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Happy new year!

Gisle Aas
January 2, 2001 08:23
Happy new year!
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A year passed and not much happened to the libwww-perl distribution.
I can't really promise that situation will improve much in the coming
year either.  I simply find it hard to allocate enough spare time to
keep the ball rolling.

One thing I managed to do was to set up libwww-perl as project on

This project covers the libwww-perl, HTML-Parser and URI distributions
on CPAN.  This should at least allow us to maintain a bug database and
should also allow others to commit changes to the CVS repository.  If
anybody wants this kind of access please let me know.

And I actually managed to pull together a new release at the end of
last year.  You should now be able to find libwww-perl-5.49 on CPAN
with the following changes since 5.48:

    HTML::Form: Use croak() instead of die.  Implement
    $f->possible_values.  Avoid use of undef value warnings.
    HTTP::Cookies: fix epath issue.  Make it work for URI::http
    as the uri-attribute of HTTP::Request object
    HTTP::Date: Allow ignored timezone info in parenthesis. Patch
    by Sander van Zoest <>.
    Fix calculation of non-GMT timezones (wrong sign).  Patch by
    KONISHI Katsuhiro <>.
    HTTP::Response: Let $res->base() absolutize the URI.  Based on
    bug report from Hans de Graaff <>.
    Fixed minor doc typos in HTTP::Headers::Util and LWP::UserAgent.
    HTTP::Request::Common: Support boundary spec from client.
    LWP::Simple: Avoid trivial_http_get when @ appears in authority
    part of URI
    LWP::Authen::Digest: Need to have query in URI param.
    Spotted by <>.
    LWP::Protocol::http: unescape username/password if they are
    specified in the URI.
    Added LWP::Protocol::GHTTP.  This allow LWP to use the HTTP::GHTTP
    module as the low level HTTP driver.

There are probably lots of patches from the mailing list that I have
missed.  For that I'm truly sorry.  If you submitted a patch I
neglected or know patches that you would like to see included it might
be a good idea to register it as a bug (or register a patch) on the
SourceForge project page.

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