for Win32
      Fix threaded builds (broken by change #31112)
      Fix a CPANPLUS test that fails when run on a read-only source tree
      Silence some VC6 compiler warnings in the regex code
      Fix breakages caused by #31130:
      Older versions of windres interpret "-I" as the input format,
      Test for [perl #42925], which was fixed by #31214
      Remove comment added by #31218 since the rest of that change was
      A more general fix to non-threaded static extension build problems
      DynaLoader doesn't seem to need -DPERL_CORE, and no other extensions
      Upgrade to Win32-0.29
      Fix the ext/IO/t/io_sock.t failure when built with VC++ 2005
      Change #31270 should have updated proto.h to match
      Silence the warning "Can't locate auto/POSIX/autosplit.ix in @INC"
      win32/ doesn't support GSAR's old dmake (because of
      Silence a couple of VC++ compiler warnings
      Silence another VC++ compiler warning (signed/unsigned mismatch in ==)
      Stop VC7 and VC8 complaining about the DESCRIPTION statement
      Stop VC7 and VC8 warning about overriding /DPERLDLL with /UPERLDLL
      Stop VC++ from warning "all references to 'SHELL32.dll' discarded
      Stop VC++ from warning "'getenv' : inconsistent dll linkage.
      Move win32_create_message_window() out of #ifdef HAVE_INTERP_INTERN
      Remove dead Perl_sys_intern_clear() from wince.c
      Change 31347 should also have removed win32_free_argvw()
      Fix lib/File/Path.t failure on Win32
      Fix random failures in CPANPLUS tests on Win32
      Change #31426 should also be applied to the PERL_IMPLICIT_SYS
      Stop the VC++ warning "'HUF_func_2mode' undefined; assuming extern
      Silence "signed/unsigned mismatch" warning from VC++ when building
      Revert #30197 and #30219, which #31464 has just made redundant
      Upgrade to Win32-0.30
      Fix POSIX::setlocale(): the CRT function returns a pointer to a
      Re-enable the setlocale() tests for Windows XP onwards
      Apply win32/Makefile changes from #31102 and #31506 to win32/
      $Config{useshrplib} should be 'true' rather than 'yes' when using
      Correct a couple more cases of $Config{useshrplib}
      Add Borland linker option to not generate .map files
      Some Win32 Config fixes for patchlevel and perl_patchlevel:
      Don't install static library files of statically linked extensions
      Use Perl_croak() rather than DIE() in S_doeval() because "DIE()"
      Fix pod nit in perlunicode
      I've had my email address changed
      Updates to AUTHORS and Porting/
      Re-apply #31429, which was accidentally undone by #31632
      Update AUTHORS following change #31653
      Fix syntax error introduced by #31715
      Skip the POSIX::strftime() time test with a 60sec parameter on Vista:
      Fix 01_Module_Load_Conditional.t on Win32 (broken by #31726)
      Clean up debug symbol files (.pdb for VC++, .tds for BCC) when running
      Oops, forgot to bump $VERSION for #31728
      Use -D_CRT_NONSTDC_NO_DEPRECATE rather than -wd4996 to suppress warnings
      Add support for Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition (Beta 2)
      Fix Win32 breakage (code before declaration) caused by #31766
      Upgrade to Win32-0.31
      Change #31889 forgot to regen global.sym
      Clean up test files left behind (on Win32, at least) by Archive-Extract
      Fix whitespace in Changes to keep Porting/ happy
      Updates to AUTHORS etc.
      Upgrade to Win32-0.32
      Fix Win32 breakage caused by #31926
      Fix test introduced in #31973 that failed on Win32
      Silence compiler warnings on Win32 (VC6)
      Do the same as #32061 for Win32, which also fixes a static linking
      A minor correction to perl5100delta
      RE: Net/Ping/t/510_ping_udp.t fails on Windows Vista
      Run (fixes build on Win32, at least)
      Win32 doesn't set $Config{d_fork} when its pseudofork emulation is
      Fix prototype in regexp code following #32851, and regen
      Fix Win32 compiler warnings introduced by #33081 and #33085
      Nicer fix than #33106 (thanks to Nicholas Clark)
      Fix compiler warning introduced in DEBUGGING builds by #33103
      Correct another variable name in embed.fnc
      Drat. #33298 doesn't fix it: need this too.
      pp_system explicitly passes NULL to do_aspawn, so NULL must be "OK"
      Fix linker error introduced by #33305
      Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition is now out: update README.win32
      Fix Win32/VC6 compiler warnings caused by #33231
      Fix CBuilder test that has been failing on Win32
      Fix Module-Build test that has been failing on Win32
      Fix [perl #50430].
      Silence warning from VC8 when building without USE_LARGE_FILES
      Sync win32/config.* with Porting/
      Correct large files / lseek size & type settings in Win32 canned configs.
      Fix-up Win32's regen_config_h targets for semi-automatic updating of
      Regenerate the win32/config_H.* files using the makefile targets
      Silence Borland compiler warnings (except for warnings from zlib) here:
      Change variable name to fix debug build with PERL_OLD_COPY_ON_WRITE
      Fix another Win32/VC6 compiler warning caused by #33231
      Fix skip counts introduced in #33433
      Silence some warnings on Win32 with VC6
      Silence warning introduced by #32703 when building with MYMALLOC
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Install-1.50
      Silence warning from VC++ following #33447
      Silence some warnings introduced by #33507
      RE: [PATCH revised] Fix ExtUtils::Install under Cygwin
      Upgrade to Win32-0.35
      Run from, and check overload.c as well as overload.h
      Upgrade to Win32-0.36
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.23
      Fix run/switches test on Win32
      Remove temporary file leftover by test in IO-Compress-Zlib
      Fix a couple of tests introduced by #34045 which fail on Win32
      Make sure parser's filehandle is closed when finished
      Upgrade to Win32-0.37
      Upgrade to Win32-0.38
      Omit tests introduced by #34077 and #34084 which fail on Win32
      Fix test count that was missed in #34092
      Skip chown() tests added by #34092 on Win32
      Upgrade to Encode-2.26
      Upgrade to podlators 2.1.2
      Undo io_linenum.t part of #34148. It was io_multihomed.t that I meant
      Fix new test added by #34198, which failed on Win32
      Fix a couple of failing tests on Win32
      Update AUTHORS
      Skip another file in the VERSION comparison program
      Bump VERSIONs in all non-dual-lived modules that have changed
      Fix syntax error in introduced by #34379
      Skip another module from the VERSION comparison checks
      Don't skip exporting Perl_sv_peek in non-DEBUGGING builds since it
      Upgrade to podlators-2.1.4
      Upgrade Compression modules to 2.015
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.46
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.30
      Fix Module-Build's compat.t when HARNESS_TIMER is set to 1
      Add the two new test files that I missed in 34446
      Correct the sLOCALTIME_{min|max} values added by #34363 for BCC and VC9
      Upgrade to Archive-Tar-1.39_04
      Fix Archive-Tar's 02_methods.t when IO::Compress::Bzip2 is absent
      Refine Win32's s{GM|LOCAL}TIME_{min|max} values based on the output of
      Define HAS_QUAD on Win32 and introduce new value for QUADKIND
      Upgrade to podlators-2.2.0
      Fix new test (just added by podlators upgrade) on Win32, at least
      lib/Test/Tutorial.pod is part of Test-Simple
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.85_01, keeping local changes 34491 and 34545
      Fix test broken by Test-Simple upgrade (similar to change 33689)
      Temporary (?) fix for ext/Test/Harness/t/compat/regression.t,
      Oops, change 34762 should have bumped the VERSION
      Upgrade to Pod-Perldoc-3.15
      Silence a compiler warning introduced by 34963
      Update Win32 canned configs
      Apply revision 1241 (and 1250) from the TAP::Harness SVN repo
      Upgrade to Test-Simple 0.86
      Apply revision 11894 from the Module::Build SVN repo (to replace
      Upgrade to Win32API-File 0.1101
      Fix test failures caused by Archive-Extract upgrade
      Add various files generated by a Win32 build to .gitignore.

