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Re: Using :encoding and :crlf together?

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Ciaran Hamilton
February 8, 2006 07:11
Re: Using :encoding and :crlf together?
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> I haven't managed to test this on ActiveState yet as it's not in PPM. 
> I've submitted a request for it to be on PPM. :D

I haven't had a response back yet, but in the meantime, I've seen that 
they weren't able to compile PerlIO::eol on Windows (see 
), which is why it's not on PPM. I wasn't able to compile it either, 
which is frustrating as the project I'm working on needs to be 
platform-independent. In the end I ended up writing my own subs and 
using them:

sub crlfise {
   my ($text) = @_;
   return $text;

sub normalise {
   my ($text) = @_;
   return $text;

crlfise() will take your (already normalised) text and convert it to use 
CR/LF line endings, while normalise() will take un-normalised text using 
any of the different line endings (CR/LF, LF/CR, CR or LF) and normalise 
it. The test program then becomes:


open(FILE, ">:raw:encoding(UTF-16)", "test");
print FILE crlfise("Test \x{A3}45!\n");
print FILE crlfise("Test!\n");

It's annoying, yes, but it's the only way I found that reliably does 
what I want in a platform-independent manner. Note the use of the ":raw" 
layer - this is necessary to get Windows to open binary files in binary 
mode, so Perl doesn't try to second-guess you on your newlines. The 
above program should give the same output on both Linux and Windows, and 
for that matter, it should give the same output on any platform.

Of course, you could also rewrite the above as:


my $output;
$output  = "Test \x{A3}45!\n";
$output .= "Test!\n";

open(FILE, ">:raw:encoding(UTF-16)", "test");
print FILE crlfise($output);

if you only wanted to write to the file once, which is probably a more 
efficient way of doing things anyway.

This probably really will be my last post on the matter, given that this 
seems to work in all cases.

Hope this helps anybody out there struggling with this. :)

  - Ciaran.

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