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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 5.94_01

Michael G Schwern
May 17, 2002 12:05
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 5.94_01
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Just some bleadperl syncs, a 5.005_03 installation nit and some minor VMS

If Miyagawa and Craig could confirm this fixes their respective problems
this will become 6.0_RC1.

5.94_01 Fri May 17 14:53:54 EDT 2002
    - Small NetWare change from Novell.
    - worked around 5.005_03's lack of a $Config{siteprefix} and
    - Small cross compilation changes (bleadperl 16582, 16548)

    [[ Test Fixes ]]
    - Fixing ExtUtils::Command tests for VMS shell wildcard differences.
    - Fixing ExtUtils::Installed tests so they don't go looking at already
      installed installed lists.

5.93_01 Mon May  6 00:54:39 EDT 2002
    - fixed basic.t for limited depth VMS systems
    * MM_BeOS was totally hosed by a typo.
    - Made the ExtUtils::Command docs clear about how things come
      from @ARGV not @_.
    - Quieted nmake banners in disttest

    * Backporting to 5.005_03
    - 'require 5.006' statements to 5.00503
    - Removing uses of File::Spec::Functions
    - Adding MODE arg to mkdir()
    - Changing uses of 'our' to 'use vars'
    - Changing uses of 'no warnings' to 'local $SIG{__WARN__}'
    - Changing 3-arg opens to 2-arg
    - Changing 'open my $fh' to 'open FH'
    - 5.005_03's File::Find doesn't have 'no_chdir' Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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