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Re: Thread-Tie-0.01

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Nick Ing-Simmons
August 11, 2002 04:13
Re: Thread-Tie-0.01
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Elizabeth Mattijsen <> writes:
>As promised on P5P, this is the first version of my proof of concept 
>implementation for shared variables using a seperate thread.
>The Thread::Tie module is a proof-of-concept implementation of another
>approach to shared variables.  Instead of having shared variables exist
>in all the threads from which they are accessible, shared variable exist
>as "normal", unshared variables in a seperate thread.  Only a tied object
>exists in each thread from which the shared variable is accesible.

That is actually exactly what threads::shared is supposed to do as well.
The only difference being that the "separate thread" has a shadowy 
existance and the client threads assume its identity (briefly) to become 
their own server - which was supposed to be an optimization :-(

>=item memory usage
>Shared variables in this approach are truly shared.  The value of a variable
>only exists once in memory.  This implementation also circumvents the memory
>leak that currently (threads::shared version 0.90) plagues any shared array
>or shared hash access.

As the threads::shared scheme is _supposed_ to be exactly as you describe
there _should_ be no difference here.

>=item tieing shared variables
>Because the current implementation uses tie-ing, you can B<not> tie a shared
>variable.  The same applies for this implementation you might say.  However,
>it B<is> possible to specify a non-standard tie implementation for use
>B<within> the thread.  So with this implementation you B<can> C<tie()> a
>shared variable.  So you B<could> tie a shared hash to a DBM file à la
>dbmopen() with this module.

This is still an advantage of your scheme - as the server-thread is 
"visible" its variable can be tied using normal approaches.

Nick Ing-Simmons

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