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Re: [ #13508] cannot find Glib.dll on win32, despite being packaged in the exe

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Marc Lehmann
September 1, 2006 03:27
Re: [ #13508] cannot find Glib.dll on win32, despite being packaged in the exe
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On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 03:46:37PM -0400, Steffen Müller via RT <> wrote:
> <URL: >
> > that par renames it to some gibberish file (as I already explained).
> FYI, that's because the dlls for various dependencies might clash.

Well, they don't on the system where it is being packaged, so this is
eitehr a bug or a limittaion in par that could be solved (e..g by not
putting everything into a flat hierarchy and relying on the normla perl

> > -l is certainly not going to help as PAR does not load Glib.dll but
> Certainly... Have you tried? -l makes sure the name is retained because

Yes, that was the first thing I tried. It still loaded the <hash>.dll instead
of Glin.dll.

> Possibly. Or:
> Now, I know there is a difference between what that guy had problems
> with (gtk+) and what you have problems with (Glib.dll as part of a CPAN
> module).

Right, I am the only one who managed to package gtk+ with perl on windows
so far, to my knowledge, and I had to work around some other par bugs
(such as adding its own defective entry to @INC _multiple_ times during
program execution) but thats not the actual problem.

The actual problem is and stays that par (version 1.52) does not correctly
package perl modules using xs and shared objects.

In case it matters, here is what I do a as workaround:

1. par keeps  alot of crust in @INC leading to clashes if a user has a
different but incompatible pelr installed:

      @INC = grep ref, @INC; # weed out all paths except pars loader refs

2. I pre-push my own libdir in @INC, both at BEGIN time as well as on main
program start, because par pushes its own handler in front of it.

3. I manually package all Glib and gtk2-module related files into my own
hierarchy. No @INC handler required, no renaming required, simply works.

> ask. But that's the reason I got into the habit of not waiting for a
> reply before closing old tickets. (And the same logic readily applies if
> I wrongfully think the problem should be solved with command line options.)

A bad habit, but no permanent harm was done. Your behaviour is frustrating to
those who invest a lot of time investigating and openign bug reports. Many
people I know don't have the stamina to reopen bug reports, especially if
they aren't bold enough to know that they know the problem better than the
ones caring for bug reports: It should be the opposite.

> On an unrelated note, if you are so inclined, retry using PAR 0.952
> which might have a slightly different way of handling dlls.

I will, although I can't say when, but as soon as I can.

> When answering, always keep in mind that the one you are answering to is
> also working on this in his spare time, so let's keep the tone down.

If you don't care about fixing par then you are free to ignore bug reports.
If you don't like the tone and this is the reason for not fixing bugs, then
par stays as bad a product as it is. It might be that that is fine to you,
and me, and everybody else, or might be a bad state of affairs. Its not my
choice to make.

Remember that its my spare time, too, and I invested far more time on this
problem than you, giving a detailed bug report and being open to explain
more if need be.

I was not asking you to invest your spare time - you either give it, or if
you don't want to give it, stay out of bug business. The only thing I ask
is to not suppress valid bug reports (I am not saying that this is case
here, of course!).

If you don't honor this either and think its ok to frustrate people
investing _their_ time to help, you might just as well ignore any bug

Thank you for investing your time.

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