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CAD::* namespace 2 messages _brian_d_foy, Eric Wilhelm 29 Aug 2004
Best Practice for renaming modules? 6 messages Jose Alves de Castro, Martyn J. Pearce, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Alberto_Manuel_Brand=E3o_Sim=F5es?=, Nicholas Clark 28 Aug 2004
module Mail::Folder::Mbox/MailFolder-0.07 by Kevin Johnson 10 messages linda w, Simon Cozens, Suresh Govindachar, Wiggins d'Anconia 28 Aug 2004
Circular dependencies in PREREQ_PM 7 messages John Siracusa, Andy Lester, Fergal Daly, Ken Williams 27 Aug 2004
Name space and module list 3 messages A. Pagaltzis, vincenzo, David R. Baird 26 Aug 2004
'make test' email report from cpanplus bounced becuase requires valid sender domain 2 messages Adam Monsen, David Landgren 26 Aug 2004
Namespace for EUI related modules 10 messages Suresh Govindachar, Sam Holden, Daniel Staal, Randy W. Sims 25 Aug 2004
namespace for users and groups 13 messages David R. Baird, david nicol, Sean Quinlan, Sam Vilain 26 Aug 2004
name for singlethreaded web server framework module 8 messages david nicol, Nicholas Clark, Randy W. Sims, Ken Williams 23 Aug 2004
META.yml generation and SIGNATURE problems 4 messages Kjetil Kjernsmo, Sam Holden, Ken Williams 21 Aug 2004
Perspectives on a Namespace 2 messages Luis Tello, khemir nadim 20 Aug 2004
Let's eliminate the Module List 46 messages Simon Cozens, Randy W. Sims, A. Pagaltzis, Christopher Hicks 27 Aug 2004
Where do people learn how to document a module? 9 messages Hugh S. Myers, Andy Lester, khemir nadim, Randy W. Sims 16 Aug 2004
Which namespace for a build system? 10 messages khemir nadim, Randy W. Sims, A. Pagaltzis, Simon Cozens 27 Aug 2004
Mail::Vacation abondoned? 6 messages Adam Monsen, Smylers, Randy W. Sims 15 Aug 2004
Namespace for Z-machine parse/translate module 6 messages Amir Karger, Randy W. Sims, Scott W Gifford 17 Aug 2004
Datastructure namespace (was "Re: Renaming module - Algorithm::SkipList") 1 message Robert Rothenberg 2 Aug 2004
RE: Renaming module - Algorithm::SkipList 12 messages A. Pagaltzis, Orton, Yves, Robert Rothenberg, Eric Wilhelm 3 Aug 2004
Re: modularization module 6 messages Baltasar Cevc, Randy W. Sims, A. Pagaltzis, Eric Wilhelm 3 Aug 2004
Re: Ratings and Reviews ne Modules 100 messages Randy W. Sims, A. Pagaltzis, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Bruno_Negr=E3o?=, Eric Wilhelm 2 Aug 2004
module name for Wily (a text editor) interface client? 8 messages Sam Holden, Christopher Hicks, Randy W. Sims, Smylers 3 Aug 2004
script local namespacing? 4 messages Jason Adams, Sam Vilain, Eric Wilhelm, Adrian Howard 1 Aug 2004

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