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Re: [RFC] Pod2::Perldoc - new module proposal

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Kurt Starsinic
November 22, 2005 05:52
Re: [RFC] Pod2::Perldoc - new module proposal
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On 11/22/05, Enrico Sorcinelli <> wrote:
> Pod2::Perldoc is an improved distribution of Perldoc, the program for reading
> Pod documentation.
> It's available at


Your patches look both useful and interesting.  I recommend that you
apply a bit more pressure to get your patch integrated into the core
(or to get some valid criticism on your patch), rather than publishing
a new module.  This is what I request of you:

1. Publish your patch to perl5-porters one more time.  *Make sure*
that it applies cleanly against 5.9.2.  Cc: Sean Burke and me.
2. Wait a couple of days.
3. If and when you don't get a response, email Hugo van der Sanden and
Rafael Garcia-Suarez, cc:ing me.  Ask them to apply your patch.  Point
them at the URL for the archived email from (1.).
4. If they don't respond to your email, email me and I'll prod them.
5. If they do respond to your email, but they don't like your patch,
then you are on your own.  ;^)

Good luck,

> Pod2::Perldoc is the same of core Pod::Perldoc tool plus the advantage of some
> improvements in order to support POD2::* translation packages[1]:
> - It adds the -L switch that allows to define language code for the desired
> language translation. If POD2::<language_code> package doesn't exists, the
> effect of the switch will be ignored.
> - With the translated pods, the useful perldoc's -f and -q switches still work.
> Pod2::Perldoc doesn't override perldoc frontend, but installs a similar script
> named 'pod2' under $Config{scriptdir} directory. These are several usage
> examples:
>    %> pod2 PageName
>    %> pod2 -L it PageName
>    %> pod2 -f BuiltinFunction
>    %> pod2 -L it -f BuiltinFunction
>    %> pod2 -L fr -q FAQKeywordRegex
> See as usual:
>    %> perldoc perldoc
> for standard command line interface commands, options, examples and so on.
> Why make an ugly, unmaintainable and suboptimal new distribution instead of
> simply patching Pod::Perldoc? Italian Perl mongers posted a patch[2] several
> times both to p5p[3] and perl-documentation[4] mailing lists without receiving
> any attention or constructive criticism. We also wrote to Sean M. Burke directly
> (he was also cc'ed in the list posts) with the same result. This is quite sad,
> because it frustrates our efforts to spread and promote Perl in a Country where
> also the English language should be spread better but unluckly isn't.
> Of course, we'll be very happy to move immediately Pod2::Perldoc package to
> backpan archive when our patch will receive some attention! :-)
> Any suggestions/comments/criticism are welcome.
> Regards
>         - Enrico
> [1] POD2::<language_code> CPAN packages contain translations of (core) Perl
> pods. Currently there are POD2::IT, POD2::FR and POD2::LT packages available on
> CPAN. Portuguese guys announced start of a new one[5] (I hope under POD2::
> namespace).
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]

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