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DBD::Pg 3.14.0 released

Greg Sabino Mullane
July 24, 2020 19:04
DBD::Pg 3.14.0 released
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Version 3.14.0 of DBD::Pg, the Perl DBI driver for PostgreSQL, is now available. 

The full list of changes for 3.12.0 through 3.14.0 is below.

Development happens at:

Version 3.14.0 can be downloaded from CPAN at:

Checksums for the 3.14.0 tarball:

8f420e64db266756a27af32d4032a39c  DBD-Pg-3.14.0.tar.gz (md5)
d782f05594690dfb94f603c2fc21513bd73bdfa4  DBD-Pg-3.14.0.tar.gz (sha1)
8f91b23f61a322a4673f91893cbabcb8c982e536bced4c0c320feed4709325d4  DBD-Pg-3.14.0.tar.gz (sha256)

Complete list of changes:

Version 3.14.0  (released July 19, 2020)

 - The $dbh->primary_key_info and $dbh->foreign_key_info methods will now always return 
     a statement handle, even with no matches. Previously, they returned undef directly.
   Callers can check if the returned handle contains any rows.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]

 - The $dbh->tables method will always return a list, even if it is empty.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]

 - Add pg_lo_tell64, pg_lo_seek64, and pg_lo_truncate64, for anyone dealing 
     with really, really, really large 'large objects'. Requires Postgres 9.3 or better.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]
   (RT ticket #123561)

 - Allow test to run again when using a non-superuser to connect
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]
   (RT ticket #132865)

 - Adjust tests to force loading proper version of DBD::Pg every time.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]

 - Removed the long-deprecated _pg_use_catalog method.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]

 - Many improvements and changes to the test suite.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]

Version 3.13.0  (released June 17, 2020)

 - Redo the "last_result" internals in dbdimp.c, which 
     fixes a memory leak.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]
   (RT ticket #132812)

 - Fix regression in Perl length() for returned query results
   [Jon Jensen]
   (Github issue #72)

 - Make $sth->finish() do a little less. Notably, even 
     after calling finish(), pg_error_field will still work
     on the last action performed.
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]

 - Tweak tests so Windows boxes pass
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]

Version 3.12.3  (released June 5, 2020)

 - Prevent DBI from flipping AutoCommit to 'on' after a failed commit
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]
   (Github issue #71)

Version 3.12.2  (released June 4, 2020)

 - Revert overly aggressive testing shortcut as it can cause installs to fail
   [Greg Sabino Mullane, with apologies]

Version 3.12.1  (released June 3, 2020)

 - Remove test that assumed '(12,34)' is an invalid entry for type "circle",
     as the Postgres source code changed this behavior on April 7, 2020
   [Greg Sabino Mullane]
   (RT ticket #132740)

Version 3.12.0  (released May 7, 2020)

 - Add file

 - Return the table info row last in statistics_info.
   This fixes statistics_info on pre-8.3 servers.
   [Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker]

 - Fix ASC_OR_DESC field in statistics_info
   [Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker]

 - Indicate NULL ordering in statistics_info
   [Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker]

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