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Perl, LWP, crawling, agents

Nick Chirca
April 21, 2001 05:56
Perl, LWP, crawling, agents
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Hello to all of you guys ! My name is Nick Chirca and as you, I am trying
to achieve a few things with my programming knowledge. Actually, as all of
us, I am trying to improve my life... I am looking for happiness and I am
trying to use some tricks and ideas to make my life an easier and happier

The reason I learnt Perl for is because about a year and a half ago I
found out that it is possible to extract some specific information from a
text file. That was something really really useful for me, because I was
looking for finding a way to solve a problem. I was looking for love on
the Internet... Yes, I may be crazy and stupid to do this, but I thought
that nowdays, great distances are easily overcome and the Internet can
help us to make our dreams come true. And I thought that it's impossible
not to be able to find a cute lady (on the outer part) and very beautiful
inside to actually love me and have me as her life mate. Yes, there are
many couples that met on the Internet and nowdays they are very happy
together and I said to myself, if they could do it, why am I not able to
find Her ? I thought I was having bad luck... But I was just wasting my
time speaking with girls/women that I thought that cared about me... At
least I've done that on the Internet, because in real life is even more
painful to find out how easily people forget about you and treat you like
shit. Anyway, we all know some love stories... and, unfortunately, many of
the love stories are not happy ending. I just wanted my life to be a happy
one... and it's pretty difficult, at least in my point of view, to be
happy without having somebody to love you.

Why am I telling you all these ? Because I want you to know that Perl and
LWP may have changed my life... into a way better one... we'll see in
Jully. Why? Because I met a great lady... Her name is Ginger and lives in
Texas, USA. Because I am not an American citizen, I couldn't go to her,
because of the too harsh visitor Visa policies. She actually came to me on
3rd March and stayed with me for 6 days... She came all over from Texas to
Europe,Romania, to be with me for 6 days, to show me that she loved me...
Hmm... Isn't it this great ?! Yes, it is, but it will be even greater when
we are able to meet again and get married. We planned to do that as soon
as possible, but we cannot do that before Jully, when she promissed that
she will be coming here again. So, in Jully I will see if I got lucky or
not. If I actually get married, I will have to find a few ways to thank
God and people for the great gift that I got from Perl scripting language
and the LWP modules. And I think that the best way I can thank God is by
helping other people to make their life happier...

Ok, so I want my life to be happier and I want to make other people happy
too. Why am I telling you all these ? Because I am trying to set up a
Internet Research and Programming Team and start the Happiness Agent
Project. Sorry if I sound pathetic.... probably I am often
being pathetic.... that's because life proved me many times that the good
things come to those that FIGHT, not wait. So, I am just looking for ways
to make my life and other's people life a much better one. Are you
interested in working with me in the Internet Research and Programming
Team ? I mean, there are so many things we can do together, so many
information we can take advantage of and all the information is on the
Internet. Let's find ways to take advantage of... Let's find ways to
answer to common questions and common needs such as:
-How do I find a better paid job ? How can I submit my resumes to
thousands and thousands of employers over the Internet?
-How do I find a special person (through the Internet) to share my life
with or just a friend to practice martial arts or do other things with ?
-Where do I find effiecient and effective ways to increase my
counsciosness and (if possible) to awake my inner powers and become
enlightment ?
-How do I increase my programming/professional knowledge ?
-Where do I find the best deal to buy a specific product (good quality,
low price) ?

These are questions that some Internet agents/scripts can answer for us.
Let's build a collection of scripts, programs, databases and everything
else that is needed in order to put this project into practice. To read
more, you can go at which is (for now) the official
web site of the Internet Research and Programming Team, the team that will
try to develop efective tools to make people's life a way better one and
make their wishes come true.

If you have questions please feel free to ask me. I am trying to send this
message to people that I have talked about LWP subjects and the LWP email
list from

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to research on the libwww tools lately,
because I didn't have access (as root, at least for few hours to install
the needed lwp tools/modules) at Linux server connected at the Internet.
Hopefully, I will be soon able to solve that problem, maybe this next
week. I wasn't able to find any way to be able to login into web sites
like yahoo and other web sites that use cookies and ask for a login and
password to be able to use their futures. I am stil trying to find a way
to do that (cookie management, customized HTTP headers, filling into text
areas). Have you found a way to work this around, meaning, have you been
able to login (through a script, of course) to a website such as yahoo (or
another) ?

Go to my main website and find out more about me.
I am seeking a job ! See to read
about my skills and experience.
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