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Mail::Preconfigured 2 messages Eric Wilhelm 28 Feb 2005
Win32::Tie Registry / Activestate Perl problem (?) 3 messages Linda W, A. Pagaltzis 28 Feb 2005
Introduction Letter 53 messages Ofer Nave, A. Pagaltzis, Eric Wilhelm, Ken Williams 28 Feb 2005
Name for GStreamer bindings 20 messages Torsten Schoenfeld, Randy W. Sims, Kevin C. Krinke, A. Pagaltzis 27 Feb 2005
Naming Proposal: WWW::Patent::Page (continued from earlier at comp.lang.perl.modules) 5 messages Wanda Anon, Andy Lester, Andrew Savige 21 Feb 2005
CPAN cruft cleanup? 6 messages Linda W, A. Pagaltzis, Christopher Hicks, Johan Vromans 24 Feb 2005
lib::http - Using virtually a Perl library from the Internet with the HTTP protocol. 2 messages Graciliano M. P., Chris Dolan 21 Feb 2005
CPAN usage questions, unrecognized makemaker parameters 2 messages Linda W 19 Feb 2005
Net::Ftp use proxy? 5 messages Sam Vilain, Linda W, David Nicol 21 Feb 2005
Algorithm::RootFind Request for Comments 9 messages Spencer Ogden, David Landgren, C. Chad Wallace, A. Pagaltzis 15 Feb 2005
URLs to Modules 6 messages Ovid, Dave Rolsky, Randy W. Sims, Andy Lester 7 Feb 2005
what to name this data-structure (and the module it rode in on) 5 messages Eric Wilhelm, Sam Vilain 14 Feb 2005
What to name the baby? (module naming advice) 7 messages Rocco Caputo, Corwin Brust, David Nicol, Sam Vilain 8 Feb 2005
Class::DBI::LazyInflator 1 message Daisuke Maki 5 Feb 2005
Can I edit my posts on CPAN::Forum to (hopefully) improve them? 1 message Konovalov, Vadim 4 Feb 2005
DCOP module 1 message Markus Heller 2 Feb 2005
CPAN::Forum 21 messages Gabor Szabo, Nicholas Clark, Ken Williams, Fergal Daly 7 Feb 2005
how do I ask for community to support mailing list for aCPAN module? 2 messages Konovalov, Vadim 1 Feb 2005

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