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Server-side Engineer | ***Japanese proficiency is required (partonsite), Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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September 1, 2021 21:51
Server-side Engineer | ***Japanese proficiency is required (partonsite), Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
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Posted: August 24, 2021

Job title:
Server-side Engineer | ***Japanese proficiency is required

Company name: EDOCODE Inc

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Pay rate: ¥500K ~ ¥700K/month ($4.6K~$6.4K/month)

Terms of employment: Salaried employee

Hours: Full time

Onsite: some

EDOCODE Inc ( is a software development company based in
Tokyo, Japan.

This position is responsible for the server-side of
EDOCODE's main business, "Point Mall".

The main focus will be on the
server-side, but people with front-end engineering experience are also
welcome to apply, as long as they have sufficient software design and
coding skills.

At EDOCODE, we want people of all genders and from all
countries and regions to join us. We are looking forward to working with
you to build a diverse team.


[ Atmosphere and Characteristics of
Demonstrating Kindness
At EDOCODE, we place the utmost importance on being
kind to others, and our principle is to always be considerate of others. It
is a culture where it is good to talk to any person without refusing to
communicate with them or intimidating them.

# Diversity and Feedback
We believe that an organization and its business can grow only when
there are diverse perspectives and opinions. For this reason, we believe it
is important to proactively communicate (give feedback) if you think it
would improve the other person or the whole.

# Create Good Service
We have
a lot of time to review and discuss ways to improve our services, and there
are not many people who just listen to one side of the discussion. We think
we still have a long way to go, but we would like to make our company a
place where people enjoy creating good services.

[ Working Style ]
Currently, all
employees are working remotely as part of our countermeasures against the
new coronavirus (COVID-19 ). We have not yet reached a conclusion on how to
work after the infection rates in Japan are under control, but we believe
that remote work will not disappear completely.

Due to this situation,
there is no restriction on the place of residence for those who live in
Japan at the time of application. However, if you need to work in an office
in the future, you may be asked to relocate to an area where you can
commute to the office. Please be aware of this when applying for this

If you live outside of Japan, please refer to the following
section, "Applying from outside Japan".

[ Applying from Outside Japan ]
For those living
outside Japan, the following restrictions apply.

# Time Zone
You must
reside in an area where the time difference from Asia/Tokyo(UTC+09:00) is
within 2 hours.

# Contract
In principle, the relationship is not an
employment contract but an outsourcing contract. However, the way you treat
and interact with others in the company is exactly the same as that of an

# Migration after COVID-19
As mentioned in the "Working style"
section above, when the infection rates in Japan are under control and you
are able to move to Japan, you may be asked to move to an area where you
can commute to the office. In that case, we will change the contract from
an outsourcing contract to an employment contract. In addition, we provide
full support for foreign nationals in obtaining their status of residence.

Desired skills:
[ Skills and Qualities Required ]
Point Mall is built in
Perl, but even if you do not have experience with Perl, you can apply if
you have a lot of experience with other languages. For example, if you have
given advice to beginners on error handling or business logic design, we
would like to hear from you.

In the future, we would like to switch from
Perl to other languages. If you are good at such discussions, we would like
you to consider applying.

[ The Responsibilities and Structure of This
Position ]
If you have
no experience with Perl, you will be required to catch up on basic Perl
usage and then be responsible for simple modification work. Once you are
comfortable with Perl development, we will assign you to a project as the
server-side engineer. Our policy is to gradually increase the area of
responsibility while adjusting the scope of assignments and man-hour
estimates according to the level of proficiency in Perl.

The current
server-side team consists of three engineers who are proficient in Perl,
including the CTO, two engineers who joined the company with no experience,
and two outsourced workers. The three veterans will be the main support

[ Language Requirements ]
# Common to All
(Required*) Ability to read API documentation in English.
(Welcome) Able to learn new frameworks using only English documentation,
and able to refer to English resources (e.g. Stack Overflow) when
troubleshooting and solving problems.

# Non-native Japanese Speakers
N2 level Japanese ability, enough to enter a facilitated discussion and
give your opinion.

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