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The history of the lighter side of Perl culture

Andrew Savige
November 3, 2002 04:49
The history of the lighter side of Perl culture
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I am giving my first Perl talk to in a week or so and would
like to start it with an introduction to the lighter side of Perl

I started by trying to identify the categories. Here is what I have
come up with so far. Being a Perl late-comer, I am not certain of
the accuracy of what follows. Corrections and additions welcome.
Some of this info. was got from, some from various
emails to perl mailing lists.

1) JAPH            R.Schwartz (1988).
2) .sig in Perl    A natural extension of JAPHs.
3) Perl Poetry     L.Wall (1990).
4) Haiku           Popularized by D.Conway(1998) in Coy module,
                   but were they popular before this?
5) Perl Golf       L.Wall/R.Schwartz(1990) -- the playing. For example
                   in this post Larry plays golf with himself but
                   mentions Randal so I assume he also played around
                   this time:
                   G.Bacon(1999) -- coined the term
6) Obfus           Derived from JAPHS (?) Who did the first one?
7) Joke Modules    sh2perl (R.Schwartz,1998)
                   Semi::semicolons (M.Schwern,1999)
                   Acme namespace (D.Conway,2001 via Acme::Bleach)
                   use less (Perl core -- who is responsible?)
                   I heard rumours that sh2perl goes back to 1990 with
                   a version that would email the shell script to
                   tchrist and ask him to write a Perl version.
                   I.Phillipps did a similar trick with a Perl
                   program/function generator around 1990 that
                   sent a request to Perl newsgroup.
8) Sayings/Quotes  Many from L.Wall from C source code comments etc.
                   Two interesting recent ones:
                     "use strict is gay" (BK,P.Cawley,D.Cross,R.Clamp)
                     "schwern is my bitch" ( (?))
                   I know history of the former but what does it mean:
                     "schwern is my bitch" ??
9) April Fools     1990: "Black Perl" --  L.Wall
                   1998: sh2perl -- R.Schwartz
                   1999: Semi::semicolons -- M.Schwern
                   1999: "Java Mongers" -- ??
                   2001: parrot -- S.Cozens
                   2001: Acme::Buffy -- L.Brocard

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