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[svn:parrot] r34702 - trunk/compilers/pirc

December 31, 2008 05:49
[svn:parrot] r34702 - trunk/compilers/pirc
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Author: kjs
Date: Wed Dec 31 05:49:17 2008
New Revision: 34702


[pirc] update todo and readme.

Modified: trunk/compilers/pirc/README.pod
--- trunk/compilers/pirc/README.pod	(original)
+++ trunk/compilers/pirc/README.pod	Wed Dec 31 05:49:17 2008
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
 =item * allow multiple heredocs in subroutine invocations (like: foo(<<'A', <<'B', <<'C') )
+=item * register usage optimization
 =head2 Compiling and Running
@@ -297,13 +299,31 @@
 The implementation of the vanilla register allocator is done in the PIR symbol
 management module (C<pirsymbol.c>).
+=head2 Register optimizer
+PIRC has a register optimizer, which uses a Linear Scan Register algorithm.
+For each symbolic register, a live-interval object is created, which has
+an I<start> and I<end> point, indicating the first and last usage of that
+symbolic register in the sub. The register optimizer figures out when
+symbolic registers don't overlap, in which case they can use the same
+register (assuming they're of the same type).
 =head2 Status
-The PIR parser is complete, but should be tested intensively. The back-end creates
-a data structure representing the input. Currently, only (almost working) PASM
-output is generated, but eventually a Parrot Byte Code (PBC) file should be generated.
-In order to do this, we need a proper API to generate the appropriate data structures
-(such as Parrot PackFile and friends).
+Bytecode generation is mostly done, except for:
+=over 4
+=item * :multi types
+=item * keys and indexed assignments
+=item * auto-boxing of return values doesn't work
+=item * :flat flag doesn't work
@@ -383,24 +403,6 @@
-Eventually, either IMCC needs to be fixed rigorously, or, rewritten altogether.
-PIRC is an attempt to do the latter. The following things need to be considered
-when replacing IMCC with PIRC:
-=over 4
-=item * bytecode generation
-There must be a proper bytecode API for PIRC to use.
-=item * C<:immediate> and related flags
-Flags such as C<:immediate> must be implemented; a sub that is marked with the
-C<:immediate> flag must be run immediately after compilation.
 =head1 SEE ALSO

Modified: trunk/compilers/pirc/TODO
--- trunk/compilers/pirc/TODO	(original)
+++ trunk/compilers/pirc/TODO	Wed Dec 31 05:49:17 2008
@@ -24,12 +24,14 @@
            places this is not used yet, and in others, it's not necessary
            to use it (but in those mem_sys_free() must be called explicitly).
-[TODO] 7.  Figure out how :named argument passing works in bytecode.
+[DONE] 7.  Figure out how :named argument passing works in bytecode.
 [DONE] 8.  Finish the parrot calling conventions ops in the back-end
            (var.args must be fixed).
-[TODO] 9.  Handle :slurpy and :flat flags properly in bytecode.
+[DONE] 9.a Handle :slurpy
+[TODO] 9.b Handle :flat
 [TODO] 10. Handle indexed assignments in bytecode. Perl Programming lists via nntp and http.
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