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Re: New Golf

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Michael Wrenn
January 2, 2007 19:33
Re: New Golf
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Yanick Champoux wrote:
> Stefan `Sec` Zehl said:
>> No. Look at \'anick for example (poor \'anick :)
May I be the first to second that!

poor, poor \'anick!

He sets a fine example, doesn't he!
>    Yeah. Whoever wrote that "the one who doesn't learn from history is
> condemned to repeat it" was wildly optimistic. *sigh*
>    But nevermind that blunderific overlook of the Great Thome of Golfic
> Knowledge. Nevermind an obscenely tumefied forehead, caused by repeated
> percussions against my desk during the ever-excruciating quest for the
> next shaved stroke. What really make me wail like a tax-audited banshee
> is that the referee just went through the last of the pending entries,
> allowing m.wrenn to sneak one stroke ahead of me and bump me off the
> top 20, literally yanking the prized t-shirt off my clenched fists.
First banshee mention of the entire contest! You should win a prize! :-)

OK! Here's what happened to me ... I went out to get some dinner and 
returned to check on my solid 20th Place (securing a prized 
Fonality/trixbox T-shirt) ... when what to my wondering eyes should 
appear, but \'anick the Canuck  who was now TWO STROKES CLEAR! I CURSEd 
and I SHOUTed and I called him some names| That Bastr/a//d! That  
foo|bird! That Flamingo again!!! I'll catch him! I'll pass him! I'll 
beat him this time! I'll punk him! I'll twizzle and addle his brain! To 
the top of the board! Past Juho and ton! Now slash away, slash away, 
slash away all!

When I came to, I was still one stroke back and all my hair had been 
yanked out and deposited on the floor next to me. That \'akinc! It was 
after 1AM and I needed inspiration. I went into my closet and tried on  
all of my T-shirts ... None of them fit! I needed a NEW one!

So, I had another beer (a nice Belgian one) and kept at it and just 
before 2AM, I saw the light! An extremely obvious 2 stroker that I had 
tried earlier in a slightly different form. I could feel that feeling 
of  cotton ...
>    m.wrenn, if you are on this list, consider my fist -- yes, that same
> fist that you so fiendishly robbed from its prize -- shaked in barely
> supressed fury in your general direction. And mark my words: one day, I
> shall have my revenge upon thee!
My general direction is South to you! (not to be confused with those 
Netherlanderthaliens). I can almost see your fist ... wait ... no ...  
that's the Statue of Liberty ... my bad!

I am pleased to know you are after me! No one ever cared about me as 
much as you! I am touched by your kind words and your touching 
sentiment! But, please don't get too close.
>      Oh, and many thanks to the referee and Fonality for the course. It
> was a blast!
> Joy,
> `/anick
Oh \'anick! Forever Joyful \'anick!

Thanks to Fonality and, of course, Samy Kamkar, for the course!

I was up at 3AM to see the board change to the Post-Mortem with my 
T-shirt hanging in the balance. I was at work at 11:30 before I 
"officially" won, when the front page results changed me from 21 to 20.

poor \'anick!

All the best in 2007!


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