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middle line (was Re: Daily Perl FAQ...) 61 messages Michael G Schwern, Yanick, Greg Bacon, Uri Guttman 30 Nov 2001
Gift Giving... in Perl? 7 messages Michael G Schwern, Jeremy Zawodny, Ronald J Kimball, Josh Goldberg 27 Nov 2001
'vacation' 9 messages Scott R. Godin, Keith C. Ivey, Noah Iliinsky, Peter Scott 28 Nov 2001
Daily Perl FAQ - How do I select a random line from a file? (fwd) 12 messages Andy Bach, Ronald J Kimball, Philip Newton, Michael G Schwern 29 Nov 2001
pop @CWD -> chdir(File::Spec->updir) 1 message Michael G Schwern 26 Nov 2001
Relationship between Perl and various animals and sitcoms 16 messages merlyn, Craig S. Cottingham, Michael G Schwern, Andrew.Savige 28 Nov 2001
fore review ;-) -- 2 messages Ilmari Karonen, Scott R. Godin 28 Nov 2001
Re: JAPHs with no unsightly letters or numbers 27 messages Andrew.Savige, Ronald J Kimball, Robin Houston, Michael J Assels 18 Aug 2001
perl to measure disk performance 9 messages David L. Nicol, Michael G Schwern, Bernie Cosell, Prakash Kailasa 25 Nov 2001
Feel good benchmarks 13 messages Michael G Schwern, Ariel Scolnicov, _brian_d_foy, mallum 22 Nov 2001
Who is this Perl hacker? 16 messages merlyn, Ala Qumsieh, Andrew.Savige, Brett W. McCoy 19 Nov 2001
First CPAN Joke Module 5 messages Leon Brocard, Michael G Schwern, Andrew.Savige, Ian Phillipps 18 Nov 2001
The whole [:print:] and utf8 thing 4 messages Michael G Schwern, David Wheeler 18 Nov 2001
isprint Golf Challenge 15 messages Michael G Schwern, Keith C. Ivey, Philip Newton, Thomas L. Shinnick 17 Nov 2001
Practical Perl Golf 34 messages Michael G Schwern, Keith C. Ivey, Jeff 'japhy' Pinyan, Uri Guttman 16 Nov 2001
Re: Photos/Caricatures of Larry Wall and other Perl lumimaries 4 messages Andrew.Savige, Robert G. Werner, Ian Phillipps 6 Nov 2001
Photos/Caricatures of Larry Wall and other Perl luminaries 15 messages Andrew.Savige, Newton, Philip, Simon Cozens, David Wheeler 5 Nov 2001

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