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libwww-perl-5.60 "error live/jigsaw-auth-d.t"

Plato Smith
November 8, 2001 06:44
libwww-perl-5.60 "error live/jigsaw-auth-d.t"
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I had to browse the Net extensively to find zlib1.1.3 which is required
before installing Compress-Zlib1.14 which both are
needed to makeup Compress::Zlib which is required to fix
live/jigsaw-te........FAILED tests 2-4 errors in libwww-perl-5.60

The other error live/jigsaw-auth-d.t  was bypassed when I chose [n] as
the option to perform a lwp-request test. I
looked into the live/jigsaw-auth-d.t script and noticed:
 cat jigsaw-auth-d.t
print "1..1\n";

use strict;
use LWP::UserAgent;

   package MyUA;
   use vars qw(@ISA);
   @ISA = qw(LWP::UserAgent);

   my @try = (['foo', 'bar'], ['', ''], ['guest', ''], ['guest',

   sub get_basic_credentials {
        my($self,$realm, $uri, $proxy) = @_;
        print "$realm/$uri/$proxy\n";
        my $p = shift @try;
        print join("/", @$p), "\n";
        return @$p;


my $ua = MyUA->new(keep_alive => 1);

my $req = HTTP::Request->new(GET =>
""); (requires authentication when I
the URL in my browser)
my $res = $ua->request($req);

#print $res->as_string;

print "not " unless $res->content =~ /Your browser made it!/ &&
                    $res->header("Client-Request-Num") == 5;
print "ok 1\n";

How can I resolve the failed test for error live/jigsaw-auth-d.t  when
compiling libwww-perl-5.60?



P.S. Excuse my ignorance but I am new to perl and am learning as I
troubleshoot! All of this is new to me. Thanks again!

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