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[svn:parrot] r33980 - trunk/docs/project

December 16, 2008 13:35
[svn:parrot] r33980 - trunk/docs/project
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Author: allison
Date: Tue Dec 16 13:35:00 2008
New Revision: 33980


[doc] Add release instructions for uploading source tarball to FTP.

Modified: trunk/docs/project/release_manager_guide.pod
--- trunk/docs/project/release_manager_guide.pod	(original)
+++ trunk/docs/project/release_manager_guide.pod	Tue Dec 16 13:35:00 2008
@@ -172,6 +172,10 @@
 =item 8.
+=over 4
+=item a. CPAN
 In PAUSE, assign yourself co-maintainer permissions on all modules owned by
@@ -189,6 +193,29 @@
 See F<docs/project/pause_guide.pod> for more details.
+=item b. FTP
+SSH to (If you don't have the necessary login information,
+get it from one of the previous release managers.)
+Make a new directory for the new release named "a.b.c" after the version
+number. If the release is in the stable series (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, etc) create
+the new directory in F<ftp/releases/stable>, if the release is a monthly
+release between stable versions, create the directory in F<ftp/releases/devel>.
+Copy the tarball into the new directory. (Using C<scp> or C<wget> or whatever
+tool you prefer.)
+When you're finished making changes, run the trigger script to push the changes
+out to the FTP mirrors.
+  ~/trigger-parrot
+Check your changes at F<>. It should
+only take a few minutes for the mirrors to sync.
 =item 9.
 Compose the release announcement.  Use F<tools/util/crow.pir> to make
@@ -237,9 +264,9 @@
 =item e
-Send an email to requesting that they update the
-C</.htredirects> file for release/devel to point to the proper CPAN URL. [This
-step will change in the near future.]
+Under "Administer" -> "Site building" -> "URL Redirects", change the URL for
+"release/current" to the FTP directory for the new release (for example,
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