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Re: The CPAN Covenant

Neil Bowers
November 21, 2011 05:40
Re: The CPAN Covenant
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Hi Steffen,

>>    I hereby give permission to grant co-maintainership
>>    to [% distribution %], if all the following conditions are met:
> Refer to the "PAUSE administrators" instead of A mailing list is a weird thing to carry authority. :)

Ah, that's the right label to use then? I've referred to you as the Modules Cabal in the past,
but "PAUSE administrators" does sound less like a conspiracy. I'll make that change for the next iteration.

>> As a number of others commented, Andreas feels it should be stated on
>> a per-distribution basis, and not per-author.
> Well, ideally, I think, an author should be able to do either one (or both). Personally, I'm perfectly willing to hand responsibility to the PAUSE admins if I'm not reachable/whatever. I would not want to go through the effort of marking each of my 150 or so modules.

Good point. I forgot that there are some über-maints, who have more dists than I have digits.

We need to think of a good way to handle this. Those using Dist::Zilla could set up a global profile,
but we need some other mechanism for tagging your PAUSE profile with this...

Maybe instead of just this Covenant, we have a number of Ownership / Maintenance statements,
one of which is the one I proposed, but another of which would something along the lines of:

	This is my module, I don't want it handing over unless I've either
		(a) bestowed (co-)maint using PAUSE
		(b) have explicitly given the PAUSE admins permission to bestow it

And by default everyone could be tagged with this. Much as I might wish that the default could be
more open, there are clearly people who are more aligned with the above, so that would have to
be the default.

>> [if you're happy for someone else to take over maint of a dist]:
>>    I hereby give permission to grant lead authorship
>>    to [% distribution %], if the following conditions are met:
>>    (1) There are outstanding issues in the module's public bug tracker
>>    (2) The requester wants to make worthwhile changes that will benefit CPAN
> Not even require an email to the author? Really?

Yes, I think that could be one of the ownership statements. I recently took over a module where
both previous maints clearly had no interest, but it just took a long time to determine that fact :-)

>> There are at least three ways this could be provided:
>>     (a) a file included in the distribution. Eg Covenant.txt
>>     (b) text in the README
> META.yml/json!
> README is almost useless since it requires somebody to grovel through the distribution. It needs to be something that can be automated and displayed on some overview page -- like the distribution page for (and metacpan), something akin to "View Permissions" in PAUSE.

Absolutely. I'm having a number of offline discussions with various people, and one of them is about defining the
right bits of metadata, so metacpan et al can (search | summarise) it.

>>     (c) a feature on PAUSE, where you can select the "ownership status"
>>         or similar
> This would be the place where you mark an author as endorser.


>> [...] The alternative would
>> be to email the covenant to that's publicly archived,
>> so your covenant could be found, especially once a convention
>> has been established.
> Yeees, keep in mind, though, that is read & acted upon by only a handful of really rather busy people. More manual work for us is likely to lead to work being dropped.

Another good point. Will ponder some more.

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