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(Belated) ANNOUNCE DateTime::Event::Easter 1.08

Jean Forget
October 29, 2019 05:51
(Belated) ANNOUNCE DateTime::Event::Easter 1.08
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I have  released DateTime::Event::Easter version  1.08 a few  days ago
and it is available on CPAN.


Subroutines  are provided  to give  the elements  for the  Easter date
computation algorithm: golden number, epact, sunday letter.

The "as_set" method can produce infinite sets of spans. Previously, in
version 1.06, you could have infinite set of points and finite sets of
spans, but not infinite sets of spans.

The offset is  not longer limited to -80..+250 (that  is, bounding the
event to the same year as the corresponding Easter sunday).

Starting a depreciation cycle for the "as_old_set" method.

Various bug fixes.

What about version 1.07?

I have  announced version  1.06 on 2019-09-03  and I  announce version
1.08 today. What about version 1.07?

Version  1.07 was  released on  2019-10-10.  But soon  there were  two
problems. The  first one was  a kwalitee  problem, I have  removed the
"Todo" file but it was still mentionned in the MANIFEST file.

The second problem was that the CPAN Testers page
was all red at the bottom (and yet all green at the top). Why? Because
in Perl  5.16 and earlier,  you cannot invoke  the "can" method  on an
unblessed  scalar such  as  a string.  I did  not  catch this  problem
because it is allowed in Perl 5.18 and later.

On the other side,  the CPAN Testers page for 1.06  is all green. Does
that mean  that version  1.07 was  worse than 1.06?  No. The  same bug
existed, but because version 1.06 did not contain a "t/14fatal.t" test
file, the  bug was not  apparent. And actually, version  1.07 contains
fewer bugs than version 1.06.

Remaining bugs
ornithologue ulm
About the  "red" CPAN  testers reports: I  have given  explanations in

By the  way, this is  the reason  I have waited  so long to  post this

About the two bugs  mentionned in the POD file: I  will not spend time
on them. I will only fix them if someone provides a complete patch. By
"complete", I mean a patch that  includes the proper POD changes and a
"t/20xxxx.t" file which tests the code changes.

There  may be  other bugs  lurking around.  Let us  divide the  module
features into "basic features" and "advanced features". I believe that
the basic features are properly tested, and that advanced features are
tested when  isolated from other advanced  features. Some combinations
of advanced  features are tested, but  not all and this  is where bugs
are lurking: simultaneous use of several advanced features.

Basic feature: western Easter
Advanced feature: eastern Easter

Basic feature: DateTime (Gregorian)
Advanced feature: DateTime::Calendar::Julian
Very advanced feature: DateTime::Calendar::somethingelse

Basic feature: Easter sunday
Advanced feature: named days such as Palm sunday and Pentecost, and 
numeric offsets in the -80..250 range
Very advanced feature: numeric offsets outside of the -80..250 range

Basic feature: as_point
Advanced feature: as_span

Basic feature: methods returning a scalar object
Advanced feature: as_list and as_set

The future of the module

In about  two years,  I will  release a new  version to  deprecate the
"as_old_set"  method  and two  years  after  that, a  version  without

Except for that, I  see no more features to add to  the module. I will
just check from time to time the RT queue for the module and deal with
whatever issues appear.

But if you  have ideas for new  features, please let me  know, I might
try to implement them. Of course, patches are welcome.

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Thank you for your interest,

Jean Forget
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