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No gain in speed with threads

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Blanchette, Marco
December 31, 2008 06:33
No gain in speed with threads
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Dear all,

I am trying to speed up a very long procedure that I need to run on multiple files and though that I could multithread different jobs on different files across multiple CPUs. For some reason that I don't really get, I only achieve very small time gain. I have included my script which essentially repeat the same function, extractSeq() on multiple files using a maximum of four threads.

I would really appreciate if I could finally understand how to use threads to speed up some of my lengthy scripts.



#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Bio::SeqIO;
use threads;
use Getopt::Std;

our $opt_p;

my @thr;
for (my $i=0;$i<=$#ARGV;$i++){
  push @thr, threads->new(\&extractSeq, $ARGV[$i]);
  if (scalar(@thr) == $opt_p || $i == $#ARGV){
    print "Running ",scalar(@thr)," parallel jobs\n";
    $_->join for @thr;
    undef @thr;

sub extractSeq {
  my $file=shift;

  my ($dir,$pre,$suf) = ($file=~/(^.+\/|^)(.+)\.(.+$)/);
  my $out_name = "$pre"."_CleanSeq.$suf";

  my $seqin = Bio::SeqIO->new(-file => $file,
             -format =>'fasta');

  my $seq_out = Bio::SeqIO->new(-file => ">$out_name",
                  -format => 'fasta');

  while (my $seq = $seqin->next_seq){
    if ($seq->seq =~ /AGATC/){


sub init {
  unless (@ARGV) {
    print(" [-p 4] seq_1.fa [seq_2.fa ...]\n\n",
      "Take the sequences from the Solexa sequences in Fasta format and\n",
      "\t1)Find the B primer\n",
      "\t2)Extract the sequences before the B primer leaving 5 nt of B primer\n\n",
      "-p\tNumber of processors to be used to process the files when more than one files are passed to the command line\n",
      "\tDefault 4\n\n");
  $opt_p = 4 unless $opt_p;

Marco Blanchette, Ph.D.
Assistant Investigator
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
1000 East 50th St.

Kansas City, MO 64110

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