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[svn:qpsmtpd] r672 - in branches/0.3x: . plugins

November 5, 2006 02:38
[svn:qpsmtpd] r672 - in branches/0.3x: . plugins
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Author: aqua
Date: Sun Nov  5 02:38:16 2006
New Revision: 672


Support configured greylisting db location, and look in the distro-friendly
directory /var/lib/qpsmtpd in addition to the previous $QPHOME locations.

Modified: branches/0.3x/Changes
--- branches/0.3x/Changes	(original)
+++ branches/0.3x/Changes	Sun Nov  5 02:38:16 2006
@@ -2,6 +2,10 @@
   Add support for multiple plugin directories, whose paths are given by the
   'plugin_dirs' configuration.  (Devin Carraway, Nick Leverton)
+  Greylisting DBs may now be stored in a configured location, and are
+  looked for by default in /var/lib/qpsmtpd/greylisting in addition to the
+  previous locations relative to the qpsmtpd binary.  (Devin Carraway)
   New Qpsmtpd::Postfix::Constants to encapsulate all of the current return
   codes from Postfix, plus script to generate it.  (Hanno Hecker)

Modified: branches/0.3x/plugins/greylisting
--- branches/0.3x/plugins/greylisting	(original)
+++ branches/0.3x/plugins/greylisting	Sun Nov  5 02:38:16 2006
@@ -78,6 +78,22 @@
 greylisting off globally if using per_recipient configs). 
 Default: denysoft.
+=item db_dir <path>
+Path to a directory in which the greylisting DB will be stored.  This
+directory must be writable by the qpsmtpd user.  By default, the first
+usable directory from the following list will be used:
+=over 4
+=item /var/lib/qpsmtpd/greylisting
+=item I<BINDIR>/var/db (where BINDIR is the location of the qpsmtpd binary)
+=item I<BINDIR>/config
 =item per_recipient <bool>
 Flag to indicate whether to use per-recipient configs. 
@@ -85,7 +101,8 @@
 =item per_recipient_db <bool>
 Flag to indicate whether to use per-recipient greylisting 
-databases (default is to use a shared database).
+databases (default is to use a shared database).  Per-recipient configuration
+directories, if determined, supercede I<db_dir>.
@@ -191,7 +208,10 @@
   # Setup database location
   my $dbdir = $transaction->notes('per_rcpt_configdir') 
     if $config->{per_recipient_db};
-  $dbdir ||= -d "$QPHOME/var/db" ? "$QPHOME/var/db" : "$QPHOME/config";
+  for my $d ($dbdir, $config->{db_dir}, "/var/lib/qpsmtpd/greylisting",
+             "$QPHOME/var/db", "$QPHOME/config") {
+    last if $dbdir ||= $d && -d $d && $d;
+  }
   my $db = "$dbdir/$DB";
   $self->log(LOGINFO,"using $db as greylisting database"); Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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