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Re: Thread-Tie-0.01

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Nick Ing-Simmons
August 12, 2002 08:59
Re: Thread-Tie-0.01
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Elizabeth Mattijsen <> writes:
>At 10:45 AM 8/12/02 +0100, Nick Ing-Simmons wrote:
>> >Maybe it is from a CPU point of view, but it definitely isn't from a memory
>> >point of view.  Because now in an array each element will need to be tied
>> >to the shared magic.
>>It isn't quite that bad. When you do a FETCH the returned value gets
>>tie - it should be freed when all references to the FETCHed value
>>go out of scope.
>I'm not sure I'm following you here...  Could you elaborate?

tie @tied_array;  # 10000 elements say

foreach my $value (@tied_array)  # 10000 extra SVs tied to elements
  print $value;
 }  # all freed here 

foreach my $i (0..$#tied_array)
  my $value = $tied_array[$i];   # Just one extra SV tied to an element
  print $value;
 } # free'd / reused here

>> >Apart from the huge memory leak that makes it impossible to use shared
>> >arrays and hashes in a production environment.
>>So let us find it.
>As far as I can tell, it doesn't happen when you're just FETCHing and 
>STOREing in arrays or hashes, but it happens if you add or remove elements 
>(such as in shift, unshift, push and pop, and adding or delete()ing keys 
>from hashes), e.g.
>   $ perl -Mthreads -Mthreads::shared -e 'my @array : shared; while (1) { 
>push( @array,1 ); pop( @array ) }'
>will start eating away at your memory quite rigorously...  ;-)

That will be a huge help in track it down.

>I'm not 100% sure with hashes, that may need involvement of multiple 
>threads.  Couldn't reproduce it as simply as above...
>As most of it is in XS, I won't be able to help you much there...

Just producing ways to reporoduce the problem (ideally as tests)
is a huge help.

>> >- threads->yield doesn't seem to yield.
>> >This means you're burning CPU needlessly until your timeslice is over.
>>ick - can we find something that _does_ yield?
>You mean an OS that yields()?  

No I mean something that will cause Linux to yield usleep(1) or 
a select() with a 1ms timeout or ...

Nick Ing-Simmons

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