Steve Peters (680):
      [perl #27576] [PATCH] Pod::Usage -exitvalue => "NOEXIT" requires -output be set (Doc bug)
      Re: [perl #31937] perlop: add basic =~ examples
      [perl #30227] [PATCH]splain vs. -w
      36 additional tests for B
      Small documentation fix to ExtUtils::Constant
      [perl #28929] File::Find follow_fast => 1 loses dangling symlink
      [perl #3422] [PATCH] CHECK routine called after syntax error
      [perl #3242] [PATCH]No error on assignment to $>
      [perl #32639] [PATCH] Bug in Term::Complete Module with $_ Usage
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 23566 FAIL(X) openbsd 3.6 (i386/1 cpu)
      [perl #3274] [PATCH] Documentation for utime should be improved
      [perl #24343] [PATCH] -w vs. -s
      Additional tests for t/op/not.t
      Use strl* functions in doio.c when available
      [perl #31730] [PATCH] IO::File reads garbage from directory filehandles
      Re: Smoke [5.9.2] 24061 FAIL(m) linux 2.6.10-1.770_FC3 [fedora] (i686/1 cpu)
      Refactoring to Sv*_set() macros - patch #1
      Refactoring to Sv*_set() macros - patch #2
      Refactoring to Sv*_set() macros - patch #3
      Refactoring to Sv*_set() macros - patch #4
      Refactoring to Sv*_set() macros - patch #5
      Refactoring to Sv*_set() macros - patch #6, bytecode.h, and sv.h fixes
      Fix for warnings in util.c/Perl_init_tm()
      Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to default flags for gcc 3+
      IEEE math for the masses
      Sv_*set() doc's and extra const's for the SvPVX_const() tasks
      reentr.h changes so threaded Perl's compile on OpenBSD 3.7
      perlop.pod nit
      Re: [PATCH] reentr.h changes so threaded Perl's compile on OpenBSD 3.7
      [perl #33765] [PATCH] perlop: mention why 'print !!0' doesn't
      SvPVX_const() - Patch #1
      SvPVX_const - patch #2
      Documentation nits and fixes for Sv*_set() macros
      SvPVX_const() - part 3 ... and const'ing Storable
      SvPVX_const() - patch #4
      Fix for SEGV in ext/B/t/xref.t on OpenBSD
      S_emulate_eaccess() does return a value
      Re: [PATCH] make -f invalid when USE_SITECUSTOMIZE isn't set
      [perl #36199] [PATCH] 5.8.7 fails to build with parallel make
      Re: [perl #9741] possible problem with File::Find
      Re: [PATCH]Re: [perl #36417] IO::Handle::getline() doco should note an important difference from <$io>
      Skip nit in t/op/lfs.t
      Re: Smoke [5.9.3] 25093 FAIL(F) openbsd 3.7 (macppc/1 cpu)
      [perl #9565] [PATCH] /op/groups.t bug
      Final (hopefully) fix for fchdir
      Convert t/op/vec.t to
      id est is i.e.
      perlfunc.pod grammar fixes
      Fix a couple of random warnings
      Changes for hints/ for Purify
      Fix to PERL_DEBUG_COW
      [perl #37223] [PATCH] File::Find::find fails on Win32 with follow => 1
      Upgrade to Digest 1.11 with a minor Pod fix.  Also my first commit :)
      Upgrade to Encode 2.12
      Upgrade to CGI-3.11, with some modifications for Pod differences in
      Upgrade to Test::Harness 2.56
      Upgrade to ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.14
      With XSLoader on CPAN now, add XSLoader as a prerequisite in Makefile.PL
      Added new flag (--use-xsloader) to use XSLoader when in backward
      Fix some of the XHTML issues in Pod::Html.  The call for some time
      Missed test changes and a bit of debugging code that should
      If a 'use' or 'require' fails due to too many open files (EMFILE),
      Clarify the documentation regarding the return value from C<push>.
      Upgrade to Digest-1.12
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.15 (with a small edit to
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.13
      Fixes to Pod errors found by podchecker.
      Convert lvalue usage of SvNVX() and SvIVX() to SvNV_set() and
      Upgrade to Pathtools-3.12
      Documentation nit in INSTALL found by Alan Burlison.
      Missed files in upgrading modules.  Grrrr
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.62.
      Add standard core test header to Test::Builder::Tester tests.
      It would be nice to upgrade the right file.   Double grrrrr.
      Upgraded to ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.14.
      Tweaks to get Test::Builder::Tester's tests to work in the core.
      Add probe for unsetenv ()
      Add PERL_USE_SAFE_PUTENV to the compile time options in perl -V
      Upgrade to Unicode-Collate-0.52
      gcc complains when it sees variables declared
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.15.
      Upgrade to Pod-Parser-1.34 (with some changes to get the new test file
      Upgrade to XSLoader-0.06 (plus a minor doc nit found by podchecker).
      No more attempting to edit Pod before the first coffee of the morning.
      Upgrade to version-0.49
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.75
      Upgrade to Digest-1.13
      Documentation on getting a FORMAT ref from a GLOB was missing from
      Update one of merijn's previous emails.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.76
      Multiple versions of OpenBSD fail this test, not just 3.7.
      Win32 fix for change #25850.  I don't know if this define will ever
      Add SPRINTF_RETURNS_STRLEN to the various Win32 config_H.* files.
      gbarr is maintaining IO.
      Check for changes in IO on CPAN.
      Add a new file, mathoms.c, to hold old code kept around for binary
      Makefiles like tabs, not spaces.
      Coverage stats say av_fake() is a mathom too.
      Additional mathoms from doio.c
      Change to use sv_force_normal_flags() directly, rather than calling
      Oops, missed an sv_force_normal()
      perlsio_binmode() is pretty much a mathom on UNIX platforms, but it is
      Coverage stats showed that there were no tests for taking a slice
      Upgrade to DB_File 1.813.
      Lowercase barewords considered harmful to your health.
      Ambiguous test cases may be hazardous to your health.
      Test case should not execute /no_such_process if it does exist.
      Make harness warning-free when running with -Mdiagnostics
      Clean up some test files.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.77
      More core test cleanups.  Mainly fixes to remove code that caused
      Add appropriate skips to t/io/fs.t to fix test failures on Cygwin.
      Test for the right signal should use the constant for that signal.
      Missing va_end(args) from SA_SIGINFO related code.
      Change #25976 seemed to cause test failures in ext/B/t/f_sort.t.  What
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.78
      Reverting the reversion.  va_end() goes with va_start().
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes 1.79
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.80
      Re: futimes [PATCH]
      I barely knew ya pp_dor.  Merged into pp_defined from whence you came.
      Merge pp_andassign, pp_orassign, and pp_dorassign into pp_and,
      Typos in this time.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.81
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.76_60.
      Kill warnings and add a panic to pp_defined() in case the wrong op
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.82
      Nits in the pp_defined code spotted by Jarkko.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.76_61
      Fix documentation for gmtime().
      Added note to README.macosx regarding failures from broken locale
      Updated perldiag.pod entry for "Can't use subscript..."
      Patch from Gisle to add NO_MATHOMS to the Compile-time options.
      Fix for RT #37654.  Added $COMPILING to list of variables exported.
      Pod nit in, found by Marc Lehmann in RT #36949.
      const'ing Netdb_host_t broke HP-UX and created warnings on gcc for a double const.
      Andy Lester maintains Locale::Maketext now.
      Upgrade to Locale-Maketext-1.10.  As change #25547 did not make it
      Removed reference to the non-existent C<Opcode::Custom>.
      Initial, albeit hackish, support for the alpha version of Sun Studio
      Adding README.linux to the MANIFEST
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.14
      Cleaning up some warnings generated by "gcc -W"
      Down with "warning: code has no effect"
      Additional tests for B and POSIX.  The POSIX ones concern me a bit,
      Hmmm...strftime() does work on Win32, but tzset() is having problems
      Just be explicit about $TZ.
      Upgrade to Digest-1.14
      Actually update one of the files from the previous change.
      Upgrade to Digest-MD5-2.35
      Upgrade to Scalar-List-Utils-1.18
      Deal with differences in what clock() does between POSIX and BSD.
      Upgrade to MIME-Base64-3.06
      Mention of possible use of a scalar variable on the rhs of an arrow "->"
      Mac OS X/Darwin seems to have problems with tzname().
      Assimilate Pod-Escapes-1.04.  This is a prereq for Pod::Simple,
      dor-assign (//=) was missing from perlop.pod
      Nit from change #26232 noticed by H. Merijn Brand
      Upgrade to version-0.50
      Update perlhack.pod with the updated, permanent ActiveState URLs
      Fix handling of author's names that had apostrophes.  Based on a patch
      Upgrade to
      Upgrade to Digest-MD5-2.36
      Upgrade to MIME-Base64-3.07
      Upgrade to CGI-3.14.
      Assimilate Pod-Simple-3.03 to the Perl core
      Upgrade to podlators-2.00
      One quick fix to the test for differences in error output.
      Fix to Pod::Usage to work with all recent Pod::Text versions.  Also
      Further yak-shaving on Pod::Usage.  Now, t/pod/pod2usage2.t tests
      Version bump for Pod::Usage
      One final Pod::Usage yak to shave...
      Add pointer to Pod::Simple for the Pod -> HTML task.
      Upgrade to
      Upgrade to Sys-Syslog-0.10
      Fixes compile errors introduce with change #26301 when compiling
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.14_01
      Pod::Man's tests aren't Unicode friendly.  Let's skip the unfriendly
      Changes to Pod::Simple's tests to get rid of the "^"s in the
      Renaming of some of Pod::Simple's test files to make it more 8.3
      Upgrade to Getopt-Long-2.35
      Add a missing FREETMPS to match up with a SAVETMPS.  This change
      Again, FREETMPS not SAVETMPS!
      Reverting change #26360 and #26361 since it appears that the bugs I
      Prevent require() from attempting to open directories and block
      Added test for change #26373.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.85
      Fix for ext/POSIX/t/time.t so the strftime() test works on systems
      Addition documentation explaining aritmetic negation on strings.  Also,
      Fix a typo and add some clarification to change #26387.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.86
      Add tests for untested math functions in POSIX
      Add documentation for method domainname() in Net::Domain.  Add some
      Fix for pod2man() in ExtUtils::Command::MM to work with
      Make hostname.t deal with undefined or blank hostnames and domain
      ctime_r() and asctime_r() seem to have some problems before HP-UX 11.
      Obviously, Perl_ingroup() is also using 256k of stack memory on Linux.
      In this, the last tale of the NGROUPS saga, a former pumpking prods
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.80_56
      It'd be nice if I hadn't broken  Its fixed now, though.
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.15
      Upgrade to Sys-Syslog-0.11
      Convert t/op/sleep.t to using
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.80_57
      Note that the "unlink"ing directories is attempted when running as a
      Bad symbols that are pretending to be dirhandles, should say they
      Add probe for snprintf () and vsnprintf ()
      perldiag.pod additions to go with change #26602.
      Attemting to readdir() something that isn't a dirhandle should cause
      Add snprintf() and vsnprintf() to the various Win32 configuration
      Add warnings for the various other *dir() functions when attempted
      Added snprintf() and vsnprintf() to as 'undef'.
      Don't warn about invalid dirhandles in DirHandle::DESTROY().
      Updates to various configurations courtesy of Jarkko.
      Update copyright year.
      Change installman to instantiate a new Pod::Man instance for each
      Replacing broken call to savepvn() with savepvs() to get threaded
      const'ing parameters killed the builds for djgpp.  Changes get the
      Upgrade to version-0.52
      Additional const prototype fixes.
      Add Digest-SHA-5.32 for SHA-256 support for CPAN.
      Added standard core header to test cases for Digest::SHA
