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Re: The CPAN Morass

Linda W
December 6, 2011 16:33
Re: The CPAN Morass
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Nicholas Clark wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 05, 2011 at 04:55:23PM -0800, Linda W wrote:
>>     I have tried to get a hold of icc, you had to be a famous developer 
>> or pay money -- I wanted to try it because it was said to do a much 
>> better job of optimizing than the gnu compiler...
> I was meaning this "Non-Commercial Software Development", which still seems to
> be available:
> It's limited to "My use of software products is for personal non-commercial
> purposes." which I think actually excludes me, based on my current situation.
> Nicholas Clark

That's the current license.  At once point they gave free usage the 
linux kernel devs to get the lk compiled and benched under their 
compiler.  For mortals, it was a limited time offer (some number of 
weeks (several) or a so, to test it out, then cough up blood to continue 

And people say heroin dealers are bad when they  get you hooked with 
free product...hmmm....funny that... for you using it, I'm not a lawyer, I only grew up having to 
defend myself in a legalistic environment... (no worse or better than 
others, just what it was and partly sculpting of my personality  --  
like most parents have some affect on development). 

Given that, I'd say it would depend on if you are an individual or an 
entity  But I'd say, it would  it depends if you are an individual or a 
entity composed of more than one person (a partnership or more)...  In 
the former case, I think the argument could be made that you could play 
with it personally, but not use it to release any commercialized 
goods/services.  But as soon as you move to more than 1 person, then you 
couldn't have both working on the same software that would be for 
eventual commercial usage, as it would clearly be commercial development 
(and intel would lose license revenue if only 1 license was bought to 
sell the product...)... But in the case of 1 person.  they get their 
license either way  if you go commercial...

I think that while it might be good to try out, in general, it isn't as 
UNrestricted as the license for usage that
is on Perl and/or CPAN, so requiring it for use of a CPAN module, would 
imply that module is so restricted.

Can modules on CPAN say "you have to pay me if you use this in any 
commercial product?"....

If so, then there's no issue... but I thought it was something similar 
to a LPGL...(even though the code
is included).... guess that's the Perl artistic?  I've never seriously 
thought along the lines of commercial distribution,  so forgive me if 
I'm off base. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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