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[ Re: (fast reply please!) Idea for new module: A bridge between Perl and R-project] 2 messages Dariush Pietrzak, Brad Lhotsky 30 Jan 2004
(fast reply please!) Idea for new module: A bridge between Perl and R-project 5 messages Clayton Scott, A. Pagaltzis, Graciliano M. P., C. Chad Wallace 30 Jan 2004
[ANNOUNCE] Config::DBI - database connection support via Config::ApacheFormat files 1 message Terrence Brannon 28 Jan 2004
InfoSys::FreeDB in module list 3 messages vincenzo, A. Pagaltzis 27 Jan 2004
Re: Fwd: Re: New module Mail::SendEasy 13 messages Mark Overmeer, Dave Rolsky, Terrence Brannon, A. Pagaltzis 29 Jan 2004
New Modules: WWW::Authen::Simple, DBIx::PDlib 1 message unrtst 27 Jan 2004
[RFC] RFC::Index 3 messages Paul Hoffman, Ed Summers, darren chamberlain 26 Jan 2004
Need feedback on module namespaces 2 messages David Coppit, khemir nadim 28 Jan 2004
New module Mail::SendEasy 64 messages Orton, Yves, Smylers, A. Pagaltzis, Dave Rolsky 29 Jan 2004
is this a good plugin architecture? 3 messages Eric Wilhelm, Adrian Howard 26 Jan 2004
optional mix-in classes 5 messages Eric Wilhelm, darren chamberlain 21 Jan 2004
Mail::Outlook module 7 messages Barbie, nadim, Ed Summers, David Manura 21 Jan 2004
[Class::MultiList] Need feedback for first distribution 11 messages Ruslan U. Zakirov, David Manura, Sherzod Ruzmetov, Martyn J. Pearce 21 Jan 2004
Namespace for Ham Radio modules... 3 messages david nicol, Nicholas Clark, FooBard 22 Jan 2004
How about class Foo {...} definition for Perl? 72 messages Fergal Daly, David Manura, A. Pagaltzis, Chris Josephes 20 Jan 2004
New user: About this list style. 2 messages A. Pagaltzis, Graciliano M. P. 16 Jan 2004
Spreadsheet::Perl (was New User) 8 messages khemir nadim, Orton, Yves, Graciliano M. P., David Manura 16 Jan 2004
"would you$please shut the door?" 7 messages A. Pagaltzis, Sam Vilain, david nicol, Simon Cozens 14 Jan 2004
RFC: CGI::UploadDB 4 messages Mark Stosberg, A. Pagaltzis, David Manura 13 Jan 2004
New User 2 messages David Manura, khemir nadim 12 Jan 2004
Possible module for 'safer' signal handling.... 9 messages Lincoln A. Baxter, Elizabeth Mattijsen, A. Pagaltzis, Tim Bunce 12 Jan 2004
Version Numbers 26 messages Elizabeth Mattijsen, A. Pagaltzis, David Wheeler, Martyn J. Pearce 10 Jan 2004
DBIx::Recordset : how to make 0.25 the most recent version? 3 messages darren chamberlain, Terrence Brannon, Andreas J Koenig 9 Jan 2004
RFC: Data::Traverse 1 message Michel Rodriguez 7 Jan 2004
New version of Roman available 8 messages Michel Rodriguez, Andy Lester, Dave Rolsky, khemir nadim 7 Jan 2004
Re: Date::Iterator, pollution, rating system, and how to make CPAN a better place [was: Re: RFC: Date::Iterator] 14 messages Marco Marongiu, jmiller, Andy Wardley, Lincoln A. Baxter 7 Jan 2004
atomic locking web service? 1 message david nicol 6 Jan 2004
SQL::Interpolate and *::Interpolate proposals 2 messages Nicholas Clark, David Manura 6 Jan 2004
Re: Simple multi-level tie 27 messages Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, david nicol, A. Pagaltzis, Martyn J. Pearce 7 Jan 2004
Naming help for upload management system 1 message Mark Stosberg 4 Jan 2004
RVP module suite proposal 1 message David Robins 3 Jan 2004
Event::IO::Listener/Linear modules proposal 2 messages David Robins, Randy W. Sims 4 Jan 2004
Namespace suggestions for new module submission 6 messages Arthur Corliss, david nicol, Mark Stosberg, A. Pagaltzis 4 Jan 2004
Lingua::EN::Inflect extension name 8 messages Simon Cozens, A. Pagaltzis, Hugh S. Myers, david nicol 1 Jan 2004

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