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RFC CGI::Application::EasyGraph 1 message jon 27 Dec 2003
web service single-sign-on identity module(s) 1 message david nicol 24 Dec 2003
Re: Licenses for Perl Distributions As Displayed on 1 message Michael G Schwern 24 Dec 2003
Licenses for Perl Distributions As Displayed on 2 messages James E Keenan, Randy W. Sims 23 Dec 2003
RFI: Module for Creating Navigation Bars 2 messages Shlomi Fish 23 Dec 2003
Re: RFC: Date::Iterator 18 messages Dave Rolsky, Marco Marongiu, Mark Stosberg, Michel Rodriguez 20 Dec 2003
RFC: Date::Iterator 14 messages Marco Marongiu, jmiller, A. Pagaltzis, James E Keenan 24 Dec 2003
tie::late 1 message david nicol 18 Dec 2003
Simple multi-level tie 27 messages Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, david nicol, A. Pagaltzis, Martyn J. Pearce 22 Dec 2003
DBIx::Schema? 4 messages Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, Ken Y. Clark, Dave Rolsky 15 Dec 2003
HTTP::Parser module 10 messages David Robins, Stas Bekman, A. Pagaltzis, Fergal Daly 14 Dec 2003
Class::Accessor subclass 5 messages Simon Cozens, Clayton Scott, Richard Clamp 10 Dec 2003
Module name question (Authen::Captcha) 1 message jmiller 7 Dec 2003
module discussion: Class::SubclassDeep 8 messages Michel Rodriguez, James E Keenan, A. Pagaltzis, Kurt Starsinic 8 Dec 2003
Re: Geography Specific Namespace 9 messages Aran Deltac, Jim Cromie, Terrence Brannon, Mark Stosberg 7 Dec 2003
Re: Fwd: How to put a path into a module during build time? 4 messages Randy W. Sims, Michael G Schwern, jmiller, Nick Ing-Simmons 4 Dec 2003
How to put a path into a module during build time? 2 messages jmiller, Randy W. Sims 3 Dec 2003
when an object gets possessed by an evil spirit 18 messages Stas Bekman, Elizabeth Mattijsen, Randy W. Sims, Tim Bunce 5 Dec 2003
BTRIEVE::* 16 messages Steffen Goeldner, Tim Bunce, Randy W. Sims, Nicholas Clark 18 Dec 2003
namespace for module 3 messages A. Pagaltzis, Pinglei Zhou, Sam Vilain 3 Dec 2003
Re: New module Algorithm::Interval2Prefix 7 messages Lars Thegler, Fergal Daly, Phil.Moore, Orton, Yves 4 Dec 2003

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