      Upgrade to version-0.53
      Fix the new warning created with version-0.53
      Additional tests for RT #38207: "Useless localization of constant ($[)
      Don't warn about a directory being closed in the DESTROY for
      Fixes for Digest::SHA.  Replaced old ppport.h file with a new one
      Digest::SHA's t/2-nist-sha-oo.t has some path related problems on
      Fix another concatenated filepath in a test for Digest::SHA.
      Fix hardcoded "/" in a filepath that causes ext/List/Util/t/p_tainted.t
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.83_58
      Upgrade to Pod-Simple-3.04
      Fix a few nits in perl593delta
      Upgrade to Archive-Tar-1.28
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.83_59
      Upgrade to podlators-2.0.2
      Upgrade to podlators-2.0.3
      Add -DPTR_IS_LONG when building with -Duse64bitint on Solaris/i386.
      Teach the Makefile how to cleanup config.over.
      Intel C Compiler 9.0 hatefully defines __GNUC__.  Unfortunately,
      Doc nit found by Stephen Gordon.
      Death to magic characters!  No pun intended.
      It would be nice to have tests in B for the functions getting changed.
      Fixed embed.fnc entry for S_forbid_setid() and picked up a change in
      Don't export PL_memory_debug_header to Win32 (and others) unless
      Document the limitations of calling exit() (instead of _exit()) from
      Regenerated headers for change #27136.
      Fix breakage in S_set_csh() from change #27136.
      Die when integer overflow condition is detected in division under
      Test to go with change #27155.
      Hash::Util tests should check if Hash::Util has been built, not
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.87
      Version bump to go along with change #27185
      Upgrade to CGI-3.16, with version bump on for documentation
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.34.
      $ExtUtils::MM_Unix::VERSION needs to stay numeric to avoid test
      Add tests for the previously untested Hash::Util::all_keys().
      Additional hints needed to build threaded Perls on NetBSD.
      Converted t/op/pos.t to use and added TODO test for
      Add test for RT #2166: foreach spuriously autovivifies
      Last instance of PL_vtbl_glob removed.  It was missed change #27289.
      Revert change #27295, which I thought fixed builds on Win32.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.86
      Upgrade to, but continuing the version bump for
      Upgrade to assertions-0.03
      Upgrade to podlators-2.04
      Grammar nit in Locale::Maketext::TPJ13.pod, found by Justin Pryzby.
      Make Win32 configuration changes for HAS_BUILTIN_CHOOSE_EXPR and
      Add d_builtin_choose_expr and d_builtin_expect to as
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.17
      croak in POSIX::sigaction() when passed a negative signal instead
      Need to update test count from change #27440.
      The Coverity audit is upset that the scream_olds variable is not
      Move PL_lasttoke out of its PERL_MAD define in intrpvar.h.
      Keep from using a variable in S_my_kid() before it is initialized.  This        was introduced with the MAD changes.
      Possible NULL pointer reference found by Coverity checks.
      Perl_newWHILEOP() had exactly the same lack of a NULL pointer check
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.27_09
      The first step in supporting VC++ 8.0.  Added macros for the free .NET 2.0 SDK and Visual Studio
      Additions to README.win32 and win32/Makefile based on comments from
      Increase the length of content compressed as a kludge to get
      Fix some test failures in t/op/cmp.t when compiling with the Intel
      Pod nit mentioned in Debian bug #358455.
      Document the functions htmlify() and anchorify() in Pod::Html.
      Initializing variables is good.  This is another Coverity catch.
      Try not to use negative values when accessing arrays in C.  Yet another
      Add another NULL check thanks to Coverity.
      Reverting change #27791 which may cause corruption addition corruption
      Stray pod/perlapi.pod change found after a regen.
      Upgrade to
      Patch to fix RT #31227: perldoc -f, -q ignores extra arguments with no notice.
      A fix to change #27845 to get it to compile with -DPERL_MAD.
      Add a TODO regarding merging the win32 and wince codebases.
      Add a TODO test for RT #1085: "what should be output of perl -we
      Changes to perlfaq8 "How do I find out if I'm running interactively
      Reverting change #27953, as it appears that File::Find has
      Really bump the version of File::Find.
      Upgrade to Encode-2.15
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Install-1.39
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.28
      Upgrade to Pathtools-3.18
      Added Changes file left out from change #28001.
      Typo in MANIFEST from change #27997.  Mustn't touch Perl before coffee.
      OK, Win32 must no have snprintf()/vsnprintf
      I was mistaken.  Borland and gcc do have snprintf() and vsnprintf()
      Reverting context removal from change #27992.  This should
      Fix for RT #7916: perl 5.6.1 with Intel's icc on RedHat
      Fix for RT #25366: h2xs 1.23 from "Aaron Kaplan".
      Escape prompts with #'s to avoid causing tests to fail from
      One too many ('s in change #28043.
      Another place where Intel C++ pretending to be gcc is a really
      Upgrade to CGI-3.20
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Install-1.40
      Teach about Sarathy's new email address.
      Upgrade to Text-Balanced-1.98
      These Module::Build tests depended on STDIN.  Unfortunately, cron
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.36.  Actually bumped to 5.36_01 as
      Rollback two changes in Text::Balanced which cause test failures in the
      Version bump and typo fix from change #28125.
      Rename lib/Text/Balanced/t/00.load.t to
      Upgrade to Encode-2.17
      Add -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks to ccflags on Itaniums when
      Adding a mention of STDIN processing by qx// as requested by
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.37
      Clarification on what Perl does to floating points in the modulus
      Shortening name of a Pod::Simple test case to allow the test to be
      Grrr...Perforce decided not to add the MANIFEST changes for change
      Add Perl_PerlIO_context_layers() to the public API to fix Win32 builds.
      Silence Text::Balanced's 00-load.t when PERL_CORE is defined.
      Additional perlpragma.pod nits.
      Upgrade to Test-Harness-2.60
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.38.
      Sun C on Linux doesn't complain about the attributes sprinkled
      Stop a warning generated from thread's Makefile.PL
      Fix pod nit in perltodo.
      Upgrade to Sys-Syslog-0.14
      Teach Configure that icc is not gcc
      Upgrade to Unicode-Normalize-1.00
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.41
      Clean up a few warnings in regcomp.c under -Dgccansipedantic.
      Allow stat() and -X file tests work on dirhandles.
      Skip lib/Memoize/t/tie_ndbm.t if $TMP is not writable.
      Add constants needed for recvmsg()/sendmsg() support.
      Alphabetizing function names in perlfunc lists.
      Math-Complex now dual-lived with Jarkko Hietaniemi as the maintainer.
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.2801.
      Upgrade to encoding-warnings-0.10
      Update Audrey Tang's email throughout various files.
      Making encoding::warnings lexical is to-done.
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.63
      Hmmm...patch didn't warn about rejects in tbt_01basic.t.
      Clear up test based on line number differences between the core and the
      Add Russ Allbery's public domain implementations of strlcat and
      Change existing uses of strlcpy()/strlcat() to use new my_strlcpy()/
      Convert some low hanging fruit to my_strlcpy/my_strlcat.
      Silence empty if-statement warning.
      Fix another empty if-statement warning
      Restoring change #28523 accidentilly reverted with change #28528.
      Upgrade to Text-Tabs+Wrap-2006.0711.  Keep the local changes from
      Clear up a few more warnings from blead.
      Keep Intel C++ from claiming that it is gcc.
      Version bumps for z/OS fixes.
      Skip tests for pathconf() and fpathconf() on HP-UX for
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.2802
      Upgrade to ANSIColor-1.11
      Adding Module::Build::Version missed in upgrade.
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.64
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.2803
      Additional reason for ssh passphrase failures.
      Upgrade to Sys-Syslog-0.17
      The rest of the changes for Sys-Syslog-0.17 which my new patch no
      Replace some sprintf()'s in Data::Dumper with my_snprintf()'s
      Added tests from that had not been integrated into core.
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.42
      Change stat() and -X filetests so that they treat *FILE{IO}
      Tests to go with change #28628.
      Upgrade to Archive-Tar-1.30.  Since change #27571 is not included,
      Sorting the MANIFEST
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.43
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.2805
      Fix comment nit in config.h
      A couple const's and a cast to get Sun CC to compile these files.
      Additional floating point strictness is needed to get Intel cc to pass
      Additional changes to get C++ a little closer to a clean compile
      Cast needed to compile bsd_glob.c with C++
      gcc-4.1.1 on Fedora optimized away NULL chacks in Perl_do_close(),
      Fix to problem where CGI can lose the filehandle during an upload.
      syscall() declaration in perl.h needs to have an EXTERN_C prefixing
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.88.
      Upgrade to
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.89.
      Update to Time-HiRes-1.90.
      Part of one of Jarkko's g++ patches that was missed.
      The previous change causes compile failures with threaded Perls.
      Upgrade to
      Upgrade to File-Temp-0.17.  Also, a change to Tim Jenness's email.
      Added an additional #ifndef based on comments by Jarkko and
      Removed some leftover debugging accidentally added with
      Convert Errno.t to Test::More.  Increase the test coverage
      Fix to first problem causing Cygwin Perl to fail to build
      Clean up some comments.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.87_62
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.64_02
      Test cases for version cannot handle Test::More versions that
      Add darwin to the list of OS's that fail to pass test
      darwin also seems to be lacking a dl_unload_file() in its
      Regenerated mktables.lst per Yves Orton's suggestion.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.16.  There actually are a couple of
      Upgrade to CPAN-CPAN-1.87_64
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.8801.
      Fix debug format in regcomp.c that was failing under
      Update to ExtUtils-Command-1.11
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.91
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_52
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Manifest-1.48
      Upgrade to threads-1.42
      Upgrade to threads-shared-1.03
      Upgrade to version-0.6701
      Move Text::Soundex from lib/ to ext/ and upgrade it to
      Quiet warnings in new test for ExtUtils::Command.
      Upgrade to
      Fixes to compile Perl with g++ and DEBUGGING.
      Change to sv_reftype return value caused compile for Digest::MD5
      Fix a few pod nits in perlre.
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.21
      Upgrade to Test-Harness-2.64
      Make g++ happy when compiling NDBM_File on a system that
      Update to PathTools-3.22.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Makemaker-6.31.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_53.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Command-1.12.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Manifest-1.49.
      Grrr...moved the files, but forgot to update
      Fix typo in NDBM_File.xs and bump up the version number.
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.23.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.92.
      Upgrade to XSLoader-0.07.
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.44.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_54.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.93.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_55.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.94.
