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inetd bi-communication

henk b
January 21, 2002 01:07
inetd bi-communication
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    I'm aware that this is very likely not the correct mail listing but 
since it's network related I hope someone in this group might be willing to 
help me with my problem.

I'm trying to make an inetd perl server to communicate with a perl client. 
Communication from client to server is working but not from server to 
client. As I understand inetd handles the socket, bind, listen and accept 
stuff and basically you can communicate between server and client using 
STDIN and STDOUT. But it's not working and I'm lacking some knowledge. I've 
read chapter 6 of Programming Perl and chapter 12 of Advanced Programming 
but they just don't seem to have the answer I'm looking for.

Is there anybody who can help me and get me going again?

Thanks Henk

psad            1200/tcp                        # Test perl inetd daemon
==/etc/inetd.conf ====================================================
psad  stream  tcp    nowait  root    /tmp/server.prl


open (OUTFILE, ">/tmp/effe1");  # Open output file
select(OUTFILE); $|++;          # Unbuffered output OUTFILE
select(STDOUT); $|++;           # Unbuffered output STDOUT

while (<STDIN>) {
    print OUTFILE $_;           # Write client lines to OUTFILE

print "Output for standard out\n";      # Send lind to client
close (OUTFILE);                        # Close output file


use IO::Socket;

# Setup connection to server , for now on same host
$sock = IO::Socket::INET->new(  PeerAddr    => 'localhost',
                                PeerPort    => 1200,
                                Proto       => 'tcp',
unless ($sock) {die "Socket could not be created, Reason: $!"}

foreach (1..100) {
    print $sock "Line $_\n";    # Send lines to server

# Hope to receive output from server and store in file
open (OUTFILE, ">/tmp/effe2") || die "can't open outfile $!";
$a = <STDIN>;
print OUTFILE $a;

close (OUTFILE);        # Close output file
close ($sock);          # Close connection

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