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Pipelines Web Developer (onsite), Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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April 13, 2012 18:54
Pipelines Web Developer (onsite), Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
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Posted: April 13, 2012

Job title: Pipelines Web Developer

Company name: Holophrastic Enterprises Inc.

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Pay rate: 20'000 - 40'000 based on expertise

Travel: 0-25%

Terms of employment: Salaried employee

Length of employment: long-term, partner-oriented

Hours: Full time

Onsite: yes

Pipelines is our internal and proprietary web development platform --
written on top of Perl, of course.  Call it a template language if you
must, but basically it automates away 90% of typical web development --
connecting to the database, user logins, security, user preferences, et
cetera.  It also throws umbrella features over everything.  It's really
cool.  Code repositories and version control are gone.	We work on live
sites (Pipelines protects us from stupidity), never document code (it's
legible, that's the point), and focus on the client's business
requirements.  We sell them the flexibility upon which they depend.

As most of pipelines pulls from the world of Perl, and it's perl core is
continually evolved, Perl developers are particularly suited to this
career.  Pipelines includes dozens of sub-syntax languages of natures
similar to regular expressions, so if you can parse a regular expression in
your head, cryptic as it may be, pipelines becomes crazy easy.

It is expected that you'll take a few months to get up to speed -- the
learning curve is quite steep, but the work itself is really easy, and I
have a lot of fun with it.

This is a home-office, small-business sort of thing, with interestingly
flexible hours.  I'm looking for someone to start off as a protege, and
swiftly grow to be able to handle most of the work in stride.  You'll be
replacing someone who's just left, with big shoes to fill.

The job officially starts June 1st.

Required skills:
raw perl (no modules), javascript, building web-sites using some kind of
templating language (e.g. template toolkit).  

An understanding of the general flow of a web-site from database, to
backend server, to output stream, to browser client and back again.  An
understanding of the general problems in web development like caching and
speed and security.  HTML, inline CSS, basic MySQL.

You must hate version control systems, we won't be using any.  You must
hate commenting and documenting code, it's redundant to anyone who can read
the code. You must hate block-style css, it over-abstracts layout.  You
must hate optmizing code or writing efficient code, that's not the point. 
Everything we do here prioritizes the ability for the client to make
changes.  That's the only speed that counts.

Desired skills:
jscript, english writing, regular expressions, basic graphic work
(cropping, colour correction, sizing, compressing)

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