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Re: [perl #29612] ndbm failure in make test

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Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes
May 17, 2004 20:11
Re: [perl #29612] ndbm failure in make test
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On Sun, May 16, 2004 at 06:43:41AM -0000, (via RT) wrote:
> Following the INSTALL instructions doesn't yield flawless perl compilation
> on all systems.
> On my system, make test fails on 5 tests all with problems with ndbm.
> /home/clock/perl-5.8.4-bad/perl: relocation error: ../lib/auto/NDBM_File/ undefined symbol: dbm_open
> # STATUS: 32512
> # Failed at run/fresh_perl.t line 53
> ndbm is present on my system:
> clock@beton:~$ locate ndbm
> /usr/include/db1/ndbm.h
> /usr/include/gdbm/ndbm.h
> /usr/include/ndbm.h
> /usr/lib/libndbm.a
> /usr/lib/
> /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/i686-linux/
> It is provided by gdbm. I ensured up-to-date version of gdbm is installed
> by freshly reinstalling gdbm (gdbm-1.8.3), removing perl source and trying
> everything again. I also did ldconfig after reinstalling gdbm. I also don't
> have full disk.

Thanks for your report.  I was hoping someone else would answer since
I'm not a linux user myself, but rather than let the silence continue,
I will stick my neck out and hope someone else will correct me.

Looking at the hints in ext/NDBM_File/hints/, it seems that
perl is of the opinion that the libndbm.a library is to be avoided and
the compatibility routines in libgdbm.a used instead.

However, I thought that as of gdbm-1.8.1, the compatibility routines
were moved to a separate library libgdbm_compat.a.  I see no sign of
perl's configuration process checking for or using this library
(except with cygwin), but I do see several linux bug reports where the
library is being linked; this implies to me that some linux
distributions are getting Configure to do so.

So, are you sure the libndbm* files are from your fresh gdbm
installation?  If so, commenting out the $self->{LIBS} = line in the
linux hints file may help; if not, and there are the libgdbm_compat*
files, changing it to say -lgdbm_compat may help.  Please let us know
the results.

Also, please send output from the ./myconfig script in your build
directory.  The info attached to your report was from a 5.8.0
installation.  For future reference, you can run "make nok" to
generate a bug report using the failed build's information (or just
email your report to with the ./myconfig output
attached, assuming at least the Configure stage was successful).

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