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[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 5.93_01 now backported to 5.005_03

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Michael G Schwern
May 5, 2002 23:06
[ANNOUNCE] ExtUtils::MakeMaker 5.93_01 now backported to 5.005_03
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MakeMaker has been backported to 5.005_03.

VMS systems with 8-level limits should be working now.

BeOS is now working.

nmake banners are now properly supressed in disttest.

If there are no problems from this release the next will be 6.00RC1.

5.93_01 Mon May  6 00:54:39 EDT 2002
    - fixed basic.t for limited depth VMS systems
    * MM_BeOS was totally hosed by a typo.
    - Made the ExtUtils::Command docs clear about how things come
      from @ARGV not @_.
    - Quieted nmake banners in disttest

    * Backporting to 5.005_03
    - 'require 5.006' statements to 5.00503
    - Removing uses of File::Spec::Functions
    - Adding MODE arg to mkdir()
    - Changing uses of 'our' to 'use vars'
    - Changing uses of 'no warnings' to 'local $SIG{__WARN__}'
    - Changing 3-arg opens to 2-arg
    - Changing 'open my $fh' to 'open FH'
    - 5.005_03's File::Find doesn't have 'no_chdir'

5.92_01 Mon Apr 29 23:09:38 EDT 2002
    - Fixing case of modules with no .pm files on VMS.
    - LDLOADLIBS fix for NetBSD and easier overriding (bleadperl 16233)
    * syncing in MM_MacOS from pudge.
    - syncing in NetWare fixes (16266 & 16190)
    - Cleaning up somewhat.


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