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[svn:dbd-oracle] rev 510 - dbd-oracle/trunk

October 21, 2004 20:05
[svn:dbd-oracle] rev 510 - dbd-oracle/trunk
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Author: lbaxter
Date: Thu Oct 21 20:05:16 2004
New Revision: 510

Add Gram Ludlow's notes on building with the bundled cc \(/usr/bin/cc\)

Modified: dbd-oracle/trunk/README.hpux
--- dbd-oracle/trunk/README.hpux	(original)
+++ dbd-oracle/trunk/README.hpux	Thu Oct 21 20:05:16 2004
@@ -115,8 +115,11 @@
 Oracle 8.1.6, 8.1.7 (64 bit).  Oracle 8.1.5 will probably work as well.
 Oracle (32bit) with DBI-1.35 and DBD-Oracle-1.13 has been proven
-to work on HP-UX 11.00 (64bit) with Perl 5.6.1, Perl 5.8.0, and Perl 5.9.0,
-using the guidelines in this document for both HP-C-ANSI-C and gcc-3.2.
+to work on HP-UX 11.00 (64bit) with Perl 5.6.1, Perl 5.8.x 
+using the guidelines in this document for both HP-C-ANSI-C and gcc-3.2. Later 
+versions have been proven to work as well.  Current DBI-1.42 and DBD-Oracle-1.16
+have been proven to work.  This Oracle 9.2 client (at least) should be used if you 
+plan to do work with Unicode.  See the DBD-Oracle POD/Man documentation.
 =head2 gcc Compiler
@@ -131,7 +134,7 @@
 the issues.
 Waldemar's build is described in L<Appendix B>, and Michael's is 
-described in L<Appendix C>.
+described in L<Appendix D>.
 While I have not reproduced either of these configurations, I 
 believe the information is complete enough (particularly in the
@@ -142,6 +145,12 @@
 DBI/DBD-Oracle interfaces, I will be happy to include it in the next
+=head2 The "default" built in compiler 64bit build (/usr/bin/cc)
+And now, at long last, we have a recipe for building perl and DBD-Oracle
+using the default bundled C compiler.  Please see Appendix C for his message
+and instructions.
 =head2 Just tell me the recipe...
 If you are using the softbench compiler, just copy and modify my makefile.
@@ -529,9 +538,8 @@
 The following folks contributed to this README:
-   Lincoln A. Baxter <>
-                    or>
-   Jay Strauss <>
+   Lincoln A. Baxter <>
+   Jay Strauss <>
    Roger Foskett <>
    Weiguo Sun <>
    Tony Foiani <>
@@ -540,14 +548,14 @@
    Waldemar Zurowski <>
    Michael Schuh <>
    H.Merijn Brand <>
+   Gram M. Ludlow <>
 And probably others unknown to me.
 =head1 AUTHOR
    Lincoln A. Baxter
-   Application Development and Support, Fleet Credit Card Services
- or
+   <> 
 =head1 Appendix A (Lincoln's makefile)
@@ -864,7 +872,79 @@
 to do what Waldemar actually did, which is to include libjava in the extra
 link options.
-=head1 Appendix C (Miscellaneous links which might be useful)
+=head1 Appendix C (64 bit build with /usr/bin/cc -- bundled C compiler)
+Gram M. Ludlow writes:
+I recently had a problem with Oracle 9 64-bit on HPUX 11i. We have another
+application that required SH_LIBARY_PATH to point to the 64-bit libraries,
+which "broke" the Oraperl module. So I did some research and successfully
+recompiled and re-installed with the most recent versions of everything
+(perl, DBI, DBD) that works with 64-bit shared libraries. This is the error
+we were getting (basically)
+"/usr/lib/ Bad magic number for shared library:
+Here is my step-by-step instructions, pretty much what you have but
+streamlined for this particular case.
+Required software:
+   HPUX 11.11 (11i) PA-RISC
+   perl 5.8.4 source
+   DBI-1.42 source
+   DBD-Oracle-1.16 source
+   Oracle installation
+=item Step 1: Compiling Perl
+This compiles PERL using the default HPUX cc compiler. The important things
+to note here are the configure parameters. the only non-default option to
+take is to add "+z" to the additional cc flags step.
+   gunzip perl-5.8.4.tar.gz
+   tar -xf perl-5.8.4.tar
+   cd perl-5.8.4
+   ./Configure -Ubincompat5005 -Duselargefiles -A prepend:libswanted='cl pthread ' -Duse64bitall
+Any additional cc flags?
+Add +z to beginning of list, include all other options.
+   make;make test
+98% of tests should succeed. If less, something is wrong.
+=item Step 2: DBI
+   gunzip DBI-1.42.tar.gz
+   tar -xvf DBI-1.42.tar
+   cd DBI-1.42
+   perl Makefile.PL
+   make;make test
+   make install
+Step 3: Install DBD-Oracle
+First, set the following environment variables specific you your Oracle
+   export ORACLE_USERID=user/pass
+   export ORACLE_HOME=/oracle/product/
+   export ORACLE_SID=orap1
+Then unpack and build:
+   gunzip DBD-Oracle-1.16.tar.gz
+   tar -xvf DBD-Oracle-1.16.tar
+   cd DBD-Oracle-1.16
+   perl Makefile.PL -l
+   make;make test
+   make install
+=head1 Appendix D (Miscellaneous links which might be useful)
 Michael Schuh writes:
@@ -967,7 +1047,7 @@
 and LhtStrCreate() undefined symbols errors, and how to fix them in the
 Oracle makefiles.
-=head1 Appendix D (Perl Configuration Dumps)
+=head1 Appendix E (Perl Configuration Dumps)
 The following to sections provide full dumps of perl -V for three
 versions of Perl that were successfully built and linked on
@@ -1110,7 +1190,7 @@
-=head1 Appendix E (Why Dynamic Linking)
+=head1 Appendix F (Why Dynamic Linking)
 Some one posted to the DBI email list the following question:
@@ -1150,7 +1230,7 @@
-=head1 Appendix F (RE problem with
+=head1 Appendix G (RE problem with
 The following is a message I received from Jon Stevenson concerning a 
 problem with the  Note that the gcc build described in Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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