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[svn:parrot] r35490 - trunk/languages/pipp/docs

January 13, 2009 07:55
[svn:parrot] r35490 - trunk/languages/pipp/docs
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Author: bernhard
Date: Tue Jan 13 07:55:16 2009
New Revision: 35490


[Pipp] Update docs WRT namespaces.

Modified: trunk/languages/pipp/docs/internals.pod
--- trunk/languages/pipp/docs/internals.pod	(original)
+++ trunk/languages/pipp/docs/internals.pod	Tue Jan 13 07:55:16 2009
@@ -18,7 +18,11 @@
 =head1 Parsing
-Parsing is done with PCT.
+Parsing is done with Parrot Compiler Toolkit, PCT.
+=head1 Bytecode generation
+The parse tree is transformed to a Parrot Abstrace Syntax Tree, from which PIR und then Bytecode is generated.
 =head1 Variables
@@ -48,8 +52,10 @@
 =head1 Namespaces
-A namespace is introduced with the keyword B<namespace>.
-There can be multiple namespaces per file. They are not nested.
+A namespace is introduced with the keyword B<namespace>. 
+The namespaced code can be enclosed in brackets.
+The namespace declaration needs to be the first statement in the file.
+With brackets, there can be multiple namespaces per file. Nesting is not possible.
 Namespaces don't carry over to included files.
 B<define()> doesn't define in the current namespace.
 The backslash character serves as the namespace separator.
@@ -67,9 +73,9 @@
 In order to ease implementation and testing, there will be
 some divergences in Pipp. 
 Code before the first namespace directive is allowed.
+Only the bracketed syntax is supported.
 Free code within namespace is allowed.
-There will be namespaced variables as well.
-'namespace \;' indicates the return to the root namespace.
+Unnamespaced code is allowed.
 =head2 SEE ALSO

Modified: trunk/languages/pipp/docs/pipp.pod
--- trunk/languages/pipp/docs/pipp.pod	(original)
+++ trunk/languages/pipp/docs/pipp.pod	Tue Jan 13 07:55:16 2009
@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@
 =item No old style constructors, where the constructor is named after the class.
+=item Only bracketed version of namespaces. No check for unnamespaced code.
 =head1 Implementation Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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