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Re: ping...

Georg Moritz
December 4, 2004 19:24
Re: ping...
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From the keyboard of Marty Trujillo [04.12.04,18:54]:

> I love perl,  I love perl... but does perl have any advantages over PHP?

try doing my .sig in PHP :-)
IMHO PHP is just "good" at web programming, nothing else.
But then, even what it's good at, it's bad.
I think its no good inviting people to mix HTML and code arbitrarily.

perl is far more than a web programming language.

> Is it time for me to learn PHP?

that depends on what you're up to, or what you're in.
Programming PHP is a pain if you know perl... consider
PHP arrays, and compare the OO concepts of both languages.

> Any thoughts?

since there ain't anything that can't be done in perl -
I would leave PHP for it's primary use - personal home page -

It's harder to write a web app in perl - if you are a beginner
and have just learned html, that is. Nut that's also the reason
there is such a lot of bad PHP code around. See php-nuke, phpMyAdmin
etc. and security flaws.


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> > three!  :)  I guess "me too" (or in my case "me three") posts on a list
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