      Comment out Hash::Util and IO::File from prereqs of threads, since
      Quiet a warning in pp_sys.c on AIX.
      Better solution to silencing prereq warnings from threads's
      Fix in perl.h for compiling with g++.
      Fixes for Storable.xs when compiling a threaded Perl with g++.
      Changes for threads::shared to all building with g++.
      Removed typo that caused a variable to shadow an existing variable
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_57.
      Spelling fixes for
      Upgrade to Pod-Parser-1.35.
      Changes to get perl to compile with g++ on Cygwin.  Some additional
      Initial cleanups to support compiling Win32 with MinGW g++.
      VOL should be used instead of volatile in the core.
      It seems only HWND__* is needed by MinGW g++.
      Configure patch to add detection for DIR.dd_fd member variable
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.65.
      The DynaLoader test isn't happy with OpenBSD's
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_62
      Change #27951 added tests to t/op/taint.t involving taint, opening
      Tweaks needed to get Perl compiling with g++ on OpenBSD.
      Sync up the function definitions for Perl_my_popen with the prototype.
      "This is going to be slow."  This change switches OpenBSD locale
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.24.
      Module::Pluggable diff had some hidden binary files in it.  I'm
      Skip test for Module::Load::Conditional that appears to be setting
      Adding Time::Piece to the core...again.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.17.  Actuall just caught up with
      Upgrade to Tie-RefHash-1.35_01, which is just a version change for
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_63.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.95
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.96.
      -Dprefix failed on Cygwin unless the directory ${installbin} already
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.66.
      Silence a warning from Module::CoreList that occurs when the module version is
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.9703
      Silence an unused variable warning in sv.c.
      miniperl may not have been successfully built before running a
      Cannot use a L<> within a preformatted section of a Pod document.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.83_66.
      Upgrade to Errno-1.10 (!).  I have left the core tests as is for
      Fix to test failures caused by change #29606 when PERLIO=stdio.
      Add file missed in change #29650.
      Welcome to 2007!  Time to update copyrights from changes earlier
      Quiet a smoke warning in toke.c and bump the copyright year.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.9704
      Reentrant functions appear to still be broken in NetBSD 3.1.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_69.
      Add key
      Upgrade to version-0.69
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.37.
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.67
      Upgrade to AutoLoader-5.63
      Upgrade to File-Temp-0.18.
      Fix to Time::Local to fix problems with leap year calculation.
      Fix ext/POSIX/t/sysconf.t failures on Cygwin.
      Upgrade to Module-Pluggable-3.5
      Upgrade to libnet-1.20.  Includes some additional version bumps where bleadperl
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Command-1.13
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.9705
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_72
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_76
      Silence a couple of compile warnings.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_77.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.32.  Included a version
      Revert changes to lib/ExtUtils/t/build_man.t from change
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.9707
      Upgrade to IO-Compress-Base-2.004, Compress-Raw-Zlib-2.004,
      Upgrade to
      Upgrade to IO-Zlib-1.05.  There are updates to the core that have
      Prefer dirhandles to filehandles when passing a bareword typeglob
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_78
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.68.  Includes a tweak to
      Pod fix to h2ph from John Morrissey on the Debian bug list.
      Make gcc warn in case code is not C++ compatible.
      Silence a couple of warnings caused by change #30672.
      Upgrade to Pod-Simple-3.05.
      Additional test file edits needed for Pod-Simple-3.05 that couldn't
      Perforce appararently didn't like integrating this file, since
      Re-sorting the MANIFEST after the mess made of it with the
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.70
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.88_79
      Upgrade to
      g++ on NetBSD needs to have environ declared as well.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.90.
      Upgrade to bignum-0.20 and Math-BigRat-0.18.
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.2807
      Somehow, was missed from change #30629.
      Version change to ExtUtils::MM_Unix missed in change #30380.
      Fix spelling nit.
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.91
      Upgrade to Encode-2.20
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.9101
      Add Perl_my_dirfd() to util.c
      Fixing a Perl_my_dirfd() related test failure.
      Upgrage to bignum-0.21 and Math-BigRat-0.19
      Upgrade to
      Upgrade to Module-Build-0.2808
      Upgrade to Math-BigInt-FastCalc-0.14
      Partial reversion of bignum-0.21 to get tests to pass again.
      Fix Pod nit in perlfunc
      Upgrade to Encode-2.21
      Move pmop.op_pmflags back to its previous location.  The move in
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.9102
      Add a TODO test cases RT# 43403.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.35
      Include file missed from change #31519.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.36
      How this got I got ext/Digest/MD5/t/files.t wrong for EBCDIC, I
      Add additional SUSV3 constants to Socket for use with setsockopt()
      Upgrade to Math-BigRat-0.20
      Upgrade to IO-Zlib-1.06.  One bleadperl fix was added, but the other
      Various fixes for EBCDIC platforms.
      Upgrade to Net-Ping-2.32
      Upgrade to Archive-Tar-1.34.  Omitted re-addition of the Pod
      Upgrade to CPANPLUS-0.82
      Default LOG_PRIMASK for Sys-Syslog in cases where it is not
      Changes to unicore files to fix issues with certain quotation mark
      Upgrade to Text-Soundex-3.03
      Update to Test-Simple-0.71
      Casts needed in mathoms.c to make it compile with g++ after the
      ext/XS/APITest/APITest.xs was suffering casting issues with g++
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.9203
      Upgrade to Getopt-Long-2.37
      Update to a file missed in change #32008.
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.9708
      Change Pod::Checker to allow the "=encoding" Pod command.  Fixes
      Update to Time-Piece.  The only change in the core is to the
      Skip the udp ping tests if testing on Vista.  Also, switched
      Assorted nits found in perl5110delta.
      Mention Pod::Simple and Pod::Escapes in perl5100delta
      Teach cflags.SH about -fstack-protector, and add it to gcc compiler flags
      Update to Test-Simple-0.74
      Upgrade to B-Lint-1.11
      Upgrade to File-Temp-0.19
      Upgrade to IO-Zlib-1.08.  Fixes to test files allowed us to get back
      Upgrade to Sys-Syslog-0.23
      Additional version fixups.
      Fix a File::Temp test to deal with new Test::More changes.
      Upgrade to  Includes version bump to CGI::Carp due to a Pod fix.
      Regen some files...
      Clean up a warning with -Wwrite-strings that gets passed into every
      Nullch and others were still alive and well in some of the operating
      Welcome to Perl 5.11, win32!
      Linking a RT ticket to an open TODO.
      Upgrade to File-Temp-0.20
      SvPVX_const() triggers an assertion that when the sv isn't a PV.
      Add file to MANIFEST that hitched a ride with change #32750.  It
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.38
      Upgrade to AutoLoader-5.64
      Upgrade to  Retain the version bump since bug fixes
      Upgrade to Sys-Syslog-0.24
      Upgrade to constant-1.15
      Upgrade to Net-Ping-2.34
      Upgrade to IO-Zlib-1.09.
      Upgrade to  There are still differences between the
      Upgrade to Module-Load-Conditional-0.24
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.42
      Only code paths in hv_store either XSRETURN_NO or XSRETURN_YES.
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.43
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.44
      Thanks to Sébstien Aperghis-Tramoni's suggestion,  updated version
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.47
      Get C++ compiles going on Solaris again.
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.27
      Regen uconfig.h
      Update uconfig.h to add USE_DTRACE back in.
      Upgrade to SelfLoader-1.15
      Upgrade to Archive-Extract-0.26
      Upgrade to Tie-RefHash-1.38
      Formatting for C<<{ bydepth => 1 }>> doesn't seem to be working
      Assorted POD nits from the Debian bug list.
      Removed mention of a book that was never published.
      I've been maintaining Net::Ping for a while now.
      Remove an unneeded if statement.
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-CBuilder-0.22
      Upgrade to Test-Harness-3.08
      Upgrade to Time-HiRes-1.9712
      Upgrade to Test-Harness-3.09
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.51
      Upgrade to Math-Complex-1.52
      Upgrade to PathTools-3.2701
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.75
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-ParseXS-2.19.  There are several patches not
      Upgrade to Test-Harness-3.10
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.78
      Hmmm...lib/Test/ didn't get updated corectly.  Unfortunately,
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-MakeMaker-6.44
      Re-apply change #32880
      Update to Module-Load-Conditional-0.26
      Fix some checkpod complaints.
      Perl_croak_nocontext() is called with NULL indirectly from
      Upgrade to Encode-2.24
      Upgrade to Module-Pluggable-3.8
      Upgrade to  There are still a few differences, so adding
      Upgrade to CGI-3.35.
      Additional test files that got missed at some point.
      Upgrade to bignum-0.23
      Upgrade to
      Upgrade to Digest-SHA-5.47
      Tweaks to Digest-SHA's Makefile.PL that casued problems
      Somedays, Perforce makes me cranky.  Fix perforce resolve
      Upgrade to Math-BigInt-FastCalc-0.19
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Command-1.14
      Somehow, this got missed in change #33779.
      Upgrade to Object-Accessor-0.34
      Upgrade to AutoLoader-5.66
      Upgrade to Locale-Maketext-1.13
      Probably starting with the changes in change #33897,
      Skip some File::Copy tests on Win32 since file permissions do not
      Upgrade to podlators-2.1.0
      Forgot to update version in after updating.
      Upgrade to Pod-Simple-3.06
      Assimilate HTML-Parser and HTML-Tagset.  HTML-Parser is now a prereq
      It appears that the S<> bug in Pod::Simple hasn't been fixed yet.
      Upgrade to Pod-Simple-3.07
      A quick new release of Pod-Simple has removed the dependency on
      This needs to change so this doesn't need updating everytime
      Upgrade to ExtUtils-Manifest-1.54
      Upgrade to
      Regen of perlapi.pod after differences where pointed out by
      Upgrade to Test-Simple-0.82.
      Some additional files changes for Test-Simple-0.82
      Must remember to update MANIFEST, OK?
      *sigh* More files messed with for Test-Simple-0.82.
      One final tweak for the Test-Simple-0.82 upgrade.  Ugh.
      Silence a warning in Test::Builder that was causing lib/constant.t
      Upgrade to CPAN-1.9301.
      A small refactoring based on a comment in an old RT ticket (RT
      From change #34775, reverting perlio.c change for now.  Also,
      Various patches added to RT #21568 from
      Forgot to include lib/ in change #34833
      Upgrade to File-Temp-0.21
      TODO for fixing lvalue subs in the debugger is now to-done.  Pointed
      [perl #32979] [PATCH] perlrun #!/bin/sh incantation n.g. 4 linux
      Add diagnostics for "No such hook: %s".
      setsid() returns -1 on failure.

