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New module: FLV file parsing 44 messages Smylers, Austin Schutz, Eric Wilhelm, A. Pagaltzis 30 Nov 2005
Why is module list not more up-to-date? 4 messages James E Keenan, Ricardo SIGNES, merlyn 29 Nov 2005
Would this Module be useful? (Subclass of Apache::Request with input validation / session data) 1 message John Doe 22 Nov 2005
[RFC] Pod2::Perldoc - new module proposal 7 messages Enrico Sorcinelli, Kurt Starsinic, José Castro, David Landgren 22 Nov 2005
When CPAN shell cannot find a module 13 messages Christopher Hicks, andreas.koenig.gmwojprw, Randy Kobes, James E Keenan 23 Nov 2005
Linking to a POD document in POD 9 messages John Siracusa, Randy Kobes, Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni, Ken Williams 18 Nov 2005
RFC - Data::SelectWithoutReplacement 10 messages David Landgren, Xavier Noria, Smylers, philippe.bruhat 19 Nov 2005
PPM "Fails" Question - What did I do wrong? 7 messages Troy Denkinger, James E Keenan, Randy Kobes 18 Nov 2005
Another CPANTS/pod_coverage.t rant - FULL VERSION 15 messages David Golden, Andy Lester, A. Pagaltzis, Ovid 15 Nov 2005
Another CPANTS/pod_coverage.t rant 1 message David Golden 13 Nov 2005
Looking for a name for a module 8 messages A. Pagaltzis, Ken Williams, Randy W. Sims, José Castro 12 Nov 2005
Re: Module abstract: Is its length still limited? 16 messages James E Keenan, andreas.koenig.gmwojprw, Sam Vilain, Ricardo SIGNES 10 Nov 2005
Class::Cache - store instances of classes, eagerly vivifying them 1 message Terrence Brannon 4 Nov 2005
Automated library installs 1 message David Robins 3 Nov 2005
Re: Name advice: check license of dependencies 6 messages Chris Dolan, Mark Stosberg, Christopher Hicks, Sam Vilain 2 Nov 2005

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