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Sr. Perl Developer (telecommute), N/A

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September 1, 2021 21:51
Sr. Perl Developer (telecommute), N/A
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Posted: August 29, 2021

Job title: Sr. Perl Developer

Company name: Workhorse Computing

Location: N/A

Pay rate: US$75.00

Terms of employment: Independent contractor (hourly)

Hours: Full time

Onsite: no

This is the continuation of a project to clean up quite a bit of technical
debit in Perl5 code. My client has an application that was developed early
in Perl5 and didn't have people trained in Perl to keep it updated to
better programming practices. At this point we have done much of the work
to produce the necessary infrastructure but the code needs more complete,
detailed tests and review of the individual programs used to break them up
in to more maintainable module structures. The remaining work requires
designing solutions for refactoring the existing code then implementing

The work itself is straightforward ETL, accepting & validating
files provided from quite a variety of sources, validating them, and 
loading them into the local database with monitoring and reporting for each

The work environment is largely AIX with some RH Linux on LPAR's
(i.e., not AWS). Source code is managed via a local GitLab repository with
testing and distribution via Jenkins. 

This work does not involve any
full-stack web design, hard-core OOP (startup speed is an issue here, Moose
isn't an option); it's about fast process dispatch for fairly simple
processing based on incoming file type; there are a lot of types, each with
their own foibles that have to be managed, and understanding data
structures will be important.

Desired skills:
Perl5 with experience through 5.30 at least, primarily reading and
iterating data structures, regexen, process management, file-handling,
symbol table management (e.g., qualify_to_ref).

Use of DBI, DBD::Pg,

Metadata driven testing using template data.

Refactoring perly
interfaces with minimum disruption to upper layers of code will be a big
part of the work, including breaking existing applications into reusable
modules or replacing outdated practices (e.g., replacing open using two-arg
+ symbols w/ three-arg and lexical vars). This includes blessing things
other than hashes or understanding how to use class methods, separating
construction and initialization, or progressive initialization. 

Developing re-usable data structure; comfortable with YAML and perly code
that uses it. 

Comfortable using git at the *NIX command line for
checkout, commit. Understanding of basic Jenkins (or other distributed
build environment) would be helpful.

Experience with Sysadmin tasks at
least to the point of understanding *NIX filesystems, basics of process
control, debugging forking code. 

Competent using at least one line editor
(vi-ish or emacs) from the command line on *NIX.

Contact information at: Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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