Steve Purkis (1):
      [[:...:]] is equivalent to \p{...}, not [:...:], tweaked from

Steven N. Hirsch (1):
      [perl #32503] Fix for Storable module

Steven Philip Schubiger (1):
      uninitialized warnings in regcomp

Steven Schubiger (26):
      Re: [PATCH] 5.6 File::Glob documentation insufficient for use
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #34632] perlintro: "Comments start with a hash symbol"
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #34632] perlintro: "Comments start with ahash symbol"
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [perl #24119] error in Win32: uses rename() not File::Copy::move
      Pod::Usage documentation fix, suggested by :
      Re: Untested builtins
      remove whitespace preceding semicolon in docs
      Re: [PATCH] s/Null(av|ch)/NULL/g
      Re: [PATCH] s/Null(gv|hv|sv)/NULL/g
      util.c: some consting
      toke.c/universal.c: consting
      taint.c: consting
      sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting
      Re: [PATCH] sv.c: consting

Stéphane Payrard (3):
      Re: [PATCH] Warning on pararameterless 'use IO' and doc update
      Allow to create more than one Shell object :
      [patch] perldebug.pod clarification

Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni (29):
      Small patch to perlport.pod
      Adding documentation index to perlapi.pod and perlintern.pod
      Making ExtUtils::Constant compatible with Perl 5.004
      Fw: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.13.tar.gz
      -Dmad breaks a few tests
      Test script for DynaLoader
      Better handling for error-checking
      Fw: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.15.tar.gz
      Small precision about \Q \E inside m//x
      Test scripts for I18N::Langinfo and POSIX
      Small precision about $SIG{__WARN__}
      Re: [Patch] Fix some of the tests of Storable on Perl 5.004
      Upgrade Sys::Syslog to 0.19_01
      Fw: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.20.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.21.tar.gz
      [patch] Dual-lifing
      Trans.: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/constant-1.11.tar.gz
      Re: (perl-current of 5.9.5) patch for ext/Sys/Syslog/Makefile.PL for
      Another small patch for Sys::Syslog
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/constant-1.12.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.22.tar.gz
      Small documentation nits
      Re: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.25.tar.gz
      Re: Change 34005: Re: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.25.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.26.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/constant-1.16.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/Sys-Syslog-0.27.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/XSLoader-0.09.tar.gz
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: S/SA/SAPER/constant-1.17.tar.gz

Sérgio Durigan Júnior (1):
      Fixing "make distclean" to remove "config.arch"

Tassilo von Parseval (17):
      [perl #22127] get(av|cv|hv|sv) added to Devel::PPPort
      [perl #21887] h2xs becoming enum-aware
      Re: [PATCH] h2xs and extra_libraries
      grok_* symbols missing in Devel::PPPort (2nd attempt)
      grok_(number|numeric_radix) added to Devel::PPPort
      honoring void context for map()
      call_(pv|etc.) for Devel::PPPort
      small fix for Devel::PPPort
      SCALAR/FIRSTKEY for tied hashes in scalar context
      documenting SCALAR gotcha
      iterator reset moved to hv.c (was: [PATCH] SCALAR/FIRSTKEY for tied hashes in scalar context)
      Re: [PATCH] GLOB to LVALUE assignment fix
      optimization for map in scalar context
      h2xs doesn't recognize indented enums
      lvalue-subs returning elements of tied hashes/arrays
      make threads.xs emit warnings properly
      Re: [PATCH] minor speed-up for pp_push()

Tels (66):
      ANNOUNCE: Math-BigInt v1.62
      ANNOUCNE: Math::BigRat v0.09
      bignum-0.12 updates from:
      integrate Math::BigInt-1.63
      Upgrade BigInt and BigRat
      The "reduce memory footprint and increase speed by not
      The lib/ diet part of
      Math::BigInt v1.67 (pre-release)
      Math::BigInt v1.67 released
      BigInt v1.68 - pre-release
      Upgrade to Math::BigRat 0.11
      [ANNOUNCE] Math::BigInt v1.69
      Math::BigInt v1.70, bignum 0.15, Math::BigRat 0.12
      [perl #30609] [PATCH] BigInt v1.71 - first try
      pre Math::BigInt v1.72
      Patch: BigInt v1.73 (pre-release)
      Re: Devel::Peek: hash quality 125%?
      Math::BigInt v1.74, Math::BigRat v0.14, bignum v0.16
      BigInt mbi_rand.t failings
      Re: [PATCH] BigInt mbi_rand.t failings (solved now)
      [Patch] Math::BigInt v1.76, Math::BigRat v0.15, bignum v0.17
      New core module, Math::BigInt::FastCalc
      make t/uni/class.t faster
      do just-in-time loading of in some modules
      bug with charnames::viacode("0x1234") and optimize it
      #2 try at Text::Balanced patch and maintainership
      $a = \$a oddity
      Perl_gv_fetchpv vs. gv_fetchpvn
      perlio.c - gv_stashpvn() vs gv_stashpv()
      Reduce size of buffers for identifier names, as suggested in
      integrate Math::BigInt 1.79 and Math::BigInt::FastCalc 0.11
      Integrate BigRat 0.17
      integrate bignum 0.19
      Math::BigInt::FastCalc 0.12 (plug leaks)
      Math::BigInt 1.80
      Doc patch about PerlIO::encoding:
      BigInt, FastCalc, BitRat, bignum released to CPAN [PATCH]
      Math::BigInt v1.87
      Re: Smoke failures with blead@31225 (Linux) [PATCH]
      Re: perl pragma [PATCH]
      Math::BigInt::FastCalc v0.15
      Re: [PATCH] Math::BigInt v1.87 take 5
      Math::BigInt v1.87 take 6
      pidigits benchmark and bpi() method in Math::BigFloat/Math::BigInt, take 7 [PATCH]
      Math::BigInt v1.87 take 8
      Re: integer vs. bigint [PATCH]
      Math::BigInt take 9 (CORE::hex() vs. hex() in
      bignum 0.22 take 4 (hex()/oct() overloading)
      Re: Math::BigInt 1.87 problems? Re: FAIL DBI-1.56 i686-linux 2.4.27-3-686 [PATCH]
      Math::BigInt v1.87 take 10
      [Caffeine-Patch] Math::BigInt 1.87 take 11 (add batan2, fix batan, speedup bpi()
      Math::BigInt take 12 [PATCH]
      Re: RFC: bigint et. al exporting PI method? [PATCH]
      Re: Broken bignum tests [PATCH]
      Math::BigFloat - fix bpi() and A [PATCH]
      FYI: Math::BigInt v1.87 released [PATCH]
      BigInt v1.88 take 1 (fix from_hex, from_oct, from_bin)
      fix typo in bigint POD
      add BigInt changes to perl595delta.pod
      various small Math::BigInt et. al. fixes
      fix bigint testsuite
      Re: BigInt bug with non-integer accuracy/precision
      Re: [perl #45605] Regexp failure with utf8-flagged string and byte-flagged pattern
      Math::BigRat 0.22

Thomas Pfau (1):
      problem with MAKE_EXT.COM

Thorsten Glaser (1):
      [perl #29397] Change in pod2man arguments

Tim Bunce (4):
      Re: Change 19854: Bite the bullet and apply the hash randomisation patch.
      Re: @{"_<$filename"} is unreasonably tied to use of DB::DB ($^P & 0x2)
      Re: @{"_<$filename"} is unreasonably tied to use of DB::DB ($^P & 0x2)
      Hard-coded Perl_pp_entersub and Perl_pp_entereval should use PL_ppaddr

Tim Jenness (1):
      Re: [PATCH pod/perlfaq2.pod] update Friedl book listing for 2nd edition

Todd C. Miller (6):
      [perl #17119] typo in utils/dprofpp.PL
      #17171: ld flag for shrplib on OpenBSD
      Updates to the openbsd hints
      typos and other minor things
      [perl #36193] crash in Perl_yyerror due to missing check for NULL
      [perl #41521] Fix for IO::Socket send method

Todd Vierling (3):
      [perl #33892] Add Interix support
      [perl #33892] Add Interix support
      Re: [perl #33892] Add Interix support

Tom Callaway (2):
      Tom Callaway's Redhat patches
      [perl #41587] [PATCH] 5.8.8 make sure we get the proper ldflags on

Tom Christiansen (1):
      PATCH: Large omnibus patch to clean up the JRRT quotes

Tom Horsley (1):
      perl-5.8.1 hints/, ext/Sys/Syslog/t/syslog.t

Tom Phoenix (1):
      Re: [perl #24460] [DOC PATCH] the begincheck program

Tom Wyant (1):
      [perl #53500] op/pwent.t should use the DirectoryService on OS X

Ton Hospel (14):
      Proposed doc patch for getsockopt
      Missign STATEMENT brackets in PUSHMARK
      Re: encoding neutral unpack
      Re: encoding neutral unpack
      Re: encoding neutral unpack
      Re: encoding neutral unpack
      Re: encoding neutral unpack
      Encoding neutral unpack
      Re: Encoding neutral unpack
      pp_pack.c, simplifying genpacksizetables
      pack / for general types
      Re: unpack A strip patch
      Re: PATCH: byte count feature request for unpack
      ReadParse in the CGI docs

Tony Bowden (1):
      PATCH: tweak 'split' docs for case of explicit 0 LIMIT

Tony Cook (2):
      FreeBSD 7 libc_r detection
      fix for failed Gconvert detection under C++

Torsten Foertsch (1):
      Re: bug or a feature?

Torsten Schoenfeld (1):
      MRO tests for isa() and package aliases

Tsutomu IKEGAMI (1):
      Re: [perl #36310] sv_vcatpvfn() fails on some (very limited) situations

Tye McQueen (2):
      Re: hv.c patch - pathological hashes too easy
      [perl #57016] debugger: o warn=0 die=0 ignored

Vadim Konovalov (40):
      bit more for WinCE
      Re: maint @ 19923
      improve WinCE port
      WinCE port addition
      tiny fix for WinCE (Re: maint @ 20277)
      tiny [PATCH-for-perl-5.8.1-RC2] remove one mention of UNDER_CE from perlio.c
      wince distribution
      WinCE more implemented functions
      make backspace key work for WinCE users
      some WinCE compilers require a little correction
      typo fixo
      must copy changes from win32/ to wince/makefile.ce
      lib/ tiny typo fix
      dynaloader improvements and cleanup
      enable statically linked extensions for Win32
      RE: [PATCH-for-23358] enable statically linked exte nsions for Win32
      RE: a bit of trouble with compiling with MSVC++ on Win32
      improve static build for win32/Makefile
      Re: Change 24806: improve static build for win32/Makefile
      simple authors removal
      wince patch
      for wince
      perlce touches
      Move some scripts under win32/ce-helpers.
      Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 28069 FAIL(M) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP2 (x86/2 cpu)
      wince another step
      wince yet another step
      RE: [PATCH-for-28089] wince yet another step
      wince crosscompile patch for 28132
      wince patch
      [patch at 21983] factor out $^O eq 'darwin' from
      Add support for building a perl-static.exe that doesn't depend on
      linux arm cross-compilation
      Re: Cross patch 31287 broke blead
      cross-compilation for linux
      Re: [PATCH-at-31365] (was - configpm frustrations)
      RE: MakeMaker + static misbehaviour
      Add Win32 makefile option to link all extensions statically
      Re: [patch-at-31775] Re: [PATCH-revised] [perl #44999]
      - crosscompilation - step 1 of N+1

