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advice needed on Lingua::Identification 6 messages jac, khemir nadim, A. Pagaltzis, Austin Schutz 27 Feb 2004
Reshaping the modules list: a starting point, help remove the bias. 13 messages Sam Vilain, Dave Rolsky, Tim Bunce, Smylers 25 Feb 2004
Reshaping the modules list: the current situation 2 messages Sam Vilain, Andy Wardley 24 Feb 2004
Re: New module Params::Validate 3 messages Dave Rolsky, Autrijus Tang 20 Feb 2004
pageranking perl modules 8 messages David Manura, Graciliano M. P., Don MacQueen, Martyn J. Pearce 24 Feb 2004
Tk usage with / from perl in Cygwin env 2 messages linda w, Konovalov, Vadim 23 Feb 2004
Paging Dr. Barr... 3 messages Austin Schutz, Smylers 19 Feb 2004
capturing carp()s in module tests? 7 messages Rodent of Unusual Size, Orton, Yves, David Manura, Smylers 19 Feb 2004
Curators of modules, changing namespaces, APIs vs Distributions 1 message Sam Vilain 16 Feb 2004
Re: Tie::Array::Sorted 25 messages Simon Cozens, A. Pagaltzis, darren chamberlain, Orton, Yves 13 Nov 2003
pure perl Zlib 9 messages A. Pagaltzis, Nicholas Clark, khemir nadim, Sam Vilain 16 Feb 2004
OK, so we've decided that the right modules are too hard to find. 34 messages Simon Cozens, Sam Vilain, Michel Rodriguez, khemir nadim 16 Feb 2004
Where in the world is Kim Ryan 1 message Hugh S. Myers 13 Feb 2004
[RFC] Text-Balanced 1.96 proposed interface changes: return failure in list context 27 messages David Manura, david nicol, khemir nadim, Simon Cozens 28 Feb 2004
[RFC] Search::TokenIndex 4 messages Paul Hoffman, David Manura 13 Feb 2004
Re: [RFC] RFC::Index 3 messages Ed Summers, darren chamberlain, Paul Hoffman 12 Feb 2004
code management for multiple modules 3 messages Eric Wilhelm, Adrian Howard 18 Feb 2004
"Smarty templates" 2 messages david nicol, Ed Summers 9 Feb 2004
Class::HPLOO - Need advice in attributes and object persistence for OODB. 3 messages Sam Vilain, Graciliano M. P., A. Pagaltzis 10 Feb 2004
Testing output to STDOUT and STDERR 17 messages Adrian Howard, Andy Lester, Sam Vilain, Adriano R. Ferreira 10 Feb 2004
Geography Namspace 1 message Aran Deltac 7 Feb 2004
proposed Text::Charnames 9 messages Rodent of Unusual Size, Eric Cholet, david, Elizabeth Mattijsen 12 Feb 2004
Re: DateTime (Was: New module Mail::SendEasy) 64 messages Orton, Yves, Smylers, Dave Rolsky, A. Pagaltzis 16 Feb 2004
Re: Re3: Re: How about class Foo {...} definition for Perl? 72 messages Fergal Daly, David Manura, A. Pagaltzis, Chris Josephes 30 Jan 2004
CVS version module name 10 messages David Robins, David Wheeler, Dave Rolsky, Dariush Pietrzak 5 Feb 2004
Need advice for new module for "Fast CGI", for enverioments without mod_perl. 5 messages A. Pagaltzis, Simon Cozens, Graciliano M. P., Adrian Howard 5 Feb 2004
search module dependencies on cpan 3 messages David Manura, Richard Clamp 4 Feb 2004
[Fwd: [perl #25268] h2xs does not create VERSION stubs] 2 messages Fergal Daly, david nicol 3 Feb 2004
Re: Fwd: Re: New module Mail::SendEasy 13 messages Dave Rolsky, Mark Overmeer, Terrence Brannon, Elizabeth Mattijsen 28 Jan 2004
Re: InfoSys::FreeDB in module list 3 messages vincenzo, A. Pagaltzis 28 Jan 2004

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