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installscript='/usr/bin' !? [Was: Re: HFS+ and directory layout]

Dan Kogai
January 13, 2002 17:01
installscript='/usr/bin' !? [Was: Re: HFS+ and directory layout]
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On 2002.01.09, at 09:02, Wilfredo Sánchez wrote:
>   Perl built into the system uses /usr/bin as installbin.  This is the 
> correct setting; the system perl does not belong in /usr/local/bin.  If 
> LWP uses the wrong install path, there is nothing I can do about that, 
> since I don't touch LWP.  The same is true for the rest of the 
> iceberg.  You should complain to the LWP maintainers.  And maybe 
> mention that HEAD may be a poor naming choice for a command that 
> regularly gets put onto a Unix system.

No.  It is not LWP's fault.  See this.  I just found out that default 
installscript is /usr/bin, not /usr/local/bin.

/System/Library/Perl/darwin/ (The one that comes with the 
> installarchlib='/System/Library/Perl/darwin'
> installprivlib='/System/Library/Perl'
> installbin='/usr/bin'
> installman1dir='/usr/share/man/man1'
> installman3dir='/usr/share/man/man3'
> installprefix='/usr'
> installprefixexp='/usr'
> installscript='/usr/bin'
> installsitearch='/Library/Perl/darwin'
> installsitebin='/usr/local/bin'
> installsitelib='/Library/Perl'
> installstyle='lib/perl5'
> installusrbinperl='undef'
> installvendorarch='/Network/Library/Perl/darwin'
> installvendorbin='/usr/local/bin'
> installvendorlib='/Network/Library/Perl'

   LWP just uses installscript via MakeMaker.  So does many that use 
   As for installperlbin directory, I think /usr/bin/perl is right SO 
LONG AS IT IS PREINSTALLED or is the part of the system.  It should not 
be confused with the versions that are later installed by users later 
on.  Take FreeBSD.  FreeBSD COMES with /usr/bin/perl but the default 
hints file uses /usr/local/bin/perl (Also true if you used ports to 
install one).
   With all due respect the person who made Darwin possible,  I have to 
say it is you, not LWP or others, who is off the de-facto standard of 
perl community and it is your hints file that needs to be fixed.

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