Vincent Pit (30):
      Document SvSHARED_HASH.
      Typo in op.c
      Re: SV leak?
      mg_copy ought to take an I32
      PERL_MAGIC_uvar_elem should be 'u' in dump.c
      doio.c:Perl_my_lstat:/* XXX Do really need to be calling SvPV() all these times? */
      Re: [PATCH] Splitting OP_CONST (Was: pp_const, not, that, hot?)
      Re: [PATCH] POD fixes
      Re: making it easier not to get feedback
      Re: [PATCH] mg_magical() sometimes turns SvRMAGICAL on when it shouldn't
      Double warning with perl -we '\&$x'
      apidoc mismatch for Perl_magic_clearhint
      Re: [PATCH] Double warning with perl -we 'my $a; substr $a, 0, 10,
      Double magic with substr
      Double magic with '\&$x'
      perlclib.pod tweaks
      Double magic/warnings with binmode $fh, undef
      Double magic/warnings with tie $x, $m
      ~~ with non-overloaded objects
      Re: [perl #51636] segmentation fault with array ties
      Re: [PATCH] Double magic with chop
      [perl #56766] [PATCH]
      Re: unless(...) terser than if(!...)
      Re: 'if not / unless' optimization change makes my pow test go POW!
      Re: blead with -Dusemymalloc fails on t/comp/hints.t
      Re: [5.8] Change 33727 (op.c) breaks constant folding in "elsif"
      Relocations errors with Intel CC 10 on 64 bits archs
      [perl #38809] return do { } : take 3 (or 4...)
      Addendum to bug #38809: fix assertion failure, more tests

Walt Mankowski (1):

Warren Jones (1):
      [perl #15987] Tests fail when sources are under CVS control

Wolfgang Laun (8):
      trivia in perlthrtut.pod
      perlthrtut.pod (based on perl-current@29766)
      minor improvements for perlre.pod
      perlop.pod - proposal to add an explanation of \c
      perlretut.pod, 2nd version
      Re: [perl #41513] (parsing?)problem when using a '/' followed by a Switch statement
      perlfunc.pod (ref results), perlop.pod (qr// result)

Xavier Noria (6):
      added support for overloaded ""
      Re: small addition to $, and $\ in perlvar.pod
      Re: [PATCH] return values reworded in perlsub.pod
      identifiers always in main (was: defining a _ function breaks File::Find)
      fix for :crlf example
      [DOC PATCH] chop warning in perlport

      make test of perl 5.8.7 failed on icc9
      A suggestion by Yamashina Hio to speed up substitutions
      patch for perlboot.pod
      typo in perl5100delta.pod
      typos in perl5100delta.pod
      Storable.thaw segv on blessed reference to overloaded object

Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes (113):
      [perl #16000] Configure -Dstatic_ext=foo builds foo as both static and dynamic
      Re: glob names and Regexp type introspection
      sv_2pv_flags and ROK and UTF8 flags
      add TODO tests for slow our() declaration
      Re: sv_2pv_flags and ROK and UTF8 flags
      patch based on:
      Devel::Peek tests from:
      Re: [perl #17376] Bug Report - our(%)
      Re: README.cygwin draft update
      Re: Smoke 17977 FAIL(F) MSWin32 5.0 W2000Pro (MSWin32-x86)
      Re: [perl #17809] Different warning behaviour between normal and tied hashes
      Re: [perl #18038] DESTROY change in 5.8.0?
      Document PRIVSHIFT.
      Removal of duplicate comment block
      Re: FreeBSD 5 hints patch
      [perl@18752] warnings from CGI tests under cygwin
      Re: odd (or not so odd?) segmentation fault in 5.8.0
      Re: [perl #21765] $s = ""; $n = @a = split(/,/, $s); results in undef $n
      Re: [perl #17718] %tiedhash in bool context doesn't check if hash is empty
      Re: [perl #16834] Anomolous behaviour of SUBSTR() used as LValue
      Re: Possible precedence problem on bitwise ^ operator
      Re: [PATCH] perl.h, README.cygwin: Cygwin O_TEXT <> O_BINARY issue
      Re: SPUG:-s option doesn't always work!
      some method calls not autoloaded
      Re: OK: 5.8.1 RC5 on SuSE 8.2 32bit AMD (gcc 3.3 prerelease)
      Re: [perl #24071] Typo in description of binmode
      misapplied patch 19452
      remove hardcoded version number from cygwin/
      Re: 5.6.2-RC1 on Cygwin
      Re: [perl #24816] Magic vars seem unsure if they are purely numeric
      reduce overhead of, make op/pat.t work under miniperl
      initial patch for cygwin IPC via cygserver
      warn on !=~
      Re: [PATCH] warn on !=~
      void context !~ generates "Useless use of not at line..." warning
      Re: [perl #29765] PERL-5.8.4 INSTALL
      correctly handle C<< >> and C<<< >>> in diagnostics
      Re: [perl #30045] Transliteration replacement not terminated message obscure
      split doc clarification
      make cygwin ld2 executable
      Re: [perl #30633] Perl's "do" operator with a variety of absolute paths under Cygwin
      Re: optree tests and VMS progress (no really)
      Re: [perl #32272] Not OK: perl v5.8.5 +MAINT23414 on cygwin-thread-multi-64int 1.5.12s(0.11642) (UNINSTALLED)
      Replace a skip by a todo.
      Fix extensions config fields on Win32 to be as they are on Unix
      Allow static linking core extensions on Win32 with MinGW
      Fix win32/config.*'s cc, ld and other related values
      Fix for building with MinGW under Cygwin
      op/stat.t test 9 failing on recent cygwin snapshots
      doc SVt_PVLV <=> SVt_PVGV change version in
      Re: [PATCH] File::Find dies on find({follow=>1, ...}) on Win32
      Re: [PATCH] Re: perl winpid?
      Re: [PATCH] Re: perl winpid?
      Break up long lines in -V output for compile-time options
      change to quiet cygwin's perlld
      Re: [PATCH] ExtUtils-{ParseXS,CBuilder} into bleadperl (was: Re: [Module::Build] ANNOUNCE: Module::Build 0.2610 -> CPAN)
      Clarification on the behaviour of qw// and x :
      Add DECC to the symbol list
      Re: Should while ( <$fh> ) and while (< $fh >) do the same thing?
      Re: blead attribute warnings, cygwin + gcc 3.4.1
      Add the perlglossary man page
      Re: How to suppress warnings when building Errno with gcc
      perlglossary.pod: add jump points
      Pod::Html - correctly link to =item's on the same page
      Re: [PATCH] Pod::Html - correctly link to =item's on the same page
      Re: [perl #36654] Inconsistent treatment of NaN
      Re: Data::Dumper bug?
      document index() with out of bounds POSITION
      Re: Optree Generation
      Re: [perl #37039] perlref documentation about optional -> is too vague
      Re: Fw: Tied hash numeric values are rounded off under Perl v5.8.6
      Allow non-arrowed form of chained subscripts after slices
      bleadperl DProf.xs:140: warning: `unused' attribute ignored
      quiet a few warnings
      Backport of changes #25831 and #25832. Re-order needed
      [DOC PATCH] mention @-, @+ in perl56delta.pod
      Configure setting patchlevel broken
      consting perlbug breaking in blead & maint
      Re: Cygwin status, maint and blead
      fix wrong pool error in cygwin build
      make failing cygwin test TODO'd
      [DOC PATCH] rindex clarification
      Re: relaxing TEST restrictions (was: Re: 5.9.3 approaches)
      Cygwin issue (26792) and patchlevel (26790)
      Re: cloning and foo_dup functions
      quiet gcc Info message in cygwin
      [DOC PATCH] $^X isn't necessarily argv[0]
      One shouldn't be able to dereference a GLOB as a SCALAR.
      Re: [perl #38485] use integer; 0x80000000/-1; # coredump
      op/magic failure on cygwin after 1.5.19-4
      add Module::Build 0.27_08
      fix cygwin build
      exhausting <> in BEGIN{} gets ARGVOUT used only once warning
      Re: range operator vs. unicode
      Re: [perl #37731] junk and uninit'ed values in tied scalars
      NULL and sv_setpv vs. newSVpv
      -DDEBUGGING=both doesn't set -g
      DynaLoader test failure on cygwin
      help cygwin find its dlls even on taint tests with no path
      cygwin: disable effect of -ansi -std=c89 on system include
      Re: Win32 modules & cygwin
      Re: [PATCH] Re: Win32 modules & cygwin
      Win32 doc update for Win32CORE changes
      Re: substr($megabytes, 30) =
      makedepend.SH syntax error
      ssh-keygen usage in repository.pod out of date
      Re: [PATCH] Cygwin::mount_table, Cygwin::mount_flags
      ARRAY(0x...) is not very helpful in sprintf.t diagnostics
      mistaken variable in pod
      count-only transliteration needlessly makes copy-on-write
      Re: [PATCH] make Archive::Extract's x.lzma test file be lzma'd,

Yuval Kogman (3):
      CLONE for Tie::RefHash
      Sync Tie::RefHash with CPAN (1.37)
      mg_free frees data but leaves it accessible

Yuval Kojman (1):
      [perl #32193] Tie::RefHash DELETE does not return value for ref keys

