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Gisle Aas
April 18, 2001 23:35
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libwww-perl-5.53_90 is now on its way to CPAN.  This release updates
my attempt at HTTP/1.1 support.  The LWP::Protocol::http11 module now
tries to keep the connection alive between requests by default.  Still
need to figure out what the interface to keep-alives should be at the
$ua level.  There should be ways to:

    - enable/disable keep-alives
    - limit the number of sockets that are kept
    - override policy for when to use keep-alive and what sockets
      to close when we get too many
    - a way to force close of selected/all sockets
    - a way to clean up server-closed sockets
    - etc.

Anyway, the list of changes since 5.52 are:

    LWP::Protocol::http11 now does keep-alives by default.

    LWP::Protocol::http11 deals with CODE content in request.

    Net::HTTP updated:
        - added format_request() method
        - added _rbuf and _rbuf_length methods
        - read_response_headers does not return protocol version
          any more.
        - peer_http_version method did not work because of typo.
        - documentation added

    New module Net::HTTP::NB.  This is a Net::HTTP subclass that
    is better suited for multiplexing as it is able to do no-blocking
    reads of headers and entity body chunks.

    HTTP::Request: Protect $request->uri against evil $SIG{__DIE__} handlers.

    Some reorganisation in how stuff is passed from $ua to protocol object.
    The $ua is now passed in so protocol objects might store state in it.

    The $ua->max_size default is now 0.

    The $ua->clone method avoids sharing of proxy settings between
    the old and the new.

    LWP::Simple::get() could sometimes return nothing on failure in
    list context.  Now it always returns 'undef'.

    HTTP::Cookies does not request 2 dots on domain names any more.
    New option to hide the Cookie2 header.  Cookie2 header now quote
    the version number. Updated reference to RFC 2965.

    Support for embedded userinfo in http proxy URIs.  It means that
    you know can set up your proxy with things like:
    Patch by John Klar <>.

    Experimental HTTP/1.1 support.  New module called Net::HTTP that
    provide the lower level interface and a LWP::Protocol::http11
    module that builds on it.  The HTTP/1.1 protocol module must be
    loaded and registered explicitly, otherwise the old and trustworthy
    HTTP/1.0 module will be used.

    LWP::Protocol::GHTTP will try to use the get_headers() methods
    so that it can actually extract all the headers.


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