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ExtUtils::Embed and C++ 2 messages Nicholas Clark, SilvioCVdeAlmeida 29 May 2004
XML::Smart 1.6.1 - Need feedback about the new DTD resource and new FAQ and Tutorial docs. 1 message Graciliano M. P. 26 May 2004
tables inside PDF 11 messages Mohamed Parvez, Mark Stosberg, David Nicol, Sherzod Ruzmetov 27 May 2004
which in perl 6 messages Tim Harsch, fglock, Andy Lester, Simon Cozens 26 May 2004
Module meta data 3 messages khemir nadim, Adrian Howard, Sam Vilain 31 May 2004
Possibly stupid question... 3 messages Ken Williams, David Wheeler, Hugh S. Myers 24 May 2004
Class::MethodMaker wrong version listed on CPAN 1 message Martyn J. Pearce 23 May 2004
Attribute::Handlers incorrectly listed in CPAN's packages.details.txt.gz. 2 messages Viner, David, Michael G Schwern 19 May 2004
Namespace convenions 4 messages Simon Cozens, Orton, Yves, Tim Bunce, Erik Norgaard 19 May 2004
Application framework namespaces 19 messages Michael A Nachbaur, khemir nadim, David Nicol, _brian_d_foy 21 May 2004
Duplicated modules 12 messages Jose Alves de Castro, Randy W. Sims, Mark Stosberg, IvorW 30 May 2004
New module - (session/authentication) seeking a name 9 messages David Nicol, jmiller, Michael G Schwern, Lincoln A. Baxter 8 May 2004
getting rid of some unmaintained modules 6 messages Gabor Szabo, _brian_d_foy, Sherzod Ruzmetov, Christopher Hicks 27 May 2004
Finding installed modules under a given namespace 3 messages Jose Alves de Castro, Dave Rolsky 7 May 2004
File::Path::Populate 5 messages Eric Wilhelm, Richard Clamp, Ken Williams, Mark Stosberg 6 May 2004
[RFC] - New module proposal: JavaScript::DebugConsole 4 messages Enrico Sorcinelli, jason scott gessner 10 May 2004
too many tests? 4 messages Jose Alves de Castro, Orton, Yves, A. Pagaltzis 6 May 2004
fix bad upload? 3 messages Tim Harsch, Andy Lester, _brian_d_foy 4 May 2004
Re: CGI::Uploader (was: CGI::FileManager) 8 messages Mark Stosberg, Gabor Szabo, Andy Wardley, Ken Youens-Clark 1 May 2004

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