Yves Orton (204):
      Re: Integration of PathTools 3.04
      (blead patch) Skip a torture test under blead, and skip certain torture tests under Win32.
      Patch Win32 makefiles for blead to allow parameters to be passed to harness:
      (patch blead) Extend t/harness to allow filtering of the file list by regex.
      Re: (patch blead) Extend t/harness to allow filtering of the file list by regex.
      Include regcomp.h in Win32 makefiles
      Re: Reworked Trie Patch
      Re: Stop mktables from needlessly re-running when using dmake on Win32
      Re: regexp trie fails compile on VMS
      Fix -C option of mktables (for VMS)
      mktables.lst and related stuff (was Re: [PATCH] Unicode 4.1.0)
      Re: [perl #35857] [PATCH] B::Deparse doesnt handle warnings register properly.
      Re: [perl #36207] UTF8/Latin 1/i regexp "Malformed character" warning
      [perl #37233] [PATCH] Test::Harness and Devel::Cover combine with overloading to cause infinite recursion in
      perlpod documentation discrepancy in 5.8.6 ( and maybe later? )
      Make script embedded in patchlevel.h work on win32.
      TODO-SKIP tests must be "not ok", or else the test harness will think
      Un-TODO a fixed test
      [patch] ext/b/t/lint.t fails on win32
      Make dump and -u croak on Win32 and Cygwin to avoid confusion
      Re: [PATCH] Re: replacing "inuse" Win files (was Re: Help with a build error)
      [Patch] Enhance Hash::Util
      Make XCOPY not prompt every two seconds when rebuilding on Win32
      Re: Making IO::Socket pass test on Win32
      Re: TODO tests and test::harness
      Re: recursion now removed from the regex engine
      Merge WinCE and Win32 directories -- Initial patch
      Re: Merge WinCE into Win32 directory and remove the the WinCE directory
      optimize /[x]/ to /x/.
      Re: [PATCH] optimize /[x]/ to /x/.
      Perl_PerlIO_context_layers and PerlIO_apply_layers, as well as other unexported/undefined entities... (patch 28258/28264 incomplete?)
      Re: [patch] win32/ to handle inclusions and not just exclusions
      Stop harness from printing summary table header for each row in table
      Re: [PATCH] Test script for DynaLoader
      Re: [PATCH] More regex optimisations and debug enhancements (including Andys stuff too)
      C is not perl, AV's dont just magically free themselves...
      Re: [PATCH] Better version of the Aho-Corasick patch and lots of benchmarks.
      Re: [PATCH] Better version of the Aho-Corasick patch and lots of benchmarks.
      Re: [PATCH] regexec/regcomp.c cleanups
      Re: Segv from new regex code when under threads.
      Guard clause should happen first, otherwise its not a guard clause.
      fix re debug segvs in global destruction, and a tweak to Benchmark to prevent infinite loops. (Re: ext/re/t/ SEGV)
      Re: [PATCH] fix re debug segvs in global destruction, and a tweak to Benchmark to prevent infinite loops. (Re: ext/re/t/ SEGV)
      Comply with the 0x80th commandment
      Re: Smoke [5.9.4] 28410 FAIL(Fm) MSWin32 WinXP/.Net SP2 (x86/2 cpu)
      : fix: [perl #39583] Pattern Match fails for specific length string
      Re: [PATCH] Hash::Util::FieldHash
      Re: [PATCH]: fix: [perl #39583] Pattern Match fails for specific length string
      Synchronize ExtUtils::Instal 1.41
      Re: Win32API::File now in core
      Introduce a new function, pv_escape(), to display contents of PVs
      More escaping in the RE
      Skip some POSIX tests when the thing they are testing is unimplemented
      Macroize vast tracks of duplicated code in regexec.c
      Re: Misunderstanding escapes in heredocs?
      Updated escaping code. utf8 regex debug output improvements
      Re: Fix loads of warnings from the last escaping patch...
      Silence system warning during tests (only on win32 for now)
      Re: Silence/fix more warnings from the regex engine
      Re: [PATCH] Trie jumping
      Teach regex optimiser how to handle (?=) and (?<=) properly.
      Disable study() for utf-8 strings
      mktables executes seven time per build sigh
      Re: Re: [PATCH] C++: Solaris CC now compiles "perl"
      Re: \N{...} in regular expression [PATCH]
      Re: \N{...} in regular expression [PATCH]
      Fix re debug formatting nits
      Add hook for re_dup() into regex engine as reg_dupe (make re
      Automate generation of the regmatch() state constants
      Re: [PATCH] Add hook for re_dup() into regex engine as reg_dupe (make re pluggable under threads)
      Re: [PATCH] Add hook for re_dup() into regex engine as reg_dupe (make re pluggable under threads)
      Minor re 'Debug' tweaks, also fix a bug in dumping certain patterns.
      Re: [PATCH] Add recursive regexes similar to PCRE
      Re: [perl #8835] fairly large regex optimization bug with 5.7.3
      Re: [PATCH] Initial attempt at named captures for perls regexp engine
      Re: [perl #40468] Not OK: perl 5.9.4 +patchaperlup: on i686-linux-64int 2.6.17-2-k7 (UNINSTALLED)
      Regexp Recurse by name.
      Add Regex conditionals. Various bugfixes. More tests.
      More regexp documentation
      Add possessive quantifiers to regex engine.
      Re: Off by one in the trie code?
      Re: Off by one in the trie code?
      only do \C hackery if \C is seen
      Fix a memory leak :
      Fix a problem with jump-tries, add (?FAIL) pattern.
      Add a few useful developers maketargets to win32/Makefile
      Patch 29155 breaks VC
      The first patch from:
      The second patch from:
      Add a commit verb to regex engine to allow fine tuning of backtracking control.
      Add more backtracking control verbs to regex engine (?CUT), (?ERROR)
      New regex syntax omnibus
      Regex Utility Functions and Substituion Fix (XML::Twig core dump)
      Re: [perl #27053] /^/m doesn't match after a newline at the end of the string
      Re: [PATCH] New regex syntax omnibus
      Allow negative indexing in recursive patterns
      Fwd: Memory leak with s/// and hashes
      Re: Fix linker error on Win32
      Re: [PATCH] Fix RT#19049 and add relative backreferences
      Fix Extensions_static dependencies to avoid relinking every time
      add regmust() to
      Study SUSPEND (and recursion) properly
      Re: [PATCH] Study SUSPEND (and recursion) properly
      \G with /g results in infinite loop in 5.6 and later
      Cleanup regexp flags and structure
      Re: [PATCH] Cleanup regexp flags and structure
      Change in handling of \RNNN inside nested patterns
      Re: Fix \k<foo> preceded by literal
      Continue split of perl internal regexp structures from ones that are engine specific.
      Re: [perl #41010] (?(COND)) in pattern matching not working properly
      Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] Re: [PATCH] abstract mempool header testing
      \R is supposed to mean something else so switch to \g and make it more useful in the process
      Minor pod nit in perlre.
      Further tweaks to make it easier to create regexp engine plug ins.
      Re: [PATCH] Further tweaks to make it easier to create regexp engine plug ins.
      Re: [PATCH] User pragmas now accessible from B
      Re: [PATCH] Errno doesnt rebuild when things it depends on in change
      Re: [PATCH] Making adding binary files possible
      Re: Named-capture regex syntax
      Macroize char class tests in case to remove duplicated code.
      Re: [PATCH] Change implementation of %+ to use a proper tied hash interface and add support for %-
      Re: [PATCH] ANSIfy the PATH environment variable on Windows
      Let the regex parser decide if we have a special pattern or not.
      Change #29711 broke tr//c on Win32.
      Add Regexp::Keep \K functionality to regex engine as well as add \v and \V, cleanup and more docs for regatom()
      Add support for /k modfier for matching along with ${^PREMATCH}, ${^MATCH}, ${^POSTMATCH}
      Re: [PATCH] Add support for /k modfier for matching along with ${^PREMATCH}, ${^MATCH}, ${^POSTMATCH}
      Make offsets support conditional
      Re: [PATCH] Change implementation of %+ to use a proper tied hash interface and add support for %-
      fix unicode split /\s+/
      Disable positive lookaround optimisations
      $1 in nested regex EVAL doesnt work correctly.
      Improve regex stringification code
      regcomp.c: remove some gotos that cause compiler consternation.
      Improve regex stringification code
      Re: prerelease checklist for Perl 5.10
      Re: [PATCH - provisional] H. Merijn Brands idea of buffer numbering.
      Re: [NL-PM] Fw: [PATCH - provisional] H. Merijn Brands idea of buffer numbering.
      Defend against cmd.exe stupidity (on Win2k at least)
      Re: [NL-PM] Fw: [PATCH - provisional] H. Merijn Brands idea of buffer numbering.
      Re: [perl #41492] Incorrect match with /(?(DEFINE)(?<A> (?&B)+)(?<B> a))/
      Re: [perl #41491] Incorrect regexp warning.
      add hooks for capture buffers into regex engine.
      Re: [PATCH] Document that m//k works
      Re: [perl #41491] Incorrect regexp warning.
      Re: Regexp recursion limit too low?
      Re: [perl #41565] qr// memory corruption
      Re: New file: t/op/regexp_email.t
      Re: [PATCH] Tweaks so that miniperl.exe doesnt croak while building perl.exe
      Re: [PATCH] Tweaks so that miniperl.exe doesnt croak while building perl.exe
      feel the the baß (encoding problems in the regex engine)
      Resolve PL_curpm issues with (??{}) and fix corruption of match results when pattern is a qr.
      fix instalhtml and Pod::HTML issues.
      ext\ExtUtils\t\Embed.t fails test when upgrading a perl with different core headers.
      Re: pmdynflags and thread safety
      Re: [PATCH] Add CPANPLUS 0.78 to the core
      Change meaning of \v, \V, and add \h, \H to match Perl6, add \R to match PCRE and unicode tr18
      Re: Analysis of problems with mixed encoding case insensitive matches in regex engine.
      Re: Analysis of problems with mixed encoding case insensitive matches in regex engine.
      Re: [PATCH] Change meaning of \v, \V, and add \h, \H to match Perl6, add \R to match PCRE and unicode tr18
      tweak some regexp params to avoid warnings
      Re: [perl #43015] regex /.*\z/ doesn't matches strings ending with \n
      Re: BBC(Bleadperl Breaks CPAN) Today: String::Multibyte
      Test::Builder tickles Pod::Html parsing stupidity bug
      Re: Net::SMTP can't send large messages with bleadperl
      Re: Net::SMTP can't send large messages with bleadperl
      Correct my email address. (My very first commit!)
      Add avar to the authors file... Apparently the 'ae' ligature sorts after z in Icelandic so he goes at the bottom of the file.
      Rename test files starting with regexp_ that do not
      Free memory in case of error/failure to compile.
      Replace pattern parsing logic with optree "parsing" logic.
      Rename various regex defined so that they have distinct prefixes based on their usage.
      fix overzealous search and replace
      Change Porting/ so it doesn't depend on unpack 'U0C*'
      Update ExtUtils::Install, EU::Installed and EU::Packlist to the latest CPAN version 1.43
      Allow TEST_FILES make var to be used to pass an argument list through to harness when using the test_harness target.
      Rework Text::ParseWords regex so it doesnt core dump on older perls due to stack exhaustion.
      Add note to regexp.h that modifying RXf_ type flags requires a or to update regnodes.h
      Typo prevented test from doing what it meant to do.
      Fix various bugs in regex engine with mixed utf8/latin pattern and strings. Related to [perl #36207] among others
      Fix Perl #49190, tests from Abigail, codefix from me.
      Add a 'test-reonly' target to the standard Makefile for *nix. (Not quite as clever as the one for win32, im working on it)
      s/re/rx/ in an assert overlooked during recent renovations
      $Test::Harness::Verbose is a numeric value now so assigning -v to it isnt all that helpful.
      Make new regex type be 'REGEXP' and make all core qr//'s be in class Regexp (and related changes)
      Make Data::Dumper handle blessed regexes properly, bump version as well. This may not be entirely correct on older perls, needs further investigation.
      Remove FIXME that is already fixed.
      Silence new warning grep in void context warning in various modules and test files, also silence a warning that came from a previous 'dev' version number bump.
      dev version numbers, xs and warnings dont play together nicely, so use MM->parse_version() to smooth over the cracks....
      Fix perlbug 50114 and document what the code does a bit better
      Fix bug 50496 -- regcomp.c=~s/lastcloseparen/lastparen/g
      Fwd: CPAN Upload: Y/YV/YVES/ExtUtils-Install-1.45.tar.gz
      Synchronize blead with changes from ExtUtils::Install 1.46
      Update ExtUtils::Install to release 1.47
      Bring ExtUtils::Install up to date with the latest on CPAN 1.50_04 and related test changes
      Resolve perl #60344: Regex lookbehind failure after an (if)then|else in perl 5.10
      Various changes to regex diagnostics and testing
      Make sure inversion sign is shown in all anyof classes that we show in regprop
      create new unicode props as defined in POSIX spec (optionally use them in the regex engine)
      Add support for testing when under
      Update ExtUtils-Install to 1.51
      Bump ExtUtils-Install to 1.52 (because of CPAN persnickityness)
      add .patch to the config file

