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Re: The CPAN Morass

Linda W
December 4, 2011 09:27
Re: The CPAN Morass
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Now see, here's an example, of my /usual/ writing style, when I take the 
time to write things carefully, rather writing in a casual style:..  I said:

    "I, too often confuse linux with Unix, as it's seems the only
    largely supported and most freely available.... but I know it's not
    the entire market."

Dana Hudes wrote:
> Linux isn't the only widely supported unix.  FrreBSD , NetBSD have their adherents.  Solaris is pretty widely used just not among consumers / desktops. Then you have Mac OS X which isn't exactly unix but is unix-like in many aspects (has a bash shell, you can use vi or emacs and of course perl).   I would suspect more Mac desktops than Linux.
    So how does what you wrote apply to what I said?    Are any of the 
BSD-derivatives as freely available as linux?  Of those how many have a 
large amount of support behind them?  
> Servers on Mac exist but relatively rare.
> Finally, Perl runs on Windows. There are a number of Windows-specific Perl modules.
    Windows isn't  something I'd likely confuse with Unix...

> Dana Hudes

 You see, when I respond to someone being historically, anal retentive, 
I try to dot such p's and q's as are necessary for context, vs. when I 
respond to those who are not focusing on such irrelevant details (very 
irrelevant to the subject of this discussion), I don't bother to check 
every such p and q...   I write for the
context of those who I am writing to.

If someone who's focus is on historical events, or not very pertinent 
variations in license, of course they  can pick apart things I said.  
They weren't part of the discussion, so I didn't include their 
information, as every person's information that I include takes me more 
time to either recall specifics (much of which I lived through, and 
would know if I **slowly** considered the words I wrote) or research 
before saying anything.   

My writings take far too much time as they do, to write for all possible 
readers, or to write legalistically, is far too tiring/tedious to do in 
a more casual discussion, but one parent was a lawyer, the other had a 
master's in speech and communication.   Made for many lively 
discussions...(occasionally, though considerably more rarely, still does). Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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