Zefram (2):
      [perl #45383] sprintf %f panics with NaN
      IO::Dir destructor

Zsban Ambrus (1):
      [perl #38633] doc patch: perlfunc "new" section lacks lock and qr (1):
      [perl #44349] DProf - poor timer resolution on BSDs (patch) (3):
      [perl #37915] Bad select error handling in Net::Ping
      [perl #40921] cannot handle trailing backslash
      [perl #41008] Setting $0 invalidates environment shown by ps (1):
      [perl #40369] File::Find mishandles non-dangling symlinks (1):
      [perl #54424] perlipc mistype (1):
      [perl #20785] glitches with $PerlIO::encoding::fallback (2):
      Potential (?) memory leak in Storable.xs (Coverity)
      Handle null io in leavewrite (not possible?) (Coverity) (1):
      Adjust array index in (1):
      Storable PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT (1):
      [perl #46019] Documentation for 'srand' has a problem in code snippet

bharanee rathna (1):
      [perl #48489] patch to fix perl bug #7013 (1):
      Problem with system() on Win9x and (perl 5.8.x-5.9.x) (1):
      [perl #51636] segmentation fault with array ties (2):
      [perl #29033] typo in description of sleep in documentation of POSIX module
      [perl #29073] Reference to incorrect method in documentation of (1):
      Re: [perl #32717] BeOS specific Updates

brian d foy (4):
      - perlcommunity.patch (1/1) [PATCH] perlcommunity: "Perl Mongers" and calendar corrections
      [perl #50538] when( @n && %n ) fails to smart match
      perlsyn: equivalent code for HASH ~~ ARRAY
      Show using waitpid in IPC::Open[23] SYNOPSIS (1):
      Fix for:

chocolateboy (1):
      Patch for Data::Dumper 2.12 to Allow Custom Hash Key/Value Separator

chromatic (17):
      [REPATCH lib/] Remove Dependency on Exporter (take 2 or 3)
      [PROPOSED PATCH lib/AutoLoader.t lib/] Test and Improve unimport()
      Add tests for
      [REPATCH lib/AutoLoader.t] Test can() with AutoLoader
      Rephrase "Perl Home Page" References
      Recommend Against UNIVERSAL:: Methods as Functions, take 2
      [REPATCH lib/] Recommend Against Using Methods as Functions
      [REPATCH universal.c] Make sv_derived_from Documentation Clearer
      Export can() with AUTOLOAD()
      Add the new method UNIVERSAL::DOES() and the API function sv_does()
      Add Documentation for DOES()
      Add Index Numbers to caller() Docs
      Re: AW: [PATCH pod/*] Use Direct Object Constructor Calls
      Change "Perl6" to "Perl 6" in pod/*
      Typo Fix
      Typo Fixes
      Add ..., !!!, and ??? operators (1):
      [perl #43265] cygwin/Makefile.SHs: miniperl -Ilib for a clean @INC

david nicol (5):
      Document that splice() doesn't extend arrays
      Re: [PATCH] honoring void context for map(), return from sub end test
      DOCPATCH: does STORE need to return anything and if so what?
      Re: more 5.9 sort tests (second draft)
      [perl #31228] no no-op (1):
      [perl #18065] LFS related bug in perl-5.8.0 testsuite (1):
      [perl #16769] Documention bug (1):
      [perl #40427] Segfault in pack (1):
      [perl #38205] misleading typo in perlfaq8 (1):
      [perl #35059] [PATCH] caller() skips frames (such as eval() frames) if $^P set (1):
      Wrap the $VERSION initialization of DynaLoader in a BEGIN block (2):
      Re: NCR MP-RAS perl problems [perl #23791]
      Re: NCR MP-RAS perl problems [perl #23791] (1):
      Avoid a segfault case in MRO code, based on :

ilya@juil.nonet (1):
      [perl #22971] [PATCH] Proper capitalization for deprecation warning

insecure (1):
      perl-5.8.0, langinfo.h and YESSTR (2):
      [perl #27748] 'find2perl' bug: -exec causes chdir error
      [perl #29937] Entries missing from .packlist (1):
      [perl #35847] File::Find not performing as documented (1):
      [perl #48214] documentation enhancement to perlthrtut

josh (1):
      Fix a few segfaults and a when() bug

juna (1):
      Fix bug in prime_env_iter where the terms of a comparison were reversed (1):
      [perl #31843] warnings::warn($obj,...) fails when $obj overloads "" (1):
      [perl #42844] careless use of gethostbyname() in Socket.xs

karl williamson (2):
      Reolve perlbug #59328: In re's, \N{U+...} doesn't match for ... > 256
      PATCH [perl #58430] Unicode::UCD::casefold() does not work as documented, (1):
      [perl #41484] qr// stack bug (1):
      [perl #37091] File::Path::mkpath resets errno (1):
      Re: Perl 5.10.0 getting close: please test (1):
      [perl #29623] Patch for h2xs.t in Perl 5.8.4 (1):
      [perl #18036] perldoc refuses to run on BeOS (1):
      [perl #40327] Doc patch for perlfunc.pod (1):
      [perl #21672] IO::New and undefined filename behaviour (1):
      [perl #39178] IO::Socket::connect returns wrong errno on timeout (1):
      [perl #16729] crypt() doesn't work in multithreaded perl (1):
      [perl #24942] fields::inherit doesn't bless derived (1):
      [perl #38380] Typo in perlfunc.pod (2):
      [perl #27567] [patch] a typo and a mistake in perltoot.pod
      Clarifications on constants subroutines, based on: (1):
      [perl #51964] Typo on regular expression at perlopentut manual page. (5):
      Move a fcntl() example in perlfunc at a more proper place,
      [perl #30073] Misleading docs of Text::Wrap
      [perl #33173] and tainting
      [perl #34062] pack Z0 destroys the character before
      [perl #34076] P/p pack formats only recognize literal undef (1):
      Update description of Term::ReadLine and fix typo (1):
      Documentation fix for File::Temp::new (1):
      [perl #49003] pp_ftrread appears to use the wrong access mode for -x when using "use filetest 'access';" (1):
      [perl #40293] perlsec talks erroneously about "Non-Finite Automaton" (1):
      [perl #24122] setreuid and friends borked on darwin/osx (1):
      [perl #59650] File::Copy does not handle file objects sanely (1):
      [perl #34699] documentation bug in "man perlpodspec"

reneeb (2):
      [perl #36516] documentation is recursive and incomplete
      [perl #7911] no warning for useless /d in tr/0-9//d (1):
      [perl #37163] dprofpp array subscript error (1):
      [perl #40161] ccversion fix for hpux (1):
      [perl #46957] [PATCH] make Devel::Peek::mstat always available (1):
      Re: [perl #29969] h2ph not correctly processing glibc sys/ (1):
      [perl #40272] subroutine call with & in perlop example

yves orton (6):
      [perl #35857] [PATCH] B::Deparse doesnt handle warnings register properly.
      [perl #36909] $^R undefined on matches involving backreferences
      [perl #17542] regex confusion
      [perl #22395] regexp /(.*)[bc]/ 10000 times slower in 5.8.0 vs 5.6.1
      [perl #18209] bug in regex s/\s$word\s/ /gi; and $&
      [perl #18209] bug in regex s/\s$word\s/ /gi; and $&

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason (23):
      Re: Proposed changes and to regular expression interfaces in core
      RXf_WHITE never used due to small bug in regcomp.c
      Test for the qr// construct
      Re: [PATCH] length() on magic capture variables
      Re: [PATCH] perlreguts.pod: use the unicode name for ß and show the codepoint
      Re: [PATCH] extflags/pmflags Change 30841, in dump.c:pm_description regex does not have to exist
      Re: [PATCH (incomplete)] Make regcomp use SV* sv, instead of char* exp, char* xend
      Re: [PATCH] Cleanup of the regexp API
      When FETCHSIZE returns <0 perl segfaults
      FETCH/STORE/LENGTH callbacks for numbered capture variables
      Syntax error in Configure in blead
      Small fix to a previous patch on magic $<digit> variables.
      Don't use a regex match in lib/
      Minor perlreapi.pod cleanup
      Re: [PATCH] Callbacks for named captures (%+ and %-)
      SvRX() and SvRXOK() macros
      POD Alignment for the magic table in perlapi.pod
      perlreapi.pod documentation for flags & cleanup
      Move the RXf_WHITE logic for split " " into the regex engine
      Optimize split //
      Re: [PATCH] Optimize split //
      Move the reg_stringify logic to Perl_sv_2pv_flags
      Re: [perl #52672] regexp failure: (?=) turns into OPFAIL


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